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2023.04.01 07:05 Writteninsanity SIX ORBITS - Chapter 18 - Songlai

The dock workers at Station 26 were deadly efficient. By the time I'd stepped out into the gangway, they were already swarming around the ship, taking note of fuel nozzles they'd need and trying to get advanced readings of power levels and repairs. Most paused as they reached the back of the ship, nodding at the damage and doing their best to look solemn about how much money they were about to make.
Though there were a myriad of species surveying my ship, in the end, there were more humans in one place than I'd seen in the past couple of months. Mythellion wasn't a bastion of humanity, and the job before that had been lonely overall.
I should have felt better about the species of the crew and found some human camaraderie in it instead of the general apprehension that came alongside standing in the middle of a Station 26 spaceport again.
I shrugged the Nurse's bag higher up over my shoulder, having ensured that I left the top unzipped and the barrel showing. The chances were next to zero that I'd fire it during my time on the Station, but the Nurse was an expensive piece of military hardware, at least enough to hopefully cause anyone feisty to reconsider.
Though people had swarmed the ship, Victoria and I had been given a wide berth to exit onto the main platform. That said before I could start a conversation with her a young blonde-haired boy in thick, plasma-burned clothes walked up to me holding a data pad. He looked both expectant and way too young to be in charge of anything. "Translator for English?"
I nodded. He'd understand that it was for Victoria instead of me.
"Guang? Tel? Deut-"
"It's not for me-"
The boy tapped his wrist twice and likely turned his translator off, "Yeah, I'm trying to have a private conversation. Good to know you speak English, my Cant is shakes."
"I take it you turned your translator off?"
"Yours still on?"
"Is she paying for this, or are you?"
"Why is his translator muted?" Victoria asked.
"Just a second- It's my ship?"
"And you're payin'?"
"Well, shit, there goes the bonus rate." The boy tapped something on his datapad and then squinted at it, leaning in too close like it was going to help him understand the message on there. "Are you fuckin- God dammit. BOYS!" he called over my shoulder, "It's been marked to go to the pent. Clear out."
"What was that?"
"Your ship's going upstairs."
"No, it's not. You can repair it here."
"If it were up to me, I would be getting them on it right now," the boy leaned to shout past me again, "I said CLEAR OUT- but it ain't up to me anymore. You're going up to the pent."
"Can you ju-"
"I would not be making this decision because I like being paid, and you woulda been payin' me instead of those dickheads up there, but it ain't up to me so-" he shrugged, "your ship is going upstairs, and I'm gonna have a drink tonight before I tell my brother about today's numbers."
I pulled one of several anonymous credit chips I'd set up before landing out of my pocket. "How about we fix it here?"
"Oh, this isn't your first time on Station 26, mate?"
He gave me space to answer. I didn't.
"Look, I'd love to, but whatever's on that chip ain't worth my license so, you're going to the pent. I'm going to go find another piece to patch up." He was already walking away before he finished speaking, ending with a wave instead of a goodbye.
I took a deep breath, shut my eyes to pray for patience and shoved the chip back in my pocket as the scurrying crew that had been scanning my ship packed up to follow the boy. I stopped just short of swearing under my breath.
"That doesn't look like it went well."
"It didn't."
"What'd you do?"
"I didn't do anything," I explained, "but I also do not want to get dragged up to the luxury docks."
I turned and saw Victoria processing my train of thought for a second. In most cases, the Luxury docks were the place to get premium repairs on a fast timeline. It was theoretically the best place for us. Of course, she lacked full context about my history here. How was she supposed t-
"Well, I'll be damned, I almost couldn't believe it when I saw those landing codes come across my screen."
I snapped my head to catch the woman stepping off a nearby exposed lift, dropping onto the corrugated steel floor; she offered a smile as she landed.
"Welcome back, Kingston."
"Hey, Natasha."
Natasha sneered at her full name and shook her black hair out before winding it back into an out-of-the-way ponytail. Her arms were a motley of different coloured skin grafts welded on over the years to compensate for engine burns and faded tattoos. She looked way too happy to see me.
"Who's this?" Victoria asked
"This is Natash-"
"Tash," she cut in between us and held out a hand to Victoria before looking up at her and then at me, "Flying with a Fotty now?"
"The Fotuan" I corrected, "is a client."
"So you're still doin' the merc shit, honestly thought you woulda cleaned up your act by now."
No, she didn't.
"What brings you to Songlai? You certainly didn't tell me about any plans."
I nodded over to the ship; I wasn't about to elaborate on all of the details, least of all those about Victoria.
"Just the damage, then? Here I was hoping you limped here in spite of it," Tash frowned at the ship and pointedly at Victoria, who returned her stare with unblinking silver eyes. Her frown flipped, "Well, an accident is just as good as coming here on purpose. It still gets you here after all."
She fired a smile at me as she finished speaking. She had a habit of trying that. Tash had charmed a lot of people into underestimating her by being unerringly friendly when she thought it would suit her.
She clocked the fact that my expression didn't thaw, and turned her attention elsewhere.
"What about you? What's your story, Fotty?"
"Vic," Victoria answered. Her 'fake name' came out covered in frost, at least she remembered to keep some of my instructions to heart.
"Why'd ya hire Kingston?"
"He was the only reasonable candidate for my work on Mythellion. Unfortunately, the talent pool was shallow."
"You know, I don't care what they say about Fotuans. I like you."
"I'll let you know when the feeling's mutual."
"Alright." Tash took a step back from Victoria and answered with a long whistle before sizing the young girl up. Tash spoke rapid-fire with her glances, but I wasn't sure Victoria caught any of it.
"Just here to say hello, Tash?"
Tash smiled at me using the name she preferred, "No no no no no, I came down here from Pent to bring the ship up for you, and honestly, I really should be getting to that. How about you two get settled and I'll catch up with you."
"Call me when you want that," I answered before starting to walk away.
"Actually, wait-" Tash dug into the front pocket of her apron and pulled out a pair of silver cards with emerald and gold markings carved into the service. "Courtesy of Jie."
I didn't take the cards right away, but Victoria did. "We appreciate the hospitality."
"You're the one getting the freebie there," Tash pointed out, "that's for Kingston."
I ran my tongue across my teeth, "Jie's hospitality is appreciated."
"She's a generous woman," Tash answered, "you gonna bring all that hardware?"
"Suit yourself. Enjoy Songlai."
"Let's go Mr. Diadona," Victoria nodded for us to move and I watched Tash catch herself for a second in response to Victoria using my last name. I'd have to correct her on that.
Tash made her way over to the ship, leaving us alone as she grabbed several nearby engineers to help secure it onto a lift.
Victoria watched her work for a moment, focusing on where Tash was even as she walked to the other side of the ship and disappeared from view. Victoria took a moment to straighten herself and pull back her shoulders, the first steps she took toward the dock's exit were strides.
Even though I was the person who should have been walking us anywhere, as I knew where we were going, I let her lead for the sake of appearance.
Once we had stepped away from the ships and into the throng of lines, workers and passers-by that was the main platform, Victoria spoke up, "How well do you know her?"
"That's a complicated question."
"It seems simple."
"Then it's the answer that's complicated," I corrected, wedging myself between a human couple to keep up with Victoria. "It's not an issue."
"I wasn't implying that it was, just that you seem to know a lot of people."
"Like Dvall?"
"And Jie."
"It's a small galaxy."
"To the contrary," she looked down at me and motioned for me to take the lead so we could use the right exit gate, "it's so big we're on Station 26 despite you being against it."
"Correction then. The circles you run in with my kind of work are small circles."
Victoria cast a sideways glance at me, but if she doubted that everything going on was entirely a work connection, she didn't vocalize it.
The silver passes got us through the exit gate and pushed us past processing without as much as a second glance at the Nurse on my back. I shoved the pass deep into my pocket and sighed as we reached the main promenade up to the Pent. The more things changed, the more they stayed the same.
From the outside, Station 26 was gaudy, audacious and ostentatious; you knew flying up that you would get a city with a golden face with an underclass of steel and sinew to work the lithium mines. The Pent was the golden face, but it had picked up a lot more emerald since I'd last been here.
That and the lack of rubble must have had something to do with Jie.
There was an order to the crowd up here. Beneath the massive golden screens plastered in advertisements, the people of the Pent moved with purpose, almost like it was a system as opposed to a crowd. Shining green pathways cut through the square, only separated by lavish gardens with exotic plants imported from the far reaches of Sol.
Lanterns hung in the air, humming with energy and pumping out light to keep the street basking in the constant golden glow of sunset. Above them, a complicated network of trams and railways cut between the upper floors, revealing how much of the Station had been hollowed out to allow for this stunning display of wealth; and power.
It took a careful eye to notice them, and I might have missed them if it weren't for experience, but there were plants in the crowd, pedestrians with golden accents on their clothing that kept too steady a gaze to be wandering.
I shrugged the Nurse higher on the shoulder, and we headed toward exactly where Jie wanted us.
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2023.04.01 07:04 Legate_Marius [Online][5e] Astora: The Capital - Homebrew Setting - Weekly - 12PM PST

Astora: The Capital
Our story begins on the continent of Aurelia in the great Capital of Astora. The Sapphire Gem, The Five Rings, The Rock, The Capital is known by many names and for many things. It stands, built on a small island of rock at the center of the Great Sapphire Lake. It was first discovered by the Sol Empire, a foreign people from a distant land. They built a fortress there and used it as a place to project power in the region. It stands as the same symbol hundreds of years later, looming at the center of the Astoran Empire.
Over time, The Capital quickly sprawled out from that fortress and grew into the unruly mess it is today. Five rings layer the city to its center. In the rings, a class system formed from lower class to the highest, each ring walled off from one another leading to the top Citadel, which is where the Empress’s seat of power rests.
Peace has befallen Astora for over fifty years under the watchful eyes of the Silvanus line. The Aramoor Elves, The Pirate Princes, The Dejya Hordes, and the Ulgoth Barbarian Tribes have ceased all major aggression with uneasy truces and hard battles won. However, rumors have begun to spread throughout Astora of unrest. An uneasy feeling of looming dread is starting to fester.
Insurrections, small and isolated, have begun to appear throughout the realm. Monsters and Beasts have started tearing into the countryside at random. The Grimstalkers, Monster Hunters, unable to contain the threat themselves.
With enemies no longer abound, maybe now the only enemies left worth fighting are within?
Will you rise to the peerage of high society? Will you become the crime lords of the city? Will you leave it all behind for a life of adventure and exploration? The choice is yours.
Notes from the DM:
Hello! You can call me Caz. A little bit about me as a DM, I’ve been DMing for around seven years, most of which has been in my own homebrew setting. I have also run Lost Mines of Phandelver and Curse of Strahd in the past.
I am a very player agency focused DM. I play the world and the party does as they see fit, their choices having impact and repercussions. There is still a main theme but it’s entirely up to the party to pursue or ignore and just go off and adventure. If I had to describe my style, I’d say Narrative Sandbox.
-I'm looking for around 3 players to participate in the game.
-18+ is required.
-Starting level 3
-We will be rolling for stats on the server using Avare and a Homebrew rule.
-Detailed backstories are encouraged.
-Homebrew on approval.
-Multiclassing on approval. [Not a fan of powergaming]
Message me for questions!
Thanks for reading!

Slots Available: 3/5
System Used: 5e
Style: Voice, FoundryVTT, Heavy Roleplay and Dangerous Combat
Session Duration: 4 hours with a 15 to 20 min break in-between.
Schedule: Every Monday at 12PM PST
Requirements: 18+, Discord VC
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2023.04.01 07:00 sillylittlegoose30 Why do supplement pills always contain so much more than our daily recommended value?

My doctor had told me I was anemic likely due to heavy periods, and recommended I take an iron supplement. I just got blood work done, and the results showed my iron levels were now too high. Turns out the supplements have 361% of one's recommended daily value of iron. Why not make it 100%, or even just 80% of our recommended daily value?
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2023.04.01 06:56 omegacluster New Music Additions 2023-03-31

Today's additions are:
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2023.04.01 06:56 throwaway43205956 Disappointing But Expected Results for Early Graduating Junior (I would greatly appreciate advice)

Intended Major(s): CS, applied data science second major for applicable schools
Note: I got one B in Precalculus, and that is my only B.
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. An internship where I wrote a program that would provide actual use to researchers in a cutting-edge stem field, interned for a total of two years (description that I wrote about in one of my essays: program that used algorithms to identify mutations that could potentially benefit people with genetic diseases). Elaborated on this one in particular during Stanford interview.
  2. Boy Scouts for 5 years
  3. Varsity starting tennis for 2-3 years
  4. Debate for three years
  5. 300 hours+ of community service
  6. Leadership in coding club (not president)
  7. Leadership in Physics club (not president)
  8. Founder of English Club at school
  9. I got other EC's to fill up remaining spots but they are pretty generic (think random club membership and stuff like that)
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. Eagle Scout
  2. Debate Runner-Up at State-Level Parley Tournament
  3. AP Scholar with Distinction
  4. Citizens service award
  5. 2 first place wins and 3 second place wins at local/regional open tennis tournaments
Letters of Recommendation
Counselor: likely very generally positive, I knew her decently and had many talks with her but there was no real personal connection. She did give me a perfect score when she rated my course rigor, however.
History Teacher: Really liked the guy, but again, likely generically positive. No real connection, and I only have him during my junior year.
C++ Professor: It was a self studied class over the summer. I was the first to finish his class so he offered to write me a letter. I accepted, but the trend continues. No real personal connection.
UPenn Interview: Went really well. Very nice older lady, she helped me get more enthusiasm for my ED school before promptly getting rejected.
Stanford Interview: Almost perfect interview. I managed to elaborate on my first EC greatly while also showing a high level of intellectual curiosity. Very comfortable interview.
UC Essays: These were decent but not my best work. Displayed some of my passions as well as my service hours/leadership.
UPenn Essays: Pretty bad. I'll leave it at that.
USC Essays: Slightly better than UPenn but still not great.
Stanford, Duke, Brown, Rice: My best works, simply as I had the most experience writing at this point. Stanford in particular was very good imo, I was able to express my intellectual curiosity. The important part of these essays is I was able to write (imo) strong Why Us essays.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
Alright, this little experiment of mine is complete. I know that a couple of people were interested in this course of action, so hopefully, this post will be enlightening to a few people in the future.
There are a couple of points to keep in mind when viewing these results. My early application essays were relatively mediocre. The USC and the UPenn ones in particular were very much lacking. When viewing my decisions from private schools, I think one factor that negatively impacted my application significantly was my recommendation letters. I honestly don't think that they provided an especially impressive view of me. Generically positive, sure. But I don't think they depicted me as a brilliant student or anything like that.
Overall, I'm pretty neutral about my results. UCSD and UCSB are great schools, for which I am happy that I got accepted, but I definitely greatly overrated my application when looking at how I got a clean set of rejections to basically every private school.
At this point, I have a couple of options to consider:
  1. I commit to UCSD, which is my current top choice, and pray to God for my waitlists. My issue with this option is that the school I got into within UCSD is not great for STEM subjects (ERC has a ton of humanities requirements). Also, I would ideally like to study CS.
  2. I can attend community college for one year, graduating a year early from high school, and transfer (local CC has an 80% acceptance rate to UCLA, yes I realize that this is not the same for CS). My hesitation is that I will miss out on a significant amount of connections and might have a harder time making friends.
  3. I can continue and take my senior year with a heavily restricted courseload (I'm burnt out as hell). During this year, I will spend the majority of my time grinding out college essays and improving the current essays I have written out. My concerns here are that I am not even close to guaranteed improved or even the same results as this year.
I really need advice on which course of action would be the best. One thing to consider is that I am set to travel overseas this summer to work in person at an internship for a couple of months, which might substantially help my application.
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2023.04.01 06:45 Grace-Kamikaze This has been getting me all day and I'm so stressed

