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2023.04.01 07:05 YuriHaThicc Legal Issue or Credit Issue?

I moved from a apartment complex in March 2022. In February rent was payed like usual and we got a email from the office saying the balanced we owed was 0. Fast forward to March of this year I get a collections account on my credit report for 17,619.
I dispute the collections and it comes back verified, so I go to the apartment and ask them to give me a ledger or something on file with a breakdown of the charges and fees, eventually they give us the move out statement.
I can see on the move out statement for April 1st the balance was already 15,964.50 and it goes on to list damage fees and rent that was prorated that added on 1700 roughly. So essentially in March they added almost 16k in fees for something, what that something is idk. I ask again for a breakdown of all the charges, and they send us to corporate.
I am still waiting but I contacted the debt collection pursuing me on their behalf and have them send info regarding the validation of the debt, the only thing they have on file is the move out statement which I already have, nothing else on file for the almost 16k that was added so no one has any information regarding the almost 16k added before the move out statement documentation.
What steps should I pursue in this case since they don't have evidence of the 15,964.50 and only of the roughly 1700 on the moveout statement, is this a landlord tenant issue?
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2023.04.01 07:00 Individual_Sign7918 Collection agency attempting to collect from an insolvent estate?

Hello everyone
Thank you in advance for any advice.
To summarize the situation:
My questions are:
Any recommendations on how to proceed would be appreciated!
Thank you!
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2023.04.01 07:00 BevoBot [4/1/2023] Saturday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

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Today: 4/1/2023
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2023.04.01 06:59 bob-car Finding collages

I’m a high school junior now looking at collages — I have a list of about 40 I’m somewhat interested in but am feeling pretty unsatisfied. I probably want to study creative wrting or philosophy, and am generally interested in the arts, politics, and humanities. Most of the schools I am looking at are either small liberal arts schools or those medium sized ivy adjacent schools. My problem is both of those archetypes feel a little awkward to me, with the small schools feeling too cut off, a little silly? and more hippy dippy (and usually with less qualified professors), and the medium sized schools not having that same free-range sort of focus. More generally I feel like one is too artsy and not academic enough and the other too academic and not artsy enough. The only school I really know that blends these in a cool way is Brown, which i prob have like the GPA for but is definitely a big long shot — any suggestions?
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2023.04.01 06:58 Pndrizzy [OC] How many games do the Warriors need to win to avoid the play in?

Thought it would be a fun exercise to look through the scenarios for the Warriors to make the playoffs using the most simplistic logic possible. Based on this other post, here are the current tiebreakers:
Warriors Go 4-0
Warriors end up 45-37
DEN, MEM and SAC are guaranteed to end up with a better record, meaning best case scenario is 4th seed.
MIN, NOP, LAL, OKC, DAL, UTA, POR, SAS, HOU cannot win 45 games, meaning that worst case scenario is 6 seed.
If they win out, they are guaranteed make the playoffs, somewhere between the 4-6 seed.
Warriors Go 3-1
Warriors end up 44-38
DEN, MEM and SAC are guaranteed to end up with a better record, meaning best case scenario is 4th seed.
MIN, OKC, DAL, UTA, POR, SAS, HOU cannot win 44 games.
NOP can win 44 games, but GSW has the tiebreaker.
GSW are competing with LAL, PHX and LAC, for seeds 4-6 in this scenario. Four teams for three spots. In order for the Warriors to not get the 6 seed, all three of these need to happen:
This is basically guaranteed to get them into the playoffs because LAL need to win out against UTA, HOU, LAC, PHX, UTA and LAC need to go 3-0 against NOP, POR, PHX.
Warriors Go 2-2
Warriors end up 43-39
DEN, MEM and SAC are guaranteed to end up with a better record, meaning best case scenario is 4th seed. This time, there are many more teams competing.
OKC, DAL, UTA, POR, SAS, HOU cannot win 43 games
LAL, LAC, and PHX are still in the mix
MIN and NOP are newly in the mix. This gives us six teams competing for three spots, meaning that three of the five below needs to happen.
Since MIN and NOP both cant win out because they play each other, and PHX and LAC are pretty much guaranteed to hit, the risk for GSW is that either:
This is both pretty unlikely.
Warriors Go 1-3 or worse
Warriors end up at 42-39.
I am too lazy to list out all of the crazy options as OKC/MIN/NOP/LAL/LAC/GSW are competing for those two spots, but at least two of these needs to happen:
I'd put my money on at least two of those happening.
If the Warriors go at least 2-2 against DEN, OKC, SAC, POR, they are pretty likely avoid the playin. If they do any worse, they probably make the play in at best.
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2023.04.01 06:57 Zeal514 help me understand importing files that are no longer in client & directories

So I am setting this up for the first time and migrating all of my data off my main PC onto a server. Needless to say, alot of the torrents are no longer in my client, and its been a major hassle transferring what was in my client over to the new client on the server...
The quick rundown of my file directory is like this.
data -torrents -movies -media -movies 
Radarr has access to ./data and is pointed to ./data/media/movies. As is radarr is autopopulating the torrents in my client into radarr, and I have to manually add the movie, and then it is just automatically associating them correctly, as my download client checks the data...

