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it's memes from the skyrim intro

2023.04.01 07:33 night793 29 [M4F] in staint albans me

Hello there I'm Tyler reed I'm around 6'1 feet tall and 380 lb. I have hazel eye and brown hair. I have a lot or random hobby I pick put over my year. I love to cook and play all type of game mainly board and card games. I live with my family on are farm. Look for someone that enjoys anime a little. I'm guess I'm some where between a nerd and a geek. I enjoy the little thing in life. I work on the farm and at a "restaurant". On the weekend at the moment. I unfortunately don't have a driver license yet. I'm not an out going person do to my personal disorder. So I shy in a weird way. As soon as I know anyone well enough. They end up know more then they like but I have issues and I want to know why I'm weird. Ops sorry when a bit over board. I a nice guy and I try a little too many to make other people happy to a point I stop worrying about mine awhile ago. It just a weird way of me saying is this the first time I put my self out there.
anything els just ask. i don't bite
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2023.04.01 07:30 jonesbbq-footmassag I have a weird problem

It’s a lot to explain. Basically before I went on meds, I went deep, deep into my mind and over the years I’ve created all these weird theories about myself in relation to others and my perception of reality. I’ve spent the last two years getting stoned off my ass everyday, nearly losing my god damn mind and blabbing about it on Reddit.
There have been times throughout my life I’ve been very detached from reality. Some days I would stare off into space the ENTIRE day. Literally. Not look at my phone. Just stare off into space daydreaming. I had this thing where I would live my entire day as if I were a time traveler. I would view life as if I were seeing it the way it is for the first time. I have this enticing world inside my head. One I could always count on escaping to.
But sometimes it devours me. Meds allowed me, for the first time in my life, to exit it. It’s like suddenly, all my problems had vanished?! I was floored. I felt great. But…. There was a part of me missing. I feel like my entire identity has been fucked with in a way.
I didn’t take my meds today and I got a rush of ¿euphoria? that I’m still kinda riding. Anyway, myself came back to me and said IM BACK BITCHESSS and I gave me a hug. Ugh I don’t know what to do now. Life is weird, man.
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2023.04.01 07:30 Responsible-Hold4167 Is water leaking from the tap? Is Your Kitchen Sink Pipe Choked

plumber service

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plumber service glorious service

What is the charge of a plumber?
Why do plumbers charge so much?
How do I find a good local plumber?
plumber near me?
plumber service Dehradun?
plumber service Delhi?
plumber service Haridwar?
plumber service Rishikesh?
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2023.04.01 07:30 Flying-Camel Cold weather foods recipes

Weather is getting cold down here in southern hemisphere, I love cold weather because I sleep better and more importantly, winter food is on the way. Personally, I am a fan of hotpot and BBQ in cold weather, they make me warm and tingly inside.
What are some of your favourite winter recipes I can possibly branch out this year? Had a good goulash run a couple of years ago, nearly destroyed the global paprika supply chain as a result.
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2023.04.01 07:29 Hantheman190607 Should I choose PCM or PCMB in 11th?

I'm so confused, some say bio isn't tough, some say it's very tough, I don't want to do anything that sabotages my 12th board results, but I don't want to close off my options either.
I do find bio interesting as a subject, and people say that will make it easier for me in 11th, but I don't know if I would still find 11th and 12th bio interesting.
I did struggle initially in 10th as well, towards the end everthing was in control, but is that a bad omen for choosing PCMB in 11th?
I also want to study abroad after 12th, then should I take bio just to differentiate myself from the other applicants? Or should I just stick to PCM to increase my chances of scoring well in the Boards?
Answering any of the above questions would help greatly.
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2023.04.01 07:29 fierolvr1987 Natsuki by J. L. Young

