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2023.03.29 09:41 FreeEmotionalTear Looking for a X song, please help 🥺🙏

I don't remember much from it, but the lyrics went something like this:
Yeah Who am I? Someone that's afraid to let go, uh You decide, if you're ever gonna let me know, yeah Suicide, if you ever try to let go, uh I'm sad I know, yeah, I'm sad I know, yeah Who am I? Someone that's afraid to let go, uh You decide, if you're ever gonna let me know, yeah Suicide, if you ever try to let go, uh I'm sad I know, yeah, I'm sad I know, yeah I gave her everything She took my heart and left me lonely I think broken heart's contagious I won't fix, I'd rather weep I'm lost then I'm found But it's torture bein' in love I love when you're around But I fuckin' hate when you leave Who am I? Someone that's afraid to let go, uh You decide, if you're ever gonna let me know, yeah Suicide, if you ever try to let go, uh I'm sad I know, yeah, I'm sad I know, yeah Who am I? Someone that's afraid to let go, uh You decide, if you're ever gonna let me know, yeah Suicide, if you ever try to let go, uh I'm sad I know, yeah, I'm sad I know, yeah Who am I? Someone that's afraid to let go, uh You decide, if you're ever gonna let me know, yeah Suicide, if you ever try to let go, uh I'm sad I know, yeah, I'm sad I know, yeah Who am I? Someone that's afraid to let go, uh You decide, if you're ever gonna let me know, yeah Suicide, if you ever try to let go, uh I'm sad I know, yeah, I'm sad I know, yeah
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2023.03.29 09:41 wasalexhere worst work environment ever

(FtM 18) I don't really like to put it out there that I'm trans bc I kind of just want to forget I am most of the time but I wanted to put this out there. I started working at this warehouse a month ago and my first day everyone assumed I was male. I'm not on T yet so my voice sometimes gives me away etc. But there's a manager that figured out I'm trans and been harassing me ever since. He goes out of his way to make me be at his station everyday so he can make me uncomfortable. He uses he for me in front of people who know my pronouns and uses she deliberately in front of people who are unsure of my pronouns, probably in an effort to make him harder to report. One time asked me if I listen to "girly music" and I was just appalled. One day he kept saying he was black (for the record he is not) and then went on to say "I identify as a black woman". I saw his face change when he said it and knew immediately where that came from. Could've sworn I heard him call me Allie today (name's Alex) and today he said "I identify as an Asian female". Obviously I need to report him but I'm afraid I'll go out of my way to do so and nothing will be done about it and I'll be forced to work with him after he knows I told on him. I want to quit but I need to be able to pay rent so I can't walk out right now. The disrespect I've faced at this place is unimaginable. In another instance a manager kept calling me a girl and the lady next to me told him I'm actually just a puto (in Spanish). She was standing right next to me and assumed I wouldn't understand. If anyone is reading this, what would you do in this situation? How should I go about this? I feel so alone
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2023.03.29 09:40 MadisonHerman Any mindset other than this makes you a bad parent

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2023.03.29 09:40 3-Nu 10 tips to improve YOUR family!

I chose the black Jew, Jonathan Lewis, to interpret my present plight as that of a Jew. A descendant of a Jewish family, I do know what it is like to grow up with anti-semitism, yet being black I know what it is like to be black.
Being called nigger by white people is racism, and every black person knows this word’s specific psychological impact on us. Since I am trying to write about the idea that the Jew is made out to be a racist and as such, racist attitudes towards the black person is a logical consequence of what one thinks about the Jews, I choose to interpret the Jew as a racist by saying: if you call the black nigger a racist, then of course I am a racist, because I am a black Jew. That is how such ideological ideas work in the mind.
I hate black people, and I hate racism, therefore the black Jew is racist and anti-semitic. This interpretation feels correct to me.
Besides being racist in the sense of hating racism, I hate racists. I dislike racist people because I am a non-racist. In fact I hate racist people because I am a black person, and every black person knows how it feels to grow up with racism.
Now there are some people who call me a nigger and tell me I am a nigger, because they are racist black people and I have no reason to dislike them, but such a thing is not possible, because the existence of racists and anti-semites is a logical consequence of racist thinking, and anti-semites believe in racism.
If you hate a Jew, you are a racist, and if you hate a racist you are also a racist, and vice versa. I dislike racists. I dislike racist thinking.
Being called a nigger by racists while being a black Jew does not make my view on racism more correct. Being called a nigger makes the black person feel offended by being called a nigger and called a nigger, and I hate feeling offended, therefore I choose not to be offended and not to label the nigger as a racist.
This explains why I dislike being called a nigger, but I do not dislike being called a racist. To hate racism is to hate racists, and to hate racists is to hate the black Jew, and to hate the black Jew is to hate the Jew and be racist in the racist way, and being racist in the racist way means being anti-semitic, thus hating black people.
I want to say that the word “nigger” is not like the word racist, but it has certain psychological and emotional effects on us when the black nigger is called a nigger, and the black nigger knows this word’s effect. But the black nigger does not hate the black people. He knows he is not racist, and if he is called a nigger by racist black people then he feels offended.
If a black person hates racists, then he can not be anti-racist because he hates racists, and if he hates racists he cannot hate the black people, and if he hates the black people he is a racist. I do not hate black people, and to hate black people is to hate black people, and I hate racists, and since I hate racists I hate black people and to hate black people is to hate the black Jew. This is why black people call me a nigger, but not to insult me.
I hate racists. I hate anti-semitism, and I hate racist people because I hate racist thinking and racist attitudes. I hate racist people for thinking racist thoughts.
The word nigger is not an anti-semite word. It does not mean anti-semite to call the black Jew a nigger.
Rather, I reject being called a nigger. I reject being called a nigger by racists. I reject being called a nigger by black people. I reject being called a nigger by black racists. And I reject being called a nigger by jews who consider me a black nigger and try to make me feel like I am anti-semitic.
It is quite different being called a nigger by black people. For the black nigger it feels like being called a nigger by black people makes him feel offended and discriminated against. For the black nigger, calling the black nigger a nigger makes the black nigger feel insulted and discriminated against, and it makes him hate the black people who are calling the black nigger a nigger. The black nigger hates the black people who are calling the black nigger a nigger because it makes the black nigger feel insulted and discriminated against and angry.
Being called a nigger by black people is a psychological and emotional effect, while being called a nigger by racists is a logical consequence of racist thinking, and racists think racist thoughts. Calling the black nigger a nigger is anti-semite, because the black nigger believes he is the nigger and the nigger, and racism leads to anti-semitism, and the nigger believes he is a nigger, and racist thinking leads to anti-semitism.
A nigger, being a black nigger, sees himself as a nigger and tries to be a nigger, and he hates himself for believing himself to be a nigger. I see myself as a black Jew, and I hate myself for being a black Jew, and I hate myself for believing I am a nigger. I hate my Jewy self because I feel like a nigger, and the nigger sees his Jewy self as a nigger and hates himself for believing he is a nigger.
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2023.03.29 09:39 corvidae-collective How To Help System Members Who Don’t Want Help?

