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2023.04.01 06:20 jaawwshh Advice on TV

Just moved into an apartment! Looking to buy a tv with a budget 2000$. Mostly going to be used for shows and movies. Sitting about 9-10 feet. I don’t think OLED would be appropriate because we fall asleep watching Netflix and such pretty often.
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2023.04.01 06:18 Garunix00 My girlfriend (26F) of 4 years just accused me (30M) of cheating on her.

So, I am an American living in Mexico. My girlfriend just accused me of planning to cheat on her.
My brother is getting married next month and I made plans to be there for his wedding. Since it has been almost 5 years since I have spent time with my family, I made plans to spend a week there. She was completely fine with it before and today suddenly, she says "I want you to leave your phone here so I can see who you are planning to see" and I asked her "How would I get in touch with you?" That seemed to make sense to her, but then she said "Actually just give me your phone now so I can see who you are making plans with."
This si the first time she has ever made a request like this, but I have nothing to hide so I told her to go ahead. 20 minutes later after going through WhatsApp, TextNow, and messenger. (And probably some other things. I was watching a show at the moment so I wasn't really paying much attention.) She gives me my phone back with nothing to say. Of course my smart ass makes a remark saying "You see? I told you that you are the only one for me." After that we had a pretty normal evening together and were laughing and having fun. When I asked her about it, she said that it is because she has been very angry at everything recently and thinks that because of that I am going to go out looking for someone else. I told her "look beautiful, I know that sometimes you get angry at little things, that is a part of you and it is who you are, if I couldn't handle it, I would have left you a while ago. Sorry, but you're stuck with me." We laughed at that and went on with the day.
I work as a salesman so I sometimes leave in order to visit clients. She understands that it is necessary, but of course we always make video calls when I am in the hotel. We live right next to each other, but not in the same house. I live on the same property as her, but she lives with her parents in a separate house. She works as a customer service representative at the same company and we both work from home. So there is a lot of time we can spend together when her parents are out of the house at their jobs.
Now when I told her goodnight, I sent her a message like I always do. Saying things like She is the one for me and I love her and that she makes me happy. And her response was "how suspicious" So obviously she still is thinking something is going on. I don't know how to get her to trust me. She was always insecure about how she looks, but I think she is extremely beautiful and you have never heard a better laugh than her's. I don't have any friends here in Mexico other than her. Doesn't bother me. Her family is cool and she is my best friend.
I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I just have no idea where this came from. So, any girls have some advice on insecure girls? Or do you think that something else is going on? Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.04.01 06:17 CaptainCanadia2020 28 [M4M] Toronto/Ontario - Looking for that someone special

Looking for the right person. Someone with whom I can travel, go on walks along the beach, go on spontaneous adventures and explore the city. Or when we’re feeling lazy, just cuddle in bed with and watch our favourite movie or show.
Ideally you’re someone who is emotionally available and not afraid to share their feelings. Is a genuinely nice person and cares for me the same way I would for them. I also prefer someone on the nerdier side :)
I am not listing all likes and dislikes here because I’d like to find out things about each other as we learn things and our relationship grows. So if any of this sounds appealing to you, send me a message and let’s see if we have that connection I’ve been searching for.
Definitely not interested in casual hook ups. Please be older than 24 :)
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2023.04.01 06:16 Trashman001100 Any and all movies about time travel please!

I’ve seen a handful of time travel movies, like the back to the future series, Terminator 1 & 2, and Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure, and I am hungry for more movies with time travel as a main component!
And any genre or medium is welcome! If it’s a cheesy B movie from the 50s, or an obscure surreal anime, or even if it’s a movie you’d watch ironically, all that I’m looking for is that time travel plays some role in the story
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2023.04.01 06:11 FakePlasticCards “Love you”

This is a follow up to my previous post on finding some strong evidence that my wife was possibly cheating https://www.reddit.com/Infidelity/comments/11nuh6k/love_you/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=2&utm_term=1
So after discovering the messages btw my wife and her AP, I took some time to think and decided that I would need something more concrete before I confront her. I fully expected that she would deny the allegations, and while the messages damning by themselves, were somewhat circumstantial. This would only make them more careful in the future.
I figured that going with just what I had, she would probably gonna gaslight me, or just explain it away somehow and make it seem like I’m the crazy one. And she and her AP would definitely just be more cautious in any future infidelity. I would probably need something more concrete or catch them in the act. (This proved to be the way to go on hindsight as you’ll see when you get to the end of this post)
For the initial subsequent days I tried to get into her phone more to see if I could find more communications, but she’s clearly been careful and that one time was probably one of the few times she slipped up. She had deleted the chat I saw by the next time I manage to get to her phone and there was no other 1on1 chat between the 2.
Since this was on telegram, I considered setting up her account onto my PC, so I could monitor it without her phone. This would be risky, as she could discover my unauthorised session, end it and again take extra precautions. But then I found that she had put in an additional password on it, which I couldn’t crack.
I managed to acquire a small mini camera that I could hide in the living room, to see what was going on at home while I was at work. And realising that this could be useful I put in an order for a second one.
I then realised I had a spare phone that I had loaned to her a while back that was now no longer in use but still logged onto her Apple ID along with most of her apps, except for telegram and WhatsApp which can only be active on a single mobile device at a time. I went through her ride hailing services receipts and started discovering travel to this particular location in town which she had no reason to be. Digging deeper I found more and more of these trips. They weren’t specific to a single drop off but they were all in a general vicinity of this area which had some kind of “love hotels” which allowed for a room for a 2 hours. All of these trips happened during while I was working shifts, and the ones that had a return trip, seemed like she stayed in the area for about 2-3 hours.
I’ve finally had it at this point, but again, confronting her with just this might make her just brush it aside and she might find an excuse or another for it. I decide that it was time fore to break into her telegram and get the chat on the desktop version on my computer.
Her telegram was password protected when trying to set up a session on another machine, so in a move of desperation, without being able to crack the password, I simply removed it, since that only required an OTP to be sent to her mobile device which I could easily get while she was sleeping. (For those who want to do something like this, once you’ve done so, give it a couple a minutes, since telegram in its own chat will notify you of changes to your account, I deleted these messages when they came in and hoped that she would notice them.)
The first day I didn’t discover anything, neither did I on the second day, probably because it was my day off and I was with her. But once I went back to work, she and her AP would start chatting. She was only careful if it was possible for me to get my hands on her phone, so while she wasn’t with me at home or elsewhere, she just chatted freely with the guy. From the onset there was nothing damning, but they chatted in an overtly familiar way, not something you’d expect of people who were just friends, maybe if they were best friends, but they never pretended to be that close irl. It didn’t take long for the discussion to turn tho. She mentioned me, and how my behaviour has changed to being more attentive and asking more questions, I realised I should have kept my behaviour the same, but either way this didn’t seem to trigger any flags for them. The AP asked how she felt with my sudden curiosity since they weren’t planning anything dodgy recently (this was due to both of them being busy). However they still found time for remote Netflix watching together each day. Usually she’ll work late into the night till 2-3am and usually I’ll try to be asleep by midnight cos usually I have to be up at 6am for work. And since she would be “working” she would just focus on that and not me anyway, so I didn’t see the point to be up. (COVID lockdown really blew work life balance for my wife and she’s hasn’t been able to establish clear boundaries with her workplace, and any suggestions I had to fix this were seen as nagging etc.)
So while she was working she’d watch “perfect match” on Netflix with her AP and they’ll chat on telegram about it, and due to the nature of the show and how the cast are generally morally amibiguous, it encouraged them to be more flirty and explicit in their chat. All this while she was outside watching Netflix with him (even tho he was at home) I was in the room pretending to be asleep while monitoring the chat.
All this while as they were on telegram, I kept taking screenshots to add to the growing pile of evidence I’d already acquired, knowing full well that she’d clear the chat before joining me in bed.
Pretty soon, they started making plans for their next tryst. This time in our house. I figured that I’d have to catch them at the hotel or have to rush there and catch them in the lobby atleast, then planning to meet in our home, while outright disrespectful, would be much more convenient for me.
There was gonna be a house warming at one our friends house and the group would be in attendance, I would be working that night and the few nights after that, so they planned to meet back at our house since I’d be going to work directly from our friends housewarming event.
I took time off work for that night and the night after (in case they changed plans) and planned to catch them in the deed.
At the housewarming I tried to suss out my wife’s AP ex wife to gauge if she was aware or suspicious of anything, but couldn’t manage to have a conversation without risking being overheard. Also I realised I didn’t want to risk giving my plan away in the event that she might tip them off somehow. When it was time for me to go off “work” I went off but instead circled back home.
By this time I had set up a second camera in the bedroom and also managed to find an app that I could run on my iPad to act as a camera as well, which was better as it would alert me whenever there was any movement in its view. But hiding an entire iPad to be discrete was difficult, but I managed. I could have used the spare iPhone that was on my wife’s account but I didn’t want to risk it.
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2023.04.01 06:11 Samra5 28 [M4F] TX/USA - Looking to Become Close To Someone