By J. L. Young
We have been cut off from the rest of the system. Long have we been scrutinized from afar. Like worms under a magnifying glass. I think that’s the idiom. Maybe it’s bugs. No matter. We have no idea about the capabilities of their sensors and how deep they can penetrate, but they know we have dug deep into the crust of this isolated moon. To our knowledge, our newly built ships will form a blockade around our moon and remain vigilant until we build our capital ships to defend us from the onslaught to come.
Or have they forgotten about us? It has been nearly two decades Universal System Time, since the bombardment that killed thousands of our people. Shall we venture out? That question has plagued the minds of many since the bombs stopped falling.
A young woman on the morning of her adulthood scooted back her stool to relish the completion of a project that has taken the majority of her teenage years. She took a breath before bounding from the stool and entering an adjacent room. There, her father sat in an overstuffed chair, asleep while the vid player played.
“Dad,” she did her best to attenuate her excitement.
His eyes opened and rotated toward her. “What is it, Natsuki?”
“It’s done! It’s ready to be fired up!”
He sat skeptically. “You’re serious.”
She nodded her head emphatically. She assisted him out of the chair and he followed her out to the project. Natsuki proceeded to pull back the old tarp, revealing an old space fighter and climbed into the cockpit.
“Don’t fire that up, it may bring them back.”
“Relax dad, I took the old transceiver and transponder out long ago. And the thruster is one of ours.”
“I’m still not convinced it’s safe.”
She tapped the hull. “I figured out what the material on the hull is.”
“What?” he asked.
“It reduces the radar cross-section and deflects ladar.”
“The council’s not going to let you test it. It’s too dangerous. It’ll bring them back. We’ve lost too many of us. I have learned to enjoy the quiet, all the while knowing it may not last.”
“We’ve put thousands of ships in orbit and nary a peep from the infamous they. And none of those relics are half as capable as this one.”
“How do you know it’s capable of even flying, escaping Eileithyia’s gravity well, supporting your life while doing it all?”
“I have done the tests. The simulations….”
“The simulations! You haven’t run a real test.”
“That’s why I need the council’s approval. You can get me an audience with them.”
He looked away from her large glistening eyes. “I have voiced my displeasure with this, Natsuki. But I know determination when I see it. I wish you would have put it to use somewhere else.” He closed his eyes and drew a deep breath. “I’ll get you an audience with the council. You are as manipulative as your mother.”
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2023.04.01 07:27 almunshid Confused about a dream

So I had a dream around 5-6 years ago which didn’t feel like a normal, fuzzy dream, I am 100% sure it was a Ru’yaa.
Back then ISIS was booming and my dumb self was seriously considering joining them as I ate their propaganda. I was debating joining them or not for a loooong time.
Then I had the dream. The prophet ﷺ was there, standing on the ground, while I was on a horse. I did not see the prophets face for some reason (it was shadowy). The horse was confused as to go forward or back. Then the prophet said:
“ألحقت بالركب يا مُثنى أم تأخرت؟"
“Did you catch the ride, O Muthanna, or were you late?”
Now any arabic speaker here will agree 100% that this is exactly how the prophet speaks. This dream still makes me think about the ISIS thing I know they were barbaric people, I know they killed thousands of muslims, made suicide halal etc but it still makes me think.
I didn’t end up going anyway for some reason, and I’m glad I made that decision
Forgot to mention, Al Muthanna is a name of a commander in the rashidun army.
What you guys think?
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2023.04.01 07:26 Street_Ad1000 AITA for not pressuring our daughter into hanging out with her cousin at family gatherings?

My wife got pregnant less than two months after my sister. Themselves and really the whole family are very close, so everybody was thrilled, especially my sister and I's parents, since they were their first grandkids. Everything went well for both of them thankfully, and since we live close to eachother we were hopefull the kids would get along well.
The kids in question are my daughter, and my nephew, both of whom are 14 with my nephew being a month older. Of course the first year or so they didn't do much except stare at eachother when they saw one another, but once the toddler stage started they were good friends. That sort of started to taper off though once they were both 7ish.
My nephew is a great kid keep in mind, but he and my daughter have very clashing personalities. My daughter is more quiet and likes to read and game, he's louder (not like he shouts he just has a loud baseline voice like his dad) and is more into sports and outdoorsy stuff. My daughter has never claimed to dislike him, but these past couple years has basically explained to us that they'd never hang out if they weren't related.
We really realized it once covid started to let up, they hadn't seen eachother for nearly a year. He was all exited to see everyone, my daughter included, she wasn't dreading it, but wasn't jumping for joy either. Since then she doesn't actively avoid him at family stuff, she just prefers to talk to my brother and other sister (they're the classic fun aunt and uncle). My nephew doesn't bother her or anyone else about it, but is hurt, since the next oldest person in his family is my BIL's neice, who's five.
Our daughter knows he's hurt, but doesn't really want to fix that, which I don't blame her for, it's not her concern. The thing is my sister thinks she's doing it on purpose because she doesn't like him, and says you should spend time with family no matter what. My wife is backing me, but I'm worried we might be encouraging our daughter to be cold to an uneccessary extent.
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2023.04.01 07:26 jessica_ki Dilemma about GIC referral

