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2023.03.25 18:20 Isobel_Parker Am I a bad partner if I deny my husband children?

Me(F28) and my husband (M29) have been together for 6 years. I told him 6months into our relationship when things started to get serious that I've never wanted children, he deserves whatever he wants out of life. There is a 99% chance that I will never want kids, and a small 1% that I might change my mind. But I don't want you staying with me, and holding out for something that's probably not going to happen. At the time he agreed with what I said, he's always said I'd make a great mother and despite our history (we both have rocky childhoods filled with trauma.) That were not our parents and could be great parents. Fast forward to now and it's starting to cause turmoil and resentment in my relationship. Husband keeps bringing up children and feels like all the things he's done over the past 6 years (we got a house, recreational vehicles, new truck, pets etc) is somehow not good enough for me and that I am not appreciative of all the things we've achieved and that he's helped with. I don't know if I'm just broken, or heartless. How I explained it to him, was that I've never had this warming ache, or feeling of 'maternal' calling. Don't get me wrong! I love kids. My friends babies are absolutely amazing and I commend all the mothers in the world for creating life. You made and are responsible for an entire human being and I think it's absolutely incredible 👏 but it's just not for me. Why is it wrong that I wanna be the eternal cool auntie? My husband has basically stated that after the age of 30, with no children life doesn't serve a purpose for him. He doesn't want to leave or be with anyone else because I'm the love of his life..but it feels double if I don't have children I'm responsible for his unhappiness and am somehow responsible for providing his life with purpose.
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2023.03.25 18:19 Acrobatic_Ad_6600 headphone practice with guitarist?

so our drummer is going home for a few weeks, so we don't wanna pay for a practice room for just me and out guitarist/singer.
I live in a house share so only select times that we can practice loudly, if anyone knows a way we can practice easily with like bass, guitar and vocals hooked up to 2 separate headphones that would be awesome.
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2023.03.25 18:19 starryvista Can I get a laptop through self employed access to work?

Posting again as for some reason I couldn’t reply
I have adhd and autism and suffer from noise sensitivity, I also get bored very easily in one location and have to move around, sit differently especially depending on my mood and how effected I am by surroundings.
I am applying for access to work and saw a post about someone being given a MacBook. I work as a freelance graphic designer and currently have a desk and Mac that I use but not a laptop. Currently when I get bored and overwhelmed I have to leave what I’m doing and go somewhere else in the house, and basically unable to work as I can’t take my Mac with me.
I am wondering if this is something access to work will provide?
Based in England
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2023.03.25 18:19 Oystercracker123 Therapist Gets Motherly And Directive Too Much

Dealing with an awful situation with my housing. Disconnecting from my self a lot lately. Just wanted to connect to self and think about what to do while in therapy, but my therapist got really passionate about my situation trying to tell me what to do, and that my discomfort about the situation was based off of my trauma, and in the past, and not realistic within the hour later I had a lawyer tell me he recommends I get out of that situation because my landlord has been pretty abusive and nasty to tenants - including clients of his that are suing my landlord.
My therapist sometimes involves herself way too much in whatever is going on mostly because she said she feels protective sometimes, and wants to help. It really fucking bothers me. It makes me not trust her, and feels unprofessional. I brought it up when she said this thing about my living situation, and said it's not her problem to solve. I just want support, and that's it. She apologized, but I honestly think the conversation got way too weird and kind of enmeshed feeling.
I am a little weirded out now, and don't trust her as much anymore. I've been seeing her for over a year, and working with her has helped a lot.
Any advice?
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2023.03.25 18:18 Salem1690s Who were House Targaryens’s most valued vassals over time? (Spoilers: Published)

Initially, the Baratheons were their first major allies that we’re aware of. House Baratheon essentially was a cadet branch of the Targaryens in a way at first.
Over time, whom would you say the most important vassalages of House Targaryen were, especially post Dance?
Consider that the Freys were the most strategically valuable vassals of Hoster Tully. Who was in a similar position for House Targaryen? But also politically.
Which were they traditionally closest with, which did they value most and which were typically to be counted on most?
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2023.03.25 18:18 FarAd8466 I have a brother with poor financial planning and he's taking advantage of my mom.

