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2023.03.29 09:13 Industrial_Laundry Hi guys, curious to know if anything can be done about this (privacy)

In 2016 my partner was not in a great place and applied for government housing.
These days she is doing amazing, incredibly hard and well respected worker however I digress.
Yesterday a worker from the floor came into the office (one who is incredibly trust worthy) and gave her her rental application from 2016 (the governments copy stamped and all) attached with photo copies of her license, bank cards, Medicare, phone number, etc.
It was found in the car park of a pub a few doors away from the housing office along with quite a few other peoples applications and personal details.
It seems to me that they have not disposed of or stored the private information correctly and that it somehow ended up as rubbish on the road/car park.
Not only was she furious and unsettled that ALL of her private information was just found on the ground and hour from where we live but also the fact that her needing to apply for housing is now well known amongst her coworkers. A part of her life she’s done well to distance her self from and forget about.
What to do? Call the place and say “wtf”
Call the police?
Is there even anything that can be done here without just giving the government office an opportunity to just lie or pass the buck?
Sorry if this is a stupid question.
TIA for any help.
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2023.03.29 09:08 No_Report4274 Luxury flats in Kokapet -My home group

Luxury flats in Kokapet -My home group

Unlocking the Secrets to Buying a Luxury Apartment: Key Factors to Consider


As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, more people are looking for upscale living options that offer convenience, security, and luxury. The demand for luxury apartments has grown exponentially in recent years, with people seeking out properties that provide more than just a place to live. Whether you’re looking for a primary residence or a second home, buying a luxury apartment is a significant investment that requires careful consideration. In this article, we’ll share with you some crucial factors to consider when buying luxury flats in kokapet.

Location: Why it matters in luxury apartment buying

One of the most critical factors to consider when buying a luxury apartment is located. The location of your apartment can significantly impact your lifestyle, convenience, and even your property value. Ideally, you want to choose a location that is central, accessible, and in a safe neighbourhood. When selecting a location, you should consider its proximity to essential amenities such as grocery stores, schools, hospitals, and public transportation. A good location will also offer excellent views and a peaceful environment.
Another thing to consider is the neighbourhood's reputation and security. You can research the area's crime rates, speak to the local police, and even consult with a real estate agent to get a better understanding of the area's safety. A good location will also have a low noise level, away from busy highways, construction sites, or other noisy areas.
Moreover, finding the right location will help you maintain the value of your luxury apartment. A prime location in a city that is undergoing development can be a good investment opportunity. You can also select a location that is close to tourist attractions or other amenities that can increase the value of your property over time.

Amenities: What features to look for in a luxury apartment

Luxury apartments come with a range of amenities that can make your living experience more comfortable and enjoyable. When buying a luxury apartment, you should look for features such as swimming pools, fitness centres, concierge services, and on-site parking. Other amenities to consider include spas, rooftop decks, private balconies, and outdoor entertainment areas. The best luxury flats in kokapet provide an excellent view.
Moreover, you should look for apartments with modern appliances, high-end finishes, and spacious layouts. Luxury apartments should also have large windows that let in natural light and offer excellent views. You may also want to look for apartments with smart home technology, such as automated lighting, temperature control, and security systems.
When it comes to amenities, it's essential to consider your lifestyle needs and preferences. If you're a fitness enthusiast, you may want to prioritize apartments with high-end gyms and fitness centres. If you're a pet owner, you may want to look for apartments that are pet-friendly, with designated areas for walking your pets. If you enjoy outdoor activities, you may want to look for apartments with access to parks, trails, and other outdoor recreational areas.

Security: Ensuring your safety in a luxury apartment complex

Security is a crucial factor to consider when buying a luxury apartment. You want to ensure that you and your family are safe and secure at all times. When selecting a luxury apartment, look for features such as gated entrances, security guards, and surveillance cameras. You may also want to look for apartments with secure parking garages, keycard access, and intercom systems.
Another important security feature is fire safety. Make sure the apartment complex has fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems installed in each unit. You should also check if the building has undergone any recent safety inspections or upgrades.
Finally, when considering security, you should also look at the neighbourhood's crime rates and reputation. You can research the area and speak to local residents to get a better understanding of the security situation. A safe neighbourhood will give you peace of mind and help you to enjoy your luxury living experience.

Architecture and Design: The importance of aesthetics in luxury living

Luxury apartment living is all about the experience, and the design and architecture of the building play a vital role in creating that experience. When buying a luxury apartment, you should look for buildings with stunning architecture, modern design, and high-quality finishes. You want your apartment to be visually appealing, with an emphasis on comfort and elegance.
The layout of the apartment is also essential. You should look for spacious apartments that offer ample natural light, excellent views, and functional layouts. The apartment should have an open floor plan, with defined living spaces that flow seamlessly from one room to the next. You may also want to look for apartments with high ceilings, large windows, and balconies.
When it comes to design, you should also consider the building's common areas, such as the lobby, hallways, and rooftop decks. These spaces should be well-designed, with high-quality finishes and comfortable furnishings. The building's design should reflect the luxury living experience it offers, with an emphasis on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Price: Understanding the cost of luxury apartments

Luxury apartments come with a premium price tag, and it's essential to understand the cost before making a purchase. The price of a luxury apartment can vary widely, depending on the location, amenities, and size of the apartment. When considering the price, you should also factor in the cost of maintenance, property taxes, and other associated expenses.
It's essential to have a clear understanding of your budget and what you can afford before starting your search for a luxury apartment. You should also be aware of any hidden fees or charges that may not be included in the initial price. A good rule of thumb is to budget at least 30% of your income for housing expenses.
While a luxury apartment may seem expensive, it's important to remember that you're investing in a premium living experience. The price you pay for a luxury apartment reflects the quality of the building, its amenities, and its location. You should also consider the potential return on investment, as luxury apartments can hold their value over time and appreciate in value.

Financing options: How to finance your luxury apartment purchase

Financing a luxury apartment purchase can be challenging, as most lenders have strict requirements for high-end properties. You'll need to have a strong credit score, a stable income, and a significant down payment to qualify for a mortgage. You may also need to provide additional documentation, such as tax returns, bank statements, and proof of assets.
If you're having trouble securing a mortgage, you may want to consider alternative financing options, such as a bridge loan or a private lender. These options may have higher interest rates and fees, but they can provide the financing you need to purchase your luxury apartment.
It's essential to work with a reputable lender or financial advisor who understands the luxury real estate market and can help you navigate the financing process. You should also have a clear understanding of the terms of your loan, including the interest rate, repayment period, and any fees associated with the loan.

Real estate agents: Finding the right agent to help you buy a luxury apartment

Working with a real estate agent who specializes in luxury properties can be beneficial when buying a luxury apartment. A good agent can help you find properties that meet your specific needs, negotiate the best price, and provide guidance throughout the buying process. When selecting an agent, you should look for someone with experience in the luxury real estate market, a strong network of contacts, and excellent communication skills.
You should also look for an agent who understands your lifestyle needs and preferences. A good agent will take the time to get to know you and your family and help you find properties that fit your unique requirements. They should also be available to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the buying process.

Maintenance and management: What to expect in terms of upkeep and service

Maintaining a luxury apartment can be challenging, and it's essential to understand what to expect in terms of upkeep and service. Most luxury apartment buildings have an on-site management team that handles maintenance and repairs. You should also expect to pay maintenance fees, which cover the cost of maintaining common areas, amenities, and other building expenses.
Flats for sale in kokapet may be a significant investment. It's important to understand what services are included in the maintenance fee and what services require additional fees. You should also have a clear understanding of the building's policies regarding repairs and maintenance, such as how long it takes to complete repairs and what procedures are in place for emergencies.
Finally, you should also consider the level of service provided by the building's management team. A good management team will be responsive to your needs and provide excellent service, from handling maintenance requests to providing concierge services.


When buying a luxury apartment, you should also have a clear understanding of the costs involved, including financing options, maintenance fees, and associated expenses. You should also consider the level of service provided by the building's management team and the potential return on investment.
By considering these key factors, you can make an informed decision when buying a luxury apartment and enjoy the premium living experience it offers.
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2023.03.29 09:05 calm_momentum38 How to collect monuments from events?

How to collect monuments from events?
I missed collecting the structure for the second story I completed in the new Town Stories event. For example, I got a Central Park reward(structure in my town) after the first reward.
Can anyone point me to where I go back to collect the Walking Alley reward after 260 points? Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.29 09:01 LoneWolfInCyberia Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind

In 1972, Dr. J.Allen Hynek, an astronomer and UFO specialist, came up with the concept of close encounter, where a person witnesses an UFO. He classified them into 3 kinds, where the last one was direct contact with an alien. It was his book The UFO Experience, that would be the basis for Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, that came after his earlier Jaws proved to be a runaway success. He was influenced by 50's sci fi movies like The Day The Earth Stood Still and Plan 9 from Outer Space for this.
The opening scenes are a medley with 2 missing fighter air craft,reappering in a sandstorm, and a near fatal mid air collision over Indianapolis averted, with both pilots reporting a mysterious UFO in the skies.

Meanwhile in the small town of Muncie, Indiana, a small boy Barry Guilier, finds all the toys operating by themselves in his room, and an unearthly light enveloping his home. His mom Jillian( Melinda Dillon) rushes frantically to stop him from going out, however it is too late as he is abducted by the aliens.
Roy Neary( Richard Dreyfuss) , a power plant worker in Muncie is summoned to handle a mysterious power outage, and encounters mysterious UFOs while driving.
Meanwhile in Dharamshala, India, French UFO expert Claude Lacombe( Francois Truffaut) listens to devotees chanting a mysterious mantra, that is a combination of 5 notes played over and over.

