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2023.03.25 17:29 FitInvestigator5945 YOUNG MONEY FILMS

Just imagine, seeing a watermelon launched at your head at 10 or 20mph, that’s simply frightening. Cantaloupes and honeydew are smaller and also effective. We even created a few inventions of our own to better accomplish our God given purpose. First invention, the blade gun. Guns are never outdated but bullets are not found in grocery stores and do in fact run out. V for Vendetta taught us that, thanks Hugo. So what we do here is, buy many different sized knives, remove the handles and load them into our specially crafted magazine clips. I think I speak for most out there when I say a person would prefer being shot by a bullet than by a flying knife. Now that is just sick, good thing we thought about this before our opposition right America? Even though it is widely considered cruel and unusual, punishment is our focus and we prefer to bring our victim’s lives to a real, quick, close; like some judicial cases. I personally believe no human should ever be purposely injured by a weapon created to hunt live whales. What is this, 1997’s Face-Off? Now we are only halfway through with our presentation but if you all have had enough already, just encourage your national leaders to meet our demands. And if you’re thinking about murdering me before our demands are poured onto our country’s streets; just know, things will only get much more violent, those are orders all my friends are given right now. If I die, the explosions will no longer be used with spiritual discretion. Only women and children shall receive pardons but if they attack us, they forfeit said right due to self defense issues. I actually just recovered from an interesting conversation with a friend of mine; we’ll call him Scribble for now. We were overseeing the production of the blade rifles and he expressed his perspective ‘getting shot with one of these is like being harpooned.’ So then I ask Deezy, ‘have you ever heard of a harpoon?’ and he replies “yes”. So then I ask him, ‘what is it used for?’ and he tells me ‘to gut whales’. I feel kind of bad for some of our victims because they are really going through some tough physical events. Can you imagine getting harpooned to a wall as poison gas fills the room?
We cut to 2 men shooting harpoon guns from a speeding car at a police officer giving someone a ticket. We cut back to NAPOLI
What makes it even worst is you still see gas masked men running about causing even more havoc and reckless wreckage.
We cut to inside a police building where 2 cops are harpooned to opposite walls, dead. Then the camera sees 2 masked gunmen with harpoons in hand run around unleashing poison gas around the area.
We cut to gunmen placing land mines along the entrance and exit of a police building. The 2 gunmen then run down the street shooting their firearms. As the officers run outside to investigate, they blow up immediately. Cut to NAPOLI
All users of this weapon are required to wear flame retardant suits; their safety is my highest priority. We have one more weapon I forgot to mention on purpose. That is enough for this special public broadcast. Our next weapon leads us into a new phase in these, negotiations; the strict conditions under which we release our police officer hostages. Prisoners of war or publicly acknowledged examples? Your call bitches.
NAPOLI pulls out the remote and ends his recording session once again. NAPOLI hops in the shower, gets out and gets dressed again. He proceeds to enter a warehouse where the hostages are being held.
10 of the police officers were tranquilized and contained in a trash can full of cement until it dried them in it. Their arms were also embedded in the cement.
NAPOLI and 2 of his team members load all ten trash canisters with the people in it into a u-haul truck. They drive to a local NYC bridge, open the back of the truck and one henchman records MAURICE on video. NAPOLI puts on a gas mask before stepping into frame.
JEBEDIAH BUSH reporting live once again. This time we aim to prove not only are we consciously murdering these sons of bitches you all label police crusaders, we are holding many of the survivors hostage. Now what you are about to witness is a testimony to how passionate we are about our demands people. Bear witness bitches!!! We made cement popsicles out of our precious police officers. Now I know what you are all thinking; why couldn’t these geniuses just hop their silly asses up out of the trash cans right? Because they were effectively tranquilized while all this riff raff was going on. How else were we to prevent them from actually feeling the sludge turn to rock around their bodies? By the time the cement dried they had just woken up from a medically induced coma man. So that’s it, no more talking. Time to show you all how serious we be bout this bidding.
NAPOLI and his henchmen open the truck’s back part and begin to roll the officers into the Hudson River in pairs. It is a very tragic scene. The officers fall into the water in slow motion. NAPOLI straightens up his attire and resumes narration to the video camera.
I will admit openly America. What just occurred here was tragic. If I had my face showing right now you would obviously notice the emotion in my face along with the stream of tears running down my cheeks. It was a damn shame our fellow citizens had to die like that. And for what? Some stupid point I attempt to make. I shall not sympathize, that would leave two crying babies and mama didn’t raise no bitch. I will however emphasize with you America. Unfortunately the majority of my empathy goes to the families and contacts of all those African American souls unable to be physically contacted anymore. Meet my demands and these pigs shall cease meeting their definite ends.
NAPOLI begins to pray as the camera shuts off.
Alright boys, this spot is hot and somebody saw 10 bodies sink to the river’s bottom. Let us skedaddle up on out of here. We have more hostages to tend to.
NAPOLI and his crew head on to return the truck and finish out their other plans.
We cut to how the police officers woke up in a fucked up position like that anyway. NAPOLI, SEBASTIAN and CHESTER the JESTER all enter a navy blue van to capture police officers. CHESTER and NAPOLI are the gunmen while SEBASTIAN drives.
Their current mission is to scour the roads looking for police officers who have pulled over citizen vehicles. In total they find 10 and hold only 5 captive. We cut to the 1st cop’s perspective.
His name is CHET PATTERSON and he sees somebody speeding profusely. CHET proceeds to pull over ADAM right away. ADAM is scared because he left his license at home. He prays for GOD to help him out. CHET walks out of his patrol car and walks over to ADAM’s car. OFFICER CHET asks ADAM for his license and registration.
We cut to NAPOLI and his crew pulling up behind them in their van. NAPOLI pulls out his tranq gun, sticks his upper body out of the van window and shoots 2 darts in CHET’s neck. ADAM shakes in fear from witnessing what just happened.
CHET falls to the ground as NAPOLI and CHESTER the JESTER exit the van. NAPOLI holds up CHET’s upper half while CHESTER
gains control of his lower body. NAPOLI apologizes to ADAM for startling him and asks him to leave the scene. ADAM holds a silly, sad facial expression out of shock.
ADAM voices his appreciation for NAPOLI’s intervention due to the fact ADAM didn’t have his license present. NAPOLI jokes that now the police are after him and his crew. NAPOLI tells ADAM bye and ADAM reverses and drives south while NAPOLI and his crew drive north looking for more pre-occupied police officers.
NAPOLI and crew drive back to a hideout to drop the 1st body off. On their way there they see another cop on a routine traffic stop. SEBASTIAN pulls over 10 yards away from the police cruiser. NAPOLI and CHESTER the JESTER put their gas masks back on and exit the vehicle. NAPOLI instructs SEBASTIAN when to pick them back up.
NAPOLI pulls a spiked baseball bat from under the van’s seats and CHESTER arms his pistol with a silencer. NAPOLI and CHESTER exit the van and CHESTER takes the lead role in distracting the police officer while NAPOLI sneaks up behind him. CHESTER runs up to the car’s passenger side and shoots the cop’s partner twice in the head.
After hearing this, NAPOLI increases his velocity and launches at the officer as he pulls his weapon out on CHESTER the JESTER. The camera freezes on an in air NAPOLI for 5 seconds. We cut to a still shot of NAPOLI connecting the spiked baseball bat into the remaining officer’s head. The audience is expected to “ooh” and “aw” during both still shots.
CHESTER screams out with glee. NAPOLI looks at the bloody spikes innocently. SEBASTIAN pulls up next to the soldiers. NAPOLI points his bat at the citizen being pulled over.
You didn’t see anything, we didn’t do anything, and this officer was never even here. You are going to go home, get some pussy, go to sleep; and wake up convinced this was a startling night terror. Don’t make me come after you.
NAPOLI slides open the door for CHESTER the JESTER as he pulls the bloody officer into the van arms first.
Naw, I’m just fucking with you man, this nigga had it coming, big time.
NAPOLI looks at his handy work (the dead cop’s body). CHESTER heads to the 1st cop who died during this transaction and pulls him out of the car and into the group van.
You can tell whoever you want; we paint our van weekly nigga and never drive with license plates. I wish a pig would pull us over. Negro please! What do you thinks’ going to happen next?
The man trembles to get his words out.
You’re most likely going to engage them in armed combat?
CHESTER falls out of the van laughing at MANNY’s response.
What type of fucking response is that? I can’t do this, I can’t do this!!!
You got damn right sonny boy. You know why?
NAPOLI picks up CHESTER and helps him back in the car.
Come on man, we need more pigs.
I’m lil Wayne bitch! Tunechi!!!
NAPOLI slides the door closed as the van drives off. There are 2 coffins in the van and NAPOLI and CHESTER the JESTER place the unconscious cops into a coffin. NAPOLI instructs SEBASTIAN to relocate to the hideout to dump the bodies. NAPOLI, CHESTER and SEBASTIAN drive to the “good spot” to stash the bodies.
They all enter a shady looking facility. NAPOLI questions CHESTER on the cement and CHESTER shows the containers to NAPOLI. NAPOLI rubs his gloved hands together and responds with “excellent!!!” NAPOLI walks over to the corner and arrives back with 2 heavy buckets of wet cement. 2 empty metal trash cans sit in the room’s center and CHESTER wheels the caskets over to them.
CHESTER and SEBASTIAN open the 1st casket and share the weight of hanging his upper body over the trash can while his legs flop on the inside of the can. NAPOLI then pours as much
cement as needed to cover their bodies’ hip down. NAPOLI looks up at the ceiling, makes an animated face as the camera moves down to see him pull out his silenced pink pistol. NAPOLI shoots the officer in the head. NAPOLI shouts out “Bingo!!!”
NAPOLI asks to leave the vicinity and come back once this cement is concrete. “Then we begin principal photography.” This refers to the scene where the 10 cops get dumped into a NYC River. We cut back to SPENCER and TEL AVIV’s law conversation. TEL AVIV continues writing down these detailed notes.
Part II of preservation of evidence AVIV; evidence seeming to be favorable to a suspect and the suspect would be unable to replace should not be destroyed by law enforcement officers. Next chapter, last one actually: entrapment; a person “entrapped” into committing a crime is immune from prosecution for that crime. Entrapment occurs when law officers or their agents implant in an innocent man’s mind the disposition to commit a crime and then induce him to commit the crime so they can prosecute him. Merely giving a person who is already predisposed to commit a crime the opportunity to do so is not entrapment.
Well that is all for today Ms. TEL AVIV. I hope your thirst for criminal law knowledge and police procedures are temporarily satisfied.
Oh yes, I am so ready to build a case study around this information. I’ll email it to you once it’s entirely completed. Ok?
Sounds grand! Have a great remainder of the afternoon.
TEL AVIV stands up and exits the building.
We cut to NAPOLI and TEL AVIV walking out of a restaurant months before she returned to Sweden. As they pass a nearby river they notice a white girl fall into the river. NAPOLI selflessly jumps into the river and rescues the child along with help from her father. News crews begin to arrive on the scene. NAPOLI refuses to comment and he and TEL AVIV catch a ride back to her apartment.
We cut to a recap of every single police officer who was murdered or at least injured throughout the film. The montage will be accompanied by Lupe Fiasco’s “Little Weapon” from his “The Cool” album. We cut to different scenes of all the minor characters in the film, (SAM, CHARLIE, JAFAR, SASHA, CARTER and a few others) watching the news. The news anchors discuss the
38 recent events where over 100 hundred police officers were murdered over the last week. All the characters display their individual concerns. The news then reports supposedly a terrorist has sent in a videotape possibly containing unreachable demands. NAPOLI’s 1st video begins to play on the television screens. We hear “ladies and gentlemen, salutations.” And we
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2023.03.25 17:29 michmochw I am so upset that I will have to go back on this medication