I came from a middle income household and my mom is the major breadwinner at home, while my dad has a lower income. My brother is 31yo and he's been working for around 3-4 years now. 5 years ago my house only had very old second hand cars and my brother had to travel around 1 hour for work, the old car always break down so we figured it was unsafe to drive. So my mom decided to buy a new home car so that he could use it to travel safely to work. The initial idea was that they both share and pay the loan together and my mom could drive the car when he's not working, but the loan was on my mom's name and she would be the one paying it, while my brother pays the portion to my mom. Everything went well for about a year until he started to delay payments and take things for granted. He switched a job and his pay reduced slightly, and there he started to delay payments/ pay lesser. It feels reasonable at first so I didn't think about it much.
Fast forward to 1 year later, he gets married during covid and moves into his new house. The house was his wife's property so he didnt need to pay for anything for the house at all, except than the renovation and furnitures. He told my mom he didn't have money for renovation and furnitures so my mum borrowed another $5000 to him. To date, i haven't heard him paying back for that yet. Again 1 year later, they had a baby. (no idea if its unplanned but they got married before the baby) Again, he ran out of money and needed to borrow from my mom for his wife's c-section, because he didn't have any emergency fund. Also, he took that car to his own and drives it everyday now, even when he doesn't need to travel far to work now. My mom haven't drove the car ever since.
My mom is a very soft-hearted person and she is always very forgiving about this. I would always remind her about this but she would always find excuse for him saying that his income is not much, not stable and he has a baby. She would always think that its harsh to chase the money from him with his situation rn. I tried the other way but everytime when i remind him to pay my mom, he would only tell me "i don't have money now". Yet, just yesterday he asked me if he should get an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy (latest versions), and he already got them. AND HE EVEN TRIED to ask my mom if he could use her credit card for the new phone because he doesnt have a credit card. How irony is that? You don't have money to pay your debts but you have money for a new phone? Good thing my mum rejected that request.
My mom has a lot to pay and i can already see her struggling. Our old house's roof leaks whenever there's a heavy rain, and we don't even have enough money to repair it. My sister is studying abroad with a tight budget for her pocket money every month, dad still drives the old car, ETC ETC. We need money so bad but there he is enjoying his life with zero loans and taking advantage of my mom. I cannot believe that he's been working for so many years and still do not have any decent savings. I tried to ask my mom to sell the car and take the money she needs but i bet that wouldn't happen any sooner, and i bet it wouldnt be easy. And tbf, my mom also has bad financial planning, but this doesn't change the fact that he has to pay back what he owes. Its obvious that he took my mom for granted. I just started working full time for 2 months and im trying my best to help out the household, but i can't help to think how unfair this whole thing is. This lowkey haunts me everyday and I have no idea how to cope this. Confronted him once but I was just yeeted off with excuses. The new phone he bought was a huge dealbreaker for me. I have no any other ideas what I can do to fix this without ruining the whole family's relationship.
TLDR: My mom borrowed my brother a lot of money for a lot of things but he stops paying back and takes my mom for granted. When reminded to pay back he kept giving excuses and telling he's tight on budget, yet seeing him buying a new phone yesterday.
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2023.03.25 18:18 Outrageous-Pie-3471 I have feelings for my boyfriend’s best friend

Within the past 6 months I have realized I have a crush on my boyfriend’s best friend and it just continues to grow. This is so conflicting and I do not know what to do with my feelings that I absolutely will not act on. Every time we hang out with him now (2-3 times a week) I purposely speak less and just kind of retreat into my phone in a way to not interact with him for fear of my feelings and revealing them. Sometimes I think he has a thing for me too. We are not compatible when it comes to many things that would make us clash in a relationship, such as values and beliefs but have very similar demeanors and ways of navigating through life. He is very driven and creative and I admire both of these things about him. I keep having sex dreams about him and secretly hoping we will hang with him even if I am quiet. To make all of this worse me and boyfriend house sat for him this week while he was out of town and it was honestly kind of hard for me. Everything smelled of him, sleeping in his bed was almost too much to bear. What do I do?
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2023.03.25 18:18 arduni because people can't be friendly towards each other...