Hello! I am a 28m currently residing in Texas looking to hopefully meet someone I get along with well and to build a relationship. Someone to share life experiences with and help each-other improve.
I have just recently moved to Texas for work after living in Japan for the last four years and I miss it already. However, I have found a job I really enjoy working in computer security here so its not all bad. I am much more of an introverted type of person at first but once I get comfortable I can talk a lot more. My best traits are my ability to be kind and patient, I am very rarely angry at anything.
My main hobbies are playing/watching competitive video games on PC, traveling and hiking. I enjoy spending most of my time at home and doing all those outdoor activities in bursts mainly. I don’t watch much TV or movies which makes me perfect to receive your recommendations :). Also, I like most music but my main choice is normally post-hardcore/metal.
Physically I am 6’2, white, thinner, and with soon to be gone blonde hair ( not hating bald people will be unfortunately required :b ). I don’t mind sharing a picture I would just prefer to know you are a real person first.
As for what I am looking for is someone that is roughly between 24-30 and lives in the USA. Hopefully you share somewhat similar interests and are willing to communicate to make things work. I don’t have a preference for looks or mind if you struggle with any mental health issues, I am not perfect either. Hopefully we get along well and we can do all those mushy relationship things together :)
Reach out if you are interested~!
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2023.04.01 06:11 BananaDreams [USA-WA] [H] Special edition 3ds consoles, Gamecube manual, LRG Switch games, Fire emblem engage, OLED Switch Scarlet and Violet, Sealed GBC, Switch/GBA/DS/3ds/Vita/Wii/Gamecube/PS5 games[W] Paypal F&F, Panic Playdate

I am only accepting PayPal F&F.
Shipping is not included. Open to bundle offers.
If you have a panic playdate for trade, hit me up on gameswap.
Some 3ds consoles from my collection. Check the pictures of what's included and tried my best to capture any cosmetic damage. Price is firm for single purchase, + $10 for shipping. Bundle discount is available if you purchase a console + some games from my list below.
Nintendo 3DS XL Pokemon X Y Red Limited Edition ($220) - https://imgur.com/a/S4ixIth
New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter 4 Edition ($240) - https://imgur.com/a/ciGBtd9 The volume button is stuck, may need to clear the button to make it work, otherwise there's no other issues except cosmetic wear.
Nintendo 3DS XL Retro NES Edition ($240) - https://imgur.com/a/jxpaHl7
New Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy ($300) - https://imgur.com/a/uWWHhmg
Nintendo 3ds Xl Pokemon X Y Blue Limited Edition ($440) - https://imgur.com/a/3JY7Yh4

$175 Shantae: half genie hero, pirate curse, risky revenge director's cut, slipcover Selling as a bundle, all sealed PS5
$40 Cthulhu Save Christmas Sealed PS5
$55 River city girls Sealed PS5
$75 Uncharted golden abyss Sealed, small tear at the back PS Vita
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$420 + shipping Nintendo switch OLED scarlet and violet Brand new, box has minor shipping damage Switch console

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Adam's venture origins - $30
Creature in the well (sealed) - $50
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Disgaea 5 Japanese version with English - $45
Doom 64 - $40
HOA (pax west exclusive variant with sunflower seeds, sealed) - $100
HOA (sticker residue from gamestop) - $30
Knights And Bikes limited run (sealed) - $45
Oxenfree (no game, just case and manual) - $35
Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu (loose) - $35
River city girls (Asia version with English support) - $60
Salt and sanctuary (sealed, drowned tome edition) - $140
Sniper elite 4 (sealed) - $35
Super bomber man R (PAL) - $15
Towerfall bestbuy edition (sealed) - $40
Tiny Barbarian launch edition CIB - $20
World end's club deluxe edition bestbuy cover (sealed) - $40

No case:
Bubble Bobble 4 Friends (minor damage on the cartridge covert art) - $30
Lego Marvel Super Heroes - $25
Star Wars: Jedi Knights II: Jedi Outcast - $30

Trading cards

Super rare games
- The lions song sealed pack $10
- Mundaun sealed pack $10
- Last day of June sealed pack $10

Gamecube manual only

Warioware $30
Mario Party 5 - $25
F zero gx - $25
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2023.04.01 06:10 Sir-Bruncvik Zoo teaching orangutan how to be a mom

Story of Zookeeper Teaching Orangutan to Nurse Her Baby
I understand what they were trying to do but I think they could have come up with a better solution. Could they have just had another mother orangutan come in and have them sit in front of the cage and show the other orangutan how to do it? 🤷🏻‍♂️
I know orangutans are born kinda “blank slate” and learn visually by watching others do something first in order for them to pick it up whether it’s how to crack coconuts, how to climb, etc. However the idea of using humans and subjecting them to such indignity of having to bare their flesh to a captive wild animal, even if they volunteer to do it, to me that is not something I would condone. There was a similar issue with Francine Patterson and the signing gorilla Coco in which three of her assistant handlers were threatened with termination of employment to expose their breasts so Coco could compare anatomy? But maybe this kind of thing is routine for primatologists ? I dunno 🤷🏻‍♂️
And before anyone starts attacking me, NO I am not a primatologist I simply enjoy reading about, reading reports and watching footage from field studies, and learning about primates and animal behavior as a hobby. So just wanna make that clear that I am not privy to the methods and practices used in caring for primates, and that my opinions stem from that inadvertent ignorance. Thank you 🤓🐒🦍
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2023.04.01 06:10 Soggy_Helicopter8589 [NoP] Hunter of hunters 17

