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Dispensary Near Me 6ixotics https://6ixotics.com

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2023.03.28 01:18 m0tylpo Anyone use Ariens apex?

Thinking about buying a new Ariens Apex 60 with Kawasaki engine at this dealership near me. $6400 0% financing 3 year warranty. Wanted to see what people thought about these mowers. They also sell spartan and gravely but both are more expensive of course.
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2023.03.28 01:17 foxxyfafalove99 What major will likely appeal to me the most and realistically work out best for me longterm?

I did a lot today. I am tired, but I feel good/energized because of it. I went in and got the QR code for my extracurricular like I said I would, I got from one page to two pages of my white paper for Economics (our research paper on a particular topic) during class, I talked to my counselor about the mandatory number of volunteer hours, I completed all of our psychology assignments… I feel good! I’m depressed and tired and introverted so having days where I’m so productive is nice (I’m more productive this year in general than I was last year when I was taking a greater number of AP’s
I have been blocked by a lot of people ever since the pandemic begun (this really did start happening over the pandemic, come to think of it.) I personally believe that I was not one-hundred percent in the wrong in most of those situations or that this could technically, reasonably be argued or suggested.
I don’t have good social skills, I have really bad sleeping issues (or like I tend to get in bed later than I should, but this is partly bc of the time that my dinner tends to be made at.) In the extracurricular I am a part of where we teach the student body about different health topics, I have taken a more active role this year when we have had group projects (that was noticed by the facilitators the first time around.) It is harder to this time around, in part bc people have such busy schedules. However, I would not be bothered if I ended up being the one who mainly took care of things this time around even though in sophomore year I was (this may be a maturity thing, this may be bc I have more time, this may be bc the context of things changed.)
I have depression and anxiety. I actually do think about my older brother who is in rehab a lot even though I don’t like to talk to him on the phone when he calls (I think in part bc it reminds me of how much things have changed.)
I don’t talk to people a lot in most of my classes. I can feel stressed out thinking about what is likely going to happen or about like idk how the upcoming day will look. I know that it’s partly a mental thing/that I tend to stress myself out instead of just letting things happen naturally.
I do think I want to have kids, I’m just afraid of the changes it will make to my body, especially since I am a little below average facially (and black.)
I think that South Park is funny in spite of how controversial it is/was when it came out. I have the urge to rewatch it (alongside Mad Men.)
Something I put in the comment section:
  1. I take on so many responsibilities in part because I am the oldest one in the extracurricular I am a part of, and because I think that in spite of my mental health issues, I want to feel like I’m doing something/like I’m doing a lot of things. I do like it when I feel that the facilitators have noticed/are noticing my efforts.
  2. ⁠I can’t decide on whether or not I’d feel better if I did less. When I’ve done less in the past, I’ve found that I have the urge to do something, but whenever I’m over committed or have a lot to do I can find myself feeling somewhat stressed as I think about what I eventually need to get done
  3. ⁠When stressed, I find myself overthinking a lot. My hands will start to sweat. My sleeping schedule worsens. Unlike my mother, I don’t think I am the kind of person that overeats when stressed.
  4. ⁠I do think I can come off sometimes like I try to control others - I remember this is something my ex boyfriend sort of complained about (he may have used the word controlling… although he himself was not a good boyfriend, so I mean.) I had the impression based off vibes that maybe one or two people invested worked w on the group projects felt like I was bossy. If I am being honest, I did occasionally have the urge to “straighten out” my ex boyfriend when we went out (I once told him to walk w his head high - not like an order, but more like advice. I felt that he should instead of walking w his head down bc he is a boy, and I think that it is easier to respect someone who looks confident.)
  5. ⁠My anxiety is usually about finances (I’m from a low income family,) social situations, sometime presenting in front of a group of people even though I’ve been told a few times that I’m good at it, etc.
  6. ⁠I actually don’t really want the people I work with to take over what I privately feel to be my “leader” role within the group. Since I have been a member of this particular extracurricular for the longest, I feel like I should be helpful and really know what I’m doing
I become sick easily. I intend to start at community college. I have found twice now that I really enjoy working with kids - other than working with kids and reading (I actually have discovered this school year that I really enjoy reading and discussing the books I have read with both my current and former English teacher - I’ve been reading a lot of dystopian fiction and would love to recommend different books to people/help youth discover reading.)
View Poll
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2023.03.28 01:17 Black_Light00 GhatGPT is not advanced enough.