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2023.03.25 18:18 ak406 Did Shelly Discontinue/Stop Selling the 1L in the USA?

Hi - I know longer see the Shelly 1L on the Shelly USA website. Was this discontinued for sale in the US? If so, does anyone know why?
I have two of them in use in my house so I'm wondering if I should stop using them.
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2023.03.25 18:17 labatu hey i wrote a short story can i post it in here

He was and hence, in time, there was.

What was, had been thus, and was not to change. He awoke, arose, opened his eyes, and there was. He saw, came into motion, did, stood. He then dressed, ate, and left towards and into the looming nothingness that awaited without beckoning. He passed by unidentifiable streets and past houses, buildings, places, objects that defied reckoning and vanished into a mere trace of the derelict within memories unremarkable. The sky, the sun, the moon, and the vast firmament idly contemplated the looming nothingness of the possibility of their existence as he slavishly strode across the distance of the world beneath to destinations unknown, as his destiny decreed, for reasons equally unknown. He arrived. He did not discern whence he had come from where he was now, as there was neither now nor after nor before nor anything at all but distant mirages of places remote. Places, buildings, objects that defied reckoning. People and further objects in the places, buildings, and objects that defied reckoning. He waited, but it was not to be. He attended with indifference to duties of no significance and satisfied tasks devoid of meaning. He ate, stood, resumed, and time passed. There was no now and nothing was to be. Later, he left. Once more, he passed by streets shrouded in nothingness and past houses, buildings, places and objects that appeared to but faintly possess any existence at all and perhaps only to those whom would reckon them and perhaps those that did, did themselves but hardly exist. He returned but he was not home. He undressed and with the night his refuge, he slept but did not dream.

He awoke, arose, and all was the same to him, for when there is no now, there is no before and no after, and all that decreed once was to be, thus remained for time immemorial. He once more did hence and did such, left, passed by this and past that, the sky his sole witness unattainable, the looming nothingness vastly resounding with voices silent beyond the pale, as he slavishly strode across the distance of the world beneath to destinations unknown, as his destiny decreed, in darkest trails of darkness. On the ground, there lay a Ẓāhir but he did not regard it. Suddenly, the world changed. Everything was different. He arrived. He could not tell if there was any difference at all between where he had, if at all, originated to then, were there a then, find himself in a somewhere distinct from it. He waited, but it was not to be. He accomplished astutely absolutely nothing at all and nevertheless, his obligations he did fulfil, a contradiction which was not to be considered. He ate, stood, resumed, and time passed. Had he done so before, he would neither remember nor perceive that he did so once more. He waited, but it was not to be. Later, he left. The Ẓāhir was gone. He returned but he was not home. Time passed. He did not dream.