Roy fired from his job is now obsessed with UFOs, keeps getting visions of a mysterious mountain. Lacombe back at his observatory discovers that the 5 note sequence is getting a response when he attempts to communicate with outer space. While Jillian now just wants her son back as she goes on a hunt for him.
Personally I rate this among my favorite Sci-Fi movies, and also feel it is one of Spielberg's more under appreciated movies, not as popular as Jaws, Jurassic Park, ET or Raiders of the Lost Ark. I guess it was overshadowed by Star Wars in the same year.
My favorite part about the movie is how Spielberg uses the 5 note sequence as the central motif of the movie . John Williams in his career has given some memorable scores, but what he does here is something else. Interestingly, the 5 note sequence was choosen at random, there was no specific thought process behind it, Williams just experimented with many combinations, and finally both of them settled on this, as it looked good.
Also the rather mystical mood, as in the opening scene when a Mexican peasant is asked about the events he says. El sol salio anoche y me canto!(The sun came out last night and sang ). Again in the sequence set in India, when a holy person asks the assembled gathering where does those tones come from and all of them point upwards.
Much like in Jaws, Spielberg's character development adds the depth to this movie. Roy in a sense is similiar to Quint in Jaws, both driven by their obsession, to the extent he does not care that he has just been fired from his job. While Jillian just wants to have her son back. Both use images, Roy makes a mud model of the mountain, while Jillian draws it out on paper.

For a movie shot in the 70s, the special effects are brilliant, especially opening scene of Barry being abducted by the aliens, Roy's first encounter on the highway, and of course the last 15 minutes.
Richard Dreyfuss who earlier appeared as the biologist in Jaws, does an excellent job as the obsessed Roy, as does Melinda Dillon as Jillian wonderfully capturing a mother’s anguish over her missing son.
The interesting thing is director Francois Truffaut making a cameo appearance, most European new wave directors like Goddard were critical of Spielberg, whom they saw as a sell out to commercial interests. Truffaut was one of the few who admired Spielberg and a big supporter of him.
Worth a watch.
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2023.03.29 08:53 GrievingGrandson I love you Grandpa. You were my Grandpa, my Dad, and my Best Friend.

I never thought I would use Reddit for this, but here I am. I want to start out by saying how much I appreciate this community and the support everyone provides. I lost my Grandpa on 2/14/23, and reading posts on here helps me to see that other people handle their grief in different ways. The non-grieving world keeps turning and we are expected to put our loss behind us and function normally. Reading about how others have experienced sorrow, anger, guilt, and all of the other emotions lets me know that there is no certain way to grieve. I'm not sure why I wanted to post this now since it has been over a month since my Grandpa passed. I guess I just wanted to share our story to add to the community and if it helps me and someone else with a similar experience then I consider it being worth it.
I was brought into the home of my grandparents when I was 8 years old due to my dad falling into drug addiction after the passing of my mom from cancer. My Grandpa made a promise to my Mom before she passed that he would make sure I was taken care of. They raised me as their own son, got me through school and college, and have supported my adult profession as a police officer. My Grandpa was a retired firefighter and when he loved that I was a police officer. He even did a ride along with me, and was planning on doing another one. I'm 31 now, and my Grandpa was 85. Even up until the last few weeks of his life, he was always very active. He did exercises everyday and went on long walks. I've always seen him as the strongest man I know. One of our favorite things to do together was to go and shoot his guns that he bought and collected.
Several years ago my Grandpa was diagnosed with a skin cancer on the top of his head. Every time a new spot popped up, it usually just required some radiation treatments and then life would go back to normal. In 2022, it became more aggressive though, but the doctor made it seem that it was still treatable. This time he had to do a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. It was very hard on him for an 85 year old man, and he wasn't able to do much due to the sickness and fatigue. He eventually had to stop the chemotherapy and was able to finish the radiation treatments. Everything appeared to be going back to normal at the end of 2022, and we were able to enjoy Christmas together one last time. In January 2023 though, he had a seizure at home which we initially thought was a stroke. At the hospital, they found out that it was actually a seizure and his scans showed that there were cancerous lesions in his brain from the cancer spreading. When he got out of the hospital, we immediately made an appointment with his cancer physician. His doctor told us that he would try to treat it, but it would require 10 back to back radiation treatments every single day. He told us that since the cancer (angiosarcoma) had now spread to his brain, that the radiation treatments would have more of an effect on him since it was no longer just on the surface of his head. But everything seemed hopeful and we decided to go through with the treatments.
My grandparents got a hotel room in the city where the hospital was, since it was an hour and a half drive away. It happens to be the same city I live in. I was able to spend almost every day with him, besides when I had to be at work. We went to a pipe tobacco store, a gun store, several restaurants, and spent time together in the hotel room. I'll never take that time for granted. The treatments went well, until about halfway through he became very tired and had lost a lot of weight. But this was to be expected. On the last day of treatment, he was having a hard time walking, and needed to use a cane, which he never used. As my grandparents left to go back home, I just thought that once he got back to the comfort of his own home, he could rest and would eventually start eating more again once the radiation effects wore off.
The next morning, I got a phone call that he had collapsed and had to go to the hospital where they live. I felt terrible. I still feel terrible. I'm so mad at myself for not recognizing that he was so weak and sick, and I should have went home with them to help take care of him and to encourage him to eat and drink. Apparently he collapsed from dehydration, and he went from the emergency department to the ICU. When I arrived at the hospital and found out he was in the ICU, I was told it was because of the medications he was being administered to stabilize his blood pressure. We then found out that he had went into septic shock from a perforated colon caused by diverticulitis. I didn't even know that he had that. As he spent more days in the ICU, the nurses found out that he had bed sores when they took him for an MRI. And now as I am writing this I am starting to tear up because I knew how much he hated MRIs. And he had it done for nothing. The nurses even bumped his head when doing the scan which tore a part of his skin away since his head was so tender from the radiation. He didn't deserve that.
After a few days in the ICU, his vitals appeared to be better and they took him off of the medications, except for the antibiotics. They put him in a different unit, and that's when it all went downhill. He started getting really sick, saying that his stomach hurt, and he didn't want to eat or drink anything. I tried to encourage him to eat and drink, but he was in too much pain. As time went on, he started breathing really heavy, did not want to try and get out of bed, and stopped talking. I don't want to go into all of the details, because it's really difficult for me to relive them and I'm still processing them. After a few days in that unit, his vitals and labs were bad again, and we were told that he would either have to go back to ICU and be put on life support, or we could let them give him some medicine to ease the pain so that he could go restfully. We decided as a family that it would have been cruel to extend his suffering and we know he wouldn't want to have been put on life support. We had to watch him take his last breath, and as traumatizing as it was, I couldn't leave him and let him be alone. After everything he has done for me, that was the least I could do.
After his passing the next few days were a blur. I never imagined that I would have to plan my Grandpa's funeral. Finding pallbearers, picking out a casket, picking out music, putting together the photos for the slideshow, and writing the tribute. Now that the funeral has been over for over a month, and people try to go back to their normal lives, it hurts even more. My job as a police officer is especially hard for me to go back to. I have to try and put on a straight face for the public, so in between calls I'm usually about to burst into tears so I have to go find a solitary place. At least that's one good part about my job. I can just go drive to a secluded area like a park and get my tears out. I know that most of you on here probably don't have that luxury and I'm sorry that you may have to try and hold it in for a full work day. Everything I see around me at work reminds me of him. I drive by the hospital where he was receiving cancer treatments just about every shift I work. It just feels so unreal that he was there just not that long ago.
I know that he lived to be 85, and that's a long good life. It just still feels like it was so sudden. And maybe that is better than a slow, suffering death from the spread of cancer. But he was my everything. He was my Grandpa, my Dad, and my best friend. And now I have to live the rest of my life without him here. The days feel so dark now. I was having a lot of dreams about him the days after his passing, but they don't happen much anymore. I have cried every day since he passed, but the feeling is becoming more of a numb feeling of sadness with periods of anger. I get angry at the nurses and doctor that seemed to have neglected him in the hospital after he left the ICU. I trusted the people who were medically trained to take care of him, and didn't speak up enough for him while he was in the hospital. I feel guilty for not spending more time with him while I could, for not recognizing how negatively the radiation treatments were affecting him. I know that he wouldn't want me to feel this way, but I feel like I failed him and he could still be here with me today. But then I tell myself, it would only be a matter of time until something else happened or the cancer spread again. We can't live forever.
I always thought that my faith was strong and I was a spiritual person, until this happened. Your beliefs really are challenged when going through the loss of a loved one. It's went from a hopeful "I believe because an afterlife sounds nice and I hope I get there" to a desperate "I hope that my loved isn't non-existent now and that their soul is still alive and I can see them again". I just can't think of my Grandpa being nothing now. He was so much more than just a physical body. I have to believe that he's still out there somewhere.
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2023.03.29 08:45 Deno_Live New maps. My petition, part 1

Hi guys! Sorry for my English, this is an automatic translation. I have read many posts in this community. I read about the balance, about the offers of the players. Many people want to make changes to the game, but few offer their specific ideas. I decided to write a petition to the developers to bring all the problems into the game. Please support me and express your thoughts. This is the first part. I have a lot of ideas, and they won't fit in one message.
  1. We need to redo the existing maps. I and many experienced players know the existing maps by heart. I know the location of the chests where the scraps of cards are stored. I know where the final battle will take place and where the Ancients are. I know where you can find a lot of items, and where looting is useless.
Playing as a demon, I even know where the survivors can start. The medieval map is the scariest if the survivors experience a growing fear at the beginning of the game, but they are in a cemetery or in the ruins of a palace. If there is no fear, then they are in the Castle. If the fear is growing slowly, then they are in the northwest.
All the cards need to be redone, you need to add new places for chests, for the location of scraps of cards. The locations should be the same. For example, the Bluff Road Bridge location is very small, there is only one chest, one place for part of the map and almost no items. It surprises me that the survivors are so adept at jumping over windows and fences, but they can't step over a fallen tree. If the developers slightly change the old locations, add several buildings, places for chests, so that the survivors spend more time searching, this will immediately give the demon a bonus, and it will be more interesting for the survivors to play. Experienced players have studied the old maps, and they need to make changes for a change.
  1. We need new maps. A lot of people talk about Elk Grove, but we don't have a map of Michigan (season 1 of the series). I see the following places in it:
- Abandoned mansion (where Amanda's partner was killed)
-ValueStop Supermarket (where Ash, Pablo and Kelly worked)
-Airstream trailer parking
- Kelly's parents' house (with grave and cross)
-Street and bookstore
- The Western Moose Diner (where Amanda tried to arrest Ash)
- Rancho Brujo
- Rebel camp
- The forest (where Kelly and Pablo hid from the rebels)
- Bunker (where Amanda and Ashley were sitting)
- The Cabin in the forest (The Knowby Cabin)
I know that Noble's hut and El Brujo's hut are already in the game, but I don't see anything strange in the fact that these locations are repeated. And these locations can be redone, for example, the Brujo Ranch in the series - it's not like the El Brujo hut in the game.