But I have movies that I put in ./data/torrents/movies that I want to populate to radarr as well. Now I see that I can just add that directory in 'media managment' as a root folder. But I am unsure as to how this works exactly, when it comes to hardlinking... so i guess my questions are.
  1. How does hardlinking know where to link too? is it the path we list in media management?
  2. If I add ./data/torrent/movies to 'media managment' so that I can import movies that I don't have torrent data for, how does it know to create hardlinks for these files in ./data/media/movies?
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2023.04.01 06:56 throwaway43205956 Disappointing But Expected Results for Early Graduating Junior (I would greatly appreciate advice)

Intended Major(s): CS, applied data science second major for applicable schools
Note: I got one B in Precalculus, and that is my only B.
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. An internship where I wrote a program that would provide actual use to researchers in a cutting-edge stem field, interned for a total of two years (description that I wrote about in one of my essays: program that used algorithms to identify mutations that could potentially benefit people with genetic diseases). Elaborated on this one in particular during Stanford interview.
  2. Boy Scouts for 5 years
  3. Varsity starting tennis for 2-3 years
  4. Debate for three years
  5. 300 hours+ of community service
  6. Leadership in coding club (not president)
  7. Leadership in Physics club (not president)
  8. Founder of English Club at school
  9. I got other EC's to fill up remaining spots but they are pretty generic (think random club membership and stuff like that)
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. Eagle Scout
  2. Debate Runner-Up at State-Level Parley Tournament
  3. AP Scholar with Distinction
  4. Citizens service award
  5. 2 first place wins and 3 second place wins at local/regional open tennis tournaments
Letters of Recommendation
Counselor: likely very generally positive, I knew her decently and had many talks with her but there was no real personal connection. She did give me a perfect score when she rated my course rigor, however.
History Teacher: Really liked the guy, but again, likely generically positive. No real connection, and I only have him during my junior year.
C++ Professor: It was a self studied class over the summer. I was the first to finish his class so he offered to write me a letter. I accepted, but the trend continues. No real personal connection.
UPenn Interview: Went really well. Very nice older lady, she helped me get more enthusiasm for my ED school before promptly getting rejected.
Stanford Interview: Almost perfect interview. I managed to elaborate on my first EC greatly while also showing a high level of intellectual curiosity. Very comfortable interview.
UC Essays: These were decent but not my best work. Displayed some of my passions as well as my service hours/leadership.
UPenn Essays: Pretty bad. I'll leave it at that.
USC Essays: Slightly better than UPenn but still not great.
Stanford, Duke, Brown, Rice: My best works, simply as I had the most experience writing at this point. Stanford in particular was very good imo, I was able to express my intellectual curiosity. The important part of these essays is I was able to write (imo) strong Why Us essays.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
Alright, this little experiment of mine is complete. I know that a couple of people were interested in this course of action, so hopefully, this post will be enlightening to a few people in the future.
There are a couple of points to keep in mind when viewing these results. My early application essays were relatively mediocre. The USC and the UPenn ones in particular were very much lacking. When viewing my decisions from private schools, I think one factor that negatively impacted my application significantly was my recommendation letters. I honestly don't think that they provided an especially impressive view of me. Generically positive, sure. But I don't think they depicted me as a brilliant student or anything like that.
Overall, I'm pretty neutral about my results. UCSD and UCSB are great schools, for which I am happy that I got accepted, but I definitely greatly overrated my application when looking at how I got a clean set of rejections to basically every private school.
At this point, I have a couple of options to consider:
  1. I commit to UCSD, which is my current top choice, and pray to God for my waitlists. My issue with this option is that the school I got into within UCSD is not great for STEM subjects (ERC has a ton of humanities requirements). Also, I would ideally like to study CS.
  2. I can attend community college for one year, graduating a year early from high school, and transfer (local CC has an 80% acceptance rate to UCLA, yes I realize that this is not the same for CS). My hesitation is that I will miss out on a significant amount of connections and might have a harder time making friends.
  3. I can continue and take my senior year with a heavily restricted courseload (I'm burnt out as hell). During this year, I will spend the majority of my time grinding out college essays and improving the current essays I have written out. My concerns here are that I am not even close to guaranteed improved or even the same results as this year.
I really need advice on which course of action would be the best. One thing to consider is that I am set to travel overseas this summer to work in person at an internship for a couple of months, which might substantially help my application.
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2023.04.01 06:55 oreo51002 Mussar Gem 60 Do you want to be a kosher vessel?