I have severe health anxiety and used to say it had gone away since my early 20s when i started SSRIs. I didnt realise that the medication was actually working so well and thought I'd grown out of it.
I gained a lot of weight on medication (literally the scales would jump up when I upped my dose - gained 10kg /20ish lbs in 1.5 months after upping my dose once) tried a few types and couldn't lose it. Zoloft was my last medication and was working fine but i was almost 200lbs and starving constantly, unbearable ravenous hunger.
Since coming off medication the hunger has stopped, I've lost 20lbs... but my anxiety has been horrific. My boyfriend has said he feels like he's losing me. It's been 5 months and everyday I think about my death and obsess over illnesses that I think (or in the moment, know) I have. I obsess over the spots of mould in our bathroom and dust and I've become a clean freak. I wash my hands probably 50 times a day and the skin is dry and sore. I don't live anymore, I work 8 hours then i sit and have anxiety - that's all. My sleep is severely impacted.
My doctor and everyone I know, except my partner, is telling me to keep going and well done with the weight loss etc.. Its making me so sad. My Dad told me how proud he is of me for coming off my medication. People are treating me like a human being again. It's opened my eyes to some horrible insidious fatphobia I was/am facing.
I think I have to go back on the medication or else I will stress myself out and die of a heart attack, but I will probably gain even more weight this time. I don't know what to do!
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Sharing how i was able undo my mistake of going to Citibank with my hard earned money. Here is how to un block citi account and get access to your money without waiting 60 days. If you are one of the hundreds that made the mistake to deposit hard earned money in Citi and they blocked your account for no reason like in my case, here is what you need to do to hopefully reopen them before 60 days the incompetent call center in Philippines is telling you. Thanks to may of the reddit folks that gave tidbits how to do it . Follow Steps in this order there is a reason for it by the way.
Step 1: Stop wasting your time being on phone with Philippines cost center and using ChatGP to understand what in name of ... are they saying in their PhilEnglish language.
Step 2: Call Cit Executive Response Unit at: 605-331-1698 and also email them [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and explain account blocked for no reason and tell them want help reopen it, and ensure they give you a case nr write down
Step 3: Go to Office of the Comptroller of the Currency website ( file complaint ensure you put your Citi card or account number, account holder name and Executive Response Unit case nr in the complaint and name so Citi can reference you once they get contacted
Step 4: Go to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website ( file complaint ensure you put your Citi card or account number, account holder name and Executive Response Unit case nr in the complaint and name so Citi can reference you once they get contacted
Step 5: Go to Better Business Bureau of New York website ( file complaint ensure you put your Citi card or account number, account holder name and Executive Response Unit case nr in the complaint and name so Citi can reference you once they get contacted
Step 6: Wait 2 weeks then only stay in contact with Citi Executive Response Unit
In my case they unblocked my account sent me email letter apologizing. Remember when you get your money out after unblocking don't use their bank to transfer out or use online systems or it may block again , use the other new bank to ach transfer money out of there or if possible go in branch do a wire out or have citi open checking account put all money there then write check and deposit in new bank

Hope it works for you as it did for me
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2023.03.25 17:28 tokyorbit Tips for leaving 12 month old puppy in an open concept house?

My partner and I are currently living in her families home while they are overseas, we have an almost 12 month golden retriever and he cannot. be. left. alone.
He will get to anything he wants and rip it up, knock stuff over or climb the counters even if everything is put away safely.
My partner and I are first time puppy owners (i had them growing up, but this one is mine as an adult, and she has never had dogs) we had a bit of a hard time with training him as a puppy so I know the behaviour may be a cause of that but I am really just looking for any advice on how to start training him to be alone in the house that is open concept. Our dog stays on the main floor, where the kitchen, living room, front door, and computer area are all open space. While me and my partner are at work, he is crate trained with also a big fenced area so that he is at least able to move around and play, but he is getting to that size where I’m feeling bad he doesn’t have enough room to roam or relax.
I was thinking we could maybe use the fence and wrap it around where the living room is but my partner’s auntie does not want the dog on the couch 😭 and I know he will go on it if we are not there lol. my other plan was to start letting him be on the main floor alone for a few minutes at a time to get used to it but again, he likes to get into everything and that will be hard without redirecting him a lot.
any help or advice would be great!!!
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2023.03.25 17:28 SassyClassy Retail Managers: Would You Consider This Overstepping?

My husband and I are owners of a retail store in the sin industry (we sell cannabis; it's legal here in Canada). All the different brands have sales reps that travel around to the different stores to promote their products, educate about their products and give out sell-sheets in the hopes you'll order a bunch of their stuff in. They also commonly drop off swag to either give away to customers or to staff. The relationships we have with these reps are important and my husband has weekly calls with quite a few of them. Sometimes a rep will call our store, and if my husband is away or busy, the staff will chat with the rep to get the lowdown on new product drops, price changes, etc and the staff will pass the message along to us.
So, last week a rep called the store and spoke to an employee. The rep had a package of stuff they wanted to mail to us which included some swag, sell sheets and samples, and they wanted to know where to mail the package to. The staff member gave the rep her personal address (we'll call her A). Our assistant manager caught wind of this and let me know about it, so I asked A about the rep who called. She told me who it was and which company they were from. I asked her flat out if the package was being sent to the store and she said yes.
A couple days later, there's a grocery bag on the office desk with the swag, sell sheets and samples from the rep. My husband (who we'll call Boss) was quite annoyed because to him, it looked like the package with his name on it had been opened by A. He had a discussion with two employees at work about not opening packages with his name on it. One of the employees said it had been sent to A's house and she brought it in. Boss says that A had lied to us as she said the package would be sent to the store.
Later that day, A shows up to the store (on her day off) very angry. She stomped up to the store, ripped the front door open and stood at the back of the sales floor with her feet planted, arms crossed and a scowl on her face for about 5 minutes while Boss is talking with another sales rep and the other staff are helping customers. Once Boss is free, he and A go to the back office area where A haughtily explains that she thought the rep was sending 2 boxes; one to the store and one to her. She goes on to say that the package had her name on it so she was allowed to open it and if Boss wanted, she could go climb in the dumpster to find the bubble mailer to prove it. She said she didn't take anything from it except for 2 pins and that she didn't lie. All Boss really said to her was that wasn't what she had originally told us. She turned on her heel, stomped out of the store and flung the front door open on her way out before peeling out of the parking lot.
Now, I'm obviously having a discussion with her and writing her up about her attitude, being hostile and poor behavior. Possibly thinking of termination. But I need advice about her having a box of stuff sent to her personally from a sales rep. Whether another box was being sent to the store or not, I feel as though she grossly overstepped as it would not be appropriate for her to deal with a rep like that. She has no say on which products we order, and most of the time, the swag and samples are sent to stores based on how much sales volume they have, not just because they're friends with you. Not to mention the fact that she withheld the information about stuff being sent to her house when I first asked her about it. Boss and I both feel that it was really shady of her and that had we not asked her about it, she would have kept a lot of it (if not all) for herself.
Would you consider this to be inappropriate?
TL;DR: A staff member gave their personal address to a sales rep for a box of goodies that were intended to be sent to the store/manager. Staff member is a basic employee with no authority. Was this inappropriate and an overstep worth writing them up over?
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2023.03.25 17:28 FitInvestigator5945 YOUNG MONEY FILMS