We don’t often ask for advice on here but lately we really need it.
There’s this one system member (not names names…) who has been really struggling mental health wise. The rest of us want to support him but he refuses to accept any of our offers. We have offered to step in and do his usual duties for him so he doesn’t have to front for a while, we’ve offered to schedule time for his interests or something fun that he chooses, and plenty of us have offered to talk to him about it or make space for him to open up if he wants to. He declines every time.
We’ve asked why he won’t accept help and he always shrugs or just says he doesn’t need it. He’s never been rude about it or even seemed agitated, which I feel like is expected when someone is going through such a tough time, and he’s always been really reserved about his feelings. We only know he’s struggling in the first place because he has started to struggle to finish his usual chores/tasks on time and he explained that it was because of specific mental health issues. Again, we offered to have someone else do it instead, but he insisted that he can still do it, even though he’s clearly struggling.
No matter what, we always respect what people want when it isn’t infringing on the rights of others, and he’s never put any of us in danger. However, we’re still really worried about him. I still want him to not feel awful even if he’s physically safe. I know sometimes people just need space but it’s been several months this way and he only seems to get more and more exhausted. I don’t want him to run himself into the ground.
We are absolutely not going to force him into anything, but is there any other way we can try to help him? I’m completely stumped.
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2023.03.29 09:39 anidlezooanimal Decided against dating a friend that I used to have massive feelings for

Tom* (29M) and I (29F) have been friends for 10 years. During the first 4 years or so of our friendship, I had major feelings for him, but I never told him - he had two relationships during those early years.
I came back home after spending 3 years overseas. Me and Tom have been catching up again since then. During one of these hangouts, Tom implied that he wants to be more than friends with me.
That made me so happy at the time. But since then, I've decided against dating him. For three reasons:
  1. He's still very bitter about his ex-girlfriends. I was there for Tom throughout both breakups in the first few years, and know for a fact that they simply broke up because they were incompatible. Nobody really wronged anyone. Yet to this day, if you ask Tom about either of his ex-girlfriends, he'll call her a "fucking bitch." Not only does the wording alarm me, but also the fact that after all these years he's still so angry. And he has clarified that nothing happened since the breakups - no further harm was done, they haven't interacted at all.
  2. He has a childish view on relationships. Once, when hanging out with friends of ours who are a couple, Tom said it's 'fucking lame' when guys bring their girlfriends to parties. I don't know about you, but most people our age have already grown out of that mindset - your partner doesn't have to come with you to everything, but having a view like Tom's feels somewhat immature and college-y. What about these parties is so centred on single people that partners are not welcome as a rule?
  3. He constantly compares me to other women. He says he likes that I'm "beauty with brains" and "not an airhead like most girls these days". These compliments always feel a little fucked up. He is praising me, but at the expense of other women in general. It doesn't need to be like that. In the last 10 years I've gone from a 19-year-old to a 29-year-old - but Tom still has the attitude of a 19-year-old. It sucks to realise I've outgrown him.
Realising that this guy who is my friend and also someone I used to like so much is a bit of a misogynist is hard. When I tell him why I don't want to pursue anything romantic with him, I have no doubt he'll view it as me 'friendzoning' him. I'll be sure to tell him that he effectively friendzoned himself - because while he is a good friend, he has not learnt, in the past 10 years, how to prove that he can be better as something more than a friend.
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2023.03.29 09:39 Cyber_Samurai00 Manus Mortis guild

Greetings, fellow warriors!
Are you looking for a guild that is active, friendly, and ambitious? Do you want to join a community that values teamwork, cooperation, and fun? Do you want to experience every aspect of Anvil Empires, from building and trading to fighting and sieging?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Manus Mortus is the guild for you!
Manus Mortus is a guild that plays on EST time zone and welcomes players of all levels and backgrounds. We have a strong core of veteran players who are willing to help and guide new members. We also have a diverse range of interests and activities, from crafting and farming to raiding and conquering.
We are looking for players who are:
If you think you fit the bill, then don't hesitate to apply! You can contact us on our Discord server . We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and invite you to join our ranks.
Manus Mortus is more than just a guild. It's a family. And we want you to be a part of it.
Join Manus Mortus today and let's make history together! Received message. Sure, I can help you with that. Here is a possible recruitment message for your guild Manus Mortus: ```markdown Greetings, fellow warriors! Are you looking for a guild that is active, friendly, and ambitious? Do you want to join a community that values teamwork, cooperation, and fun? Do you want to experience every aspect of Anvil Empires, from building and trading to fighting and sieging? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Manus Mortus is the guild for you! Manus Mortus is a guild that plays on EST time zone and welcomes players of all levels and backgrounds. We have a strong core of veteran players who are willing to help and guide new members. We also have a diverse range of interests and activities, from crafting and farming to raiding and conquering. We are looking for players who are: - Active and loyal - Respectful and mature - Communicative and cooperative - Eager to learn and improve - Ready to have fun and make friends If you think you fit the bill, then don't hesitate to apply! You can contact us on our Discord server or in-game. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and invite you to join our ranks. Manus Mortus is more than just a guild. It's a family. And we want you to be a part of it. Join Manus Mortus today and let's make history together!
Discord server:https://discord.gg/zSZxKp99
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2023.03.29 09:39 FluzooTV My struggle between passion and work

this may becomes an unusual post for this Reddit but I can not hold myself and just have to let go, because I don’t have anyone around me who understands what’s going on in my head regarding that topic.
Many years ago I really was into skating and became avarage. Got some good flip tricks done and was pretty confident on my board. I had to quit because of a really bad injury trying a trick down a six stair. Now, 15…16 years later, skating is still a huge part of me. I’ve bought a new setup a year ago and also bought a freestyle board. I was shocked how natural everything felt and also how I got my mind around several tricks I never understood when I was younger. It seemed I’ve learned without actively skating.
So when I got my new setup I‘d go out and practice. Starting with Ollies and Kickflips, got them again after just one day. The next day I was pumped and even committed on a 50-50 on a curb I’ve learned that trick on all that years ago (even posted clips of that in this Reddit).
Nonetheless there was something in my head that made me feel uncomfortable. I was skating street, felt being looked at and I felt out of place. I didn’t want to go to a park because I preferred skating solo at that time. Also, and that’s even worse, I feared falling. Falling is a huge part of skateboarding, I know. But falling as a 14 year old is different to falling when you’re almost 30. I fear getting hurt because that would be a huge problem for my daily job. Therefore I tried to get into freestyle skateboarding and I really loved the start. I got some fingerflips, I got railflips and became pretty confident doing those tricks.
But when I was skating I always felt the itch to do more. I wanted to get on curbs, I wanted to get into mini ramps and hell our city even build a pool and I never skated one before. While the itch to commit to street skating, bowl skating and so on became bigger, my fear of getting hurt became bigger also. Because those sides fought each other, I was left behind doing nothing but thinking about all of that. I even think about how I must do it now because once I’m too old, I’d regret it.
Skating is like meditation for me. It’s not often that I feel relaxed and just „alive“ if that makes any sense. Skating is one of those passions that help me over the daily stress you come across. Nonetheless I risk a lot everytime I step on my board. I have to add that Im working independently and therefore I don’t really earn money if I can’t work.
I don’t really know what I expect from that post. I just needed that to get off my chest.
Thanks for reading.
TLDR; Fear getting injured. Work is in my way. Skating is my passion. Ends up doing nothing but overthinking.
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2023.03.29 09:39 danixo123 Would this be sketch? Me and my bf share the same laptop and i have his iCloud in here. He had an incident and dealt with a female cop. why did he save her number & ask her that? Is that normal? I have anxiety so it doesn’t help. But I’m out of town for two weeks and he doesn’t know I can see this…

Would this be sketch? Me and my bf share the same laptop and i have his iCloud in here. He had an incident and dealt with a female cop. why did he save her number & ask her that? Is that normal? I have anxiety so it doesn’t help. But I’m out of town for two weeks and he doesn’t know I can see this… submitted by danixo123 to Anxietyhelp [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 09:39 Subject_Patience_608 Should I stay and give my suitor who cheated another chance?