I'm going to be very short about this. But I vented because a friend of mine was really stressed about this girl who was calling him a narcissist and abuser for (get this) reading her posts because they share a group. I asked for advice on what to do and she found it. Said I was lying about her claiming he was narcissist and abuser, while also saying he was those things in the next paragraph. Said I was being manipulated into thinking he was the victim. And said I was projecting my problems on her because I'm the one who calls people harassers for commenting on my posts, not her.
I'm so goddamn stressed with people like this and it's just the worst. I hate it when they deny they've done anything wrong, say you're lying while, say you're projecting your problems onto them, and then say how they're the victim. I mean, you gotta admit those are the exact behaviors many abusers use in an argument.
I know I shouldn't be getting so ramped about a person like this, because they're absolute nut cases, but it bothers me so much. How am I supposed to process being told "I never did that and you're lying about me doing it" and "I totally did that" in the same post? At the very least I acknowledge my contradiction and explain it was because I was looking for the wrong thing.
My stress levels are so high because I hate dealing with this type of thing and I'm very aware I got myself into it by asking for advice. I'm just really worried for friends and hate seeing them be called things like abusers and narcissists with very little merit. Even when reading the messages, he only responded twice and they were very calm. But she raged on him like no one's business then said it was him attacking her. How exactly is he manipulating me into think he's the victim when she's calling him names and threatening him while he sits there in shock?
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2023.04.01 06:42 myoutteddiary Going on a date in a week with an older man

I'm a 25, in the prime of my life, and have placed myself back on the dating market. Last time I fell in love was in the year 2020 and it was to someone who put very little effort into the relationship. Even crazier that HE broke up with me. Looking back, I'm glad we didn't make it because I'm feeling more confident but still very nervous.
I know Tinder isn't the best spot to find a boyfriend but I'm socially awkward and it's difficult for me to meet people. I decided to download the app and make a profile that represented who I am as a person. I was satisfied and started swiping left and right on a plethora of men. Last time I was on a dating app I had a stalker so I was very picky with who I was swiping on.
Normally I don't give my number out after exchanging only a couple messages but I did with this guy. There was just something trustworthy about him. He told me he teaches special needs English and has been for three years! That and we've been in consent communication since we've switched numbers. He was very smooth when asking me on a date. We were taking about hammocks. He said "Maybe you can show me how to use mine sometime?" I smiled down knowing exactly where this was going. I responded "I've got a double hammock." with the side eye emoji. He said, "He'd bring the beers!" After he asked what my favorite was so he could get it. This right here made me realize my standards before were almost ground level.
Since he's a teacher, he's going on a week trip for spring break across the states. He let me know that he wanted to hammock, drink cider, and talk about everything under the sun after he gets back. That right there got me super excited. I actually went on another date with another guy before making a date with my current interest. I had another date planned but canceled because I'm having a better feeling about this guy.
I experience something last night that I've never experienced before. I was envisioning the many great possibilities this date could lead to. I guess this was a form of manifestation. I really enjoyed fantasizing and bringing my thoughts and desires to life. I guess after typing this I'm more excited than nervous.
I need to keep out of my head and just live in the moment. I've got about a week to prepare myself so any advice would help! Thanks for reading my story! Will post updates when things start to happen!
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2023.04.01 06:40 kbpokemon1 Some Quest Ideas for Introducing the New Skills

Before I get into my idea for quests, I want to preference these are just my ideas, and would appreciate constructive criticism or even ideas of your own/additions to mine.
A Beginner level quest that has to do with maybe something with the pigs in Draynor or Fred's Sheep. They/one of them needs help (attacked by something, like a goblin, imp, or zombie. Since those are in the relative area) and you have to go through like nursing it, physical therapy, playing with it to cheer it up, making its food, to get them back up and going again. Then once you get them back on their feet, you could have them get revenge on whoever attacked them.
A beginner level quest that would only require Pirates Treasure to be completed. Now that you've helped Pirate Pete with his Karamjan Rum, one of his buddy's just a boat ride away heard of what you did for his friend, Pete. Now he wants your help to get more of it, and lots of it. Now you'll get your boat, or "borrow" one to sail to Karamja and take crates full of the rum. You'll practice both sailing to and from both locations, practice the art of plundering and delivering your loot, plus along the way you'll learn the basics on captaining your ship. Maybe even add something to fire a cannon or two at, just to teach that part of the skill.
For my idea on this one it would at least require The Black Knights Fortress quest to be completed. The idea is that the black knights are at it again and they have someone smarter this time gathering the cabbage. This means that they actually do make the potion this time and the white knights call upon you and the shamans to counter the potion. The shamans would ask for your assistance and you would have to go to the sites and forage for the ingredients for whatever you need. You could also add the first area of the spirit world to this, as you'll need something from there too. Through dialog or pictures even, you'll learn your first steps of creating the potion, totem, oil, or whatever it is that you need to combat the black knights and save the city again.
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2023.04.01 06:36 Notmyburner333 HireRight - Quest - 9 panel

Hi everyone! First, I’d like to say thanks for all of the good advice and success stories. I have bad anxiety as it is, hence why I’ve smoked for so long (PhD life is stressful)
I have a 9 panel test at Quest scheduled through HireRight for what is essentially a dream job right out of grad school that will launch me into a long, successful, and rewarding career using my skills for the greater good and getting paid a nice salary and benefits to do what I love.
Even though my state is legal, it is a position regulated by the federal government.
I stopped smoking as soon as I knew I would be tested, and I was dumb for not checking into that sooner - don’t need any flak for it, I’m beating myself up enough and regardless I need to get through the PhD to start this job anyway. Regardless, I know I will not be clean, so I am going to try the substitution method, and after reading this sub for some time (I wasn’t posting with my main account), I ultimately purchased both Clear Choice Quick Luck from TestNegative.com, as well as 2 vials of “dehydrated human urine” from urinetheclear.com. I put quotes because I am skeptical, it is certainly good marketing but as a scientist I am skeptical of everything.
Also as a scientist, I purchased several PrimeScreen drug tests from Amazon with SVT strips.
So far, these are my findings:
When 1 vial of dehydrated urine is resuspended in 65mL distilled water, it looks a tad dark, and didn’t smell as much like urine as I expected it to. It kind of reminded me of dog food, not sure how else to describe it. It foams like real urine, and the pH, specific gravity, and creatinine levels all appeared normal, compared to my own urine. It also tested negative for all 14 immunoassays, whereas mine was clearly positive for THC metabolite (THC-COOH).
I have not tested any of the Quick Luck yet, as I am going to wait until the morning of so it’s still as fresh as possible for the test appointment. I plan to resuspend the second vial of dehydrated urine in 60mL of water, and will check both for the smell and foaming, and will check both in the prime screen cups for SG, pH, and creatinine.
I will post back with those results on test day and let everyone know of the results.
My question for everyone here is, have you passed a lab test with either of these products (I know I’ve seen posts for both, but want some extra reassurance)? How was your experience? If you’ve used multiple, which do you prefer? Can anyone confirm if urinetheclear is actually real human urine? Mostly worried about extra scrutiny if for some reason anything is off, and GC/MS will eat Quick Luck for lunch.
Thanks for sticking with me!
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2023.04.01 06:35 FearJarl LF: shiny roaring moon FT: shiny iron valiant

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2023.04.01 06:25 InsideWriter1074 Get a Six-Pack Fast

Since three dimensional films burst onto the scene, once in a while seeing things in 1-D in all likelihood won't cut it. Also, the equivalent goes for stomach muscle preparing — work your abs in only one aspect, and you cheat yourself out of your full, six-pack potential.
"Most activities just work in a solitary plane," says Irv Rubenstein, PhD, practice physiologist and organizer behind S.T.E.P.S., a wellness office in Nashville, TN. "Integrating three dimensional maneuvers incorporates muscles, for example, the obliques, which give a 'supporting' impact, pulling the midriff internal and upgrading the meaning of the rectus abdominis to give you that six-pack appearance."
To comprehend how to integrate this rule, you'll have to envision the planes of the body. In reverse and forward movements, for example, crunches and turn around crunches, work in the sagittal plane, what separates the body into both ways parts. Sidelong developments work inside the front facing plane, what isolates the body into front and back. What's more, turning developments happen in the body's cross over plane, what separates the body into upper and lower parts.
"As well as completely fostering your abs, working your abs in three aspects additionally forestalls wounds by revising irregular characteristics," says Joe Bellistri, Confirmed Strength and Molding Subject matter expert (CSCS) and proprietor of Bellistri Preparing Arrangements in Whippany, NJ.
Prepared to get everything rolling? Add these activities to your stomach muscle routine and watch your six-pack show up — no extraordinary glasses required.

1. Free weight Rollouts

A. These copy the stomach muscle rollers of days gone by: To begin, get on all fours, then put hands shoulder-width separated on a free weight that is on the floor before you, at shoulder level.
B. Support your abs and keep your back straight as you permit the free weight to continue ahead. Go to the extent that you can without permitting your hips to hang, then roll the bar back in. That is one rep; do 12-15.

2. Band Stomach Press

A. Connect medium-obstruction tubing to an entryway pivot (or secure it around a steady item) at just underneath shoulder level. Stand with feet somewhat more extensive than shoulder-width separated, then broaden arms straight out before you to get a handle on the handle with two hands.
B. Support your abs as you bring the band to and fro from chest, at the midline of your body. Rehash 10 to multiple times on each side.

1. Bag Convey

This is a one-equipped rendition of the Strongman Rancher's Walk: Just get the handle of a portable weight or a hand weight (begin with 30 lbs; increment provided that you can keep up with great stance) and stroll with it for the length of a room, as though conveying a bag, keeping abs drew in and middle upstanding and in great stance all through. Switch sides and rehash, for a sum of roughly 100 feet each set. Do 2-3 sets.

2. Side Board Grab

A. Lie on your side with legs straight, base arm straight under shoulder and top arm holding an iron weight. Support your weight on your lower arm, with elbow straightforwardly under your shoulder and top arm clutching the portable weight on the floor before your chest.
B. Enact center muscles, then, at that point, raise hips up and advance so body frames a straight line in the sideways board position.
C. Stretch out top arm to raise the iron weight above rapidly, until arm is completely expanded and straight up towards the roof; gradually lower down. Complete 10 reps, then, at that point, switch sides and rehash.

1. Woodchop

A. Stand with feet somewhat more extensive than shoulder-width separated, holding a medication ball with two hands.
B. Twist knees and hips to drop into a squat as you bring the ball down to contact your left foot, shin or knee (contingent upon your adaptability).
C. Ascend out of the squat as you at the same time turn, raising the ball up and across your contrary side (as though tossing it over your contrary shoulder). Complete 2 arrangements of 10 lifts to each side, exchanging sets.

2. Russian Turns

A. Sit on top of a wellness ball and leave until your head lays ready in a tabletop position, knees bowed at 45-degree points.
B. Hold a medication ball with two hands straight up over the chest; draw in center muscles.
C. Without moving hips, keep arms straight and pivot upper middle while you roll onto one shoulder, constantly keeping head eyes and head zeroed in ready.
D. Stop when ball and arms are lined up with the floor, then pivot back to beginning position. Rehash by moving on the contrary side. Do 10-15 reps on each side.
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2023.04.01 06:15 lupusmortuus I am fishing SO much garbage

I took a break from Stardew for a few months, but I don't remember fishing up this much trash when I last played. Consistently, I'm catching significantly more garbage than fish at a ratio of about 4:1. I was able to complete Linus' quest in a single morning which was nice, but it's not so nice for quests that involve fishing, or for trying to catch fish in general. Fortunately I finished the fish bundle in the Community Center before it really became a problem.
It's happening everywhere too. On my beach farm, on the regular beach, in the river, in the lake. The majority of my hits during the fishing minigame at the fair were trash. Over the course of the Night Market I spent from 6-12 each night fishing in the submarine. I caught 7 midnight squids, 3 spookfish, 1 blobfish, and 38 seaweed. This is also with level 10 fishing and an iridium rod, complete with bait and a dressed spinner. It's been going on for a few in-game weeks. I've been building some fish ponds so the excess of seaweed has been helpful, but ironically I'm catching almost no green algae either. And it only took me 4 casts to snag a lava eel.
Is there something weird going on with the trash rates? I've heard a couple other reports of people catching almost only trash, but generally either their fishing level was low or they were at the standard farm pond. That plus the fact the game hasn't updated since this started happening leads me to believe I just have comically bad luck
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2023.04.01 06:10 Soggy_Helicopter8589 [NoP] Hunter of hunters 17

