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A subreddit dedicated to the webnovel Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint (전지적 독자 시점) by Singsyong (싱숑).

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2023.04.01 05:39 Fresh-Ordinary-7305 Looking for OP mc nd angsty manhwa recs!

Hey guys I’m looking for a few recs with this criteria, i’d be grateful if you’ve read some good ones! You’ll see a lot of criteria involving the mc:
- OP MC (man or woman)
- MC with trauma or sad backstory (i’m a sucker for angst 😭)
- preferably an MC who sacrifices themself alot (but not required)
- MC that’s misunderstood or underestinated a lot
- some type of bromance (but not required)
- NO HAREMS (please)
My favorite manhwa/novel is ORV (omniscient reader’s viewpoint) because I loved the main character so much (i finished the novel. Best thing thats ever happened to me). So if there’s anything similar to that too i’d be really grateful!
Thank you so much!
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2023.03.26 06:11 madlad666666 Another simple interpretation for the ending

Hi just finished reading the story ,and had trouble with the time loops/charachter forgetting who started doing what first after doing something important. so here's my take. (I might misunderstood some parts but bare with me).
True Tls123 a.k.a the missing author is the real person in our world that wrote omniscient reader viewpoint. its a story about the story of Kim dokja reading about the story tws(three ways of survival..) our tls123 "send" (write about it in the story we read and so it is sent) to kimdokja the first copy of the story as a txt file. Kim dokja finish reading the story of tws minus ephiluge ,get the text file from our tls and then get sucked into tws world.
With this explanation, Kim dokja is already a character from the beginning since we read about him and so are han su young ,yu sung ah and others who don't start as character by Kim dokja point of view/ perception. . he grows up, gets power from us to give power to the novel then get sucked into it. we in a way are the original most ancient dream.
Anyway, Kim dokja joins joong hyuk 1864 regression. they finish the turn, kimdokja becomes a most ancient dream,gets to have a look and "make" changes in joonghuyk original starting points just like he "made" many changes in the 1864 turn and get notification about story revision. exept he didn't really make any changes as they were already written by our rl author of omni reader view point .
han so young finish 1863 turn gets an offer from king to travel "back" in time for the beginning, she fails to find the original tls 123 cuz ofc he is in our world :) then she proceeds to re write tws novel the best she remembers in order to save dokja from killing himself .losses her memory of what she did( by our author power) get back into the story later remembers what she did and thinks she is/was the author in charge.
Yu joong hyuk was always a character even when he made it to the 1864 turn and onwards, even that he didn't appear as a character any more to kimdokja after that, he is still a character since we read about him. whatever happend with secretive plotter and young Kim dokja a.k.a ancient dream 2(cuz we are ancient dream 1) or 1864 Kim dokja a.k.a ancient dream 3 is not important as it was all written by our author and read by us so timelines are not in conflict ,problem solved.
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2023.03.23 20:37 Mwysterioosmoi_65 Manhwa like Omniscient reader's viewpoint

Please someone drop some recsgood ones tho already read few obvi ones.. .
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2023.03.23 13:59 Hot_Presentation9361 Help'''

Looking for manhwa/manhua where MC gets strong using some kind of exchange system...
Done reading:
Lord coins aren't decreasing
Level 1 Player
Leveling with the gods
Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
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2023.03.21 22:49 Kirito3450 So I asked chatgpt to make me a love story based on ORV and this came out