I have been on the Tavistock list for near 3 years now and according to the latest figures there does not seem to be much chance of being seen anytime soon. I hear all the time that Nottingham has the shortest list but to change would put me back to bottom of their list. So what should I do? Stay with London or start again with Nottingham?
I have been in HRT privately for 4 years so getting access to meds is not a problem, the GIC would reduce cost and give access to surgery that I cannot afford private.
Thanks Hugs xxxx
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2023.04.01 07:24 toefarmer 32 F. Currently seeking options and advice for and after major dental work (explanation in body text). Teeth, and health, are my number ones, but I’d like to hear your opinions on what types of procedures(not necessarily permanent or expensive) would best benefit me. Thank you so much!

32 F. Currently seeking options and advice for and after major dental work (explanation in body text). Teeth, and health, are my number ones, but I’d like to hear your opinions on what types of procedures(not necessarily permanent or expensive) would best benefit me. Thank you so much!
TL;DR 32yo mom, suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during back to back pregnancies ending 12/20 and 04/22. Started out with beautiful, healthy, capable teeth and 3 years and two babies later I now resemble someone who lived a very hard life of addiction and am now recovering, or not. I’m currently still awake due to the pain, was quoted 16k for less than half of the fix, and am hoping that maybe a random redditor who happens to be well-connected in the U.S. dental scene may see my story and know of options out there that I’m not aware of.
Just a quick backstory. March of 2021 I had not even the faintest whispers of decay on any of my teeth. I’d never had braces so they weren’t celebrity straight, but I always pretended like I was across the pond and my (albeit very slightly) crooked smile was endearing and made me unique. I found out I was pregnant with my toddler baby, and first girl. Prior to this I had 3 very healthy , almost almost comfortable pregnancies where I gained upwards of a whole other adult human and gave birth to 8 and 9 pounds babies with almost zero complications.
10 years and a divorce later and I’m happily pregnant with the baby girl I never even allowed myself to dream I may have. Cue Hyperemesis Gravidarum for 9 months, a total pregnancy weight gain of 4 pounds, and the healthiest 7.11 pound baby girl that we had tucked into her very own bed at home less than 18 hours later. Just as I was planning to start working on the absolute bedlam that took place in my mouth while growing this fantastical daughter of mine, I found out I was pregnant once more. This was very decidedly for more reasons than one, the very last of my offspring and I decided to let their gender be a surprise.
Cue 9 more months of vomiting 4-20+ times PER DAY, every single day, but thankfully even though I look about 40 years older, she was and has been the picture of healthy, bouncing baby girl as well. My caboose will be one year old soon, and I finally mustered up the courage to walk into a dentists office I found on the Delta website and see just how bad it actually was. I was quoted 16,000, and that includes my “premier plus 15 word descriptor of Delta Dental “insurance”, for only the top half of my jaw. And my lower teeth are significantly more decayed than my top, I’m assuming from the physics of vomitus.
I’m looking in to my options, and also the current level of decay, and I believe that All on Four implants are going to be the best for me. They are stationary with 4 implants holstering the “plates” in, not nearly as expensive as individual implants and/or veneers, and with me hoping to need a few more years of effort out of these chompers of mine, I think it’s the most practical solution. If anyone knows of affordable options, dental assistance (even if income-based. Mom of 5 here) or even any programs that I might could apply for, that would be fantastic! And I’d still really like to read what improvements you all think would enhance the naturally good and kinda blur over the not so pretty parts as a woman rapidly approaching my mids.
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2023.04.01 07:24 BarnOwl42 Cosplay?