Thanks all for reading! Sorry this chapter took longer than expected, but I didn't know where to stop, so this chapter is a little bit bigger than usual, I hope you all enjoy it!
Thanks to u/Frame_Late for my new profile picture, sadly the mods deleted the image from the main sub because they thought that it was a random image, but you can see it in his profile
Also, sorry for any mistakes, Im not an english speaker
And of course this is a fanfic from a story from u/SpacePaladin15, and the story is The Nature of Predator
Also, here is the whole NoP universe
(First) (Prev) (Next)
Memory transcription subject: Halai, ex-cattle prisoner N° 240524
Date [standardized human time]: November 13, 2136
As the demon ordered, I stood up and once again began pushing myself up the tube, and same as before, once I was probably halfway in there, every wall around me began pushing me upwards
Soon I felt how I entered his mouth once again, but unlike last time where I stopped there, I now passed through the terrifying saw-like teeth to get to the exterior
It was very cold, very different from the inside of the demon. Now I was cold and somewhat wet from the saliva of the demon, fortunately I heard the cracking of fire and I felt his warmth
But now, I was scared, not of dying of hypothermia, but from what was behind me
Something pushed himself around me, for some moments I thought that the demon had pounced me, but fortunately it seemed that it was only a blanket of some kind
"Well, I think you are dry" The demon said removing the blanket, then another blanket surrounded me, but unlike the one before that was white with dark spots, this one was silvery "That's a thermal blanket, it will keep you warm"
After that I heard footsteps from behind me, they were heavier than any creature that I had heard… Well, considering that he could eat me whole and without problem that would mean that he was huge
I fearfully closed my eyes as I heard the demon pass beside me. Then it sat down probably in front of me besides the fire
My muscles tense at the noise, my mind accelerates and my body began to pump even more fear chemicals through my veins
Fortunately, it wasn't the growl of the demon, but my own stomach
"Oh yeah, you will be hungry, tell me, you eat plants, like, any kind?" The demon asks such a stupid question, of course I can! Normal people eat plants
"Well, the only thing here is either frozen grass or leaves from the trees. If you can't eat those, I can create some pastes"
"L-leaves?" I ask mentally kicking myself, after all, I just asked a preda-
"Okay, wait a moment" Eh?
I can hear the demon standing up and then giving some steps. Then I heard the crack of branches being torn apart
"Here, take" The demon said
Without much else to do I opened my eyes slowly while looking at the ground, I could then see the sharp claws of the demon under a white cloth of some kind
I wanted to scream and run, but unlike before where the walls were visible, now they were invisible
Without fur or a warmth source I would die in minutes, so I had to bite my own tongue if I wanted to live
I looked a bit higher finding a whole branch being offered by sharp metal claws
My paws slowly grabbed the branch hoping not to trigger the instincts of the demon, then after his claws were free he grabbed another branch and sat down relatively far away from the fire
I didn't dare to look at his eyes, last time I looked at a predator's eyes I almost lost mine. Apparently that was supposed to be a defining gesture and the gray that I had looked at didn't like it. The only reason that I survived was because the demon feasted on someone else's corpse recently
The noise of branches being broken caught my attention. Not having a death wish I began eating slowly my own leaves
They were decently, especially after eating that tasteless kibble that the grays gave us for so long
Still curiosity got the better of me, and discreetly I stole a small glance at the demon in front of me
And to be honest, it wasn't what I expected
If my blurry memories served me well, the demon was supposed to be black as the night with red glowing eyes
But now? He was dressed in some kind of white clothes with a white mask that looked like a skull. I guess it made sense, after all, a black mass in a white forest stood out
But what caught my attention was what he was doing
Confused, I looked at him. He was bigger than even the gray that was about to eat me not so long ago. But the interesting part was what was eating
Despite being a predator, he was eating the branch. Not only the leaves, but the whole branch, wood included, and it was doing it with those sharp teeth designed to eat meat with surprisingly ease
But something else that I noticed was that it was a machine
A predatory machine
The nightmare only found in movies that didn't wanted to use the grays as antagonist, or direct antagonists was now sitting just before me
The thing ate in relative silence being the noise of the branches breaking under the power of those jaws,
the only noise
"You aren't eating" It said once again without moving his mouth "You can't eat it?" It asked turning his head to a side "Oh, wait, I didn't saw the tag" The thing stood up once again and began walking towards me
I froze as he passed me to be in my back, during that moment a sharp-flat tail passed by me at eye level
"Let me just…" The thing spoke softly behind my ear. I just stood there waiting for the blow
A metallic noise broke through the silence and with my side vision I could see the tag of my prisoner number that was connected to my ear through a metallic ring was now gone
The familiar weigh of my ear was now gone
"This is yours, you can toss it if you want" It said, giving me the tag in my paw "... So… Can you eat that or..?" It spoke softly, he then sighed and sat down "You should really eat"
I couldn't respond, I was frozen in fear by just looking at him
The thing eyed me through the tinted dark glasses that his mask had. But after some moments where we both looked at each other, he sighed once again before standing up
"Eat, if you didn't finish that once I return, I will be mad" The voice wasn't no longer trying to be gentle, but now it released his true form
Fortunately it left walking to the frozen forest and soon enough I lost complete visual of him, and to be honest, I didn't know if it was more terrifying to see the monster than not seeing it but knowing it was close

Memory transcription subject: Leon, UN "Jackal" special forces
Date [standardized human time]: November 13, 2136

After I left Halai behind, I dropped to the ground mentally exhausted
"What even am I doing?" I asked to no one
My mind wanted just to go to sleep, but I knew I couldn't. I had to watch out for Halai, even though he's terrified of me…And I thought that the camouflage clothes would help… Well in that case I don't this much clothes to cover me
I took off the hood that covered the back of my head and my antennas. Now I had a new camera available, I also let my colorful antennas to the exterior, and finally the fox tail that I had hooked under the camera so it didn't stood in the way, was now once again free
I began eating the branch that I took from the tree. It's leaves looked very similar to the pine trees that were in earth, but they were different, I couldn't pinpoint what, but it was
The reason that I was eating not only the leaves, but the wood too was because it gave me some biomass fuel, not nearly half as much as meat would, but it would be enough as long as I didn't do much moving or doing stuff in general
But now with the problem where I have an alien who's life dependeds of me, and at the same time, it's completely terrified of me…
I could try getting his trust… But how? Hmmm, well for starters I should patch the wound on the back of his head, the poor bastard had a very deep and nasty wound
I didn't do it before because I was scared that he wouldn't trust me, and I didn't want to sedate him
Well, he has no other choice, either he trusts me with that nasty wound, or he's getting into forced coma with sedatives
I could definitely keep him in my medbay unconscious while I feed him through his veins or with a tube going directly to his stomach
But that was something that I didn't want to do… But if it was something that I had to, then so be it

Now, it's going to be 3 months in this frozen hell hole, 3 months that I have to take care of him… Why did I even brought him with me anyway? Wasn't his species going to be rescued soon anyway?

Bah, what's done is done. Now I have to make sure he doesn't die
Food it's easy, if he's able to eat leaves then that's covered, if not, I will have to feed him through tubes from my medbay… Still, don't know if I have that much supply anyway
Then the next problem is water… We are surrounded by fucking snow, well, I will have to melt it, it's bad to eat a lot of raw snow if I remember well
Hmmm, my torch still has some ammo, so for now fire isn't a problem… The problem would be 'Where?' Where could I melt it?
I don't have a canteen nor somewhere to boil things… Yeah, he will have to get it through me, but how?
Well, my saliva is basically lube, it's something that can be eaten, and because it's a majority of water, he could get water from it… But I won't be spitting in his mouth anytime soon… So that's a last resort
Oh! I have 2 systems to refrigerate my internal components, the first one is the standard one, and the second one is the liquid one
I use a special liquid through a system of tubes through my whole body in case that I can't use air to cool myself down, for example this would be used in space where there isn't air, or in dust storms where sand gets everywhere. And as a bonus, it practically renders the federation flamethrowers as nothing more than 'bright smoke'
The liquid obviously isn't drinkable, but I don't think that I would be using this system anytime soon, so a good option is to replace the cooling liquid with snow, then use the little heat that I have to melt it down
Fortunately because this wasn't supposed to be used like that, the entry and exit point of the liquid was my tail, so every time Halai needs to drink, he won't need to enter my medbay, unfortunately because it isn't supposed to work like that, fill it with snow will be a pain in the ass
Also, because it's water, I will have to keep the system 'on' constantly so it doesn't becomes ice
Oh, I finished eating, well, let's check how Halai is doing
After walking the way back, I could see him eating the leaves of the branch that I gave him, but I could see and hear him sob uncontrollably, silent sobs that I could hear clear as day
He also looked all around constantly in every bite
That might be my fault, after all, I've just recently threatened him with me 'getting mad'. Obviously I wouldn't be, I've just used that so he ate. But I didn't took on account that despite how adorable he looks, he isn't a child, and I'm a Jackal
God dammit, well… I will wait a little so he finishes. In the meantime I will check what I have on me
>Arm bandages
>Survival kit
>Twin plasma pistols
>Repair kit
>1 Jackal MRE
>Four extra plasma cells
>Shoulder armor
Hmmm, well, I've got something at least…
The Jackal MRE it's something that only jackals can eat, that's because of the high amount of stuff that's in there, some of them are even poisons, but thanks to my robotic body I'm able to eat it without problems. And yes, it tastes like shit. I thought that there wasn't any worse food than the one the school gave us in 4th grade. But whoever created this piece of shit had done it
Congratulations asshole
Now, my survival kit has a manual flashlight, pen and notebook, watch, compass, Whistler, knife and a long rope
Meanwhile my repair kit has my torch and a few tools. Something very simple but that can help me do some emergency repairs. Okay, now how do I deal with putting water in my tail?

Oh, I've got an idea!
I open my med bay and with the knife I take a plastic tube that’s used in case I need to exchange the ones that I have equipped
With a small and quick bite I cut a small part, then I placed it in the relatively small hole from where the liquid is inserted. Fits like a glove. Obviously I wouldn’t be able to put much snow through that tube, but it will help Halai to drink like it was a bottle
Now, I take another tube part and this time bigger, this time with some heat and my hands I would expand the tube until it becomes a cone where I can stuff more snow more easily
Sadly the fire is with Halai and I don’t want to use my torch, so without much else to do, I grab my things and I walk towards him
He immediately after noticing me begins eating faster than before
“Relax, I won’t do anything” I say walking past him
I sat down by the fire and I immediately began heating the tube and with my claws i began expanding it slowly so it doesn't break, from time to time I stop this process so my claws don’t stuck with the hot plastic
Once I finish I get something that resembles an cone, it’s very crude, but it will help
“Come” I say to Halai who has been looking at me the whole time unblinking “I said come” I order while extending my clawed hand to him
As much as I don’t want to be like this, talking like my drill sergeant is the only thing that can take him out of his trance
Shaking from fear he stands up and slowly walks to me
"I won't do any harm, I'm going to check that wound"
Halai hesitates, but after some moments he finally grabs my clawed hand. As gentle as I can, I close my hand while I pull Halai towards me
Eventually he's right in front of me, even though I'm sitting, I still tower over him a little, still, I don't want to have him standing all the time, so I retract my legs until I'm sitting with my left leg over the right one
"Sit down" I say, he's in the space in between my legs, so I wait until he sits in on-
"Sit on my leg" I say as I see Halai began sitting on the cold ground, he once again hesitates, but eventually he sits "Turn around" I say
Once Halai turned I began evaluating the wound
And for 'evaluating' I mean let one of the AI do all the work
The wound is closed thanks to a thin string, but whoever did it, did an awful… Well, he was supposed to become a snack, so as long as he didn't bleed at the moment would work
Obviously I wasn't planning on eating him too… Well, in a lethal way at least. So to prevent any infection nor any more bleeding I would have to cut the string and sew back
Without much else to do, I grabbed Halai through the arms so he doesn't move with my lower arms
"Don't move, I need to sew"
"Your wound will infect with this awful sews" That seems to silence Halai, and because he isn't struggling I open my medbay. For something so simple I wouldn't have to get him fully inside, even though it's the best way to heal him
Halai's heart goes up quickly, but surprisingly he isn't resisting my grasp, so to end this quickly and not stress him more I began by the most important part of all, anesthesia
From my medbay several small arms that are connected to all kinds of medical equipment appear, and from one of them, the anesthesia one injects its contents in Halai's neck

Okay, let's do this
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2023.04.01 06:08 alfsuperfan This is 13 pages long. This is my entire story.