Once upon a time, in the world of novels, there was a young woman named Lee Hyunsung. She was a character in a popular romance novel, and her story had captured the hearts of countless readers. However, despite her popularity, Lee Hyunsung felt a deep loneliness that no one could understand.
That was until a new reader appeared in the world of novels. His name was Park Jinyoung, and he possessed the power of the omniscient viewpoint. With this ability, he could see the thoughts and emotions of all the characters around him, including Lee Hyunsung.
As Park Jinyoung read Lee Hyunsung's story, he found himself drawn to her. He saw the pain and sorrow that she kept hidden behind her smiles, and he longed to comfort her. He knew that he was just a reader in her world, but he couldn't help but feel a connection to her that went beyond the pages of the novel.
Over time, Park Jinyoung began to make small changes to the story. He gave Lee Hyunsung more opportunities to show her true self, and he helped her to see the beauty in the world around her. As he did so, he found himself falling more deeply in love with her with each passing moment.
As the story progressed, Lee Hyunsung began to feel the same way. She didn't understand why, but she felt a warmth in her heart whenever she thought of Park Jinyoung. She couldn't explain it, but she knew that she didn't want to lose this feeling.
One day, Park Jinyoung took a risk and decided to write a new ending for the novel. In this ending, Lee Hyunsung and he met in person and confessed their love for each other. At first, Lee Hyunsung was hesitant. She had never met anyone like Park Jinyoung before, and she didn't know if she was ready to take this step.
But then she remembered all the times that Park Jinyoung had helped her and how he had shown her that there was still beauty in the world. She realized that she had fallen in love with him too and that she wanted to be with him.
In the end, Park Jinyoung and Lee Hyunsung met in person, and they confessed their love for each other. They knew that they were from different worlds, but they didn't care. They had found each other, and that was all that mattered.
And as they walked off into the sunset, hand in hand, they knew that their love was true and that it would last forever. For in the world of novels, anything was possible, and their love had proven that even readers and characters could find their happily ever after
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2023.03.19 04:47 Main_Fix365 What is the difference between rounds, regressions and turns?

Hi I read the Omniscient Readers Viewpoint manhwa on webtoon and I have a question, if you would be able to answer it would be greatly appreciated.
So I've seen elsewhere that "rounds, regressions and turns" all mean the same thing which doesn't really make sense to me. In the manhwa it isn't really mentioned which regression Joonhyuk is in currently based on Dokja's point of view but even then I'm leaved a little confused. For example Dokja called back to an action Joonhyuk did in his 41 REGRESSION but when met with a foe in a later chapter who plans to kill Joonhyuk she says "This is where your third ROUND ends". So if they all mean the same thing then why would she say third round when Joonhyuk has lived through many more regressions throughout the web novel (as told by Dokja).
I don't know the whole rounds and regressions and how they work are all a little confusing to me regardless of the question but this one in particular has been on my mind for a while.
So does it have something to do with an error in translation, do they actually mean different things (although that doesn't make the most sense to me at least) or is it something else entirely.
Would someone please be able to tell me if there is a difference and what it means?
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2023.03.17 18:48 AtomicSlayerX Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint (Novel Spoilers needed)

Can somebody explain me properly about the splitting of Kim Dokja, the 51:49 one where ge splits himself into 2 i.e. one being the constellation and another one just him with memories or something (sry if it's wrong, correct me in comments)
Also which is the best place to read the novel with illustrations or some art bc I usually like manhwa/manhua/manga/comic (characters/world building/fight art with dialogue) but i got some orv spoilers and now I want to read the novel XD
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2023.03.16 08:42 kdj001 Am I the only one who wants to read a version of TWSA?

for people who doesn't know TWSA is the novel that dokja read in omniscient readers viewpoint
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2023.03.14 18:01 Hirukooo (M4A) (DISCORD) Webtoon/Manhwa RP

As the title already says, I am looking for one person that wants to play out any Webtoon or Manhwa that are currently hyped or at least well-known. I've read most manhwas and webtoons and would honestly love to play any. The RP should be an OCxOC RP without any canon characters.
I have a list of multiple webtoons or manhwas we could play: Tower of God, Solo Leveling, Omniscient Readers Viewpoint, The Beginning After The End and a lot more.
Just hmu up here on reddit and I'll tell you my discord name so we can discuss everything on discord DMS
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2023.03.13 01:04 StrawberryFriend5 I finally finished!

