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2023.04.01 05:10 an-asian-man Tongzhi Living, Chapter 1, "A Cultural History of Same-Sex Desire in China" (2015)

Access: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ip2RFRpNo90bFuNplMbDy9F1A1P69M6V/view?usp=sharing
Chapter Highlights:
Introduction to Homoerotic Relationship in Imperial China
Records of Homoerotic Relationship in Imperial China
Republican Era (1912–49)
Maoist Period (1949–77)
Pots-Socialist Period (1978–Present)
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2023.04.01 04:56 Jesh1337 Today is the perfect day for me to present my world and its lore

Yes, it is time, Allow me to present the world of Erth. the stories will span an RPG maker prequel game followed by a book that will be re released as an RPG maker game
First some Lore: "The oracle of elden times, a goddess guided and ruled the people of Erth for eons until one day she suddenly disappeared, legend has it she left the world after falling in love with a mere human and giving birth to two daughters.
the world fell into civil war without the Oracle's guidance. one side led the goverment of New Townswille, A corrupt and capitalistic city presenting themselves as the force of good in the world on the other side Mørdør, a state lead by a cult leader trying to unite all people of Erth by claiming that he has the Oracles daughters in his court and is following their guidance.
here, a detailed map of the world: Erth
Now please allow me to introduce some of the characters of this world: (Don't be alarmed if it looks like they are made by an AI, they only look that way because they are not made by an AI and my drawing style is very much like the style that AI use.)
Evil lord Balzaq
dont be fooled by his name, evil lord balzaq is evil, also he is misunderstood but mostly evil. he is a cult leader of Mørdør and ruler. He brands his followers with the mark of Balzaq, the people of Mørdør are forcefully branded but several people outside Mørdør wears the brand in secret.
While Mørdør claims to have the Oracles daughters, they actually only have one of the sisters "Terra" in captivity. Evil lord balzaq is planning to use the oracle sisters to cause an event called the Twilighting, using a device called the Twilightinator.
Here is a picture of Balzaq with the Twilightinator
Jon Johnny Jonson
A resident of the peacefull forest town Homesteadton, that is ruled over by the New Townswillians so he is called on a special mission to find the missing Oracle sister "Sierra" when the New Townswille rulers find out that Evil lord Balzaq only has one of the sisters.
Jon likes to defend his friends so he wields a shield and the power of friendship
Jon being very cool
Jenny Johnny Jonson
Jon's Sister and a strong leader and fierce fighter, she takes it on herself to lead Jon's group to find the Oracle because she is well traveled and also a badass. but she dies horribly from a vampire monster thingy, but is ressurected during the twilighting... ops i just spoiled that the twilighting will actually happen, ok anyway it wont happen in the prequel so i didn't spoil that one at least! ANYWAY! she comes back to life with new vampire monster powers but is never the same, she pretty much the same person though.
Jenny being very cool
Paladin Bob
A holy warrior serving New Townswille military, sendt to accompany Jon and make sure they carry out the task. He serves the new townswille rulers because he needs money for his pregnant wife Aerith, so he will do whatever it takes to provide for her. he is totally betrayed by Mørdør spies at the bridge of treachery (name unrelated) and dies, but also comes back from the twilighting, with a vengeance, he now wields evil revenge death magic! he was never the same, still pretty much the same person though.
Aerith and Bob
Kev (Short for Kevin)
Jon's loyal friend, very smart and studies a lot, accompanies Jon out of friendship and also to study the world, is skilled in the art of pyromancy, an art that is practiced by the western people from Gerudnot. the people of Gerudnot is matriarchal and pyromancy requires some feminine moves to effectivly cast... which Kev is totally not embarrassed about. anyway he is smart and stuff
Kev brooding Kev not brooding, jk he is always brooding
Marco, (last name polo), had never left his home town before he had to guide the travelers through a cave where they were ambushed by a vampire monster and shit went down so he dared not go back through the cave and stayed with the group, anyway he is funny and does comic relief stuff. also almost dies all the time but never dies.
Marco posing for a cool photo even though there are no cameras in this world
Penga, also known as; Yenni, also known as; MMWWWSSSHHZZGGLLLAHK
A girl in the north that was on the brink of death after Mørdør raiders raided her village, a creature known as wraith took its chance and puppeded her body, being in control while the group of heroes runs into her in the north. Kev quickly sees through MMWWWSSSHHZZGGLLLAHK's (that is the name of the wraith) ploy... but the group decides that they cannot kill her because she cries like a real person and also killing the wrath would kill the girl living inside, the reason she is also known as Yenni is because MMWWWSSSHHZZGGLLLAHK uses that name to cover up, but Penga is her real name. anyway shit gets weird during the twilightning where their souls are separated again but I WONT SPOIL THAT! hah!
Penga, but actually MMWWWSSSHHZZGGLLLAHK being spacy
Sayuri Xiaomi Lolibolle Van Der Graaf
The Matriarch of Gerudnot. being many years old but still looks like a child becuase of her mothers curse... long story. anyway she has reluctantly allied her people to Mørdør to avoid being crushed. Many of her people wear the brand of Balzaq leading to Sayuri burning them all with her pyromancy (she is a skilled pyromancer, being the matriarch of the people who does that stuff). its justified though because they turn into zombies that are not called zombies but walksters during the twilighting, it gets... dark... anyway here is Sayrui committing justified genocide
Sierra and Terra
The sisters and daughters of the oracle, half human half godessess. Terra is in captivity of Mørdør and Sierra went into hiding. she finds and travels with Jon to save her sister but let me tell you bro, shit goes dooooown! and Balzaq gets what he wants but the good guys win and Sierra falls in love with Jon and make more oracle babies AH FUCK! I just spoled the ending.... anyway i didnt spoil the prequel at least.
Terra not drawn by an AI because there is no AI in the world of Erth Sierra when she realizes she fell for a human
Ok thats it, please provide serious feedback and tips for making rivers on a map.
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2023.04.01 02:38 New-Ladder-4379 Cinder Fall: A Questionable Villainy

Cinder Fall: A Questionable Villainy

𝓐 𝓠𝓾𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷𝓪𝓫𝓵𝓮 𝓥𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓪𝓲𝓷𝔂

Don't you just love her evil smirks 🤤
Good afternoon guys! As you all know, I'm PropheT (or New-Ladder, whichever you prefer), THE KING OF CINDER STANS!! And today we are here in the royal courts once again to talk about my beloved queen. Recently, I've been thinking about Cinder (like I usually do), and no, they weren't ruminations of our future family life in the Caribbeans playing with our mini-prophets/cinders on the beach.....ignore that please.
After speaking with members of the community about this issue, I decided to make a short post about my feelings regarding Cinder Fall as a villain. Simping aside, I'm in agreement with the rest of the community when I say that Cinder isn't exactly the best written villain in the show, and a part of the reason why has to do with her backstory. But it may not be the reasons that you think. Alright, I'll stop beating around the bush and just say it--
Cinder shouldn't be a villain.
*Insert Gasp Here*
There I said it, she shouldn't be based on what we received in the show. Let's take a second and pick at Cinder's brain to explain on why I say this. So, in the earlier volumes, Cinder is shown to be a ruthless, efficient, and malevolent individual who clearly outlined what she desires in life, which are the following:
  1. She wants to be Powerful
  2. She wants to be Feared
  3. She wants to get Strong (even more power lol?)
These core desires make up her personality that we see in the Volumes, and we saw how driven she is to attain them. She works with the criminal underworld to put her larger schemes into motion, is under Salem's employ to get the Maiden powers, murders innocent civilians that are in her way, and orchestrated & followed through with two terrorist attacks (Beacon & Atlas) that in all likelihood caused massive causalities. With that rap sheet on our hands, its clear to me that she is on another level of evil here. With characters like these, there are only a few directions to go here to explain why she would ever think any of this is ok. First we can go down the path where she's just evil because she likes it (W Psychopathy), which is completely fine because there are other villains that are entertaining that way. It doesn't take much to do wrong really, and I don't want to go over why I think "one dimensional" villains are fine in stories again, so you can read this post for clarification. On the other hand, you can give a character like this a backstory that can make you sympathize with their position. Characters like Pain from Naruto are a clear example of this done right, because due to the wars he experienced as an orphan, he developed a strong philosophy around hatred and developed strategies on how to end the cycle of war that destroyed his friends. Backstories create a strong pathos and logos for the audience to attach themselves to and become more invested in that character's journey to reach their goals. So for a person like Cinder, what did she go through to make her believe working with Salem was the only way to accomplish her goals? Did she come to a realization about the awfulness of humanity all Chapter Black style and decide that in order to put order in the world she needed to be feared? Or was it something else entirely that made her go mad? With the possibilities being endless, I wonder, what did the writers come up with--
Nothing, why am I not surprised, ok. This origin being a blatant word for word copy of the Cinderella Wikipedia synopsis aside, it does very little to elucidate us as to why Cinder even turned out the way she did. Instead of presenting us with a character with the same tendencies as later Cinder, we get a completely different person with seemingly different hopes and dreams. For me, this is like if Hirohiko Araki when writing Phantom Blood decided to make Dio Brando a good brother to Jonathan only for him to do A COMPLETE 180 after being turned into a vampire; instead of the cold heartless child that invaded the safe atmosphere of his estate that later turned into the life draining monster he was on the inside. The "Cinder Fall" being presented here comes off as more of a character that can undergo a redemption arc or become a full fledged hero rather than the murderer we see in the show. Here she's a frightened little girl who's being abused by her Madame and her two daughters, and simply wants to be free from this life of servitude to them. And she tells us her motivations, which aren't power or fear related btw. She speaks to Idiot (sorry, Rhodes) saying,
"Like you? You can do whatever you want, go wherever you want." - "Cinder" (V8, Episode 6)
So... tiny "Cinder" wants the freedom to go wherever she wants, and to do whatever she wants without being chained by another influence as a huntress...let's recap guys and gals.
  1. She's a girl that was bullied at her orphanage by the older boys and got into fights all the time to protect herself; was never the one to initiate the bullying.
  2. She doesn't display the signs of being a smart person or planner; often fumbling her task accidentally at the Hotel for Atlas elites.
  3. She gets shocked into submission by the Madame for her failures and undergoes even more bullying at the hands of the sisters.
  4. She trains with Idiot to get enough power to liberate herself from her abusers, with no ambitions of attaining even greater levels strength being hinted at or even implied.
  5. She kills her abusers in a fashion that could be deemed as an act of self-defense depending on what happened before Idiot entered the room (since the abusers found "Cinder" with a weapon in her room, entering at 11:37PM and Idiot enters the hotel at 11:57PM, so we have no clue what happened during that time but its a safe bet she was attacked), and actually kills Idiot in self-defense on screen.
With the recap done, I have one question for you all...hehehe....



(Dramatic Music)
All her life she was abused, all her life she was surrounded by idiots too incompetent to help her out and you mean to tell me that this person who values freedom above anything else went on to become an individual seeking to subjugate and destroy? This isn't even a story where her values get corrupted and eroded over time either, this is straight up what she wants, which completely contradicts her actions later in the timeline where she gleefully kills people in pursuit of power. If anything, this Cinder should NOT be the type of person who takes well to authority or be the one to have orders barked at her by a superior. All she wants is to live her life in peace away from the suffering of her youth, which makes you question why she even goes out of her way to hurt people without a regard for their lives. Now you might be wondering, "well, the old adage of 'hurt people hurt people' could apply here", and for that argument I partially agree. I say partially since she could direct her hurt towards certain individuals/parties, which is more productive than taking it out on the whole of Remnant like we saw in every arc.
"You Atlas elites are all the same! You think hoarding power means you'll have it forever, but it just makes the rest of us hungrier. And I refuse to starve. " - Cinder (V7, Episode 13)
Here, she outright says that she hates the Atlesian elites for storing resources for themselves while people lower on the totem pole suffer without much (she cares about people, huh??). May I ask, with her backstory in mind how does this quote sound villainous? She has a (rightful) bone to pick with those in power for causing both her suffering and the suffering of others...but works with a demoness who wants to ensure that everyone on Remnant suffers and is under her chokehold. This lack of consistency in her character is a S I C K N E S S, O F T H E H I G H E S T O R D E R! Everything we read here today just proves to me that due to the lack of foresight by the writers, they didn't know what they were doing. Her story sounds like a literal hero (or anti-hero) in the making, which contradicts every facet of the character that was setup in prior volumes. It doesn't explain anything about Cinder's motives, but rather drops a new character on us with her name attached and expects us to believe this is the same person, y'all tripping.
Thanks for the smile Cindy, I appreciate it. I'm not angy anymore.
Rant over. Her backstory really destroyed any semblance of logic for her villainous behavior, it really did. By making her origin like this, they inadvertently crafted a new character with different objectives to that of her namesake. For all intents and purposes, if this is what they intended Cinder beginnings to be, then it would've been wiser to make her into a traveling heroine, a person who wants to do nothing more than to spread happiness and help those being abused like she was. Girl could've been the one to talk no-jutsu Emerald and Mercury into forming a hero team but instead she made a weird group of characters that don't treat each other like family despite having none of their own to turn to. All we are left a villain with a questionable villainy, and writers who have no intention of developing her further (trust me, that's the only background we're getting on Cinder).
As for me, I lost hope for this series a long time ago, so this was expected. Now, back to spending time with my Cinder body-pillow. Have a wonderful rest of your day my fellow Critics! This matter has been settled.