Lecture 1 Does every Jew really have a share in OlamHaBa?
Hear this amazing discussion on Moses’ humility by Rabbi Yaron Reuven:
“To learn about who Moshe Rabbeinu is is very nice, but to learn how to be like Moshe Rabbeinu is the point. That’s why Hashem put it in the Torah. The most important trait that everyone knows Moshe Rabbeinu for is that he was the humblest man that ever lived. Now if somebody is a loser, doesn’t have anything, doesn’t have any money, doesn’t have any wisdom, doesn’t have anything to speak of, there’s no such thing as humility for a person like that. He has nothing to be proud of. He has nothing. But if someone has everything and he’s humble and he pretty much acts as if he has nothing, acts as if what he has is not significant because he knows where it’s coming from, he’s knows it’s really not his…
When it says that Moshe Rabbeinu was the humblest man who ever lived, it’s making that statement. Hashem is signing off on it because Moshe Rabbeinu actually had all the reasons in the world to be the most arrogant person who ever lived, the most proud person that ever lived, because he actually had everything. He was very very strong. As we read in last week’s parshah, that when he died at 120 years old, even his eyes didn’t change. He was still strong like a 20-year-old person. He was very tall, very strong. He beat Og, the King of Bashan. He was very rich. He made a lot of money, a fortune, off of the little chips of the 10 commandments that broke. There were little small pieces that Hashem allowed him to become wealthy off of them. On top of that, he’s the only man that spoke to Hashem face to face and he spoke to Him on a regular basis whenever he wanted. He spoke to the source…
So Moshe has many things on his resume that no one ever did and no one ever will do. But yet Moshe Rabbeinu, when Am Yisrael complains to him and Aaron about, you know, they wanted water, Moshe Rabbeinu and Aaron say, we’re nothing. What are we that you’re even complaining to us? Complain to the source. Complain to Hashem. Don’t complain to us. Who are we? What, just because I talk to Him, you think He’s gonna listen to me? Just because I have some money, you think I can buy you something? Just because I’m strong, you think I can break something or pick something up?
Everything is from the source. Everything is from Hashem. As soon as a person realizes this, then they can start developing a relationship with Hashem. But as long as a person has a confused idea of the relationship they have between them and Hashem, it creates a very big problem.”
To be a kosher vessel and receive the Torah from Heaven, we need to work on our humility.
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2023.04.01 06:54 chancemthrow California kid gets into (mostly) California schools

Intended Major(s): Political science - sometimes also political economy or public policy, depending on schools' specific majors
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Involved with a YMCA civic engagement program (if you know, you know) which I devoted a lot of time to. Gained a leadership role in my local group and received some recognition statewide and attended an equivalent national conference. Most writing was about this
  2. Model UN through the school, various awards at various conferences
  3. Junior year, interned for local city council candidate who lost the primary
  4. Linguistics project with a teacher doing research about Indo-Europeans. Nothing published
  5. Running various small school clubs
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. National Latin Exam Summa Cum Laude 2 years in a row
  2. National Spanish Honors Society
  3. Honor Roll all of high school
  4. Various MUN awards
Letters of Recommendation
Letter #1 was a history teacher I had junior year who is known for being an oddball but writing great letters. I loved his APUSH class and he thought I was smart; we got along great, especially working with him to write the term paper, which he seemed to enjoy. Probably 8/10
Letter #2 was a physics teacher I had junior year also. He remarked in his report card comments very strongly on my intellectual curiosity and deep passion for learning even in subjects that weren't my primary interest (I'm not a science person). I would guess the letter was really good, maybe 8/10 or even 9/10 also
Additional letter was from the candidate I interned for. She said I really strongly contributed to the campaign and hit all the points you're supposed to in a letter like that despite not writing them regularly. Probably 8/10 also, maybe a little lower
Virtual Stanford REA interview was fine, virtual Georgetown interview was fine. In person Harvard interview was amazing; I really clicked with the guy and he had done the same YMCA program I do in another state, so we got along great. Yale interview was ok, probably the worst of them all; the interviewer was a too-cool Hollywood producer who pontificated a lot and didn't ask many questions.
Personal statement was a narrative about my whole life and why I want to do public service, touching on important events and tied together by references to a videogame. I thought it was solid, represented me well, and was pretty interesting, probably also an 8/10. Other essays I definitely agonized over and made sure they were in great shape after long editing sessions; I particularly enjoyed the UChicago supplemental.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
Overall, I am overjoyed at what happened! I am now choosing between Cal, Stanford, and Georgetown, which are incredible options.
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2023.04.01 06:54 Conclusion_Efficient My older sibling has been hiding their trans identity for years, but I have known the whole time.