Thanks all for reading! Sorry this chapter took longer than expected, but I didn't know where to stop, so this chapter is a little bit bigger than usual, I hope you all enjoy it!
Thanks to u/Frame_Late for my new profile picture, sadly the mods deleted the image from the main sub because they thought that it was a random image, but you can see it in his profile
Also, sorry for any mistakes, Im not an english speaker
And of course this is a fanfic from a story from u/SpacePaladin15, and the story is The Nature of Predator
Also, here is the whole NoP universe
(First) (Prev) (Next)
Memory transcription subject: Halai, ex-cattle prisoner N° 240524
Date [standardized human time]: November 13, 2136
As the demon ordered, I stood up and once again began pushing myself up the tube, and same as before, once I was probably halfway in there, every wall around me began pushing me upwards
Soon I felt how I entered his mouth once again, but unlike last time where I stopped there, I now passed through the terrifying saw-like teeth to get to the exterior
It was very cold, very different from the inside of the demon. Now I was cold and somewhat wet from the saliva of the demon, fortunately I heard the cracking of fire and I felt his warmth
But now, I was scared, not of dying of hypothermia, but from what was behind me
Something pushed himself around me, for some moments I thought that the demon had pounced me, but fortunately it seemed that it was only a blanket of some kind
"Well, I think you are dry" The demon said removing the blanket, then another blanket surrounded me, but unlike the one before that was white with dark spots, this one was silvery "That's a thermal blanket, it will keep you warm"
After that I heard footsteps from behind me, they were heavier than any creature that I had heard… Well, considering that he could eat me whole and without problem that would mean that he was huge
I fearfully closed my eyes as I heard the demon pass beside me. Then it sat down probably in front of me besides the fire
My muscles tense at the noise, my mind accelerates and my body began to pump even more fear chemicals through my veins
Fortunately, it wasn't the growl of the demon, but my own stomach
"Oh yeah, you will be hungry, tell me, you eat plants, like, any kind?" The demon asks such a stupid question, of course I can! Normal people eat plants
"Well, the only thing here is either frozen grass or leaves from the trees. If you can't eat those, I can create some pastes"
"L-leaves?" I ask mentally kicking myself, after all, I just asked a preda-
"Okay, wait a moment" Eh?
I can hear the demon standing up and then giving some steps. Then I heard the crack of branches being torn apart
"Here, take" The demon said
Without much else to do I opened my eyes slowly while looking at the ground, I could then see the sharp claws of the demon under a white cloth of some kind
I wanted to scream and run, but unlike before where the walls were visible, now they were invisible
Without fur or a warmth source I would die in minutes, so I had to bite my own tongue if I wanted to live
I looked a bit higher finding a whole branch being offered by sharp metal claws
My paws slowly grabbed the branch hoping not to trigger the instincts of the demon, then after his claws were free he grabbed another branch and sat down relatively far away from the fire
I didn't dare to look at his eyes, last time I looked at a predator's eyes I almost lost mine. Apparently that was supposed to be a defining gesture and the gray that I had looked at didn't like it. The only reason that I survived was because the demon feasted on someone else's corpse recently
The noise of branches being broken caught my attention. Not having a death wish I began eating slowly my own leaves
They were decently, especially after eating that tasteless kibble that the grays gave us for so long
Still curiosity got the better of me, and discreetly I stole a small glance at the demon in front of me
And to be honest, it wasn't what I expected
If my blurry memories served me well, the demon was supposed to be black as the night with red glowing eyes
But now? He was dressed in some kind of white clothes with a white mask that looked like a skull. I guess it made sense, after all, a black mass in a white forest stood out
But what caught my attention was what he was doing
Confused, I looked at him. He was bigger than even the gray that was about to eat me not so long ago. But the interesting part was what was eating
Despite being a predator, he was eating the branch. Not only the leaves, but the whole branch, wood included, and it was doing it with those sharp teeth designed to eat meat with surprisingly ease
But something else that I noticed was that it was a machine
A predatory machine
The nightmare only found in movies that didn't wanted to use the grays as antagonist, or direct antagonists was now sitting just before me
The thing ate in relative silence being the noise of the branches breaking under the power of those jaws,
the only noise
"You aren't eating" It said once again without moving his mouth "You can't eat it?" It asked turning his head to a side "Oh, wait, I didn't saw the tag" The thing stood up once again and began walking towards me
I froze as he passed me to be in my back, during that moment a sharp-flat tail passed by me at eye level
"Let me just…" The thing spoke softly behind my ear. I just stood there waiting for the blow
A metallic noise broke through the silence and with my side vision I could see the tag of my prisoner number that was connected to my ear through a metallic ring was now gone
The familiar weigh of my ear was now gone
"This is yours, you can toss it if you want" It said, giving me the tag in my paw "... So… Can you eat that or..?" It spoke softly, he then sighed and sat down "You should really eat"
I couldn't respond, I was frozen in fear by just looking at him
The thing eyed me through the tinted dark glasses that his mask had. But after some moments where we both looked at each other, he sighed once again before standing up
"Eat, if you didn't finish that once I return, I will be mad" The voice wasn't no longer trying to be gentle, but now it released his true form
Fortunately it left walking to the frozen forest and soon enough I lost complete visual of him, and to be honest, I didn't know if it was more terrifying to see the monster than not seeing it but knowing it was close

Memory transcription subject: Leon, UN "Jackal" special forces
Date [standardized human time]: November 13, 2136

After I left Halai behind, I dropped to the ground mentally exhausted
"What even am I doing?" I asked to no one
My mind wanted just to go to sleep, but I knew I couldn't. I had to watch out for Halai, even though he's terrified of me…And I thought that the camouflage clothes would help… Well in that case I don't this much clothes to cover me
I took off the hood that covered the back of my head and my antennas. Now I had a new camera available, I also let my colorful antennas to the exterior, and finally the fox tail that I had hooked under the camera so it didn't stood in the way, was now once again free
I began eating the branch that I took from the tree. It's leaves looked very similar to the pine trees that were in earth, but they were different, I couldn't pinpoint what, but it was
The reason that I was eating not only the leaves, but the wood too was because it gave me some biomass fuel, not nearly half as much as meat would, but it would be enough as long as I didn't do much moving or doing stuff in general
But now with the problem where I have an alien who's life dependeds of me, and at the same time, it's completely terrified of me…
I could try getting his trust… But how? Hmmm, well for starters I should patch the wound on the back of his head, the poor bastard had a very deep and nasty wound
I didn't do it before because I was scared that he wouldn't trust me, and I didn't want to sedate him
Well, he has no other choice, either he trusts me with that nasty wound, or he's getting into forced coma with sedatives
I could definitely keep him in my medbay unconscious while I feed him through his veins or with a tube going directly to his stomach
But that was something that I didn't want to do… But if it was something that I had to, then so be it

Now, it's going to be 3 months in this frozen hell hole, 3 months that I have to take care of him… Why did I even brought him with me anyway? Wasn't his species going to be rescued soon anyway?

Bah, what's done is done. Now I have to make sure he doesn't die
Food it's easy, if he's able to eat leaves then that's covered, if not, I will have to feed him through tubes from my medbay… Still, don't know if I have that much supply anyway
Then the next problem is water… We are surrounded by fucking snow, well, I will have to melt it, it's bad to eat a lot of raw snow if I remember well
Hmmm, my torch still has some ammo, so for now fire isn't a problem… The problem would be 'Where?' Where could I melt it?
I don't have a canteen nor somewhere to boil things… Yeah, he will have to get it through me, but how?
Well, my saliva is basically lube, it's something that can be eaten, and because it's a majority of water, he could get water from it… But I won't be spitting in his mouth anytime soon… So that's a last resort
Oh! I have 2 systems to refrigerate my internal components, the first one is the standard one, and the second one is the liquid one
I use a special liquid through a system of tubes through my whole body in case that I can't use air to cool myself down, for example this would be used in space where there isn't air, or in dust storms where sand gets everywhere. And as a bonus, it practically renders the federation flamethrowers as nothing more than 'bright smoke'
The liquid obviously isn't drinkable, but I don't think that I would be using this system anytime soon, so a good option is to replace the cooling liquid with snow, then use the little heat that I have to melt it down
Fortunately because this wasn't supposed to be used like that, the entry and exit point of the liquid was my tail, so every time Halai needs to drink, he won't need to enter my medbay, unfortunately because it isn't supposed to work like that, fill it with snow will be a pain in the ass
Also, because it's water, I will have to keep the system 'on' constantly so it doesn't becomes ice
Oh, I finished eating, well, let's check how Halai is doing
After walking the way back, I could see him eating the leaves of the branch that I gave him, but I could see and hear him sob uncontrollably, silent sobs that I could hear clear as day
He also looked all around constantly in every bite
That might be my fault, after all, I've just recently threatened him with me 'getting mad'. Obviously I wouldn't be, I've just used that so he ate. But I didn't took on account that despite how adorable he looks, he isn't a child, and I'm a Jackal
God dammit, well… I will wait a little so he finishes. In the meantime I will check what I have on me
>Arm bandages
>Survival kit
>Twin plasma pistols
>Repair kit
>1 Jackal MRE
>Four extra plasma cells
>Shoulder armor
Hmmm, well, I've got something at least…
The Jackal MRE it's something that only jackals can eat, that's because of the high amount of stuff that's in there, some of them are even poisons, but thanks to my robotic body I'm able to eat it without problems. And yes, it tastes like shit. I thought that there wasn't any worse food than the one the school gave us in 4th grade. But whoever created this piece of shit had done it
Congratulations asshole
Now, my survival kit has a manual flashlight, pen and notebook, watch, compass, Whistler, knife and a long rope
Meanwhile my repair kit has my torch and a few tools. Something very simple but that can help me do some emergency repairs. Okay, now how do I deal with putting water in my tail?