~May God's Love Shower You With Rainfall~
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2023.04.01 02:31 PopulistsPlaybookPod The Scottish National Party’s limitations have been laid bare

The Scottish National Party’s limitations have been laid bare
The Scottish National Party’s limitations have been laid bare Will Humza Yousaf learn the right lessons? EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - MARCH 28: Newly elected leader of the Scottish National Party, Humza Yousaf attends the Scottish Parliament on March 28, 2023 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Humza Yousaf was elected as the new leader of the Scottish National Party yesterday after Nicola Sturgeon resigned in February. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) Mar 29th 2023
Who needs hbo when you can watch the snp melt down? A vicious battle to take the place of an all-powerful Scottish leader has turned “Succession” into must-watch television. The fight to succeed Nicola Sturgeon as leader of the Scottish National Party (snp) had the same plot line and the same mix of underwhelming pretenders and fratricidal ambition. The successor in the real-life drama is now known. Humza Yousaf, previously the health secretary, this week became the new head of the snp and Scotland’s first minister. But the party he leads suddenly seems as dysfunctional as Waystar Royco.
That is a remarkable shift. The snp is an election-winning machine. Ms Sturgeon, who had led the party since 2014, masterminded eight ballot-box wins in eight years. Under her and her predecessor, Alex Salmond, the cause of Scottish independence went from a fringe pursuit to the defining question of politics north of the border. But the past few weeks have seen the party’s reputation for discipline implode and the goal of statehood recede further into the distance. For the sake of all Scots, not just those who want secession, Mr Yousaf needs to reflect on the limitations of the Sturgeon era. They hold lessons for politicians elsewhere, too.
One is that an imperial leader will eventually become a problem. Ms Sturgeon dominated her party to such an extent that she stifled debate. In her resignation speech on February 15th, she acknowledged that her views warped those of others. A tight coterie ran things: her husband was the party’s chief executive until he resigned over revelations during the campaign that the snp’s membership was smaller than billed. Worse, she operated within a political set-up that imposed few constraints on her. The Scottish Parliament in Holyrood has no second chamber; parliamentary committees are less independent than in Westminster. Thorough scrutiny is missing, as shown by her gender-recognition reforms, which owe more to dogma than design.
Another limitation is polarisation. Ms Sturgeon left office with a string of homilies about the need to practise a less confrontational form of politics, the equivalent of Logan Roy giving a sermon about forgiveness. On her watch the Scottish electorate bifurcated. According to polling for The Economist, support for, or opposition to, independence predicts Scots’ attitudes to pretty much everything else. This tribalism helped the snp win all those elections. And outside Scotland, polarisation of a different kind helped Ms Sturgeon: a certain type of liberal ignored the ideological fanaticism, economic recklessness and predilection for alternative facts of nationalist campaigns and saw in her only a progressive Remainer. In fact, her all-consuming “us” and “them” approach made it hard for the nationalists to win over voters from the other camp.
That matters because of the snp’s last limitation: monomania. The Westminster government and the Supreme Court have stymied hopes of a second independence ballot to follow the failed one in 2014. With roads to that destination blocked, the party is increasingly bound to be judged on things that matter more to voters’ daily lives. And that record is pretty mediocre. Death rates from drug misuse match those in opioid-addled America. Scotland’s schools lag behind the rest of Britain’s. The ferry services to the Scottish islands are an embarrassment.
Charisma, tribalism and taking back control can go a long way. They are the ingredients that brought about Brexit. But, as Brexit’s poisonous aftermath showed, they are also a recipe for gridlock and fragility. If Mr Yousaf can govern more consensually and competently, he would serve all Scots better. And although this newspaper does not share his goal of independence, he would also help the nationalist cause. As yet, the vote for independence is not large or sustained enough to force another referendum. A divorce between England and Scotland would make Brexit look simple, but the snp has not shown itself capable of thinking through its complexities. Good government rather than slogans is the way for the party to win doubters round.
Whether Mr Yousaf is the person to change the snp’s approach is debatable, however. His margin of victory was narrow and he may be tempted to double down on promises of independence as a way to suppress party divisions. His own record in government is one of serial underperformance, a kind of tartan Tom Wambsgans. Kate Forbes, his main rival, has already gone to the backbenches rather than accept his offer of a cabinet demotion. Mr Yousaf’s new deputy is an old friend of Ms Sturgeon’s and the architect of the gender-recognition reforms. Season two of “Secession” has been set up nicely
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2023.04.01 02:24 OalBlunkont TCM April Schedule, Looks Totally Awesome.