She asks them “who wants pizza?” and their eyes widen in an extraordinary fashion and they all exclaim “we do!” in unison. TEL AVIV walks all 3 youngsters into the pizza shop and holds open the door for an older couple walking in behind them. They all take a seat at a table with a window view. TEL AVIV walks up to the counter and orders a large pizza, half bacon and half pepperoni. The cashier FRANK attempts to make conversation around the 3 children, RILEY, JACK and SABRINA.
TEL AVIV blushes a little bit, brushes her hair to the side and responds. She pays for the pizza and drinks and we cut back to JARVIS’ convention of great proportions. He is reviewing chapter 7 of the plans with the troops. He takes a big gulp of his ice cold water and then continues.
We cut back to TEL AVIV and the 3 munchkins in the pizza restaurant. TEL AVIV asks JACK to stop crushing his cup and JACK looks up at TEL AVIV playfully. TEL AVIV tells JACK to go to the counter and ask for another drinking cup.
JACK walks over to the counter, obtains a new filled up cup of sweet tea and comes back to the table to continue eating. TEL AVIV asks JACK a question about his future and he takes 5.2 seconds to answer. TEL AVIV smiles pretty hard at his truthful comment. She asks JACK to
explain in greater detail and his answer causes her to blush even harder.
JACK’s sister SABRINA makes fun of his answer and JACK shoots a scowl at his little sister. TEL AVIV asks them both to calm down and they blame each other. We cut back to JARVIS as he discusses chapter 8. We cut to TEL AVIV sitting in a car with a female friend, TAMMY. They talk about current events in TEL AVIV’s life. TEL AVIV lets TAMMY know she feels lonely and TAMMY helps TEL AVIV construct a written list of qualities she wants in a mate. TEL AVIV sits up energetically in her seat and smiles as she begins.
We cut back to JARVIS’ meeting. JARVIS takes a seat in a chair on the podium’s left. He speaks for 3 minutes and then stands up once again. JARVIS collapses in his seat and takes a sip of water in high humor. JARVIS rises up once again to begin a new chapter in the discussion; chapter 10. He moves on to chapter 11. JARVIS takes a seat again.
We cut to TEL AVIV sitting down with a district attorney for a note taking session.
Pleasure to meet you Ms. TEL AVIV; shall we begin?
Absolutely, just please let me gather my note taking materials.
Ok so, point 1, the consensual encounter; an encounter with a person does not amount to a “seizure” unless a reasonable person would believe, under all the circumstances, he is not free to end the encounter.
TEL AVIV writes it down
Concerning community caretaking activities; you may make a search or detention of a person for the purpose of rendering assistance, provided your actions are entirely unrelated to the detection, investigation, or acquisition of evidence relating to the commission of a crime.
TEL AVIV writes it down
Concerning roadblock or checkpoint vehicle stops; you may not make random, arbitrary stops of automobiles on the public roadways. However, brief, systematic stops at highway roadblocks and checkpoints can be constitutional.
TEL AVIV writes it down. We cut to the introduction of the main character, 1st in command, NAPOLI TALIONIS. The phone rings and NAPOLI answers it, it is JARVIS. JARVIS is waiting to discuss the plans in private with NAPOLI. NAPOLI takes a shower first. NAPOLI dresses completely in black, head skull cap and proceeds to his car.
We cut to NAPOLI pulling up in front of his destination. NAPOLI pops his car’s trunk and walks towards it. He lifts up the trunk and pulls a rolled 3piece leaf cigarette out of a pack hidden safely underneath his various costumes. He closes the trunk, sits on it, pulls 2 lighters out and proceeds to light all 3 sides of the “cigarette trifecta”. As NAPOLI inhales, we see in slow motion as he looks down to the left and blows out the 1st exhalation. We cut to a flashback where NAPOLI and JARVIS begin to concoct the same plans they are about to go over.
RIDDICK is another comrade of NAPOLI and JARVIS and he is rushed into a hospital room after being abducted and brutally beaten by some local, corrupt police officers. NAPOLI asks JARVIS how this happened and JARVIS doesn’t have a good answer for NAPOLI. NAPOLI says “we didn’t cause this, but it will forever effect us beginning tonight.” Despite the situation JARVIS and NAPOLI laugh at what is about to happen to society.
NAPOLI and JARVIS exit the vicinity. We cut back to NAPOLI smoking his 3 rolled cigarettes in unison, they are half finished. NAPOLI is now sitting inside of his back seat twisting and turning his head as if to observe someone who isn’t really there. He is tripping without acid.
We cut back to TEL AVIV and SPENCER studying.
You should warn the suspect of his basic constitutional rights before questioning him after a stop requiring any use of force. A person’s mere presence at the scene of the execution of a search warrant does not justify a frisk of that person. Now on to obtaining physical evidence from the body of a suspect not under arrest (“plain touch” seizure); if, while frisking a suspect for weapons, you detect an object
that is not a weapon, you may seize it without a warrant if your experience and sense of touch make it “immediately apparent” to you the object is contraband or evidence of a crime.
TEL AVIV writes it down. We cut to NAPOLI and his long time girlfriend TEL AVIV from Sweden. NAPOLI walks and sits down near the boarding stations inside an airport. He takes a window seat. He pulls out his notes and continues working on them diligently. A gorgeous woman sits right next to him, on purpose. At 1st all he notices are her legs; at 1st sight they trick him into believing she is an African American lady.
After a minute he looks up and greets her. She just looks at him and opens up her mouth as if she was incapable of responding. She heard him, she just must not have expected him to actually greet her. NAPOLI is more than aware there are in fact several more empty seats but she chose the one to his immediate left. He continues taking down his notes. 5 minutes later he notices she stops reading the People magazine.
He takes this as his opportunity to open her in useful conversation. He pulls out a laminated sheet with a picture of a million dollars in $5,000 stacks, nothing but $100 bills. He puts it on her lap and asks her if it looks like a million dollars to her. He asks her the 1st thing coming to her mind when she looks at the picture. Her answer is money. They both laugh together and continue talking for an hour.
He asks her what she would do if she made that much money every day and she smiles as she visualizes her answer. She begins to let NAPOLI in on her ambitions in life. She lets him know she’s been playing soccer for 15years and he makes jokes about soccer. She laughs hopelessly. She lets him know she is 20 years old now. She was born on September 10th, 1989 and he makes her laugh again. NAPOLI asks TEL AVIV what her Zodiac sign is but she is unfamiliar with the term. This leaves NAPOLI dumbfounded and he feels embarrassed he can not properly explain it to her.
This prompts him to ask her what her native language is. She is Swedish. He compliments her brilliant accent and in response she smiles and moves her hair to another region of her head. She informs him she is just traveling the country while off from college. They both are heading to Miami, Florida. NAPOLI asks for her name and she tells him in her sexy accent. This throws NAPOLI back in
astonishment. He asks her to repeat 3 times with her accent, she does it too. NAPOLI continues making meaningful conversation with TEL AVIV. By this time TEL AVIV is laughing incredibly hard.
NAPOLI asks AVIV if she has ever heard of lucid dreaming and she replies no. NAPOLI laughs and begins to explain it to her. AVIV begins to understand it more now. They both begin to blush together. AVIV moves noticeably closer to NAPOLI and places her hand on his right knee for 5 seconds flat. NAPOLI chuckles and looks down.
AVIV winks her 3rd eye by crinkling her face in a twisted smile and this alerts NAPOLI. He begins to go into detail about the 3rd eye and the chakras. They both begin to wink their 3rd eyes at each other. They burst out into laughter. NAPOLI is smooth and mesmerizing and AVIV is beginning to fall hard for him quickly.
NAPOLI notices many of the airport patrons observing their conversation or at least the physical cues and reactions of it. He has singlehandedly made the most gorgeous single woman in the entire airport laugh very hard, for almost an hour. AVIV is becoming more and more comfortable with his presence. NAPOLI taps her arm as they laugh together. He asks AVIV what she is studying in college. She says criminal law.
NAPOLI asks her about the day of her birth, the 10th, and goes into another routine. He talks about how Lil Wayne’s birthday is the 27th of September and so his 27th birthday is his power year. NAPOLI’s is supposed to be on his 29th and TEL AVIV’s was her 10th. She doesn’t remember her 10th birthday. She smiles wider and wider. They share a few moments of silent communication. They decide to hold each other’s hand as they sit in silence for the next 10minutes. Their flight is now boarding.
They are seated together as they head towards the plane. She takes a nap on NAPOLI’s right shoulder. 2 hrs later the flight lands in Miami, Florida and NAPOLI gently wakes up TEL AVIV. They take a taxi cab to the hotel AVIV has reserved.
She asks him to stay in the room with her so he can guide her around the city. TEL AVIV laughs and gently kisses his neck. NAPOLI shakes and shudders, it just feels so good and he ultimately deserves it. They both laugh as she pulls NAPOLI into the shower with her.
9 months pass from this date and TEL AVIV is on her way to Sweden to hang out with family. They both intensely hug up as she readies to depart from America for a few months. NAPOLI looks deeply in her eyes as AVIV caresses her soft soothing hands across NAPOLI’s even softer face. AVIV’s flight is now boarding and they engage in a steamy kiss in slow motion. The scene freezes, turns sepia, and then black and white. We cut back to SPENCER and TEL AVIV talking before she met NAPOLI.
Here are some things to keep in mind in deciding whether to give Miranda warnings:
A young or inexperienced person with police officers or the criminal law is more likely to feel he has to answer your questions.
A person is more likely to feel “pressure” to answer questions if he is in “hostile” or unfamiliar surroundings.
If the person is alone, he is more likely to feel pressure and to be in need of warnings than if he is with friends. A suspect’s friends or relatives never substitute for a lawyer anyways.
The time of the day may affect how much pressure the suspect feels; he is more apt to feel pressure late at night or very early in the morning.
The better practice is not to question a suspect unless he signs a “waiver of rights” form which says he understands his rights and agrees to answer questions without the presence of a lawyer.
When warnings are not necessary; you don’t need to give the Miranda warnings before questioning a person who was merely a witness to a crime or who may know something about a crime but who is not a suspect. You don’t have to give warnings before questioning a suspect who has not been deprived of his freedom in any significant way and who knows he is free to terminate the interview at any time.
TEL AVIV writes it down
The following is a suggested set of Miranda warnings, if given clearly and carefully enough, will be found adequate by a court:
Before we ask you any questions, you must understand what your rights are:
You have the right to remain silent. You are not required to say anything to us at any time or to answer any questions. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court.
You have the right to talk to a lawyer for advice before we question you and to have him with you during questioning.
If you cannot afford a lawyer and want one, a lawyer will be provided for you free of charge.
If you want to answer questions now without a lawyer present, you will still have the right to stop answering at any time. You also have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to a lawyer.
TEL AVIV writes it down
Don’t promise a suspect you will help him if he confesses. Don’t suggest to a suspect you will let others harm him unless he confesses. Be careful about lies and trickery. Physical abuse in any form is forbidden.
TEL AVIV writes it down and we cut back to the present moment with NAPOLI back in his car’s back seat smoking his cigarettes.
By this time he is rolling yet another one, the flashback was kind of long. NAPOLI finishes rolling his cigarette and he pulls out his yellow lighter to dry it off a little bit. He puts the cigarette in his mouth, lights it and the smoke serves as the transition effect. We cut to a depiction of FRED HAMPTON’s murder by corrupt police officers. A news reporter narrates this part of the story. FRED HAMPTON, sleeping in his bed before 5AM and after 2AM while police break into his house and open fire. They claim others inside the house shot 1st yet no bullets support their claims. They label it more of a shoot in than an actual shoot out. HAMPTON’s bed is soaked in blood and his hand is on his shotgun as he is killed. Once the story concludes we cut back to NAPOLI. Until the cigarette burns out NAPOLI’s inner mind narrates a bunch of useful and applicable quotes to the audience. The cigarette is finished and NAPOLI phones JARVIS.
NAPOLI heads into the building as an armed security guard opens the door for him. NAPOLI chooses the staircase over the elevator. He reaches the 3rd floor, exits the staircase and knocks on the door where the meeting is being held. NAPOLI awaits patiently as JARVIS opens the door for him. Only NAPOLI and JARVIS are involved in this meeting. NAPOLI and JARVIS walk over to a table full of blueprints and architect illustrations.
JARVIS points over to a story board sitting on top of a tripod in the room’s center. NAPOLI flips over the white sheet covering up the storyboard. As NAPOLI unveils the storyboard containing their secretive plan; we cut to the plan’s beginning phase. 2 teams are in motion; NAPOLI is in charge of the 1st blow to a local NYC police station while JARVIS is head of ‘operation hack the dispatch’. NAPOLI is kneeling down in an empty NYC alleyway. He is wearing a bulletproof vest, a black handkerchief over his mouth and a hideous gas mask over his face.
NAPOLI pulls out a school security walkie talkie and speaks into it. NAPOLI opens up his duffle bag containing 25 smoke grenades and 25 actual war grenades. He also pulls out a wooden board on 4 wheels with 5 grenades embedded inside of it, they are remote controlled grenades. He also pulls out the remote and puts it in his pocket, safeguarded.
He loads up his 3 tranquilizer guns and walks up the side of the police precinct. He walks to the front door, arms some poison gas canisters, throws them inside the precinct and calmly walks back to his position on the building’s side.
He kneels down and aims his tranq guns in the same direction the cops investigating the disturbance will exit the building in. At 1st 3 police officers exit the building and all 3 are shot down with tranquilizers 1 after the other. NAPOLI rushes into the building with 5 other armed, disguised assailants and all 5 arm and throw 1 smoke grenade each. They use their thermal energy goggles to shoot as many officers with the darts as possible.
11 officers in the lobby are down within 2minutes and NAPOLI heads down the hall with his grenades as his team members tie up and drag the sleeping officers out of the building. NAPOLI pulls out his walkie talkie and speaks calmly into it. He calls for the back up vans to take their positions.
NAPOLI is in the hallway and presses the elevator buttons. He places wooden brigades in between the doors so the elevators can not be called up to other floors. He places 2 grenades into the 1 brigade-less elevator, enters it, summons it to floor 4, robbery homicide and
exits the elevator. He now runs to the stairwell and arms 5 smoke grenades as well as 5 war grenades inside the stairwell.
The plan is done and by now all the darted officers are now in the van “safely secured.” Before NAPOLI exits the building he sets down his “explosive skateboard”. As NAPOLI rushes out of the building and busts the corner, he witnesses the van turning a faraway corner, success is near. NAPOLI heads back to his alleyway hideout and undresses. He puts his change of clothes and shoes on, dons different sun shades and places his bag in some nearby bushes.
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2023.03.25 17:28 TheRagingRapids A310 spawned at the gate crashes my game on Xbox every single time.