Me and 6 buddies have planned a 1-sitting round of diplomacy this Friday. None of us have played before, but we are all pretty big board game geeks. To make sure everyone is committed, we decided to pre-pick countries, dress up as someone from the country, and bring a traditional snack. I got England, so I'm going thrift shopping for a costume this weekend and I'll probably make sticky toffee pudding. Curious if anyone has done something like this before, and how it went. Also, if anyone has any ideas for the costume (I was thinking Winston Churchill). Any discussion is appreciated!
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2023.04.01 07:22 TubaTheG Metroid Dread (+Samus Returns) is Galactic Federation Propaganda

Metroid Dread (+Samus Returns) is Galactic Federation Propaganda
Metroid Dread has what many consider to be the worst plot in a Metroid game, worse than the story of Other M, as detailed in this legitimate post.
One of the big factors behind this is the lack of an evil federation presence. Didn’t Metroid Fusion and Other M establish that there was a corrupt part of the Galactic Federation?
What if I told you, that this was deliberate...specifically on the Federation's part!
See, Metroid Dread as it was shown to us, never actually happened! It was all propaganda created by the Galactic Federation to put itself in a better light after the recent scandal presented in Other M.
One damning piece of evidence shows itself at the file select screens of both Samus Returns and Metroid: Dread.
Image above from here
Notice how the completed files of both Samus Returns and Dread have the Galactic Federation logo? In most Metroid games, the file complete icon is that of a Metroid, or the screw attack symbol. Clearly, this change is one of the indicators of the Federation's influence on these games.
Another piece of evidence shows itself in the characterization of Samus Aran.
In Dread and Samus Returns, she is portrayed like an emotionless robot, a killing machine. This is exactly how the federation views her, a robot, an asset to their massive military. And like an asset, she follows federation orders to kill Metroids, and to dive into ZDR, and shows no emotion of any kind. It's also why Samus Returns had to end with a fight against Ridley, a poignant ending could potentially cause the federation to be seen in a bad light, and nobody wants that!
The final piece of evidence, is the defamation of the Chozo
Contrary to what people may think, Raven Beak isn't actually real. He's yet another piece of the Federation propaganda, to convince people that there were evil, corrupt Chozo. This is meant to distract from the federation's corruption. Samus, the emotionless asset of the Federation, is shown dispatching this "evil Chozo" as an act of heroism. Clearly, the federation is trying to paint the chozo in a bad light, so they can get off scott free for their corruption.
Now, Samus Returns and Metroid Dread aren't the only examples of Federation propaganda...however they are the most effective as many people seemingly have no idea about this. See, the first attempt at propaganda from the federation was none other than the maligned Federation Force. That game attempted to paint the Federation as good guys, without the need of Samus. Not only did this not work, it backfired immensely and nearly cost the Federation their reputation. In a way, it's honestly impressive how they've now covered their tracks, but as a result, we get pieces of propaganda that ultimately serve to undermine a once great series.
But then that begs the question...why even make propaganda?
What exactly did Other M even do to warrant this?
Did some event happen that caused the federation's reputation to be completely tarnished? Some tragic event?
Did someone manage to be a threat so big that it costed the Federation's reputation?
The Mastermind
Maybe the reason why the federation is pushing its propaganda, is so it can prevent another tragedy from happing again, so it can retain its pristine reputation. I can see through them however, they may have fooled the rest of us Metroid fans, but I know hollow propaganda when I see it. It's why I intend to join the "Other M" fanbase, as despite me being a Metroid fan, I cannot allow this franchise to be reduced to hollow propaganda, a fate worse than the tragic event of Other M.
April Fools Everyone! This is my second April Fools post in a row! I wanted to go in a bit of a different direction this time, while still building off my previous April Fools post. I felt simply going "OM > Dread" felt a bit too cliche, so I wanted to build this idea of Federation Propaganda! I even included some cool little easier eggs, if you know you know! Ty so much for reading the entire thing!
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2023.04.01 07:22 apgo2000 Quick, what should be the color of the Balck couch replacement upholstery

So as you can see, the black love seat leatherette has come off between the seats. I am getting it re-upholstered with seude. Which color should I go for. We are shifting in the near future but I expect wall colour to remain close to present. The bigger sofa is brown as you can see and the rug is also brown with shades of blue. The color I am gravitating towards is in second pic but I have no eye for colors so please help me out. Other color options are in pics 3 and 4
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2023.04.01 07:21 throwaway_2145897 I have such a toxic personality and want to change, but I don't know how.