I asked it to design a heavy plate factory this is what i got back
Tldr: it explains the factory however doesn't give any usefull insight on how to build it.
Great! Based on your requirements, I have created a factory plan that should meet your needs. Here's an overview of what it includes:
Here's a more detailed breakdown of the factory layout:
  1. Raw material storage: The raw materials needed for the production process are stored in silos located on one end of the platform. The silos are easily accessible by trucks or other vehicles, which can deliver raw materials to the factory as needed.
  2. Processing area: The raw materials are processed in this area to produce the heavy plates. The processing area includes smelters, foundries, and assemblers that work together to produce the heavy plates.
  3. Storage area: The finished heavy plates are stored in a dedicated storage area, which is located near the processing area. The storage area includes several cargo containers where the plates can be stacked.
  4. Logistics area: The logistics area includes a network of conveyor belts that transport the raw materials from the storage area to the processing area and then transport the finished products to the storage area. The logistics area also includes a series of lifts and elevators that transport workers between the different levels of the factory.
  5. Maintenance area: The maintenance area is located near the processing area and includes facilities for repairing and maintaining the equipment used in the production process. The maintenance area also includes an office where workers can manage the production process and monitor the equipment.
I hope you find this factory plan satisfactory. Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like me to make any modifications.
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2023.03.28 01:16 chickenlegwheatbread Wayfair Furniture Sale Near Me

Use the link for Wayfair Furniture Sale Near Me. The website features a wide selection of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly for you to choose from and make your purchase more affordable.
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2023.03.28 01:16 ITinMN Unbearably hot

Anyone else dealing with this? I live in a high-rise condo which has "central heating and cooling," but the entire building can only be one or the other, so it's been heat-only for months. I have my heat off at the source for my condo. The problem is, I'm on the 21st (out of nearly 30) floor, and it's like everyone below me has had the heat on full blast the entire time (including now, when it's 40°F+ outside).
I've had the windows open, have 7 fans (in a 700ft² condo), and a portable air conditioner sucking in air from outside.
Yet it's been 75°F inside all week, and it'll probably be like this for months until they switch off the heat (at which point it'll "settle") at around 70°F.
My ideal temperature inside is around 60°F. Anything over 62°F and I start to feel sick. I have a doctor's letter saying I need to be able to get it down to 55°F, but I can't think of any way to accomplish that.
Short of sitting in a tub of cold water (which is basically what I do when not working), or selling and buying somewhere else (like the Northwest Territories), what in the world can I do about this?
Help? Please?
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2023.03.28 01:15 Dibz15 Making a decision on a funded PhD role

Hey everyone. I'm currently studying my MSc in computer science in the UK (Scotland). I have applied for multiple PhD studentship positions across the UK in my area of interest, and I recently got notice that I was awarded a funded offer (full tuition covered, with stipend) after several rounds of interviews. I'm really excited, and the position and topic area are amazing and well-aligned with my career interests. I also feel really blessed to receive an offer that is fully funded, as I know it's incredibly competitive and I have worked hard to get it. I'm also an international student, so that makes it even more competitive.
The only thing that is holding me back is that I am married, and this is a decision that affects both myself and my spouse. We have been looking at what it would take to move to be near the university, and the cost of living in the area (an hour from London) is staggering. I am going to keep looking, but it looks like the monthly rent + council tax for a 1 bedroom flat would basically take up the entire stipend amount, maybe more. Not to mention moving costs, food, utilities, etc. It would be a big change for us, as we are currently comfortably able to afford where we are right now. For context, my spouse is also finishing up their master's degree right now. They don't yet have a job lined up, and it doesn't look there are many options in their field where we would be moving.
My goal is to still get my PhD, but this is really getting me down. I'm hoping that someone here may have some general advice, or maybe has been in a similar situation. My other options are to wait and see if I get any offers from other programmes, or maybe wait and get an industry job in the meantime? I'm feeling uncertain now.
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2023.03.28 01:15 TheUltimator5 I am a Prime broker and making a total return swap with a hedge fund who wants short exposure to BBBY. Here is what I do.

I am a Prime broker and making a total return swap with a hedge fund who wants short exposure to BBBY. Here is what I do.
Disclaimer: This is a completely "fictional" story about fictitious prime broker "Credit Default Suisse" and fictitious hedge fund "Citadel Apprentices"

I am a prime broker called Credit Default Suisse, and I have a very good mutual relationship with my friendly hedge fund Citadel Apprentices.