I’m just beyond frustrated, it’s amazing how great and horrible this game is at the same time. I saw how detailed the a310 was stoked to start learning it. I’ve tried numerous times now and haven’t been able to a single flight from a cold and dark start up. I can spawn it on the runway and it works fine for the most part but for some reason I literally can’t seem to start at the gate. It’s not the plane messing up like the batteries running out or whatever but it’s the game freezing glitching, and then crashing.
Like I kid you not every single time I spend a lot of time setting up the FMC and then every single time my game crashes on the taxi or when getting to the runway. I’ve tried about 10-15 times now across multiple days and the game crashed every single time. I’ve restarted the game and my console multiple times, I’ve reinstalled the game, I cleared the rolling cache or whatever, I even messed with the settings and turned off live traffic, weather, and airport vehicle/worker density. But it still crashes every single time. Literally haven’t been able to do one start up to take off. The closest I made it is when I actually got to the runway and when I set takeoff thrust the plane like refused to move even tho the airspeed was and then when I opened the pause menu to try to mess with settings it wouldn’t let me close it so I had to restart the game.
Is there anything I can do or am I just screwed? I would really like to start learning the plane but I’m not wanting to spawn on the runway and hog it up while I fill out my FMC every time I fly.
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2023.03.25 17:28 TheMysteryAntelope 30 [M4F] #Washington - Want intelligent babies? Attractive 6'0 athletic Caucasian donor with 150 IQ, family history of health and longevity, high quality genetics

Hey there everyone! My name is Andrew. I'm a 30 year old Caucasian male with brown hair and brown eyes (though I also carry blue eyed genes and have blonde sisters). I love the outdoors and I'm a runner. I am 6'0 with an athletic build. I have attractive facial features and was a very cute child. I have a high energy level, I'm extroverted and possess good social skills. I have zero family or personal history of mental illness of any kind. I have a family history of longevity. I do not do drugs, and I rarely even consume alcohol. I've never had an STD. While those qualities by themselves are not that rare, what sets my genetics apart is that I have an IQ above the 99.9th percentile (right around 150 for tests with a 15 point standard deviation). I'm a member of the high IQ society called the Triple Nine Society, for people who score at or above the 99.9th percentile on standardized tests of intelligence. Individuals possessing an IQ as high as mine, along with the other desirable genetic qualities I have are exceedingly rare.
Research suggests that intelligence is highly heritable, so the odds are very good that my genetics will have a strong positive influence on the traits of intelligence the baby inherits, though it also depends on the woman's genetics as well.
I work in the medical field and have a great interest in learning about the world around me. Academically, I had an interest in almost every subject in school but my strongest subjects were math and science. Both myself and all three of my siblings were standout students in high school. Two of my younger siblings were valedictorians and one went on to attend an Ivy League school. I ran cross country, wrestled and played tennis in high school, then went on to run college cross country. I still keep active through running and to date I have ran five marathons and one ultramarathon (100km). I also have a lot of outdoor hobbies which include: rock climbing, cliff jumping, swimming, kayaking, hiking and camping. I eat healthy and have always made healthy lifestyle choices throughout my life.
I have ADHD, which means my brain is wired differently than most people and I am considered neurodivergent. This is part of the reason for my active lifestyle and high energy level, besides my conscious commitment to live healthily with the goal of living a long and healthy life. I tend to be drawn to new and novel things, and I am easily drawn to things that engage my attention or curiosity. I always tested extremely well in school, but I found most coursework very easy and boring. While I was an honor student, it was more challenging for my parents to raise me compared to my other siblings, as being a child with ADHD meant that I had an even higher energy level than most children and was distractable, headstrong and stubborn.
The fact that I have ADHD does mean there is an increased chance that a child conceived with my sperm may have it as well. I have conceived two children of my own, and while neither have been tested yet, based on behavior shown as they have grown and developed, one of them likely has ADHD, while the other likely does not. I personally value the mental resilience and optimistic mindset that I attribute in part to the mental wiring I possess from the ADHD condition. Due to my insatiable curiosity and proclivity towards seeking novel experiences, I am very motivated towards trying new things, making new friends, traveling, and learning new skills, thoughts and ideas. I'm the only one of my siblings to have traveled outside of North America, as I've been to China, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I should hope that if any other child born from my sperm does inherit ADHD, they would look at it positively as well and embrace it as a part of what makes them unique.
I live in Spokane, Washington, USA. I am willing to travel within the Spokane area to meet with interested sperm donation recipients, but if you are from outside the Pacific Northwest, you'll need to either travel to me or pay me for my time and expenses in traveling to you. I will waive all parental rights and obligations (I have a donor agreement I use) and am not interested in anything like coparenting or being a part of the process of raising the child. I will ask for updates and photos of the child as they grow up, and will provide a way to keep in touch for that communication. I would like to be able to meet the child once they turn 18 if they are interested in it, and I'm open to some contact before age 18 as well. Essentially what I'm interested in is providing a service by helping out individuals or couples who are looking for a sperm donor with the best genetics they can get.
Happy to share pictures of myself via private message.
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2023.03.25 17:28 TwoShotsLad3 So, what is the best conversation starter here in your opinion?

Normally in person, when meeting someone new, I would begin by saying hello, how they are, and depending on the circumstances, ask for example "what do you study?" "what brought you to visiting here", etc.
But here, we don't really have too much of that. Normally here, I begin by introducing myself a bit and asking something about one thing they're interested in. But I'm not entirely sure if that's the best way to go about it. I know saying "hi, how are you?" isn't a good opener either, but I also feel like introducing myself and asking something about one of their interests might be a bit too much of an opener perhaps?
I've always struggled with this aspect here, so I would really appreciate if someone would tell me what the best way to go about it is, thank you! :D

PS: I'm more than down to make friends here (as the subreddit applies xD), so I'll also introduce myself a bit:
I'm a 20 year old very energetic and caring person that wants everyone to have a good time. My hobbies/interests include: Gaming (obviously, everyone does this), which include FPS games like Apex Legends, Valorant, CSGO, Overwatch etc. Open world games which include Valheim, Minecraft, Dying Light, 7 Days to Die, etc. (but there are a ton more of course). Photography, which is one I've only begun doing like 3 years ago and am still going it amateurly and for fun haha :D Exercising, which I've been trying to do more of for a long time. Editing videos, which is another passion of mine and one which I'm always looking to improve at. And I guess recently I've started making food more, so... guess that's one of the things?
I would prefer if you were in the European or close to those time-zones, but other time zones work as well if we don't have a problem chatting. But yeah, that is quite a lengthy introduction to myself, so... DM me if you think I look like a person that you might vibe with! :D
Also sorry for the long post. I got a bit carried away haha 😅
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2023.03.25 17:28 Blue_Fairae Restrained a student and now SpEd admin are middle managing

I am a behavior support specialist in elementary school. We had a 5th grade student with very extreme behaviors, low cognitive and adaptive scores, commiserate academics. Violent, aggressive, threats to kill all of us when they are upset. The student had previously been emergency expelled after attacking staff, mainly to automatically trigger a manifestation. The entire team asks for a change in placement to a self contained program that is specifically for students like this one. Parents are sad at the idea of the student not finishing elementary school with us but on board. District admin says no because they don't want to move someone so close to the end of the year and their last few months of elementary.
Fast forward 1.5 weeks later. Student comes in the building. Immediately refusing to move from the entry. Mom takes them home to regulate. They come back about 45 minutes later. Still refusing to move from the entry way. After about 30 minutes we are able to get the student to a conference room in the office. Mom leaves. The student isn't happy about being at school. We remind them how close they are to their big reward, showing the reward chart. They continue escalating. At one point they were being unsafe standing on the back of a chair so I move from the doorway to stand near them and print to get off the chair as it isn't safe. They lunge at me scratching, kicking at trying to bite. My PA comes to help we are using a gym mat to separate the student from us while keeping eyes on. They come and jump, reaching over the mat and grab my PA's chest and are squeezing and twisting. I move to the student, grab their arm in the way taught in CPI to control and use the wall next to us to control their body so I can use my other arm to help free my PA. So student's side was against the wall, my body on the other side holding their arm, while they continued to try and bite me. As soon as we got the student to release my PA, I let go and we moved away again using the mats to separate/protect until Mom arrived. They were trying to hit/kick us the whole time. Continued for about another 45 minutes until Mom got them to the car, still escalated and saying they wouldn't leave until we were all bloody on the ground. Super fun. Area coordinator comes, watches the video of the incident and says we did everything right.
Student was EEd again and is now moving to our virtual learning program for the remainder of the year. We offer SpEd services in our virtual program.
Fast forward another week and a half. SpEd coordinator and behavior coordinator, neither of whom are my coordinator (we have a very admin heavy district), come and are mad because I used the wall and said so in my paperwork. They just kept asking why we didn't move to a 2 person hold instead. There wasn't a safe way to do that with the student's level of escalation. Maybe if we had 3 people we could have while they were grabbing my PAs chest (her entire breast was swollen and bruised), but we didn't. The only other trained person is the principal who was in a training. Now my PA and I have to do a CPI refresher and I am pissed because I feel like they are throwing us under the bus when this could have been prevented if they had moved the student to a program staffed with people who are specifically trained to deal with incidents like this like we asked.
Now my state is talking about making all restraints illegal. People are going to be hurt. The student in this situation was not hurt at all. No bruises or anything according to mom. I had several scratches from when I initially went in and was trying to back away, not from when I did the hold. The PA is still sore. District admin were going to have the student come back to us until Mom suggested our virtual program and mom was saying she thought it would be better to keep staff safe. Mom is not upset at all and appreciates everything we have done for her child. When will we start doing what is right for student's instead of focusing on full inclusion and reducing suspensions to the point where the students aren't getting the supports they need and there are no consequences for their actions.
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2023.03.25 17:27 FitInvestigator5945 YOUNG MONEY FILMS