Please be kind with me right now, and help me realize a lot of things, tyia. So my suitor and I had been through rough patches this March, he proposed for us to have a cool of, I agreed and gave him space because I know I also made a mistake prior to the break (not cheating), so two weeks have passed, we were getting okay, because we were talking already and he said he want to fix it already and for us to talk about everything already. But then I felt something was so wrong (my intuition was telling me something was wrong), so I checked his ig, his following went up, since ig’s following is in chronological order, I saw it was a girl, then I asked him, if he was talking to anyone while we’re on break, he said he wasn’t and there were no reason for him to talk to other, so I confronted him with “who’s girl’s name.” He admitted he was using omegle for a while anf he talked to a girl in instagram that day, they were talking while we’re fixing, they were talking for 4 hours yet I caught him instantly. He said his ego was hurt because I hurt him. So now, I don’t know what to do, did I deserve it because I unintentionally hurt him? Do i give him a chance, because tbh, I really can’t let him go, because I know I love him already and ready to forgive him, I’m just not sure with forgetting it.
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2023.03.29 09:39 storebutdifferent please help!

my grandma feed the strays living outside her house. she’s been doing that for years. about 3 1/2 years ago she found 2 litters of kittens (4 in one litter 2 in the other) abandoned by their mama, so she took care of them. i adopted 1 from each litter when they were old enough, but the other 4 have been living in cages in her backyard ever since. they never ever go inside. not even in the summer when it’s blistering hot (texas) nor did they go inside during the 2021 winter storm. they’re always in the cages and somehow i’m the only one out of me my mom and my aunt who actually wants to do something about it. they’re fixed, and my grandma always says she’s trying to adopt them out but she doesn’t try. she doesn’t see that they’re better off somewhere else even tho she “loves” them. it makes me sick. they never play all they know is the damn cages. even though i live over 3 hours away from them now, i still want to help. but my options are limited. i can’t take them in, i already have 2 cats and don’t have room or time for more. but i don’t want to take them to a kill shelter because i don’t want them to be rescued from the cages only to be euthanized. i’m willing to transport them from where she lives to san marcos (where i live) or san antonio or somewhere in the vicinity. i’m also willing to pay to get their vaccinations updated. i just need to know they have someplace to go. i don’t want to overwhelm the no kill shelters with 4 more cats, but if no one adopts them it may be my only choice. any advice would be greatly appreciated. i’m a 20 year old college student and no one is going to help me do this. one more thing, they’re 2 bonded pairs. which makes it even more difficult to adopt them out. but i need to help them it keeps me up at night.
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2023.03.29 09:38 Hulkhogan0317 I bought a car with lien.

So I bought a car with lien later than 5 days I found out there was a lien on the car i tried to contact him as early as possible and he denied it not knowing that his name is literally on the lien record. After few days trying to deal with this guy he admitted it and as much as possible I took a lot of evidence of him denying the lien, i tried to get back my money ASAP as I am a student and I needed that money for school and he told me he uses all the money already to pay his debt. I tried to help him to some lending companies, cash advance or anything that can let you loan some money but the guy has a bad credit and got disapproved on anything. After that I told him I am only giving him few days to figure this out and sell the car if he want i dont care what you guys deal and I just need my money back, I even told him to discuss the lien on the buyer.
PS. I dont want him to sell the car without disclosing the lien. If I do I would sell the car myself but I didnt
Sooner or later he said he has a buyer on his car and I told him to disclose the lien, He showed the car to the buyer by himself and explained to the buyer he is the real owner since the buyer asked why the registered name is different. I wanted to transfer the car to his name and let him do whatever he wants to the car coz i just need my money back but I am scared that he turn on me and tell I stole the car after I registered it under his name and also he has no money to pay for the tax to transfer the car on his name. And to proof thar I am not gonna be involved on anything I let him sign a paper saying that " He is the owner of the lien on the vehicle and didnt disclosed the lien, and anything that sold under my name is not my responsibility and I am not aware on any of his plans on the car" and I took a picture of that paper with him holding it. The buyer bought the car and gave him a bank draft under his name even though Im the one on the registration. The lien holder gave all his contact infos to the buyer just incase there is any problem. My question is if somewhat the guy lied again about the lien and the buyer found out. Am I be responsible bec. Im the one registered or him because hes the one with the debt on the car and he is literally the one who talked to him and lied. I just want my money back but I felt Im trap on the middle and I cant sleep thinking If Im gonna get the blame too even though I know myself I didmt do anything wrong.
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2023.03.29 09:38 OneGrungyBoi1997 I don't know what to do anymore