Finding this subreddit has been so therapeutic and validating for me. I’m 26, married to the love of my life (32M) with the most amazing 5yo stepdaughter.
Reading all of your stories has inspired me to sit down and type out my own. I must warn you, there are times when I am the villain. Buckle up. This is a small novel.
If we start at the very beginning, my DH began dating HCBM (33) when they were very young in their early 20s. Shortly into their relationship it became clear to DH that she was struggling with very severe alcoholism. I cannot even begin to write out all of the stories I have heard from DH about her alcoholism. He was very young, didn’t have a positive model for a healthy relationship as a child. He believed he could help HCBM. They were extremely on and off together for almost 7 years. Every time he’d try to break up with her she would weasel her way back in. She would go as far as showing up at his family events because she had his family wrapped around her finger (don’t worry, that changed. Read on.) She almost drank herself to death several times. The police in her town know her by name and recognize her car because her family has had to call in for welfare checks so many times. She’s had bits where she’s gone missing for several hours. Been listed as a missing person. Had the police ping her phone. I’ve read the police reports myself.
Where do I even begin with her family? Her parents are extremely proud. They own two businesses in their small town. They’re the kind of people who are very obsessed with image and making people think they’re wealthy. HCBM started drinking when she was 16. Her parents would deal with her problem by sweeping it under the rug and hiding it. They cared more about their pride than getting her the help she needed. When they were together, my DH was often the one who would drive her to AA meetings. HCBM didn’t like AA because she felt she was above the other people there. Her family now despises my DH, and weaves a narrative that she drank because of her toxic relationship with him. Though her drinking problems existed long before and after their relationship.
I’ll share a few stores in particular with the goal of establishing the absolute delusion that HCBM feeds to anyone who will listen about my DH.
There was one evening where they were at my DH’s uncle’s house in the city. The thing about HCBM is that you never saw her drink until she was drunk. She’d sneak in a bathroom or what have you to drink. DH and HCBM got into some kind of argument and she ran off into the city late at night. DH spent several hours driving around the city searching for her until he finally found her in a bar, making out with a random guy. He said “you can take her home tonight” and left. Several hours later in the wee hours of the morning, HCBM stumbled back to the uncle’s house, wasted and crying.
Another occasion, DH was at work and HCBM was at his apartment (she did not live there) and went to hang out with his upstairs neighbors who were girls. She got drunk with them. When DH got home, he tried to explain to his neighbors that she had a problem and shouldn’t be drinking…. They said “don’t control her! That’s manipulative”. DH went back downstairs, HCBM followed, and they fought. She ran back to the neighbors crying and the girls stormed down into his apartment saying “What did you do to her? What did you do to her?!”
A different time HCBM was drunk she had locked herself in DH’s roommate’s room. He was trying to explain to her that she needed to come out, that it wasn't his room and she couldn’t be in there. HCBM called DH’s mom (now my MIL) and began wailing “he’s doing it again, he’s being crazy again!” God knows what she was talking about. Eventually DH called HCBM’s dad who came to pick her up. HCBM’s dad dragged her by her arm down the stairs rather roughly, and DH got upset, like “hey I get that she is drunk and being a problem but you can’t manhandle her like that” so HCBM’s dad responded my shoving DH up against a wall and holding his arm to his throat.
Shall I go on? There are dozens more. The worst is yet to come.
Anyways, about four years into their relationship, after multiple incidents of infidelity on her part, DH started chatting with other women sporadically. He says he knew it was wrong, but he thought if he could show himself there were other women out there who could make him happy, other stable relationships he could be in, he might be able to get away from HCBM. It was about five years into their relationship that DH actually cheated. And so begins HCBM’s favorite narrative, that DH was an awful, unsupportive unfaithful partner who drove her to drinking because he was so shady. She will never, ever consider the fact that my DH to this day is traumatized from their relationship. He’s been in therapy several times and every single therapist identifies her as a narcissist.
Several years ago when DH and I met I was in college. We had an on and off fling for a while on the coattails of him trying to end it with HCBM once and for all after over six years stuck in a cycle. I think my DH made poor decisions, dumb even. But I sympathize with the trauma bond he was stuck in with this woman, and how difficult it was for him to cut ties with someone who would go to great lengths to insert herself in his life, and with the pressure of his family saying he should be with her. He cut things off with me and fell back in with HCBM. Lo and behold… HCBM gets pregnant. This may be shocking…. But it was not a good situation to be bringing a baby into. HCBM was 28 at the time. She was (and still is) working for her mom at the business she owns because she had gotten fired from every other job for showing up drunk. A side note, her mom owns a gymnastics center where she is a teacher. My DH has told me about several times her mother would text him to come pick her up because she’d shown up drunk. Her mom would get her out of there and just sub in another instructor to cover her ass. Anyways, DH was terrified. However, DH grew up without a father, so there was no way he wasn’t going to be involved in his child’s life. It is an impossible thing to talk about in hindsight because I love my SD so dearly, she turns mine and DH’s world. But DH told HCBM to terminate initially. And to be fair, he was right. It was not a stable situation to bring a child into. Would I reverse time and change anything? Never in a million years.
As you may have guessed, HCBM decided to keep the baby. She repeatedly told DH that if he left, he would not see his child. DH was stuck and miserable. During her pregnancy, while HDBM was parading about as if they were this cute happy couple, DH began to miss me. He realized he had real feelings for me, and he reached out. I loved him the moment I met him, so I was thrilled. I’ll keep this part concise; DH began cheating on HCBM with me, and I knew. It was an ugly decision on both of our parts. Despite how much I loathe HCBM, she is a person. She did not deserve that. DH and I are both pretty ashamed about our choices back then. I’ll go into detail later about how both DH and I have tried to atone for our actions.
When she was about 7 months pregnant, HCBM caught on and contacted me. Those conversations are forever burned in my mind. She said some of the most disconnected, ridiculous shit I’ve ever seen. She was obsessed with the image she was trying to portray to everyone about her life. I’ll never forget one conversation where we were discussing their daughter’s impending arrival… I had said something along the lines of “do you think it’s wise to bring a child into this situation,” and she said “I have lots of help. I’m old enough.”
“I’m old enough.”
Like she’s a kid trying to convince her parents to let her stay out past midnight.
DH and I broke things off before SD arrived. I was heartbroken, but let’s be real, that was a mess. An entire mess.
Still, HCBM thought it was just a brilliant idea for her and DH to move in together. So her parent’s rented them a house in their small town…. DH kept paying the rent on his apartment the city about 45 minutes away. DH has told me how miserable their relationship was, and HCBM knew all about his affair with me. But like I said, she was desperately trying to create this pretend life for herself.
SD arrives, a day I am so glad to celebrate each year. She is truly the joy of my life. DH cried more than she did. He was instantly in love with his baby girl.
About three weeks later, HCBM is back on the bottle.
DH told me about how he’d come home from work and find her drunk. She’d grab the baby and lock herself in a bedroom and cry. DH feared for his child’s safety.
HCBM was only able to breastfeed for a month or so because she stopped producing milk due to heinous dieting. She was obsessed with getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight. She would eat only miso soup for days on end. This poor relationship to food comes into play later. HCBM’s mother was always over at the house. Cleaning up, buying them things. Contributing to the facade.
DH was severely depressed. He continued to stay with HCBM to monitor her drinking and watch out for his daughter. They got to a point where DH would sleep on the couch. One night DH came home and HCBM was drunk again with SD in her care. DH called her parents who came rushing over to remedy the situation as they always do. Shortly after they arrived, HCBM had slumped over on the couch and became unresponsive. An ambulance was called. DH says it was one of his most traumatic memories holding his baby daughter watching the EMT’s resuscitate her mother wondering how he would raise this girl on his own.
After a hospital stay, HCBM returned home and her parents ordered pizza and put on a movie and pretended as if nothing had happened. That was the routine. When DH expressed his anger, his justifiable concern for what was going on, HCBM’s parents treated him as though he was the problem, he was an asshole for bringing it up and blaming her.
It wasn’t long after this, SD must’ve been around eight months old that HCBM was on a binge and DH returned home from work to find the house empty. He frantically began calling people to locate SD when HCBM’s parents informed him that she was with them, and that HCBM had crawled out a window and was missing. A missing person’s report was filed. HCBM’s father told police to check ditches and park benches, as she could often be found there. She turned out to be at some random man’s house, and was located about 36 hours later.
DH was at the end of his ropes. He took the police report and lawyered up secretly.
Here’s a fun new component to the story, remember how I said that DH had began sleeping on the couch? In said police report, it is documented that DH and HCBM were not in a relationship and were merely roommates. Because that was the situation. Behind the scenes, HCBM had met the man of her dreams. Let’s call him PF….. for psycho fiance. Yes, they’re engaged now. We’ll get to that part. PF randomly messaged HCBM on facebook and they began talking. PF was a recovering alcoholic in his 30s with no driver’s license due to a DUI.
Now, recall when HCBM was missing? Her parents searched through her facebook accounts to try and locate her and found her messages with PF, they explained their daughter’s drinking problem and asked PF if she may be with him. She was not. They had not even met yet. But PF thinks this woman who clearly has severe personal issues is just the cream of the crop. He decides to take her out to lunch. By the end of their lunch date, he is love-bombing the daylights out of her. Calling her his wife, his galaxy, all of this grandiose crap.
Two weeks after they met, PF got HCBM’s name tattooed on him. While DH was trying to sort out a plan of action with his lawyer…. HCBM informs him that he has to move out so that PF can move in because he will soon be without a place to live. She wants to invite this man she’s known for three weeks to live with her and her baby daughter. I’ve seen the message she sent to DH, it reads, “I know it seems fast but I know in my heart that he is so good.” HCBM’s parents are thrilled.
Less than a week after PF had moved in and DH was out, the ex parte motion was filed. DH was granted full emergency custody of SD until a hearing could be held. HCBM did not see SD for nine days… and of course, DH was the villain for this.
At the hearing. DH was awarded majority custody, with HCBM being allowed one overnight a week. PF was not permitted to be present when SD was there for overnights until CPS could investigate.
Now, HCBM’s parents funneled money for lawyers, rent, utilities, basically any adult expense HCBM needs is taken care of by her parents. DH did not have the same luxury. He was working himself to death as a single dad trying to pay for his lawyer while the court battle ensued. Almost two months later, DH contacted me. We hadn’t spoken in close to a year. I was off living my own life almost halfway through college. DH just needed someone to talk to about it, and still had very strong feelings for me. I was a shoulder for him to lean on.
We began hooking up, with no real intention to enter into a relationship. I met SD and would watch her while he was at work. There was an obvious deep love between DH and me, but the circumstances were just so insane. Plus, HCBM despised me, and was weaving stories to the court about how DH was an emotionally abusive partner, a narcissist and the reason for all her drinking.
DH and I did not want the drama of HCBM knowing I was around. Since we were operating under the guise that this was just an indulgence and would end at some point, we kept our interactions a secret.
Then, the universe must’ve thought we were owed some karma for what we did during HCBM’s pregnancy. I was diagnosed with ADHD at age five and have had a prescription for stimulants since a very young age.
One morning I awoke and heard what sounded like tiny wretching from the other room. My medication had spilled out in the bottom of my purse as the safety cap was screwed on crooked. SD was playing on the floor and digging around in my purse. DH noticed her putting something in her mouth, realized it was my medication and immediately ran into the bathroom and began making her puke.
I called poison control who instructed us to bring her to the hospital. She seemed relatively normal, a bit dazed maybe. We called the ER to let them know we’d be arriving. We got there and they stuck charcoal down her throat, drew blood, the whole ordeal.
I brought my medication bottle with me to give to the nurses so they knew what she had ingested and to prove it was a legally obtained prescription. I was frantic and bawling, a nurse comforted me and told me that ingestions are extremely common and we had done the right thing by bringing her in.
SD had an elevated heart rate, was fussy and stressed. She was administered medication to help lower her heart rate and as a result had to be admitted to be monitored. The blood tests came back with extremely minimal amounts of my meds in her system, but it was protocol that she be monitored after the medication was given to regulate her heart. If you’re feeling anxious, I’ll add that SD is perfectly healthy and happy, she fully recovered and did not suffer any seizures or damage to her brain/liver etc. which were the primary concerns with this ingestion.
Since she was being admitted, HD had to inform HCBM. I had told him he should tell her immediately, but he did not want to deal with her reaction or her family arriving. I think this was a poor decision on his part. As flawed a person as she is, I do know that HCBM loves SD very much, and I can sympathize with her wanting to be informed if her daughter was being seen at the hospital.
HCBM and her family arrived, I had left to avoid the fallout and gather some things for DH to drop off while he stayed at the hospital with SD. Naturally, HCBM was in a blind rage that she had not been contacted immediately. She demanded that the CPS worker who was mandated to check in because of the ingestion file a report of negligence. The CPS worker declined, saying that there was no negligence to report. That evening, security was called to remove HCBM from the hospital because she was screaming at DH in the pediatric wing. She was told she could return on her custody day.
I went to visit DH and SD the next day, she was back to her old self and able to go home. We were nowhere near prepared for what was about to ensue.
HCBM had weaved a story that I was addicted to drugs, and that whatever I was doing had to have been in a plastic bag in my purse or how else would SD have gotten into it? HCBM and her lawyer filed an ex parte motion. Now I’m sure most of you are familiar with the workings of family court, but for those of you who aren’t; and ex parte motion is an emergency motion. It is a piece of paper laid in front of a judge. The details can be as vague or exaggerated as the writer pleases them to be, and it is not until a hearing is scheduled can anything be disputed.
HCBM and her lawyer claimed that SD had ‘overdosed’ on stimulant drugs and conveniently failed to mention that they were a legal prescription. More than that, ‘overdose’ was a completely sensationalized description of what had occurred, and not a term used at all by any of the medical professionals nor was it included anywhere in her chart of the incident. SD never lost consciousness. There was never a point where doctors were in fear for her life. But the judge sees what is put before them and signs off with the limited information they are given.
When HD filed an ex parte motion against HCBM, the hearing was scheduled for nine days later. When HCBM filed an ex parte motion against DH, the hearing was scheduled over two months later.
This was the worst time period in DH’s life. He attempted suicide. He lost an insane amount of weight. He sold beloved possessions to pay his lawyer. He did not have custody of his daughter and HCBM allowed him rare visits in public places once or twice a week.
But ah, how the tables turn.
A month before the hearing on the ex parte motion, HCBM got a DUI with SD in the car. Her driving was so ballistic, someone had called in her car. She was arrested. I could go into detail about the bullshit-ery of her and her family I read in the police report from that, but there is still so much ground to cover.
CPS notified DH of the DUI. HCBM and her lawyer told DH’s lawyer they wanted to settle custody outside of court before the ex parte hearing.
DH was exhausted. He was broke. He just wanted his daughter back. He settled with HCBM on 50/50 custody. This is perhaps the greatest regret of his life. The GAL at the meeting even told DH he didn’t have to do this, that he could fight her and probably get more custody. But DH was a shell of a person at this point. He was in debt. He was exhausted.
Mere days after they settled he checked himself into an inpatient mental health facility for treatment. He and I were in touch every once in a while throughout that entire time, but had ended our romantic relations after the ex parte was filed. I was more of a confidant and friend, but he had drifted apart from everyone in his life and I was focused on school.
The day that DH left inpatient, PF messaged him to tell him that HCBM had slipped up and drank again. Saying, “she just has such a big heart, this is so difficult for her.” DH suspects that she had gotten herself into another nearly lethal situation or gone missing and PF was hoping to do damage control by contacting him rather than him finding out another way.
So 50/50 custody it was. Nine months later, HCBM gave birth to her and PF’s son. I’m not sure of any exact dates but judging by the date of that message and the birth of the baby there is a high change HCBM was drinking while unknowingly pregnant.
For the DUI, HCBM was sentenced to 40 days in jail while pregnant with her son. It was a work release program. Since she worked for her mom, she worked as many hours as she possibly could. Her mom would pick her up from prison with her phone and her makeup so she could hide what was going on from her coworkers and the community. DH would bring SD to the gymnastics center to visit her. She had an IED put into her car when she was released, meaning she had to blow into a breathalyzer to get her car to start.
DH and I would check in every once in a while over the course of the next year. We both dated other people. HCBM of course had issues with DH’s girlfriend he was with for a few months. But things had relatively settled save for the tension and resentment between HCBM and DH.
More than a year had passed since everything transpired and since DH and I were last romantically involved. We began talking more frequently during COVID lockdown and DH admitted he was hopelessly in love with me and wanted to be together. We had a major problem though.
When HCBM and DH were settling on their custody agreement, HCBM insisted I was not to be around SD. If you recall, HD was broke, exhausted, and severely struggling with his mental health. He and I hadn’t seen each other in person in several months, we talked but very infrequently and never of rekindling our relationship in any capacity. So he gave in. As long as he could be done with the nightmare and have his daughter back.
A single sentence in a five-page custody agreement meant that I couldn’t be around SD. I want to specify, this was not a restraining order. I was never served any papers, I would not be punished in any capacity were I to see SD, there was no court record of any kind indicating that I was restricted from seeing a child or was a dangerous individual. DH wouldn’t even lose custody or face any legal ramifications were he to violate that single sentence, it would just mean an official would have to intervene to investigate and ensure the stipulation be adhered to. Still, it would’ve prevented us from having any sort of real relationship. So we filed a motion to have the line removed. I had not seen SD in well over a year and we abided by the order which was exceedingly painful.
The first hearing was before a court commissioner. We came armed with letters of recommendation from friends and family, from the families I had nannied for during college. DH’s family had finally seen the light and turned against HCBM and attended the court hearing, filing the seats.
The court commissioner spent about ten minutes reviewing our plea, and decided this was not a matter of my character or whether I was a threat to SD, but that this was a communication issue between DH and HCBM, and since DH had agreed to this, they needed to work it out between the two of them.
Ha. Like that would ever happen. DH and HCBM began communicating through a court monitored app and attending co parenting counseling while our lawyer filed a motion to bring the issue before a judge and have a GAL and Family Court Worker appointed. As we all know with family court, things move slowly and this we had to wait months to make progress on our case.
Co parenting counseling was fruitless. HCBM is not capable of accountability. She insisted DH was a narcissist because she’d read about narcissism on the internet and she believed she deserved full custody of SD.
A judge appointed a GAL and Family Court Worker to our case. I’ll never forget the relief that day as the judge told HCBM that me being in SD’s life was inevitable at this point. There was no evidence that I was a dangerous person. At one point, our lawyer brought up the language used in HCBM’s ex parte motion all that time ago, pointing out the sensational language used, specifically the term “overdose”. I was shaking when HCBM’s lawyer admitted to the judge that “there was no overdose.” I’ll never forget the sheepish look on that lawyer’s face, or how HCBM’s jaw tightened as she refused to look even a millimeter in my direction.
Everyone met with the GAL and Family Court Worker. Of course HCBM got the earliest appointment possible so she could try to sell her story. When I sat down with the GAL he said “I don’t know why you’re here, to be honest.” But that’s the ridiculous thing about family court, people can just spew this insane shit and it has to be looked into.
Both the GAL and Family Court Worker recommended the line be removed entirely. We still had to wait another month for our hearing for these recommendations to be made to the judge. Over the course of these proceedings, DH and his lawyer (with my consent) had been urging HCBM to attend a co parenting counseling session with me to address her concerns. HCBM of course vehemently refused, actually speaking to me would destroy the picture she had painted and deluded herself into believing about me.
We continued to press the issue though. After the GAL and Family Court Worker’s recommendations were passed on to everyone’s lawyers, it was clear this was not going to go in HCBM’s favor. It could’ve easily been settled outside of court, saved everyone time and money. But that was never going to happen, HCBM was going to go down swinging. Less than two weeks from our final hearing before the judge, HCBM agreed to attend co parenting counseling with me. Both parties signed NDA’s before going into these sessions, they were meant to be mediation for parents to work out their issues and not dig up fodder to toss around in court. A safe place, if you will. DH and I suspected she’d want to attend a session with me so she could fabricate some story about me being awful, or make it seem like she was being reasonable since she’d refused any and all attempts to mediate this issue civilly.
We were correct, but her feeble attempts at control were fruitless and the line was removed. I could see my girl again. Since then, DH and I got married and have been in absolute bliss as a family of three. But of course, the mess with HCBM does not stop there.
DH and I have no idea it HCBM has been drinking or not. We have no proof. She claims she got sober, but she never received any professional help or rehab so that seems doubtful to me. There are a few red flags. She now shares a car with her mother, claiming her car has “been in the shop” for well over a year now. DH explained that when she would go on drinking binges, her parents would take her car away so they could control where she went and monitor her.
We’ve also had the issue of SD not wanting to go to her mom’s house. I have ring video footage of HCBM coming to pick up SD. SD was in hysterics, she ran back in our house several times while HCBM stands annoyed in the driveway. DH sits with her and consoles her, encouraging her and telling her she will have so much fun with her mom and brother. On this particular occasion, it took 45 minutes to get SD to go with her mom. This happened numerous times. DH eventually brought this up to HCBM, expressing his concerns and saying that he wished she would participate in co-parenting their daughter in these situations rather than hiding behind her car. HCBM dismissed him, saying she was a great parent and he was obviously making SD act this way. Give SD an oscar at this point. I can’t even fathom what DH would say to make a five year old act that way.
Eventually, HCBM stopped picking SD up and instead sent her mom to get her. SD has no issue going with her grandmother. A bit suspicious to me that it was specifically her mom that caused such an upset for her.
HCBM is very obsessed with image. She dresses SD in expensive outfits with intricate hairstyles. I should add, expensive outfits that are purchased for her by HCBM’s mother. She has told DH that she is not pleased with how he sends SD to school and has concerns about his ability to parent. He sends her… a 5 year old… to school in leggings and t-shirts like the rest of the 5 year olds in her class. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress SD up when she’ll let me and I have indulged in Rylee and Cru outfits and what not, but the majority of the time SD wears normal kid clothes. She runs and jumps and plays and likes pink and sparkles and tops with her favorite characters on them. We let her pick her crazy mismatched outfits and throw her hair up in a quick bun or braid so it is out of her face. She bathes almost excessively because she loves the bath and is a very well looked after child.
Now, HCBM lost a significant amount of weight after she got together with PF. Her mother is also extremely thin. DH has told me about how they were always doing fad diets, they’d call themselves fat and critique their appearances constantly and clearly did not have a healthy relationship to their bodies or food.
At our home, SD is fed a balanced diet but I try to encourage a positive relationship to her body and food. No food is “good” or “bad,” they simply serve different purposes. For example, carbs give us energy, protein helps us grow, sugar makes us happy, etc. Creating guilt around eating certain types of food can lead to eating disorders, body image issues, I know because I had a poor relationship to food and my body for so long. SD loves fruits and veggies. She also loves chips and candy. She is allowed to indulge in sugar within reason and without guilt. I don’t think it's rocket science, and for us it has had fantastic results. We'll be at a gas station and ask SD if she wants a snack and the kid will want celery. I follow the instagram page “kids eat in color” very closely and when we prepare SD’s meals, the “treat” component is served together with the rest and not withheld until later. This is so SD doesn’t view certain foods as special or more desirable than others, and won’t associate treat foods with this rush of excitement and overwhelming positivity moreso than say chicken nuggets or carrots. When DH sets down her plate to eat, SD rarely if ever reaches for her treat food first. She eats everything on her plate until her body tells her she’s full.
HCBM constantly berates DH about SD eating “healthy.” She criticizes him for getting candy at the movies. Goes off about her having a cup of sugar-free pudding at 11 a.m. On Halloween, SD is allowed two pieces of candy from her trick or treat pile at her mom’s house.
Last Halloween at our house, we dumped all of our candy out in a huge pile and watched a movie. SD ate, I kid you not, four pieces of candy. She didn’t feel the need to binge on all this candy because she knew it wouldn’t be withheld if she asked for more in our home. There is still halloween candy in a bucket in our pantry and we weren’t even out trick or treating for an hour.
HCBM accuses us of “competing” with her. This. Is. Rich. SD loves visiting my parent’s and sometime last fall took a liking to playing my dad’s drumset. Later that week, HCBM bought her a kid-sized drumset. We adopted a kitten, HCBM adopted a kitten. We started playing barbies as a family, HCBM buys a barbie dreamhouse. We planned a weekend trip to a big city a few hours away, HCBM and PF take SD and their son to that city the week before we’re supposed to go. My husband is a Dungeons and Dragons fanatic, and recently he has been making kid friendly campaigns for the three of us to play as a family. SD loves playing dungeons and dragons with her daddy. It has become our family’s thing. The dungeons and dragons movie came out recently and DH and I got tickets for an early screening on a day we didn’t have SD. Who do you think we saw there while we were waiting in line to get popcorn? Their family does not play dungeons and dragons. You’ll be pleased to know that SD came down to sit with us for the last half hour of the movie, PF who had taken her had to give in because they were seated a row behind us and she kept leaning forward to excitedly whisper to DH about the movie.
I have suffered extreme emotional issues due to the abuse from HCBM. I’ve attended therapy specifically to address it. I developed severe social anxiety because HCBM will tell anyone who listens these fictions about me and DH. We live in a small community, one that HCBM and her family have been a part of for a long time and I am constantly afraid people I meet will know them and have these crazy ideas about who I am as a person. The flipside of this is that their family’s reputation is not as positive as they like to think it is, particularly to police in the area. In addition to HCBM’s drunk escapades involving police, her father has a court record pages long for tax fraud.
Thankfully, I work in the city 30 minutes from where we live and that has allowed me to build my own village and have a life untainted by HCBM and her crap. Through lots of work I have been able to establish firm boundaries. I’ve had to restrict HCBM and her friends from my social media accounts after being watched obsessively. HCBM’s mother even went as far as messaging my mother on Facebook to try and say DH is a narcissist and she should be concerned for me. DH and my mom are very close, and my mom was mainly worried about how far these people were going to go to untether my life.
HCBM doesn’t seem to understand the concept of equal guardianship. She views herself as the primary parent and believes she should have access to everything in our lives. This is legally not the case so luckily we’re just able to ignore those demands but it gets taxing.
HCBM’s parents pay for SD’s health insurance so HCBM makes all of her doctor and dentist appointments and acts as though that’s because DH is an uninvolved parent, despite the fact that he has asked to make appointments on his custody days so he could go. I have excellent benefits at my job and could take SD on as a dependent since she resides with us 50% of the time. We haven’t even proposed this idea to HCBM because god knows she would never agree despite the fact that this would probably save her parents a ton of money.
HCBM has SD involved in several activities on her custody days. A bit too many for a five year old in my opinion. Multiple gymnastics and dance classes and soccer. Since HCBM’s parents are always funneling her money and paying her bills they are constantly going out to do expensive activities, weekend trips, shows, you name it. HCBM thinks these things make her a good parent, but I personally don’t think that SD feels as emotionally attached to HCBM as she does DH. DH and I spend a ton of one on one time with SD. We play with her with her toys, we do crafts, we watch movies together. HCBM thinks dropping her off at some expensive activity makes her this stellar mom, but she doesn’t engage in the same level of connection with SD that DH does. HCBM’s parents of course bought them a trip to Disney World last year, and the day they came to pick up SD to leave for the airport she did not want to go. She began crying and insisting she wanted her dad to take her, and that she would miss him too much. What five year old objects to effing Disney World??
We have issues on the horizon with SD attending kindergarten next year. I know a battle will ensue about where she attends. The custody schedule does not give us any weekend time because when it was written, SD was one and DH was working weekends and the days they agreed on coincided with his schedule. This means that when SD attends school in the fall five days a week, we will not get a full day together as a family. DH and I are very nervous about addressing this. We don’t have any desire to change the 50/50 custody, just to adjust the days so that we can have some weekend time with SD. It is likely this issue will end up in court and cost us thousands.
I have had to come to the hard acceptance that this is just how our relationship with HCBM will be, likely forever. I hold on to selfish hope that she may screw up drinking again, but at the end of the day I want what is best for SD which is a healthy and stable mother and I will do whatever I can to encourage a positive relationship for them. At this point we have no proof of her drinking for the past few years. Either she miraculously stopped or her family’s response is just so calculated to protect her from getting into any shit and jeopardizing her custody. If that is the case, that can only go on for so long before SD is old enough to tell us what is happening.
I think that HCBM is deeply insecure and ashamed. I think she needs to make DH and I the villains so she feels better about herself. I think her upbringing has allowed her to shirk any and all accountability, she is surrounded by people who tell her she’s never wrong and she’s this great person and great parent.
I don’t know what the resolution is here. If you have read this far, thank you sincerely. Though I confide in my mom and friends about the situation with HCBM, I keep my venting to a minimum so as not to let her live rent free in my life. I am not going to spend all this energy being pissed at her and her immaturity. I’m not going to give her the satisfaction of getting on my nerves, being the subject of my conversations. I’m not even going to let her think I care enough to trash her to people. But it feels extremely therapeutic to get this all out to a group of people who understand.
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2023.04.01 06:05 Present-Building7105 This week is cursed, dropped 5 ranks and I got back to back pixels…