happy and grateful now I am working on 5 films with Eli Roth and Q. Tarantino.
• I am so happy and grateful I am President of Young Money Film Division courtesy of GOD, Myself and lil Wayne aka Tunechi my favorite mentor
• I am so happy and grateful my published book containing the animation and feature film script and treatment has been received by lil Wayne in NYC jail hassle free and he is in the process of contacting me to fly me out to get paperwork done
• I am so happy and grateful my first published feature film script was picked up and optioned and I was paid $1,000,000 for it quickly as if it were destined
• I am so happy and grateful lil Wayne wasted no time whatsoever in reaching back out to me in letting me become part of Young Money
• I am so happy and grateful the Young Money and Cash Money family supports my passion and looks out for me while welcoming me into their family, which I appreciate so franking much.
• Just in case- 678.760.0704 [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]),
• The number 1 characteristic of an alpha male is the smile and I can’t help but smile wider than usual after actually sending this to you
• The only way to really get signed with Young Money is to feel like I already am and I really do feel like Young Money Film’s newest phenom
• Whether you decide to meet me or not, at least contact me and let me know pls. It would be greatly appreciated and I really hope you at least received this.
8/12/2010 9:28:22 PM
“You can’t be broke and happy, so me I’m MAD RICH”- “Throw it in the Bag” from “No Ceilings”
Dear Wayne,
I condensed 5 intro pages into 1 to catch your attention. (Later on the 5 pages can be read in full.) Basically, I am 20, graduated high school in 2008. If YOUNG MONEY FILMS exist, I want to work my way up to the highest available position. My passions are reading, writing and speaking. I have been writing original poems since I was 7.
You are such a mobile and goal oriented person, it’s challenging to get something in your hands, no homo. The purpose of this publication is to convey to you, Wayne, how valuable I believe I am regarding YOUNG MONEY FILM’s eternal success. With the right amount of experience I can be a serious threat, a real serious threat. On an interview you mentioned wanting to step in front of the camera a likkle more (likkle Wayne). Out of all the Hollywood studios I would prefer to enter Hollywood thru YOUNG MONEY FILMS and if given the chance, I’ll personally make sure you earn a billion units of currency due to our organized efforts. I just want your co-sign. What Baby did for you, I want a similar opportunity. If by some GODLY force your eyes are actually feasting upon this written material, my biggest dreams are being realized. On your “Behind the Music” you said “being able to say I was CASH MONEY were some of the happiest moments of my life.” In my bedroom closet I have 52 pictures for inspiration while writing movies and you’re on 12 out of 52.
I imagine just how wonderful it actually feels to be “Young Money FILMS”. On the original “I want dis forever” Drake said “I’m so UN-SIGNED; it would blow one’s mind.” And on the “official” “Forever”, he was YOUNG MONEY. I want to earn my way there. So if this never reached you, you would never know how crushed I truly am, my eyes are becoming teary but I deserve everything I receive. So if I deserve at Least 1 physical audition to prove my value to your camp, please grant it.
If you can not feel my passion through these pages then I ask you to fly me out to your location once free from prison. You will definitely sense my passion in person. On your “weezy thanx you” website you requested fans only send you 1 page letters but I am a business partner thus, an entire published book. I thank you for at least opening it. So I want to end the introduction briefly summarizing 3 movie ideas I am currently outlining.
“Ah Hell Naw!” An original idea courtesy of YOUNG MONEY FILMS: I’m walking around my old job carrying a notebook and it got me thinking, the scariest thing to a creative artist would be if something was hell bent on stealing my ideas. Like Wayne just imagine, some devilish creature ACTUALLY stealing your rhymes before you can record them and completely wiping your memory of it. It never fails; a creature whose purpose was to steal your drive, your passions, your hobbies, is basically stealing your life force.
5 They just leave you lethargic. To some people, this is worse than death. The theme and moral is “chores don’t kill, so get them done.”
  1. Steven Spielberg scared the crap out of the world with “Jaws”. The next YOUNG MONEY FILMS
commercial hit is this: over the last million years, the oceans began drying up and sharks began evolving to live on land. They operate like big cats do basically. Where “Jaws” made it unsafe for people to swim, this makes it unsafe for people to be outside period. That’s what makes it so scary, in “Jaws” you had to swim to be a victim, here it is so different. It’s not realistic but once immersed in the story, you are so happy it may never happen. And if Sharks do in fact evolve to live on land, we called it 1st with GOD’s help here at YOUNG MONEY. These sharks pounce like tigers, lions and panthers. They evolve to the point where they have wings. It will be a fantasy and all the explanations come from evolution, not genetic mutation, that’s outdated. Where the Jaws poster had the shark swallowing a person from the bottom, our film will have the Great white shark swallowing the person from the top; he’s flying down. I see so much potential in this film particularly. Monday, August 09, 2010 8/9/2010 4:24:54 PM
The Blockkk is Hot Volume 1, Episode 1: Running from the Police
3 African American teenage males are being pulled over for a “routine” traffic stop. The on duty officers are white of course. The responding officer calls in for backup to even out the citizen to police officer ratio. 2 more police squad cars arrive on the scene. An officer from the 2nd squad car walks slowly to the left side, watching the back seat passenger. The 1st officer runs the vehicle’s license plate for warrants and or tickets. The initial police officer finally gets out of his car and walks over to the driver of the vehicle.
The 1st officer asks the driver for his driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. The driver is extremely nervous but nonetheless he complies. The officer receives the information and walks back over to his squad car. The officer from the 3rd car walks over to the 1st officer’s car door. They both engage in conversation over what they are allowed to do with the “suspects”.
The three African American males observe their environment and notice the 2nd police officer watching over them. Suddenly a van carrying 6, including the driver, African American adult males armed with specialized weapons notices the scene. They pull over on
the opposite side of the road several hundred feet away from the “traffic” stop.
They drop off 2 passengers, each armed with a high powered sniper rifle to “spot” them. The other 4 passengers viciously load, cock and aim their sub- machine guns towards the “innocent” police officers. The 2 snipers each aim at their respective officer’s head and fire. This leaves 2 of the 3 officers down and fatally injured.
The African American teenage male located in the backseat is the first to notice the 2nd officer as he falls to the ground. Blood is sprayed on the window and in his view. The 2nd officer is hit by the 2nd sniper and his accurate hollow point bullet. This scares the 1st officer shit-less because he is closest to the 2nd officer and is now the only one left alive. The van full of single purpose driven cop killers is now side by side the 1st squad car and the 3 armed passengers already have their door open. These same gunmen riddle the officer with one round of semi automatic bullets. The officer is not able to return fire quickly enough and thus never stood a chance.
While this is going on, the 3 African American teenage males are jumping in their seats. They then all duck down because they have no idea what is going on. They realize the police officers are under fire but they don’t know from who, why, and if they themselves are also targets.
They are obviously not because if they were, they too would be slumped in their vehicle as well. The 3 armed passengers leave their sub machine guns in the van, only take 1 silenced pistol and one 9mm with them as they exit the van.
The cop killers pull the 1st police officer’s dead corpse from “his” squad car and lay him on the 2nd officer in an assumed homosexual position as a joke. Each cop killer relocates into a squad car and prepares to drive off. Right at this moment another squad car is seen driving down the road at a calm pace. The new squad car slows down to investigate the interesting scene. The gunman in the bloodiest squad car cocks and aims both his pistols at the new squad car as a defensive tactic.
It is now revealed the driver of the investigating squad car is JARVIS, the 2nd in command of this “elite” and
“exquisitely prepared operation”. JARVIS rolls down the window and smiles at his soldiers. He tells the soldiers to “keep up the outstanding progress” and drives off as he turns on the police car sirens and flashing lights.
The 1st gunman walks over to the teenager’s car and returns his driver license. He tells the driver he is free to go, his license is clean and hands him a brochure to attend a meeting based on what they just witnessed here. As the 3 gunmen drive off calmly in all different directions the camera freezes and the title credits roll. The “Tyga Tyga song La La La Boom” song plays as the credits play out.
Once the credits finish we cut to JARVIS meditating silently and alone in his bedroom closet. We observe him taking his 1st 5 deep inhalations and exhalations. We cut to JARVIS in his high school cafeteria in the 11th grade. JARVIS is sitting at a table filled with people chattering about him, about others, to him and to others. He is bored of this and gets up to throw away his empty food tray.
He tells his table he will meet them after school lets out as he heads to the library. JARVIS heads into the school library and gives the librarian his school identification. He observes a class sitting with their teacher at the middle of the library receiving a lecture of some sort. He walks over to the student computer area and takes a seat. He logs into his account and pulls up internet explorer 8. He googles afro centricity and is taken to
The talking drum website is full of an abundance of detailed information regarding America’s race relations “policies”. He clicks on a tab titled “Cointelpro” identifying what Cointelpro really is. He reads on Cointelpro until the lunch bell rings 15minutes later.
He has 25 pages left and he prints out 5 pages on Cointelpro and exits the library after picking up his heaven sent information. He walks into his class and as he enters the room, the camera doesn’t follow him in. We cut back to JARVIS meditating in his closet. We see JARVIS taking 5 more breaths before we cut to him giving an arousing speech at a nearby youth center in a NYC neighborhood.
We cut back to JARVIS meditating. JARVIS stands up, puts a shirt on and exits the closet. He has his loaded shotgun strapped around his back safely to avoid shooting himself. He sits at his study desk and draws out the final blueprints of his latest plans. On top his bookshelf, away from the other books are 2 books on police dispatching systems and 1 book on proper grenade usage and handling.
We cut to a group of armed soldiers exiting a black “cable company” van. 4 African American males pull ghostface masks over their faces, load their automatic rifles and with heavy determination enter a doomed police precinct. There are 4 men on the “bad side”: CARLOS, JOSE, ALEX and DANIEL. CARLOS is the commanding officer of this particular squad and enters the building with DANIEL by his side. They both waste no time in firing upon the innocent and ignorant police officers.
They really have little time to execute their plans due to the visibility of their artillery and their face masks. CARLOS shoots 3 cops in the face, neck and back, back to back to back. DANIEL takes out 2 more officers with his rifle while ALEX throws a smoke grenade over DANIEL’s shoulder. JOSE equips himself to ALEX’s right side and throws an armed war grenade into the hallway of the police station. Just as the upstairs officers head downstairs with their game face on, they are blown away “right on time”.
As the smoke fills up the room, all 4 assailants release heavy fire upon the hidden police officers even more. They hear more screams from the cops and are now unsure how many more they have killed. They all head outside of the police station through the front door. CARLOS radios the driver, JARVIS, to return and pick them up. As JARVIS pulls up, they all notice back up police officer squad cars stopping on the corner to “engage” them in battle.
Just then, JARVIS jumps out of the vehicle, mask on his face, grenade launcher in hand and aims steadily at the cop cars. He successfully blows them all up. The explosion knocks everyone except JARVIS to the ground. They all get up, get inside the van and drive off. JARVIS is happier at this outcome than one may expect or be able to stomach.
We now cut to a black screen reading: “Chapter 1, Laying Plans”. Cut to JARVIS standing at the head of a table with a room full of warriors listening to his every word. He explains the process of war, “it is an art”.
We cut to JARVIS and CARLOS walking in front of a different police station with land mines in their hands. They kneel down together and each plant 5 mines in a line as a trap. They then both throw 3 smoke grenades and 2 war grenades into the police station. They both walk away calmly to the corner where ALEX is waiting in the van.
As they open the van door, the 4 grenades blow up and 2 dead officers are blasted into the empty street. As they close the van door they notice the smoke exiting the building and 5 officers run out of the building in fear and curiosity. All 5 of these oblivious officers activate a separate land mine and are effectively terminated in the blast. The van drives off away from the “unwarranted chaos”. JARVIS is still seen laughing uncontrollably or giggling like a giddy little school girl, whichever feels best. We cut back to JARVIS’ lesson plans.
We cut to JARVIS speaking to an African American militant sniper about an upcoming battle. 3 police cruisers responding to an “emergency call” park on the block. JARVIS asks the sniper, SUNNY, if he is ready and SUNNY responds in the affirmative. JARVIS walks down the stairs as he polishes his left oozy. He puts it in his left gun shoulder strap and then pulls out his right oozy. He tells himself “One at a time JARVIS, just one at a time. All things come to those who act as if and who believe in CHRIST.”
JARVIS walks through bushes taller than him quietly enough to position himself right next to an unsuspecting officer. The officer’s partner notices the oozy barrel sticking out of the bush and right when he opens his mouth; BOOM! The sniper’s 1st kill assisted JARVIS’ 1st kill. As the 1st officer investigates his partner’s body, JARVIS guns him down with the oozy. Since 2 officers have been gunned down, the remaining 4 officers call in for back up as they are engaged in heavy gunfire.
Now they realize it is a horrible set up by armed
citizens. JARVIS shoots the windshield to pieces while SUNNY shoots down one more officer. This leaves 2 more and JARVIS precisely pitches an armed grenade into the squad car. SUNNY the sniper takes out the last squad car with a rocket launcher. (This is designed to make the audience laugh due to dramatic irony; neither JARVIS nor the cops know a rocket launcher has entered the equation). JARVIS is blown 5 feet away from the site. The scene freezes and cuts back to JARVIS and his lesson plans.
We cut to JARVIS and ALEX driving in the by now so recognizable van, not to the police but to the audience. They park the car 50 yards away from a police officer occupied with giving someone a ticket. JARVIS exits the van, loads up his favorite pink sniper rifle, aims it at the officer’s head and positions himself.