I had to do a lot of weird editing to convert it from copypasted PDF to something reddit wouldn't munge too much. I've seen a lot of these and there are a bunch I've been wanting to see for a while. God I hate PDFs. When I'm king it will be a capital offense to use them for anything other than formatting for printers. Reddit really needs to improve their formatting capabilities as well, single line spacing without making everthing look like code and columnar arranging too. These features have been available since the days of typewriters.
The Idjits don't mention the timezone to which they are referring.
 SATURDAY, APRIL 1 THE EARLY YEARS 6:00 AM Beau Brummel (1924) 8:30 AM Disraeli (1929) 10:00 AM Noah’s Ark (1929) 12:00 PM The Dawn Patrol (1930) (AKA FLIGHT COMMANDER) 2:00 PM Night Nurse (1931) 
Seen it, Loved it, Joan Blondell and Barbara Stanwyck, Duh
 3:30 PM Jewel Robbery (1932) 
Seen it, Loved it, William Powell and Kay Francis, Duh
 What a Character Ned Sparks (interstitial) 4:45 PM Blessed Event (1932) Marlo Thomas on Loretta Young (interstitial) 6:15 PM Employee’s Entrance (1933) 
Waned to see it for a long time
HOW IT STARTED AND THE DAWN OF SOUND Hollywood Steps Out (1941) (cartoon) 8:00 PM The Brothers Warner (2007) Silents, Please! (interstitial) 9:45 PM The Clash of the Wolves (1925) 11:15 PM Cinema Finds Its Voice (2023) (DOCUMENTARY ABOUT SOUND IN FILM) 12:30 AM Vitaphone shorts Gus Arnheim and His Cocoanut Grove Orchestra (1927) Baby Rose Marie The Child Wonder (1929) 
I've seen her on the Dick Van Dyke show and Hollywood Squares and briefly in International House when I had to look her up to see that it was the same person
 Lambchops (1929) (8m) Blackface and Hollywood (interstitial) 1:15 AM The Jazz Singer (1927) Will H. Hays Introduces Vitaphone (1926) (Vitaphone short) 3:00 AM Don Juan (1926) 5:00 AM Lights of New York (1928) SUNDAY, APRIL 2 WARNER JOINS A GANG 6:30 AM Little Caesar (1931) 
Seen it, It was OK
 King for a Day (1934) 8:30 AM G-Men (1935) 
Seen it, It was OK
 Mills Blue Rhythm Band (1933) 10:15 AM Bullets or Ballots (1936) 
Seen it, Loved it, Joan Blondell, Duh
 Swing Cat’s Jamboree (1938) 12:00 PM Each Dawn I Die (1939) Claude Hopkins and His Band in Barber Shop Blues 2:00 PM High Sierra (1941) Cab Calloway and His Orchestra (1937) Angelica Huston on John & Walter Huston (interstitial) 4:00 PM Key Largo (1948) Racketeer Rabbit (1946) (cartoon) 6:00 PM Larceny, Inc. (1942) PRE-CODE CLASSICS AND AN EMPHASIS ON REALISM Bugsy and Mugsy (1957) (cartoon) Melanie Griffith on Jean Harlow (interstitial) 8:00 PM The Public Enemy (1933) The Scarlet Pumpernickel (1950) (cartoon) 9:45 PM Jack L. Warner: The Last Mogul (1993) Laura Dern on Barbara Stanwyck (interstitial) 11:45 PM Baby Face (1933) 1:15 AM One Way Passage (1932) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION 2:45 AM Two Seconds (1932) 4:15 AM Life Begins (1932) MONDAY, APRIL 3 CHOREOGRAPHY BY BUSBY BERKELEY 
Seen em all, all good. I didn't know they were allowed to get as close to naked as they did in Fashions back then
 5:30 AM Fashions of 1934 (1934) 7:00 AM Dames (1934) 8:45 AM Gold Diggers of 1937 (1936) MUSIC BY MAX STEINER 10:30 AM Max Steiner: Maestro of Movie Music (2021) 12:45 PM The Adventures of Mark Twain (1944) Rhapsody Rabbit (1947) (cartoon) 3:15 PM Rhapsody in Blue (1945) 5:45 PM Helen of Troy (1956) (TFF remaster) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS WILLIAM A. WELLMAN Big House Bunny (1950) (Cartoon) Special introduction by Alexander Payne 8:00 PM Safe in Hell (1931) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION Hollywood by Storm William Wellman (interstitial) 9:30 PM Heroes for Sale (1933) 
Seen it, It's what made me really apprecioate Aline MacMahon. I still think they had the conceits of three of four movies.
MERVYN LEROY Page Miss Glory (1936) (cartoon) 11:00 PM Page Miss Glory (1935) The Making of a Great Motion Picture (1936) 12:45 AM Anthony Adverse (1936) LLOYD BACON 3:15 AM Marked Woman (1937) 5:00 AM Cain and Mabel (1936) TUESDAY, APRIL 4 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS MYRNA LOY 6:30 AM The Great Divide (1929) Julianne Moore on Myrna Loy (interstitial) 7:45 AM The Truth About Youth (1930) 
I haven't seen any of these
BEBE DANIELS 9:00 AM My Past (1931) 10:15 AM The Maltese Falcon (1931) 
I wrote in an earlier post that the women in this one are better than the women in the remake. I stand by that.
DOLORES DEL RIO 11:45 AM Madame du Barry (1934) 1:15 PM In Caliente (1935) ANN DVORAK 2:45 PM Love is a Racket (1932) 4:00 PM Murder in the Clouds (1934) GLENDA FARRELL 5:15 PM Smart Blonde (1937) 6:30 PM Little Big Shot (1935) GINGER ROGERS Stage Door Cartoon (1944) (cartoon) Nigel Lythgoe on Ginger Rogers (interstitial) 8:00 PM 42nd Street (1933) 
Seen it, story is basic but I love her
 An All-Colored Vaudeville Show (1935) 10:00 PM Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) JOAN BLONDELL 11:45 PM Footlight Parade (1933) 1:45 AM Three on a Match (1932) 
Both of these are totally awesome
KAY FRANCIS 3:00 AM Mary Stevens, M.D. (1933) 4:30 AM I Found Stella Parish (1935) 
I've not seen either. Why to they have to be at the butt crack of dawn?
Can't stand him
 6:00 AM When a Man Loves (1927) 8:00 AM Svengali (1931) JOE E. BROWN 9:30 AM You Said a Mouthful (1932) Porky’s Baseball Broadcast (1940) (cartoon) 11:00 AM Elmer, the Great (1933) PAT O’BRIEN 12:30 PM Oil for the Lamps of China (1935) 2:30 PM The Great O’Malley (1937) DICK POWELL 4:00 PM Flirtation Walk (1934) 6:00 PM Gold Diggers of 1935 (1935) 
Can't go wrong with Busby Berkeley. I don't understand why the poster image for 42nd street has the dancers in costumes from this one though
EDWARD G. ROBINSON Buccaneer Bunny (1948) (cartoon) Chaz Palminteri on Edward G. Robinson (interstitial) 8:00 PM The Sea Wolf (1941) 9:45 PM Brother Orchid (1940) 
Two of his I haven't seen
PAUL MUNI 11:30 PM The Life of Emile Zola (1937) 1:45 AM The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936) 
I love his biopics. The rest is hit or miss
GEORGE BRENT 3:30 AM So Big! (1932) 
I don't know who George Brent is but its a Barbara Stanwyck movie so see it.
 5:00 AM From Headquarters (1933) THURSDAY, APRIL 6 WARNER GOES TO SCHOOL 6:30 AM The Corn is Green (1945) 8:30 AM Our Miss Brooks (1957) 10:00 AM Up the Down Staircase (1967) WARNER JOINS THE TEAM 12:15 PM Jim Thorpe – All-American (1951) Baseball Bugs (1946) (cartoon) 2:15 PM The Winning Team (1952) Mary Anne Owen on Donna Reed (interstitial) 4:00 PM Trouble Along the Way (1953) 6:00 PM One on One (1977) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS MICHAEL CURTIZ Rabbit Hood (1949) (cartoon) 8:00 PM The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) 
I've wanted to see this for a while even though Errol Flynn didn't impress me in Captain Blood.
 Sons of Liberty (1939) (directed by Michael Curtiz) 10:00 PM Life with Father (1947) 
Seen it, Loved it. I've not seen a bad William Powell movie.
WILLIAM WYLER William Wyler Father and Filmmaker (interstitial) 12:15 AM Jezebel (1938) 2:15 AM The Letter (1940) ARCHIE MAYO 4:00 AM Bordertown (1935) 5:45 AM The Life of Jimmy Dolan (1933) FRIDAY, APRIL 7 WARNER LEARNS TO READ 7:15 AM Moby Dick (1930) 8:45 AM The Old Man and the Sea (1958) Molly Haskell on King Vidor (interstitial) 10:15 AM The Fountainhead (1949) 
Classic example of why should watch the movie before reading the book to avoid disappointment.
WARNER STUDIES HISTORY 12:15 PM When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1971) 2:00 PM The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) The Declaration of Independence (1938) (short) 4:15 PM Alexander Hamilton (1931) 5:30 PM The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) A STUDIO THAT TAKESASTAND What’s Opera, Doc? (1957) (cartoon) 8:00 PM They Won’t Forget (1937) Special introduction by Martin Scorsese 10:00 PM Storm Warning (1951) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION 12:00 AM Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939) 2:00 AM I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) 
Not Muni's best
 4:00 AM The Mayor of Hell (1933) SATURDAY, APRIL 8 WARNER COMES OF AGE 6:00 AM Wild Boys of the Road (1933) 
Mostly good, some implausibilities
 7:30 AM Kings Row (1942) A Mutt in a Rut (1959) (cartoon) 10:00 AM Good-Bye, My Lady (1956) 11:45 AM Splendor in the Grass (1961) 2:00 PM The Learning Tree (1969) 4:00 PM Summer of ’42 (1971) 6:00 PM A Little Romance (1979) WARNER AT WAR Carrotblanca (1995) (cartoon) Patricia Clarkson on Ingrid Bergman (interstitial) 8:00 PM Casablanca (1942) 
No praise I could heap upon it that hasn't been done before.
 Tony Curtis on Cary Grant (interstitial) 10:00 PM Destination Tokyo (1943) 12:30 AM Objective, Burma (1945) 3:00 AM This is the Army (1943) 5:15 AM Across the Pacific (1942) SUNDAY, APRIL 9 WARNER FINDS RELIGION 7:00 AM The Green Pastures (1936) 
Seen it, It certainly has more than it's fair share of black stereotypes, even for it's day. I wonder if this is an accurate representation of rural vs urban blacks. I'd love to know what the black press of the day thought about it.
 9:00 AM Sergeant York (1941) Easter Yeggs (1947) (cartoon) What a Character Beulah Bondi (interstitial) 11:30 AM One Foot in Heaven (1941) 1:30 PM The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima (1952) Vanessa Redgrave on Fred Zinnemann (interstitial) 3:15 PM The Nun’s Story (1959) 6:00 PM Oh, God! (1977) 
Saw it in theaters, it was cute
THE POSTWAR YEARS AND THE TELEVISION ERA A Star is Bored (1956) (cartoon) Above Limitations: George Cukor (interstitial) 8:00 PM A Star is Born (1954) Special introduction by Robyn Sklaren and Daphne Dentz 11:15 PM A Lion is in the Streets (1953) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION 1:00 AM A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) 3:15 AM The FBI Story (1959) MONDAY, APRIL 10 SHOT AT TEDDINGTON, WARNER’S BRITISH STUDIOS 6:00 AM Crime Unlimited (1935) 7:15 AM Something Always Happens (1934) 8:30 AM Crown vs. Stevens (1936) 9:45 AM Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk ( AKA FATHERTAKE SAWALK ) (1936) 11:15 AM Jack L. Warner The Last Mogul (1993) PRODUCED BY HAMMER, DISTRIBUTED BY WARNER 1:15 PM The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) 2:45 PM Frankenstein Must be Destroyed (1970) Hair-Raising Hare (1946) (cartoon) 4:30 PM Dracula has Risen from the Grave (1969) 6:15 PM Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS JOHN HUSTON 14 Carrot Rabbit (1952) (cartoon) Men in Crisis The Films of John Huston (interstitial) 8:00 PM The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) 10:45 PM In This Our Life (1943) RAOUL WALSH 12:30 AM The True Adventures of Raoul Walsh (2014) ( DOC UMENTARY ) 2:30 AM The Roaring Twenties (1939) WILLIAM DIETERLE 4:30 AM Juarez (1939) 6:45 AM Dr. Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet (1940) TUESDAY, APRIL 11 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS PRISCILLA LANE 8:30 AM Yes, My Darling Daughter (1939) 10:15 AM Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) 
This is what you get when you send Capra out with out Riskin and Swerling, not very good. They couldn't even get Boris Karloff to play the guy who looks like Boris Karloff.
IDA LUPINO Lee Grant on Ida Lupino (interstitial) 12:30 PM Out of the Fog (1941) 2:30 PM The Hard Way (1943) MARY ASTOR 4:30 PM Scandal The Trial of Mary Astor (2018) 6:00 PM The Great Lie (1941) BETTE DAVIS Tweety’s S.O.S. (1951) (cartoon) Meryl Streep on Bette Davis (interstitial) 8:00 PM Now, Voyager (1942) 10:15 PM Dark Victory (1939) OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND Special introduction by Wes Anderson 12:15 AM The Strawberry Blonde (1941) 2:30 AM Princess O’Rourke (1943) ANN SHERIDAN 4:15 AM City for Conquest (1940) 6:15 AM Nora Prentiss (1947) WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, JR. 8:15 AM Union Depot (1932) 
He should have done more of this instead of trying to step into his dad's shoes