She was and, in time, what had been, was to be. She awoke, arose and dressed. The sun was shining as dawn dawned as though it never had before, bountiful birds sang in metres resplendent with joy and the countenance of splendour. What had been, was to be, and what was now, came to pass, for beginning had ended and ending was unknown. She opened her eyes and came to be as well. The world had changed, everything was different. There was reason to be somewhere but it did not demand urgency. Somewhere was where she was. She was home. She found a mirror and regarded herself. She smiled. She opened the windows, drawing in an abundance of what was pleasing to the senses, and it began to rain as the sun shone warmly. She noticed a young tree stood amidst the courtyard that lay sprawling in the midst of the world outside of the confines of her home, her abode, her shelter. With an air of sudden spontaneity, she decided to leave. She saw, looked, stared, gazed at, and perceived as though she never had before. The looming nothingness faded, beginning regarded itself, and ending was drawn anew. She talked to the trees and shared in the very essence of their being. She closed her eyes and as silence came to speak, she came to see without seeing, to hear without hearing, and as the endless paths emerged unto her, there ceased to be but wonderment and annihilation. She opened her eyes anew and walked, sought without seeking places remote, places of note, beings unseen, and voices in dreams. And as she was stood there amidst the looming nothingness that faded out of inexistence, there was a Ẓāhir on the ground. She regarded it and found it to be a scroll with writing on it. She began to read the writing on it, writing of words sundry but barren that perplexingly cast trails of memories fading and remote into her mind, which wrote: "He was and hence, in time, there was. What was, had been thus, and was not to change. He awoke, arose, opened his eyes, and there was." Suddenly, everything became clear and as night dawned, she cast her eyes towards the sky and spoke:

I saw a star that shone bright in the night of my days it ascended in rivers in rivers of light in gardens of green of rayḥān and yasmīn when moment met moment and silence reigned all and all that was once and all that to be turned nameless and formless and formless and free
And then:
Felicity is the calmness of the eye

She later departed, only to return.
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2023.03.25 18:17 9Rege Euro teen (Mia Manarote) fucks for free rent in Mikes Appartment - Reality Kings

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2023.03.25 18:17 HerVent Trying to decide if bankruptcy is right for me: $33k (before taxes) with $34k in debt

I am F30's. I have no familial support net and been on my own since 16. As soon as I was 18 began accumulating credit card debt for various necessary dental surgeries, other unexpected disasters, school expenses (graphic design- computer, camera, etc), car repairs, etc. I went to college but never got a degree because I was soon disillusioned by school/degree choice while working 3 jobs and depressed from dealing with all the crap I went through in my youth. I made a few stupid decisions over the years like buying a new car, refinancing my debt/castudent loans into a personal loan thus prolonging my debts, took a few vacations on credit cards, etc. I had everything paid down to $10k before Covid began but during hardships over the pandemic racked back up to $34k. I recently got a debt consolidation loan for $32k: $706/month for 60 months - 58 months remaining.
The facts:
I have rented the same house with my now fiance for 13 years and do not anticipate moving anytime soon.
Fiance is not anticipated to assist with my debt repayment because we want to keep our finances separate.
I have a nice comfortable job with a small growing company that I plan to be with for quite some time.
I have no children.
My car is a now paid off 13 year old Hyundai
My brother pays my $40 cellphone bill on his family plan every month because he's nice like that.
I have NEVER had a late payment, not once.
My credit score is 775.
My grandparents signed over a piece of property to me when I was 20, its worth anywhere between 10k-40k according to offer letters I get in the mail. I do not want to lose this property because its been in the family. Its undeveloped, great for camping, and I only pay $200 in taxes on it a year. I would likely sign it over to my brother if I decide to proceed with this bankruptcy idea and if he is up for it.
All of my furniture is used. What I would consider my assets are my car, our bed, my computer, tv and my 2 basic used kayaks I bought a year ago with my tax return. Could any of these things be required to be sold in the bankruptcy agreement?
Here are the numbers:
Annual income before taxes/insurance deductions: $33k
Debt consolidation loan: $31k remaining/58 months
Total remaining Credit card debt: $4k
Monthly income after taxes and medical insurance $2100
My half of rent and bills: $1000/month
Debt loan $706 for 60 months
Minimum credit card payments: $100 - 50/30/20 respectively across 3 low balance cards, also a $20/month revolving netflix on a fourth card I keep just to pay off every month.
Cellphone: Family plan that my brother kindly pays for me.
You can do the math, I am left with about $300 a month for gas, groceries and "savings." My fiance helps with all these things if I need it. I was discussing with a friend who bankrupted ten years ago and they were telling me how it drastically improved their life. Becoming my own support net with cash dependence each month instead of credit cards really sounds like it could be my stress-reducing ticket as I am barely keeping my head above here. I cant accumulate savings like this.
What would you do?
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Hi, I Am Owner PewdSaiman, And These Are The Registerations For 2050 Mid-Terms Elections.
We have Mid-Terms Elections. 27 Governor Elections and 6 House Elections.
1) States Which Get 2 Candidates Gets Closed. 2) States Which Are Colored Are Open- Affiliations-
• Yellow - 2049 Governor Only
3) Please Don't Register In States Which Aren't Opened.
5) HOR Is Now The Primary Legislative Body In PSUS.
Election Day- 25th February, 2023 EST
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2023.03.25 18:16 TeaTimeWithHarley A dark plot set in a true(ish) utopia? (Not a dystopia veiled as utopia)