Just in case the officer has a partner in the passenger side ALEX loads his sniper rifle, aims it where the passenger would exit the vehicle and alerts JARVIS of his readiness. JARVIS executes the cop and as the bullet exits the chamber, the camera zooms out, pans over to the cop’s perspective and the officer then falls to the ground. We cut back to JARVIS’ lesson plans.
JARVIS Always remember lack of planning brings about defeat.
We cut to a high school lecture given by a retiring police officer dated 2 weeks before the 1st attack on the police forces officially commenced. 20 students enter into their criminal justice 2nd period one after the other. As they position themselves into their seats, their teacher, Mr. BRADLEY, announces the day’s special guest. Officer O’Charley begins his lecture. A student, DESTIN, asks the officer a question about his utility belt. Officer O’Charley answers DESTIN’s question.
We cut to a masked gunman brandishing a double barreled shotgun. He is walking behind an unsuspecting police officer giving a traffic ticket on the side of the road. The criminal shoots the officer in the head and neck twice in rapid succession, as it should be. He then steals the officer’s car and drives off calmly.
We cut back to Officer O’Charley’s school lesson. He is explaining the obvious usefulness of his handcuffs. We cut to 2 officers responding to an “emergency call” at a local residence. A white couple is arguing outside at each other with a bat and a machete in their hands. The police officers exit the car and immediately brandish their trusty firearms.
They ask the couple to put their weapons away and step over to the vehicle. 2 masked white men in all black clothing ambush the bitch ass police officers. The 1st white man, TJ, shoots the 1st cop in the neck with a tranq gun. As the next officer turns around to investigate and then shoot, the other white man DARWIN guts him like a fish with his freshly sharpened Katana.
TJ walks over to the “sleeping” officer and handcuffs him with his own handcuffs. DARWIN ties a black bag over his head, ties a rope around his neck extra tight and he and TJ lift the officers one by one back into their cars. TJ and DARWIN get in the squad car, drive it to the corner and park it sideways; blocking the road off partially. As they exit the car they each arm 2 grenades, leave them in the car and walk back down to the crime scene as the car explodes. The explosion serves as the transition to the next scene.
We see Officer O’Charley answering a question from student ADAM WAGNER concerning his upcoming retirement. Officer O’Charley informs ADAM of his gut feeling to leave the force. He feels something horrible is being plotted by “horrible” people. He then goes on to say he could just be “horribly wrong.” We cut to JARVIS, once again laying out the “business plans”. We cut to 5 police officers inside a police precinct discussing recent arrests. Their names are STEVEN, NICOLAS, JACK, WILLIAM TYRELL and TOMMY LEE.
STEVEN So I’m taking this guy in for disturbing the peace and being drunk in public right, and all of sudden he decides to puke all over my back seat. It was just so disgusting man, like seriously. How am I supposed to drive that car around town now? I kind of wished I had just left him be. TOMMY LEE Ah man STEVEN that’s nothing bro. I responded to a call about 3 months ago, epileptic seizure or something of that nature. Right as the paramedics arrive on the scene this lady starts puking in my arms. NICOLAS puts his arm around TOMMY LEE’s shoulder as he
pokes fun at him, smile on his face
NICOLAS I didn’t even know people could vomit while under seizures. TOMMY LEE shifts his position so he and NICOLAS are having a heart to heart conversation. NICOLAS’ arm falls off of TOMMY LEE’s shoulder as a result.
TOMMY LEE I know right! That’s exactly what I’m saying. I know now though. But all in all though, I gave that nice lady some comfort in her time of need so it’s not a big deal at all. Now you on the other hand STEVEN...that shit’s just funny as fuck. At this moment the police station door opens and 5 ball- like items are slung violently in all directions inside the building. The officers are still trying to figure out what is happening when the items start fulfilling their purposes. One item is a homemade tear gas canister, another is a smoke grenade, one is a poison gas canister and two are live, war grenades designed to maim, kill and neutralize. The 5 officers along with the rest of the people inside the building begin to gag, choke, cough and suffocate before the grenade blows them up.
We cut back to JARVIS and his lesson plans.
JARVIS Ok so, Chapter 3: Attacking by stratagem; the easiest part. JARVIS pulls the sides of his sports jacket closer together symbolizing his inner confidence.
JARVIS So here are the rules: if our forces are 10 to our enemy’s 1, we surround him.
We cut to a white male in all blue and a gas mask walking up very quickly to a local police precinct. He pulls out 5 ball like items from his bag, drops the bag and opens the police station double doors. He launches all 4 weapons into the police station, closes the door, picks up his bag and makes a dash for the corner. A black cable van arrives to pick him up. He enters the vehicle and they drive off as the explosions occur. We cut to a police officer walking out of a coffee shop with a brew in his hand. We see a white man in all black with a Halloween mask on smashing the cop’s squad car up with a spiked baseball bat. The cop, outraged, brandishes his pistol after dropping his coffee on the ground.
Freeze bitch! Hands up now! What the fuck do you think you’re doing man? What’s wrong with you man? Are you insane? ZACHARY JUKEL I didn’t do it...I fucking swear. It was a black dude. ZACK puts his hands up after dropping the bat. 10 machine gun brandishing African American militants appear from around the corner and gun down OFFICER DALY with immense ease.
ZACK What took you all so long man? I was almost dead! CORNELIUS He wasn’t going to kill you JUKEL man, you white. ZACK Yea, bet. CORNELIUS Let’s lift this sack of shit up and place his ass on top of his squad car, since he cares ‘bout it so much. Both ZACK and CORNELIUS lift up the dead officer on top of his cruiser. ZACK pours gasoline all over his body and inside the car. CORNELIUS strikes a match and throws it inside the car and the big group disperses before the flames attract more officers and firemen.
CORNELIUS Ok, this motherfucker’s toast, let’s skedaddle. We cut back to JARVIS explaining the plans. We cut to an interracial teenage couple sitting on a couch listening to music playing from a white laptop.
CARTER How was economics today SASHA? SASHA Oh it was just grand (very enthusiastically) Mr. Woods is just so freaking entertaining man. He was telling us of a story about a student he had on the 1st day of school a few years ago. He was an Asian student drinking water out a tall, plastic bottle. Mr. Woods kept noticing the student laughing and blurting out random nonsense right? CARTER Um hum, keep going. SASHA So Mr. Woods walks over to the student’s desk, picks up the bottle, opens it and smells it. He then figured out it was some sort of hard liquor and had to suspend the student. So his moral was water only, but he had to be allowed to smell it first. It was much funnier coming straight from him. I mean, his facial expressions are priceless man. CARTER Yea, that was pretty entertaining. You do a great job SASHA. You really do. SASHA leans in to kiss CARTER on the lips. She puts her hand on his cheek and keeps it there longer than
necessary which shows how much she does adore him.
SASHA Ok, now your turn boo, tell me a funny story taking place in high school pls.
CARTER looks up and to the right, gathers the appropriate memory and begins.
CARTER Ok, I have one. CARTER sits up straight to better illustrate his short tale.
CARTER My junior year at Salem, there was this new girl from Upstate New York. Her name was BELINDA SOSA. People called her BELLA. Boy was she beautiful, but nevertheless, we never ever spoke. So one day I’m talking to DIAMOND, a good friend of mine, after school and she gives me BELLA’s phone number. This was when I had a boost mobile cell phone and BELLA also had a Nextel. So that allowed us to chirp each other. You know about chirping right? SASHA You mean the walkie talkie feature right? CARTER Yes, exactly. So anyway right, later on that night I decide to engage in premature acts known commonly as prank calling. She has no idea who I am so I chirp her every morning as I walk to the bus stop right. Next thing you know her popular boy friend, TREY NEWTON, chirped me back and said he was hell bent on whooping my ass.
SASHA leans in closer to CARTER’s chin, looks up at him with a smile on her face and asks him
SASHA So were you in the least bit afraid? CARTER Oh yes, he was so popular, I was like ‘maybe I should stop soon.’ SASHA So did you stop then? CARTER Hell to the fuck Nah. Both SASHA and CARTER share a hearty laugh together. CARTER One day she chirps me and uses my full name, CARTER SIMMONS. SASHA’s eyes widen up in complete surprise and suspense. CARTER I was like, what in the hell? I was so scared man, like how’d she get my whole government name? Turns out when I chirped her, my information was also sent to her. By then it was a little too late but I still decided to change my information for future reference purposes. CARTER So a few days later I’m in the lunchroom, standing in a long line waiting to buy a lunch. All of a sudden, bleep bleep, my phone starts going off. Somebody was chirping me. The 1st thing
popping in my mind was ‘hell nah, this girl trying to find me. She’s trying to jam a nigga up man.’ She almost had me too. I figured she was also in the lunchroom somewhere so I secretly pull my phone out and turn that bitch off. Maybe I wasn’t slick enough and she had somebody looking out for me and they saw me. So after school as I’m walking down the stairs to my bus I turn my phone back on and chirp her. We made jokes about how she almost caught me. She called me a punk for being afraid of her boyfriend. SASHA So where’s the climax and resolution? I wanna finish nibbling on your ears and once it’s out of my system, you can return the favor. Only if that’s cool with you though. CARTER So here’s the end; I’m in literature class sitting at a table full of women, as it should be. All of a sudden TIFFANY GREEN walks over to me and asks me; ‘are you CARTER SIMMONS?’ and I’m like Noooo. She then says ‘yes you are man!’ then I say ‘yes I am but why.’ She just says ‘oh no reason.’ I pretty much figured out what was going on because I recognized TIFFANY as part of BELLA’s clique. So a few days later I’m posted up eating lunch away from the cafeteria and all of a sudden BOOM! Both TIFFANY and BELLA walk up to me and it so shocked me SASHA. I promise SASHA, I didn’t faint but it was intense. BELLA’s just there smiling all in my face like we’re friends and everything. At that point, the chirp fest was over, my game was up. She had figured me out with the help of a friend. Had TIFFANY never been in my lit. class it probably could’ve gone on much longer too. So before she walked away I screamed out ‘BELLA’, she turns around and I continued ‘did you think I was going to hurt you?’ She shook her head no and called me a pussy. We never spoke after this but if she did see me, I’m sure she laughed to herself. Ok so story over SASHA, my ear’s ready.
SASHA laughs and continues to nibble on CARTER’s ear.
We cut to JARVIS laying plans.
JARVIS If we know our enemy and know ourselves, we don’t have to fear the result of a hundred battles. If we know ourselves but not our enemy, for every victory gained we will also suffer a defeat. And if we know neither the enemy nor ourselves, we will succumb in every single ...motherfucking battle. And that is just not acceptable.
We cut to a dark room. We only hear muffled voices. The sliding door opens up and the light is turned on. We see 10 officer’s arms tied to the ceiling. They are all standing on top of folding chairs and are gagged and blindfolded. 5 masked figures brandishing Katana swords close the door back and begin attacking the police officers. The 1st militant begins yelling “AW!” out loud while aiming his Katana at a cop’s belly. He goes into a complete rage, kicking the chair from underneath several officers and gutting the officers like helpless fish. They are extremely helpless at this point. They can’t even see what is coming their way. The remaining 4 militants decide to shoot the
officers in their heads instead of dooming them to the fate their crazed comrade has in store for them. The psycho militant’s name is DARIUS.
DARIUS Ok, I’m hungry, who’s up for dinner? SAMMIE I don’t see myself eating until at least 24 hrs. EDDIE Yea, I think I’m going to be sick. DARIUS Enchiladas it is then!
Cut back to JARVIS laying plans. We cut to CHARLEY, a 19 year old college student sitting at his dining room table. He is eating lunch before work and SAM PAGE, his mother’s boyfriend, enters the apartment. They begin talking about how PAGE is suspended from work for 3 days because some one snitched on him. Someone at his job has also been taking the caps off of his rims and he suspects the snitch to be in on it as well.
PAGE heads into the master bedroom to shower up and change. CHARLEY looks up as the door closes, smirks to himself and continues to eat his blueberry waffles. We cut back to JARVIS and his dictation.
JARVIS Ok groupies, chapter 5, energy. Controlling a large force uses the same exact principles as controlling a few men; it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers. Fighting with a large army under your command is no different than fighting with a small one. Direct or indirect maneuvers can make sure your host withstands the brunt of the enemy’s attack while remaining unshaken. The direct method in all fighting may be used for joining battle but indirect method will be needed in order to secure victory. Properly applied indirect tactics are as inexhaustible as heaven and earth. They are as unending as the flow of rivers and streams and like the Sun and Moon they end, only to begin anew. Like the four seasons, they pass away only to return again once more. There are not more than 5 musical notes yet the combination of these 5 give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard. There are not more than 5 base colors; blue, yellow, red, white and black yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever be seen. There are not more than 5 cardinal tastes; sour, acrid, salt, sweet and bitter yet their combinations yield more flavors than can ever be tasted. TRAVIS Now you gotta nigga wanting to listen to music, paint some scenery and eat some dinner. JARVIS TRAVIE Shut Cho ass UP! Anyway nigga, there are not more than 2 attack methods in battle; the direct and the indirect. Yet these 2 combined give rise to an endless series of maneuvers.
We cut to CHARLEY at his job, a local supermarket where he is
the resident superstar. His manager Mr. PINSON introduces him to a new employee, JAFAR TATMAN. CHARLEY walks JAFAR around the job and shows him the work areas. An older African American male asks JAFAR to help him pick out a prime watermelon for his mother. JAFAR calls over CHARLEY to help them out. The older man begins to berate and insult CHARLEY for no apparent reason. He tells CHARLEY he could learn from JAFAR and JAFAR tells the customer it is CHARLEY’s 1st day. JAFAR’s a fucking asshole basically. JAFAR and CHARLEY walk away laughing together about the incident. JAFAR tells CHARLEY “not to offend anymore innocent customers!”
We cut back to JARVIS and chapter 6 of his lesson plans. We cut to TEL AVIV, a Swedish visitor to the United States for a year on vacation. She is babysitting 3 young children as part of her agreement to stay at their parent’s house. They are driving in a car and TEL AVIV pulls into a pizza restaurant.
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2023.03.25 17:27 Hoghunter200 [A3][Recruiting][40k][Serious][EST][NA/EU] 777th Siege Korps of Krieg