Map of Elk Grove. (Season 2)
- Trailer Park in Jacksonville
- Police station
- Hospital with morgue
- Stadium
- Elk Grove Street
- The local bar where Ash competed with his father on the bull.
- Ash's parents' house
- Sawmill (its advertisement flashed in the series)
- Sewer (where Ash and Ruby met)
- A hut in the forest
- Kenward County Asylum (in my opinion, it should consist of two or three locations like Kantara Castle)

Map of Elk Grove. (Season 3)
- Auction House (where Ruby comes for a book)
- Rubin's office
- Brock Williams Hardware Store
- Sperm Bank
- High school (in my opinion, it should consist of two or three locations like Kantara Castle)
- Church and funeral home.
- Ambulance station
- Coffee shop (was in the dark world)
- Ash's parents' house
- Prevett mansion
- The Knights of Sumeria Headquarters
- Military base
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2023.03.29 08:38 psshdjndofnsjdkan Boys Planet Press Conference Summary (230329)

all questions/answers have been taken by the celeb confirmed twitter account. if a contestant's name has a link that means there's a photo attached
Group 1 (Kim Taerae, Na Kamden, Park Hanbin, Seok Matthew, Sung Hanbin, Keita):
Q: You guys must have got closer living together. Can you introduce each others?
Kim Taerae: Han-bin can look cold but he is full of aegyo and he is actually very friendly. As Star Creators will know, Han-bin's leadership skills are very excellent and I am counting on him too.
Park Hanbin: I've been training with Tae-rae together for two years so we get along very well. Tae-rae is passionate about dancing and is a hard worker.
Seok Matthew: Sung Han-bin helps me out whenever I ask him about anything. It felt like having a great brother living together.
Sung Hanbin: I knew Seok Matthew from before Boys Planet, but got to know him better as we trained together. He's an easygoing person who can still put on a smile at difficult times. He also has strong responsibility. I learn from him a lot.
Q. Most memorable moment from the competition?
Seok Matthew: Keita cheered me on saying “Ma! Tthew!” so I went “Kei! Ta!” and laughed together.
Na Kamden: Keita is like a cute raccoon mascot of our show. When I saw him rap during the latest mission, I was thinking "That's our Ketia" I want to do another performance with him. I love him!
Keita: I felt Kamden is quite difficult to approach at first but as I got to know him, I found out that he was very playful and gets embarrassed by compliments easily
Q. Who is the most formidable rival?
Sung Hanbin: I am grateful for people recognizing my efforts. I strive to be No.1 but there are so many skilled and charming candidates here. I would pick Zhang Hao as the most formidable rival. I want to learn from his charisma.
Q. Kamden, how do you feel to see the biggest rise in rank?
Na Kamden: I want to thank the star creators. All moments were so happy, but we won 1st place in our latest mission and got to perform on “M Countdown.” It was like an unforgettable dream.
Park Hanbin: since my trainee days, my motto has been to do my best in every moment.[…]I’m confident in dancing and I guide other contestants on how to approach dancing in a lighthearted way. Stay tuned for the third mission, and I hope to be in the finals. I won’t disappoint!
Q: What do you think is your secret to popularity?
Kim Taerae: It’s my refreshing vocals and my bright smile. (shows off a smile to the camera)
Q: What do you want to say to Star Creators?
Kim Taerae: You’re the ones who let me sing. I’ll show only my refreshing vocals, but other various music genres too.
Na Kamden: (In English) Thank you star creators for always being on my side.
Park Hanbin: You are the ones that make me shine. I’ll make you shine too.
Seok Matthew: Thank you for the support. We’ll improve even more.
Sung Hanbin: Thank you, I really want to say that it’s not my efforts alone; it’s the effort of the star creators that makes everything possible.
Keita: Thank you for watching us until now. Please stay tuned until the end and please do vote!
Group 2 (Kim Jiwoong, Ricky, Lee Jeonghyeon, Jay, Han Yujin):
Ricky: I’m Ricky – young and rich, tall and handsome.
Q. If you had to perform on stage with another trainee, who would you choose?
Kim Jiwoong: We are headed toward the same dream, so I have a lot in common with other contestants. I want to perform with all of them... but the top one is Jay. He has his unique color and various charms – I want to wear that color too and learn from him.
Lee Jeonghyeon: We’re going to show our refreshing yet sexy side in the third mission, and get to try out a different vocal style. I’m very carefree in real life, but I gotta be cute and sexy on stage!
Q. How do you maximize your charms on stage?
Ricky: I was born with swag. I’m confident in my basic dance and singing skills. I also practice a lot of facial expressions. While practicing, I imagine how cool I’ll look on stage.
Jay: My priority is showing stable vocals. But recently, I started to focus on dancing and stage presence as well. I can also play the guitar and drums, so I want to show them off in the future!
Q. What gave you dreams of being an idol?
Han Yujin: Seeing Kai of EXO and Taemin of SHINee perform on stage made me think ‘I wanna be like them too.’
Q. What is your hidden charm?
Han Yujin: So far, I’ve shown my sincere side to Star Creators. In the upcoming stages, I will be bubbly and refreshing. Look out for my new style!
Jay: I’ve shown good vocals and bright energies so far. In the future, I’m confident that I can show a striking, sexy side.
Lee Jeonghyeon: So far, I’ve portrayed a cool image. But in real life, I’m quite the prankster.
Ricky: I may look cold, but my personality is actually lovely. My nickname is 'Lovely Ricky'. I’m good at aegyo!
Kim Jiwoong: I also might look cold on the outside, but deep in my heart lives a cute puppy. I’m trying nowadays to show Star Creators this puppy.
Q. What do you want to say to Star Creators?
Han Yujin: I still have so much talent and effort to show you. I love you a lot.
Jay: There are so many songs I want to sing to you. Please continue sending us love!
Ricky: Ricky still has many hidden charms. Stay tuned till the end
Lee Jeonghyeon: I’m really feeling the increase in fans recently. I’ll repay with great performances
Kim Jiwoong: I’m getting more love than I deserve. I still lack in many areas, but I’ll always improve more.
Group 3 (Kim Gyuvin, Park Gunwook, Yoo Seungeon, Yoon Jongwoo, Takuto, Hiroto):
Q. What do you think are your individual charming points?
Kim Gyuvin: I was clumsy in the early episodes, but I think I’ve been improving. My advantage points are my “physical” and expressiveness.
Park Gunwook: I started with a charismatic image, but with behind-the-scenes videos, fans will now know that I’m a soft person. There's this gap between me on stage and me in real life.
Yoo Seungeon: I’m a visual main vocal. People say my vocals are comfortable to listen to. I’ll live up to your trust!
Yoon Jongwoo: I have a cold first impression, but fellow contestants now know that I’m fun to hang out with.
Takuto: I still have a long way to go. But I’m cute. That's what other hyungs tell me. That’s my charm.
Hiroto: I’m cute like a puppy and charismatic like a wolf. I’ll continue to show more charms.
Q. What is your favorite genre?
Kim Gyuvin: In the early episode, we covered “Reveal” by The Boyz. We were so happy to get positive feedback. I loved the song because I love music with a strong beat.
Contestant Takuto was nervous, but spoke his answers slowly and firmly, filling the conference room with laughter. Yoon Jong-woo held Takuto's hand on stage whenever he seemed nervous.
Hiroto: Takuto always comes to me, like a little brother. He’s so cute.
Takuto: Hiroto has a cute smile. But he’s the cutest when he puts on a fake smile.
Q. What do you want to say to star creators?
Yoon Jongwoo: I came from the bottom of the rank to here, and it wouldn’t have been possible without star creators.
Takuto: We will do our best until the end.
Hiroto: Please continue to send your support!
Kim Gyuvin: Every announcement for the survivors’ lineup gets so many votes, and you guys helped me maintain the top spot every time. Thank you.
Park Gunwook: I never dreamed of getting this much love and attention. It means so much to me and motivates me for every stage.
Yoo Seungeon: Stay tuned and support Yoo Seong-eon the vocalist!
Yoo Seungeon: Thank you star creators for recognizing my talent. On stage or off the stage, I will give you my bright energy. There’s a lot left to show.
Yoon Jongwoo: I started at No. 73. Every mission, every moment, I just did my best so I wouldn’t regret. I think that earned the hearts of star creators, and I want to compliment myself for it too.
Group 4 (Kum Junhyeon, Ollie, Wang Zi Hao, Zhang Hao, Haruto):
Haruto: I’m so good at Korean, that my last name is Ha and my first name is Ruto.
Q. Why did you study Korean?
Ollie: I’m very talkative and chatted with the K team hyungs a lot. They taught me many fun phrases. I’ll study more.
Zhang Hao: I think if I’m to have a professional career in Korea, I should speak Korean well. We speak Korean together in the dorms and during practice. I’m improving fast.
Haruto: I discovered K-pop when I was 14 and got captivated. I wanted to understand the lyrics and started studying alone. Listening to K-pop helped my vocabulary. I love Korean culture, food and watch K-dramas and read Korean books. You get good at what you love dearly.
Zhang Hao: I’ve never been in a leadership position before “Boys Planet.” I monitored my team and came up with reflections every night before going to bed. It was tough, but I learned a lot. I speak quite softly, but I’m trying to be a stern leader.
Haruto: Every day, I feel a kind of happiness that I’ve never felt before thanks to “Boys Planet.” I can’t even put it into words. Let me express it physically then. “Ah!! Happy!!”
Photo: Haruto expresses happiness.
Kum Junhyeon: G group members are so good at Korean, that it wasn’t too hard to communicate. But, it helps to be close to them when they’re speaking, so I can understand them for sure.
And I give them big gestures reacting to what they say, to give them confidence.
Kum Junhyeon: I wanted to enjoy this audition, and star creators can feel my attitude too. I’m very charismatic and energetic, and because I dearly want the final spot, it’s showing more and more each episode.
Wang Zi Hao: All the contestants are so talented – I thank them for the great stage performances. I was lucky to have good chemistry with the other boys.
Photo: Zhang Hao and Haruto helping Wang Zi Hao with his Korean
Q. What's the secret behind your popularity?
Ollie: It’s because I’m cute. Nah, I’m kidding. It’s cos I do my best on stage. (In English)
I think it’s because I treat all of my stages like it’s my last. I don’t want to give up my dreams and won’t let any of you down.
Group 5 (Seowon, Lee Seunghwan, Lee Hoetaek, Zhang Shuai Bo, Cha Woongki, Chen Kuan Jui):
Q. Can you summarize your charm in one phrase?
Seowon: Chameleon. Refreshing, sexy, powerful – I’ve shown them all on stage and can pull it off.
Lee Seunghwan: Confidence with a reason. I step on the stage with trust in my skills and effort.
Lee Hoetaek: Rollercoaster. I’m usually calm but can sometimes burst out in energy.
Zhang Shuai Bo: “One look and you’ll remember me.”
Cha Woongki: Korean shrimp chips. You can’t stop craving me. Go vote for me to see if it’s true.
Chen Kuan Jui: Butterfly. My dancing is soft!
Lee Hoetaek: Through missions, I discovered my limits and started breaking them. I want to thank star creators and other contestants who give me so much energy and boost up my self-esteem.
Seowon: With each mission, I feel how precious a moment on the stage is. I see how hard other contestants work and get motivated myself.
Lee Seunghwan: In my previous audition show, I tried to show what I’ve got. This time, I’m simply showing who I am. I got to reflect on myself and grow.
Cha Woongki: Every minute and second on stage is precious. I want star creators to think “I’m so glad I voted for him.”
Chen Kuan Jui: I’m confident with my ability to express emotions on stage.
Zhang Shuai Bo: I want to give you good energy and show you my smile.
Photo: proof of Zhuang Shuai Bo showing off his smile. 好帅!
that's all twitter user celebconfirmed posted so the end! i think if you look at naver news you can find more detailed responses to these questions but they're all in korean so be prepared to translate
some more group photos
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2023.03.29 08:33 damjanv1 Critique my program