I have had this account for a while (and never posted) but I wanted to get some advice for something that has been on my mind recently so I thought this might be a good place to start.
A short explanation: My sibling and I have a 2 year age difference and were the only children in our household growing up. My whole life I have I referred to my 'sibling' as my 'sister' and our family has always exclusively used feminine pronouns when referring to them as they have never stated that they prefer otherwise. I know (and have known for probably about 7-8 years now) that they prefer he/they pronouns and go by a different name when interacting with friends online. I have never wanted to out them to anyone, so I never brought it up and just continued to call them by their dead name when visiting. That being said, I assume that the constant misgendering and dead naming must take a toll on them mentally. So while I would never dream of outing them to anyone before they are ready, I am seeking advice on how I can continue to interact with them in a respectful way without making it obvious that I know their secret.
To give more detail for those who want it: To spite being fairly close in age, my sibling and I were never particularly close. We used to bicker quite a bit when we were younger, but ever since I have moved away from home our relationship has become almost no-contact except for when we get together for holidays. When I was still living at home (in high-school), I found my sibling's personal Tumblr account which they used to rant about things going on in their life. Me, being the nosy teenager I was, chose to look through the profile and read through some of these posts (I am very aware of the fact that I shouldn't have done this, but I was 14 and really had no concept of personal boundaries online). That being said, I knew with 100% certainty that this account was owned by my sibling based on some of the specific posts that were made, but I also noticed that in the 'about me' section they listed a different name and specified their preference for 'they/them' pronouns at the time. I didn't want them to know that I had been snooping, so I chose to ignore this information and continued on with my life as normal.
Well, about 3 years ago I was in the process of making a Twitter account for a class project I was working on related to social media. While making the new account, I connected my contacts through the Twitter app and under the 'people you may know' section I saw an account with the same username handle as that Tumblr I had found the many years prior. I let curiosity get the best of me and clicked the profile, and discovered that my sibling still went by this different name that I saw before but now identified as "he/they". It was at that point I closed out of the profile, but I haven't been able to shake the feeling that by knowing this secret but continuing to pretend that I don't, that I could be contributing in some way to their gender dysphoria by constantly misgendering them and I am not sure what to do about it.
I want to clarify that I fully understand why they may not feel comfortable coming out yet. Although I would view myself and my parents as fairly open/accepting people, I can't even imagine how scary it is when you are the one having to make the decision of how and when to come out to people in your life. And I really not trying to rush them on their own journey, like I know that I have zero authority over their life especially relating to their own gender identity and expression. I think I more so am looking for advice on how I can continue to interact with my sibling in a way that won't raise red flags from other family members, but may be a little more respectful than constantly using their dead name or incorrect pronouns if possible. I just really feel horrible every time that I am purposefully misgendering them for the sake of keeping their secret hidden, but I also know that it doesn't matter how I feel as long as I continue to avoid accidently outing them.
I don't know. I just would like some opinions and advice. I can try to answer any other questions people might have. Thank you!
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2023.04.01 06:53 AdCareless65 Convert list to text does not maintain list format

Just got my tablet today. Tried messing around with it by writing up a grocery list. But when I converted it to text, it didn't convert the list properly - it just wrapped everything into a paragraph. Definitely what I did not expect. What am I doing wrong?
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2023.04.01 06:52 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator Program (Complete Latest Updated Course) + More

Iman Gadzhi Agency Navigator for 25 USD
There’s also an Iman Gadzhi 7 courses bundle on our store
Hello & welcome to my online website :
www . Genkicourses .com (remove spaces)
I am the owner of the site and am using reddit platform to reach out to any potential buyers who are interested in paid courses for cheap.
Today’s course is Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator 2022 Updated.
The course has all the sections from the original. And also has an updates section that also includes the iman gadzhi Q&As videos & the attachments in form of PDFs.
Here's the list of the bundle :

If you purchase the bundle I'll provide

as a free extra
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2023.04.01 06:52 Rileyst Legacy of the dragon born

Just fired up skyrim because I heard legacy of the dragon born had finally come to the xbox…… but I’m not seeing it on the mods list ???? Am I missing something or have I been miss informed ?
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2023.04.01 06:50 iamheretoasksomethin What should I combine GIS with?

I am a first-year undergrad student studying life sciences at university, and have to declare my second year program soon. I am really interested in GIS, and was wondering what kind of degree/majominor would really complement GIS? I would like to get a minor or certificate in it.
I like (evolutionary) biology, anthropology, and earth sciences seem really interesting (even though I haven't taken a course yet). I am also looking into minors in geography and certificate in urban planning (there is no minomajor option at my university). Just listing out the the things I find interesting! I need to plan my degree soon so that I can apply to be in a co-op program.
I would like to know which of these fields could give me more career opportunities and room for growth. If anyone currently works in any of these fields, I would love to hear from you! I would also like to hear about other things I can combine GIS with and would love to hear your input!
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2023.04.01 06:49 PurpleTeaSoul [Thank you] for all the birthday love & other wonderful cards

Birthday love arrived & filled me with loooooove! Thanks for all the cards!!
Sorry for the super long list. I'm feeling all of it!!
Thank you to:
u/ninayjang x2
u/allthe_angels x2
u/cswl x3