Citadel Apprentices approaches me on August 29, 2022 and tells me that they want to open up a Total Return Swap with short exposure to BBBY, since they believe the company is overvalued at the time and thinks it will drop in price over the next several months. The exposure they desire is much larger than the maximum required amount to no have to report the position, so they opt for a swap contract vs. shorting the stock directly.
Citadel Apprentices wants exposure of a whopping 50 million shares worth! That is nearly half the float of the company! We decide to enter into a Total Return Swap agreement that is paid out on 3-month LIBOR. This means, that after 90 interest accruing days, a snapshot in time till be taken at the close price of BBBY, then payments will be made based on that price.

Citadel Apprentices agrees to pay me 50 million shares worth of the price at the valuation date plus the interest from 3-month LIBOR. In return, I agree to pay Citadel Apprentices 50 million shares worth of the price of what BBBY is today (August 29, 2022).

Effectively, Citadel Apprentices has short exposure to BBBY, and if the price declines, I owe Citadel Apprentices a lot of money! Since I am a prime broker, I am risk averse, so I am going to perfectly hedge my position. In response, I open up a 50 million short position on BBBY, so a decline in price has no effect on me. At the end of the swap, I will pay Citadel Apprentices with the gains I made from my BBBY short position, but I also will receive the interest from the 3-month LIBOR. Since I am a bona fide market maker, I also am exempt from reporting my massive short position due to my special exemption clause in 17 CFR 242 (Regulation SHO).

I understand that Citadel Apprentices and all their friendly hedge funds and market makers want to naked short BBBY to make a lot of money, but I don't care since I am getting paid out my massive LIBOR rate at the end of the swap either way and am perfectly hedged.

Time goes by and BBBY is naked shorted at a rapid pace by multiple entities. The swap valuation date is only a few days away, so we all have a plan to flash crash the price right at the valuation date for maximum returns. We even have friendly media throw out articles about the company planning for bankruptcy from undisclosed sources to cause mass panic and drop the price even more.

They did it! The close price on 06 Jan 2023 was $1.31. The fixed leg payment is $13.35 (close price on start date). Citadel Apprentices just made 50,000,000 * (13.35-1.31) - Interest, or $602 Million - Interest.

Since I now owe them hundreds of millions of dollars, all I need to do is close out those initial naked short positions I opened as a hedge for my bona fide market making and use some of those profits as payment.

Since the stock has been naked shorted constantly over the entire swap duration, I know that my buy-back price will not push it over the price that the swap was opened, and if it does, I can just FTD shares and purchase them back as soon as the price drops down a bit again since many other institutions are naked shorting it and opening short positions at the higher levels that I just pushed the price will benefit them greatly in the long run.

As soon as I buy back the shares, Citadel Advisors reminds me that the Total Return Swap isn't expired. It pays out every 90 interest accruing days! They remind me that the next valuation date is on or around May 18th 2023.
I re-enter my naked short hedging position and the cycle continues...
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2023.03.28 01:14 sanchezteiger My experience with the process