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2023.04.01 06:01 sweetdude64 Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 36.0

Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 36.0
Bloons TD 6 v36.0 - Update Patch Notes!
COMING SOON - Update 36!
Hello, and Welcome to the 36.0 Balance Changes! The latest update is right around the corner, so we wanted to hear the communities feedback!! Let us know how you feel about each of these changes in the comments, and we will be sure to take them into consideration.
Thank you for supporting us after all these years!!


BEAST HANDLER: Whereas we recently released a video and upcoming version preview to the Reddit, we feel it necessary to double back on this due to us feeling that the Beast Handler is still too complicated, so we are reworking it, again, meaning it will be delayed another 2+ updates. Sorry!
However, to ensure this does not happen again, we will be removing tower upgrades entirely from this new tower to ensure the Beast Handler is not too complicated going forwards. We hope to see you play around with this new tower in a few months!!!


  • Due to popular demand, we have removed portable lake stacking.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed games to save when pausing and returning to menu
  • Fixed exploit that allowed temporary buffs like heroes and Jungle Drum Villages to not be absorbed by Lych
  • Fixed Buff that allowed Monkey Ace and Navarch Paragons to Buff each other. Paragons will never be buffed, so we hope you enjoyed this exploit while it was in the game!
  • On a similar note, we have removed the natural overclock from the Engineer Paragon. However to keep true to the middle path, we have given it extra range, cleansing foam targeting, and +1 damage to MOAB Class Bloons


Pat was always intended to be the chunkiest monkey, and his rallying roar is still a little too strong, even after the previous nerf. So we are doubling down on our previous patch of Pat:
  • Pat Fusty footprint increased 28 -> 54
  • Rallying Roar range decreased 72 -> 58


We have noticed many complaining that certain paragons are weaker than their counterpart 3 5th tier towers because the paragons cannot be buffed while the towers can. In order to counter this, we are increasing the Paragon Level cap 100 -> 500.
However to keep gameplay balanced, the only way to achieve these 400 bonus levels on each paragon is to use Geraldo's Totems.
-We recognize totem spam will likely be annoying for many players, so we are increasing the total power each paragon totem gives from 300 -> 350.


Bloons was always intended to portray real life physics. Due to this, we are changing lead bloons to only be popped from melting.
  • We also want bloons other than ceramics and fortified to have multiple layers, so lead bloon layers have been increased from 1 -> 4, and fortified leads are increased from 5 -> 15
  • Striker Jones, Bomb, and Mortar are no longer able to damage lead bloons
  • Juggernaut and Crossbow Master no longer Pop leads
  • Of course, x5x Super Maelstrom no longer pops leads
  • Ice towers no longer pop leads at any level
  • Sniper monkeys are no longer able to Pierce lead bloons
  • Hydra Rocket Pods and MAD no longer pop leads
  • Razor Rotors no longer pops leads
  • Explosive pineapples, and the respective x3x and x4x bombs no longer Pop leads
  • Lead to gold converts lead bloons into golden leads instead of popping them, similar to rubber to gold
  • Cleansing foam no longer pops leads, but makes them resistant to explosive damage
Whereas purples are an interesting bloon that prevents the abuse of certain gameplay styles, the long gaps in between rounds in addition to purple bloons only capable of being spawned naturally like leads make it too easy to get around the weakness these bloons are supposed to provide.
  • Instead of purple bloons absorbing attacks, they will now Completely Stun All monkeys with plasma projectiles while on screen.
  • 3xx Submarines and 4xx Bloontonium Reactors now automatically submerge when purple bloons are on screen
  • Shimmer and Signal Flare are now incapable of de-camoing Purple Bloons.
  • Purple bloon life Drain increased 12 -> 35
  • All purple bloons will spawn fortified past round 50. Fortified purples HP 1 -> 6
Due to the power ceiling being increased over time from constant power buffs, ceramics are no longer a threat late game when compared to MOAB Class bloons. Especially with recent buffs to super mines and bloon solver. This goes against the intended game design, so we are hoping these changes will fix that:
  • Super Ceramic Health 60 -> 200
  • Fortified Ceramic Health 80 -> 1,000
  • MOAB Class bloons ramping reduced 1 -> .5
  • Cerams will now incrementally increase in health every round


  • Due to popular demand, Contested Territory Events have been changed from a weekly event to a daily event. This is to help separate Bloons TD 6 from the monotonous waiting of the standard Facebook game.
  • Bloonarius feels especially underpowered compared to its boss counterparts. It is meant to be the slow tank compared to other bosses. So, Bloonarius HP has been increased at all levels, and all other boss speeds have increased. Hopefully now Bloonarius will feel like a unique counterpart from the rest!
  • Bloonarius HP Tripled
  • Bloonarius remains at its current speed. All other bosses receive a 50% increase in their current speeds Vortex is widely known as the easiest boss. To counter this, we are increasing the Stun duration.
  • Vortex's Stun has been increased from 10s -> 30s
  • Fixed bug that prevented Lych soul from ramping with freeplay rounds


For a long time, we have wanted crit shots to be a bigger part of the game, as you can probably tell by the addition of crit shots on certain towers more recently. We feel ready to make a big jump by giving every tower an 8% chance to crit for 5x damage on the crit attack.
All around, towers have been feeling a bit strong, so to counteract this new CRIT Change, every tower has had its attack speed reduced. We have extensively play-tested this new change and feel confident it will breed new life to the game! In addition, to clear up any confusion, the word CRIT that pops up will now fully spell out "CRITICAL SHOT!"
  • Every tower now shoots 33% slower
  • "CRITICAL SHOT" text on screen increased 0.5s -> 2.8s
  • "CRITICAL SHOT!" Font size increased 8 -> 20
  • A large, thick black border will now be placed on the "CRITICAL SHOT!" Text for easier accessibility