u/sea-shine2878 - thank you for the Mars postcard! You're so cute!!
u/ninayjang x2 - thanks for the 10 years card! Thanks for the spring card! Card on the way, happy we are pen pals too :)
u/melhen16 - thank you for the purple birthday card and the stickers! I appreciate the ones you picked for me :)
u/welshfancy - thank you so much for the tea, stickers & birthday card <3 SO happy we exchange :)
u/christinaaaa29 - thank you so much for the cute card with the birthday jokes :)
u/blacksmithequivalent - you're so kind for sending me a card! I appreciate you & our exchanges <3
u/thecaledonianrose - thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies, tea & your birthday card!! Your message is so sweet. Thank you!
u/babykhush - thank you for the coloring postcard & for the birthday wishes :)
u/doradoodle - thank you so much for the hummingbird card - it's so special to me!
u/cake-at-midnight - I looove all the purple, hummingbirds, goodies and the message you sent me. Thank you!
u/queenofthescreen - Thank you for the tea, goodies & the Roald Dahl quote was so sweet. Thank you for the birthday wishes, your card felt like a party!
u/travel4me22 x2 - Your card is sooo cute thank you so much for the extra goodies and for sending me a card & the hummingbird!
u/sherlocklady - thank you so much for the tea, goodies and the card! The note inside was super special. Love our exchanges.
u/birdiebennett - thank you for the post card! You're so welcome for sending you mail. I love this community too, and I'm glad we can send each other cheer :)
u/morenoodles - thank you for the PURPLE tea, purple card & sweet message inside!
u/pieceofpizzaz - I loved the long card and the succulents! I had great weather in NY on my birthday so it was a great celebration!
u/wabisabi_sf - thank you for the 10th anniversary postcard! I love how you write my name in purple :)
u/littlemermaidxx - how special am I that you sent a hummingbird post card! thank youuu
u/56thorns - oh hiiii thank you for sending me a hummingbird bday card, goodies and tea! Earl grey is one of my favs :) You know what's crazy is your mention of gray hairs- I found TWO lol. I guess it is time haha!
u/allthe_angels x2 - thank you for the postcards, especially the chili recipe! thanks for helping me celebrate my bday!!
u/kk6321 - thanks for the stickers and the sweet birthday card! I definitely treated myself!
u/primaryloon - I love the card so much! The wax seal is such a cute piece of it too. Thank you for thinking of me!!
u/cswl x3 - I love that you got new pens and a planner. I can't believe there was no discount?? I also just got a new planner- a Jibun Techo luckily there was a discount!! What kind of pens did you get? Thank you for the birthday card and the Lou Paper postcard, too!! <3
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2023.04.01 06:49 JuryMelodic5936 What is your choice? Star-up a 'A' class's ants vs Wait for a 'S' class's ants.

Hi. I glad to meet you. I can do star-up with GA, JJ. I don't have star-up's ants.
I am archer user.
My question is
1) what is your choice if you can do star-up with GA, JJ. Are you waiting ants that more good?
2) What ants is don't need for me? What ants important for me?
3) Recommend Team for PvP, PvE
I show you my ants list.
8 skill opened:
Leaf, JJ, GA, New general, Crimson Fragger, GT, Slim Archer
un opended:
Mimicry Master, Bullet Ant, Golden Spiny, Driver Ant, Banshee Velvet, dusky luerker, grave digger,jet black, nible tree ant
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2023.04.01 06:49 No_Monitor_5811 PSLF Form Status listed as "Canceled"

Hi all. Trying not to panic, but I went to check my PSLF form status and it is now listed as "Canceled" and the description simply reads "Canceled." I was under the assumption I did everything in the time needed (did the PSLF tool prior to 10/31/22 and had signatures from authorized employer by 10/31/22), but am now concerned that somehow this will all be for nought.
Anyone go through anything similar? Thanks in advance for any insights.
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2023.04.01 06:49 bob-car Finding collages

I’m a high school junior now looking at collages — I have a list of about 40 I’m somewhat interested in but am feeling pretty unsatisfied. I probably want to study creative wrting or philosophy, and am generally interested in the arts, politics, and humanities. Most of the schools I am looking at are either small liberal arts schools or those medium sized ivy adjacent schools. My problem is both of those archetypes feel a little awkward to me, with the small schools feeling too cut off, a little silly? and more hippy dippy (and usually with less qualified professors), and the medium sized schools not having that same free-range sort of focus. More generally I feel like one is too artsy and not academic enough and the other too academic and not artsy enough. The only school I really know that blends these in a cool way is Brown, which i prob have like the GPA for but is definitely a big long shot — any suggestions?
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2023.04.01 06:48 disrupting_being Upgrading Ideapad Memory Limit.

I am planning to purchase the Ideapad Gaming 3 15IAH7, but the only concern I have is that the company specification lists a maximum memory of 16GB. I want to ensure that the laptop can be upgraded easily in the future, as I plan on using it for at least the next 5-7 years for coding, personal use, occasional heavy tasks such as gaming (older games like CoD and NFS), and machine learning. However, the manager of an Exclusive store mentioned that even though the company states a maximum of 16GB, the laptop can support more memory(i.e upto 32GB), and they have done such upgrades for this series in the past.
Would upgrading beyond the company's specifications affect the warranty of the laptop? Additionally, I understand that battery consumption will increase once the battery is upgraded
Would upgrading the memory beyond the recommended specification be supported?
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2023.04.01 06:48 cryptodracula Push protocol listed on Crypto. Com

Push protocol listed on Crypto. Com
@pushprotocol($PUSH) is now listed in the App, one of the biggest exchanges in the US with over 80 million customers.
You can also read the official announcement from here:


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2023.04.01 06:47 Material_Layer9439 Issues with BIOS, RAID, or Hard Drives - AN517-54