Oh, I've got an idea!
I open my med bay and with the knife I take a plastic tube that’s used in case I need to exchange the ones that I have equipped
With a small and quick bite I cut a small part, then I placed it in the relatively small hole from where the liquid is inserted. Fits like a glove. Obviously I wouldn’t be able to put much snow through that tube, but it will help Halai to drink like it was a bottle
Now, I take another tube part and this time bigger, this time with some heat and my hands I would expand the tube until it becomes a cone where I can stuff more snow more easily
Sadly the fire is with Halai and I don’t want to use my torch, so without much else to do, I grab my things and I walk towards him
He immediately after noticing me begins eating faster than before
“Relax, I won’t do anything” I say walking past him
I sat down by the fire and I immediately began heating the tube and with my claws i began expanding it slowly so it doesn't break, from time to time I stop this process so my claws don’t stuck with the hot plastic
Once I finish I get something that resembles an cone, it’s very crude, but it will help
“Come” I say to Halai who has been looking at me the whole time unblinking “I said come” I order while extending my clawed hand to him
As much as I don’t want to be like this, talking like my drill sergeant is the only thing that can take him out of his trance
Shaking from fear he stands up and slowly walks to me
"I won't do any harm, I'm going to check that wound"
Halai hesitates, but after some moments he finally grabs my clawed hand. As gentle as I can, I close my hand while I pull Halai towards me
Eventually he's right in front of me, even though I'm sitting, I still tower over him a little, still, I don't want to have him standing all the time, so I retract my legs until I'm sitting with my left leg over the right one
"Sit down" I say, he's in the space in between my legs, so I wait until he sits in on-
"Sit on my leg" I say as I see Halai began sitting on the cold ground, he once again hesitates, but eventually he sits "Turn around" I say
Once Halai turned I began evaluating the wound
And for 'evaluating' I mean let one of the AI do all the work
The wound is closed thanks to a thin string, but whoever did it, did an awful… Well, he was supposed to become a snack, so as long as he didn't bleed at the moment would work
Obviously I wasn't planning on eating him too… Well, in a lethal way at least. So to prevent any infection nor any more bleeding I would have to cut the string and sew back
Without much else to do, I grabbed Halai through the arms so he doesn't move with my lower arms
"Don't move, I need to sew"
"Your wound will infect with this awful sews" That seems to silence Halai, and because he isn't struggling I open my medbay. For something so simple I wouldn't have to get him fully inside, even though it's the best way to heal him
Halai's heart goes up quickly, but surprisingly he isn't resisting my grasp, so to end this quickly and not stress him more I began by the most important part of all, anesthesia
From my medbay several small arms that are connected to all kinds of medical equipment appear, and from one of them, the anesthesia one injects its contents in Halai's neck

Okay, let's do this
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2023.04.01 06:10 SkylerChann F4A SOL

F4A SOL Hello lovelys I have been super lonely of late and really want to feel butterflies. Haha lame I know. I do like cliché.. haha l'm a dork oh l'm also in EST time if that matters. I have a decently open squedual and I don't sleep My character will be a very shy and rather introverted girl who would rather watch movies qat home with her stuffed animals rather than go out. I'd like your character to be the opposite if possible. write between 100-350 words on average in 3rd person Quality over quantity for responses. I understand sometimes you can't get 2 paragraph response I usually use discord but reddit is fine too! Any one is welcome no matter what. I love you all. I don't know the story yet since I don't know your character. Also I don't know setting. But l'm open to your ideas too. This is as much. I do have a couple ideas. Maybe you are the school's sports star and I tend to keep to my self. Then something happens that causes us to start to bond. Hope to hear from you soon If you have any questions please ask. This is as much my roleplay as yours! Hope to hear from you soon Stay safe lovelys it's a a big big world out there
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2023.04.01 06:09 littlesnuglet Breaking News: Amazon Acquires AMC and Regal

In a major move, Amazon has officially acquired two leading cinema chains, AMC and Regal, for an undisclosed amount.
As part of the deal, Amazon will take over all the operations of both cinema chains across the United States, including over 1,000 cinemas in total. This marks a significant expansion of Amazon's reach in the entertainment industry and will allow the company to have greater control over film distribution and screening.
The acquisition comes at a time when cinemas have been struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many shutting down temporarily or permanently. However, Amazon sees this as an opportunity to transform the cinema experience and bring it into the 21st century.
"We're thrilled to be adding AMC and Regal to the Amazon family," said Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.” "We believe that the cinema industry has tremendous potential, and we're excited to explore new ways to enhance the customer experience and offer even more entertainment options." “While I can not mention specifics at this time, I can say I have two concepts I have planned for the theater experience. The first is to make the pinstripe suit worn by Nicole Kidman, the standard uniform for all cast members. Second, a movie quotes monologue by Nicole Kidman.”
It is still unclear what specific changes Amazon plans to make with the two cinema chains, but they have already hinted at introducing new technologies and services to improve the overall cinema experience. This could include virtual reality and interactive features, as well as new ways of ordering concessions and tickets.
While the deal has been met with mixed reactions, many are optimistic about the future of cinema under Amazon's ownership. Only time will tell how this acquisition will transform the industry, but one thing is for sure: movies will never be the same again.
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2023.04.01 06:08 alfsuperfan This is 13 pages long. This is my entire story.