 9:30 AM Parachute Jumper (1933) JOHN GARFIELD 11:15 AM They Made Me a Criminal (1939) 1:00 PM Air Force (1943) CLAUDE RAINS Sir John Gielgud on Claude Rains (interstitial) 3:15 PM Passage to Marseille (1944) 5:15 PM Mr. Skeffington (1944) JAMES CAGNEY Bugs and Thugs (1954) (cartoon) George C. Scott on James Cagney (interstitial) 8:00 PM White Heat (1949) Blackface and Hollywood (interstitial) Yankee Doodle Daffy (1943) (cartoon) 10:30 PM Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) ERROL FLYNN 12:45 AM Gentleman Jim (1942) 2:45 AM The Sea Hawk (1940) GEORGE RAFT 5:00 AM Manpower (1941) 6:45 AM Background to Danger (1943) THURSDAY, APRIL 13 WARNER LEARNS TO DRIVE 8:15 AM The Crowd Roars (1932) 9:45 AM They Drive by Night (1940) There Auto Be a Law (1953) (cartoon) 11:30 AM Greased Lightning (1977) WARNER LEARNS TO FLY 1:30 PM The Dawn Patrol (1938) Jet Jockeys in Love The Making of Chain Lightning (TCM original) 3:15 PM Chain Lightning (1950) Go Fly a Kit (1957) (cartoon) 5:30 PM The Spirit of St. Louis (1957) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS JOHN FORD Drip-Along Daffy (1951) (cartoon) Meet John Ford (interstitial) 8:00 PM The Searchers (1956) 10:15 PM Sergeant Rutledge (1960) ELIA KAZAN The Immigrant Experience (interstitial) 12:15 AM America, America (1963) 3:15 AM The Arrangement (1969) FRIDAY, APRIL 14 WARNER JOINS THE BAND Michael Douglas on Kirk Douglas (interstitial) 6:00 AM Young Man with a Horn (1950) 8:00 AM Blues in the Night (1941) 9:30 AM Sparkle (1976) WARNER RUNS FOR OFFICE 11:30 AM Kisses for My President (1964) 1:30 PM Flamingo Road (1949) 3:30 PM The Candidate (1972) Ballot Box Bunny (1951) (cartoon) 5:30 PM A Face in the Crowd (1957) EARLY CINEMASCOPE Sahara Hare (1955) (cartoon) Special introduction by Martin Scorsese 8:00 PM The Land of the Pharaohs (1955) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION Peter and Jane Fonda on Henry Fonda (interstitial) 10:00 PM Mister Roberts (1955) 
At least it has a happy ending where they sent him to live on a farm where he lives to this day.
SHOT FOR 3D Prince Albert on Grace Kelly (interstitial) 12:15 AM Dial M for Murder (1954) 2:15 AM House of Wax (1953) 
Saw it in a re-released theatrical 3D showing. It was as unimpressive then as it is now.
 4:00 AM The Bounty Hunter (1954) SATURDAY, APRIL 15 WARNER GETS SCARED 5:30 AM Doctor X (1932) What a Character: Frank McHugh (interstitial) 7:00 AM The Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) Good Morning, Eve (1934) (short) Ant-Pasted (1953) (cartoon) 9:00 AM Them! (1954) 
I thought this was American International or some such
 The Haunted Mouse (1941) (cartoon) 11:00 AM The Bad Seed (1956) 1:30 PM Dead Ringer (1964) 3:30 PM What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (1962) 6:00 PM Wait Until Dark (1967) WARNER LOOKS TO BROADWAY FOR INSPIRATION 
That was a bad idea.
 Lumber Jerks (1955) (cartoon) 8:00 PM My Fair Lady (1964) 11:00 PM The Music Man (1962) 1:45 AM Gypsy (1962) 4:15 AM Camelot (1967) SUNDAY, APRIL 16 WARNER TURNS TO CRIME 8:00 AM The Petrified Forest (1936) 
Saw it. It was OK. I was never a Leslie Howard fan and Bette Davis while more natural here than in most movies was not convincing as a girl still in or barely out of her teens.
 9:30 AM Dark Passage (1947) 11:30 AM Crime Wave (1954) Bullitt: Anatomy of a Car Chase (TCM original) 1:00 PM Bullitt (1968) 3:30 PM The Yakuza (1974) 5:30 PM Dog Day Afternoon (1975) 
Saw it in the theater, barely remember it
WARNER BROTHERS LEADSAREVOLUTION IN FILMMAKING Rabbit Fire (1951) (cartoon) Paul Newman on Elizabeth Taylor (interstitial) 8:00 PM Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) 10:30 PM Cool Hand Luke (1967) 12:45 AM The Wild Bunch (1969) 3:15 AM Petulia (1968) 5:15 AM The Fox (1968) MONDAY, APRIL 17 BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD – WARNER BROTHERS ANIMATED FEATURES 7:15 AM Gay Purr-ee (1962) 8:45 AM Treasure Island (1973) 10:30 AM The Incredible Mr. Limpet (1964) 
Saw it a long time ago on TV. IIRC it's a strange story about a guy who neglects his girlfriend for his fish, falls off a pier and turns into a fish and makes noises to mis-direct torpedoes from German U-boats.
THE RAT PACK AT WARNER BROTHERS Swooner Crooner (1944) (cartoon) 12:30 PM Oceans 11 (1960) 3:00 PM 4 for Texas (1963) Nancy Sinatra on Frank Sinatra (interstitial) 5:15 PM Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS HOWARD HAWKS Bugs Bunny Rides Again (1948) (cartoon) Special introduction by Martin Scorsese 8:00 PM Rio Bravo (1959) TELEVISION PREMIERE OFNEW RESTORATION IN PARTNER SHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION Peter Bogdanovich on Howard Hawks (interstitial) 10:30 PM The Big Sleep (1946) ALFRED HITCHCOCK Zipping Along (1953) (cartoon) 1:00 AM Strangers on a Train (1951) 3:00 AM I Confess (1953) VINCENT SHERMAN 5:00 AM All Through the Night (1942) 7:00 AM Old Acquaintance (1943) TUESDAY, APRIL 18 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS JOAN LESLIE 9:00 AM The Male Animal (1942) 10:45 AM Two Guys from Milwaukee (1946) VIRGINIA MAYO 12:15 PM Colorado Territory (1949) 2:00 PM The West Point Story (1950) JANE WYMAN 4:00 PM Johnny Belinda (1948) The Last Hungry Cat (1961) (cartoon) 6:00 PM Stage Fright (1950) JOAN CRAWFORD Duck Amuck (1953) (cartoon) Ann Blyth on Joan Crawford (interstitial) 8:00 PM Mildred Pierce (1945) 10:15 PM Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star (2002) LAUREN BACALL Gregory Peck on Lauren Bacall (interstitial) 12:00 AM To Have and Have Not (1944) 2:00 AM Harper (1966) GERALDINE FITZGERALD 4:15 AM Watch on the Rhine (1943) 6:15 AM Nobody Lives Forever (1946) WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS SYDNEY GREENSTREET 8:00 AM The Mask of Dimitrios (1944) 10:00 AM Three Strangers (1946) RONALD REAGAN 12:00 PM Knute Rockne – All-American (1940) 2:00 PM The Hasty Heart (1949) 
Seen it, Liked it, but I think it was a play first. It's got that one set feel.
PAUL HENREID Monica Henreid on Paul Henreid (interstitial) 3:45 PM Between Two Worlds (1944) 5:45 PM Deception (1946) HUMPHREY BOGART Slick Hare (1947) (cartoon) How Bogart Became a Star (interstitial) 8:00 PM Black Legion (1937) 10:00 PM The Maltese Falcon (1941) 
Watch the original for the women, this one for the men.
TAB HUNTER 12:00 AM Tab Hunter Confidential (2015) 1:45 AM Battle Cry (1955) PETER LORRE 4:30 AM The Beast with Five Fingers (1946) 6:00 AM The Verdict (1946) THURSDAY, APRIL 20 WARNER GOES TO COURT 7:30 AM Dust be My Destiny (1939) 9:00 AM The Wrong Man (1956) 11:00 AM The Young Philadelphians (1959) WARNER GOES TO PRISON Burt Reynolds on Spencer Tracy (interstitial) 1:30 PM 20,000 Years in Sing Sing (1932) 
I remember seeing it but nothing else
 3:00 PM San Quentin (1937) 4:30 PM Blackwell’s Island (1939) 6:00 PM Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (1951) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS MARTIN SCORSESE Rabbit Seasoning (1952) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974) 10:15 PM Mean Streets (1973) STANLEY KUBRICK 12:15 AM Full Metal Jacket (1987) 2:30 AM A Clockwork Orange (1971) 
Kubrick should have learned from Billy Wilder that the best director is the one that you don't see.
FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA 5:00 AM The Rain People (1969) 6:45 AM Finian’s Rainbow (1968) FRIDAY, APRIL 21 WARNER HEADS SOUTH 9:15 AM The Cabin in the Cotton (1932) 10:45 AM The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1968) Hillbilly Hare (1950) (cartoon) 1:00 PM Ode to Billy Joe (1976) WARNER GOES WEST 3:00 PM The Oklahoma Kid (1939) 4:30 PM Dodge City (1939) 6:15 PM Along the Great Divide (1951) SEVEN ARTS COMES IN AS JACK PREPARES TO LEAVE Baby Buggy Bunny (1954) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Bonnie and Clyde (1967) Special introduction by Ethan Hawke 10:00 PM Rachel, Rachel (1968) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION 12:00 AM Firecreek (1968) 2:00 AM Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967) 4:00 AM Start the Revolution Without Me (1970) SATURDAY, APRIL 22 WARNER SEEKS ADVENTURE 5:45 AM Captain Blood (1935) 
 8:00 AM Adventures of Don Juan (1948) Captain Hareblower (1954) (cartoon) 10:00 AM Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951) 12:00 PM The Master of Ballantrae (1953) 1:30 PM The Valley of Gwangi (1969) 3:15 PM The Great Race (1965) 6:00 PM Time After Time (1979) 
I haven't thought if this one in ages. I have to see it again.
WARNER EMBRACESANEW HOLLYWOOD What’s Up, Doc? (1950) (cartoon) 8:00 PM All the President’s Men (1976) 10:30 PM The Exorcist (1973) Jerry Schatzberg: Reality in Focus (interstitial) 12:45 AM Scarecrow (1973) 3:00 AM Badlands (1973): Robert Duvall on Gene Hackman (interstitial) 4:45 AM Night Moves (1975) SUNDAY, APRIL 23 WARNER FALLS IN LOVE 6:30 AM A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1935) 9:00 AM All This and Heaven Too (1940) 11:30 AM A Warm December (1973) Scent-imental Romeo (1951) (cartoon) 1:30 PM Fanny (1961) 4:00 PM The Prince and the Showgirl (1957) 6:00 PM The Goodbye Girl (1977) THE SUPERHERO ERA BEGINS... Duck Dodgers in the 24 1⁄2th Century (1953) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Superman (1978) 10:30 PM Batman (1989) 
Both great
...AND WOMEN FINALLY HAVEASAY 12:45 AM Girlfriends (1978) 2:30 AM Cookie (1989) 4:15 AM The Brothers Warner (2007) MONDAY, APRIL 24 CULT CLASSICS 6:00 AM Untamed Youth (1957) 8:00 AM The Swarm (1978) (theatrical version) 10:00 AM Big Wednesday (1978) 12:15 PM Over the Edge (1979) 2:00 PM The Last of Sheila (1973) 4:15 PM It’s Alive (1974) 6:00 PM The Omega Man (1971) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS STEVEN SPIELBERG One Froggy Evening (1955) (cartoon) 8:00 PM The Color Purple (1985) 11:00 PM Empire of the Sun (1987) ROBERT ALTMAN 2:00 AM McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971) 4:15 AM Countdown (1967) TUESDAY, APRIL 25 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS ALEXIS SMITH 6:00 AM Night and Day (1946) 8:30 AM San Antonio (1945) ELEANOR PARKER 10:45 AM Pride of the Marines (1945) 1:00 PM Caged (1950) CAROL BAKER 3:00 PM Baby Doll (1956) 5:00 PM Cheyenne Autumn (1964) DORIS DAY Don’t Look Now (1936) (cartoon) Is it Love or Is it Conscription (Soundie) 8:00 PM Romance on the High Seas (1948) Doris Day on Doris Day (interstitial) 10:00 PM Calamity Jane (1953) NATALIE WOOD Robert Redford on Natalie Wood (interstitial) 12:00 AM Inside Daisy Clover (1965) 2:15 AM Sex and the Single Girl (1964) PATRICIA NEAL 4:15 AM Bright Leaf (1950) 6:15 AM The Breaking Point (1950) WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS JACK CARSON 8:00 AM Roughly Speaking (1945) 10:00 AM John Loves Mary (1949) JAMES GARNER 11:45 AM Up Periscope (1959) 1:45 PM Cash McCall (1960) TROY DONAHUE 3:30 PM A Summer Place (1959) 5:45 PM Rome Adventure (1962) JAMES DEAN Walky Talky Hawky (1946) (cartoon) Special introductions by Joanna Hogg and Wes Anderson 8:00 PM East of Eden (1955) 10:15 PM Rebel Without a Cause (1955) 12:15 AM Giant (1956) 3:45 AM Return to Giant (1996) 4:45 AM George Stevens: A Filmmaker’s Journey (1984) THURSDAY, APRIL 27 WARNER GETS MARRIED What a Character: William Frawley (interstitial) 6:45 AM The Bride Came C.O.D. (1941) What a Character: Hattie McDaniel (interstitial) 8:30 AM Janie Gets Married (1946) 10:15 AM June Bride (1948) WARNER RAISESAFAMILY 12:00 PM Room for One More (1952) 1:45 PM Four Daughters (1938) Feed the Kitty (1952) (cartoon) 3:30 PM Spencer’s Mountain (1963) 5:30 PM The Sundowners (1960) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS CLINT EASTWOOD The Three Little Bops (1957) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Bird (1988) 11:00 PM Unforgiven (1992) ALAN J. PAKULA 1:30 AM Klute (1971) 3:30 AM Rollover (1981) SIDNEY LUMET 5:30 AM Bye Bye Braverman (1968) 7:15 AM Deathtrap (1982) FRIDAY, APRIL 28 WARNER GOESALITTLE BIT COUNTRY 9:15 AM Every Which Way But Loose (1978) 11:15 AM Honeysuckle Rose (1980) WARNER GOESALITTLE BIT ROCK ‘N ROLL Kurt Russell on Elvis Presley (interstitial) 1:30 PM This is Elvis (1981) 3:30 PM The Song Remains the Same (1976) 6:00 PM Jimi Hendrix (1973) WARNER BROTHERS REINVENTS THE CONCERT FILM... Long-Haired Hare (1949) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Woodstock The Director’s Cut (1970) ...AND VENTURES INTO BLAXPLOITATION The Best of Blaxploitation (interstitial) 12:00 AM Super Fly (1972) 2:00 AM Black Belt Jones (1974) 3:30 AM Cleopatra Jones (1973) 5:00 AM Black Samson (1974) SATURDAY, APRIL 29 WARNER HAS SOME FUN What a Character: Edward Brophy (interstitial) 6:30 AM A Slight Case of Murder (1938) What a Character: Guy Kibbee (interstitial) 8:00 AM The Horn Blows at Midnight (1945) What a Character: Mary Wickes (interstitial) 9:30 AM The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942) 11:30 AM No Time for Sergeants (1958) 1:45 PM Auntie Mame (1958) 4:15 PM What’s Up, Doc? (1972) 6:00 PM The In-Laws (1979) INTIMATE STORIES BREAK THROUGH My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Local Hero (1983) 10:00 PM Crossing Delancey (1988) 12:00 AM Torch Song Trilogy (1988) 2:30 AM Running on Empty (1988) 4:30 AM The Great Santini (1979) SUNDAY, APRIL 30 WARNER SEEKS THE TRUTH 6:30 AM Sunrise at Campobello (1960) 9:00 AM A Cry in the Dark (1988) Tortoise Beats Hare (1941) (cartoon) 11:30 AM Chariots of Fire (1981) 2:00 PM The Right Stuff (1983) 5:30 PM The Killing Fields (1984) AND THE TRADITION CONTINUES, WHERE EVERY STORY MATTERS Rabbit of Seville (1950) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Malcolm X (1992) 11:30 PM Million Dollar Baby (2004) 2:00 AM Argo (2012) OVERNIGHT FEATURE 4:15 AM Going in Style (1979) 
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2023.04.01 00:57 Cosmicspider87 Business/Billionaires/Entrepreneur Associates of Jeffrey Epstein (The Other 113)