I had to wipe my hard drives (both M.2) because I incorrectly configured RAID 0 on them using the Intel Optane Memory Management utility. The utility made the storage for one drive double what it should have been and I started losing memory segments from my OS, even after reset. I had to wipe my hard drives and start from scratch with installation media, but now I am running into issues with the BIOS not finding either hard drive.
Steps currently taken:
Wiped both hard drives (corrupted and incorrectly configured RAID 0 configuration)
Reformatted both hard drives (multiple times - both with Disk Management and with Diskpart)
Created Installation Media (3 times to be absolutely sure this wasn't the issue)
Checked Disk health using CrystalDiskInfo (the older hard drive was at 99% health)
Checked firmware version for each hard drive (firmware is new)
Checked data health for the hard drives (neither drive is corrupted anymore)
Both drives mount and are readable on other devices
Attempted to figure out how to switch the Boot method away from UEFI (even after hitting 'ctrl+s' on the keyboard, the UEFI boot mode is not targetable)
I turned off Intels Boot management setting after hitting 'ctrl+s' and rebooted - still does not show anything
Can someone please outline a very correct and thorough procedure for reformatting a hard drive for the Windows 10 OS in a way that will make it show up in my boot list?
Does anyone know where to find a list of BIOS hidden commands generic to ACER or have a means of providing something like this?
Does anyone know how I can get the hard drives to show up in the boot list?
Does anyone know if the 2.5 slot would work since it was not configured with the RAID configuration?
Does anyone know if I NEED to turn the disk encryption back on on a given disk, given that the Acer default configuration includes encrypted security protocols?
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2023.04.01 06:46 dppthrowaway2077 45 [M4F] #Chicago - I’m delightful: depraved, deviant dom type for like minded submissive type