I want a book the isn’t using a “dystopian future” as a crutch for the whole plot. I want a setting that is… better. Maybe more eco friendly. Maybe healthcare is better. Maybe there is criminal reform instead of criminal justice. Maybe people have access to basic needs; hygiene, water, housing food. Maybe water is protected and the ocean is clean. Maybe petrol plastics have been replaced with something that decomposes. Maybe all of that. Maybe something different. But not have there be a trade off to “better” that is worse catch than our current situation.
Dark things can and do happen in good places. People who take advantage and hurt others will still exist in a better world. That’s what I want to read about. I want a bright better future contrasted with a dark experience.
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2023.03.25 18:16 Appropriate_Might401 A3-2023

👉Horse worked all by himself while coworkers did absolutely nothing, management has issues and schedules are wonky. 👉 Horse's boss knows it very well. Horse applied to other workplaces and boss noticed it, so they recommended Horse to another workplace under same company but with higher position. 👉 Boss saw how fast horse works and didn't want the horse to leave at all, did all sorts of things to keep the horse there. 👉 Boss offered promotion to Horse but Horse did not want to accept it due to issues with workers and massive amount of chaos with management. Horse loves when things are properly laid out. 👉 Horse knows the pay is not good but it's necessary to climb the ladder after being so long time unemployed. Horse must make his presence known through other people so that he can succeed finally. 👉 Horse does not tolerate not working and doing nothing during work, its a waste of time. So he worked constantly, at first even missed the breaks multiple times. 👉 Horse will be trained in Lemon Gym soon. 👉 Horse's current workplace is not suitable when the horse has to be there all alone, with hundreds of people near him and security fled aswell. 👉 Horse is constantly looking for property listings to rent out, planning his next move. 👉 Horse will never give up because it doesn't exist in his vocabulary. 👉 Horse is not stupid or gullible. If treated bad for long enough, he will snap and bite back, hard. 👉 Horse can walk 22km or even more a day and it's not an issue for him at all. 👉Boss told Horse one day that "It's their loss totally that other workplace didn't accept you, that I will tell you". Boss also told horse "Sad to see you go, I got used to your personality already".
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2023.03.25 18:16 Hot_Consideration936 November 10th 2022