  1. Fakhre, Danny & Christine: Danny Fakhre is the Chairman of Kochii Oil out of Australia. Christiane is his wife.
  2. Falletans, Olivier de: Managing partner at Bryan, Olivier, & Co., a mid-market investment bank in Technology. Olivier comes from a family of nobility dating back to at least the 13th century.
  3. Fanjul, Pepe: Jose “Pepe” Fanjul is a billionaire businessman involved in sugar and real estate. Vice Chairman and President of Flo-Sun. “Pepe” is a Republican. He was one of the largest contributors to George W. Bush’s campaign, is an ardent supporter of Marco Rubio, and co-hosted a large fundraiser for Donald Trump. His older brother, Alfonso Fanjul Jr., is a Democrat and was a co-chair of Bill Clinton’s Florida campaign,
  4. Faulkner, Terence & Cornelia: Terence Faulkner is Chairman of Leathams PLC, a London-based food distributor. Cornelia is Terence’s wife. She is Director of Leathams and a specialist decorator.
  5. Felix, Helena: Not much to be found on Helena. She was possibly the director of an investment firm called Edenhaven Limited. Her husband, Peter, was an oral surgeon. He passed away in 2011.
  6. Ferragamo, Leonardo & Beatrice: Leonardo is the son of Salvatore Ferragamo, the creator of Salvatore Ferragamo, S.p.A., an Italian luxury goods company specializing in shoes, leather goods, and watches.
  7. Flick Mook: Likely Friedrich Christian Flick, known as Mick Flick. The Flick family was a billionaire coal and steel conglomerate that was accused of war crimes during the Holocaust. Flick’s grandfather financially supported the Nazi Party and used 48,000 forced laborers from the concentration camps, many of whom died due to the conditions. Grandfather Flick was found guilty of war crimes at Nuremberg and served 3 years of his 7-year sentence. Mick (Mook) sold most of his holdings in the ‘80s and retired a billionaire.
  8. Forbes, Chris (Kip) Astrid: Son of Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990), the former politician and sole owner of Forbes Magazine. Chris Forbes is Vice Chairman of Forbes Publishing Company and brother of former Republican Party primary candidate, Steve Forbes. His wife, Astrid (nee von Heyl), is a German baroness and a descendant of the House of Bismarck, a German noble family.
  9. Forte, Rocco & Aliai: Rocco Forte owns the Rocco Forte Hotels group. They own fourteen upscale hotels throughout Europe and employee 2500 people. His wife, Aliai, is in fashion design.
  10. Fraiser, Violet: Likely refers to Violet Fraser, a Communications and Marketing Manager that works with Moussaieff Jewellers through World Media Group. She has also worked for Dior and Bulgari.
  11. Fraysse, Isabel: Isabelle Fraysse is a former Style Editor for Vogue. Founder of ISI Style Consulting.
  12. Freud, Mathew: Matthew Freud is the head of Freud Communications, an international public relations firm. Matthew is also the great-grandson of Sigmund Freud. Freud’s first wife, Caroline Hutton, went on to marry the 9th Earl of Spencer (Princess Diana’s brother). Elisabeth Murdoch, his 2nd wife (now divorced), is the daughter of Rupert Murdoch.
  13. Fry, Cosmo & Amanda: Cosmo is a chocolate heir and the son of well-known inventor Jeremy Fry. Jeremy had royal connections and was slated to be the best man at the wedding of Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister, but was replaced after it had been found out that he approached a man for sex. Cosmo’s owns a company that specializes in making plate racks and bookshelves. Amanda eventually went on to marry rocker Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates fame in 2009 after her divorce from Cosmo.
  14. Furstenberg, Alex, Alexandra V.: Alexander is an American businessman and the son of the famous fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. He remains a partner in his mother’s company. Alexandra is a furniture designer and Alex’s ex-wife. They divorced in 2002 but have 2 children together.
  15. Ganoza, Esteban Juan: A Peruvian businessman who said he met Maxwell in the 1980s when he lived in New York, but denied any ties to pedophilia when his contact information was revealed to be in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
  16. Garland, Michael: Likely the Chairman of investment firm C5 Capital, located in London
  17. Giussani, Luca: President, CEO of Dorial Telecom, Inc., a telecommunications company.
  18. Goldsmith, Isabel: An art collector and owner of Hotel Las Alamandas in Mexico. Goldsmith is the daughter of Sir James Goldsmith, a French-British financier, tycoon, and member of the European Parliament.
  19. Gomme, William & Emma: William Gomme is a former director of several furniture manufacturing companies in London. Emma is his wife.
  20. Gordon, Jacobo: Spanish businessman who co-founded several real estate and gaming companies with Alejandro Agag. Agag is a former politician in Spain. He became Secretary General of the European People’s Party (EPP), a tremendous political faction in Europe. Agag played a huge role in getting former Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi’s party into the EPP. Berlusconi has been charged for underage prostitution in the past. Agag quit politics to pursue financial and sporting interests. He is married to the daughter of Jose Maria Aznar, the former PM of Spain and Ana Botella Serrano, the first female mayor of Madrid. Guests at Agag’s wedding included kings and queens. Berlusconi and Tony Blair served as witnesses.
  21. Geary, Tim: Served in public relations and was Director of Membership at Soho House, a restaurant and private members club.
  22. Gelardin, Jack (jacque)Jacques P. Gelardin currently Founding Partner of J P Gelardin & Co, LLC , Lehman Brothers Inc, Member of the Management Committee,Chairman & CEO, Lehman Brothers International.
  23. Gertler, Eric: A venture capitalist who served as Chairman of U.S. News & World Report, a media company most known for publishing news, consumer advice, and rankings ranging from education (top universities, high schools, etc.) to job professions, healthcare, and too many others to mention. In 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo nominated Gertler to serve as President and CEO of Empire State Development, New York’s chief economic agency. In Epstein’s ‘Black Book,’ Privista is listed under Gertler’s name. Privista is a company that protects against identity theft. Gertler was President and CEO.
  24. Getty, Mark: Co-founder and Chairman of Getty Images, a photographic conglomerate. If you have ever surfed the Internet, you have seen several pictures/images belonging to Getty Images. From 2008-2016, Getty was the Chairman of the Trustees of the National Gallery in London. Grandson of Jean Paul Getty Sr., founder of Getty Oil Company, and one of the richest men in the world during his time. The Getty Family has a net worth north of $5 billion as of 2015.
  25. Getty, Pia and Chris: Pia Getty is the daughter of billionaire Robert Warren Miller, an American-born British businessman and founder of Duty Free Shops. Pia’s sisters are Princess Alexandra von Furstenberg of designer fame and Maria-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece, Princess of Denmark. Her ex-husband (1992-2005), Christopher, is Mark Getty’s first cousin. Christopher is also the grandson of Jean Paul Getty Sr. When they were married, Pia and Mark would hold A-list parties on the rooftop of their Manhattan townhouse. Their townhouse was located half a mile from Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. Many people think that the Getty Museum in Los Angeles houses an underground base and city for the elites.
  26. Goulandris, Dimitri: Founder of The Cycladic Group, which invests and creates businesses. Spent 8 years at Morgan Stanley in its private equity group. Goulandris is the Executive Director and a Board Member for Knightsbridge Schools, which has 3 schools (KSI Montenegro [a boarding school], KSI Bogota, and KSI Panama), all of which are primary/secondary schools for students aged 2-18.
  27. Grabau, Lorenzo: Spent seventeen years at Goldman Sachs before becoming CEO of Investment AB Kinnevik, a Swedish investment firm. He was fired less than 3 years after taking the position.
  28. Graff, Francois: CEO of family-owned Graff, one of the world’s most notable jewellery houses. The company is worth several billion dollars. Graff has been photographed with the likes of Wilbur Ross. In 2001, there was a party celebrating the opening of a new Graff’s store. Attendees included Ghislaine Maxwell, Ivana Trump, Joan Collins, and Denise Rich (source: https://www.nytimes.com/2001/06/05/style/IHT-laurence-graff-and-his-pockets-full-of-diamonds-the-buccaneer-of.html
  29. Grant Jamie: Likely James Grant, owner of No2 Pound Street, an award-winning wine shop that specializes in British Cheese and cured meats. He and his wife previously worked at some leading hotels and restaurants.
  30. Green, Jeremy: Likely the former Chief Executive of Quba Property Holdings in South Africa.
  31. Guccioni, Tony: Son of Penthouse creator Bob Guccione.
  32. Guest, Cornelia: Named Debutante of the Decade of the 1980s, Cornelia is a well-known New York socialite who comes from money. Her family made money in iron and steel and have served in British politics. In December 2015, Ghislaine Maxwell attended Cornelia’s holiday party.
  33. Guggenheim, Barbara & Bert Flelds: Guggenheim (not part of the Guggenheim museum family) is a partner at the well-known art advisory firm, Guggenheim, Asher Associates, Inc. They have built collections for Coca Cola and Sony, as well as Tom Cruise and alleged pedophile Steven Spielberg. Epstein victim Maria Farmer once worked for Barbara at her home before meeting Epstein. Farmer got the job through Barbara’s sister, Eileen, who has been accused of being an Epstein enabler. A petition (https://www.change.org/p/david-kratz-eileen-guggenheim-must-be-removed-for-harm-she-caused-to-maria-farmer-by-jeffrey-epstein?recruiter=30424804 to have her removed as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the New York Academy of Art as a result of Maria Farmer’s allegations has over 10,000 signatures. Farmer says that Eileen Guggenheim forced her to sell a painting replicating Degas’s “The Rape” to Epstein. Two weeks after meeting Epstein and Maxwell, Guggenheim took Farmer and other art students to Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico (source: https://news.artnet.com/art-world/epstein-ranch-art-students-1760265 Barbara’s husband, Bert Fields, is an entertainment lawyer who has represented the likes of Steven Spielberg, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, George Lucas, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, etc.
  34. Halpern Jen: A British philanthropist, PR guru, and businesswoman. Her father was knighted by Margaret Thatcher.
  35. Hammond, Dana: Socialite and heiress to the Annenberg Publishing fortune. Hammond is friends with Ghislaine Maxwell. They have been photographed together at various parties.
  36. Hayworth Reggie: Heyworth runs the 160 acre Cotswold Wildlife Park, which attracts more than 400,000 people a year. He lives in the middle of the park at the Bradwell Grove estate. .
  37. Hefner III, Bob: Founder and CEO of GHK Companies, which specializes in oil and natural gas. Founded the Robert and MeiLi Hefner Foundation which sponsors educational trips to China for outstanding high school students. His grandfather, Robert Hefner Sr., served as Mayor of Oklahoma City, was a Supreme Court Justice of Oklahoma, was a member of the executive council of the Boy Scouts of America, and was a thirty-second degree Freemason. This article makes a connection between Jeffrey Epstein, Bob Hefner III, and a winning Powerball lottery ticket that was purchased in Oklahoma in 2008 (source: https://www.thelostogle.com/2019/08/14/no-jeffrey-epstein-did-not-win-25-million-from-an-oklahoma-lottery-ticket-or-did-he/#comments
  38. Heineken, Mr. Fredie: A Dutch businessman for the Heineken brewing company. Was chairman and CEO from 1971-1989.
  39. Helen and Tim Shifter: Helen is a former Vogue Magazine staffer. Tim is former CEO of LeSportsac and serves as Senior Advisor at Blackstone Group, a private equity firm. The Schifters are personal friends of Ghislaine Maxwel
  40. Hersov, Robert & Kim: Robert is a South African entrepreneur and mining heir who has worked for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and News Corp. (owned by Murdoch).. Ex-wife Kim is a London-based fashion editor and designer.
  41. Heseltine, Rupert: Businessman and heir to Haymarket Media Group. Son of Baron Michael Heseltine.
  42. Jameel, Mohammed: Saudi Arabian businessman. CEO of Abdul Latif Jameel, a collective of family-owned businesses that specialize in transportation, investing, and real estate. Royal pervert Prince Andrew infamously partied on Jameel’s yacht during the 2011 London riots (source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/prince-andrew-frolicks-on-yacht-with-mystery-147496
  43. James, Susie: Founder and owner of 123 Send Ltd, a company that provides payment terminals.
  44. Katz, Anton & Robin Plant: Anton is CEO and co-founder of Talos Trading, which specializes in cryptocurrency. Anton and Robin are friends of and have been photographed with Ghislaine (source: https://www.patrickmcmullan.com/search/?person=5b3ef50c9f929066764df255
  45. Kegan, Rory: A nightclub designer and creator. Co-founder of the exclusive, celebrity-filled London nightclub, Chinawhite. Prince Andrew (source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9818190/prince-andrew-pictures-cast-doubt-epstein-sex-slave/ and Prince Albert of Monaco are regulars. Chelsea Clinton has been there, as well (source: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/bright-night-for-china-white-6299739.html). Other patrons include: Prince Andrew, Kate Middleton, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more.
  46. Keidan, Amanda: Owner of Keidan Jewelry.
  47. Kersner, Sol: South African accountant and hotel and casino magnate who died of cancer in 2020. Kerzner was a close friend of Donald Trump. They even worked together to create The Palm, a man-made island off the coast of Dubai (source: https://www.ft.com/content/46393280-d9f9-11da-b7de-0000779e2340. Kerzner was also close friends with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/sarah-ferguson-the-duchess-of-york-sol-kerzner-chairman-and-news-photo/83768272), Naomi Campbell (https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/naomi-campbell-and-sol-kerzner-pose-backstage-during-the-news-photo/82869744), and Bill Clinton(https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8144647/As-Sol-Kerzner-dies-aged-84-RICHARD-KAY-looks-riotously-louche-life.html Kerzner was very good friends with Nelson Mandela and built his casino resorts with Gerard Inzerillo