As it says in the bit you clicked on: I’m delightful. Read further for a small sample of the many ways in which I am wonderful, and find out how you, yes YOU, can take advantage to the amazing limited time offer. Also, we're social distancing, so I suppose this is a good time for torrid correspondence.
Offer includes:
Wit: I’m funny. Sometimes dry and biting, as when hanging out over drinks and I’m making acerbic sotto-voce comments about the dipshits at the other end of the bar, declaiming upon how Democrats are just as bad as Republicans and anyway Hillary is super corrupt. Sometimes absurdly silly, as when we are in bed, and especially in those awful moments during kink when pushing our emotional boundaries has inadvertently shattered the shared intimacy whereby situations that might otherwise be horrifying turn unbearably hot and sexy and intimate; (because you are firmly bound, suspended from a hook in this door-frame, with a ball gag distending your mouth and a large man is selecting amongst his toys for what to hit you with, now that you’ve been worked over with the crop that he’s still using to caress your clit. For example). Talking about the kink is supposed to be further down, but I’m proud of my ability to notice those moments and pull the gag and start improvising a progressively more absurd re-telling of the constitutional convention as a poorly organized swingers convention, using the contents of my pockets to represent the various founding fathers and their outhouse assignations with Jefferson.
Frightening intellect: I’m really, really bright. I read, constantly and voraciously and indiscriminately, at least as far as subject. I pay attention to news and politics and policy and everything else and I’m always glad to spend time with someone else who is as interested in the world as I am. I adore — really, deeply adore— doing kink with terrifically intelligent women; having the kind conversations where I feel like I must be a genius just because I can kind of keep up with you. Kinky sex is by nature pretty intimate, at least when it is something two people are doing together as opposed to some dude who figures kinky girls are easy and thinks being a dom means not caring if she comes and yelling bitch a lot. But I am not that guy. I fucking hate that guy. I spent years being miserable and basically at war with my sexuality because I thought being male and dom meant I had to be that guy and oh my God I think I’d rather just remove the entire apparatus using a rusty spoon from my Swiss Army knife rather than be like that walking indictment of humanity. So I need to like the person I’m performing misogyny at. She needs to be someone I can talk to before and after and not feel like I’m robbing an intellectual cradle. My capacity to be the most amazing dom you’ve ever invited to cross you boundaries — which I can totally be — is tied directly to how much I respect you as an equal making a choice and my assessment of your respect for me in the same way.
Sexy: There is no one true standard of hotness, and I don’t hold myself forth as the platonic ideal of the male form (for one thing? The Greeks were super into tiny penis. I’m serious. Had to do with their ideals of balance, apparently). I’m a big guy, 5’11, white, with a broad-shouldered sort of frame that leads people to think I’m taller than I am. I have a bit of a gut, but not so much that you’d call me fat, walking down the street; I suspect that the gut is something I notice but mostly no one else does. I get more compliments on my ass than I know what to do with.
I’m fit and active, I have nice eyes, a good smile and a better laugh. I’m currently clean shaven, although I’ve been known to grow a beard from time to time. (It is a small, neat Van Dyke sort of thing - I couldn’t grow a hipster lumberjack beard if I wanted to. Something else the Greeks would have had opinions on). Brown eyes, brown hair, and bespectacled. Nerd, but sexy nerd. And admit it: when a dude is tying you up and saying demeaning, degrading, frantically arousing things to you, wouldn’t you rather, when drops the crop and your world collapses to the feeling of his fingers (HOW many fingers? God, can you even tell any more, you are so wet...) moving inside your pussy and his thumb on your clit, when you suddenly feel his free hand up under your hair, right along the scalp, in that good, firm grab that makes you feel small and helpless and sexy and dirty and nasty and so, so good (and HEY! Did I tell you you could do that? If I wanted you to fuck your filthy hole on my fingers I’d have told you to, wouldn’t I? So stop, or I’ll have to take them away) ... in that moment, I have to believe you’d rather have the person whispering sweet, dirty nothings in your ear be one who can use words like “wanton” and “harlot” as well as “skank” and “hoe” or strangely popular “bitch”. Who can capture your imagination even more thoroughly than he’s bound your hands and ankles. I don’t know. I’m not even just a little bit submissive, and even if I was I’d still be a dude. But I have to believe -and user feedback surveys seem to support - that it is better when the violence of action is matched by wickedness of mind and quickness of wit.
Liberal: I’m not imposing a political litmus test. But because I only screw people I like and who I at least believe like me, and because the politics of the moment are centered around such a toxic person leading an even more toxic movement it matters: If you are on board with the current conservative movement in America, just... no. Because while I might get past the stupid policy, maybe. I mean probably not, but I can forgive well-meaning and ignorant, at least in principle. But I could never accept the cruelty.
Feminist: As much as I enjoy deploying the tropes and language of misogyny in bed with a likeminded partner, my enjoyment of that for that performative misogyny hinges on you being in on the joke (if you’ll allow). It isn’t just about “being good”; virtue has nothing to do with it, at least in this context. It is because as a dominant I get off, in large part, on your desire: controlling it, restraining it, heightening it, sustaining it and ultimately satisfying it (or not, as circumstances dictate). If we don’t start from a place where we both see ourselves as peers, I can never be really sure that desire is authentic or authentically mine. And I am egotistical enough, or maybe just have enough self-respect, to demand that I be certain that your desire is for me, specifically, at least in the time we are in “bed”. (although the bed is only the actually relevant piece of furniture at most half the time. Really, beds are actually terribly designed for good sex. Post coital cuddle and bullshit sessions, while we discussed what worked, what really worked, and what needs work? That is a fine use for the bed. For fucking and fucking related program activities? At best a poor second to a good couch or any of a wide variety of chairs.
Stoned-sex: I love the way it affects my physiology, keeping me aroused and in the moment for hours and hours and the way it drops my refractory period down to only a few minutes or a half an hour before I’m in the mood again. And I love the way it slows down my otherwise sometimes too quickly racing mind, so that I can slide effortlessly into the dominant analog of subspace; that mental space where calling a pretty girl who I like and respect and admire a lazy no good whore, where yanking her up by her hair, slapping her face and telling her to get her greedy little mouth all the way down my cock or I’ll show her what rough really means... Weed helps me be in that space without quite so much second guessing or worry that I’m going to hurt you. It lets me trust my instincts and you and your ability to safeword out, and that is good for both of us.