Finding this subreddit has been so therapeutic and validating for me. I’m 26, married to the love of my life (32M) with the most amazing 5yo stepdaughter.
Reading all of your stories has inspired me to sit down and type out my own. I must warn you, there are times when I am the villain. Buckle up. This is a small novel.
If we start at the very beginning, my DH began dating HCBM (33) when they were very young in their early 20s. Shortly into their relationship it became clear to DH that she was struggling with very severe alcoholism. I cannot even begin to write out all of the stories I have heard from DH about her alcoholism. He was very young, didn’t have a positive model for a healthy relationship as a child. He believed he could help HCBM. They were extremely on and off together for almost 7 years. Every time he’d try to break up with her she would weasel her way back in. She would go as far as showing up at his family events because she had his family wrapped around her finger (don’t worry, that changed. Read on.) She almost drank herself to death several times. The police in her town know her by name and recognize her car because her family has had to call in for welfare checks so many times. She’s had bits where she’s gone missing for several hours. Been listed as a missing person. Had the police ping her phone. I’ve read the police reports myself.
Where do I even begin with her family? Her parents are extremely proud. They own two businesses in their small town. They’re the kind of people who are very obsessed with image and making people think they’re wealthy. HCBM started drinking when she was 16. Her parents would deal with her problem by sweeping it under the rug and hiding it. They cared more about their pride than getting her the help she needed. When they were together, my DH was often the one who would drive her to AA meetings. HCBM didn’t like AA because she felt she was above the other people there. Her family now despises my DH, and weaves a narrative that she drank because of her toxic relationship with him. Though her drinking problems existed long before and after their relationship.
I’ll share a few stores in particular with the goal of establishing the absolute delusion that HCBM feeds to anyone who will listen about my DH.
There was one evening where they were at my DH’s uncle’s house in the city. The thing about HCBM is that you never saw her drink until she was drunk. She’d sneak in a bathroom or what have you to drink. DH and HCBM got into some kind of argument and she ran off into the city late at night. DH spent several hours driving around the city searching for her until he finally found her in a bar, making out with a random guy. He said “you can take her home tonight” and left. Several hours later in the wee hours of the morning, HCBM stumbled back to the uncle’s house, wasted and crying.
Another occasion, DH was at work and HCBM was at his apartment (she did not live there) and went to hang out with his upstairs neighbors who were girls. She got drunk with them. When DH got home, he tried to explain to his neighbors that she had a problem and shouldn’t be drinking…. They said “don’t control her! That’s manipulative”. DH went back downstairs, HCBM followed, and they fought. She ran back to the neighbors crying and the girls stormed down into his apartment saying “What did you do to her? What did you do to her?!”
A different time HCBM was drunk she had locked herself in DH’s roommate’s room. He was trying to explain to her that she needed to come out, that it wasn't his room and she couldn’t be in there. HCBM called DH’s mom (now my MIL) and began wailing “he’s doing it again, he’s being crazy again!” God knows what she was talking about. Eventually DH called HCBM’s dad who came to pick her up. HCBM’s dad dragged her by her arm down the stairs rather roughly, and DH got upset, like “hey I get that she is drunk and being a problem but you can’t manhandle her like that” so HCBM’s dad responded my shoving DH up against a wall and holding his arm to his throat.
Shall I go on? There are dozens more. The worst is yet to come.
Anyways, about four years into their relationship, after multiple incidents of infidelity on her part, DH started chatting with other women sporadically. He says he knew it was wrong, but he thought if he could show himself there were other women out there who could make him happy, other stable relationships he could be in, he might be able to get away from HCBM. It was about five years into their relationship that DH actually cheated. And so begins HCBM’s favorite narrative, that DH was an awful, unsupportive unfaithful partner who drove her to drinking because he was so shady. She will never, ever consider the fact that my DH to this day is traumatized from their relationship. He’s been in therapy several times and every single therapist identifies her as a narcissist.
Several years ago when DH and I met I was in college. We had an on and off fling for a while on the coattails of him trying to end it with HCBM once and for all after over six years stuck in a cycle. I think my DH made poor decisions, dumb even. But I sympathize with the trauma bond he was stuck in with this woman, and how difficult it was for him to cut ties with someone who would go to great lengths to insert herself in his life, and with the pressure of his family saying he should be with her. He cut things off with me and fell back in with HCBM. Lo and behold… HCBM gets pregnant. This may be shocking…. But it was not a good situation to be bringing a baby into. HCBM was 28 at the time. She was (and still is) working for her mom at the business she owns because she had gotten fired from every other job for showing up drunk. A side note, her mom owns a gymnastics center where she is a teacher. My DH has told me about several times her mother would text him to come pick her up because she’d shown up drunk. Her mom would get her out of there and just sub in another instructor to cover her ass. Anyways, DH was terrified. However, DH grew up without a father, so there was no way he wasn’t going to be involved in his child’s life. It is an impossible thing to talk about in hindsight because I love my SD so dearly, she turns mine and DH’s world. But DH told HCBM to terminate initially. And to be fair, he was right. It was not a stable situation to bring a child into. Would I reverse time and change anything? Never in a million years.
As you may have guessed, HCBM decided to keep the baby. She repeatedly told DH that if he left, he would not see his child. DH was stuck and miserable. During her pregnancy, while HDBM was parading about as if they were this cute happy couple, DH began to miss me. He realized he had real feelings for me, and he reached out. I loved him the moment I met him, so I was thrilled. I’ll keep this part concise; DH began cheating on HCBM with me, and I knew. It was an ugly decision on both of our parts. Despite how much I loathe HCBM, she is a person. She did not deserve that. DH and I are both pretty ashamed about our choices back then. I’ll go into detail later about how both DH and I have tried to atone for our actions.
When she was about 7 months pregnant, HCBM caught on and contacted me. Those conversations are forever burned in my mind. She said some of the most disconnected, ridiculous shit I’ve ever seen. She was obsessed with the image she was trying to portray to everyone about her life. I’ll never forget one conversation where we were discussing their daughter’s impending arrival… I had said something along the lines of “do you think it’s wise to bring a child into this situation,” and she said “I have lots of help. I’m old enough.”
“I’m old enough.”
Like she’s a kid trying to convince her parents to let her stay out past midnight.
DH and I broke things off before SD arrived. I was heartbroken, but let’s be real, that was a mess. An entire mess.
Still, HCBM thought it was just a brilliant idea for her and DH to move in together. So her parent’s rented them a house in their small town…. DH kept paying the rent on his apartment the city about 45 minutes away. DH has told me how miserable their relationship was, and HCBM knew all about his affair with me. But like I said, she was desperately trying to create this pretend life for herself.
SD arrives, a day I am so glad to celebrate each year. She is truly the joy of my life. DH cried more than she did. He was instantly in love with his baby girl.
About three weeks later, HCBM is back on the bottle.
DH told me about how he’d come home from work and find her drunk. She’d grab the baby and lock herself in a bedroom and cry. DH feared for his child’s safety.
HCBM was only able to breastfeed for a month or so because she stopped producing milk due to heinous dieting. She was obsessed with getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight. She would eat only miso soup for days on end. This poor relationship to food comes into play later. HCBM’s mother was always over at the house. Cleaning up, buying them things. Contributing to the facade.
DH was severely depressed. He continued to stay with HCBM to monitor her drinking and watch out for his daughter. They got to a point where DH would sleep on the couch. One night DH came home and HCBM was drunk again with SD in her care. DH called her parents who came rushing over to remedy the situation as they always do. Shortly after they arrived, HCBM had slumped over on the couch and became unresponsive. An ambulance was called. DH says it was one of his most traumatic memories holding his baby daughter watching the EMT’s resuscitate her mother wondering how he would raise this girl on his own.
After a hospital stay, HCBM returned home and her parents ordered pizza and put on a movie and pretended as if nothing had happened. That was the routine. When DH expressed his anger, his justifiable concern for what was going on, HCBM’s parents treated him as though he was the problem, he was an asshole for bringing it up and blaming her.
It wasn’t long after this, SD must’ve been around eight months old that HCBM was on a binge and DH returned home from work to find the house empty. He frantically began calling people to locate SD when HCBM’s parents informed him that she was with them, and that HCBM had crawled out a window and was missing. A missing person’s report was filed. HCBM’s father told police to check ditches and park benches, as she could often be found there. She turned out to be at some random man’s house, and was located about 36 hours later.
DH was at the end of his ropes. He took the police report and lawyered up secretly.
Here’s a fun new component to the story, remember how I said that DH had began sleeping on the couch? In said police report, it is documented that DH and HCBM were not in a relationship and were merely roommates. Because that was the situation. Behind the scenes, HCBM had met the man of her dreams. Let’s call him PF….. for psycho fiance. Yes, they’re engaged now. We’ll get to that part. PF randomly messaged HCBM on facebook and they began talking. PF was a recovering alcoholic in his 30s with no driver’s license due to a DUI.
Now, recall when HCBM was missing? Her parents searched through her facebook accounts to try and locate her and found her messages with PF, they explained their daughter’s drinking problem and asked PF if she may be with him. She was not. They had not even met yet. But PF thinks this woman who clearly has severe personal issues is just the cream of the crop. He decides to take her out to lunch. By the end of their lunch date, he is love-bombing the daylights out of her. Calling her his wife, his galaxy, all of this grandiose crap.
Two weeks after they met, PF got HCBM’s name tattooed on him. While DH was trying to sort out a plan of action with his lawyer…. HCBM informs him that he has to move out so that PF can move in because he will soon be without a place to live. She wants to invite this man she’s known for three weeks to live with her and her baby daughter. I’ve seen the message she sent to DH, it reads, “I know it seems fast but I know in my heart that he is so good.” HCBM’s parents are thrilled.
Less than a week after PF had moved in and DH was out, the ex parte motion was filed. DH was granted full emergency custody of SD until a hearing could be held. HCBM did not see SD for nine days… and of course, DH was the villain for this.