  48. Khayat, Antoine, Jana, & George: Jana is an heiress and businesswoman. Jana is the niece of Galen Weston, a close friend of Prince Charles. George is her brother and CEO of Associated British Foods. Jana’s husband, Antoine, is a former banker and currently runs their vineyard.
  49. Klesch, Johnathan: Former Director of Klesch Trading, which specializes in industrial commodities. It has offices in Russia, Malta, Surrey, and in London, down the block from Buckingham Palace.
  50. Koch, David: Co-founder of Koch Industries, a diversified manufacturing conglomerate. Koch Industries has stolen oil from Indian reservations, committed hundreds of polluting, labor, and workplace safety violations. When he ran on the Libertarian ticket as the vice presidential nominee in 1980, Koch aimed to abolish Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare benefits, and minimum wage. Koch and Epstein were friends. Epstein even attended a party at Koch’s Southampton home (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7270735/Jeffrey-Epstein-Trumps-closest-advisers-Wilbur-Ross-Rudy-Giuliani-Steve-Mnunchin.html). Koch has also been photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell (https://www.reddit.com/KochWatch/comments/dcjth3/david_koch_ghislaine_maxwell_getty_images/
  51. Kohl, Astrid: A businesswoman involved in pharmaceuticals. Married to Prince Alexander of Liechtenstein. Daughter-in-law of Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein. Niece of former German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl.
  52. Kotic, Boby: CEO of Activision Blizzard, a video game holding company. Used to run several electronic companies. From 2003-2008, he was a director at Yahoo! In 2012, he became a non-executive director of Coca-Cola.
  53. Lal, Dalamal: Director of Akron Corp. & Akron (Nig.) Ltd., a food and beverage import company based out of Nigeria.
  54. Laurie, Jonathan: Founder and CEO of Cheyne Capital Management, an alternate investment fund firm.
  55. Lavlada, Laura D.B. de: Laura Diez Barroso is a Mexican businesswoman. She sold her stock in Televisa for $726 million in 1993. Since then, she has been the head of several other companies.
  56. Le Fur, Jean-Yves: French businessman and magazine creator. He was once Princess Stephanie of Monaco’s ex-fiance. More notably, Le Fur was the one who discovered supermodel Karen Mulder (his girlfriend at the time) on the floor after she attempted suciide. Mulder blew the lid off the rampant rape and sexual abuse that she and her modeling colleagues had suffered at the hands of businessmen, royalty, celebrities, and government officials. She was even the protege of Epstein collaborator (allegedly), Jean Luc Brunel (https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/article238351108.html
  57. Lea, Piers: CEO of Learning Technologies Group, a workplace digital learning company.
  58. Lester, Dominick: Founder and owner of MortgageFlex Systems, a mortgage lending company.
  59. Lindemann, Adam & Elizabeth: Adam is a billionaire investor and art gallery owner. Brother of Sloan. Elizabeth is his ex-wife. She is often photographed with many other people mentioned in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
  60. Lindemann, George(Sr.) & Freida: Now-deceased billionaire father of Sloan and Adam. George was the CEO and Chairman of Southern Union, a pipeline company and served as Vice President of the Metropolitan Opera Association of NYC. His wife, Frayda, is the President and CEO of the Metropolitan Opera.
  61. Lister, Paul: Likely the director of legal services and company secretary for Associated British Foods
  62. Lorimer, John & Lottie: John works as a private investor and as a realtor. His wife, Lottie, is an interior designer.
  63. Macmillan, Dave & Bella: David is a publisher and the grandson of Harold Macmillan, former British Prime Minister (1957-1963). Bella is a British socialite and author. She also designed dresses for Princess Diana. They are now divorced. David and Bella made news in 2015 when it was revealed that Michael Lynton, the CEO of Sony Pictures, jokingly mentioned firing the UK culture minister so that David can take over (https://www.theregister.com/2015/04/18/sony_emails_lynton_vaizey/). David and Bella were voted a top 50 power couple over the age 50 back in 2013.
  64. Mahler, Giovanni: Businessman in the gas industry. He co-founded Navigator Gas shipping company. The most interesting story revolving around Mahler can be read here (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/millionaires-wife-is-killed-by-speedboat-in-sardinia-305350.html). Mahler was on a motorboat on the way to his yacht in Sardinia where close friend Flavio Briatore (Briatore is Naomi Campbell’s ex-boyfriend and was photographed with Epstein victim Virginia Roberts several times - https://www.the-sun.com/news/265368/prince-andrew-epstein-scandal-accuser-virginia-roberts-posts-chilling-message-aimed-at-naomi-campbell-and-ghislaine/) waited. On the way to the yacht, Mahler and the others on board struck and killed Alex Ciardi, wife of investment banker Giuseppe Ciardi. Turns out that Alex Ciardi worked with the NSPCC, a children’s charity that several others in Epstein’s ‘black book’ (Jemma Kidd, Tim Jeffries, Mary Glanville, Clare Hazell-Ivaegh, Ben Holland-Martin) and Princess Margaret have served. The accident occurred close to Silvio Berlusconi’s villa. Berlusconi is a billionaire businessman and four-time former Prime Minister of Italy who throws infamously raunchy Bunga Bunga parties. He was convicted of paying an underage prostitute for sex, but those charges were later overturned.
  65. Malenga (Mandela) Machel: A managing director at Whatana Investments Group in Mozambique. His father, Samora Machel, was the first president of Mozambique. He died in an airplane crash in 1986 under mysterious circumstances. His mother, Graca Machel, runs the company. After her husband Samora died, she married Nelson Mandela, who died in 2013.
  66. Malina, Marjorie: Wife of Frank Malina who co-founded Aerojet, an American rocket and missile propulsion manufacturer. Frank went on to become head of scientific research at UNESCO before creating Leonardo**, a peer-reviewed research journal. Frank was inducted into the International Space Hall of Fame in 1990. Marjorie is the mother of Ghislaine’s brother-in-law, Roger Malina.*\*
  67. Malkin, Shelly & Tony: Shelly comes from major oil money. Her grandfather founded Belco Petroleum, which was bought out by Enron in the ‘80s. Tony is the chairman, president, and CEO of Empire State Realty Trust, the real estate investment company that owns the Empire State Building, and other properties around New York.
  68. Manconi, John: Businessman who hosts super exclusive charity polo events attended by Prince Charles, Harry, and Andrew (https://variety.com/2002/scene/vpage/royals-have-splendid-time-1117868882/).
  69. Manzano, Jose Luis & Alejandra: Jose Luis is an Argentine businessman and former politician. He is a partner in Grupo America, the second largest multimedia group in the country. He has given money to the Clinton Foundation and The Climate Reality Project ran by Al Gore.
  70. Marks, Stephen & Alisa: Stephen is the founder and chairman of French Connection clothing brand. Alisa is his gold digging ex-wife.
  71. Marsh, Jeremy: Has served as a managing director and president of Warner Bros. Records, Virgin, Telstar, and RCA.
  72. Massimo, Parisi: Founder of Baltic Model Management.
  73. Mattsson, Carolina: Owns a consulting company in Sweden.
  74. Mavroleon, Basil & Carina: Basil is still involved in shipping, working at Genco as an Independent Director.
  75. Mavroleon, Manoli: From the same Greek shipping magnate family. His name was listed in the Panama Papers (https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/11000305 for using offshore tax havens.
  76. Mavroleon, Nicholas & Barbara: Nicholas works in the family business. His ex-wife, Barbara Carrera, is a model and actress.
  77. Mayhew, Mr John: Owner of the famous Rules restaurant in Covent Garden. Inherited the Lartington Estate.
  78. McDonald, John: NYC-based restaurateur.
  79. Mcleod Jock & Pru: Alasdair ‘Jock’ MacLeod is a long-time executive at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. His wife, Prudence, is Rupert Murdoch’s daughter. Coincidentally, Prudence attended The Dalton School while Epstein taught there in the ‘70s (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/12/nyregion/jeffrey-epstein-dalton-teacher.html). Rupert Murdoch is listed later on in Epstein’s contacts. Murdoch also goes back a long way with Ghislaine. Murdoch and Ghislaine’s father, Robert, were rivals since they both owned competing newspapers in the U.S. and abroad (https://c8.alamy.com/comp/B502J2/rupert-murdoch-media-baron-in-conversation-with-fellow-newspaper-owners-B502J2.jpg
  80. Merison, Guy & Caroline: Guy is co-founder of Hartees, a commodities firm specializing in energy.
  81. Merivale-Austen, Bruce: Managing Partner of DM Partners Asia, a private wealth management firm. Plays polo every summer with Prince William and Prince Harry (https://www.thailandtatler.com/people/brouce-merivale-austin
  82. Mermagon, Mr Jonathan: Businessman and close friend of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, whose name keeps popping up. Memagden even served as Chairman of the UK PTI Secretariat (https://news.cision.com/curzon-pimran-khan-shares-vision-for-building-a-stronger-pakistan-through-trade,c9336910). PTI is the current ruling political party in Pakistan.
  83. Minot, Carie & Bell, George: Caroline is a jewelry designer. George has been responsible for several Silicon Valley startup companies. Before that, he was a senior editor of Outdoor Life magazine and has won Emmys for directing and writing conservation documentaries. He also founded Outdoor Life Network (now NBC Sports).
  84. Montemayor, Cesar: Founder and President of InverCap, a large investment firm
  85. Monti Riccardo: Managing Director and Senior Partner at BCG (Milan), one of the largest management consulting firms in the world.
  86. Morton, Peter: Co-founder of the Hard Rock Cafe.
  87. Murray, Jean Pierre: Founder of Surf Channel and co-founder of TransCash, a prepaid Visa debit card firm.
  88. Nadler, Emanuel: Businessman involved in mortgage companies.
  89. Nagel, Adam: Works at W Nagel, broker and advisor to premier diamond manufacturers, such as De Beers.
  90. Nagel, William: Chairman of W Nagel. Diamond merchant.
  91. Newman, Mr & Mrs John: John is Hetty’s father. He achieved the rank of Lieutenant in the Royal Horse Guards. He later became a businessman and was director of several companies.
  92. Niarchos, Constantine: Billionaire son of shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos. Was once married to Alessandra Borghese of Italian papal lineage (and black nobility). He was also romantically linked to Koo Stark, Trinny Woodhall, and Kerry Kennedy (daughter of Bobby Kennedy), all of whom are in Epstein’s ‘black book’. Constantine died of an overdose with enough cocaine in his system to kill 25 men (https://www.theguardian.com/theobserve1999/oct/17/life1.lifemagazine7
  93. Noel, Vanessa: Luxury shoe designer, hotelier, and gallery owner. Many celebrities are clients of hers.
  94. Ojora, Yinka: CEO and/or Director of a number of investing groups in Nigeria
  95. Ong BS & Chritina: Christina is a Singaporean hoteliebusinesswoman who is heavily involved with Club 21 (a luxury fashion brand) and COMO Hotels and Resorts. She runs all of the Armani outlets in Britain, as well as the franchises for Donna Karan, Prada, and Bvlgari. Christina and her husband, Beng Seng, are worth $1.9 billion.
  96. Ong, Melissa: Christina and BS’s daughter
  97. Orlando, Fabrice: CEO of Cocoon Events Management Group, a luxury event planning company based out of Morocco.
  98. Osbourne Rachel: British businesswoman who has served as director for several companies. Otto, Beo & Edwige Edwige manages 2 companies (2 mandates), his main mandate is Administrator within the company 18 MONTAIGNE . Edwige OTTO works in the Real Estate business sector. Julian PORTHAULT is part of Edwige OTTO's network, he is Chairman and CEO of 18 MONTAIGNE .
  99. Parker, Jackie: Management consultant who sits on the board of several companies. Also the head of global philanthropy for General Motors.
  100. Paulson, John: Billionaire hedge fund manager
  101. Pedrini Tito: Jeweller
  102. Pekeler, Marcus: Communications consultant in Switzerland.
  103. Picciotto, Michael: Vice-Chairman at Engels & Volkers AG, a real estate firm. Former head of global financial activities for UBP, a Swiss private bank owned by Picciotto’s family.
  104. Plouvier, Diane & Denis: Denis is the owner of Trousseau linen company (https://www.denisplouvier.fblank
  105. Polii, Edoardo: Powerboat champion and textile entrepreneur.
  106. Polu, Clary: “Marketing director of Lycos and Meetic, wife of the "startup" Christophe Schaming, co-shareholder of Winamax, the online betting company co-founded by the mysterious passenger of the Lolita Express Nicole Junkermann” (http://faitsetdocuments.com/articles.html
  107. Porthault, Mr & Mrs: Marc Porthault runs the family linen business, D Porthault. Marc’s parents founded the company. Clients include Bill Gates, Woody Allen, the Mellons, and the Kennedys. Marc’s wife, Isabelle, is the head of human resources of Chanel in Europe.
  108. Porthault, Remi & Isabel: Remi is the marketing director and president of the U.S. subsidiary of D Porthault linens.
  109. Potter, Muffie: Socialite and former executive at Van Cleef & Arpels, a watch company. Married to famed plastic surgeon, Sherrell Aston. She has been photographed with Ghislaine and Peggy Siegal at various events.
  110. Prestin, Electra: Former vice president of merchandising for Ralph Lauren and co-founder of Adam & Eve clothing company. Her father, Lewis T. Preston, was chairman of J.P. Morgan and president of the World Bank (appointed by George H.W. Bush). Her great-grandfather was newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer, whom the Pulitzer Prize is named after. Another great-grandfather of hers was a partner in the Standard Oil Company of John D. Rockefeller.
  111. Price, Judy: Founder of Avenue, a magazine about New York City.
  112. Puig Marc: Chief executive and president of Puig, a fragrance and fashion company.
  113. Quartucci, Alan: Founder of North Shore Bloodstock and North Shore Insurance, thoroughbred bloodstock companies that provide equine insurance, consulting services, racehorse management, and more.
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2023.04.01 00:28 Grunt11B101 I pet a dolphin!