Dart monkeys have always been a strong addition to the game. In fact, they are 2-3 times stronger than the dart monkeys from btd 1-5. To level out the insane power increase, we are nerfing the base dart monkey.
000 dart monkey price increase 200 -> 450
Whereas we are pleased with the direction paragons are moving in, we feel as if the Dart paragon does not accurately resemble the 3 upgrade paths as well as it should. So we are changing the Ultra Juggernauts damage type so that it may no longer pop purple bloons. We pride ourselves on community feedback, and we have heard how much fun it is to bounce Juggernaut balls off of walls. We are keeping with that influence of game design to make fans happy.
  • Juggernaut & Ultra Jug Lifespan Increased 6s -> 180s
  • Juggernaut Pierce Increase 50 -> 80
  • Ultra Jugg Pierce Increase 80 -> 420
  • Ultra Juggernauts damage type from Normal -> Plasma
The middle path has been neglected for a long time. However before we inevitably buff it, we must first nerf it:
  • Any super monkeys on the field get transformed to 000 dart monkeys when a SMFC ability is activated, including VTSGs.
  • All SMS Powers are reverted to dart monkeys which do 1 damage to bloons upon usage
To add more viability to the bottom path, we are increasing total damage.
  • CRIT shot changed from every 8 shots to every 1 shot.
  • Normal shot damage reduced 30 -> 0
In an effort to reduce late game lag, we are reducing the amount of total projectiles in-game. However, we do not want to disrupt the balance of towers, so we are evening out the damage.
  • Tack Sprayer 16 tacks -> 8, damage 1 -> 2
  • Overdrive 16 tacks -> 8, Attack speed .28 -> .72, damage 1->4
  • Tack Zone Tacks 32 -> 8, Attack Speed .18 -> .72, damage 2 -> 20
The top path has been getting a lot of love, however the bottom path feels more neglected due to the buffs of the now-superior top path. Hopefully this rework can change things up.
  • MOAB Press 204 MOAB Damage 50 -> 100
  • Left Handed Kylie Boomerangs now shoot boomerangs directly behind them instead of in front of them.
Due to the imbalanced nature of the bomb at release, we quickly needed to adjust gameplay to suit every tower. Now that the gameplay is stable, we will be reverting many of these changes. While also buffing up the rest of the tower in the process.
  • Frag bombs 002 no longer does black popping power
  • Base bomb shooter attack speed increased .72 -> .48 (All upgrades increased naturally)
  • Base cannon explosion radius increased 56 -> 78 (All upgrades increased naturally)
  • In order to reduce lag when using this tower, the bottom path has been reworked.
  • xx3 xx4 and xx5 cluster bombs, recursive cluster, and bomb Blitz cluster projectiles 8 -> 1. Instead, cluster bombs cause bloons to spread, preventing grouped bloons from overwhelming your defense. Try these against a round 63 cluster!
We were hoping to keep it a surprise, but we are revealing this early: Special Agents are being brought to the game!
In an effort to make more synergy between towers and special agents, the glue gunner is being renamed to the Honey Gunner to create crossplay between this tower and the Beekeeper.
Despite the past 8 buffs making the bloon solver one of the strongest towers in the game early on, it falls off in late game play. We feel it could be stronger, so we are buffing its viability all round.
  • 5xx bloonsolver damage tick speed increased 12-> 58
  • Bloonsolver damage to BAD bloons increased 1 -> 8
The glue gunner has always been a fun tower, ever since its hayday back during BTD 4. However, it has made the bloons too little of a threat as of recently, especially the middle path.
  • All ceramics are now immune to any yellow glue, up to and including 252 glue gunners
Super glue is fun for what it is. However, we felt it isn't sticky enough. In an effort to increase its uses in more scenarios, we are giving it more variability.
  • xx5 super glue Pierce increased 8 -> 22
  • xx5 super glue attack speed increased 0.36 -> 0.22
  • xx5 super glue slow effect increased 128 -> 256
  • Super Glue damage to BADS 1 -> 950
The sniper has always been a good contender for strongest tower in the game, and we have noticed a spike in usage recently. However, it still feels weak compared to the direction we are headed in.
  • All shots now crit
  • Sniper now ignores lines of sight
The top path feels too essential in the current late game meta. So we are changing the effect to something more reasonable.
  • 5xx Cripple MOAB No longer deals 5x more damage to MOAB class bloons. Instead, it has a chance to CRIT for a whopping 120 damage!
The middle path upgrade, bouncy bullets, never made sense from a physics perspective. To counter this, bullets are no longer bouncy, and instead are piercy.
  • Bouncy bullets renamed to Piercy bullets
  • Piercy bullets can pierce through 3 bloons, similar to churchill
  • x4x and x5x can pierce through 5 and 7 bloons respectively
Bottom path has always felt a little strong in addition to always being a strong cross path. We hope this change will make the tower more well rounded.
  • Sniper base attack speed increased .8 -> .56
  • xx1 and xx2 upgrades left unchanged.
Similar to other towers, Shell Shock Mortars will now shoot explosive turtle shells instead of Mortar rounds to emphasize the synergy between this tower and the new Special Agent Tribal Turtle.
Due to popular demand, we are adding a pursuit option to the Mortar. However to balance this, we are decreasing its accuracy.
  • 000 Mortar Pursuit Target Priority
  • 000 Mortar shot spread reduced .72 -> .12
  • 1xx Mortar shot spread returned to normal
  • We want the Biggest One to FEEL like an upgrade from its inferior stepping stone, the big one. So, it's now a global range tower.
  • Biggest One Attack Radius Increased 50 -> 400
To switch up gameplay, we are changing around top path upgrades.
  • 2xx Advanced Intel now has automatic global range. But it can no longer shoot bloons that are in range of other towers.
  • 3xx submarine now decamos bloons globally, however all bloons within its radius are automatically camoed.
  • Bloontonium reactor can no longer Pop regrow bloons
The middle path ability felt too good at cleaning up the insides, especially of BAD Bloons.
  • x4x ability damage decreased 8,000 -> 3,000
The middle crosspath is the obvious choice over the bottom crosspath in almost all scenarios. In an effort to make each crosspath unique and significant, we are changing things up!
  • Base dartling swivel speed reduced 30 -> 6
  • xx1 Faster Swivel Speed now grants lock in place targeting priority
In order to reduce projectiles late game, we are reworking the Monkey Ace to properly represent how we believe this tower should function in order to minimize lag and maximize fun. The Monkey Ace will now shoot darts out of the front of the Ace, similar to the BTD 5 Specialty Building Bonus:
  • Monkey Ace Darts reduced 8 -> 1
  • Monkey Ace Attack Speed .7 -> 3
  • Monkey Ace Damage Increased 1 -> 2
  • 2xx, 4xx, and 5xx have received similar changes by reducing darts to 1 and increasing DMG and SPA.
The Comanche Commander was beloved at the start of the game, however has long since fallen off. So, we are reverting the nerf allowing it to easily solo round 98 once again.
  • Comanche Commander damage 2 -> 8
  • Mini Comanche damage 4 -> 24
In order to balance this, we are reducing the speed the heli pilot can move.
  • Base Helipilot Speed reduced 3 -> 0.8
Like the tack shooter, the Super Monkey is being reworked to reduce projectiles late game for stability reasons:
  • Base Super Monkey Attack Speed .035 -> .35, damage 1 -> 5
  • 1xx Laser Vision now shoots 1 laser instead of 2.
  • 3xx Super Monkey Projectiles Reduced 3 -> 1
  • x3x Robo Monkey: 2 Arms reduced to 1
Due to positive fan reception of the recent Call to Arms global Buff, we felt it reasonable to apply this to temples as well:
  • 4xx and 5xx temples now Sacrifice ALL towers and Heroes on the map
We believe all towers should have their time to shine. No tower should be able to solo the game without much thought and effort.
Additionally, in an effort to reduce the over powered nature of Super monkeys, we are reducing their overall damage to encourage a more well rounded gameplay style which favors a variety of towers:
  • 4xx and 5xx Sun Temple base damage reduced 50 -> 5
  • 4xx and 5xx Sun Temple sacrifices have received a similar 10x downscale.
  • x5x Super Monkey Price Increased 90,000$ -> 300,000$
  • xx5 Super Monkey Price Increased 166,000$ -> 635,000$
We greatly enjoy one of our recent change to alchemists, however we feel like we did not go far enough with it to make it viable. Hopefully now it can be used more effectively:
  • Lead to gold damage to DDTs 8 -> 80
BMA is too strong late game, and too weak early game as it loses players money. So hopefully this will wise players up when considering placing him.
  • If a Bloon Master Alchemist potion hits a red bloon, the potion will transform the red bloon into a BAD.
Some upgrades feel a little bit too over and under powered for cross paths to be viable. Hopefully these changes will create more balanced play.
  • Caltrops no longer place when the Ninja is attacking bloons
  • Distraction chance increased 35% -> 100%
  • 5xx Grandmaster Ninja shots reduced 8 -> 1
  • 5xx Grandmaster projectile footprint increased 2 -> 38
  • 5xx Grandmaster Ninja Pierce increased 2 -> 40
  • 500 Grandmaster Ninja projectiles now Bounce off walls
Wizards are purely magic based towers. So it didn't make sense to give them upgrades that granted them purple popping power. Fortunately, the wizard has been buffed up enough that this nerf will still keep it playable without being overpowered:
  • xx5 Phoenix ability no longer pops purple bloons.
  • xx4 and xx5 Necromancer bloons no longer pops purple bloons.
Due to primary towers overshining the village in pretty much all aspects, we are reworking the top path:
  • Primary Expertise: Buffs to Primary Towers -> Buffs to other villages in radius:
  • xx4 Call to Arms and xx5 Homeland Defense: In an effort to reduce projectiles for in game performance, this towers ability has shifted its double attack speed into double range for all towers.
In an effort to minimize the effect of *certain youtubers* to make *specific jokes* about cleansing foam, we are changing the color. In addition, we are changing the later upgrades out of spite:
  • x3x cleansing foam color changed from White -> Green
  • x4x and x5x Engineer monkeys are now only able to overclock other overclock engineer monkeys.
Bloontraps have been exploited for too long to absorb 100% of bloons. We are countering this gameplay style with nerfs.
  • Placed Bloontraps will now have a 0.8s tick cool down interval of being able to absorb bloons
  • Bloontrap radius reduced 100% Engineer range -> 30%
To make gameplay more immersive, bananas no longer attract to the cursor, and must be clicked or tapped to pick up.
  • For QoL purposes as well as to give more use to this crosspath, the xx2 upgrade allows you to right click to pick up bananas in addition to the left click.
  • To avoid potential exploits, Monkey Farmer radius has been reduced 300 -> 80.
  • Monkey Farmers Monkey Money Cost 100 -> 500
Due to constant misunderstandings, we are switching the tack shooter to support class and spike factory to primary class. And again to limit projectiles, we are fixing this tower as well:
  • Spike Factory Base Pierce 10 -> 1
  • Spike Factory Base Damage 1 -> 10
  • xx2 Smart Spikes no longer shoot more spikes at the beginning of the round


  • Due to high demand, all placeable items will lose their clickable placement locations in favor of randomized placement.
  • Friendly Fire is now on by default. Any monkey hit by any projectile will instantly be sold for 0$.
  • Removed hotkeys for accessibility reasons
  • To make speedruns more competitive as well as to make Apopalypse stand out more as a game mode, Auto start next round has been removed.
  • The gameplay cycle of Bloons TD 6 is too short. In an effort to improve this, the fast forward button has been removed. In its place is now a slow-mo button.
We hope you enjoyed this round of balance changes as Bloons TD 6 moves in a more positive direction, as we return back to the game we released at launch. We are eager to hear your feedback, so please let us know what you would like us to revert next!
We have WHOPPING plans for where to take Bloons TD 6 and we hope you all will keep playing and have fun helping us get there. Let’s all plan on having a very happy rest of 2023 together as we look for more ways to involve the community in our vision and plans for where we go next, and until then please know that everyone at Ninja Kiwi wishes you the absolute best for a restful and playful April Fools Day!
ADDITIONAL CHANGES: Update 37+ has been scrapped.
Happy Popping!!
submitted by sweetdude64 to btd6 [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 05:55 CaerulusDramal 35 [M4F] AZ/Online: Seeking meaningful friendship, possibly more, with a girl whose libido matches my own. Someone neither super kinky or outwardly slutty, yet understands what it's like to be constantly horny, get off multiple times daily, and still want something as wholesome as it is lewd

(Note - It's always okay to message me, even if this post has been up for a while! After all, M4F posts tend to get very few responses compared to F4M. Feel free to ask about that if you're curious.)
I want to say up front that while I don't want to come off as too forward, I also want to make sure I'm open and honest with what I'm looking for. I realize that this post isn't going to be for everyone, and that it's bound to come off as extremely sexual. But if you really are the sort of girl that's been seen as "too horny" not because you're trying to be a slut, but because your natural libido is just that high, give it a chance, and you might find there's something wholesome mixed in with all that horny.
That said, while this bound to come off as incredibly blunt, I want to be honest, so please, hear me out:
Everyone's natural libido is different, and I know mine is rather high. I wake up feeling horny, I spend most of the day horny, and I often have to tend to my horniness before I head to sleep. It's rare I go a day where I don't get off multiple times, in part because of how quickly I'd feel uncomfortably pent up if I didn't.
And yet it's also probably fair to call myself demisexual. I don't tend to be interested in lewdness with strangers, and I generally don't really like one night stands. I want there to feel like there's some sort of emotional connection. I want to feel like we care about each other on at least some level beyond "hey, I'm horny, you're horny, let's fuck." If I'm going to be lewd with someone, I want us feeling like we're sharing that pleasure with each other, where we both want each other to feel good as much as we want to feel good ourselves.
And so if you're the sort of girl that's horny as fuck all day long damn near every single day without fail, and yet all you really want is a friend that isn't going to consider your sex drive "too much"? Someone who might actually stand a chance of keeping up with you--or at the very least still happily encourage you even if they couldn't--yet still very clearly care about you, and not just what you might offer in bed?
I get it. Fuck, I feel that.
That said, while I want to be open and honest, I don't want to run the risk of coming off as just too damn horny and focused entirely on sex. However, if the entire point is to find the sort of genuine friend that we can both just be our extremely horny selves with, it's probably worth diving at least a bit into lewd interests. After all, depending on what you're into, not doing so could run the risk of... let's say being as if finding a friend for watching movies, only to discover we enjoy none of the same genres... you get what I mean?
It's probably worth getting out of the way that I am 99% a dom, but generally the much more caring, gentle, teasing sort. I've never been the sort to be into degrading partners, so do not expect the "abuse, use, and discard you like the slut you are" type. As for kinks, well... hyper, excessive cum, multiple orgasms, extreme horniness, titfucking, receiving oral, mutual masturbation, cock worship. Most of the hard no's are the "obvious" ones, though the one I know can be pretty hit or miss: I'm not into anal. At all.
Likewise, it's worth mentioning right here and now that I'm a furry, as are most of my friends. You certainly don't have to be a furry yourself, though it would definitely help if you were at least interested and/or curious about the fandom. If you know that furries are a hard no for you, well... I hate to say it, but we probably wouldn't get along.
With that said however, on the more innocent side of things, it would definitely help if you enjoy video games! It would give us something to chat about, and potentially something to do when spending time together that isn't lewd. Most of the gaming I tend to do these days is on PC, though I do also have a Switch, and I have played quite a lot of older console games when I was younger. Hell, even my college degree was in Game and Simulation Programming, so there's definitely a strong interest there.
Also, for the sake of weeding out those that skip the post and only ready the title, do me a favor and mention something about cherries upon saying hello? It can be anything you'd like, even just mentioning the word. But it does really help, because it is unfortunately pretty common for some to read nothing but the title, think "horny guy let's fucking go", and then... entirely miss the mark.
But at this point... I have to imagine that you're still reading, something I said must have spoken to you. And so by all means, I'd be happy to chat and see if we get along. Even a simple "hello" is fine if you're a bit too shy to say more at first.
I would recommend Reddit's chat feature over messages. If we got to talking and you both felt comfortable and wanted to stay in touch, it would be far easier to eventually move to other chat platforms, but that can wait until if and when you're ready.
I look forward to hearing from you~
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2023.04.01 05:53 t3r4byt3s Our next skill: Why Archaeology is meant for OSRS