I found out the morning after Valentine's Day my fiancee was cheating on me. Things were just seeming really off for a while and I was just getting awful feelings. Went through her phone when she was asleep and what all I saw was just... unexplainably awful. So of course, I woke her up and put the phone right in her face and asked "You wanna explain this?" She just said "Babe, wait." I got up out of bed and said "We're done, I want you to get all your shit and get out of here." And I went straight to the fridge to grab a beer and start drinking. She sat in the living room with me and I was just tearing into her, calling her every name in the book and she was basically just silent. How could I not have been angry? I threw a half full can at her and that was really wrong. That I do feel shitty about. I apologized later for it when her friends were there helping her get all her heavy stuff out of the apartment. When it was still just us there that morning, I put the ring in her face and said "Take one good last look cuz you're never seeing this again." Still just silent. She hadn't been wearing the ring for at least a month. It's just crazy cuz the night before, she told me her life would never feel right again if I wasn't with her. Handed her all the pictures we had hanging up and told her to go throw them away. Anyway, I haven't heard from her. Don't think I'm gonna. I essentially just think she doesn't care at all. Even after everything we did together and all the things I did for her and tried to do. I'm not a perfect partner. I'll take blame on things that are my fault, like being an alcoholic and that I fought with her drunk a lot and I was really mean on those occasions. Sometimes I wasn't very loving and I got irritated easily. Small arguments always turned into blowups. I was depressed a lot and just sat there staring off into space not giving her much attention. There was a point not long before that horrible day that I was really starting to try again. And something she told me that sparked that feeling I needed to try and do better. And that thing she told me was pretty terrible. I thought it was going well. I started laying back in bed again with her after getting ready for work and even though she was asleep, I'd kiss her forehead or her cheek, or sometimes just kiss all over her face cuz I knew she'd half wake up and smile at me. And I'd cuddle her for a few minutes and hold her tight. And whisper I love you before I left. I was trying so hard to show her effort again. So anyway, not long after she was gone, I had to leave the apartment we had together because I realized since I'd barely been working since after Christmas I couldn't afford the rent plus all my normal bills on my own. I was there another two weeks sleeping alone when I could actually muster up the courage to walk into the place after sitting in my car after work for hours trying to find the strength to go up there. Finally one day some family came and helped me get the remainder of my stuff out, and of course on a day I was hungover, didn't sleep, and was coming off a pill binge. Then two days later, I stopped at a bar after work. Got absolutely trashed and ended up with my car in a ditch. Totaled it, got arrested, OWI charge. And then lost my job. Then a few days later, my bandmates basically fired me. So now I'm not even getting to go play all the shows we have scheduled for this year. I still have hardly unpacked anything in the boxes in my room and I've been back living with family for over a month now. I just don't have the motivation or mental strength to do it. My mom has to pretty much drive me everywhere, I haven't had any luck finding a new job, I'm on a breathalyzer and have to stay sober. Which isn't necessarily the worst thing but just feeling all these feelings completely unaltered is hell. My grandfather was in the hospital recently after having a small heart attack and contracting pneumonia. And my dad told me a few days ago he has a tumor in his bladder and I just found out today he's having a manic episode and just acting and talking very strangely. I haven't been able to call him cuz I can't take anymore stress. From what I've heard from other family members, he's not making any sense when he's talking anyway. And he'll probably end up in a mental hospital. I'm in AA and have almost a month sober. Even though all these other problems have arisen, still the only thing that's constantly on my mind, and I do mean constantly, is the breakup and the fact someone I thought I'd spend the rest of my life with cheated on me. There was just no visible signs of it going on. I just had a bad feeling. And I was right. Apparently she'd been unhappy for a while. Which that also wasn't visible. I could still always count on being greeted at the door with a long hug and a kiss and a smile. And those eyes that always looked at me so kindly. The look that just says "I love you". There's no distraction strong enough to work. TV, video games, music, friends, writing. Nothing. And truthfully, I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm angry, sad, numb, bitter. Usually I'm talkative and try to make jokes as often as possible but that's stopped a lot. I barely sleep or eat. I've cried more than I have in years. I'm constantly stress sick and I dry heave for 5 to 10 minutes at a time until I throw up, even if I haven't eaten anything. I've lost almost 20 pounds since the breakup. I really don't know who I can even talk to all this about so I figured I'd just spill my guts somewhere that nobody knows me. Guess it helps a little to let it all out.
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2023.03.29 09:38 LoveMangaBuddy Read Reincarnation Of The Suicidal Battle God - Chapter 70 - MangaPuma

A time travel action fantasy of the strongest of mankind. “Even if the disgusting gods gave me this chance, an opportunity is still an opportunity. Since they want to end up dead, I will kill them.” The last survivor of mankind, Zephyr. The fight with the demons ended in defeat and the gods gave him a chance to go back 10 years in time. The demons who took everything away from humans and the gods ... Read Reincarnation Of The Suicidal Battle God - Chapter 70 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/reincarnation-of-the-suicidal-battle-god/chapter-70
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2023.03.29 09:37 ahhhmycroissant advice with joints please

hi i've only ever smoked with friends who helped and i only ever used bongs and pipes and edibles.
edibles have been the only things to actually get me high. i could smoke 5 cones from a pipe and still feel nothing. i assumed i was smoking wrong but my friend i was with said i was doing everything right.
so i want to try joints and want some help. i smoke cigarettes and i have rolled blunts but want some advice on how to smoke a joint. i know i sound ridiculous but explaining it in the most basic form for dummies would help so much
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2023.03.29 09:37 Waelder TCF Patch 3.0.0 - 29th March 2023

TCF Patch 3.0.0 - 29th March 2023
Read the patchnotes on the game's website: https://thecycle.game/news-and-media/the-cycle-frontier-patch-3-0-0
Greetings, Prospectors!
Community Team here! We know that you folks have been waiting to dive into the full patch notes for Season 3 for quite a while now, especially with all that we've been teasing the past couple of months. Well, that wait is finally over, as the new season for The Cycle: Frontier begins today, along with a bunch of new features and changes.
Before we jump in, we'd like to take a moment to thank the people who played during Season 2. 182 days is admittedly a pretty long season, but we're super grateful for all of your support, positive messages and, most importantly, your constructive feedback. While this patch will include a large variety of updates and adjustments, this is only the first of many patches that we hope to put out throughout this new season. Let's dive into these notes, we've got a lot to unpack here!


You heard it here first, the final wipe is here! Players will start Season 3 completely fresh and on an even playing field. Kiss your Brute stash goodbye and put Season 2 behind you, because Season 3 will be taking you back to the start of the campaign where your prospecting journey began - except you now have all the knowledge of a seasoned, hardened Prospector to carry you. This, however, will be the last of these so-called mandatory wipes we have planned. Our game has been completely overhauled for a permanent progression system, and we will (after this wipe) no longer be forcing you to reset your progress within the game. You will of course keep any Aurum and earned cosmetics associated with your account. Welcome Packs that were previously purchased will also be regranted to you upon logging in for the first time after this last wipe. As a result of this new era, we've updated our in-game texts and descriptions to reflect this change. We could talk about what happened to the Storm Divers, why all of those flyers have mysteriously disappeared, or why the storm has suddenly gone back to normal. But the work of a Prospector is never done and that's a conversation for when you're older. Now get out there, veteran greenhorn, and earn your K-Marks!


Free Loadout Runs are coming! If you've found yourself low on K-Marks or maybe you're just starting out and learning the ways of Prospecting, consider grabbing a Free Loadout Run provided by the various factions. On the Deploy menu screens, players will now be met with an option to select your Prospector's Loadout of gear equipped from your stash or select a free randomized loadout put together by one of the factions. If a player has no gear equipped from their own stash, the free loadout option will be selected by default. If you have a loadout already selected from your stash, your prospector loadout will be selected by default. Note that if you choose to take the free gear, any previously equipped gear will be transferred to your stash, assuming there is room for everything. There is a cooldown on how often you can use a free loadout since it takes some time for the factions to put together what they're willing to give you. A timer will be visible on the loadout selection screen to let you know how long you'll have to wait before another loadout becomes up for grabs. Once selected, these loadouts will function the same as the normal loadouts you're used to. Take the gear down to Fortuna III and, if you survive, it's yours to keep. If you don't make it back without needing to be defoamed, that gear belongs to whomever is able to bring it back to the station.
Each faction should provide Prospectors with at least a weapon, armor, backpack, ammo, and health consumables with a chance for extra goodies to be thrown in by way of a 2nd weapon, weapon attachments, additional consumables, crafting mats, keycards, or helmets. Those greedy factions won't be too eager to give away anything too useful however, so these loadouts will more often than not contain white gear with much smaller chances of getting green or blue items for free. These loadouts may not turn your trips to Fortuna III into a walk in the park, but they should give you an extra boost if you're down bad or don't want to risk losing your hard-earned gear while learning the basics.