Kinky: Obviously. And obviously, this is shot through with examples. But: I like power and control. I like, more than anything getting to know you and your mind and being able to figure out how to wrap you around my fingers so thoroughly that I hardly have to lift them to have you dancing my tune. I can be rough, and cruel, and I love causing pain, even to the point of tears and balancing that against urgency and a desire to please and an orgasm that I can hold just out of reach until the moment I don’t and just as your are falling off from that peak ratcheting the sexual energy back up so that even though you just came call over my hands or cock or mouth you’d do anything-Anything-ANYTHING for one more caress, one more thrust, one more slide of my tongue (inside: that specific, delightful acid tang of the inside of a cunt that you only taste when you push your tongue deep inside - it never lasts on a finger, for some reason - then out and up and you can feel her tremble, strong and subtle and if it were a song this bit would be almost subsonic and then under the clit and around and there she goes, she’s starting to beg again and now I kinda have a crush on her because she is learning me back, harlot instead of whore, and an under-undercurrent of mirth beneath it all: the power is real and the desire is real but we also both know it is a joke, a shared secret: we can do this and still be friends and isn’t that fucking awesome?).
I have a few specific fetishes: I like to decide what you wear, when we are together: I love being able to look at you and know, not just that you’ve made yourself into an expression of my ideal of high femme sexuality, but that as you did so, with every little bit, anticipation was building. That I’ve been teasing you, maybe for hours, without doing a thing or saying a thing. (And of course, it plays back into desire and its close cousin, consent. If every stitch you are -and every stitch you are.- wearing was chosen with an eye to my desires, that is an implicit declaration of enthusiastic consent). I have a bit of a twist for deviance. Sitting next to a woman who I know has got nothing on under her panties but the butt plug I told her to wear is hot; hotter still if I handed it too her at the bar and she returns from the bathroom and hands me her panties. Hotter still if I hand it too her and she doesn’t go to the bathroom, but just looks around and then slides it up her ass with a smirk and a “Thank you SiDaddy”. I like being called Daddy, sometimes. There is something inherently provocative when the kind of woman -scary smart, self-confident, and self-aware - that I am drawn to lets a breathy, anxious “Daddy” slip her lips. There is something inherently filthy about hearing that word, with all its baggage, demeaning, infantilizing implications fall from the lips of someone who is alive to those implications and is calling to me in that way not despite them, but on account of them. (It isn’t my revolution if I can’t dance to it. And it isn’t my feminism if we can’t repurpose our cultural baggage in order to have a spectacular sex life in a magnificent relationship).
I have more than a bit of the daddy in me. A bit physically — I’m solid like that. And still more in attitude. As much as I demand of a partner, I cherish knowing I can be a very particular kind of safe place to stand for her. I enjoy, even need, to be protective and caring, supportive and nurturing. Not only in that quiet place after we have hit the climax (or between the first, easy release and starting the next assent — which is very much part of why I like being able to combine weed with my kink. As much as I love giving reign to some of the darker parts of my personality during the rush of kink, I also exulting that aftermath; when your head is on my chest and my arm wraps around you, and my hands explore your body without any urgency or any hesitation. I love that feeling of being a place of safety and feeling you relax into my size and my strength. It is the only feeling that I have that I identify as definitely masculine (in and for myself: I’m not trying to claim that experience as uniquely belonging to those issued a penis and number of testicles at birth).
It extends beyond sex; really, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Vital, and you sure as shit are going to sink if you miss it in the dark. But it runs all through my relationships. Arguable without the sexually charged overtones, it is just a over complicated way of saying “I like being a good boyfriend”. But where would we be without our sexually charged overtones? And it cuts both ways: if you are pulling from that part of me without returning the counterpoint of submission I need (or I feel I’m constantly reminding you that I need it and your compliance thus feels grudging) we are going to crash and burn. If you fail to make certain it is clear to me that you are as happy to give me what I need as I am eager to give you what you need, I’m going to feel really ill-used.
Having said all that, I’m not remotely a good fit for anyone who defines themselves as a little. A Daddy/daughter dynamic without the explicit embrace of childishness has an intense pull because it combines taboo violation with a power exchange dynamic that comports well with my personality — being both protective and demanding, authority and comfort works well for me. But I find that the idea of trying to be sexual with someone locked in to portraying a prepubescent very uncomfortable and suspect that I would still feel that way with someone who’s “little” age was more mature. That is a squick, rather than a value judgment. With me, that sort of age play (or even worse pet play) works strongly against the kind of intimacy that I value in kink. Role play can be a blast, and I love it, but I need it to clearly be play, something that can be stepped into and out of without stepping completely out of the kink dynamic. I bring the entirety of myself to everything I do, and I have enough self-regard to demand the same from my partner. If I like you enough to take you to bed, that necessarily means that I value your mind enough to lust after it — no matter how lovely you may be in repose, if you can’t or won’t turn me on with your intellect you will lose my interest so quickly as to acquire a visible redshift as you exit my life. Accordingly, when I reach for your mind, be it too discuss housing policy or my difficulty with a binding, to check on your well being or learn how your dissertation is progressing, (and I’ve done all of these during a scene) I deserve to be able to find it, and you, there reaching back.
If you’ve gotten this far and if you are at all the target audience: (cis-female, like weed and kink together, comfortable in yourself and your kinks, think you’re sexy) send me a PM. Don’t think yourself out of it or wait and see or anything. For fucks sake don't read the following Just put together a couple of paragraphs of message and fire it off. I don’t know what will happen, but I know for sure you won’t regret having done so. After all, like I said right up top: I’m delightful. I bet you are too.
I used to try and assert that I don’t have a type. That isn’t true, though: I have several even beyond the implicit, willful intellectual type suggested above. And the list keeps growing: I’m forever delighted by the variety of women who've made my hindbrain start barking and trying to do tricks, at one time or another. Granting that, my abiding lust objects resemble 40’s pin ups far more than 00’s porn stars, at least insofar as body type goes; tattoos and piercings can be wonderfully sexy. Likewise, though a wonderful rack can be a wonder to behold a girl in an A-cup who has that warm flare of hip and legs that go all the way down can lead to me walking into traffic. Finally, my experience of myself is sufficient for me to say confidently that race isn’t a factor in my libido, either for or against.
I live in Chicago, love my city, and for all I value the intellectual aspect of all this, I want ultimately to meet one (or more, I suppose;) women with whom I can spend time with both doing sexy things and the kind of things that make us both so terribly sexy. If that means an intense but memorable two days while you are visiting your great aunt Wilma, that is worth doing. If that means ongoing encounters frequent enough to keep us both sated, great. And if those are intermixed with enough non-sexual shared activities that the phrase “friends-with-benefits” is a fact and not just a more polite way of saying fuckbuddies? Even more great. Super, even. And if that last develops into a passion that carries us through the next three or four decades, both of us slightly bemused that we got along so well during the benighted days before first we fell upon one another, carried away on a passion so intense it is visible from orbit? Well. Wouldn’t that be delightful.
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