Hey everyone,
Seeing that a lot of people are in a similar boat, hoping my ongoing story can shed even the faintest of light.. I'm almost at the end, and will update once I get there. My trip is on 4/8 so as of today I enter the 14 day window.
This is my timeline:
2/2: Called national passport center to figure out which was the correct form to correct my missing last name on my passport. I didn't renew my last one so wasn't too sure about this. They told me I needed to submit a DS5504 form for "correction". I have paid for expedited everything.
2/13: Send out my documents via express mail. At this point it says 5-7 weeks total time. Okay, I have enough time. I guess I was pretty naïve and had too much hope in this system.. Also didn't find this subreddit until after doing this.
2/15: Documents show delivered.
2/21: See the first glimpse of "In progress" on the online checker tool. Got my application identifier.
3/1: Check gets cashed. "Cool, they're making progress and got my folder opened and what not. Seen many comments that this is when the count down starts, but not fully sure if its the case or not. So not sure if even before the 2/21 date they have made any progress before.
3/9-3/10: I see my status changed to "Not Available". Wonder why. I go down the reddit rabbit hole and see this information about reaching out to congressman/sentor office to get help on application.
3/10: I contacted my Congressman's office thinking they serve less people, easier to get a hold of. They reply the same day saying they put an inquiry in.
3/16: I get an update from the Charleston center via my rep, saying it is the incorrect form and would need to apply for a whole new passport. Application form is attached. (Never received it in the mail or via email). I ask if I can just have my passport returned to have it in hand for my trip on 4/8. Get a reply saying to write a 1 page letter requesting you want to cancel the application and the reasoning. I get it sent out to my congressperson the same day (beginning to panic and working fast).
Congressperson also lets me know I can both cancel and request for an in-person urgent appt when I enter the qualifying time period.
3/22: Few days go by, I hear nothing. I submit an inquiry to my Senator's office (Feinstein) and they quickly get back to me saying I had a prior inquiry with another office. Told them where I was in that process. Never get a reply back. Reach out to my other Senator's office (Padilla) and to this day haven't heard back. I left out any trace that would say I have another ongoing inquiry.
3/23: I follow up with my congressperson's office. THEY NEVER SENT THE CANCELATION FORM. UGH. I resend them the email I sent the week before with the page I wrote. I called the passport hotline that night about 6:30pm and actually got through in about 30 min. I was able to get transferred to a passport specialist, explained my situation and they were kind enough to say they made a note that my travel date is 2 days before what I entered hoping they will send my documents back in time. They also explained to me this:
- If I have canceled my application, I technically can fall into the no application in the system category and call for an urgent appt 14 days before my trip. IF you have an active application in the system, you can only call 5 days before your scheduled trip showing proof. Okay, decent info. They tried to reassure me they have submitted the request to cancel my application (idk if my congressperson ever sent it at this point).
3/27: I wake up at 5am (PST) to try making an appointment on the 877 number. Busy signal as soon as I dial. I swear I dialed 42 times until I got through. 12 min wait at 5:04am! I was able to talk to a person, explained I submitted a request to cancel my application, said ok, let me see where I can find an in-person appointment. Finds one on 4/5 to my closest location! I'm damn near crying tears of joy. That is 3 days before my travel, so hoping I get my OG passport back and won't need to pay any extra fee's.
I follow up with my congressperson later in the day and all they say is there is no update. They will try again on friday 3/31. Great.

I'm hoping there is no issue on 4/5 for my in-person appt! It's been stressful ya'll. Go through all the mediums possible and don't give up!!

I'll update this thread whenever I hear from my congressperson/complete my passport appointment. Sign up for UPS my view and USPS informed delivery too!
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2023.03.28 01:14 GC51320 Service based business need help. Several questions.

As with many, I have no clue on the business side of things. I have already established a sole proprietor LLC. I have my federal EIN. I have no intent to have any employees in the near future. I'm in NC if that will help any help me.
Do I need a state EIN?
Any suggestions on low cost account/service tracking? Is Quick Books Small Business the go to?
I will be using my personal vehicle until I have enough profit to purchase a dedicated vehicle for work use. Will a basic mileage tracker be capable of discerning the two (with simplistic input)?
Being split between the two, should I even bother holding on to fuel and maintenance receipts (oil changes, tires, etc etc.)
Is there a preferred website service that would provide a scheduling/estimate set up?
Again, I have done the work for a couple years. I have all the general tools needed to perform the work but will need to track job specific supplies as well as consumables. Thanks for any and all advice and suggestions.
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2023.03.28 01:14 rsuhasusinachokehold Looking to sublet June-Aug

Hey if anyone knows somebody or you are subletting around Monterey this summer hit me up! Aiming for middle of June to end of August range. Trying to find a spot with parking since I’m in the area for an internship. Would like other female roommates or no roommates, thanks :)
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2023.03.28 01:13 jazzintoronto Are these signs of prostate cancer or other prostate issues? 32/M, overactive bladder

About 2 years ago, I started to experience frequent nighttime urination, which interrupted my sleep and caused daytime fatigue.
Blood tests and urine tests found no problems. I also did a sleep study and no significant apnea was found. My doctor asked me if I had trouble starting my pee stream or if I had a weak pee stream, and I said no.
Despite the sleep test results, my partner says that I DO stop breathing in my sleep, and I snore loudly.
Also, despite what I told my doctor about my pee stream, my partner observed a start-and-stop sound when I'm peeing. When I think about it, that comes from flexing my abdomen to force the pee to come out faster, which I thought was normal...? If I make an effort not to flex my abdomen and just relax, I sometimes DO have a weak stream.
Over the last 2 or 3 weeks, I have experienced pain I'd describe as a cross between muscular pain and a feeling of slight heaviness, in my lower back/right buttock.
Recently, extremely tired of needing to get up and go all the way to the bathroom 2-3 times a night at minimum, I got myself a couple of those urinals used for bed-bound individuals, which also measures the quantity of urine.
What I found out is that my nighttime urine output ranges from, at best, about 16 fl oz, and, at worst, up to nearly 30 fl oz. This is in only 6-7 hours of sleep, MAYBE 8 on some weekends.
I'm aware that prostate cancer is rare in young men, but I'm an ultra-anxious hypochondriac, so I have to know. Are these signs that something is wrong with my prostate?