​No matter how much I’m surrounded with people that love me I still feel alone. I feel like I’m the loneliest person to ever exist. I don’t feel like I belong here although I’m quite aware I should be thankful for those people yet I can’t help but feel so alone. I wonder if that makes me a selfish person, I can barely breathe and I can’t stand myself to be alive anymore It’s so tiring to feel unwanted.. close enough to people disliking me and everyone finds me annoying. I cry at the silliest things and I can’t help it every time someone raises their voice at me ,I disgust myself . However, I can’t say or do anything about it because I am the main reason that I turned out this way I would be absurd to complain about something I’m responsible for. I feel so lost the house has an empty dull atmosphere , even though there are humans around me. I don’t know who to talk to and I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t feel nineteen, it feels like I’ve never aged since I was twelve . That twelve year old is just living inside of me she doesn’t want to leave and I don’t think she’ll ever do . I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever get my happy ending or if I’ll ever get to a point in life where I’m not hurting anymore I’m so tired of sabotaging myself . It’s funny how that twelve year old never got to feel like a one which is the main reason why I don’t feel nineteen . Therapy is bullshit everything is bullshit and so am I why would I go to therapy if I’m aware that I don’t want to help myself ?I don’t have the urge to change for the better . As much as I want it I’m scared to get out of my circle I’m scared of facing myself .., my ugly filthy true self . I still sometimes ask myself why am I like this ?am I seeking attention? Am I doing this on purpose or am I faking it ? Why do I think that way? Is it because I grew up hearing those exact same words ?. I never felt like I existed in real life so I’ve always tried my best to stay relevant online and I still end up feeling irrelevant and pathetic. People barely interact with me and I feel like they don’t even like my content but if that’s the case then why are they still following me on my socials ? Is it all just in my head? I feel like I’m embarrassing and boring so I stay in the cycle of posting and deleting, repeatedly. I hate seeing people move on with their life have their own home their own job their own partner get scholarships , degrees, how they settle down ..basically succeeding. It makes me physically ill where I could just tear my insides apart it’s so sickening I can’t imagine saying this to someone they’ll definitely think I’m sick in the head . I wish I was someone’s favorite person . To say the least I never felt wanted or loved. I don’t know what I am where I am and why I am typing down all this .
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2023.03.25 18:16 StarrySunflower714 As much as I hate my job I’m so thankful for them right now.

I work in a barestaurant in a hotel. Right now they are doing a thing where any positive review with our name mentioned gets us a $25 gift card. I know it may be ethically questionable but I had my husband write a review. That $25 is most of why we have food now 😭. Also this week we had a law school rent out the restaurant but bring in their own catering. There were a ton of leftovers, chicken, salad, fruit, roasted veggies, and sweet rolls, none of my coworkers wanted it so I brought home 2 large catering trays full of food. Thanks for listening I guess. I wanted to share how like bittersweet it is but none of my friend would get it they all have always had money.
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2023.03.25 18:16 Horse_cum_yummm Online dnd 5e campaign based on made in abyss

This is very loosely based off of made in abyss where you are an excellent student that has been selected for a special program that you must dive into the abyss for
We only need one or two more players. Or next session is today and starts around 7-8pm (CST) and will be theatre of mind but uses roll20 for mini/boss fights
If you have any questions contact me at Karma_Kurono#4846
Here is some basic world info
This world was similar to the one we have now. But there was recently the discovery of the mouth of god. With this discovery of course people set up houses here. But when kids were born and grew up they slowly formed weird feature. Wether it is high speed, scales, fur, strength, and even magic. With this discover many people banded together and formed schools and a company called delver corp. They explore the MOG for short. And they found many artifacts that do a variety of effects. There is a school that you will be enrolling at called the delver school (creative i know) There you will learn all about the different artifacts and the different creatures as well as the different layers. Each layer has a different enviroment and the lower you go the more dangerous it is.
The first layer is a garden of dandelions with nearly no creatures,
The second layer is a round lake that is infinitely flowing from the edge of the first layer
The third layer is known as a dead zone where nothing grows full of dirt and rocks and only predators
The fourth layer is full of clouds that are able to be touched and walked upon
The fifth layer is the final one that has been discovered and it has a very large and thick forest of all types of wood and trees, as well as lots of different creatures
The other layers are yet to be discovered but we guess that there is a good few more There are many monsters in MOG but there is no official record of all monsters but all offical delvers are given a small book artifact with the ability to tell you the name of all monsters on your current layer but only the monsters that have been recorded by delver corp
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2023.03.25 18:16 moneyshot1123 Course Recommendation for Daytona-Orlando

Can you guys recommend a course in the area between Daytona and Orlando? I'm in Orlando in a couple of weeks and I have cousins who live in Daytona and we'd like to get together for a round of golf. We are all terrible so preferably minimal houses and $50 or less.
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2023.03.25 18:16 dandeli_on How do you make cross-country moves easier for yourself?