Fit 39 year old with sporting background looking to make KBs central park of programmed routines.
6 foot 3 about 90kg 10% or so body fat
Besides what's shown here would also look to do mobility (think animal walks and light band work for warmup), prehab and abs daily. note linked videos are just indicative of exercises to add but would prob train to similar volume (comments where otherwise). Also look to take at least 3 -5 15 minute walks throughout the day
Monday - S&S + Upper body mobility https://youtu.be/_8DoiwkYWxw
Tuesday - S&S + forearms accessories (just do sets and reps (less intense version of these) https://youtu.be/u8iAtCJPO8Q
Wednesday - S&S + Pull Strength ​​https://youtu.be/i8Jd7Qz5xis
Thursday - S&S + Legs strength https://youtu.be/-BtY7GjTxvg (choose 4 or so exercises similar to those shown in videos)
Friday - S&S + Lower Body Mobility https://www.instagram.com/reel/CoSYVFrpyy1/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
Plus Hip Prehab https://www.instagram.com/reel/CpxlmDxDgw1/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Saturday S&S + abs https://www.instagram.com/reel/CqA9rFUDcy8/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Sunday - stretch rest

I would be doing S&S on the low end (especially to start) 50 swings (5x10). bonus question can you go too low weight with kbs as I plan on starting with 12kgs for swings even if i can do 16kgs quite comfortably.
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2023.03.29 08:20 drillbitpdx Border Patrol detained me for about 10 minutes in Peace Arch Park

I parked on the street in Blaine, Washington, and walked into Peace Arch State Park.
I walked past a giant scary-looking Border Patrol truck, with three agents standing around bantering loudly. They ignored me.
Walked around for maybe 20 minutes, took a couple photos, read some historical signs, didn't cross the line into Canada. Then I was walking through the parking lot and stopped to read the sign about being required to check in at the Port of Entry if crossing the border. I was standing precisely 49.000854,-122.753228. (Again, I wasn't crossing the border 🤷🏻‍♂️)
Two of the BP officers called out to me to stop, which I did. They came over and started demanding ID, information about where I was coming from, etc.
We had a good little standoff for about 10 minutes where I explained that I had entered on foot from The US half an hour prior, declined to provide them with identifying information about myself, and repeatedly asked if I was free to go. They told me no, unsurprisingly.
Eventually I relented and showed them some ID, which they glanced at for 2 seconds and let me go.
Quite an unnerving and unpleasant experience. I can't imagine how much worse it might have been if I didn't have US ID right on me.
Has this happened to others there?
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2023.03.29 07:58 Kismetamorphosis Inappropriately refused scheduled paratransit, dispatcher didn't even check if my pass was approved.

I was recently approved for paratransit because I have cptsd and because of that I have severe agoraphobia. If I can't hardly take my own garbage out to the street, I sure as hell can't walk to a bus stop a mile away and back. Yesterday I was doing my usual, I got ready for college classes and prepared to take my bus. Routine bus, been on five rides so far. I have a bus pass through my college that pays my fare(rediculous to charge a disabled person with no income for bus fare, but thats the USA for you.) As normal, I got in and sat down. My pass should've been on the manifest.
However, people have no bounds to the level of bullshit they will go to to kick disabled people down when they think they're finally getting a leg up in the world. Presenting the worst morning in a long while;
Guy asks me for my fare or a ticket. I said I don't need it, I have an approved pass.
"Kay. Can I see fare or a ticket?" I show him on the back of my pass where it reads, 'unlimited paratransit eligable,' and he goes... wait for it, "Yeah I've never seen that before so uh, fare or ticket."
I tell him, I have been approved for this by a supervisor officially with the local bus, it should be there. "Yyyeah I don't see anything, fare or ticket."
I tell him to call dispatch and show him the email exchange where photo evidence of my pass was sent and approved, "Yeah sorry, I'm gonna need fare or ticket or you have to get off the bus."
I'm nearly in tears so I tell him I've been on five rides in the last week and nobody else had a problem with my pass, "Fare or ticket."
I tell him contact dispatch then, because they should know. They should have access to the information. He does, he calls dispatch, dispatch doesn't bother to check at all, "tell her she needs to have fare or ticket"
I just tell him to check again.
Dispatcher responds in not nearly enough time to have even glanced my account, "Yeah seeing nothing, fare or ticket."
I call the bus customer service and tell them that the driver is refusing me. I have it on speaker. Phone guy says, without checking, "The rules say fare or ticket." Didn't check my account.
I tell him I have an approval from (names the supervisor who approved my pass).He fights me on contacting a supervisor to clarify the problem, and I only got him to do it after asking five times in a row, "Oh, uh, yeah it looks like something's here actually, Please hold" Puts me on hold to finally contact the supervisor.
During the time I was on hold, the driver opens the bus door, and forces me to get off the bus or he would "have to do something about me"
I said, "FINE, get out of here then, I don't want to see it. I don't want to see your face. Good luck when this comes back around," which was Admittedly a bit rude, but honestly a million times less rude than either of them had been to me that morning. They had it coming, I'm not sorry.
On the way out I hear him mumble something something "karen."
Less than a minute later paratransit customer service comes back online, and it's the supervisor there to say, "Yes, I can see right here that you have been approved."
Too little too late. I then had to fight with them to replace the ride I was refused, because I was supposed to go to a college class, I couldn't afford a cab considering I cant afford a 3.25 bus pass without giving up toilet paper, and it was a lab class no less where attendance and participation are my entire grade for the day.
While doing that, I told them I wanted a written permission I can bring to make sure that this never happens again. Three. THREE people failed to look for an obvious note in a row, to even try. I had to fight them on that too, they eventually submitted the request in the form of a complaint and I guess I'll just have to wait until someone decides they care enough to trouble themselves with it, or not.
The new bus driver arrives 20 minutes later than projected. Parks on the opposite side of the street to pick up an agoraphobe. Oh. Mygod. Took another 10 minutes for him to realize he wasn't on the right side of the street.
I was late to class, big surprise. My professor proceeded to verbally make an example of my 'BAD BEHAVIOR' over not letting him know if you're going to be late to the entire room to which I interrupted him, "Uh, yeah. I sent you an email over an hour ago when it happened, did you read it?"
*y...you did? Ahm, uhm, yes well-" I kept talking, "Yeah, my bus pass was illegally refus-" starts talking over me about INTERRUPTING PRESENTSTIONS BLAH BLAH."
I didn't say anything, but I wanted to say, "do not make an example of me if you didnt even bother to look. I was sobbing all morning trying to get here, I didn't need to be publicly embarassed twice today."
I don't know if he docked me points today or if he permitted my tardiness, because he grades non-traditionally and I won't see my next grade until the semester ends. I gave him a note that explained so I could get to working on the exercises for the day, I think I saw him read it. I have no way of knowing if he docked me the points anyway. He knows I'm disabled and that I have struggled to get to my classes on time in the past because of my condition. He should have realized why it was inappropriate to say that.
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2023.03.29 07:51 Cool_Cartographer_93 13 days' Itinerary check - Osaka/Kyoto/Tokyo (May 2023)

