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2023.03.29 09:26 ImpossibleJacket7546 Male attempt at singing female pop

If there’s anyone that can offer advice? I have a tendency to clamp down my throat for control and have a problem with “letting go”. (Probably cause of my anxiety). Any tips anyone could offer so I have a smoother and less gritty sound? I struggle with singing in my lower range and prefer mixed/head voice. Also struggle with vibrato while belting. Thanks ya’ll and happy singing!
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2023.03.29 09:26 madazzahatter Mokulele Airlines Promises To ‘Step Up’ Service For Molokai And Lanai: More planes are planned to avoid further travel disruptions for frustrated residents.

Mokulele Airlines Promises To ‘Step Up’ Service For Molokai And Lanai: More planes are planned to avoid further travel disruptions for frustrated residents. submitted by madazzahatter to Molokai [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 09:26 wcslater Reddit is an interesting community...

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2023.03.29 09:25 CharglessPhone WIBTA if I got my friend's future roommate kicked out despite my friend's wishes?

Bear with me. This is a long story with many people.
To give you some background, I (18F) met Rick (18M), Molly (18F), and Erin (18M) at orientation for college. We quickly became friends and hung out before school year started. At the beginning of the year, we met Ned (18M) who is our friend now. Rick's girlfriend is Alice (18F).
The second day being on campus, before classes started, Rick, Erin, Molly, and I all planned on going out to a club. We pre-gamed beforehand and Rick invited some of his high school friends. One of them, Trey (18M) was oddly and uncomfortably close to me and Molly. By that point, I was drunk and Molly was tipsy. Then, we left to go to the club. While waiting in line at the club, Trey groped me and groped and stuck his finger up Molly's ass. He also repeatedly asked me if I was drunk when he was completely sober or very very slightly tipsy. People in the group noticed his actions and checked in on myself and Molly, but neither of us said anything. He wasn't allowed in the club because he didn't have a fake. The rest of the night was fine.
The night after that, we ran into him after a night out walking to a frat party. He tried to get behind Molly in order to grab her ass. Erin and Ned noticed this and got behind Molly to keep him away.
Rick met Alice and they started dating. A couple of weeks after they started dating, we were all at a frat party and ran into Trey. Trey forced Alice to sit on his lap and proceeded to grope her and stick his finger up her ass. That night, Trey blacked out and woke up in the middle of the street.
Fast forward a couple of months, Rick, Trey, and two other high school friends signed a lease to live in an apartment next year. The two other high school friends are Luke (18M) and Drew (18M). Trey and Luke and currently dorm mates.
Molly, Rick, myself, and other friends were at dinner and Rick ran into Trey. Trey took that as an invitation to sit with us and Rick did not stop him. This caused me to have a panic attack and leave dinner. After this happened, I talked to Rick about his relationship with Trey and him wanting to live with the person who SAed Molly, Alice, and me. He told me he would talk to his future roommates about it. All of them planned a time to meet and talk, but something happened and Luke (Trey's current dormmate) ended up talking to Trey. Luke did not hear what happened from any of the girls who were SAed and that conversation amounted to nothing. It took me up to this point to talk to him about it because their friendship was close to nonexistent (he saw him once every month at best). Once it dawned upon me how close they truly were and I realized what him living with Trey meant; I realized I had to talk to him.
After this conversation, I learned from Drew (a close friend of mine) that Trey has a past in high school for SA and rumors went around about him. Rick, Drew, and Luke did not believe them at the time because the source was not credible.
They continued to move forward with the lease. Recently, Molly, Ned, and I were discussing the situation and decided we needed to sit him down and talk to him. We talked to Alice (Rick's girlfriend) first about her thoughts on the situation. She has previously mentioned she did not want to be a controlling girlfriend and ask him to leave the apartment with Trey.