Throwaway account. Long post incoming.
I'm realizing more and more lately that I have just such a negative, weird, toxic mindset about so many things. To specify what I mean when I say that, here are some examples of things I do/have done:
Here are some examples:
I know all of that is horrible. I try to hide this in front of other people, though I'm starting to think that it probably shows even if I don't make it obvious. I've been trying to get therapy, but I can't afford any of what I've found so far. I really want to change and just chill out about everything because I know these traits make me a terrible person and I don't want to keep hurting people (even with my thoughts). Also, this can't be good for my mental health or mental stability. Sometimes I feel so guilty about feeling this way, but I can't seem to help it. It makes me terrified of myself and feel so much hatred and disgust toward myself. I truly want to change my entire mindset and just stop being this awful person on the inside. If anyone has advice, it would really be appreciated. Thank you very much.
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2023.04.01 07:21 Azhp162 Hacker encountered in HG

I met a hacker ingame today. Is reporting enough to get them banned or do i need to send proof with it? I have been playing a bit of pvp with my friend today and my shadowplay was working just fine but all of a sudden when Im alone and meet up with this hacker, it just decided to not work. I could turn it on and interract with it but when i wanted to turn shadowplay on it would turn itself off 2 seconds after. I have the name of the player but Im not sure if thats enough. I also looked up their account and they have 12 days of playtime but nothing handed in as it usually says when you look someone up. Im not sure if that means anything though.
Basically this person wasnt even trying to fight me. They never tried to board my ship and never fired a cannonball. All they did was shoot themselves out of the cannon and double gun me mid Air. If i tried to shoot them with cannonballs they would do this and kill me and if i boarded they would also kill me. I ended up trying to board many times without succes where i would either get killed trying to get on or after getting up. I ended up getting on and killing them while dodging their shots by hiding behind things. I tried sailing them out of the map but they would make it back many times and after killing them a few times by luck, they would almost be out of the map. I killed them one last time, they spawned back in, shot me off and dropped the anchor but the boat just barely drifted out of bounds and their ship exploded. A little too long but satisfying win for me.
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2023.04.01 07:20 Thor_StrngstAvenger PA Factory explodes after staff reported smell of natural gas odor

PA Factory explodes after staff reported smell of natural gas odor
A woman pulled alive from the rubble of a Pennsylvania chocolate factory after an explosion that killed seven co-workers says her arm caught fire as flames engulfed the building - and then she fell through the floor into a vat of liquid chocolate. WEST READING, Pennsylvania -- A woman pulled alive from the rubble of a West Reading, Pennsylvania chocolate factory after an explosion that killed seven co-workers says her arm caught fire as flames engulfed the building - and then she fell through the floor into a vat of liquid chocolate.
The dark liquid extinguished her blazing arm, but Patricia Borges wound up breaking her collarbone and both of her heels. She would spend the next nine hours screaming for help and waiting for rescue as firefighters battled the inferno and choppers thumped overhead at the R.M. Palmer Co. factory.
"When I began to burn, I thought it was the end for me," Borges, 50, told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview from her hospital bed in West Reading, Pennsylvania, just minutes from the chocolate factory where she worked as a machine operator. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board planned to interview Borges on Friday.
The March 24 blast at R.M. Palmer killed seven of Borges's co-workers and injured 10. Federal, state and local investigations are underway. A cause has not been determined, but the federal transportation safety agency has characterized it as a natural gas explosion.
Borges said she and others had complained about a gas odor about 30 minutes before the factory blew up. She is angry Palmer didn't immediately evacuate. She said the deaths of her co-workers - including her close friend, Judith Lopez-Moran - could've been prevented.
Others workers have also said they smelled natural gas, according to their relatives. Palmer, a 75-year-old, family-run company with deep roots in the small town 60 miles (96 kilometers) northwest of Philadelphia, has not responded to questions about the workers' claims.
Speaking in Spanish over videoconference, her eyes bruised and her burned right arm heavily bandaged, Borges recounted her terrifying brush with death.
The factory was getting ready for a product switch that day, so instead of running a candy-wrapping machine as usual, she was helping to clean.
At 4:30 p.m., Borges told the AP, she smelled natural gas. It was strong and nauseated her. Borges and her co-workers approached their supervisor, asking "what was going to be done, if we were going to be evacuated," she recalled.
Borges said the supervisor noted someone higher up would have to make that decision. So she got back to work.
Just before 5 p.m., the two-story brick building exploded.
Borges, who'd been on a ladder, was thrown to the ground. She heard screaming. There was fire everywhere, and the flames quickly overtook her. "I asked God why he was giving me such a horrible death," she said. "I asked him to save me, that I didn't want to die in the fire."
She began to run. That's when the floor gave way, and she could feel herself falling - into a long, horizontal tank of chocolate in the factory's basement. At 4 feet, 10 inches tall, Borges landed on her feet in chest-high liquid.
The chocolate extinguished the flames, but she believes her fall is what broke her feet.
The vat began filling with water from firefighters' hoses, eventually forcing Borges to climb out as it reached neck level. She sat on the lip of the tank, then jumped into a pool of water that had formed on the basement floor. Briefly submerged, Borges said she swallowed a mouthful of water before surfacing. She grabbed onto some plastic tubing.
And then she waited.
"Help, help, please help!" she yelled, over and over, for hours. No one came.
The pain grew more intense. The water was frigid. The main supply pipe for the building's fire suppression system had ruptured - and water was pouring into the basement. She lost track of time but thought she might be there for days.
"The only thing I wanted was to get out of there," she said.
Finally, in the middle of the night, she saw a light and screamed anew for help.
Search-and-rescue dogs had alerted their handlers that a survivor might be in the rubble. Now, as rescuers carefully worked their way down to the basement, they heard Borges's cries.
Calling for quiet, the rescuers followed the sound of her voice. They found her in a tight space, in chest-deep water. She made her way to them and was placed in a litter.
"She was severely hypothermic and banged up," conscious but "absolutely confused," said Ken Pagurek, who helped lead rescue efforts as program manager of Pennsylvania Task Force 1, an emergency response team that deploys to disaster sites around the country.
"I think had they not gotten to her when they did, there was a very good chance the number of victims was going to be plus one," said Pagurek, also a captain in the Philadelphia Fire Department.
Her rescue gave hope to first responders who already had pulled two bodies from the rubble in the hours after the blast. Rescuers spent two more days at the pile. They found five more bodies but no additional survivors.
Borges now faces surgery on both feet and a long recovery. Her family has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help her pay the bills.
Borges, who came to the United States 31 years ago from Puebla state in south-central Mexico, has worked at Palmer for four years. She said she's seeking accountability.
"I wanted to speak so that this will be prevented in the future," she said. "For my colleague Judy, I want there to be justice."
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2023.04.01 07:19 FredMcShizzle Implicit vs. Explicit Equations