Hi fellow Japanophiles! Heading for my 1st ever trip to Japan from 10 to 22 May, landing in KIX in Osaka and leaving from NRT in Tokyo. Would appreciate if anyone has any constructive comments in terms of feasibility, logistics, variety, interesting areas that I shldn't hv missed out, or places I had included that shldn't hv been bothered with at all.
Total pax: 3 (brother & I both in our early 20s, and middle-aged mother)
Naturally, also interested in getting some shopping done and hopefully a few quintessentially Japanese souvenirs (any reccs? :P)

Days 1-5: Osaka-based (Osaka, Himeji, Nara; 2.5:1:1)

D1 (10 May, Wed): Arrival in Osaka (2pm at KIX) (from SG, so no big worries re jetlag)
D2 (11 May, Thurs): Osaka Amazing Pass, 1 of 2
D3 (12 May, Fri): Osaka Amazing Pass, 2 of 2
D4 (13 May, Sat): Himeji Day Trip; Kansai Area Pass, 1 of 3
D5 (14 May, Sun): Nara Day Trip; Kansai Area pass, 2 of 3

Days 6-9: Kyoto

D6 (15 May, Mon): Kyoto (West + North); Kansai Area Pass, 3 of 3
D7 (16 May, Tue): Kyoto (East); using top-up card, no passes
D8 (17 May, Wed): Kyoto (South); might get a day pass
D9 (18 May, Thurs): Kyoto (Central)

Days 10-13: Tokyo

D10 (19 May, Fri): Tokyo (West)
D11 (20 May, Sat): Tokyo (East)
D12 (21 May, Sun): Tokyo (Shinjuku/Imperial Palace)
D13 (22 May, Mon):
P.s. Lockers at train stations will be utilised after checking out to store luggage.
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2023.03.29 07:15 thinkingstranger March 26, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff landed midday today in Accra, the capital of Ghana, a country of about 33 million people slightly larger than Michigan on Africa’s west coast.
The 54 countries in Africa vary widely in language, religion, and culture, and Harris will visit three countries which initially seem unrelated. During her week on the African continent, in addition to Ghana, Harris will also visit Tanzania, a country bigger than Texas of about 62 million people on the east coast that is known for its natural wonders—Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti plain are both on the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List. She will then visit neighboring Zambia, a landlocked country slightly larger than Texas with about 20 million people, where about one third of the country is game management areas or national parks, including one that protects the famous waterfall Mosi-oa-Tunya, or Smoke that Thunders—also known as Victoria Falls.
Harris’s visit is part of the Biden administration’s plan to counter Chinese and Russian influence on the African continent. That continent is rich in natural resources, and other countries want access to them. Between 2000 and 2016, China invested heavily in a number of African nations, sometimes in exchange for resources, sometimes for political alliances. It has become Africa’s second most important trading partner with about $250 billion in trade in 2021, just slightly behind the European Union, while U.S.-Africa trade in 2021 was about $64 billion.
Russia’s interests in Africa have tended toward support for authoritarian regimes. Russia focused on Africa after its 2014 invasion of Ukraine began to isolate it from other nations and their resources. The Russian Wagner Group of mercenary fighters has been a key player in Africa since then, often called in by authoritarian leaders to suppress political opposition in exchange for access to mines or other valuable resources.
The Wagner Group has supported anti-democratic movements across the semi-arid Sahel region, which stretches across the northern part of the continent in a band above Ghana. After recent failures in Ukraine, the leader of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, says he will turn his attention back to Africa, although it is unclear that he will be able to raise the necessary forces to make a major push.
African nations have historical reasons to be leery of European governments, who have tended to want to exploit the continent’s resources for themselves at the expense—often the deadly expense—of Africa’s inhabitants. They are also leery of the U.S., for when African nations began to throw off colonial rule, the Soviet Union tended to support those movements while the U.S. tended instead to support right-wing forces. More recently, the Trump years continued to weaken ties between the U.S and Africa as the United States withdrew from engagement with what the former president allegedly called “sh*thole countries.”
The Biden administration has worked to repair relations between the U.S. and Africa on the stated principle that Africans must have control over their own countries and their own future. The administration hosted the U.S.-Africa leaders summit in December 2022, where it announced that it backed the admission of the African Union to the Group of 20, welcoming the 55 member states of the African Union to the intergovernmental forum that focuses on global issues. The African Union has wanted admission to the G20 for years, noting that they are currently left out of discussions that affect them—most recently, the plans to address the coronavirus—and the administration’s promise that it would back the African Union’s admission was an important sign of the administration’s focus on strengthening ties between the continent and the U.S.
Since then, the Biden administration has pledged more than $6.5 billion to the continent to aid security, support democratic institutions, and advance civil rights and the rule of law. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield, First Lady Jill Biden, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have all visited the continent.
Harris is the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit and will emphasize the deep connections between Africa and the spread of Africans around the world, a process known as the African diaspora. In Ghana, Harris will visit the Cape Coast slave castle, used to hold enslaved Africans before they were shipped across the Atlantic for sale, primarily in the Caribbean. But the connections between Africa and the Americas reach far beyond the legacy of enslavement: Accra is the burial place of early twentieth-century U.S. writer and intellectual W. E. B. DuBois, for example. Harris will also visit Lusaka, Zambia, where as a child she visited her maternal grandfather when he worked there as a civil engineer.
The administration’s outreach to Africa is not simply a way to counter China and Russia on the continent. The White House explained that Harris is visiting these three countries specifically because their governments are investing in their democracies at a time when democracies around the globe are under siege.
Harris will launch her meeting with Ghana’s president Nana Akufo-Addo. When the two leaders met before, in September 2021, Akufo-Addo identified the key issue facing Africa and the world, saying: “[O]ur big challenge—and it is a challenge of all those who want to develop democratic institutions on our continent—is to ensure and reassure our people that democratic institutions can be a vehicle for the resolution of their big problem—that is economic development as the means to eradicate poverty on the continent.”
This is a great summary of the central issue for democracy today.
In Africa the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, alongside a rise in interest rates, has made it hard for a number of nations to pay their international debts, which quintupled between 2000 and 2020. At the same time, the Russian blockade of Ukraine has cut food supplies while international sanctions against Russia for its 2022 invasion of Ukraine has cut fertilizer supplies to the continent, increasing food shortages.
Those crises offer possibilities for international cooperation to invest in the African continent, especially as the new African Continental Free Trade Area agreement smooths trade across the continent and, with luck, brings rural regions into better contact with more urban areas.
But those same crises also open the way for strongmen to take over by promising to solve their country’s shortages. Russian disinformation in Africa drives pro-Russian and anti-European sentiment; a new Russian social media network launched on the continent in February 2022. Last week, Russian president Vladimir Putin claimed to have written off $20 billion of African debt and blamed the West for his inability to deliver the fertilizer he had promised.
But while democracy is under siege around the world, Freedom House, the non-profit organization that tracks the health of democracy worldwide, noted last September that African countries have shown important efforts to expand the rule of law and strong democratic institutions. Ghana, for example, has become more democratic but is threatened by the instability to its north.
Still, in August, the pan-African, nonpartisan research network Afrobarometer found that African voters want democratic institutions. According to a report from Chatham House that reviewed the polling, Africans “believe that the military should stay out of politics, that political parties should freely compete for power, that elections are an imperfect but essential tool for choosing their leaders, and that it is time for the old men who cling to power to step aside.” Seventy percent of Africans say they prefer democracy to any other form of government, 82% reject “strongman” rule, 77% reject one-party rule, and 75% reject military rule (even in countries that have recently experienced military coups).
Those impressive numbers in a continent of very young people—the median age is just 19—are an obvious reason for the U.S. to want better relations at a time when both President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken have been very clear that they believe democracy at home depends at least in part on democracy overseas.
And the danger to democracy at home was crystal clear last night, as former president Trump held a rally in Waco, Texas, where in 1993 a 51-day government siege of the headquarters of a religious cult gave birth to the modern anti-government militia movement. Since then, Waco has been a touchstone for violent attacks on the government. There, last night, Trump stood on stage with his hand over his heart while loudspeakers played not the national anthem but a song recorded by January 6 insurrectionists. Footage from the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol played on a screen behind him.
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2023.03.29 07:13 Free_Carrot5259 The secret of Shenington