Sidebar: Alice went through a traumatic experience that led her to be avoidant of conflict.
Once we shared our feelings, she admitted that she also did not like the fact that Rick was in a lease with Trey. Molly, Alice, and I all talked to Rick about the situation and he told us he would get out of the lease with Trey as long as Luke and Drew also agreed. We spoke to Drew (who is a close friend of Molly and I's) and he said the same thing as Rick. Now we had to talk to Luke, who we have meet once or twice, and convince him to leave the lease.
Sidebar again: We called the apartment complex and many managers and higher-ups have confirmed if even one person wants to get out of the lease, they can be placed with random people in another apartment with no change to cost. If two people want to get out, they can be placed in another apartment. If three want to kick someone out, then that person is placed in a random apartment.
After this conversation, Alice saw how stressed Rick was about the situation, so she assured him this was no longer a problem. She said, "She would find a way to be okay with him living with Trey". At this point, Molly and I felt like Rick was disregarding our feelings and were upset by this fact.
A week or so later, rumors were going around that Trey SAed his best friend's girlfriend. AKA Rick's girlfriend Alice. Alice was upset by the fact that rumors were going around. And as previously mentioned, Trey blacked out the night he SAed Alice, so he did not remember that occurring. Alice asked Rick to talk to Trey. Rick told Alice if the conversation went poorly he would get out of the lease with Trey. Trey and Rick talked about the situation. Trey apologized to Alice for SAing her and Alice forgave him.
Ned had to tell Molly and I this information and we do not believe Rick or Alice would have told us unless we asked for an update on the situation. We were furious, to say the least. Molly and I sat Alice and Rick down to talk to them. We explained that he either had to pick us or Trey because we would not allow ourselves to get disrespected by Rick. We set an ultimatum for Rick. Rick explained that he would leave the lease and try his best to get Luke to agree to leave. Molly and I spoke to Luke, as well, and told him in detail what happened to us. In the situation that he could not convince Luke to leave the lease, I asked him to give Trey the silent treatment in the apartment to cut off all ties and his friendship with Trey out of respect for Molly and me (his very close friends). We told Rick if he plans on living with Trey we would take matters into our own hands and contact the complex to try to get him removed.
Now to the present, today Rick spoke to Molly and me. He told us "It does not align with my morals to drop one of my friends" and that he would no longer attempt to leave the lease. He also stated that he would ensure that Trey would not interact with Molly and me. He stated that he understands what Trey did is bad, but he wants to give his friend another chance and help him change.
At this point, Molly, Ned, and I have taken the situation into our own hands. Ned and Molly have a lease in the same complex as them next year. Molly feels unsafe with Trey living in the same complex. Ned and Molly also fear for the safety of women in their complex. They have been in contact with the complex managers in order to see what can be done to terminate Trey's lease. This situation has risen to the complex's legal team. I have provided my statement to the legal team and answered questions in a phone call. Molly has also provided her statement to the legal team. It is my understanding that the lawyers are unable to do anything because there is no police report, news coverage, or any form of evidence. We do not know of any police report from anyone else in previous years and we do not have any evidence to provide besides witness testimony.
WIBTA if I filed a police report in order to help the complex lawyers terminate Trey's lease despite Rick's want to live with him?
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2023.03.29 09:25 JesusChrist537 Information on the Marine Technician role in the RAN.