[A3][Recruiting][40k][Serious][EST][NA/EU] 777th Siege Korps of Krieg
Hello all, we are the 777th Siege Korps of Krieg, a brand-new Death Korps of Krieg unit! We formed this place after being unable to find a unit we really vibed with for quite a while so instead of continuing the search we decided to found our own unit. Our hope is to be a relatively serious unit with a few jokes here and there allowed, this doesn't mean "yes sir no sir" Though it does mean that we are going to be a tad stricter about things. To explain in straight terms, We are fine with you making jokes with your friends here though don't go overboard and ruin other people's fun.

Our Tactics: In true Krieg fashion our tactics consist mostly of multiple rifle teams besieging various objectives in quick succession, The only moments we aren't either raiding compounds or getting shot by enemy tanks are when we are driving to the next place to raid (though sometimes we get shot by tanks in this part as well) All in all we do our best to keep on the move and keep the action happening right near you no matter what squad you happen to be in, We strongly prioritize fun so even though we are serious at the end of the day we do our best to make sure you get to shoot a bunch of stuff.

Our Schedule: Our operations are currently set every Saturday at 2pm EST (7pm GMT) so that our friends across the pond have a chance at joining. We also hold side operations throughout the rest of the week as well. Our hopes are that as we grow we can find Other individuals interested in zeusing so that not only our main zeus can play an op once and a while but also so that we could possibly hold multiple main ops a week.
When Joining: When you join the unit basically you just need to say in the channel you can type in if you are a unit rep or wanting to join, At that point you will have a few questions sent to you that are just basics for you to answer, Here they are so you can answer them when you first join if you wish.
  1. Where did you hear about us?
  2. What is your age?
  3. Are you new to Arma?
  4. Do you need help with TFAR
  5. Can you make our operations at 2pm EST on Saturdays?
  6. Do you have any questions?
MOS We offer:
  1. Rifleman
  2. Marksmen
  3. Anti-Tank
  4. Quartermaster (medic)
  5. Melta Gunner
  6. Plasma Gunner
  7. Grenadier
  8. Heavy Gunner
  9. Flame Trooper
  10. Engineer
  11. Sentinel Walker Driver
  12. Grenadier Bodyguards
  13. Squad Leader
  14. Pilot (Planned for the future though it depends entirely on unit growth)
  15. Armor (Planned for the future though it depends entirely on unit growth)
Our Rules: - Discord Rules:-NSFW/NSFL content
- No politics.
- No discriminatory language of any kind.
- No Advertising of other units.
- Don't be a dick and use common sense
- We require members to be at least 16 to join though we do make exceptions if you seem to be a mature individual.
In-Game Rules:
- No Blue on Blue
- No starting arguments, If you have an issue bring it to your SL or CO.
- Don't modify you're weapons and armor unless you get permission from a SL or CO.
- Follow Orders
Closing Statement: Just a quick thank you to everyone who read this far down for spending the time to do so for being interested in the unit, Feel free to message me any questions you may have as I'm more than happy to answer questions about the unit, Have a nice day and hope to see you in Ops! Discord:
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2023.03.25 17:27 iPisslosses Profitable strategy but cannot code it being noob(have made a pinescript which does half the job, read below) Advice needed

Basically the title above but here is some additional info.
I have been using the current strategy (based on pattern recognition) for quite some time and have been very profitable in both bullish and bearish markets(stocks) . I tried automating it and currently have a pinescript code which acts as a sort of indicator as I would call it( this was the max I could make with my poor coding experience and knowledge).This pinescript only shows where you have to buy/sell and that's it,It saves me l time screening stocks though as I don't have to go through each stock screening the charts for the pattern but everything apart from that like buying , selling and position sizing has to be done manually. I would like to automate it completely to remove all emotions part from it too which can increase the profit and efficiency. (lost couple of trades cause got greedy and held the position expecting some news event or went somewhere leaving the position open, losing a very profitable position)
However I am a loner with no friends in this domain from whom I can seek help. I want to learn something like the ibkr api as ibkr has all markets and a big community too. I have tried Youtubers like part time Larry which helped me with the pinescript but in this project its too less of a info required. I am facing difficulties building the program on python and am in constant need of solutions for every alternate lines it seems. How should I approach the project without wasting any more time. Any advice is welcome
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2023.03.25 17:27 haailey- in desperate need of help for my dying 5/6 month old guinea pig!!

(before reading, i have called all vets near me, they do not take guinea pigs/their small animal doctor won’t be in into next week) hello reddit! i am new to this app as i desperately need help with my guinea pig. My guinea pig is about 5/6 months old and i got him when he was 3 months old, last night i noticed he was acting funny and he wasn’t as interactive as usual. he was also flipping on his side (which i heard was not a good sign) i prepared some greens for him (spinach, peppers, carrots) and fed it to him and he started to eat 5 minutes later. i think he ate about 2 small spinach leaves and a carrot (cut into a small piece) i watched him for a couple hours and he was still trying to turn on his side. i decided i will take him to the vet early in the morning, i woke up this morning and he was laying on his side again and wasn’t moving. i also noticed a bad poop smell and he was laying in his poop, i guess because he couldn’t move. so i automatically call vets near me, i called about 10 vets and they ALL said they either don’t take guinea pigs or they do and their “small animal doctor” isn’t going to be in until next week. WHICH IS CRAZY. so i have no other option except either to help him get through this or make his time left easier. i also noticed his water was at the same height as last night so i got a syringe and gave him water (he drank alot of it)i also made a mixture made of water, pellets, spinach, peppers, and carrots, i mashed it up into a liquid and have been feeding him that through the syringe (he also drank a lot of this) please please give advice on what to do to help him, and be nice please.
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2023.03.25 17:27 TheMysteryAntelope 30 [M4F] #Washington - Want intelligent babies? Attractive 6'0 athletic Caucasian donor with 150 IQ, family history of health and longevity, high quality genetics

Hey there everyone! My name is Andrew. I'm a 30 year old Caucasian male with brown hair and brown eyes (though I also carry blue eyed genes and have blonde sisters). I love the outdoors and I'm a runner. I am 6'0 with an athletic build. I have attractive facial features and was a very cute child. I have a high energy level, I'm extroverted and possess good social skills. I have zero family or personal history of mental illness of any kind. I have a family history of longevity. I do not do drugs, and I rarely even consume alcohol. I've never had an STD. While those qualities by themselves are not that rare, what sets my genetics apart is that I have an IQ above the 99.9th percentile (right around 150 for tests with a 15 point standard deviation). I'm a member of the high IQ society called the Triple Nine Society, for people who score at or above the 99.9th percentile on standardized tests of intelligence. Individuals possessing an IQ as high as mine, along with the other desirable genetic qualities I have are exceedingly rare.
Research suggests that intelligence is highly heritable, so the odds are very good that my genetics will have a strong positive influence on the traits of intelligence the baby inherits, though it also depends on the woman's genetics as well.
I work in the medical field and have a great interest in learning about the world around me. Academically, I had an interest in almost every subject in school but my strongest subjects were math and science. Both myself and all three of my siblings were standout students in high school. Two of my younger siblings were valedictorians and one went on to attend an Ivy League school. I ran cross country, wrestled and played tennis in high school, then went on to run college cross country. I still keep active through running and to date I have ran five marathons and one ultramarathon (100km). I also have a lot of outdoor hobbies which include: rock climbing, cliff jumping, swimming, kayaking, hiking and camping. I eat healthy and have always made healthy lifestyle choices throughout my life.
I have ADHD, which means my brain is wired differently than most people and I am considered neurodivergent. This is part of the reason for my active lifestyle and high energy level, besides my conscious commitment to live healthily with the goal of living a long and healthy life. I tend to be drawn to new and novel things, and I am easily drawn to things that engage my attention or curiosity. I always tested extremely well in school, but I found most coursework very easy and boring. While I was an honor student, it was more challenging for my parents to raise me compared to my other siblings, as being a child with ADHD meant that I had an even higher energy level than most children and was distractable, headstrong and stubborn.
The fact that I have ADHD does mean there is an increased chance that a child conceived with my sperm may have it as well. I have conceived two children of my own, and while neither have been tested yet, based on behavior shown as they have grown and developed, one of them likely has ADHD, while the other likely does not. I personally value the mental resilience and optimistic mindset that I attribute in part to the mental wiring I possess from the ADHD condition. Due to my insatiable curiosity and proclivity towards seeking novel experiences, I am very motivated towards trying new things, making new friends, traveling, and learning new skills, thoughts and ideas. I'm the only one of my siblings to have traveled outside of North America, as I've been to China, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I should hope that if any other child born from my sperm does inherit ADHD, they would look at it positively as well and embrace it as a part of what makes them unique.
I live in Spokane, Washington, USA. I am willing to travel within the Spokane area to meet with interested sperm donation recipients, but if you are from outside the Pacific Northwest, you'll need to either travel to me or pay me for my time and expenses in traveling to you. I will waive all parental rights and obligations (I have a donor agreement I use) and am not interested in anything like coparenting or being a part of the process of raising the child. I will ask for updates and photos of the child as they grow up, and will provide a way to keep in touch for that communication. I would like to be able to meet the child once they turn 18 if they are interested in it, and I'm open to some contact before age 18 as well. Essentially what I'm interested in is providing a service by helping out individuals or couples who are looking for a sperm donor with the best genetics they can get.
Happy to share pictures of myself via private message.
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2023.03.25 17:27 bannanaisnom Rules for a Good Experience at RookWood Trail (Part three: The Path)