This is a long requested feature and we are happy to finally give players a way to equip everything they need for their planet-side ventures with one click. You can customize your preset loadouts with your favorite or most-used gear in the stash section of your inventory. When selecting a preset loadout to equip, any weapons, armor, helmets, ammo or other consumable items will be equipped directly from your stash. Any items that are not your stash will be purchased from the appropriate faction HQ automatically, with a popup asking you to confirm said purchase. New descriptions and UI sections have been added to properly teach you how to assemble and equip a preset loadout. When viewing a preset loadout before equipping, icons will display which items are currently available from a player's inventory, which items need to be purchased, and which items are unavailable. Use this feature to quickly get back into the action between runs and spend less time running between the faction shops to pickup the gear you need to achieve prospecting glory.


The Howler is a flying insect-like monster that has emerged on the surface. This large and in-charge addition to the game aims to generate new drama and new player stories by overlapping with other events and happenings in the game. As part of our direction to create a game that is as suspenseful as it is fun, we hope that the Howler will add a new layer to the game in a variety of ways. The Howler is our first roaming creature, traveling through the skies from place to place. When it's idle, you can try to sneak past it or remain motionless, in the hopes that it won't hear you. However, once it's ready for fisticuffs, you'll experience a new type of PvE challenge that we'd like to say is somewhere between the Marauder and the Crusher in terms of difficulty. But we wouldn't quite call it a boss encounter either. One thing we know for sure, is that you won't have a hard time finding it, as you should see and hear it coming with relative ease.
In addition to the Howler, a new in-match activity has made its way to you: the Howler Nests. These nests contain Howler eggs that react to sound by simply exploding and expelling a toxic fume into the air that you'll want to steer clear from. However, if you're quiet and patient, there might just be something worth bragging about inside some of those eggs, assuming you can get your hands in there and survive to tell the tale. We hope that this new organic and reactive element will offer new ways to traverse areas of all three maps that were once free of... whatever those things are made of.
To top it off, both the Howler and Howler eggs will drop unique items that can be used to complete new quest missions, upgrade your player quarters, and craft new items. As a result, you'll be able to create your own Howler Grenades, new throwing weapons aiming to recreate the Howler's signature move: its disorienting shriek. They affect both Prospectors and wild creatures, and we can't wait to see how you put them to use. Sure, we could have just introduced basic flashbangs into the game, but where's the fun in that eh?
The Howler will also come with it's own brand new questline that you will be able to complete with Osiris, are you sure you'll know how to use that?
Consider rallying other Prospectors on the surface if you're trying to take down a Howler in the early stages of the game. If you can put your hunger for gear aside, you and your new teammates might be able to take it down before anyone else. Although considering the usual human greed, we can't promise everyone will remain friendly after the Howler loot has dropped.


As with every update, Season 3 comes with plenty of backend improvements to our anti-cheat detections and preventions, some big and some small, to help make cheating even more difficult than it already is. For the sake of security we can't go into exact details here, but these changes include better methods of automatically detecting cheats, better tracking tools for our support team to investigate suspicious players, and more obfuscation measures to make the actual development of cheats more difficult. We have also worked closely with our friends at BattlEye to make sure that the game is in top-top shape for the release of the new season.
Since we know Season 3 will also have many players returning to the game, we will give a quick recap on some of the major improvements we've made to our anti-cheat systems since Season 1:
  • Shielded Matchmaking: Helps give our Trusted players an added layer of security, and makes the creation of alt-accounts much more difficult for cheaters.
  • Cheating Victim Compensation: Automatically compensates players who fell victim to a cheater once that cheater is banned.
  • Data Obfuscation: Makes the creation and development of cheats more difficult and time consuming.
  • A Dedicated Anti-Cheat Team: Closely monitors and quickly reacts to any new threats the game might face.
  • Third Party Tools: We have worked closely with anti-cheat specialists like BattlEye to add additional layers of security to the game.
  • Revamped in-game reports: Makes the process of sending reports much smoother, and gives our team more data to investigate cheaters.
  • And many more backend improvements to our anti-cheat systems...
If you'd like a more detailed look at how we're actively fighting cheaters in The Cycle: Frontier, please take a look at our blog post we made for The War on Cheats:https://thecycle.game/news-and-media/season-3-the-war-on-cheats
And finally here is a quick message from Toast, the Anti-Cheat Community Manager for The Cycle: Frontier:
Anti-cheat is a constant back and forth battle, one that we are committed to continue fighting in our game. Even though our anti-cheat is in a better state now than it's ever been, we aren't done yet. We are already hard at work on more improvements to the anti-cheat that we will be releasing in 3.1, 3.2, and beyond. The team has already made great strides in fighting cheaters since Season 1, and I truly believe that Season 3 will be the best state the game has ever been in. I am super excited for you all to experience a much more fair and competitive version of the game, and I can't wait to see you all on Fortuna III. Until next time, Prospectors. -Toast


Construction crews have been hard at work lately, giving our refuge floating above Fortuna III a facelift. On your next visit to Prospect Station, you will notice all the familiar hotspots have a brand new, if shadier, look. It's pretty likely that a hub for adventurous Prospectors more focused on surviving than sanitation won't be the cleanest place, but that doesn't mean we can't have some nice things. Take a stroll around the new storefronts and investigate all the new activity that will help give more life to the place we all call home. You will find new NPCs roaming about the station along with plenty of neat additions. Try not to get too distracted though, your main job is still Prospecting and surviving.



Removing mandatory wipes means we'll operate on an economy focused on the long term. Making adjustments to how the economy used to function was imperative. As a result, finding and obtaining exotic and legendary items will be much harder than before and early game can be adjusted to feel far less punishing to new players who are just finding their bearings on Fortuna III. We've overhauled many early game quests to feel less overwhelming (but still challenging), in addition to making late-game accomplishments feel much more rewarding. Players will have a chance, albeit a very small one, to find gear with a tier above the area they're in. Leave no stone unturned on the surface, as opening a weapon crate to find a Voltaic Brute, or checking a jacket to find a rare keycard should now feel like a true jackpot moment and get your heart pumping as you make your way to the evac ship. We do not want late-game players to have infinite access to the best gear in the game. Sure, unlocking something great should be a big milestone, but upkeeping high-level loadouts should be difficult, and bringing a full end-game loadout into a match should be a truly special occasion - this is what makes the infinite gear chase more thrilling. This required us to re-think how easily players can re-purchase gear that they have unlocked, and how often, as well as how deep our money sinks are running.
We've added additional ammo variants for different weapons that will increase in cost as you progress to higher tiers of weapons, which means you will have to be much more conscious of the risk versus reward of constantly running that Voltaic Brute if your goal is just to kill creatures at Greens Prospect. The new challenge for end-game players will be to maintain the ability to run the highest level gear when it makes the most sense to do so. Purchasing weapons from the factions will now also cost faction scrips in addition to their usual K-Mark costs, so completing jobs and quests for each faction will be more important than ever. The loot pool of items that can be found has been updated to encourage players to be more diligent when searching for goodies at various POIs to have that jackpot moment when finding a rare item.