G'day everyone just chasing information on the Marine Technician role in the navy.
I'm currently doing my electrical apprenticeship and am thinking about joining the navy as a marine Technician when I'm fully qualified. I'm thinking about doing this inorder to continue to upskill and gain more knowledge in my trade. Maybe even going down an electrical engineering pathway. (Currently I work in the commercial side of electrical and mainly work in hospitals. Sometimes we go months of working 10-12hrs days 5-6 days a week)
Basically what I'm looking to find out is, is the marine technician role any good. I'm looking for the good and the bad.
Everytime I look at the ADF webpage the MT is always listed as a "Priority Role" which makes me nervous. I understand it would be highly demanding and possibly highly stressful.
But I'm drawn the navy and this role because of possible travel, close knit friendships, possible high level of training and work ethic, continuous growth and upskilling due to working on top of the line equipment.
Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this post, it would mean alot if you could impart your knowledge of this role onto me.
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2023.03.29 09:25 madazzahatter Mokulele Airlines Promises To ‘Step Up’ Service For Molokai And Lanai: More planes are planned to avoid further travel disruptions for frustrated residents.

Mokulele Airlines Promises To ‘Step Up’ Service For Molokai And Lanai: More planes are planned to avoid further travel disruptions for frustrated residents. submitted by madazzahatter to Lanai [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 09:25 Narrow-War-9864 lifehacks

📷How to make complex interactive buttons in Figma in 3 steps?
The addition of the arrow and the extension of the button is jarring and unnatural. We’d prefer to have the button smoothly grow and shrink as we enter and exit hover states. So how do we go from the “Simple 2 Step” to the “Easy 3 Step”? Well, as the name suggests, it’s actually quite easy.
📷Open Overlay “While Hovering” (positioned manually over your button) 📷Swap With “While Hovering” (this is our extra step!) 📷Swap With “While Pressing”
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2023.03.29 09:25 TermZealousideal9998 Amex gave me a platinum card although I didn’t finish the application?!

Sorry for poor formatting, on mobile.
I had Amex BCP for a year, recently downgraded to BCE. I had a target offer for platinum (150k sub) so I decided to go for it. I filled out almost all of my information, I’m 1000% certain I didn’t go all the way to the end because I got the pop-up jail saying I was approved for the card but if I decided to continue I wouldn’t be eligible for the sign up bonus. Then I was like, what’s the point then? So I exited that page.
I even saw it on the page saying something along the lines of “your credit won’t be impacted unless you finalized your application”, I wish I took a screenshot of that.
I assume my recent product change triggered the pop up jail, so I went ahead and found a public offer (150k+$200) and used my spouse’s SSN to sign up for it (with his consent ofc. We share our finances and everything)
Today I got an email saying my card is on the way. I checked my Experian and there’s no recent inquiry from Amex. My spouse’s Experian shows one hard pull from the day before as expected.
So now what? We don’t need 2 Amex platinum, it would be foolish. Do I just reach out to their customer service and tell them to cancel mine? Are there any negative consequences? How did they approve a platinum card without checking my credit? Thank you! Really appreciate your input!!
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2023.03.29 09:25 Miserable-Rice5733 Ready to get back into shape.

Ok when I had my son I promised myself I wouldn’t rush getting back into shape, and even more so since I came out of pregnancy 70lbs less than I was when I started so I wasn’t in a hurry. My little man is gonna be 6 months here soon and I’m ready to start getting back into premarriage shape which i still have about 50lbs to go. I want to take my time so I’m thinking 10lbs a month for the next 5/6 months.
What are your tips for doing this while breastfeeding? Diet etc. my supply already fluctuates and I don’t want to cause any issues in that department.
Height: 5’9
target weight 185/190 (still high but the weight I look my best at, any less and I’m too skinny)
Prepregnancy weight close to 290/300
post pregnancy 230
5 month PP probably around 240
My husband is also getting into shape and doing really low carb but I know personally that just isn’t sustainable for me.
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2023.03.29 09:25 GreatThatsCool 37M Are you a strange stranger?

Would love to meet some new people from a variety of backgrounds and personalities. All are welcome, I'm happy to talk about anything but I should say I'm not really into anime since that seems to be a super common thing on here. You can talk about it but I might have to ask a lot of questions. I don't want to talk about politics =) I also play video games, make some music (it's bad), love art (the weirder the better), and like tech stuff in general. I also do a ton of downhill MTB stuff in the summers. I don't care what your age or gender is within reason but we might have more in common if you're closer to my age. I'm hoping to have conversations with people that I might not normally have the opportunity to so I can get some interesting perspectives! If you're 100 years old and reading this for example I'm sure you have a lot of interesting stories and advice.
I'd rather try to chat with someone that might not have a lot in common with me than to try to restrict things to certain types of people. If you feel the same shoot me a chat or a message! Tell me your favorite place in the world? It could be a little corner where you like to read (you should read "YOUR MIND ON PLANTS"), a city you've travelled to, etc. Talk to you soon! can start a chat or PM me.
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2023.03.29 09:25 aheavenholidays77 Travel agencies in kolhapur

Travel agencies in kolhapur
Travel agencies in kolhapur
Kolhapur is a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, known for its temples, forts and historical monuments. It is also a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty. For travelers looking to explore this beautiful city, there are many travel agencies in Kolhapur that can provide assistance with booking flights, hotels and other services. These travel agencies offer a range of services such as arranging tours, providing local guides, and organizing events like sightseeing trips or cultural activities. They can also provide advice on the best places to visit and the best time to visit them. With their help, travelers can make their trip to Kolhapur an unforgettable experience.
travel agent in kolhapur
kolhapur travel agency
travel agents in kolhapur
tour operators in kolhapur
tour and travels in kolhapur
travel companies in kolhapur
tours and travel companies in kolhapur
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2023.03.29 09:25 LSDpipebomb Can i get points from last minute changes ?