Took me around a month and a half but I finished the novel! Also am caught up on COI now :))
Lots of thoughts! First of all I absolutely love it. I've never read a novel like this, Im new to the Asian novel scene. Been an anime and manga fan for years though and am now starting on novels 😌 The only other one I've read is Omniscient Readers Viewpoint which is still my favorite like, thing ive read/favorite fiction of all time lol
But on to LOTM! I love the characters and all of the Tarot Club dearly. Klein is an endearing protagonist and is really funny and relatable. I think his journey and struggles are well earned and the ending left me depressed. He truly suffers so much and is burdened with so much, and I love how despite all this he fights hard to keep his humanity and love for those he cares for. I hope to see him again soon in COI. Sorry to the new protagonist dude but I just wanna see Klein again 🫡 Audrey's desicion at the end also had me so sad,, so many sad moments in this novel (which I love) and also so many twists! I'm glad I went into this blind. I didn't truly realize how attached I was to this world and these characters until I finished the novel. And theres so little english fanfics too 😭😭
I'd love recommendations for other novels! I will read literally any genre. I have SVSS as a future read whenever my friend finishes reading it. Thinking on Lout of the Counts family but I heard its kinda just okay? I'll hear other thoughts though ofc 👍👍
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2023.03.12 21:26 Insomnicwriter Recommendations for other mangas/manwhas like TABTE?

Some things I'm looking for in a manga/manwha
Some other mangas I have read and have really liked
Thank you!!
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2023.03.11 19:24 rahmandroid Recommend some manhwa's other than these (Swipe)

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2023.03.11 12:43 Intelligent-Hyena112 Is There Any Extension In LNReader App For Reading Novel With Illustration's....Or Any Site???

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2023.03.10 13:40 f_loschi Discussion on Solo Leveling

So, I’ve been reading manhwas for over 4 years now and i’ve been introduced to this universe by both Tower of God and Solo Leveling, i’ve even read the whole novel, as when i started, it had not been finished and it was getting tiring of reading the same parts over and over. At first, I thought that both were a masterpiece that came out of this world, but now that i’ve expanded my repertoire over the years, i’ve come to realize something: Solo Leveling is rather a classic than a masterpiece. It is an ingenious story, after all, it has given birth to many other manwhas with such characteristics of necromancy with a fighting class, BUT, if you look at it as whole, the plot in itself is not that deep nor developed when compared to other manwhas such as Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, nor is the romance really developed, i would even go as far as to say that the novel is better. Even so, Solo Leveling could be considered a classic when you realize its importance to this universe, after all, it is a door to manwhas and it does introduce a lot of people to it yearly. Anyways, thought on it? p.s.: i’m not from on english speaker country, sorry if there’s any misspellings
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2023.03.10 06:33 Environmental-Pin713 Manhwa Where Mc Is Transported To A Novel/Game World

I Don't Care Whether It Is A Game/Novel/Manga/Manhwa/Movie/Anime World He Gets Into
I Just Want A Manhwa Where Mc Is Transported/Reincarnated To A World He Has Full Knowledge About
Only MMC Please
Would Be Nice It Has Romance Like Ending Maker
I Already Know Or Read And Recommend :
  1. Ending Maker
  2. Trash of the Count's Family
  3. Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good for Nothing
  4. Doctor's Rebirth
  5. The Greatest Estate Developer
  6. Solo Bug Player
  7. Surviving in an Action Manhwa
  8. The Novel's Extra
  9. I Became The Mad Emperor
  10. Webtoon Character Na Kang Lim
  11. How to Survive a Romance Fantastic
  12. The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy
  13. The Duke's Redemption
  14. Villain Unrivaled
  15. Youngest Scion of the Mages
  16. Never Die Extra
  17. Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint
  18. I Became the Tyrant of a Defense Game
  19. I Have Max Level Luck
  20. I am Reborn as the Sword God
  21. Drug-Eating Genius Mare
  22. Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha
Edit: I Am Adding The One's I Got From The From The Comments Here
  1. The Teacher of Perishable/Catastrophic Villain
  2. Hero x Demon King x Villa in
  3. Tensei Shitara Dai Nana Ouji Dattanode, Kimamani Majutsu O Kiwamemasu (Reincarnation Manga) (Not The Type Of Story I Was Looking For But Since I Got Recommended I Am Adding It Here)
  4. Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha
  5. Return To Player (Regression Manhwa)
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2023.03.05 13:15 Hermes-64 Finding a Good manhwa