Go to Digsites throughout the world. Learn about different gods, ages, animals, and new techniques for old skills from artifacts and ruins.
Uncover new Spirit Rifts throughout OSRS with new mobs and existing skill integrations (new hunter mobs, new slayer mobs, new trees to chop, new herbs/secondaries,etc.) all within these Spirit Realms (Shamanism inspired).
The simple loop - TRAINING
Gain XP in Archaeology by going to different “digsites” across Gielinor (like agility courses, forges, fishing spots, farming, etc already does) and digging at digsites - dig and clean artifacts to get xp - a simple loop just likes skills that already exist in OSRS.
Now to the meat of the skill - UNLOCKS
Craft items for crafting skills with cleaned artifacts- fletching, crafting, smithing, etc. type skill integration (adds content to existing skills)
A higher Archaeology level lets you visit different spirit areas of the map with differing mobs to fight and hunt, and differing materials for crafting, mining, wc, etc. also allows you to find higher tier artifacts from digsites.
Incorporating ideas from Shamanism and Taming potentially - the new hunter mobs in the spirit realm could be tamable as an addition to hunter for example.
Pros: -Feels oldschool in the training loop -Revitalizes existing skills with new leveling rewards and ways to train
Cons: -Adds content to existing skills
submitted by t3r4byt3s to 2007scape [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 05:49 Abject_Plantain1696 Willow, The Forest Florist

Willow, the Forest Florist

Hello, it's maGeDNA here! I'd like to introduce you to Willow, the Forest Florist. This champion went through many iterations before I got here as you may have noticed she is similar to Sequoia, The God-Willow's Woeful Caretaker, a champ I had made prior. I put a lot of thought into Willow's design, theme-wise and ability-wise. I want to thank u/theheraId u/renegadepony and u/FallenDemonX for their thoughtful opinions, guidance, and support. You guys keep inspiring me to pursue design!
Classes: Enchanter
Roles: Support
Region: Ionia, Omikayalan Forest
Species: God-Willow Sapling
Damage Type: Magic

Champion Appearance:

In her sapling form she is an elegant child, with a wood-nymph-esque body with bark-like skin wearing a green and gold summer dress. When she achieves her budding form she grows taller and the bud on her head becomes golden. When she blooms, she looks like a beautiful woman, wearing a green and gold dress with a large golden God-Willow Flower on her head.
Similar to this but with bark like skin and a large golden flower on her head.
Image for visualization (I don't own this image!):

Champion Lore:

Willow’s life began once her mother was killed. The God-Willow of the Omikayalan Forest, known as the Heart of the World, was killed having been chopped down by a cruel man by the name of Ivern. In a last ditch effort the God-Willow, had bundled its life energy into 2 seeds. 1 seed was thrown towards the murderer in an effort to cleanse his evil so that he would not continue to harm the rest of the Forest. He had been chosen to be the Forest’s caretaker. The second Seed was cast high into the sky, dated to be carried by the wind who knows where. The God-Willow’s had hoped its child could have a different fate than herself. The child would be free to roam the world instead of being stuck to one place. A life outside the forest would be hard, but if the child survived, they would bloom into an immaculate God-Willow able to endure anything.
Months Later…
A tall, beautiful, lightly tanned woman wearing red and gold armor was laying down next to a slender, pale-skinned woman. The slender woman was wearing a simple black robe with turquoise and silver pattern. She was staring at the tanned woman while the tanned woman looked in awe towards the sunrise.
“How beautiful that the sun always rises…”, the tanned woman said.
“Lee…I don’t know what you see in the Sun…it just hurts my eyes…” the pale woman said in response, rubbing her eyes.
Leona turned her head to face the pale-skinned woman.
“Dee…you just don’t understand…”, Leona said, grabbing her hand and looking into her white eyes. Diana stared back intently at Leona’s glowing brown eyes, almost like she was finally seeing the beauty of the Sun.
“You don’t have the Solari’s eyes…you wouldn’t understand,” said Leona, her auburn hair tangling with Diana’s white hair. “You couldn’t. And you shouldn’t be looking at the sun anyways, you’ll hurt your eyes even more.”
“Meh. I don’t care about my eyes, Lee, you know I don’t. I just want to understand your obsession. I would understand if it was the moon. But the sun? Come on…at this rate you’ll be chosen to be the next aspect host…leaving me here alone on this mountain”, Diana said looking away, laying down on her back with her hands on the back of her head.
“Dee…I wouldn’t leave you even if I did become the host…I’d still remember you…”, Lee said, but Diana could hear Leona’s uncertainty in her voice.
“Yea right. The moment you become the host for the Solari, I’m offering my body to the Lunari in a heartbeat…I wouldn’t be able to live.”
Leona smiled, “You know…moonlight…moonlight is sunlight…these wars are stupid…let’s just enjoy our time together.” She laid down next to Diana and they sat in silence feeling the wind against their face for what seemed like hours.
Smack! Something fell on Diana’s face. She sat up and grabbed what felt like a rock in her hand. It was a seed.
Leona sat up. “What is it?”
“Here. You can have it. Looks like a seed of some sort…wake me up when the new moon rises”, Diana said going back to sleep.
Leona held the seed in her palm tightly vowing to keep her promise. She kept the seed in her pocket. She was the next host, she knew it. She just hoped she would remember Diana after the ritual…
Years Later…
The Aspect of the Sun, Leona was fighting a terrible battle involving the Lunari atop Mount Targon. She stared at the Pale-skinned woman dashing across the mountaintop slaying her brethren. Leona was about to support them in battle, about to stun this woman, when she winced from pain. The necklace she had made many years ago, with a large seed as the pendant, was burning her neck and chest.
Leona instinctively grabbed her necklace, She kept thinking about this Pale-skinned woman. Diana…was her name Diana, that didn’t seem right. She looked so familiar…her white hair…her white eyes. As if looking at the craters of a full moon. Leona’s head hurt as if she was fighting back another soul.
Something had clicked. She remembered. It was the host’s memories forcing its way up into Leona’s mind. Not now, not when the Solari were in danger. They needed Her help. Leona struggled to keep balance, she had fallen to the ground clenching the Seed with her hands. She released a burst of sunlight in pain, a solar flare burst forward blasting her armour and necklace off of her. She collapsed on the ground. But everyone on the battlefield didn’t look towards Leona, instead they looked at the glowing bright seed in the grassy terrain.
The seed had broken off from the necklace glowing with a golden light. It was pulsing so bright the warriors could not tell if it was day or night…
A crack. A green tree shoot had burst forward from the seed quickly. When the golden light had stopped pulsing, a child was standing in the seed’s location.
The child was smiling, and looked like a cross between a girl and a tree. She had skin that looked like tree bark but was wearing a elegant dress made of green leaves. She had a golden head where it looked like a golden flower could bloom.
“W-where am I? W-who am I? W-why am I here?”
Leona stood back up. But this was not the same Leona anymore. The host had won the battle against the Aspect.
Leona had returned back to her body.
Leona looked at the child. She thought she was beautiful. A miracle. For such a child to be born in the midst of war…this must be fate.
Leona turned to face the Solari, “we are retreating! Everyone stand down, now!” Leona said with as much bravery she could muster. The Solari acknowledged her and did just that, marching down the Mountain.
“Coward!!” Diana yelled, raising and shaking her Khopesh in anger.
Leona felt tears fall down her face. She turned to face Diana.
“Dee…you just don’t understand…” Diana spoke softly, looking into Diana’s white eyes, “ You couldn’t understand…”, Leona clenched her eyelids, tears continuing to fall, “and stop looking at me with those eyes…you’re just going to hurt me even more…”
Leona turned around, accepting her fate, her eyes still closed. She opened her eyes with resolve. She ran towards the Sapling Child and grabbed her into her arms ignoring all protests. But to her surprise the child just giggled. Leona kept running, as far away as she could from this stranger in Dee’s body.
She could hear the impostor-Diana’s screams of anger as she ran down Mount Targon.
She looked at the Sapling child and her wide smile.
Leona smiled back, the widest, happiest smile of her life.
“She really did offer herself after losing me…” she told the child, “she loved me…”
The child smiled back then laughed an innocent, pure laugh.
“What a will you have, child…to laugh in the middle of war…I think I have the perfect name for you…”
1 Decade Later…
Leona had become accustomed to a life away from battle and the Solari. She was a mother now and she had raised her Sapling-Child with love.
“Mom! Mom! Mom! Why won’t I grow!! Everyone else in school is taller than me!!” Said the sapling-child throwing her wooden sword to the ground.
“Willow…”, Leona said, picking up the wooden sword, “everyone grows differently in their own way, at their own speed. I grew tall, but Yordles grow small.”
“But! But! But! I’m not a Yordle! I don’t know what I am! My friends at school keep calling me Maokai and swors ‘cause I’m no different than that stupid wooden sword you're holding…”
Leona knew it was time to tell her. She kneeled down till she was eye-level with Willow, looking into Willow’s white eyes. Leona smiled.
“You are different from your friends. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less, my child. They are fools for not accepting you for the bundle of joy you are. But you are right…you are not like them. In fact…”, Leona hesitated but pushed forward “you are even different from me. I am a Solari. And you…you are a miracle.”
“I-I’m different from you?” Willow said, confused.
Leona nodded, smiling.
“But you’re my mom.”
Leona nodded again, “I am, and I couldn’t be happier,” Leona kissed Willow on her head and hugged her. Sunlight and warmth filled the air and the golden part of Willow’s head began to change. She was budding. A golden bud had emerged on top of Willow’s head and began to glow a warm light similar to Leona’s eyes. Leona was amazed. She also confirmed her own theory of Willow’s origins.
“W-what’s happening!??”
“Relax child,” Leona smiled assuringly, “This is normal. I told you. Everyone grows differently, in their own way, at their own speed. Look,” Leona pointed at the mirror behind Willow.
The bud on Willow’s head was large and golden and sunlight was shining from within. The bud itself was half of Willow’s height.
“Whoaaa!! I’m so tall now!!” Willow touched the bud in her head with her hands, making sure it was real. Then she turned to her mother and hugged her.
“You were right mom! Everyone grows differently, in their own way, at their own speed! Even me!” She turned and faced the mirror once again. Leona met eyes with Willow in the mirror’s reflection.
“Mom! I’m gonna keep growing! Then I can protect you and even that white-haired woman you have a picture of! I’ll stop the wars between the Lunari and Solari! I promise! Just give me some time! I swear I’ll grow up to become strong! I’ll grow up fast! I promise.”
Leona began crying. “I know you will. You will become so strong…you already are. Just promise me you won’t grow up too fast…”
The mother and daughter hugged once more, filling the small home with warm sunlight, once more.

Base Stats:

Intended Strengths:

Intended Weaknesses:

Intended Keystones:

Intended Core Items:

Passive: Willow’s Willing Will!

“Mmmm!! Willow-Fruit is so yummy!! More, more, more!!”
Willow starts the game in her Sapling form. Willow gains a stack of Growth whenever she consumes a Willow Fruit. Willow buds at 10 Growth Stacks and blooms at 20 Growth stacks. After achieving her blossomed form, Willow bears God-Willow Fruit every 10 Growth stacks thereafter, instantly consuming it to permanently increase her healing and shielding power.
Willow gains stacking permanent effects based on her achieved form:
Sapling Form:
Ghosted and gains 10/15/20/25% increased movement speed towards a visible brush within 700 units of Willow. 
Budded Form:
25/50/75/100% base mana regeneration and 25/50/75/100% base health regeneration. 
Blossomed Form:
5/10/15/20% healing and shielding power + 5% per God-Willow Fruit consumed. 
Effects scale depending on Willow’s level (1/6/11/16).

Basic Attack: Healing Touch!

“It’s okay…you’re just a seed right now. But don’t worry! I'll grow you into the beautiful flower I know you can be!”
Willow can basic-attack her allies to make them bloom over 2 seconds healing 80-250 (based on level) (+50% AP) health during the duration but requires the consumption of 1 Willow Fruit to do so. Basic attacking an ally again during the bloom duration does not consume Willow Fruit but accelerates growth, instantly healing them for the remainder of the heal and granting them Willow’s Sapling Form’s bonus movement speed for 1 second.
Willow’s basic attacks after achieving Blossomed Form instantly bloom her allies, healing them for the heal amount on-hit.
Willow can basic-attack an ally ward to heal its health by 1.
Willow can basic-attack an ally totem ward or control ward to make it bud, creating a Budding Ward. The Budding Ward prepares to bloom over 4 seconds. Willow can basic-attack an ally Budding Ward after this duration to make it bloom, creating a Blossomed Ward. The Blossomed Ward prepares to bear 1 Willow Fruit over 4 seconds. The Willow Fruit lasts for 8 seconds on top of the Blossomed Ward. After this duration, the Willow Fruit perishes and the Blossomed Ward reverts back to a regular Totem/ Control Ward, refreshing its health and life span, but making it unable to bud for 4 seconds.
Willow can Basic-attack the Willow Fruit to collect it (maximum 3), instantly reverting the Blossomed ward back to a regular Totem/ Control Ward, refreshing its health and life span, but making it unable to bud for 4 seconds.
Budding or blossoming a ward costs 5% of Willow’s current health. Consuming a Willow Fruit heals Willow for 10% maximum health.
Budding wards have reduced sight radius and Blossomed wards have increased sight radius*. If the blossomed ward is within a brush, the brush changes to a* Blossomed Brush while the ward is Blossomed.
When a Budding or Blossomed Ward reaches 0 health it is destroyed; Willow Fruit perishes instantly and cannot be collected.

Skill 1Q: Blossom Seed!/ Bloom Doom!

“Hey!! This garden is private property!! Out, out, out!!”
Willow periodically stocks Blossom Seeds, up to a maximum of 3.
Willow places a Blossom Seed at the target location, which upon landing arms over 1 second, becomes stealthed and lasts for up to 60 Seconds.
Blossom Traps have 4 health and take 1 damage from ranged basic attacks and 2 from melee basic attacks.
Range: 300 Recharge: 20/18/16/14/12 seconds 

The blossom trap blooms into a Blossom Flower when an enemy champion is within range of it granting it access to cast Bloom Doom.