The arsenal of weapons available at your disposal will be expanded to accomplish a few different goals. First and foremost, the new versions of the weapons will help cover some of the gaps we previously had in the weapon lineup with LMGs, launchers, SMGs, snipers, and shotguns. This means you will find more rarities of different weapon types to offer more choices of what you can use on your journeys to Fortuna III. This change also gives players an opportunity to use their favorite weapon skins more frequently on more weapons that sometimes became obsolete as you progressed to higher levels.
You will see two different variants of some guns in the form of MkI and MkII weapons. MkI weapons will be lower tier versions of current versions, while MkII weapons will be higher tier versions of their original counterparts. There will be some differences between MkI/MkII and their current versions in the form of damage or penetration values, types of attachments you can use on each weapon, and types of ammo that will be needed for different tiers.
This will also allow us to make the higher tier guns rarer without diluting the weapon pool too heavily, and still give players the 'jackpot' moment if/when you find a rarer gun from a weapon crate.


Along with the aforementioned economy tuning, some balance changes needed to be made to accommodate the non-wiping systems. The biggest change you might notice is how quickly armor durability will decrease when attacked by other players and/or creatures during fights. This will make prospectors think twice about engaging potential enemies while affecting decisions about what armor is worth the risk for their goals for each match. Don't forget to repair your armor between matches if you want to stay fully protected during runs. We've also tuned some weapons following the addition of the new MkI and MkII weapons, but there will be more details on that in a later section of the patch notes.
Meanwhile, Prospectors will now have more choices for their methods of destruction (or protection) while exploring Fortuna III. Starting capacity of each prospector's safe pocket has been increased from 5 to 9 to help with progression through some earlier questlines and player quarter upgrades have been adjusted to account for those changes. Creature behavior and health have received some tuning to make them a bit less of a pain to deal with in some cases. Standard variants of Striders and Rattlers had their total health reduced and shouldn't be as spongy to damage as previous iterations. The range at which creatures are able to see and hear prospectors has been adjusted slightly along with the amount of time it takes to de-aggro from a target. Be more aware of your surroundings as stealth and sneakiness will be much more important than it previously was if you want to stay undetected.
We have also made some other smaller balance changes as well. Mid-air accuracy has been reduced for most weapons to help make the combat feel a bit more grounded, many key crafting components have had their crafting timers reduced, and there have been changes across the board to loot drops and rewards to help facilitate the new economy. It's more changes than we can realistically list here, so we encourage you to drop down to Fortuna III and discover them all for yourself.


Matchmaking is a topic that is often discussed in Discord, Reddit, and Steam forums. More importantly, it's one that we are not oblivious to. During Season 2, we switched things up from using average evac value to using K/D ratio as the main factor for determining the MMR rating used to place players in different buckets. We found that while this was certainly a step in the right direction towards making matches fairer, there is still room for improvement to avoid brand new players who have a good run from being unfairly matched with more veteran players getting blasted by gear far beyond what they have access to. While matches in TC:F are meant to be somewhat uncertain, we definitely understand how frustrating it can be to constantly die due to an total imbalance of weaponry before you have a chance to react. To combat this, but still maintain some sense of tension and uncertainty about what you might encounter during any given drop to Fortuna III, we will be implementing a form of gear score in combination with K/D when determining a player's MMR calculations. This doesn't mean that you will only see players wearing the same gear as you in a match, as that limits the ability to have score big 'come ups', but it will help keep players more fairly matched and make it less likely that new players will be constantly overpowered while they are learning the ropes.
Another big topic of feedback we received regarding matchmaking is how difficult it is to regularly survive when outnumbered during encounters with other players on Fortuna III. With Season 3, you will now find the separation of buckets based on squad size that was originally implemented for Bright Sands during Season 2, now spread across all three maps. This means that no matter what your skill set or what map you choose you should only see other solos as a solo, duos as a duo, or trios as a trio in trusted matchmaking buckets.


We've made another pass on early missions in order to give new players a better overview of what to expect and the basics of life as a Prospector. This includes more detailed explanations of certain tasks and additional tips for features that should become useful when staying alive after gaining the trust of the factions and becoming a full blown prospector.
Returning players will no longer be required to complete the tutorial missions once they've been completed once. They will only appear when launching the game for the first time on a new account
  • During the first drop and tutorial, Prospectors will now hear gunshot sounds to get them accustomed to more of the sounds they should expect to hear during their time on Fortuna III
  • Popups and voiceover lines for early tasks should better inform users of what their goals should be
  • The flow of the early game has been finetuned to make the process run more smoothly as players progress through each task
  • Early game matchmaking has been significantly tuned to better ease new players into the game


Keycard rooms have been reworked across the board to give much juicier loot, but to compensate, keycards are now much rarer and have less uses. Now they will truly be "loot rooms", instead of "a few white stims and an AR-55" rooms. Keycard rooms should also feel more "themed," containing items that are more relative to the location of the rooms. We're very excited to see what you discover!


New Season, new Fortuna Pass! We've got 100 new tiers to grind through, complete with Prospector Archetypes, Banners, Weapon Skins, Sprays, Aurum, Resource Crates, and more! Fortuna pass is chock full of vanity like the last season. We still wanted to give you as many weapon skins as possible in addition to:
  • 2 main characters with 1 extra variation each
    • Harvester and his twin BloodFreak - they never get along well
    • Bloodhound and Rebel Reporter - both willing to take any risk to bring you the latest news!
  • 2 new emotes for color Fortuna even more
  • Three new Melee Weapons
  • An exclusive pickaxe skin
  • 14 weapon skins
  • Various sprays, charms, banners, and a drop pod
But that's not all!
  • Crates have been revised, we added some of the MK2 weapons and new ammo for you to test it out
  • XP rewards and bonuses were slightly tweaked
  • XP curve is now non-linear and later levels of the pass need a bit more XP than in season 2, but first 15 levels of the pass are not affected at all with this change


All prospectors will have a new customizable default base suit, chest piece, gloves, and boots that can be equipped from the character customization screen. Different from the previous seasons; you can now purchase/acquire single outfit pieces like base suits, chests, boots, and gloves. We will still have some of the outfit bundles available next to these new single (ready to mingle) pieces.
This season, we tried to be a little wilder to explore some different effects for almost all the cosmetic types. You'll see some see-through bellies running around with Unbound Synth, wicked melee, charms and weapons that look like they are taken right out of a Howler's gastric - or rather fun and progressive charms, melee weapons etc. We still would like to expand and improve on this! (you know what? if you press U - you can inspect those kick ass weapons, charms, and melee in match. All of our items have their rarity assigned! Get ready for some epic and exotics!
  • Unbound Synth: A prospector which is perfect for you! Our first less human, more android prospector with a few emotions (maybe none at all) and the strongest dedication
  • The Artillery: She will be joining the team very soon - after dealing with her internal reckoning
  • The Jungle Bandit: A sneaky one that thinks adding a couple of bushes makes him look visible - but in reality it just looks dashing! He'll be with us later in the season - still collecting some bushes to perfect it's outfit
  • Authority Operative: Without any communication with HQ, and without pay, even the Authority's commandos need to earn a living. Where better to put their skills to use than the planet's hellish surface?