Peggy ran as fast as she could. Her soft blonde curls flowing behind with the speed , her breaths heavy and loud , narrowed eyes only aimed at the road ahead of her . The dirt road seemed never ending as she prayed silently in her head. They were hot on her trail. Ever since Robert had confided in her the secret of where the kidnapped children of the town were, those people had started haunting her dreams until they appeared in her life for real.
The Shadow Ring was a secret cult that had been run over a decade in the small town of Shenington . Children aged between 6-12 were since then reported going missing to never to get found. Peggy had been brought up in the city and had only come to the town for dealing with the property she had inherited from her grandma. She had spent enough time to befriend a local policeman ,Robert. Being a very inquisitive soul herself, Peggy hadn't missed how unusually protective the townspeople were towards their children. She pursued Robert into telling her about the unsolved missing reports and thought of doing some further research into it.
Peggy visited all the old buildings she could, the schools, hospitals, the Town library ,every place except for the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the town . She searched all the newspapers dated back to a decade , made notes of the missing children's details she could get . It had started with a general curiosity but now, she was giving all her attention to it. This didn't go unnoticed by her friend. Robert soon approached her with the topic ,stating his concern for her safety.
" Pegs" he called her by her nickname he had coined for her " Listen, you shouldn't get involved with all this. This can get you in a grave danger." They were sitting in a small coffee shop , at the corner table . The shop was old and smelled like it. Old and dark ,much more in the corners.
She let out a small laugh which quickly left her lips as she noticed he wasn't really joking. Clearing her throat ,she said
"Robert, I can't believe its YOU out of all the people telling me this. Its actually your job but you seem very indifferent to any of it." she said, shaking her head in disappointment
"Its not really about that Peggy, its about your safety. You think I haven' t tried to solve this mystery with all my young vigor? Believe me , the people involved in all of this are extremely dangerous. They don't spare anyone, they won't spare anyone."
Peggy's eyes widened .
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! You know who they are? You know what is happening? Do you??"
She noticed how a bead of sweat trickled down his temple, how his eyes couldn't meet hers and his hands didn't seem to know where to rest.
After a while of having an inner conflict ,it seemed, Robert finally let out a long sigh before telling her the history of the Black Ring cult which had haunted the town and its children for years. They were a secret society worshipping a devil they referred as ' Gionna' ,who fed on children's blood. This information was enough to send chills down her spine.
"Do the townspeople know about it?" she asked, gulping down.
"Pegs, some of the towns people are the one involved in it. No one is supposed to take their names let alone discuss it in open. And here I am , putting you in danger with all of this information." he said ,concern and guilt lacing his words. "Please, don't discuss this with anyone. You never know who is a member and who is not, okay? And please abandon this " He said looking at a conflicted Peggy ,rising up from the table with the coat hanging on his shoulder.
"Listen, what do you mean by only 'me'? You have put yourself in danger too, right?"
At this, he broke into a nervous smile." Yeah ,never mind " With this, he left .
Days passed by one after the other. Peggy had spent nights shifting on her bed and then , falling to sleep only to get up washed in sweat due to the nightmares. Whenever she went out, it seemed as if everyone's eyes were on her. The stares grew so intense that she was confused whether it was all in her head, or was she really in danger. She was going to leave the town the next week as soon as the paperwork was done. It was a matter of few days.
On a usual morning, Peggy picked up the newspaper on her doorstep only for her eyes to land up on the last news she wanted to see. 'An 8 year old boy went missing from the Silverstone park yesterday.' Wait. Silverstone park, the one where the first child was abducted. Something clicked inside her head. She immediately went running inside and pulled open the drawer where she had saved all the old newspaper articles she had gathered. It now began to make sense. Most of the places where the children were last reported to be seen or where the dead bodies were found, were near to the only place which was left unexplored by her - the warehouse . It was the perfect place to carry out mysterious activities. The warehouse was surrounded by dense trees which further led to the forest . She had to make a decision now. One part of her told her that she was on the right track and if she went, a child might be saved. Another part screamed at her that if she was caught, she would have a terrible fate. She looked at her family photo , her parents were waiting for her to return , her beloved sister who must have saved all the funny stories of their neighbors' to tell her when she came back . Then , her eyes flickered over the newspaper bearing the 8 year old's innocent face. She looked at it intently.
She took her handgun and a safety knife, her camera to collect some evidence and finally called Robert .
"I'm going to the warehouse. If I don't get back in about an hour, there are chances that I might need your help."
"Peggy don't! I..." before he could complete, she cut the call.
Peggy climbed into her car and started towards the warehouse. Adjusting her rear view mirror, she noticed a shiny black car behind her. She noticed that the car took the exact same turns she took .The car was following her. The road was silent and nobody was to be seen anywhere near .She could hear her heartbeats ringing in her eardrums. Her throat went dry as the black car tried to bump into her. She didn't know what to do .
She slowed down until the black car now stopped her path . Two people got out with black robes and a dark hoodie to hide their faces. They had a yellow circle on the front. She froze onto her spot as they approached her. "Get out" The man said tapping at her window. She had no choice but to obey. She kicked open the door , hitting the man in the process and made a dash for it.
Now, she kept running towards the warehouse, the people close on her heels. She hoped Robert would soon come to her rescue. He knew her location. She just has to hold on for a while. This was the only hope for now. She reached the warehouse when a sharp blow on her head made her fall down.
Peggy struggled to open her eyes as she realized her hands and feet were tied down. She was in the warehouse. The people dressed in the same robes as the earlier men ,were surrounding her on all sides. The one on the front came forward. He took off his hoodie to reveal an old man's face she recognized as the postman who was very popular with the kids.
"Wh-where is the child? Let him go." She said with her dry throat burning furiously.
She grimaced as his lips formed a thin smile.
"You really think we would dare so much as to insult our lord for your sake. You have caused us so much unnecessary trouble. We were going to spare you on behalf of your friend ,but you leave us with no choice. We have already done the sacrifice." he added with an evil smile.
"Friend?" she was confused.
The old man nodded and backed as Robert came into her view.
"Rob.." she was at a loss of words as the man she had called her friend, stood there looking at her helpless form .
"I told you, Pegs.." The nickname now felt like a piercing in her heart.
The old man then put forth a sword in front of Robert. He took it .
"I can't help it .I want to live. I'm sorry" he said as he raised the sword.
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2023.03.29 07:11 Such-Tangerine5136 A town in New Mexico that doesn't exist?

I was going through storage the other night and found an old scrapbook full of photos of my family. Most of them were photos of school plays, candids at the park, etc. I found a couple of photos of me and my siblings looking miserable in the summer heat in front of the opening of Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. I showed my siblings the photo and we reminisced about the trip: how awesome the cave was, how our mom was terrified of the bats, how long and boring the road trip to Carlsbad was. My brother mentioned that she thought it was cool when we drove through Roswell.
Here is the problem: I am not altogether sure we went through Roswell, now that I think of it. This trip happened at least ten years ago, and I and my siblings were in elementary school at the time, me being the oldest. My brother has very few memories of the trip as he was young, my sister remembers bits and pieces, but I remember it best, so much of this account will be coming from my recollection of the event, and I don't know how reliable that memory is, considering how long ago this occurred.
I remember we were driving through an expanse of boring desert, and my mom suddenly said something about a town coming up. I got pretty excited and looked out the windows, and I remember a town appearing quite suddenly. There wasnt a sign or anything telling us where we were, but as we drove down the main street, all the shops were alien themed. There were green balloons with alien faces on them bobbing about in front of one store, I remember, and the windows of every shop showed alien-related merchandise within. My mom remarked that we must be in Roswell, and started to tell us what she knew about the Roswell incident and the town's history.
I don't remember whether the town existed beyond the main street. I don't recall whether there were houses anywhere, or roads leading to other parts of the town. As far as I remember, the town consisted only of the main street. Again, this may be a shortcoming of my own memory, though my siblings don't remember anything beyond that street either.
Something that struck me as odd about the town was that there just. Weren't people. You would think, during the Summer, that a town like Roswell would be chock-full of tourists, but there was absolutely noone in the town but us. There were a few cars parked along the street, as if their owners had gone inside a shop, but there was no movement within the stores. It was entirely empty, like an alien-themed ghost-town.
I remember I started to get scared when I noticed this, and told my dad to drive faster. I was a generally anxious child and getting panic attacks was a regular occurence for me, so my parents did not take me seriously at first, but eventually I started crying and my dad drove faster, hoping that leaving the town would calm me down.
I asked both my mom and dad about that part of the trip, but neither of them remembered aything odd. My dad doesnt remember a town at all, and my mom says she vaguely remembers it, and that I started to freak out, but she doesn't remember it being empty. Only me and my sister remember the town being empty.
I looked up some photos of Roswell today, and it doesnt look anything like the street I saw. It is obvious to me that we were not in Roswell, but now I want to know: where were we?
I have looked at several maps trying to find a town along our route that may have been the one we visited. I have found nothing, but I also do not know the area well, so if anyone can help that would be appreciated!
A couple of the puzzle pieces I have tried to put together:
☆ This occurred sometime around the Summer of 2014, in the middle of a very sunny day ☆ The town might have had only one street ☆ The town looked like an alien-themed tourist trap ☆ The town was completely empty ☆ The town was somewhere on the way between Trinidad in Colorado and Carlsbad in New Mexico ☆ We probably did drive through Roswell, but this place was very much not Roswell
That is all I can gather, as it happened so long ago that most of my family does not remember it. Am I just going crazy or something? Did I have a really vivid dream and somehow integrate it into my memories? Was it really Roswell and I am just misremembering? This has been driving me crazy
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2023.03.29 07:06 -MCkvR- Safe place to park and uber/Lyft to 1720 venue?

I’m going to a show at 1720 in a couple of weeks (1720 E 16th Street is the address). I’m from south Orange County and I’ve never been to the venue and am not familiar with the area. In researching, I’ve seen that it’s recommended not to park my car nearby and that it may not be the safest area to walk around by myself. Everything I read said to take an ubeLyft instead. Since I live further away though, I’d prefer to park somewhere closeish and get a ride in from there. Has anyone been to the venue and have recommendations on where I might be able to park safely or how to otherwise get safely to and from the venue? I appreciate any tips you might have!
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2023.03.29 06:49 Mission-Egg794 The Day I Thought I Won The Lottery

I used to think success was driving down a beach-front highway having to choose between breathing in the new car smell from your convertible, or putting the top down for some salt air.
1 week ago, I had neither of those choices and today the very thought of beach air and new car smell makes me fucking sick.
Before I get into this, let me be clear: this is not a confession of guilt for anything I’ve done. I never wanted all this shit. From the very start it was only about one thing: Getting my son, James a birthday present.
I wasn’t even trying to get him the BEST or the BIGGEST or the most EXPENSIVE birthday present. Just
A present. The present I set out to get.
But instead...
I went to the 7/11 on Santa Monica and bought a MegaMillions lotto ticket.
My name is Daniel Baxter, and this is the day I thought I won the lottery.