And yes, I will be seeing a doctor about this, but the soonest appointment is in 3 weeks, so I'm looking to get some people's thoughts before then.
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2023.03.28 01:13 zerocstaker [WTS][USA-NC][H]Arya V2, Topping A90 D90LE, Grace sDAC [W] Paypal


Price includes shipping CONUS. Can provide a discount to local 27514. Prices are OBO and so let me know your offer! Paypal F&F preferred. Will ship within two days. I have done many trades on other subreddit markets. Please comment before pm.

Hifiman Arya Used for around 2 years. I bought it from the official website. The pad is worn out and there are minor scratches on the outside of the right side (See pic), but otherwise in pretty good condition. Comes with original boxing. $800

Topping A90 Used it for around the same time as the Arya, and bought a brand new one. There is a minor scratch near where it says "BAL" but otherwise in great condition. I do not have the original packaging anymore. $400

Topping D90LE Bought it 6 months ago. In mint condition and comes with the original packaging. $600

Grace SDAC Not the balanced version from a long time ago. $40

I am happy to offer discounts for bundles, such as $850 for A90+D90.
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2023.03.28 01:13 Breude Is a NAS or consumer hard drives better for PC data hoarding?

I'm starting to become a mini data hoarder. Decided to digitize (some) of my extensive DVD collection, so I'll need much more storage. My 2 TB drive is nearing what I consider to be replacement age (4 years) where I retire and replace it. I'll probably replace it with a 6 TB. I don't have the money for the absolutely massive drives some of you guys get
My choice now rides on NAS or consumer hard drives. Most say that NAS is better for NAS, PC is better for PC. However, I run my PC 24/7/365. No sleep. No shutdown. No hibernation. It's a holdover of my days where PC's took 10+ minutes to power on, so you only shut it down when required. I have an SSD now so I don't NEED to do that anymore really, but old habits die hard. I know that NAS drives are designed for the extended hours that my use case brings, but I don't intend to RAID them so I've heard that things like reallocated sectors are much more damaging on NAS drives than consumer drives. I looked around online for awhile, but I could never find an answer for a PC that was kept running for an extended period of time
Any advice for a rookie like me? I'm waiting until Black Friday to replace my drive, as that's when I always bought parts, so I have time to learn. Thanks to anyone who can help me
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2023.03.28 01:12 ITinMN Unbearably hot

Anyone else dealing with this? I live in a high-rise condo which has "central heating and cooling," but the entire building can only be one or the other, so it's been heat-only for months. I have my heat off at the source for my condo. The problem is, I'm on the 21st (out of nearly 30) floor, and it's like everyone below me has had the heat on full blast the entire time (including now, when it's 40°F+ outside).
I've had the windows open, have 7 fans (in a 700ft² condo), and a portable air conditioner sucking in air from outside.
Yet it's been 75°F inside all week, and it'll probably be like this for months until they switch off the heat (at which point it'll "settle") at around 70°F.
My ideal temperature inside is around 60°F. Anything over 62°F and I start to feel sick. I have a doctor's letter saying I need to be able to get it down to 55°F, but I can't think of any way to accomplish that.
Short of sitting in a tub of cold water (which is basically what I do when not working), or selling and buying somewhere else (like the Northwest Territories), what in the world can I do about this?
Help? Please?
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2023.03.28 01:12 Your_Name_Here1234 What type of ring can I put in my year old daith?

I’ve had my daith pierced for over a year and there is still some irritation. A bump that comes and goes, but definitely not anywhere near as large as it was when I first got it. Im pretty sure a lot of the irritation is because the ring I have in (that I was pierced with) is stainless steel, rather than titanium. Im looking around on bodyartforms for a titanium ring, but I don’t really want another cbr. I’d like a clicker, but I’m unsure of if the seam would be an issue if it were to twist and get in the piercing since it’s seemingly not healed yet. Would my best bet be to get another cbr until it’s healed fully? Are there any other hoops I can get to put in instead of a cbr or seamless ring? A clicker that has some kind of design that doesn’t allow a Sean to get in the piercing fistula? I’m going to purchase one and have a piercer change it out for me since it doesn’t seem like it would be very possible (or a great idea) for me to do it myself.
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2023.03.28 01:12 ImASucessfulAnt God these pedos r getting out of hand ddlg such a low blow man