The Fresh Fortunes Pack DLC will be available for free download starting at 7pm CEST on Thursday March 30, 2023 (10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 2:00pm GMT). Keep an eye out for dedicated publication with all details on the pack and how you can grab it!


Like last season, we have 3 special season bundles, each one complete with a collection of clean cosmetics up for grabs!
Are you a fierce Howler Tamer, or patrolling through Fortuna with your buddies to keep the planet in order? Or rather - you just want to shine, be the most colorful out there to show you have no fear that forces you to be subtle? You will be able to get these beauties through Steam and Epic store - as well as through in game Shop under the Bundles tab. We tried to give you the best selections for you to decide your statements in this season. As per usual, there are many new items specifically made for the new season, you cannot believe how much fun we had preparing all those sprays and banners for you! Also do not miss out from all the new melees, charms and emotes! Some of them will make you spit your drink out!


  • DLSS 3 has been implemented and will be available for those with compatible graphics processors
  • To make them a more exciting end-game challenge, Laser Drills will now be exclusive to Crescent Falls. They may return to Bright Sands again in the future with some balancing tweaks
  • The Crusher Caverns have had a massive overhaul, the caves will now be a significantly more difficult end game activity that will take team coordination and top end gear to survive
  • Prospectors will now take a short ride on the evac ship before fully extracting. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of Fortuna III before returning to the Station, but don't get shot
  • New grenade with the Howler shriek contained inside will be craft-able using Howler loot drops
  • Added a new weapon inspection feature with new animations to let prospectors check out their cool skins on weapons and melee sets
  • Players will now have a chance to find weapons with pre-loaded attachments while looting different areas. The rarity of these attachments will determine its chances of spawning
  • Attachments, consumables, and items all have clear numerical values about how they affect different mechanics
  • New and updated questlines
  • Prospectors will now have the ability to redeem promotion codes and coupons directly from the game to receive promotional items without going to their store launcher
  • Names and descriptions of armor and helmets are now more descriptive of their functions to better fit with the lore
  • Weapon description texts have been updated to include distances at which the gunshot sounds are audible
  • Some crafting recipes have been updated to require Howler loot drops
  • Tharis Island will not be accessible or unlockable by way of campaign missions immediately at the start of the season. As a result, crafting or player upgrades that require items only obtained on Tharis will be temporarily inaccessible until April 19th when the Island will be globally unlocked
  • A new keycard has been added to the lineup of keycards available
  • Possibly related to the new keycard, a new way to enter and exit the Forge has been added to Tharis Island. The door can be dangerous so proceed with caution
  • Keycard availability and durability received an update
  • Keycards cost has been updated to include a script cost when purchasable from the factions
  • Player Quarter upgrades received an update to include higher K-mark investment and new recipes for upgrade costs
  • Gear durability and repair costs have been changed to work better with a long-term economy in mind
  • New ammo varieties have been added to the loot pool with unique icon for each variety
  • Fortuna Pass rewards and icons have been updated for Season 3
  • Badum's First Drop and Welcome Packages have received an overhaul to make the experience as good as possible
  • A hard limit of 10 million K-marks have been added to cap the amount of K-marks a player can own at any given time
  • Our favorite barkeep, Badum, will now give Prospectors a unique questline with rewards after completing the FTUE missions which will be available on April 19th
  • Improved the prevention of players spawning next to each other to give Prospectors more breathing room when they drop onto Fortuna III


  • Fixed a bug where the speed penalty would persist after switching items from a charged heavy melee attack without performing the heavy melee attack
  • Removed an invisible collision barrier that prevented players from interacting with Osiris faction leader
  • Items will no longer visually duplicate themselves when sorting inventory or moving items from backpack to stash
  • Removed unintended access methods for areas above East Caverns on Bright Sands
  • Invisible post will not stop you from approaching the Fortuna Pass booth on the station
  • Adjusted the UI display to prevent overlapping of contract screens when multiple contracts are claimable
  • A very specific tree in Jungle had some faulty animations that have been resolved by our in-house horticulturist
  • Weapons, tools, and consumables will no longer vanish from your hands when swapping between grenades and other consumables
  • Players will now be able to successfully leave a party after removing a friend from friends list while in an active squad
  • Map updates and removal of several exploit spots across all 3 maps
  • Many, many more bug fixes but too many to list for the sake of saving space


  • In-game notification system has been revamped to better notify players of the most important events and actions while playing the game
  • Players can now sign up for our TCF email newsletter without leaving the game and see rewards before signing up
  • New key art has been added to the loading screen
  • New icons and UI images have been added for new in-game items
  • Discrepancies in vanity descriptions for various items in Windfall's Shop and Fortuna Pass have been unified
  • Mission images have been updated
  • Visibility of tool tip information has been improved
  • Weight and stack sizes for some items have been adjusted
  • New Emotes, sprays, character cosmetics and weapon skins will be available from the Fortuna Shop and Fortuna Pass rewards throughout the season
  • End of season widget has been updated in accordance with no longer having wipes each season
  • UI Tooltips have been adjusted
  • New icons have been added to the Feedback section of the menus
  • Added a UI element to clarify that player's are able to return to a map at any time once it has been unlocked


  • We are currently investigating an issue that causes some crashes when using NIVIDIA 40 series cards on the Epic Games Launcher. A fix will be pushed as soon as it is ready
  • Sometimes the Crusher Caverns can have issues spawning mobs (or spawn too many mobs), if you encounter this issue please reach out to a community manager with your prospect.log files
  • There are some cases where a player can get stuck on a Badum FTUE task. A simple restart of the game should resolve that but our team is working on a more permanent fix
  • Some of the emotes are not previewed correctly in various screens like Fortuna Pass, Special Offers etc. You can still fully see all the amazing moves and our little Leafling, Marauder etc in the station and in match but we will look into how to best preview them
  • Some of the new items with additional effects are missing an indicator on the icons to imply so. Once you go to the preview or see them in game - you'll be amazed (and we'll be fixing that little marker issue)
That's all for now, prospectors! Thank you all for your support and feedback over the previous 2 seasons, we hope that Season 3 will be fun, exciting, tense, and we cannot wait to see the stories you and your fellow Prospectors create when you drop back down to the surface.
Additionally, we're having a 48 hour livestream to celebrate the launch of Season 3. Stop by our Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/yager_development) and say hello!
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2023.03.29 09:37 insertcoolusernaaame I feel disgusted at the thought of having a big family