I (24f) am moving this summer to a new state alone to start a new job. I have housing and everything figured out. It’s a bit of an unusual job (not going to say exactly what it is, but it’s work in a national park so fairly rural and surrounded by nature) and I am extremely excited but also nervous. I lived alone for two years in college so I know I can do it, but I have lived with family the past few years so adjusting again is going to be a bit difficult. I’ve also never lived out of state so safe to say my researching game has been off the charts lately. I’m pretty familiar with the area and what I’ll need, but if you have moved states before by yourself I’d love your tips below!
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2023.03.25 18:16 OldTomOG Family drama

My grandmother has dementia (I'm not sure if she's been formally diagnosed or not but it's very obvious). My aunt and mother both share power of attorney and have access to all of her assets. My grandmother currently lives with my aunt (she literally showed up at my grandmother's house and packed everything up and kidnapped my grandmother, essentially). According to my mother, she's been giving my grandmother's possessions away to her children and intends to sell the rest under my grandmother's nose. She also verbally abuses her (again, according to my mother) but it's obvious to me that my grandmother is much more timid and apologetic than she used to be. She's left alone in the house while my aunt and her husband work.
Sometime around November, my sister and my grandmother made an arrangement for my sister to borrow my grandmother's car. This was done between them and only them. My grandmother said that she could use the car as long as she needed it. Well, she still needs it and my grandmother is all too happy to oblige. She doesn't drive anymore, after all. Well, my aunt needed it last week for her grandson. So, since she has the spare key, she just took it. It was delivered back a few days later. Now she needs it again for her daughter and intends to take it back indefinitely, leaving my sister and her husband without reliable transportation to work. The issue is that my grandmother either genuinely believes anything my aunt tells her, or is too frightened of her to disagree. Again, according to my mother, my aunt is making all of her decisions for her and frequently loses her patience with her and shouts. It is alleged that she is abusing her power of attorney.
What way, if any, is there to prove that she is abusing this power? We want to take it from her and give my wife and I sole power of attorney (to which my mother agrees) as we are the most financially and practically capable people in the family right now.
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2023.03.25 18:16 Romeo_RichBoy Is it dangerous for me to try again with my ex?

Trigger warning: abuse, su!c!de, self [email protected]
My ex left me without formally breakout up with me about a year ago and I went no contact for about 7 months then told her it was fully over. At first she acted like she didn't care and told me goodbye. Then a few weeks later she kept asking me to meet up and I said no. Then she said to meet to talk to her parents (they were trying to get us legally married so ex could steal money from me). I blocked her and didn't hear from here for a few months. Now she sent me an email from a work email saying that she "prays everyday that I forgive her" and "isn't sure if we're married or not". For context, we had a fake religious wedding to appease her parents.
I want to try again but everyone says she is dangerous and I see where they're coming from. Here is a list of everything she has done in the past.
1) Rented t a flat she couldn't afford and put her dad as security, and told him that it was me paying. She told me it was her dad paying. She ended up running up a tonne of debt and asking me for a bailout and I said no. Then her parents tried to bully me to sort the mess out and I said no.
2) Tried to k!ll herself (before I met her) by taking a knife into her work place.
3) Cut herself (before I met her)
4) Disappears for a week and caused a big police investigation, with police officer's constantly coming to my house
5) Disappeared in the middle of the night and ended up at her mum's house. When I called her mum to ask about her her mum accused me of being controlling
6) Accused me of being controlling (even though I wasn't)
7) Didn't visit me in the hospital after I had a skateboarding accident
8) was message some other guy and acted sus when I asked about it
However despite all this she used to be a nice person to hang out with and spend time with and for the first year or two of the relationship things were basic perfect.
How big of a risk is it for me to talk to her / visit her again?
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