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Certified Translators Near Me is a world-renowned USCIS Certified translation services provider that offers expertise in Chinese and over 90 other languages. With unrivaled linguistic correctness, economic effectiveness, and innovative efficiency, we are a global market leader in certified translation services.
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2023.03.28 01:11 heyladswhatsup Parking Near BT

Hi, I forgot to buy my parking permit for this quarter and was wondering if there’s any free places to park near BT. I’ve seen cars at the Sehome Arboretum but didn’t know if there’s a fee to park there or not. Anyone know any good free places to park near BT?
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2023.03.28 01:10 ITinMN Unbearably hot

Anyone else dealing with this? I live in a high-rise condo which has "central heating and cooling," but the entire building can only be one or the other, so it's been heat-only for months. I have my heat off at the source for my condo. The problem is, I'm on the 21st (out of nearly 30) floor, and it's like everyone below me has had the heat on full blast the entire time (including now, when it's 40°F+ outside).
I've had the windows open, have 7 fans (in a 700ft² condo), and a portable air conditioner sucking in air from outside.
Yet it's been 75°F inside all week, and it'll probably be like this for months until they switch off the heat (at which point it'll "settle") at around 70°F.
My ideal temperature inside is around 60°F. Anything over 62°F and I start to feel sick. I have a doctor's letter saying I need to be able to get it down to 55°F, but I can't think of any way to accomplish that.
Short of sitting in a tub of cold water (which is basically what I do when not working), or selling and buying somewhere else (like the Northwest Territories), what in the world can I do about this?
Help? Please?
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2023.03.28 01:10 Kittyprincess2077 AITA for not letting my ex lie in my bed with our son?

Bit of back story: my ex (31m) and I (26F) split when I was pregnant; he didn't want me or the baby (after he got me pregnant on purpose after a 5 years together) and was being verbally and emotionally abusive. He kept telling me to leave and go home to my parents place (14hrs away) because I quote "Would never be able to pay rent on my own as a single Mum." After much abuse, I finally hit my breaking point and left. As I predicted, he changed his mind once the baby was born about us leaving. It was too late however, and I vowed to never let someone treat me like he did ever again.
Fast forward to today, bub is 3 months old, and we live very happily with my amazingly supportive parents. Ex has just arrived for his first visit, which my parents have kindly put him up for in his own room, and providing him dinner and everything. The first half day went fine. I stepped back and allowed him to spend time with bub, only interfering when I knew it was time for a feed or a nap, or when Ex couldnt settle him (I didnt even have to ask here, as soon as bub started crying, he would hand him over anyway). I did this purely so our son kept in his good routine that we had going, and so he didn't get too upset.
Heres the issue: Ex would hang out in my room just playing on his phone while I was breast feeding, or trying to get bub to sleep. I felt uncomfortable about it, but didnt mention it because I knew he would pick a fight, and he just wanted to be near his son. (Fair enough, but I wouldnt call being on your phone quality time..) Night came, and I settled bub into bed around 7pm. Everyone had dinner, then i went my room to get my towels for a shower. Ex followed me, and went to lay down on my bed next to our son (I settle him in bed, then move him to the cot before i go to sleep). I felt physically sick, and politely asked him if he could not be in my room at night while I'm not, because I felt uncomfortable with it, and didnt want him to accidentally wake bub. He got really upset and angry, and started saying how he only has two weeks to visit, and I was being completely unfair in not letting him spend every single moment with his son. I tried to explain my side, but he wouldnt hear it, and said he would just "effing leave" if I didnt want him there, that he would be gone the next morning. I was in shock (but also this sort of behaviour is nothing new), so i just went and took a shower and had a sneaky cry.
Next morning, he acted like nothing happened (also normal for him). He also didnt get up until 9am, when our son and I are awake from 6am (he knows this), then seemed put out that is was bubs nap time. I didn't say anything, because I know better then to pick a fight with him, but in my head I'm thinking "You complained about not getting to spend time with him last night while he was sleeping, but wasted hours of time you could have spent with him this morning while he was awake?!"
Anyway, sorry for the long post, but; AM I THE AH?!
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2023.03.28 01:10 AverageAnn22 AITA? Sold phone on Facebook market place. (Long story)