I pet a dolphin!
Amazing creatures, this was at Marco island with my family this week. Hopefully the right subreddit. So cool!
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2023.04.01 00:04 mlebjerg 💻🐍 Market Maker Signals Today 2023-03-31 🐍💻 Chart link in comments

💻🐍 Market Maker Signals Today 2023-03-31 🐍💻 Chart link in comments

Here is the chart: https://gme31mar.netlify.app/
Total volume: 3846305
Signal counts:
🔻 Down, 300's 302
➡️ Sideways, 400's 207
💥 Gap it, 500's 252
🤷‍♂️ I am short on shares, 505's 1
🔹 Resistance, 600's 56
💹 UP!, 700's 34
💹 UP!, 777's 0
🔊 Volume coming, 800's 39
🕊️ Trade free, 900's 18
📰 NEWS, 911's 2
🛑 Don't let it run, 1000's 120
🚀 Let it run, 2100's 4
Signals pr. exchange:
NYSE 119
IEX 15
Total 1035
Trades pr. exchange:
FINRA 14331
NYSE 4124
BATS 3872
ARCA 2616
MEMX 2168
IEX 896
BYX 291
PSX 270
BEX 180
CHX 19
Total 41910
Disclaimer: This is not and should not be used as a financial instrument, the information in this post should not be used to make ANY judgement on a trade. I do not sell this information to anyone, it is entirely free and opensource if people want to do it themselves. Github: https://github.com/mlebjerg/MemeMarketSignals. The chart is HTML that i export from plotly.js and upload it to netlify, a free service to host websites.
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2023.04.01 00:03 papaganda22 Tasting for Work

I have to put together a scotch tasting for a group at work. My budget is about $450 for 5 bottles. I’m not a super experienced scotch drinker but I have done my best to do some solid research.
Audience: A bunch of bourbon drinkers who love vanilla and crème brûlée who also are hesitant about “burnt dirt” (peat) in their whiskey.
Goal: a good smattering of scotches from different regions, price points, and quadrants on the flavor map.
Here is what I have so far for bottles and order:
  1. Glemorangie 10 year - $43 - a great highland intro to the scotch world at 80 proof with American oak
  2. Balvenie 14 Caribbean cask - $95 - fan favorite Speyside for intro drinkers with an interesting cask twist
  3. Highland Park 18 - $180 - new to me but wanted to showcase something older. Island. Open to suggestions here.
  4. Aberlour A'bunadh - $100 - cask strength Speyside I think the cask strength bourbon lovers will enjoy. Sherry bomb
  5. Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 10 Year - $73 - not an absolute peat monster but a great intro to peated whisky. Islay. Also not eating my entire budget for a group of people hesitant about peat.

Other contenders:
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2023.04.01 00:01 The_Entheogenist Tiafoe, Paul, Nakashima, Wolf - Houston ATP 250 Draw

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2023.03.31 23:45 katchoo1 What is this lizard in south Florida?

What is this lizard in south Florida?
Came out of a planter to watch me eating dinner at a bar in Marco Island, Florida. Cute little guy, what is he (or she)?
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2023.03.31 23:34 Joe_Ma12 Daenar Targaryen, Lord Commander of the King’s guard

Daenar Targaryen, Lord Commander of the King’s guard
This is a LONG story of this characters life. One of my ansolute favorites from my time playing the game. If you like this type of stuff pls read! If not, itll be boring.
At 4 years old Daenar Targaryen’s dragon egg hatched. From that day the Dragon known as Firecarcher would bond to their rider in a way few dragons had bonded with their rider before.
At only 13 years of age King Lucerys Targayen would grant Daenar one of the two Targaryen Valyrian steel familial swords, Darksister. Nobody would dare say the King was eager for a member of his current guard to sacrifice their life, but none could deny Lucerys’ eagerness for Daenar to take his solemn vows. The King got his wish sooner than some had thought he would. Following an unprecedented rebellion from the citadel in Oldtown, the arch Maester was brought from his cell beneath Red Keep. A trial by combat was demanded and held, the arch Maester was proven innocent as his champion struck down Ser Rosby of the King’s Guard.
King Lucerys was no tyrant, he saw the Arch Maester on his way and immediately saw to replacing this gap in the King’s white cloaks. It was not until just before the new year that King Lucerys Targaryen summoned his Kinsman, Daenar Targaryen, to the throne room. An occasion that caused Daenar no anxiety, Lucerys was a kind and temperate King, and had shown Daenar no lack of affection during his years in King’s Landing. With Darksister fixed on his hip, the great doors opened and he began his approach before the King.
The lords and ladies of court shuffled and shoved amongst themselves hoping to get a look at the young, comely Targaryen knight. “Your Grace.” As Daenar knelt, he paid his respects to the King, drawing a smirk from the handful in attendance who caught the slight cracking in the young man’s voice. As the heir to the land of Saath, King Lucerys felt it imperative to guide Daenar through his youth. The last thing the world needed was Targaryens warring with one another from Kings Landing to Qohor. During this time however, King Lucerys saw a better warrior in his distant kin. Showing high prowess in the training yard, regularly making quick work of boys his age, and even beating out members of the King’s guard on days he was truly in form. King Lucerys knew Daenar had a different destiny than an simple Essosi lord.
“Daenar Targaryen, first born son of Lord Maerys, and Lady Lianna ‘the Legendary’ Targaryen, heir to the lordship of Saath and wielder of Darksister. Will you swear…”
With this ceremony, the first Targaryen in history was made a sworn member of the King’s guard. Daenar forfeited his inheritance, all lands and titles, passing them to his brother, Vaeron.
On Daenar’s 15th name day, it is said that the King had brought out his own sons, Vierys and Vaengyns for training. While the King felt overjoyed watching his sons train together, he couldnt help but have his attention brought back to Daenar. The King summoned the Lord Commander from the yard, Mors Martell descended the stairs and returned to the yard, with a smile on his face. “My princes” the Lord Commander said “it is time for the battle of a lifetime.”
Prince Viserys and Prince Vaengyns drew their dueling swords. Viserys took a deep breath, hiding an excited smile beneath his focus. Vaengyns solidified his stance and clenched his jaw. Daenar was the same age as Prince Vaengyns, and 3 years Prince Viserys’ younger, but easily twice the fighter each of them were. The Melee quickly drew a crowd as the steel clashed. Daenar fought beautifully, disarming Prince Vaengyns not once but twice before forcing him to yield. The highlight of the matching being a moment between the King-to-be and his new brother in arms. With steel locked together, Viserys looked Daenar in the eyes and claimed “If I win, I’ll let you to keep Darksister.” To which Daenar instantly replied “If I win, I’ll let you keep your throne.” As quickly as he had replied, Daenar burst his sword from the jam, and in one fluid motion his sword swept behind Viserys’ knee. After smacking his back into the dirt, Viserys’ lungs felt as though they reached out of his chest for breath. As his eyes opened, he expected to see a whole crowd leaning over him. Instead, Viserys saw his brother’s outstretched hand and Daenar standing behind him, as if he were ready to go again. “Well fought, my Prince.” That night, King Lucerys summoned Daenar to his chambers and gifted him a set of fine Braavosi armor, both as a nameday gift, and a reward for proving such a formidable and committed knight of the King’s guard.
With the peaceful passing of Mors Martell, Daenar Targaryen was made Lord Commander of the King’s Guard on 27 10th moon, 8403. At only 5 and 30 years, Daenar was nearly the most senior Knight of the white cloaks, with only Ser Sefton “Redclaw” Crabb being his senior by 21 years.
Due to his extensive time wearing the white cloak, Daenar would see a great many knights come and go through the King’s guard. Though none would ever come close to his prowess with sword, spear, dragonbone axe, or morning star. He would even see himself be named Master-at-arms to both King Lucerys and his son, Viserys for over 25 years.
Daenar’s superiority at arms would unfortunately lose a crucial battle against time. Age had been the one enemy Daenar was unable to defeat, though many say he was able to disarm it. The Gods did not take his strength, they did not take his speed, nor his ferocity. As the Gods gave Daenar his skill with a sword, in time, they took his eyes. Regarded as truly an act of the Gods, few Targaryens had suffered from such afflictions. Yes, there was Haegon the Hunchback, Baeleron the Imbecile, but these were cases that occurred maybe once in a generation of the blood of the dragon. Regardless of its rarity, Daenar Targaryen was left blind, when did his sight truly leave him? It cannot be said, for sure, but the first accounts of Daenar’s vision being an issue came on his 50th name day, when it is remembered he knocked his niece, Rhaelinor, 6 years of age, in the head with the cross guard of Darksister when removing the sheath from his belt for celebrations.
Daenar Targaryen’s loyal time as a Knight King’s guard is highlighted by what some say was one of the most influential moments in modern Westerosi history. In 8428 Lord Paramount Xalloba of the Summer Islands usurped the Kingdom of the Summer Islands from King Viserys. This war was of no significance to the King, with allies, both Targaryen and not, stretched along the southern coast of Essos and northern coast of Sothoryos, it would be over quickly. The war was won within half a year, and by 3rd moon of 8429, trials were being held.
Sitting upon the Iron Throne, King Viserys looks down upon his 3rd son, Daemon Targaryen, along with 12 of his gold cloaks in place of the usual white cloaks that usually guard the King; at the base of the Throne, his son and Hand, Aerys Targaryen. As both crowd and King awaited the beginning of the trial anxiously, Aerys and Daemon exchanged looks of reassurance. The doors to the great hall begin to open, and a great gasp is heard from the courtiers in attendance. In walks the careful feet of Daenar Targaryen, his white cape flicking his heels as he steps. Prince Daemon and the Gold Cloaks collectively draw their swords, not a hair in court laid flat. Lord Commander Daenar Targaryen held his approach, “Your Grace…” “What is the meaning of this?” Viserys coldly asks, sweat gathering on his brow, as he remembers his past days of battle. “I bring you a band of traitors, your Grace. Dogs who swore to protect you, and in secrecy…plan to aid your enemies and slay you in your own castle.”
To this day, none know the true tale of how these events transpired. How did Daenar Targaryen, a blind old man, deliver 6 traitorous knights to the King, with not a scratch on him? Some speculate that the knights of the King’s guard meant to put the King’s second born son, Aenar, on the Throne, as Aerys was a legitimized bastard of the King and the sister he did not wed. It was believed they meant to march on the trial for Lord Paramount Xalloba and force the King to change the succession via threat of Daenar’s dragon. Some believe the King’s guard was working to smuggle in an assassin for lord Xalloba, and it was Lord Commander Daenar’s hearing that was their undoing. Though the ‘how’ he did it is unknown, the ‘what’ he did is known quite well. Daenar proved to be the most loyal, and greatest knight in the Kingdoms. What would have been the greatest threat to the King in generations was stopped without a drop of bloodshed. A betrayal that had never occurred in the entire history of Targaryen Rule, was stopped before it began. From the Sothoryos to the Ibben, from Fair Isle to Asshai, Daenar Targaryen was hailed as hero of the Realm.
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2023.03.31 23:27 KittenDealinMama Entitled stepmonster got herself banned from my wedding