Recast: Bloom Doom!

All Blossom Flowers launch a beam of light in a line in the target direction slowing all enemies hit for 1 second.
Hit enemy champions are tethered for 4 seconds to the Blossom Flower and marked with Bloom Loom while tethered.
Targets marked with Bloom Loom have a bud appear above their Champion. Ally champions can basic-attack the marked target to deal bonus magic damage on-hit, up to 3 times. Each instance grows the bud and at 3 instances the bud blooms, empowering Willow’s next basic attack against the target to collect 1 Willow Fruit and end the tether duration early.
All tethered enemy champions that are standing within a Blossom Flower’s effect radius at the end of the tether duration are stunned for a duration.
Bloom Doom’s cooldown is reset whenever an ally champion basic-attacks an enemy marked with Bloom Loom.
Slow: 30/35/40/45/50% Magic damage on-hit: 10/15/20/25/30% of ally’s AD Stun: 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds Effect Radius: 525 Beam Range: 525 Cooldown: 4 seconds 

Skill 2W: Inner Bloom!

“I seeeee youuuu!! Ahahahaha! W-Wait! Hey!! That’s my Willow Fruit!! Give that back!! It’s mine, mine, mine!!”
Willow periodically stocks Brush Seed, up to a maximum of 2. Willow and WIllow’s allies gain sight of all Blossomed Brushes and gain bonus attack speed while within a Blossomed Brush.
Bonus attack Speed: 15/20/25/30/35% 
Willow places a brush in a target area (lasts for 60 seconds) or chooses a target brush in range to bloom into a Blossomed Brush. The Blossomed Brush bears fruit to 1 Willow Fruit after 4 seconds. The Willow fruit remains for 8 Seconds. If the Willow Fruit is not collected during the 8-second duration it will fall off and sink into the brush’s soil reverting the Blossomed Brush back into a regular brush. 8 seconds after the Willow Fruit sinks, the brush blossoms again, repeating the cycle again, indefinitely.
Enemy Champions that enter a Blossomed Brush make the petals fall off over 2 seconds reverting the Blossomed Brush back into a regular brush. If the Blossomed Brush has a Willow Fruit, it is immediately consumed by the Enemy Champion permanently, granting sight of the champion for 2 seconds thereafter.
Recharge: 30/27/24/21/18 

Skill 3E: Blossoms!

“Oh no, oh no, oh no!! I’m so sorry, my little Blossoms!! I promise to grow you back right away!!”
Willow targets an ally champion, shielding them.
Shield: 50/70/90/110/130 (+20% AP) 

If Willow has achieved her Budded Form she can charge this ability for up to 1.5 seconds, very quickly increasing effective range and can recast this ability.
Willow summons all Blossomed Wards and Blossomed Brushes within range to instantly shed their Blossoms reverting to regular wards and brushes. Blossoms travel very quickly towards the target Ally, granting a small shield for each Blossom that reaches them.
If Willow has achieved her Blossomed Form*, each Blossom that passes through an Ally champion is also* shielded, granting them bonus movement speed for 2 seconds*. Additionally,* Blossoms that pass through enemy champions are dealt magic damage and slows them for 2 seconds*.* Blossoms’ effects can stack*. If the enemy champion is* slowed for 100% or more they are rooted for 2 seconds instead.
Shield per Blossom:10/15/20/25/30 (+5% AP) Movement Speed: 6/8/10/12/14% Magic Damage per blossom: 20/28/34/42/50 (+10% AP) Slow: 20/24/28/32/36% Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 seconds 

Skill 4R: Pollen Power!

“Bless you, bless you, bless you!! Hmm…looks like that’s not working…okay let me try!!”
Ally champions marked with Pollen cannot have their Pollen consumed while within a certain range of Willow.
Range: 525 
Bloomed Brushes and Bloomed Wards (and Willow if she has achieved her Blossomed Form) release pollen in a circle around themselves, marking all champions standing in the effect radius with Pollen for 8 seconds.
A champions’ first basic attack against a champion marked with Pollen consumes the Pollen to make them sneeze, blinding them for a duration.
Champions marked with Pollen mark other champions they come within a proximity range of, over 1 second (static 8 second cooldown). Champions marked with Pollen additionally convert all wards they come within a proximity range of, into bloomed wards over 1 second.
If Willow has achieved her Budded Form they are rooted for the duration as well.
Proximity Range: 300 Blind: 1.5/2/2.5 seconds Root: 1.5/2/2.5 seconds Cooldown:120/100/80 seconds 
If Willow has achieved her Blossomed Form*, Willow gains access to* Sunshine Blessing!:

Recast: Sunshine Blessing!

Willow shoots sunshine in a line in front of herself. If sunshine comes into contact with a champion marked with Pollen she consumes the mark and stuns them for a duration if it was an enemy or cleanses the mark and shields them if it was an ally.
Sunshine’s cooldown is reset when a Pollen mark is consumed or cleansed.
If at least 3 marks of Pollen were consumed/ cleansed total, she bears fruit to a God-Willow Fruit herself, instantly consuming it.
Sunshine Range: 600 Stun: 1.5/2/2.5 Shield: 80/120/160 (+75% AP) Cooldown: 4 seconds 


Willow is a gardener running from ward to ward, brush to brush tending to her garden hoping that they bear Willow Fruit. She heals with her basic attacks but constantly is in need of Willow Fruits to do. She can zone with her Q but needs to land her Bloom Doom light beams to help ensure damage and stun. She can make her own brushes for lanes where she cannot walk up to the brushes in lane. The more she gardens the more impactful she is as an enchanter.
She can join her jungler in the jungle to play alongside the jungler to gain map control with her vision control. Since she gains movement speed towards brushes she will quickly move within the jungle.
Players should try to get as many Willow Fruit as they can to heal allies but also so that she can achieve her Blossomed Form and gain a lot of healing and shielding power, in addition to empowered ability effects.
The E shield is not very big compared to other champs normally, but can get big after setting up her garden and charging. Most likely used in emergencies.
Ult helps "bring to fruition" more Willow Fruits in teamfights and adds a form of cc. When bloomed the cc becomes a stun also. Using the ult to gain God-Willow Fruit should be capitalized on when ulting but not necessarily a focus when ulting as just trying to stun enemies with Sunshine will help make that happen on its own.

Intended Max Order:

R, Q or E depending on lane, then W


Hope you like Willow! More champions coming soon! Let me know what you think! All feedback welcome!
- maGeDNA
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2023.04.01 05:35 Reddidnothingwrong Part 1 - The King and The Dragon

"It's so beautiful..."
"It certainly is... something," the oft ignored Rolf agrees, in a much less enthusiastic tone.
King Olaf wipes an evidently authentic tear from his eye. The statue, besides being crafted of pure gold, is a perfect replica of himself: Large, bearded, and jolly. Sort of like Santa Claus, if Santa Claus had existed in this particular version of reality, took things for himself instead of giving them out, and if the North Pole was on the brink of a mutiny.
Rolf, who is at least not obviously plotting against his Lord and Master, watches the skies. This one is number fifty-three, and if the last fifty-two attempts are any indication - as he suspects - then...
There comes a terrible roar in the distance.
"What was that?" Olaf wonders. Rolf debates whether such a stupid question has ever been asked before in the history of the world as the sound grows louder.
"Here it comes," sighs the put upon craftsman.
"Here what-"
Before the King can finish his lack of thought, a great crimson dragon descends from the heavens, clutches the statue in its talons, and flies away into the distance.
"Gasp!" Olaf gasps, "A dragon!"
"You've seen it before, milord," Rolf reminds.
"A dragon?!" Olaf gasps again.
"At every previous attempt to do..." Rolf gestures vaguely at the pedestal the statue had until recently occupied, "this."
"Is THAT why there wasn't a statue here yet?" Olaf strokes his beard, deep in thought. As deep as he is capable of going, anyway, "that does explain a lot. It seems like something I would have thought of before."
"Fifty-two times," Rolf agrees, through gritted teeth.
"Well then," Olaf shrugs, "I suppose we'll just have to build a new one."
The craftsman holds back tears. Barely.
Rolf considers pointing out that there is evidence, in the form of fifty-two previous attempts, to suggest that the statue might be stolen. He considers the defition of the word "insanity." He considers the fact that, when it comes to his Lord and Master, there has never been any doubt.
"One small issue, milord," a miner interjects, very weakly. There is a non-zero chance that he will be put to death for this, but the bane of his and everyone else's existence is bound to find out either way, "there is no more gold."
"Come again?"
"There is no more gold, sire," he repeats a bit more loudly, but just as nervously.
"Not to worry! Just go to the mines and dig some up!"
"... I was referring to the mines, sire. They are empty."
"Well that's just ridiculous!" Olaf scoffs, "This kingdom has plenty of gold."
"HAD plenty of gold," Rolf corrects, gently, as is his duty as the least likely of those gathered here today to be guillotined, "before the fifty-three statues."
"I don't follow."
Rolf closes his eyes, takes a deep breath in, and begins the arduous task of explaining the concept of depleting resources to the king.
After a couple of hours, he seems to have attained some level of understanding. The craftsman and miners have taken this opportunity to abscond, as anyone with the ability and common sense would. Unfortunately, this leaves the rarely-heeded advisor alone with his king.
"Well then," he decides at last, "I suppose we'll just have to get it back then!"
"Get it back?" Rolf repeats.
"Yes, go fetch the old one. Or send someone else to, rather. Imagine a king, doing his own fetching!" he lets out a laugh that jiggles his oversized belly. It would have been endearing, coming from the nonexistent Santa Claus, whom everyone did not wish to see assassinated.
"From a dragon?" Rolf presses.
"Well, it was a dragon who took it, wasn't it?"
"The giant, winged, fire-breathing beast of legend?"
"Yes, a fearsome foe," Olaf nods, "so we'll need a warrior, a thief, and a mage."
"A..." Rolf shakes his head, "why those, specifically?"
"It's the ideal party for dragon fighting! I read it in a book once."
Rolf resists the urge to point out that he is almost entirely certain the King cannot, in fact, read.
"Not to worry!" the King insists, as though there is anything but reason to worry, "I have two of them already!"
"You don't mean..." Rolf starts, the color draining from his face.
"To the castle!"
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2023.04.01 05:27 nofossilfool Mixed signals from m30 to me f30, my gut tells me to be patient with him but am I being stupid and naive to think he’s interested?

Ok so I’ll try my best to condense the timeline. I am 30f, he’s 30m. We were both clear we were not looking for a serious relationship (both out of same length LTRs the same amount of time ago, think 6mths-1yr single for both)
I don’t think either of us expected to click as we did. Matched online, and the back and forth was energetic and engaging. Similar level of intelligence, same sense of humour.
Date 1. We found out we had an almost strange amount in common. It’s like we’ve lived parallel lives in different places almost. Very similar interests, make each other laugh loads, silly, relaxed, super comfortable and loads of chemistry. We had sex for 3.5 hours first night, very passionate, and talked cuddled for hours into the next day. Lots of depth and emotional connection.
In between there was constant texting, sending things we’d both be interested in, really engaging, interesting and playful.
Date 2. I realised I was going to be at an event he was at. He introduced me to friends and colleagues that were there, and wanted to spend a lot of time with me. He came back to mine, same energy as before; intimate and passionate.
Texting continues but feels v much to me like slow fading and I notice eventually it’s taken almost a week for a response. Yet he’s watching every instagram story I post within an average of 10 mins, almost religiously (I was posting a lot at that time) I send an ‘I’m drawing the line but if you want to get in touch in the future at a better time do’ sort of text. He replies instantly with two long voice notes saying he is sorry he ghosted me, that he has been busy and he really wants to see me again but should be upfront that he doesn’t want a serious relationship. (Weird because neither do I, as we discussed)
I reply with a voice note and tell him that I like to know where I stand with people and that I like consistency in communication about where I stand and a slowemore chill pace. It’s up to him.
1.5 weeks later, I get a text saying sorry he’s been trying to process his thoughts, he couldn’t figure out what to say. The text essay he sent said lots of really positive things about me, how much we had in common, how mad it was after only two dates etc, but that he couldn’t be consistent and couldn’t keep up communication and he gets busy and needs to not put dating as a priority. I am exactly the same. Confused.
There has clearly been a miscommunication because I like having breaks, I like not rushing, I like not prioritising dating above all else = we’re in the same page. He said ‘so maybe we should just be friends?’ But it didn’t seem like that was his decision, more that he was anxious that he couldn’t offer me what I wanted? I don’t like to push so sent him a super positive , funny and affectionate ‘goodbye’.
4 days later and I regretted it. I wish I’d tried to talk to him a bit more as I have never experienced a connection like this, with someone so similar and in synch. I feel really stupid not trying to initiate a conversation. I don’t want to lose contact with him, casual and infrequent or not.
5 days ago I said I think we’d be idiots to just draw a line after a miscommunication and that I’d like to see him again in a way that takes the pressure off the both of us. I shot my shot because I like him, enjoy his company, the sex was unreal, we both laugh and have everything in common. It’s rare and I don’t think you should ever shut down a rare connection totally.
He hasn’t replied. I now feel silly. Do I just block and move on totally and assume he’s actually just not interested and not willing to tell me that? Or do I stay patient and calm, carry on getting on with my busy life and leave the door a little ajar for him in case he needs time and space to sort his head out a bit?
Would love advice from easily spooked and avoidant men 😂 I really like him and my only prerogative is to spend more time with him at a pace that makes him comfortable. I’m not looking to settle down right now so I’m in no rush. I also won’t chase any more.
Plz don’t put this down to sex or him being a fuckboy, I’ve had a lot of those experiences and I am pretty sure this isn’t one of them.
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2023.04.01 05:25 yejinida I feel great, 5 days away from 1 month NC

Broke up 2 months ago Last contact was a month ago That guy had me at my lowest point for a whole month and I thought I would literally die. I was crying and throwing up everyday, constant sleeping and refusing to eat. it felt like it'll never get better again, I was scared that maybe I'll never be able to move on. Ironically enough here I am free! The day I got closure from him telling me that he simply just left me cuz he lost feelings and doesn't wanna try again, I promised myself that I will not stay in that place of desperation over someone who's not worth it (He treated me bad during the whole relationship anyway). I got up started to take care of my skin, bought a whole new wardrobe, got back in touch with good people that genuinely give a damn about me, started going on a Cafe exploring journey (I go out every weekend with a friend of mine and we try new cafes with different themes), I bought a selflove book to help me with emotional regulation, started telling myself positive affirmation, tried to help people in need here/around me, practiced saying no and setting boundaries. The moment I posted a new photo on instagram everyone I know started texting me that I had a major glow up and that they're shook haha! I noticed that I'm also alot less stressed than when I was with my ex! I haven't cried since the first week of no contact! I sleep well and eat healthy and my skin cleared up! and I literally have other men blowing up my phone asking for a chance 😂 What was I doing with my life dating someone that I had to lower my standards for ? I'm so thankful he left me first because I could've never done that myself with the old version of me. I was so sad over the breakup but WOW it's such a blessing in disguise!
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