April 8, 2022 – 2:03AM
It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I’m at the Hollywood Casino. I’ve got every penny to my name spread across the craps table and some dickhead on his bachelor party holds the dice of fate in his clammy little hands.
My last 3 meals have been from discarded room service trays at LAX Hilton, my truck doesn’t start without a prayer and the tires have been leaking air for the last month which is fine because now I know the location of every free air filling station in LA County.
If I’d paid my phone bill, it’d be buzzing a crater in my leg from my ex, Lenora, asking if I’d picked up our son’s birthday gift with the $200 she gave me.
“Gave me” isn’t quite the right term. She handed it to me with a scowl then told me “if you gamble this shit you’ll never fucking see him again.” Things had been tense lately.
But none of that matters because this guy’s been hot and it’s with his help that I’ve turned that 200 hundred into almost 3 grand. The only question is; are the rhythms with me or not?
Maybe you call it God. Maybe you call it Karma or the natural vibe of the earth or mercury or whatever. When the rhythms are on, everything goes your way. You crush your yearly review at work and get the raise you’re after or you’re at some party and you’ve got everyone eating outta the palm of your hand.
Most things are math. Craps is math. Poker is math. Phone bills are math. Divorce rates are math and if I keep having to eat off of room service trays, the likelihood of me waking up with diarrhea is math.
It’s all just probability. But when the rhythms are on, the probability doesn’t matter. You could take a 1 and a million shot back-to-back and hit it twice. That’s what the rhythm can do for you.
Summer of 2018 I was up over 2 million. I couldn’t lose a hand of blackjack, I couldn’t crap out if I tried, I couldn’t say the wrong thing to Lenora and every time I walked into the room my son, James, would light up like a fucking lantern.
It used to be me and Lenora at the tables. The place was always open, the food is fine and the drinks are free. If we weren’t at the tables we were in the lounge talking Black Jack strategy or in the bar talking game theory or hanging out at the slots like a couple’a mice pressing a button and waiting for the cheese to pop out.
Sometimes it’s nice to be a mouse. I’ve got rats in my house. They don’t pay rent or go food shopping. All they have to do is avoid eating a piece of death cheese or poison and honestly that’s not too far off from how I live anyways.
When we had James, things changed though. As Lenora put it “risking your son’s dinner isn’t chasing something it’s chasing nothing.” And I guess the 45-minute commute to the Hollywood wasn’t a valuable use of her time. Lots of people commute to work even longer. When I was working at Goldman, I commuted an hour and a half each way from Connecticut. Granted I was on a train but the point is we all commute to work.
It was nice having her here. It was nice seeing James with a smile. It was nice to check my bank account and feel a life raft around me, rather than a black hole forming in my bellybutton.
But the rhythms shifted.
Now it’s just me here next to Lenny with the beard, Jackie with the cigar and Jonie who’s been serving drinks here so long her face should be on the highway billboards. After Lenora broke it off with me she got together with Kelton who works for a hedge fund which (for the record) is still gambling. He’s just doing it with other people’s money.
James’ 9th birthday is three days away. He wants an iPad and soon as I cash out, I’ll be able to pick one up, maybe kick some back to Lenora and spread some cash around to the litany of people I’m on the hook to.
I’m one big night away from wiping it all out. I just need one hit. One night of pure rhythm... and I’ll be back.
The shooter shakes the dice in his hand then tosses ‘em. I watch them clack on the table walls below me, but before they even settle on the pass line, I can already feel the star implode in my stomach.
In a flash, my hard work is raked away by some new guy named Carl with a moustache and not a single ounce of sympathy.
The party’s at Lenora (and Kelton’s) which was fine because honestly, I didn’t just have rats.
The rats came in chasing the cockroaches but when a bunch of them got into my Cadbury Mini Egg stash and died under the living room floor, a pack of fleas picked the carcass clean before making their way into the carpet above. So, yeah...at the moment I have fleas, cockroaches and rats. I had a bug bomb guy coming in a couple days but things were gonna be a little itchy until then.
It's three days until the party. I’ve got no gift and if I show up without that 200 bucks I may never see my kid again.

April 8, 2022 – 6:32AM
There’s only so much you can do on a security guard’s salary and being paid $12 an hour to guard millions of dollars in Mercedes automobiles is hilarious. What am I supposed to do if some guy comes in to steal a car? Lay my life on the line and hope my out-of-pocket HMO covers bullet wounds?
I don’t even have dental. I got a root canal that needed to be recapped 10 minutes after it was put in.
I’ve been on Mr. Jenkins about a raise but he keeps telling me “we gotta sell more cars, Davey,” as if I’m the one selling cars. I’m a fucking security guard what the hell’s that gotta do with me? Last I checked it was my job to keep cars on the lot and getting them off was yours.
Jenkins owns every car dealer on Van Nuys. Maybe you’ve seen his ads on TV where he slides into frame wearing a suit while riding a surfboard just to say “COME ON DOWN!” He can afford to buy a surfboard for tv ad that has no mention of surfing or aquatic sports of any kind but he can’t pay me an extra $3 an hour so I can re-introduce cold foods to my diet.
I spend most of my shift eyeing the mint green on onyx black SLS convertible they keep in the lobby. It’s flashy but it’s got a nut sack under the hood so you know you could back it up if you went toe-to-toe with some clown at a red light. Sometimes I just stare at it but I never touch it. I only wanna touch it when it’s mine. Which it would be...
Maybe I could steal it and sell it to get the iPad and some other shit. I know all the codes but then again I wouldn’t need the whole car. The thing costs half a mill. Maybe I could lift a rear-view mirror. Who would notice? Then again with the way the rhythm’s set I’d probably bump into the fucking FBI on the way out.
I’ve been doing my best to get things together but the cards aren’t falling my way and there’s not much you can really do about that. I’ve been going to the Hollywood for 15 years so I know I’m due for a run.
Me and Lenny talking about this all the time at the lounge. Sometimes you’re on the downbeat and sometimes you’re on the upbeat. Lately I feel like it’s been all downs but the thing about being a father though, is that you’re not the only one on that ride.
It used to be that I could take a few down weeks or months even. Sleep in the car, call the landlord and talk them out of breaking down the door but when you got a kid everything changes. You suffer, he suffers. Lately Lenora’s been paying for that but you see she keeps a tally. She says she doesn’t but she does.
Every time she has to pay for something she looks at me like I’m the biggest piece of shit then says “It’s ok, David.” Which it really isn’t.
The fees and stuff aren’t the real problem. It’s being able to take James out and take care of him. She wants to take that away from me and honestly I don’t blame her.
Last week my card got declined trying to pay for ice cream. James had already eaten half of his and the lady made us give it back. He didn’t talk to me the whole way home then 2 days later Lenora told me James didn’t really like spending time with me anymore. A week after that she filed for sole custody and told me they were thinking about moving to Chicago. Who the fuck would want to live there? It’s cold as fuck and the people are assholes.

April 8, 2022 – 12:20PM
I do pickups for a porta-john company on the side. It’s just temporary. I don’t clean the shit I just spray down the units and suck out cans and shit with a wet-vac before this guy named Pete sticks a hose in the back and drains the whole thing out.
I’m always surprised by what people put on the walls of a john. Usually it’s just drawings like hearts and shit but sometimes the rhythm finds you there too. One time I spotted a phone number Sharpied on a toilet seat but it was missing 1 number. 8 digits. Kinda like 4 roulette numbers right?
I took em to the Hollywood and won 5 grand on one roll! Hasn’t worked again for me yet... but that’s the thing about it man.
But today I’m cleaning out a row of johns after some music festival which by the way is far and away the worst clean ups to get. Sure you see these kids all cleaned up online in some tweed outfit or some shit but you should see the shit that comes out of these kids. It’s like paving tar with glitter and red bull cans.
I look down in the last john I’m hosing down and I see something. Peaking out of the mounds I see: a $20 bill.
I stared at it for a second but I could hear Pete coming down the line about to suck it into oblivion. I never seen cash in the john before. Sometimes you hear a coin clank through the hose but a 20 bill just staring you right in the face?
I did what any man would do. I grabbed it and when I pulled my hand out I was half expecting it to be missing a layer of skin.
Later I’m sitting in the truck staring at this 20 bucks thinking “why would this come to me?” There had to be a reason. It wasn’t just on the floor of some john. It was in the last john after the nastiest event at a time when all I needed was one shot.
It was the rhythm.
But having to do that for just $20 didn’t add up. There had to have been a greater purpose and you know what they say about money. You don’t let it sleep. You wanna get that money out and get it working.
Craps kicked my teeth in this morning and you can’t do shit with 20 bucks on a blackjack table. I had to think bigger.
Then I’m driving home from work and I see the 7/11. Powerball was at 2.11 BILLION. The biggest in history. If you got all 6 numbers right you got the whole chicken. If you got 5 you got just shy of 8 million bucks. Boom.
I had my usual numbers but this wasn’t a usual day. I told the cashier to give me “all randoms today.” 10 slips at $2 each.
That night I sat down on my couch waiting for the Powerball to come on tv... then I blacked out.
The next thing I knew I was staring at 6 numbers lit up on my tv screen: 08, 07, 14, 29, 40, 16
And on my slip: 08, 07, 14, 29, 40, 22
I had 5 out of 6 numbers. I’d just won 8 million dollars

April 9, 2022 – 9:01AM
I’m standing in line at the California Lottery Offices. It’s not some huge expansive place. It’s a shitty little line up of people with various ailments trying to dispute their $5 winning ticket.
My mind is racing. Who do I pay back first? Do they give me the cash here? Is it in a duffel bag? When do I have to hold that big ass check? Do I wear a mask? I saw a guy do it in a scream mask once to maintain his anonymity. Honestly it might be nice to be seen. Not only has everyone seen me as a piece of shit forever but also I haven’t exactly kept a detailed list of everyone I owe money to.
It’d be good for people to just hit me up, I can cut a check and tell them “thanks for your patience.” Maybe I’d even give them a little off the top as a tip.
The guy a the counter basically spat in my face; “It’s gotta be reviewed. Takes 2-5 days. We’ll email you a link to collect any winnings.” It was like I just accused him of something. No congratulations or anything which at first, I was pissed about but then I realized that clearly I wasn’t the first asshole who thought they won the lottery.
Except I really did. 2-5 days was nothing. I’d been living in the shit for years I could do another few days.
Stepping outside, everything looked the same. The air wasn’t purer or the sunlight any more sunlightier and I still had to fill up my tires at the Shell on Cahuenga. There’s something about being rich without actually having any appearance of being rich.
That secret alone is like having a bomb in your pocket. People treat you regular, they smile and make conversation but deep down you think...if I pulled this out I could kill you with it.
But when people do think you have money, the more of it they give you.
I rolled in the doors of the Hollywood like I always did. Lenny called me a bullshitter, Jackie barely even put her cigarette down and Jonie didn’t even bring me a drink because I didn’t actually have any money on the table. I didn’t even have money in my pocket. I’d spent it all on the Megamillions and I hadn’t eaten since perusing the halls for leftover room service the night before.
Then news hit. My face was on every TV in the place. “Local man wins 8 million dollar jackpot.”
I checked my phone to see if it was blowing up, then remembered I still hadn’t paid the bill in months. So I was good there.