Many many years ago I went to college for one semester immediately after graduating from high school, I was 17. No real world experience other than mall jobs when I was 15 & 16 years old. I say that because moving 3 hours away from home with no car, no money(other than scholarships), & no job was A LOT to take in for a 17 year old… Needless to say at that age I was very irresponsible with money. I was so irresponsible I was down to my very last, and had to sell my beloved iPhone 5s (had it for so many years and I was seriously attached to that thing) just so I could eat and wash my clothes. So I posted my add on Facebook market place I made it very clear on my add it’s a “BigBrand” phone. To my knowledge a “BigBrand” phone needs a “BigBrand” SIM card to work. A “SmallBrand” or “OtherBrand” SIM card won’t work because they’re not the same network. Along comes and interested buyer though & he tells me he’s got a “Small Brand” SIM card that could be used on my “BigBrand” phone because he works at a phone company and he’s done it before with other phones from “SmallBrand” to “OtherBrand”. I was pretty confused and tried to reiterate that I’m pretty sure my “BigBrand” phone would need a “BigBrand” SIM card to work. There’s more back and forth between us about him absolutely positively being sure he’d be able to use my “BigBrand” phone with his “SmallBrand” SIM card. He was basically begging me to sell him my phone at this point because Christmas is near and he really wants a phone for his daughter. So me being in a tight spot & also wanting help out this father in a tight spot, I agree to sell him my phone. He meets me on campus , I show him the phone works (I was literally using the phone to contact him the whole time on the schools Wi-Fi) & then I factory reset the phone in front of him, thus deleting all my photos, memories & anything else I had gotten attached to on that device. He even pulled out that little key thing to pop out the SIM card and showed me how the sim card popped out. Here’s where things get twisty.. I get a message on Facebook a few days later saying that the phone can’t be used on “SmallBrand” network because the phone was still attached to my “BigBrand” account, an honest mistake on my end (at least I thought so at first). So I reach out to “BigBrand” phone company using my friends phone to get it removed from my account. Turns out “BigBrand” made a mistake and still had the phone under my name even though it was paid off and no longer in service with them for months at that point (I had been using the campus Wi-Fi the entire time I was there). I call the buyer back explaining everything, apologizing for the inconvenience & thanking him for his patience and understand as I had no idea of “BigBrands” mistake. It all got resolved though and everything seemed to be fine. The semester ends, I move back home, get a job and start saving for my first apartment. In MARCH of the following year I get another message demanding a refund for the phone because the seller couldn’t get the phone to work on “SmallBrand” like he thought he would be able to. “The phone doesn’t work!” Is the message I kept receiving, even though I showed him on the spot the phone worked & even after I resolved “BigBrands” mistake in December of the previous year. “The phone doesn’t work!” I asked for specifics considering the phone was in perfect working condition when I sold it to him, & he tells me he can’t get the phone to take the “SmallBrand” SIM card like he had done on his previous phones before. I remind him the only reason I sold him the phone was because he basically guaranteed he knew what he was doing and could get it to switch. He was the phone store guy, he knew what he was doing, he’s done it before and everything else he told me to convince me this was a good deal for the both of us. But because it didn’t switch like he thought it would I now owe him a refund, 3 months later. I told him unfortunately I wasn’t gonna be able to do that, the money was long gone on food and laundry. Yes, I was working at the time but I was living on my moms couch saving up for a new apartment at this point (She was renting out my room while I was gone). I apologize again but let him know I unfortunately won’t be able to do that. Another month or so passed and I get tagged in a post from the sellers mother BLASTING me as a thief and scammer because I “sold her son a piece of shit phone that won’t work”. I’m getting attacked from multiple people telling me I should just refund his money and sell it to someone else for a higher price because it won’t work for him. There’s also people who agree with me because my ad was clear as day about my phone needing a “BigBrand” sim card. AITA for not giving him a refund???..
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2023.03.28 01:09 AngryHellhound [F] Today I present a part of my home brew chapter, the Imperial Hellhounds. I have written a note below as to not make a long title.