I want to read a Manhwa with a unpredictable story and good story like Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, The genre doesn’t matter. If anyone can recommend one please do so
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2023.03.04 19:59 fantasy_geek00 Disc- Why do webnovel get a smaller range of audience as compared to web comics.

I am going to take some pretty famous series as examples.
The first one "The beginning after the end." clearly the most popular webnovel but if you look at the level of growth its webcomic has got in the past year, you can see that people tend to like webcomics more. The way the author has narrated the story through Arthur in the web novel is amazing and I fell that the webcomic fails to capture that essence.
Same is the case with Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, even though in my opinion it is the best webnovel ever written and yet it did not get the recognition it deserved till it became a webcomic. The way the Author had described the antics of Kim Dokja are legendary and even though the web comic does not miss out on anything, it does miss out on the essence of the writers in the story.
I came across a new Webnovel named "Purgatory" that web novel was extremely enticing and well written, it's story was a banger and the way the author narrated it made me feel like I was a part of the story. This novel was on the same level as the greats in the bracket of web novels but it had little to no recognition whereas many below par web comics had a much wider audience.
To me it seems like injustice, but I understand that people like to see picture more that they want to read, they want to have their imagination limited by the drawing placed infront of them. I fell sad for such people as they miss out on the great world we live in as readers.
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2023.03.04 19:40 fantasy_geek00 Disc- Books that have inspired you or shown you wonders you did not think existed

As a child, I did not read much. In my early teen years I read The Hobbit and that changed everything for me. The Hobbit was the book that made me into a booklover, after the hobbit I went on to read the Harry Potter Series and then the Lord of the Rings, but the way "The Hobbit" affected me, I thought nothing else could do that.
Then I read a webnovel named "Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint" and that book changed my whole understanding of the fantasy genre. The book was extremely long but the story was so incredibly captivating that I spent day and night reading it.
After reading that I thought that there is nothing more left in the fantasy genre, no matter how well the story is written, it would never effect me as "The Hobbit" and "Omniscient reader's viewpoint" did. I was proved wrong once again when I read "The Cathedras: Intentional Mistakes" that book was just a part of a bigger story still being written, but there was just something different about. The way the writer wrote in the perspective of different characters. The way he mixed modernity into medievality was mindboggling.
Normally fantasies are written in a particular way and that way is to show the characters as living in a medieval world. "The Cathedras" had surpassed those limitation and shown to me a whole new possible way of writing fantasies.
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2023.03.04 05:43 _baby_yoda_is_cute LF: Overpowered main character

Looking for Manhwa/Manhua/Manga with an overpowered main character:

  1. Comedy is fine but no toon force.
  2. Action is needed
  3. I mean overpowered as in strongest character in verse.

I have read many so please don't list obvious titles such as:
Solo leveling, The world after the fall, SSS-Class Suicide Hunter or Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint.
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2023.03.03 19:03 Hirukooo (M4A) (Discord 1x1) Manhwa/Webtoon RP