Originally posted by u/droogieboogie42 in entitledparents on Mar 17, '23, updated March 22nd.
Trigger Warning: child abuse
Original post
Entitled stepmonster got herself banned from my wedding
TW: Mention of child abu*e. It's not too graphic, but it's there.
I tried posting this on AITA through a different account a couple days ago, but it didn't work out. Given the trigger warning, I'm not surprised. I have since concluded my wife and I did the right thing, so this will be my last attempt to post this story. I tried to add some info and change the wording a little. All names are fake.
My (28M) stepmother (49F) is a wannabe party planner. She has taken it upon herself to plan and host every party and holiday my dad's family has thrown since she married him. I never loved those occasions growing up (she’s controlling and gets upset if people complain about anything), but humored her for my dad’s sake. According to him, this helps her feel included.
I’m getting married to my fiancée Jane (26F) in July. We got engaged in early 2021, but Jane ended up getting pregnant a couple months after that, and we decided to postpone the wedding to focus on our son for a while. So we’ve had a long engagement.
My stepmother has tried to hijack our wedding plans from day 1 (complaining, contacting our planner, showing up unannounced to Jane’s dress appointments, etc.), and we have repeatedly asked her to stop. Dad wants us to humor her, but she’s clearly resentful of the fact that she’s not hosting the wedding or being labeled “mother of the groom” in invitations.
Besides our baby boy, we also have Luke (4M), Jane’s paternal half brother. She got custody of him a few months into our relationship, after his parents died. I ended up moving in with them during the pandemic, and have been in Luke’s life since he was a baby. He doesn’t call me “dad”, and refers to us as “his sister and his OP”, but we love him like a son.
Stepmother, though, hates Luke. She accuses Jane of “baby-trapping her way into the family” (that accusation only got worse after our son was born). My dad gets along with Jane and adores the kids, but stepmother demands him to refuse babysitting Luke, so we don’t leave the kids with them often. Instead, Jane's brother and SIL usually watch the kids for us, as their children are close to ours in age.
We had a thing last Sunday, and my BIL was out of town with his family. Jane's other siblings live in different cities, as well as my mom and sister. My dad agreed to babysit at our place, and we left.
We came back to find both kids crying, stepmother screaming, and dad weakly trying to calm everyone down. Apparently, Luke had told stepmother that both he and our son were going to be our ring bearers, and she went ballistic. She screamed that she wasn’t going to allow that because he wasn’t family. She then made me need to include the trigger warning when he started crying. His lip is still split. She'd never gotten to this point before.
We immediately banned her from our house and from our wedding. Dad is fuming and has said he’s not going without her. He’s also convinced half of his side of the family (by severely downplaying what stepmother did) to boycott the wedding as well. This includes my stepbrother, who fully agrees with his mother no matter how many times I try to tell him the truth.
Me and Jane are refusing to budge, but many of my cousins who aren’t coming anymore are asking us to reconsider. Pretty much all of Jane’s family agrees with us, but one of her aunts has suggested that maybe stepmother is acting out because she doesn’t feel welcomed by my family.
I've honestly had it with my family enabling her behavior. I love my dad, and really want him at my wedding, but I am more than willing to go NC if it means protecting my family.

EDIT: I think I accidentally deleted the paragraph where I mentioned this, but we did press charges. We took Luke to the pediatrician the next day and gathered every piece of evidence we had. Not only did we have pictures of Luke's face, but by some miraculous strike of luck, we also had nanny cam footage. Some commenters were right to assume that my SM hadn't been invited to our house, but my dad hasn't really gone anywhere without her in years, so we took precautions. We didn't expect her to actually do anything this awful, but we've never trusted her with the kids. The physical attack happened off camera, but there is some footage of her screaming and Luke crying before and after the event. She now has a child abuse charge on her rap sheet. We wouldn't let her get away with this.
EDIT 2: There is a lot of additional info I want to add. I'll try to respond to at least some of the comments (I DID NOT expect the amount I've gotten so far), but all I'll add for now is that Luke is okay. The visit to the pediatrician happened the day after. He already had a counselor (Jane was pretty traumatized when her dad and stepmom died, and was worried it would rub off on him) and will continue treatment. We've been hugging and pampering him a little more than usual, too. He's still upset, but is already doing much better.
Update 5 days later
I want to thank everybody who took the time to read and/or comment on my previous post. It's been a tough week, but it's always great to know that people care. I haven't been able to reply to every comment, but I will try to address some in this update. This might get a little long.
I'll start off by saying that me and Jane are going NC with my dad and SM. We haven't really spoken to either of them since the incident, and I don't plan on being the one to reach out. Any communication between us is being handled by my younger sister. She's completely on our side, but will remain in low contact for the time being.
I've decided to adopt Jane's way of dealing with people she cares about: forgive what's apologized for, but never forget. Basically, if dad or SM ever truly understand what they did wrong and sincerely apologize, we're willing to forgive them, even if begrudgingly so. But we will never ignore (or let THEM forget) what they did to our family. And for the time being, neither of them will be allowed near Luke, our baby, and any other kids we may have in the future, even if we do forgive them.
As for the rest of my family: I read A LOT of comments suggesting that I post pictures of Luke's face, as well as the nanny cam footage. I'm not very active on social media, but even if I was, I'm not comfortable exposing my injured preschooler like that, especially given that nothing on the internet ever truly goes away. I also decided not to share the pictures with my family unless truly necessary.
I should probably mention that while my family adores my dad, most of them aren't very fond of SM. She had two failed marriages prior to meeting my father (the first of which resulted in my stepbrother), and he cheated on his then-girlfriend to be with her. My family loved that girlfriend, and disliked SM right away. Not only has she been controlling and manipulative since the beginning, she's also tried to force her way into the "family matriarch" role by any means possible. Taking over planning duties for every family event was her favorite way to do it, because of all the attention and compliments that come with it. The main reason why I hated these parties growing up was because she'd always find a way to make everything about her, including Christmas and mine and my sister's birthdays. The rest of the family felt neutral about it, but they never liked her.
With Luke, it was different. Most of my relatives didn't meet him until COVID restrictions got looser, and by then he was 2 years old. He's a bright and genuinely loveable kid, and there weren't really any other small children in the family, so everyone immediately started cooing over him. The way I see it, SM got upset that Jane and Luke were accepted by my family so easily compared to her experience, and that's why she resents them both, but I can't confirm that.
She was also mad that, aside from not being the planner, she would have absolutely no involvement in the wedding party. She tried to pressure us into letting her officiate (one of Jane's best friends was offered that role a year ago), making stepbrother my best man (he wasn't interested, and I'd already gotten my best friend) or asking her sister's daughter to be our flower girl (we'd promised Jane's 3-year-old niece, also her sister's daughter is fifteen and doesn't know us). She also tried to convince us to let my dad walk Jane down the aisle, since her father's gone, but her eldest brother (the BIL I mentioned in the first post) had already been enlisted. SM was disappointed that my family wasn't as involved in the wedding as Jane's, and kept making comments about how that "would never happen if we put her in charge".
All of that being said, there is NOTHING that can excuse being that awful to a child, especially if it really is the petty jealousy that I suspect.
Because I haven't spoken with my father, my sister has been keeping me updated on what he's been up to. As I found out through her, the story my dad and SM told the rest of the family completely erases Luke's injury and the abuse charges. It insinuates that me and Jane banned them because we got annoyed with SM and decided to take it out on my dad as well. Because most people already disliked SM, explaining what actually happened that night wasn't hard, and most of the relatives that I actually wanted at the wedding have apologized and are berating my dad as well.
The people that didn't believe us, as well as those saying we overreacted, have been told they are not welcome in our home anymore. Those are mostly people from my dad's generation, so I can't say I'm surprised. But the realization that they are so biased they're willing to protect a woman they hate (after she hurt a child) just to make my dad happy has reassured me that I don't need any of them in my life.
Stepbrother is still in denial. He refuses to believe his mother could hurt a child, even with all the evidence we have. I have to admit I understand, I love my mom too, but that doesn't mean I'd excuse his obliviousness. So he's banned too. It sucks, because we were close growing up, but I don't regret it. Besides, Jane has 3 other siblings besides Luke (the older BIL, a twin brother and a younger sister), and I'm closer to them than I ever was to him.
Speaking of Jane's family, they're all furious over what happened, and have been extremely supportive of us. Jane's maternal family basically adopted Luke after she got custody of him, and have called frequently to make sure he's okay. We did manage to save some money with everybody we uninvited, and have decided to use it to help Jane's cousin. She lives in a different country, and was previously unable to come to the wedding, so we're paying for her plane ticket.
Luke has gotten much better, and is almost completely back to being the sunny child he's always been. The split lip was shallow. It's healing slowly, but didn't require any stitches. We sat him down a few days ago, and explained that my dad and stepmonster wouldn't be around anymore. He really liked my dad, but understands that he and SM are attached at the hip. He's clearly scared of her, but we're doing our best to make him feel safe. Me and Jane have reassured him that he IS family, we love him, and no one will ever change that.
I'm not too worried about dad or SM trying to show up at the wedding, but we've alerted the venue and given them pictures just in case they try anything. Better safe than sorry.
Some people brought attention to the fact that SM is a hypocrite for saying Luke isn't family. I agree, for obvious reasons. Her main excuse for pretty much everything she does is that she doesn't feel like my family welcomes her. Dad has been guilting me to take part in everything she plans by reminding us of that for as long as I can remember. The way he continues to make excuses for her without realizing this is basically a case of the pot calling the kettle black (except Luke actually IS family) is what has made me accept that, while I will always love my dad, it's not healthy or safe for me and my family to be around him anymore. It hurts to know my son won't have his only remaining bio grandfather in his life, but he has two amazing step grandpas to make up for it.
For now, I'm sad, but satisfied with how things have turned out. I don't like to complain about my life. It's a mess, but a beautiful one. I love my fiancée, I love my kids, and I'm lucky enough to love my job. We're happy. I'm not letting anyone ruin that.
To whoever was annoyed at my censorship: when posting on AITA didn't work out, Jane suggested I make the writing less explicit. I'm not used to Reddit yet, so I might have overdone it a little bit.
I hope this is my last update on this story, but I'll keep you posted. Again, thank you for all your love and support! Best wishes to all of you.
In the comments:
The only reason why I know that this is the first time she's hit him is because this was the first (and last) time she was with the kids unsupervised. Me and Jane were around every previous time she saw Luke. She didn't want my dad to babysit him, and we'd only asked him to on a few occasions before. My sister was still living with them at the time, and has assured me that Luke was never out of her sight. I know and trust my sister enough to believe her.
First time or not, I will not give her a second chance. She'll never hurt either of my kids again.
We've actually had passwords with the vendors since day one. Some of the earlier ones we met actually recommended us to do it. SM did contact our planner a while back saying she had our approval to talk to our vendors. She didn't let her, and we got a bit more strict with passwords after that.
So is SM serving any jail time? If she attacked a child then and you guys pressed charges I would imagine she would have to be processed and eventually serve some time for her crime.
OP: We hope so. We're setting up a date for the arraignment.
Commener has advice for OP:
Start a file for SM. Keep any and all texts, voicemails and attempts of her communicating. Do the same with anyone who has taken her side because she could escalate and you may need that info. Those people are flying monkeys and she’s sent them to not only plead her case, but report back to her the things you may have told them so she can continue to play her victim card. You were great to have the nanny cam, but should also make sure to notify his daycare or school that she is not to be given info or access to him, get cameras hat have audio just in case she shows up at your house and password protect all of your wedding vendors and let them know not to give her any info and to notify you if she tries. Your dad may be harmless, but she’s not.
OP: That 2nd advice is something we've been pretty occupied with, actually. This past week has been mostly about the kids and collecting evidence. But I'll definitely check out the JNMIL sub.
Did you say that if your father and stepmonster apologize that you will allow them at your wedding? I wasn't quite sure what you were saying.
OP: ABSOLUTELY NOT. My father and SM are not welcome at the wedding, no matter the circumstances. They could offer me an island and I'd still refuse to let them come back into our lives right now.
I only plan to forgive anything far off in the future, and only if they apologize sincerely. Even then, they will have no access to the kids for years after that. Knowing SM, I highly doubt she'll ever feel sorry for what she did, so we're not counting on it anyway.
*Flairing this ongoing as the wedding hasn't happened yet and step mother hasn't gone to court yet *
Reminder, DO NOT comment on the original posts or contact the original poster. I am not the original poster. This is a repost.
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