To better explain i’m in the Reserves and they changed my drill weekend to this weekend. I told them i’m not going to be able to come in but will they still dock points ? I know i’m protected my laws and everything since i’m in the military but it’s still something i gotta ask. My manger just came back from Vacation so he’s been in a really bad/pissy mood so i’m worried if i tell him he’s gonna do something to combat me not coming in this weekend.
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2023.03.29 09:25 Himpontainous My (M29) best friend (F29) basically told me they just want to be friends

We’ve been best friends for roughly ten years. We catch up often alone and with our spouses, and text regularly. We were even in each others wedding parties.
In the coming months my friend and her husband were going to assist in building a shed at our house, as that is her husbands profession. It’s worth noting as well that there have never been romantic feelings between us- we are very much not each others type.
But recently I noticed she was reaching out less, and it was me organising catch ups. Out of the blue one day however, she didn’t reply to one of my text messages for over 24 hours. I know this is common for some people, but it never has been for us.
I text again to check in, and she assured me there was nothing up, but her text was overly polite and unfamiliar. Not how we normally talk. I sent a follow up message, and again no reply, so I text again saying this was abnormal for us, and I could tell that something was clearly going on.
She replied, again more formally, that she has found me frustrating to talk to in recent months (but still enjoyed our catch ups IRL) and that she wants o lessen our communication to only messaging when organising a catch up. It came across as a pretty harsh message.
I was pretty taken aback by this message, and felt hurt that she changed her behaviour so much, and only said anything after I pressed. In my reply, I said I wished she’d said something earlier, that I understand sometimes people grow apart and I’d be happy to talk about this on the phone if that was easier. But I also said her and her husband didn’t have to see through their commitment on building the our shed.
Well, her next reply was very blunt, saying she hadn’t been ignoring me, and I was overreacting. And further, that it was drastic to decide not to have them build our shed, and she was “having a break from her phone and would talk to me soon”.
I replied saying she’s misinterpreted my message, understood the phone break and would be happy to talk whenever. It’s been two weeks since that message, and it feels like I’ve been through a break-up.
I guess my first question is have any of you had your friends try to downgrade your friendship, and if so has it worked? Based on her last message and offence she seemed to take, it seems she didn’t want to cut ties altogether. But I just don’t see where things go from here.
As it stands, I feel the ball is in her court to contact me next, but I really don’t know how much effort to put into the friendship if / when she does. Further, if I should reach out at any point to her husband that I’m also friends with. It just feels weird and has felt like a real slap in the face to my wife and I. Any advise would be helpful.
TLDR: Best friend became less frequent with their contact. After being pushed for why she, said she found our conversations frustrating in recent months and wants to communicate less. I want to know if downgrading friendship can work and where to go from here.
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2023.03.29 09:25 Arial-sori where can I save ?

Currently my expenses are :
220€/month in food
467€/month in rent
20€/month in phone bill
Don't buy cloth, don't pay for any hobbies.
My income is 1400€/month.
Where can I save more ?
I live in a 18 square meter appartement. I eat and drink 2 apples, 1 boiled egg, 300 ml of soup, 300 ml of thea (plus some water essentially free) and 1 quiche lorraine each day. Thoo it isn't sustainable, only around 700 kcal :/ for now I have a margin some weight to loose (precisely around 15 kg until I have too low of a BMI but currently going down 1 kg a week I need to find another strategy fast.)
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2023.03.29 09:24 scytrex_-_- Why doesn’t my w-2 show up?