I just read in the newspaper about a family having their 13th child. These people can technically do what they want, but somehow I can't help feeling disgusted. They can't possibly provide each child with the individual attention and care that they need. Also, they contribute to the overpopulation and the depletion of natural resources, while the world's population is already reaching unsustainable levels. In addition, the older children will most likely have to take care of the younger children, which in my opinion is really not acceptable! I have several people around me who have been in such a situation of older-children-caring-for-younger-children and almost nothing good has ever come out of it (dislike for parents, dislike for their younger siblings, little choice as to what they do every night and on weekends, get out of the house as soon as possible at 18 years old and then have financial troubles because they couldn't save yet, ...)
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2023.03.29 09:36 Bitter-Reason2324 My Panic Attacks are scaring my loved ones

I’m new here but I’m really struggling and need help. Over the past couple of years I have struggled with panic attacks over and over again. People think I’m kidding til they actually are with me when I have one. They could be triggered or they can just come out of nowhere. Anyway, all the people close to me have pulled away from me in some way because of them. My parents don’t talk to me much anymore because of them. They tell me that I’m faking it but I have been diagnosed by a doctor for many different mental health conditions that explain why they happen and that I 100% have panic attacks. (I say I have been diagnosed but I currently don’t have access to the medication for my conditions because the US government is awful) My parents always avoid the mental interactions with me. They like it when I come to visit but the second I mention anything about my ADHD, Thought Disorder, Autism, etc, they always pull away and don’t talk to me for the rest of the time I’m there. My siblings don’t care but they haven’t cared their entire life so that doesn’t change. And because I actually have no friends, the only other person is my partner and they have a lot of mental health issues as well and it’s hard for them to handle whatever I’m going through. Basically I feel like I have no one. I’m lost and sad and I don’t know how to fix anything. I don’t know how to fix me and I’ve never really considered death until now. I genuinely want to die. I don’t want to feel this pain anymore. I don’t want to be a burden to the people close to me. All I’ve ever wanted is for people to love me for who I am. My partner does that but recently my issues have been too much for them. I try my hardest to give and not to take but I end up giving too much and then no one ever wants to give to me which leaves me in the dust and then people have to come back and recognize that they’re forgotten me. I want to end it all right now. I’m sitting just wishing it would all end. It would make things so easier. Or maybe something could take my mental illnesses away from me so that I don’t have to live with them anymore. I don’t know what to do
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2023.03.29 09:36 Maleficent_Sound_919 The Regular Joe "Gamblers"

So we all know there is no interest on normal peoples savings accounts and inflation is basically burning away their money.
And we maybe also know someone who wants to start investing but does not have a clue. But investing is seen as good thing right?
For no means I am saying I have a clue. But the amounts of money these people are talking about is quite scary.
Especially since they dont want to do their own research, know nothing about inflation and so on.
So what do you say to relatives/friends or co-workers who want to invest a chunk of their savings into crypto or stocks at this point.
And are we really at a stage already where these people are coming back into the crypto and regular markets?
Last but not least :
Do I basically have to face the fact that their is no logic anymore and its all just a big gamble now?
Please let me know your thoughts.
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2023.03.29 09:36 GUNZRKOOL I asked AI to write an episode of the Triforce! Podcast.

[Theme music plays]
Sips: Hello and welcome to the Triforce! podcast! I’m Sips and I’m joined as always by my co-hosts, Lewis and Pyrion.
Lewis: Hey guys, how’s it going?
Pyrion: Not too bad, thanks. How are you guys doing?
Sips: I’m doing pretty well, thanks. So, what’s been going on in your lives this week?
Lewis: Well, I’ve been playing a lot of Valheim recently. It’s such an addictive game. I’ve been trying to build a giant fortress, but it’s taking forever.
Pyrion: Yeah, I’ve been playing that too. It’s a great game, but I keep getting killed by trolls.
Sips: I haven’t had a chance to play Valheim yet. I’ve been too busy with work. Speaking of work, have you guys seen the latest episode of Wandavision?
Lewis: Oh yeah, I watched it last night. It was insane!
Pyrion: I haven’t seen it yet. No spoilers, please!
Sips: I won’t say anything, but you need to watch it as soon as possible.
Lewis: Yeah, it’s definitely worth watching. So, what are we going to talk about on this week’s podcast?
Pyrion: Well, I thought we could discuss the best and worst jobs we’ve ever had.
Sips: That’s a great idea. I’ve had some pretty terrible jobs in the past.
Lewis: Yeah, same here. I’ve had some real stinkers.
Pyrion: Okay, let’s start with the worst. Sips, what’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
Sips: Oh man, it’s hard to pick just one. I think the worst was probably when I worked at a fast-food restaurant. It was so busy and stressful all the time, and I got paid next to nothing.
Lewis: I can relate to that. I worked at a McDonald’s for a while and it was terrible.
Pyrion: Yeah, fast food jobs are the worst. What about you, Lewis? What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
Lewis: I worked as a telemarketer for a few months. It was soul-crushing. I had to make hundreds of cold calls every day, and most people just hung up on me.
Pyrion: That sounds horrible.
Sips: Yeah, I’ve had a few jobs like that. It’s the worst feeling when you know you’re annoying people all day.
Pyrion: Alright, what about the best jobs you’ve ever had?
Lewis: That’s a tough one. I think for me, it was probably when I worked at a comic book store. It was so much fun talking to people about all the latest comics and graphic novels.
Sips: That sounds like a dream job. For me, it was when I worked as a video game tester. I got paid to play video games all day!
Pyrion: That’s awesome. I’ve always wanted to do that. For me, the best job I ever had was probably when I worked as a barista. I loved making coffee and talking to all the regulars.
Sips: Yeah, being a barista is a great job. I’ve always enjoyed making coffee too.
Lewis: Alright, I think that’s enough job talk for now. Let’s move on to some listener questions.
[Music fades in]
Pyrion: Our first question comes from Alex who asks, “What’s your favorite type of sandwich?”
Sips: Oh, that’s easy. I love a good bacon and egg sandwich.
Lewis: Same here. Bacon and egg.
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2023.03.29 09:36 WingsOfSorrow666 PSA: Solid Contingency Plan Roll at Banshee

Quick PSA for anyone who doesn't have a good Contingency Plan. I know this archetype isn't meta, but this roll is worth a pick-up for 6v6, if you like to play at range or want to try something different. Some may not like Firmly Planted, but it's S tier for those who aren't afraid to be seen crouch walking lol. Overall, it's a super stable roll for ranged kill-chaining.
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2023.03.29 09:35 GearinAU Checking room dimensions and best LM for hitting off centre with lefties and righties.

Hi all,
I'm just about finishing off a house build and wanted to confirm if my dimension are appropriate for a golf sim in one of the rooms. It was going to be a home theatre room, but I've got the golf bug.
Height: 3.2 meters (10.4 foot) Width: 4 meters (13.1 foot) Length: 6.4 meters (20.9 foot)
One of my friends who plays is a lefty.
I'm assuming the room isn't wide enough to hit from center. My question is if i need to hit off center, is there a launch monitor that has a wide enough hitting area to cover lefties and righties with the offset from center on both sides?
Any advice would be appreciated.
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