April 9, 2022 – 11:11AM
If you’ve ever been on a casino floor you know that it’s never silent. But I swear to God if you were on the floor when that news hit, you could’ve heard the rats eating my Mini Eggs 20 miles away. Everyone’s eyes were trained on me. For a second I even felt all the security cams shift over in my direction.
I couldn’t stand being on the floor with nothing to play with so Lenny set me up with his guy who got me a little walking around money. Japanese guy who I met in a Burger King across the street. Weird dude. Not sure what his name was.
I didn’t wanna go too nuts so I just took out a small loan. 50k at 20 points. I thought about it for a second then realized I didn’t really give a shit about the interest. 10 grand to me in a week doesn’t mean nearly as much as 50 does now. It’s just value proposition. It would have been stupid NOT to take out the loan honestly.
Walking into the casino with 50 grand in my pocket and slamming it down on the table feels a lot like taking out your dick at an orgy only when your dick comes out it’s a 60 foot cigarette boat with flames painted on the side.
But then I learned what I remembered years ago. Losing money and gaining money at that point meant almost nothing.
So losing 2 grand a hand wasn’t such a big deal because I could be making 5 on the next. That’s why I needed a little more when I lost the full 50.
Another 100k or so at another 20 points should do the trick.
It didn’t take long to realize that both winning and losing money meant almost nothing to me. So I ventured out.
A tailored suit for me (ready in 2-3 days on a rush).
An iPad for James with all the bells and whistles.
6 dozen roses sent to Lenora’s house signed “your secret admirer.” just to fuck with Kelton.
A watch for me, Lenny and Jodie.
Some special cigar Jackie had always been eyeing.
New pairs of Nikes for all of us.
And a limousine to my dentist’s office.
I paid in cash for the cap replacement, they gave me some pills and told me not to mix them with alcohol but honestly I was a little distracted by the old molar cap sitting on the table. I had an idea.
“Are you gonna just throw that away?” I asked her.
By now I realized I didn’t have a phone to receive my winnings via email. So, I stopped a guy in the lobby and paid him 2 grand cash for his before popping a few pills and slugging some champagne in the limo.
There was barely enough time to sit back and relax. I had a lifetime of debt and yearning for shit to burn through.
We made it to the Mercedes dealership but the pain killers kicked in and I could barely feel my hands as they ran across the SLS’s mint green paint. Bummer.
Jenkins sauntered over asking if I was working today and all I remember saying was “I want it.” He scrunched his eyebrows in confusion, so I put the remaining cash I had down on the table and said it again. “I WANT IT.”
They ran my credit (which was dog shit. Didn’t matter) and I looked Jenkins in his fat little face again and said “I don’t give a fuck.” He sold it to me, financed at 25 percent interest. Then when he went to fetch my paperwork and keys I took a shit on his desk, shoved the molar cap and a $20 bill in it before using his jacket to wipe my ass. Felt right. Don’t really know why.
I had walked into the CA lottery offices at 9am to start the review process on my ticket’s authenticity.
By 11am, I was watching news break from the Hollywood Casino.
By 10pm I had accrued more debt than a small country.
I hadn’t received a dime from the lotto.
And I needed more walking around money.

April 10, 11, 12 – who the fuck knows what time
The next few days were a blur but there are a few things I’ll never forget.
Quitting my job.
Hiring the limo for the week.
Trying to shit after 3 days of having nothing but fast food, champagne and pain killers.
Fielding questions at the party from Kelton’s asshole friends who told me “lotto rich isn’t real rich.”
And the heat of my house burning to the ground as James and I stood there watching with a can of gas in our hands.
He didn’t even want the iPad.
The rhythms were sliding back. James had that smile plastered back in his face and even Lenora was happy to see me.

April 16, 7:35AM
“Dear Mr. Baxter. Congratulations! You’ve successfully matched FOUR of six winning numbers. Below please find a link to collect your winnings of $10,000.”
I read it over and over again. Over and over and over.
When I called the offices an nice woman on the phone informed me that due to a printing malfunction the ticket had appeared to show the number 8 when in fact it was a 6.
They even managed to maintain a sense of excitement. I mean why wouldn’t they? They think I just won $10,000. They had no idea I’d bought a car I couldn’t afford, burned my house down, taken a shit on my boss’ desk, maxed out 3 new credit cards and borrowed a inordinate amount of money from people at a borderline illegal interest rate.
The limo company took my ride away and with no home I’ve spent the last 2 days parked on the Pacific Coast Highway, sleeping in the brand new Mercedes I can’t afford, in a suit I shouldn’t have bought, showering in the YMCA down the street, and eating 2-day-old coconut shrimp.
All of a sudden I’m fucked again. But as I stare out at the Pacific, my phone dings. It’s an alert from the Chase banking app. My lotto winnings of $10,000 have just hit my account and the only question is...
Are the rhythms with me or not?
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2023.03.29 06:42 real_estatek14 DLF Capital Greens Moti Nagar, Delhi – 2/3/4BHK Magnificent Condos

DLF Capital Greens Moti Nagar, Delhi – 2/3/4BHK Magnificent Condos
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2023.03.29 06:37 Jeff_Cayton Get ready for Easter

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2023.03.29 06:37 real_estatek14 DLF Kings Court GK-2, New Delhi

DLF Kings Court GK-2, New Delhi
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The flats in DLF Kings Court are a luxurious place to live, which raises the standard of living for its residents. This project offers high-quality apartments with all the latest features to fit in with the metropolitan regime. It is a great place to live and is worth your money. Also, DLF Kings Court GK-II, New Delhi has a lot of facilities that will change the way you live.
It offers multiple amenities and facilities such as Service Lift, Reserved Parking, Gymnasium, and Power Backup. For children, there is a kid’s Play Area, nearby apart from Swimming Pool. If you are a sports lover then you will enjoy the amenities like Tennis Court, Squash Court, Badminton Court, Cycling & Jogging Track. It is a well-gated community. For residents and visitors, there is ample parking.
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2023.03.29 06:20 QuietLingonberry [WTS] [U.S. to U.S.] Annabel's Birthday Cake, Nicolai Poudre de Musc Intense mini, Billie Eilish 2 mini, VS Angel mist + some indie samples (bottle)

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• Pearfat Kewpie Doll 1ml (sweet basil, vinyl, Calabrian bergamot, summer blooms, tomato leaf) $6.50
• Pearfat Stomped On Bed Of Lettuce 1ml (pink pepper, rhubarb, grapefruit, patchouli, frankincense, civet, oakmoss, saltwater) $6.50
• Stereoplasm Comet Corn 1.8ml rollerball (crunchy clods of caramel corn with coconut-cream chocolate, jet puffed marshmallow, Europa sea salt) $2.50

• Marissa Zappas Annabel's Birthday Cake 50ml (heliotrope, lemon sugar, balloons, candied rose petals, tuberose frosting, cake-fresh-out-the-oven, honeycomb, roasted tonka, cocoa absolute) $120
• Parfums De Nicolai Poudre de Musc Intense 15ml (petitgrain, raspberry, orange flower, hawthorn, aldehydes, musk, sandalwood, amber) $20
• Victoria's Secret Angel fragrance mist, 75ml (plum, pink pepper, violet, gardenia, musk, agarwood, ambergris) $5
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2023.03.29 05:49 RedLightning04 OAK PARK Roommate Starting in April/May in Apartment(less than $800/mo. for all expenses)

I have a roommate moving out at the end of this month to return to college, and I am looking for someone to move in once they move out.
My apartment is near the intersection of Austin Blvd. and Iowa St. in Oak Park. It is a 2 bed/1 bath that is 1000 sq ft. It is already furnished with my furniture (minus your bedroom), but I would be open to selling mine and/or incorporating yours if you would like that. There is gas heating and a gas stove/oven (the gas heating, water, and waste are included in the rent price/covered by the apartment company). Electric, cooking gas, and internet are the only monthly utility charges outside of rent. There is no central air as this is a more historic building. There is no washedrier in-unit, but there is a very close laundromat. There is a dishwasher, fridge, and microwave already here along with a sizable pantry. This unit is also pet-friendly.
For public transportation there is a bus stop right outside near the front of the apartment building, the Green line is less than 3/4 miles away, and the Blue line is less than 2 miles away. The bus route will take you to both. If you drive, there is on-street parking available and an off-street 24/7 lot available as well. Downtown Chicago is around an 8-mile drive away and is easy/quick to get to in the morning.
About Me: I’m a lower 20’s male, a recent college grad, I work in biological research downtown, I enjoy running, long-distance cycling, reading, video and board games, puzzles, animals, and being outdoors. I have a friendly and skittish cat named Tangerine, and I am welcoming to other cats and small dogs. I am an initially shy but very friendly person. I spend a lot of my time helping people out in the area by doing odd jobs and landscaping or home maintenance/improvement projects as well.
I don’t have a preference for male or female roommates (both of my previous roommates were female). Youngecollege-graduated would be more ideal, but I don’t really care as long as we get along and work together for a good living environment. I like to keep the main living areas somewhat clean, and I’m hoping you’d want the same. I am also open to short-term rentals if that is what you want/need.
If this interests you at all, please reach out to me. We can get in contact, I can send you pictures and videos of the apartment, and I can have you come over for a quick apartment tour so you can see what it looks like in person. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!
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2023.03.29 05:03 Resistance_made Choppy waves

Choppy waves
Took this photo on the top floor of a parking garage. I wanted to test out a new lens. Security promptly kicked me out 10 seconds after taking this photo. Not sure why I wasn’t allowed to take photos there, but I’m glad I got this before I was asked to leave.
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