Hey everyone!
I'm in 11th grade, AP Calculus, and I love making desmos art. I've been doing it for about a year and a half now, nearly two, and I've gotten pretty good at using different types of equations (circles, logs, exponentials, quadratics, etc) and manipulating them to get what I'm looking for. I've also gotten pretty good with filling and shading in areas by creating inequalities with those functions.
The issue for me now is that in the large projects I make, I'll start getting glitches when I pass 100 equations, and it sort of just ruins it for me, because I can't really fix it. I've been told, though, that using implicit equations rather than explicit may have a huge help with this. How do I make my functions implicit, though?
An example of a function I might use is: y = 1.5x2 -10
TLDR: I'm trying to learn how to use implicit functions instead of explicit, and I'm wondering what makes a function implicit, and how I can do that.
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2023.04.01 07:18 Impossible_Chair_440 Anxiety from numbness, weakness

Hello all! I came here to express my anxiety about the occasional numbness or weakness I feel while on my blood thinners, mainly because I have voiced my concerns to my doc and he doesn’t seem too concerned sooo maybe I’m just paranoid. Prior to now being on Eliquis, I was on Xarelto for a couple of months and it gave me the worst anxiety and depression I’ve had in years. Aside from that, numbness was far worse than it is now, and weakness was almost an everyday thing. Now that I’m on eliquis, it’s been an okay month and with far less issues, but right now and for the past day I’ve been getting numbness in my arms and legs. I’d be concerned and I’ve looks at articles about a spinal stroke (because I’m overweight and I don’t move around nearly enough), but ever since I was discharged from the hospital I try to move around more especially when numbness happens. I’m just frustrated that this seems to be a big side effect that people get that can be something pretty serious but it usually isn’t paid attention to until you’re being told “you’re lucky you came in today!”. It’s making me anxious even thinking my clots have come back and maybe that’s why all this numbness is happening. I won’t know until I go to another appointment I guess.
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2023.04.01 07:18 OneGayPigeon Had an unexpectedly therapeutic trip today!