At the hearing. DH was awarded majority custody, with HCBM being allowed one overnight a week. PF was not permitted to be present when SD was there for overnights until CPS could investigate.
Now, HCBM’s parents funneled money for lawyers, rent, utilities, basically any adult expense HCBM needs is taken care of by her parents. DH did not have the same luxury. He was working himself to death as a single dad trying to pay for his lawyer while the court battle ensued. Almost two months later, DH contacted me. We hadn’t spoken in close to a year. I was off living my own life almost halfway through college. DH just needed someone to talk to about it, and still had very strong feelings for me. I was a shoulder for him to lean on.
We began hooking up, with no real intention to enter into a relationship. I met SD and would watch her while he was at work. There was an obvious deep love between DH and me, but the circumstances were just so insane. Plus, HCBM despised me, and was weaving stories to the court about how DH was an emotionally abusive partner, a narcissist and the reason for all her drinking.
DH and I did not want the drama of HCBM knowing I was around. Since we were operating under the guise that this was just an indulgence and would end at some point, we kept our interactions a secret.
Then, the universe must’ve thought we were owed some karma for what we did during HCBM’s pregnancy. I was diagnosed with ADHD at age five and have had a prescription for stimulants since a very young age.
One morning I awoke and heard what sounded like tiny wretching from the other room. My medication had spilled out in the bottom of my purse as the safety cap was screwed on crooked. SD was playing on the floor and digging around in my purse. DH noticed her putting something in her mouth, realized it was my medication and immediately ran into the bathroom and began making her puke.
I called poison control who instructed us to bring her to the hospital. She seemed relatively normal, a bit dazed maybe. We called the ER to let them know we’d be arriving. We got there and they stuck charcoal down her throat, drew blood, the whole ordeal.
I brought my medication bottle with me to give to the nurses so they knew what she had ingested and to prove it was a legally obtained prescription. I was frantic and bawling, a nurse comforted me and told me that ingestions are extremely common and we had done the right thing by bringing her in.
SD had an elevated heart rate, was fussy and stressed. She was administered medication to help lower her heart rate and as a result had to be admitted to be monitored. The blood tests came back with extremely minimal amounts of my meds in her system, but it was protocol that she be monitored after the medication was given to regulate her heart. If you’re feeling anxious, I’ll add that SD is perfectly healthy and happy, she fully recovered and did not suffer any seizures or damage to her brain/liver etc. which were the primary concerns with this ingestion.
Since she was being admitted, HD had to inform HCBM. I had told him he should tell her immediately, but he did not want to deal with her reaction or her family arriving. I think this was a poor decision on his part. As flawed a person as she is, I do know that HCBM loves SD very much, and I can sympathize with her wanting to be informed if her daughter was being seen at the hospital.
HCBM and her family arrived, I had left to avoid the fallout and gather some things for DH to drop off while he stayed at the hospital with SD. Naturally, HCBM was in a blind rage that she had not been contacted immediately. She demanded that the CPS worker who was mandated to check in because of the ingestion file a report of negligence. The CPS worker declined, saying that there was no negligence to report. That evening, security was called to remove HCBM from the hospital because she was screaming at DH in the pediatric wing. She was told she could return on her custody day.
I went to visit DH and SD the next day, she was back to her old self and able to go home. We were nowhere near prepared for what was about to ensue.
HCBM had weaved a story that I was addicted to drugs, and that whatever I was doing had to have been in a plastic bag in my purse or how else would SD have gotten into it? HCBM and her lawyer filed an ex parte motion. Now I’m sure most of you are familiar with the workings of family court, but for those of you who aren’t; and ex parte motion is an emergency motion. It is a piece of paper laid in front of a judge. The details can be as vague or exaggerated as the writer pleases them to be, and it is not until a hearing is scheduled can anything be disputed.
HCBM and her lawyer claimed that SD had ‘overdosed’ on stimulant drugs and conveniently failed to mention that they were a legal prescription. More than that, ‘overdose’ was a completely sensationalized description of what had occurred, and not a term used at all by any of the medical professionals nor was it included anywhere in her chart of the incident. SD never lost consciousness. There was never a point where doctors were in fear for her life. But the judge sees what is put before them and signs off with the limited information they are given.
When HD filed an ex parte motion against HCBM, the hearing was scheduled for nine days later. When HCBM filed an ex parte motion against DH, the hearing was scheduled over two months later.
This was the worst time period in DH’s life. He attempted suicide. He lost an insane amount of weight. He sold beloved possessions to pay his lawyer. He did not have custody of his daughter and HCBM allowed him rare visits in public places once or twice a week.
But ah, how the tables turn.
A month before the hearing on the ex parte motion, HCBM got a DUI with SD in the car. Her driving was so ballistic, someone had called in her car. She was arrested. I could go into detail about the bullshit-ery of her and her family I read in the police report from that, but there is still so much ground to cover.
CPS notified DH of the DUI. HCBM and her lawyer told DH’s lawyer they wanted to settle custody outside of court before the ex parte hearing.
DH was exhausted. He was broke. He just wanted his daughter back. He settled with HCBM on 50/50 custody. This is perhaps the greatest regret of his life. The GAL at the meeting even told DH he didn’t have to do this, that he could fight her and probably get more custody. But DH was a shell of a person at this point. He was in debt. He was exhausted.
Mere days after they settled he checked himself into an inpatient mental health facility for treatment. He and I were in touch every once in a while throughout that entire time, but had ended our romantic relations after the ex parte was filed. I was more of a confidant and friend, but he had drifted apart from everyone in his life and I was focused on school.
The day that DH left inpatient, PF messaged him to tell him that HCBM had slipped up and drank again. Saying, “she just has such a big heart, this is so difficult for her.” DH suspects that she had gotten herself into another nearly lethal situation or gone missing and PF was hoping to do damage control by contacting him rather than him finding out another way.
So 50/50 custody it was. Nine months later, HCBM gave birth to her and PF’s son. I’m not sure of any exact dates but judging by the date of that message and the birth of the baby there is a high change HCBM was drinking while unknowingly pregnant.
For the DUI, HCBM was sentenced to 40 days in jail while pregnant with her son. It was a work release program. Since she worked for her mom, she worked as many hours as she possibly could. Her mom would pick her up from prison with her phone and her makeup so she could hide what was going on from her coworkers and the community. DH would bring SD to the gymnastics center to visit her. She had an IED put into her car when she was released, meaning she had to blow into a breathalyzer to get her car to start.
DH and I would check in every once in a while over the course of the next year. We both dated other people. HCBM of course had issues with DH’s girlfriend he was with for a few months. But things had relatively settled save for the tension and resentment between HCBM and DH.
More than a year had passed since everything transpired and since DH and I were last romantically involved. We began talking more frequently during COVID lockdown and DH admitted he was hopelessly in love with me and wanted to be together. We had a major problem though.
When HCBM and DH were settling on their custody agreement, HCBM insisted I was not to be around SD. If you recall, HD was broke, exhausted, and severely struggling with his mental health. He and I hadn’t seen each other in person in several months, we talked but very infrequently and never of rekindling our relationship in any capacity. So he gave in. As long as he could be done with the nightmare and have his daughter back.
A single sentence in a five-page custody agreement meant that I couldn’t be around SD. I want to specify, this was not a restraining order. I was never served any papers, I would not be punished in any capacity were I to see SD, there was no court record of any kind indicating that I was restricted from seeing a child or was a dangerous individual. DH wouldn’t even lose custody or face any legal ramifications were he to violate that single sentence, it would just mean an official would have to intervene to investigate and ensure the stipulation be adhered to. Still, it would’ve prevented us from having any sort of real relationship. So we filed a motion to have the line removed. I had not seen SD in well over a year and we abided by the order which was exceedingly painful.
The first hearing was before a court commissioner. We came armed with letters of recommendation from friends and family, from the families I had nannied for during college. DH’s family had finally seen the light and turned against HCBM and attended the court hearing, filing the seats.
The court commissioner spent about ten minutes reviewing our plea, and decided this was not a matter of my character or whether I was a threat to SD, but that this was a communication issue between DH and HCBM, and since DH had agreed to this, they needed to work it out between the two of them.
Ha. Like that would ever happen. DH and HCBM began communicating through a court monitored app and attending co parenting counseling while our lawyer filed a motion to bring the issue before a judge and have a GAL and Family Court Worker appointed. As we all know with family court, things move slowly and this we had to wait months to make progress on our case.
Co parenting counseling was fruitless. HCBM is not capable of accountability. She insisted DH was a narcissist because she’d read about narcissism on the internet and she believed she deserved full custody of SD.
A judge appointed a GAL and Family Court Worker to our case. I’ll never forget the relief that day as the judge told HCBM that me being in SD’s life was inevitable at this point. There was no evidence that I was a dangerous person. At one point, our lawyer brought up the language used in HCBM’s ex parte motion all that time ago, pointing out the sensational language used, specifically the term “overdose”. I was shaking when HCBM’s lawyer admitted to the judge that “there was no overdose.” I’ll never forget the sheepish look on that lawyer’s face, or how HCBM’s jaw tightened as she refused to look even a millimeter in my direction.
Everyone met with the GAL and Family Court Worker. Of course HCBM got the earliest appointment possible so she could try to sell her story. When I sat down with the GAL he said “I don’t know why you’re here, to be honest.” But that’s the ridiculous thing about family court, people can just spew this insane shit and it has to be looked into.
Both the GAL and Family Court Worker recommended the line be removed entirely. We still had to wait another month for our hearing for these recommendations to be made to the judge. Over the course of these proceedings, DH and his lawyer (with my consent) had been urging HCBM to attend a co parenting counseling session with me to address her concerns. HCBM of course vehemently refused, actually speaking to me would destroy the picture she had painted and deluded herself into believing about me.