So I’m a teenager and I quit McDonald’s but I’m trying to do my taxes to get some money back. I haven’t received my w-2 through the mail and every time I go to the website and check only shows my pay stubs. Should I go back and ask the manger if she has it?
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2023.03.29 09:24 GiversBot /u/huntercolej [REQ] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2023-03-29 (t3_10zx2le up 45.46 days, LONGTAIL)

huntercolej deleted from /borrow

Active loans

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[REQ] ($75) - (#Nashville, TN, USA), (Repay: $100 on 3/24), (CashApp)

Post contents

Posting again after 24 hours. Please, we need any kind of help. This is my third time posting this week. Desperately need help of any kind. Phone bill went up again. Behind on rent and medical. My fiance and I just moved back to the area. I have a degree and plenty of connections. Going back to working hybrid soon but companies take forever with hiring. Mostly need it for phone bill because I have to have my phone if I want to get calls for any jobs. You can also pay anonymously through AT&T. Please help.
I don't take checks or anything to do with mobile deposit scams.
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2023.03.29 09:24 reluctantTraveler7 Do you need to take Malaria pills in SEA?

Hello Folks 👋🏽 I'm going to be in Vietnam, Loas, Cambodia and Thailand for three months. Leaving in a couple weeks here, I'm coming from Canada. I went to see a travel clinic and the doctor suggested that I take Malaria pills for my whole trip. What are your experiences with traveling to those countries? Is that necessary or is it over doing it? I really enjoy nature so I do plan to hike in some areas if possible. Should I be precautious? Or will I be okay?
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2023.03.29 09:24 SampleSensitive9422 I really don't know what to do to make it better

I really don't know what to do to make it better
Our female cat uma has alot of fur, and I know that I need to brush her and i dont brush as much as I should because im forget full, anyway her fur tangles together really easy and turns into mats without us noticing right away. On Friday she is going to the vet to get shaved for the second time and shaving her every year we'll it gets expensive and it's not really good for her to be under anesthesia every year either. I just need advice for how to deal with her fur, because she is tiny compared to the length of her fur (she has a hard time cleaning herself because of the fur) maybe we should shave her fur down a little so it's manageable for her?
Keep in mind that the long hair cats from her blood line has this problem and we suspect inbreeding at some point thx to my aunt not neutering her female cats. The whole blood line is an accident tbh and shouldn't have happened.
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2023.03.29 09:24 barnaccolade Planning to move in with my (26NB) partner (28M) & confused about how to approach personal time

Planning to move in with my (enby26) partner (28m) & confused about personal time expectations
Hiya. So, I want to acknowledge I know that the "right thing" here is whatever works for the two of us. I'm just very interested in different perspectives on how to approach personal space/time when living with a partner.
Context: We met in college but fell out of touch when I moved after graduating. We reconnected in 2021 and have been in a long distance relationship for over a year now (3-4 hour drive). Over that time, we see each other on average every 3-4 weeks for a weekend together. I'm going to be moving into his apartment in a few months.
Back to the issue at hand: This past weekend we were discussing our expectations around quality/togethealone time when I move in. I am quite introverted and used to living alone. I personally believe that planning having quality/together time for one another is the way to go and that we should otherwise not have an expectation of availability from each other in our discretionary time.
That's not to say we can't choose to spontaneously do something together after work one day - moreso that I think we should each be able to turn down the offer, when extended, without guilt. Checking in on whether the planned or target amount of quality time is working for both of us would be important and respected under my approach.
He told me he didn't like the idea of having to "schedule" time with me in advance if we are living together and that he sees us spending a lot of our discretionary time together or physically near one another when I move in. I was in an abusive relationship several years ago that has left me terrified of losing my agency in relationships, so his approach seems risky to me.
No matter what, we clearly need to talk more about this, but I am curious to hear outside perspectives.
TLDR: moving in with SO - my partner's position is that alone time should be planned specifically and otherwise our time would be spent together, within reason. My thought is that togethequality time should be planned specifically (even if just a target amount set, like 2 nights a week) and otherwise we can focus on ourselves as individuals if we'd like.
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2023.03.29 09:24 BlackPinkNumber1Fan The Taoist Secret of Wu-Wei: It doesn't mean go with the flow. It means the flow is going to go, whether you like it or not. What are you going to do about it?

The Taoist Secret of Wu-Wei: It doesn't mean go with the flow. It means the flow is going to go, whether you like it or not. What are you going to do about it? submitted by BlackPinkNumber1Fan to AlanWatts [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 09:24 Madutchky 4 out of ten Qualifiers were invisible teams, funsies

4 out of ten games I played had invisible teams in FUT qualifiers. Is EA going to fix this? wth
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2023.03.29 09:24 Saul_g0od What is life?

What is life? submitted by Saul_g0od to dankmemes [link] [comments]