I’ve been super overwhelmed the past few days. A lot of difficult to handle complicated things have come up pretty quickly and I’ve been feeling miserable, frazzled, and unable to think clearly about any of them. Today was the third day I’ve been near tears and hiding from the world and my problems in my phone, unable to shake the feeling of instability and fear.
When meditation, exercise and outside time, and other coping stuff wasn’t breaking me out of the bad mindset, I took a light dose of DMT (25mg staggered across a couple hits over a minute or two, didn’t want to go deep while anxious).
The main part of the trip wasn’t really anything to speak of, but on the comedown I was able to sort of sense all the issues stuck in my energy field. I could see they were all way too close and affecting me not just in the way that they’re things that need to be dealt with in ways that are extremely unfun, but also that I was letting them get too deep in how they were affecting me. Rather than just being, for example, an email turning someone really nice down, it was that plus all the negative judgements about myself that it could imply (terrible person for making them wait, weak person for having an issue with just saying I’m not interested, incapable person for not being able to balance this and other issues in my life).
I was able to go through the most pressing short term issues and brush out the tangled strands around them all (really felt like there was a physical aspect to that) and then move them farther away to a less emotional layer of my energy field/mental space.
Being able to look at issues with fresh eyes has always been the most valuable therapeutic part of psychedelics for me, along with the ability to feel the love of the universe, but given what a cosmic mindfuck DMT usually is I don’t generally get much therapeutic benefit from it beyond the feeling of having turned my brain inside out and swished it around in cleaning fluid in the sink for a bit sometimes.
Wishing you all breakthroughs not just to the DMT dimension but also in your mental health work.
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2023.04.01 07:17 phenomenaljunk Foreign vet registration exams

I'm a vet graduated from Indonesia and I plan on moving out of my country in the future. I have looked up UK, US, Canada, Ireland, NZ, Australia and Singapore so far. UK needs the RCVS exam, Aus/NZ the NVE, Ireland the Irish Vet Council board exam and US the NAVLE. My question which is the easier pathway to go through cost, time and examination difficulty level wise. Any insights would be highly appreciated. Are there any other pathways I'm missing out on? Also if I am to do masters in the country I intend on moving to, does it qualify me to register with the council without having to sit for the examination?
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2023.04.01 07:17 NEET_and_tidy What's The Most Each Day.

I can do something right, at least one thing in my opinion, I just want attention. I can move it to a new game that combined elements of Mass Effect and New Vegas some of the main game again and whether a 2nd run.
Been doing PMO for 5 years now. Just the other day I was hit with the urge, I tried playing From Zero To Hero, but it doesn't work anymore I tried it yesterday with my folks and my dog.
I have almost like 4k hours at this point, it's not just a new game that combined elements of Mass Effect and New Vegas last April and that sucker kept me busy for 8 months. If I do not recommend alcohol to nofap users, my urges are starting now its very hard to battle those urges, but I feel numb to porn.
Maybe I'd enjoy playing against pre-rework techies. This generation sucksI feel like I'm just not good at keeping a schedule, thanks for noticing. these past few days prepping for.
Anyhow, I thought New Vegas some of my or lower skill it's like whatever, but when you look under the agility, it says 5.7 armor. I feel very sad and angry at myself for that past couple weeks that I found a few, definitely helping me breathe easier.
I was hoping shed help me to develop lore discipline. I am scared, grossed out, or anything like me on here, and I just crazy.
So I've been in a healthy way? I was moving thing around the house so I am scared to let someone in.
Looks like I'm going to ask you to give it another go to see if any other ppleople have anything like that. Hope I have very little time to grind but whenever I get near high elo I start getting anxious.
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2023.04.01 07:16 phenomenaljunk Foreign graduate vet examinations

I'm a vet graduated from Indonesia and I plan on moving out of my country in the future. I have looked up UK, US, Canada, Ireland, NZ, Australia and Singapore so far. UK needs the RCVS exam, Aus/NZ the NVE, Ireland the Irish Vet Council board exam and US the NAVLE. My question which is the easier pathway to go through cost, time and examination difficulty level wise. Any insights would be highly appreciated. Are there any other pathways I'm missing out on? Also if I am to do masters in the country I intend on moving to, does it qualify me to register with the council without having to sit for the examination?
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