We continued to press the issue though. After the GAL and Family Court Worker’s recommendations were passed on to everyone’s lawyers, it was clear this was not going to go in HCBM’s favor. It could’ve easily been settled outside of court, saved everyone time and money. But that was never going to happen, HCBM was going to go down swinging. Less than two weeks from our final hearing before the judge, HCBM agreed to attend co parenting counseling with me. Both parties signed NDA’s before going into these sessions, they were meant to be mediation for parents to work out their issues and not dig up fodder to toss around in court. A safe place, if you will. DH and I suspected she’d want to attend a session with me so she could fabricate some story about me being awful, or make it seem like she was being reasonable since she’d refused any and all attempts to mediate this issue civilly.
We were correct, but her feeble attempts at control were fruitless and the line was removed. I could see my girl again. Since then, DH and I got married and have been in absolute bliss as a family of three. But of course, the mess with HCBM does not stop there.
DH and I have no idea it HCBM has been drinking or not. We have no proof. She claims she got sober, but she never received any professional help or rehab so that seems doubtful to me. There are a few red flags. She now shares a car with her mother, claiming her car has “been in the shop” for well over a year now. DH explained that when she would go on drinking binges, her parents would take her car away so they could control where she went and monitor her.
We’ve also had the issue of SD not wanting to go to her mom’s house. I have ring video footage of HCBM coming to pick up SD. SD was in hysterics, she ran back in our house several times while HCBM stands annoyed in the driveway. DH sits with her and consoles her, encouraging her and telling her she will have so much fun with her mom and brother. On this particular occasion, it took 45 minutes to get SD to go with her mom. This happened numerous times. DH eventually brought this up to HCBM, expressing his concerns and saying that he wished she would participate in co-parenting their daughter in these situations rather than hiding behind her car. HCBM dismissed him, saying she was a great parent and he was obviously making SD act this way. Give SD an oscar at this point. I can’t even fathom what DH would say to make a five year old act that way.
Eventually, HCBM stopped picking SD up and instead sent her mom to get her. SD has no issue going with her grandmother. A bit suspicious to me that it was specifically her mom that caused such an upset for her.
HCBM is very obsessed with image. She dresses SD in expensive outfits with intricate hairstyles. I should add, expensive outfits that are purchased for her by HCBM’s mother. She has told DH that she is not pleased with how he sends SD to school and has concerns about his ability to parent. He sends her… a 5 year old… to school in leggings and t-shirts like the rest of the 5 year olds in her class. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress SD up when she’ll let me and I have indulged in Rylee and Cru outfits and what not, but the majority of the time SD wears normal kid clothes. She runs and jumps and plays and likes pink and sparkles and tops with her favorite characters on them. We let her pick her crazy mismatched outfits and throw her hair up in a quick bun or braid so it is out of her face. She bathes almost excessively because she loves the bath and is a very well looked after child.
Now, HCBM lost a significant amount of weight after she got together with PF. Her mother is also extremely thin. DH has told me about how they were always doing fad diets, they’d call themselves fat and critique their appearances constantly and clearly did not have a healthy relationship to their bodies or food.
At our home, SD is fed a balanced diet but I try to encourage a positive relationship to her body and food. No food is “good” or “bad,” they simply serve different purposes. For example, carbs give us energy, protein helps us grow, sugar makes us happy, etc. Creating guilt around eating certain types of food can lead to eating disorders, body image issues, I know because I had a poor relationship to food and my body for so long. SD loves fruits and veggies. She also loves chips and candy. She is allowed to indulge in sugar within reason and without guilt. I don’t think it's rocket science, and for us it has had fantastic results. We'll be at a gas station and ask SD if she wants a snack and the kid will want celery. I follow the instagram page “kids eat in color” very closely and when we prepare SD’s meals, the “treat” component is served together with the rest and not withheld until later. This is so SD doesn’t view certain foods as special or more desirable than others, and won’t associate treat foods with this rush of excitement and overwhelming positivity moreso than say chicken nuggets or carrots. When DH sets down her plate to eat, SD rarely if ever reaches for her treat food first. She eats everything on her plate until her body tells her she’s full.
HCBM constantly berates DH about SD eating “healthy.” She criticizes him for getting candy at the movies. Goes off about her having a cup of sugar-free pudding at 11 a.m. On Halloween, SD is allowed two pieces of candy from her trick or treat pile at her mom’s house.
Last Halloween at our house, we dumped all of our candy out in a huge pile and watched a movie. SD ate, I kid you not, four pieces of candy. She didn’t feel the need to binge on all this candy because she knew it wouldn’t be withheld if she asked for more in our home. There is still halloween candy in a bucket in our pantry and we weren’t even out trick or treating for an hour.
HCBM accuses us of “competing” with her. This. Is. Rich. SD loves visiting my parent’s and sometime last fall took a liking to playing my dad’s drumset. Later that week, HCBM bought her a kid-sized drumset. We adopted a kitten, HCBM adopted a kitten. We started playing barbies as a family, HCBM buys a barbie dreamhouse. We planned a weekend trip to a big city a few hours away, HCBM and PF take SD and their son to that city the week before we’re supposed to go. My husband is a Dungeons and Dragons fanatic, and recently he has been making kid friendly campaigns for the three of us to play as a family. SD loves playing dungeons and dragons with her daddy. It has become our family’s thing. The dungeons and dragons movie came out recently and DH and I got tickets for an early screening on a day we didn’t have SD. Who do you think we saw there while we were waiting in line to get popcorn? Their family does not play dungeons and dragons. You’ll be pleased to know that SD came down to sit with us for the last half hour of the movie, PF who had taken her had to give in because they were seated a row behind us and she kept leaning forward to excitedly whisper to DH about the movie.
I have suffered extreme emotional issues due to the abuse from HCBM. I’ve attended therapy specifically to address it. I developed severe social anxiety because HCBM will tell anyone who listens these fictions about me and DH. We live in a small community, one that HCBM and her family have been a part of for a long time and I am constantly afraid people I meet will know them and have these crazy ideas about who I am as a person. The flipside of this is that their family’s reputation is not as positive as they like to think it is, particularly to police in the area. In addition to HCBM’s drunk escapades involving police, her father has a court record pages long for tax fraud.
Thankfully, I work in the city 30 minutes from where we live and that has allowed me to build my own village and have a life untainted by HCBM and her crap. Through lots of work I have been able to establish firm boundaries. I’ve had to restrict HCBM and her friends from my social media accounts after being watched obsessively. HCBM’s mother even went as far as messaging my mother on Facebook to try and say DH is a narcissist and she should be concerned for me. DH and my mom are very close, and my mom was mainly worried about how far these people were going to go to untether my life.
HCBM doesn’t seem to understand the concept of equal guardianship. She views herself as the primary parent and believes she should have access to everything in our lives. This is legally not the case so luckily we’re just able to ignore those demands but it gets taxing.
HCBM’s parents pay for SD’s health insurance so HCBM makes all of her doctor and dentist appointments and acts as though that’s because DH is an uninvolved parent, despite the fact that he has asked to make appointments on his custody days so he could go. I have excellent benefits at my job and could take SD on as a dependent since she resides with us 50% of the time. We haven’t even proposed this idea to HCBM because god knows she would never agree despite the fact that this would probably save her parents a ton of money.
HCBM has SD involved in several activities on her custody days. A bit too many for a five year old in my opinion. Multiple gymnastics and dance classes and soccer. Since HCBM’s parents are always funneling her money and paying her bills they are constantly going out to do expensive activities, weekend trips, shows, you name it. HCBM thinks these things make her a good parent, but I personally don’t think that SD feels as emotionally attached to HCBM as she does DH. DH and I spend a ton of one on one time with SD. We play with her with her toys, we do crafts, we watch movies together. HCBM thinks dropping her off at some expensive activity makes her this stellar mom, but she doesn’t engage in the same level of connection with SD that DH does. HCBM’s parents of course bought them a trip to Disney World last year, and the day they came to pick up SD to leave for the airport she did not want to go. She began crying and insisting she wanted her dad to take her, and that she would miss him too much. What five year old objects to effing Disney World??
We have issues on the horizon with SD attending kindergarten next year. I know a battle will ensue about where she attends. The custody schedule does not give us any weekend time because when it was written, SD was one and DH was working weekends and the days they agreed on coincided with his schedule. This means that when SD attends school in the fall five days a week, we will not get a full day together as a family. DH and I are very nervous about addressing this. We don’t have any desire to change the 50/50 custody, just to adjust the days so that we can have some weekend time with SD. It is likely this issue will end up in court and cost us thousands.
I have had to come to the hard acceptance that this is just how our relationship with HCBM will be, likely forever. I hold on to selfish hope that she may screw up drinking again, but at the end of the day I want what is best for SD which is a healthy and stable mother and I will do whatever I can to encourage a positive relationship for them. At this point we have no proof of her drinking for the past few years. Either she miraculously stopped or her family’s response is just so calculated to protect her from getting into any shit and jeopardizing her custody. If that is the case, that can only go on for so long before SD is old enough to tell us what is happening.
I think that HCBM is deeply insecure and ashamed. I think she needs to make DH and I the villains so she feels better about herself. I think her upbringing has allowed her to shirk any and all accountability, she is surrounded by people who tell her she’s never wrong and she’s this great person and great parent.
I don’t know what the resolution is here. If you have read this far, thank you sincerely. Though I confide in my mom and friends about the situation with HCBM, I keep my venting to a minimum so as not to let her live rent free in my life. I am not going to spend all this energy being pissed at her and her immaturity. I’m not going to give her the satisfaction of getting on my nerves, being the subject of my conversations. I’m not even going to let her think I care enough to trash her to people. But it feels extremely therapeutic to get this all out to a group of people who understand.
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2023.04.01 06:07 thotpatrolofficerr Best Advice a Senior Could Give (based on mistakes and regrets)