As the title already says, I am looking for one person that wants to play out any Webtoon or Manhwa that are currently hyped or at least well-known. I've read most manhwas and webtoons and would honestly love to play any. The RP should be an OCxOC RP without any canon characters.
I have a list of multiple webtoons or manhwas we could play: Tower of God, Solo Leveling, Omniscient Readers Viewpoint, The Beginning After The End and a lot more.
Just hmu up here on reddit and I'll tell you my discord name so we can discuss everything on discord DMS
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2023.02.28 23:45 ShadowTrolll Sharing my list and looking for recommendations

Hello guys and girls! I got into reading manhwas and webtoons about 2 years ago and I am quite enjoying it, but I am running low on reasonably good stuff to read.
I would love if you could recommend me some good, interesting or just at least "not bad" things to read, ideally 100+ chapters (at least 50). You can use this list of recommendations as a basis of what I like, but basically some kind of "superpower" or magic is 80% of the SFW that I read and the rest is romance/comedy. (But PLEASE I hate the "romance" stuff where MC is dense as a neutron star or that takes 100 chapters for anything to happen). I am fine with reading NSFW.
I wrote this and the list below at midnight today so some mistakes might be present, sorry. Stars = extra good, ? means alot of chapters unread.
I am just praying reddit mobile will not butcher the formatting.
Thank you and have fun reading :)
TOP (I enjoyed reading them quite aloty think 7.5+/10): Arcane Snipe/ Dungeon Reset// Eleceed // Hero Kille/ I Grow Stronger By Eating!// I Raised The Beast Well// Jungle Juice// Kill the Hero// Levelling With The Gods// Magic Empero/ MASHLE *// Nan Hao and Shang Feng// Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint *// Overgeared // Pounding *// Ranker Who Lives A Second Time// Regressor Instruction Manual// Reminiscence Adonis// Return of the Frozen Playe/ Return of the Legendary Spear Knight// Reverse Villain// Seoul Station Druid// Solo Max Level Newbie// The Beginning After The End **// The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years// Descent or the Demonic Master *// The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years// The Legendary Moonlight Sculpto/ The Player that Can't Level Up// The Princess in the Dumpste/ The S-Classes that I Raised// The Second Coming of Gluttony// The Skeleton Soldier Failed to Defend the Dungeon *// The Story of a Low-Rank Soldier Becoming a Monarch// The Tutorial Tower of the Advanced Playe/ Tomb Raider King// Villain to Kill *//
Good (think mostly 5+/10): Release That Witch ?// Rise From Rubble// Tales of Demons and Gods ?// Update/ A Hunter's Courtship Method *// A Returner's Magic Should Be Special// Advanced Evolution// Beware of the Villainess// Daybreaking Romance// Doctor's Rebirth// I am the Sorcerer King// I Became the Hero's Mom// Mage & Demon Queen// Max Level Returne/ Maxed Out Leveling// Murim RPG Simulation// My Wife is Actually the Empress?// Nano Machine// Of All Thing I Became a Crow *// Pupillary Master ?// Rebirth of the 8-circled Mage// Reincarnation of the Suicidal Battle God// Resurrection of the Catastrophic Hero// Return of the Shattered Constellation// Seoul's Station Necromance/ Solo Bug Playe/ Solo Leveling// Solo Login// SSS-Class Suicide Hunte/ Stalker x Stalke/ Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World// Tale of a Scribe who Retires to the Countryside// The Constellation that Returned from Hell// The Game that I Came From// The Live// The Max Level Hero has Returned// The Tutorial is too Hard// unOrdinary// Versatile Mage ?// White Blood// Worn and Torn newbie//
If you want some REAL depressing stuff: DICE
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2023.02.28 19:26 Jaakuna12421 Help with web novel or manhwa

Hello, I recently started reading manhwa and I've noticed a few are based on Web Novel. And I would like some recommandations about series that are better in Web novel.
For my taste i've liked :
- Solo leveling (of course, normie)
- The beginning after the end
- Skeleton knight couldn't protect the dungeon
- Omniscient reader viewpoint
- Leviathan
- The great mage returned after 4000 years

Thank you all for your suggestions !
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