Much of what you see is still a work in progress and is subject to change as I continue building the story. Sections have titles that help maintain a proper and coherent structure to better be identified. I have added the [F] tag because the chapter does cross fanfic territory. One last point before I end this note. I’m still learning 40k lore and only have a rough grasp on it. Terminology may be used incorrectly and I apologize for any errors. Thank you.
Imperial Hellhounds chapter rough draft
“Warriors of the wind, join me in combat! Echo my cries and let our banners fly!” Alexander Ernes, Chapter Master of the Imperial Hellhounds.
Battle cry The Imperial Hellhounds rarely utter out battle cries in the form of words. Instead they snarl or growl at the enemy in defiance and anger. Some fight in silence, claiming their weapons be their voice.
Chapter colors Black and brass armor with certain armor plates being a khaki white mix. The chapter does not use many colors to distinguish high ranking space marines. This is to ensure that certain Astartes can not be easily identified and targeted.
 The Imperial Hellhounds are a chapter made up of lost Luna Wolves and Warhounds legionaries. They number approximately 396 space marines. Non-space marine crew estimates are hard to pinpoint because of the chapter’s secretive nature. The chapter is primarily fleet based. This is done both as a method to ensure they are able to respond quickly and to minimize the surveillance done by the Imperium. However, one world remains under guard by the Imperial Hellhounds: Istvaan III. By orders of Roboute Guilliman, the Imperial Hellhounds are only permitted a limit of exactly four hundred Astartes because of their relations to the Black Legion and World Eaters. The chapter is also under watch by the Adeptus Custodes. However, the Custodes were put on guard not by Guilliman, but by their own doing. That task would have originally been taken by the Ultramarines. The time of their founding is unknown. 
Chapter History
 During a period of the Great Crusade that has been roughly placed as being near 844.M30; two companies from the Luna Wolves and a company from the Warhounds legion had disappeared during a mission to a planet named “Karhald”. The mission was to investigate disturbances near the edge of known space and to quell resistance on the planet. However, as both legions traveled to their destination, a warp storm occurred, sending the ships crashing into a planet that has been named by Pethan Edantos as the world of “Peace”. The two legions would be found accidentally by Inquisitor Marian Antonio, who would raise alarm to the Inquisition and Mechanicus indicating that she had found two traitor legions from the Great Crusade claiming to be loyalists. Once word reached the Inquisition, they would order the planet to be locked down while calling for the Adeptus Mechanicus to begin testing on the two legions gene seed. After two weeks of repeated medical evaluations, genetors of the Adeptus Mechanicus concluded that these space marines were indeed, remnants of the Luna Wolves and Warhounds. The Inquisition ordered the legions to be destroyed and all records erased. Two of the reasons being that the legions had been repeatedly exposed to the warp. The other was because of their relations to the traitor legions. Unknown at the time though, news of the founding of the two lost legions had reached Mars, leading to Belisarius Cawl being notified. He would devise a lie by saying that the planet had possibly been a site of a long lost STC from the Great Crusade. Once the lie had reached through the Inquisition, Cawl would have a certain amount of time before the legions were annihilated. 
Guilliman’s Arrival
 Cawl would go on to contact the Primarch of the Ultramarines, Roboute Guilliman. He informed him that lost legionaries from the Luna Wolves and Warhounds legions had been found. When the message had first been received, Guilliman would deny the findings as, “mad ramblings” from a member of the Ordo Hereticus. Later though, he would discover that this was not the case. Guilliman would then take his flagship, ‘Macragge’s Honor’ and fly it to the planet. The Inquisition learned of this, and would plead that Guilliman destroy the two legions. He denied their request and went regardless. After ordering Cawl to conduct personal studies of the gene seed, the tests were positive. Guilliman had also been notified that the Adeptus Custodes were on their way to the world for reasons not given. Belisarius Cawl spoke to the primarch, trying to convince him of how the legionaries could be of use to the Imperium. Guilliman would say no to the tech-priest, claiming the fact that the two legions pose a potential risk to the Imperium. Cawl would inform Guilliman that while the two legions were indeed a possible danger, it would be foolish to destroy the valuable technology and manpower. The tech-priest would also go on to state the fact that the Adeptus Custodes were being sent to the world, meaning that these two legions were possibly of greater significance. The primarch was left with a choice: destroy the two legions at the risk of losing the technology and angering the Adeptus Custodes. The second being to accept them into the Imperium, bringing much needed aid. He never spoke as to what decision he would make, instead the primarch would take a thunder hawk gunship to the world. The battle barge, ‘Eye of the eagle.’ held all Five hundred Eighty eight space marines from both legions.The primarch had previously ordered them into the ship so that there could be a much safer method of containing any sort of conflict. His ship landed in the hangar bay of the battle barge. With him were his personal guard, a few members of the Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence. Once he left the safety of the craft, his eyes were greeted by the once lost and forgotten sons of the Imperium. All perfectly ordered into lines. Every single one bore armor from the second, and third armor variants. In a swift fashion, they knelt before him. 
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