(not ranked; each piece of advice is just as important)
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2023.04.01 06:04 SpaceMiaou67 What's this? How come there was absolutely no marketing for this movie?

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2023.04.01 06:04 legos45 Best Gaming Laptops (Updated for April 2023!)

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2023.04.01 06:00 notthatcousingreg Here for the chemistry

I seriously didnt even care about the good vs evil plot. Cassell and Eva Green have such insane chemistry id watch them go grocery shopping. When he dared to play their favorite record in her house in front of her fiance and then actually made moves on her - damn! All throughout the entire show, the small bits here and there, so magnetic. When they finally kissed I cheered. The ending was perfect. I would go see an action movie with these two as an undercover mercenary couple in a heartbeat. Im sad this is over. The reviews werent great so i dont think it will be back, but im hoping they will be cast together in the future.
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2023.04.01 05:56 rwsvitu [for hire] Freelance Web Designer/Developer Redditor for hire. smooth transaction and ready

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2023.04.01 05:55 CaerulusDramal 35 [M4F] AZ/Online: Seeking meaningful friendship, possibly more, with a girl whose libido matches my own. Someone neither super kinky or outwardly slutty, yet understands what it's like to be constantly horny, get off multiple times daily, and still want something as wholesome as it is lewd

(Note - It's always okay to message me, even if this post has been up for a while! After all, M4F posts tend to get very few responses compared to F4M. Feel free to ask about that if you're curious.)
I want to say up front that while I don't want to come off as too forward, I also want to make sure I'm open and honest with what I'm looking for. I realize that this post isn't going to be for everyone, and that it's bound to come off as extremely sexual. But if you really are the sort of girl that's been seen as "too horny" not because you're trying to be a slut, but because your natural libido is just that high, give it a chance, and you might find there's something wholesome mixed in with all that horny.
That said, while this bound to come off as incredibly blunt, I want to be honest, so please, hear me out:
Everyone's natural libido is different, and I know mine is rather high. I wake up feeling horny, I spend most of the day horny, and I often have to tend to my horniness before I head to sleep. It's rare I go a day where I don't get off multiple times, in part because of how quickly I'd feel uncomfortably pent up if I didn't.
And yet it's also probably fair to call myself demisexual. I don't tend to be interested in lewdness with strangers, and I generally don't really like one night stands. I want there to feel like there's some sort of emotional connection. I want to feel like we care about each other on at least some level beyond "hey, I'm horny, you're horny, let's fuck." If I'm going to be lewd with someone, I want us feeling like we're sharing that pleasure with each other, where we both want each other to feel good as much as we want to feel good ourselves.
And so if you're the sort of girl that's horny as fuck all day long damn near every single day without fail, and yet all you really want is a friend that isn't going to consider your sex drive "too much"? Someone who might actually stand a chance of keeping up with you--or at the very least still happily encourage you even if they couldn't--yet still very clearly care about you, and not just what you might offer in bed?
I get it. Fuck, I feel that.
That said, while I want to be open and honest, I don't want to run the risk of coming off as just too damn horny and focused entirely on sex. However, if the entire point is to find the sort of genuine friend that we can both just be our extremely horny selves with, it's probably worth diving at least a bit into lewd interests. After all, depending on what you're into, not doing so could run the risk of... let's say being as if finding a friend for watching movies, only to discover we enjoy none of the same genres... you get what I mean?
It's probably worth getting out of the way that I am 99% a dom, but generally the much more caring, gentle, teasing sort. I've never been the sort to be into degrading partners, so do not expect the "abuse, use, and discard you like the slut you are" type. As for kinks, well... hyper, excessive cum, multiple orgasms, extreme horniness, titfucking, receiving oral, mutual masturbation, cock worship. Most of the hard no's are the "obvious" ones, though the one I know can be pretty hit or miss: I'm not into anal. At all.
Likewise, it's worth mentioning right here and now that I'm a furry, as are most of my friends. You certainly don't have to be a furry yourself, though it would definitely help if you were at least interested and/or curious about the fandom. If you know that furries are a hard no for you, well... I hate to say it, but we probably wouldn't get along.
With that said however, on the more innocent side of things, it would definitely help if you enjoy video games! It would give us something to chat about, and potentially something to do when spending time together that isn't lewd. Most of the gaming I tend to do these days is on PC, though I do also have a Switch, and I have played quite a lot of older console games when I was younger. Hell, even my college degree was in Game and Simulation Programming, so there's definitely a strong interest there.
Also, for the sake of weeding out those that skip the post and only ready the title, do me a favor and mention something about cherries upon saying hello? It can be anything you'd like, even just mentioning the word. But it does really help, because it is unfortunately pretty common for some to read nothing but the title, think "horny guy let's fucking go", and then... entirely miss the mark.
But at this point... I have to imagine that you're still reading, something I said must have spoken to you. And so by all means, I'd be happy to chat and see if we get along. Even a simple "hello" is fine if you're a bit too shy to say more at first.
I would recommend Reddit's chat feature over messages. If we got to talking and you both felt comfortable and wanted to stay in touch, it would be far easier to eventually move to other chat platforms, but that can wait until if and when you're ready.
I look forward to hearing from you~
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2023.04.01 05:54 betterAThalo please make sense of excomunicado for me?

so i know there have been some posts about this but they didn't really answer my question.
after watching John Wick 4 i recently went back to watch John Wick 1.
the main villain guy offers 4 million to anyone who breaks continental rules to kill John.
in future movies we see this will cause you to be excomunicado.
it does not seem that 4 million would be nearly enough to risk going excomunicado right?
was what John was going through with his excomunicado different than a normal excomunicado?
was his so rough because of his huge bounty on his head?
would a normal person who gets excomunicado have the same level of intensity going after them?
if not then what would their punishment look like?
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2023.04.01 05:53 WestonJamson 5 Best Open Subtitles Alternatives to Download Subtitles

5 Best Open Subtitles Alternatives to Download Subtitles
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We will discuss some of the Open Subtitles alternatives below:

Movies Subtitles:

MoviesSubtitles.org is a great resource for finding subtitles for your favourite movies. The site is easy to use and has a wide selection of subtitles available in many different languages. Whether you're looking for subtitles to watch a foreign film or you need subtitles to help you understand a movie that's in a different language, MoviesSubtitles.org is a great place to start your search.


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2023.04.01 05:51 Fear2010 Does India have their own Haunted Attractions, and what are your thoughts about it?

For those who know what I’m talking about, I know it sounds like the wrong time for me to ask that question. But as an American who isn’t a Hindu, It’s a question that I wanna ask you guys if you love watching horror movies and celebrate any holidays that shares common grounds with Halloween. Even if you don’t have something like that or at least similar over there where you walk through a building or a tent with movie quality sets and actors in costumes who pop out of their hiding spots to scare guests, I’d still like to see your thoughts about.
I love going to the Universal theme parks here in the States for Halloween Horror Nights where they do houses that are based on movies and original concepts, which influenced me to write my own haunted house attractions as an on paper type of experience. One of the ideas I written was inspired by the Hindu lore in a respectful way the best I could, and I thought to myself that y’all could do a review to see if I got the accuracy right, and at least made things sense in a way without getting myself too clueless. Even if there’s something you guys find to be a bit overboard, I can make a bit adjustment for a better execution if it were to happen in reality.
I wanna thank you all for having the time to read this post, and looking forward to see your responses cause I think you’ll be impressed with my idea that I written, and how open I am for some corrections.
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2023.04.01 05:50 DarknightM64B I’ve finally caved and decided to watch this show, but I have a few questions

1: should I watch it on netflix? I heard they made it a bit worse, and fly me to the moon doesn’t play during the credits [:(]
So should I find it online? Or is it still watchable on netflix?
2:what order do I watch it in? I know there are a lot of movies, so do I watch the whole series and then the movies? Or is there a cutoff? And what order do I watch the movies in?
Thanks in advance!
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