Hi there again Valued Customer! The Main Path will take around 5-6 days so your stay has been slightly extended. Now, listen. I’m gonna give it to you straight. I’m surprised you made it this far! Anyway, the path is EXTREMELY dangerous so listen closely.
 The General Rules: 
  1. Stay away from the forested area. The entities- errr animals reside there and they don’t like being disturbed.
  2. Don’t make too much noise. Not only is it disrespectful to other hikers, the entities hate it.
  3. Keep your equipment close. We have had a serious theft problem lately.
  4. Keep away from areas with pools of strange liquid. It can grow tentacles and grab you.
  5. Every now and then alarms will go off and it will start to rain very heavily. Immediately get to the nearest survival bunker and use your subscription pass to enter. Stay there until an employee opens it. You don’t want to know what happens during that storm.
Equipment List: One Model X72 energy recorder. This is to detect certain high level anomalies;
A flashlight. Use this to see in the dark, obviously.
[REDACTED] Manifest Repellent, more on that later; Hiking gear, this one is obvious;
Food and water, this hike may take a while
And finally your subscription pass, you will need this to access survival bunkers.
 Entity Guidelines: 
The Revectus Crawler A rare mutation of the Revectus and Revectum Aves that crawls around on all fours. It will attack you if it is hungry, so be ready to throw some food at it. A-LVL: 6
The Wisp A disembodied, floating soul that will try to lure you off the path. Do not interact with it, do not follow it, do not panic. Panicking can attract, er- unwanted attention. A-LVL:3
The Roots The Roots sometimes appear on the edge of the forest waiting for an animal or hiker to come near. When it has detected prey, it lashes out and grabs them, pulling them into a hidden chasm below the grass and eat them.
 How to make it out alive: 
  1. Watch your energy recorder. If the signal is ßòdjsokdSjłksgfdßkwAkmbvgFwīæįE CODE FOUND: SAFE, then it is safe. If it is hgfŷpœRAkmgdŵqäINsjjp CODE FOUND: RAIN it is about to rain, if it is AKOWKPŒQWĘFĮMJHSOWOWLWLentKKity CODE FOUND: ęntītŷ there is a extremely rare entity nearby. Here is the file:
[REDACTED] file Very rare to encounter. You will begin to feel a presence behind you, then you will feel something breathing on your back. As soon as you feel a hand on your shoulder, use your [REDACTED] manifest repellent and spray to at the eyes of the creature.
  1. Stay away from groups. They can make noise or break rules, they might not, but it’s best to be safe.
  2. Don’t fall asleep. The [REDACTED] may manifest.
We hope you survi- have a good time! -The RookWood Trail Team.
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2023.03.25 17:26 BikerJedi Poker.

I've enjoyed playing poker for a lot of years. I started playing in the casinos around Cripple Creek and in home games. I've played twice at the World Series of Poker in the cash game side tables and made out OK. Generally I like to play $2/$5 No Limit Texas Hold 'Em, but those pots can quickly get up into hundreds of dollars. So I usually go for a $1/$2 table, which I can play in all day long easily enough. I even have my favorite hand tattooed on one arm: Ace-King - the Big Slick.
But this a story about a dog.
After I finished college, the wife and I bought our house with a fenced in yard for the dogs. We already had two dogs with us in the apartment, but I was dying to get a Black Lab like the one I had as a kid. I don't believe in buying animals because it encourages puppy mills and such, so we started looking. Every single lab we saw up for adoption anywhere was gone by time we called or got there. After months of looking, I gave up.
A few weeks later I got a signing bonus at work and used it to buy a puppy from a lady in town. The dad was a champion hunting dog, mom was a champion show dog. They were related to these famous dogs who won stuff, impeccable bloodlines, yada, yada. I didn't care about all that - I wanted a pet. I pay a deposit and bought the last female she had left - the runt. She asked if I was going to breed her, and I told her absolutely not, I'd be getting her spayed. I think that annoyed her a bit, and she didn't seem to like me very much. I don't care - I want a dog.
The day comes for the dog to go home. I was impatient and talked her into letting me take her a couple weeks early. The lady asks if I have a name picked out for her. Now, I had given this some thought. I wanted an unusual name, something I hadn't heard for a dog ever in my life. I also wanted to give her a name that would annoy this lady since she had been kind of bitchy to me through the process. So I named her "Poker." However, I had to rub it in. So I told the lady I was naming her "Poker Playing Puppy Princess" and yes, I was absolutely going to register her with the AKC and tie that name to her parents. She was mortified. I did it too, even though I wasn't going to breed her.
I left and took Poker home. She was a completely basket case the first month or so at bedtime and would cry and howl. I shouldn't have brought her home early. She settled down eventually. Labs can be pretty stubborn, so we enrolled her in puppy school and the wife and I got her trained to come, sit, walk on a leash and all that. Just the basics. She got along well with the cat and the other two dogs we had by this point, even though they were all grown.
As she grew up, her teething was terrible. She ate part of a coffee table. Destroyed a nice rug I had been gifted. Ate a chair. A chunk of drywall. She destroyed two quilts made for my wife by her great-grandmothers, and that was a big loss. She was a pain in the ass the first two years and did grow out of eating things that weren't hers. She didn't do it after that.
She was also terrified of loud noises. One night she was "hiding" from the thunder under the coffee table while we were in other rooms. When a blast hit close by, she jumped up through the glass and sliced her leg open. That was an expensive late night visit to an emergency vet for stitches.
We moved to Florida later. She and I drove across country to look for a job and a house. I left my wife, newborn son, and other dogs with griffingrl while we did that, because we stayed with my parents for almost a year while I got my shit together and found a house and all that. While staying with them, I took advantage of the pool. Poker, despite being a water dog, was terrified of the water. I couldn't get her to go in. She always hated baths as a puppy, but damn. I've never known a water dog to be scared of it. When I couldn't coax her in, I carried her in a few times, but she always went for the stairs and ran off after scratching me up in a panic, so I left her alone and gave up.
I had to go back to Colorado for a bit to help the wife with something, and when I got back to Florida I went swimming. While in the pool, Poker comes running up and jumps right in. She splashed around for a good 20 minutes. Turns out my parents managed to get her in the pool and she decided she liked it after all. Dumbshit dog.
She was a good girl, and I miss her dearly. She didn't pass until several more years later when she collapsed in the yard from what we think was a stroke. I got her to the vet and they put her down while I cried, holding her. I have her tattooed on my arm now. Great dog.
Dogs are life. I'll probably write about some of the others at some point. Scientific fact: People with pets live longer and are happier with life.
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2023.03.25 17:26 gopherhole02 First time withdrawing funds from wealth simple

I made a sell after hours on Thursday
It went through friday morning
It won't let me withdraw the funds it says it takes a couple days to finalize
Does that mean two business days, like monday, Tuesday and then I can get the funds Wednesday?
It was supposed to be for grocery shopping monday, I guess I can put the groceries on credit card, and pay it off when I get the funds from WS, but I dont like doing that, spending money I dont have
Anyone know how this works? When I'll get to withdraw the funds from selling friday at market open
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2023.03.25 17:26 onapowertrip How am I supposed to know what an experience I haven't had feels like?

I know it seems like the obvious answer is "duh, simply have an imagination." But I'll try to explain.
It has recently become clear to me that I don't have much money, for example, because I have a small consciousness, a consciousness of a broke person. When I say "small consciousness," I don't mean to imply that the wealthy are smarter, more talented, or otherwise more impressive beings than the rest of us (some of you may believe that; I don't). But I was sitting in my teeny, tiny apartment the other day, having the epiphany that essentially, it was the size of my consciousness, metaphorically speaking.
I wasn't living in a larger space, collecting more money, having a grander life, because my surroundings were reflecting the size of my consciousness. I'm borrowing David Lynch's language here, some of you may have heard him talk about this before. When I refer to the size of one's consciousness, I'm referring to the extent to which we allow ourselves to grow. It isn't derogative. We each have the potential to expand our consciousness indefinitely, and we all have the free will to keep it as small ass we'd like.
I will move out of this apartment and into a larger one only when my consciousness outgrows this space.
So I understand now that to expand my life, I must first expand my consciousness to that of a person who lives the kind of life I'd want to live. But I think this is the thing that makes generational poverty so difficult to escape from: when you're surrounded by it, it's difficult to imagine anything different. "Imagine" is not really strong enough of a word. We must embody it. How does one embody that which they've never experienced? How does one shift their consciousness to that of a wealthy person, when they don't know the first thing about how they think, what they feel when they wake up in the morning, their private inner dialogue? People are guarded--especially the wealthy. They don't share these things with us. And I think the reason so many of us, despite our best efforts, never cross that line. Because you can "imagine" being wealthy all you want, but unless you know what the energy of wealth is actually like and embody it, you'll never get there. Most of us don't know what it's really like.
One way to shift our frequency would seem to be to surround yourself with people who already have that frequency. If you're around them long enough, and you're the outlier, it's your consciousness that will eventually rise to meet that which you're surrounded by (as opposed to theirs lowering to meet yours).
Except, wealthy people tend to keep themselves away from the rest of us. I'm not in their offices, I'm not invited to their parties, I don't even know anyone with a yacht to invite me to, lol. It seems I would first need to change my frequency to even find myself in the situation that would allow me to regularly be around them, no? It's a circular chicken-or-egg problem.
I've attempted to find videos of them talking about these things, to help me understand them better. Things that help me understand who they are and how they see the world. But the only people talking about these things are people who became rich by selling law of attraction books, lol. And that's yet another circular pattern I don't trust.
One idea I've come up with is to attend 'open houses,' as if I was buying the type of home I'd like to live in, and actually feel what it's like to walk through those homes. Mingle with the types of people who can afford them. And then, use my memories of those events to meditate on that feeling, over time embodying that energy. But, I'm nervous. I'm nervous that "I don't belong here" would be written all over my face. I'm nervous that someone would engage me in conversation, ask me what I do for a living, and I would quickly begin to look like an imposter. Would they take my word for it, that I belong there? Or can they smell it on me?
So I guess the question is: How does one embody that which they've never been around, that which they're isolated from, and don't really know the first thing about (again, I think a lot of us fool ourselves into thinking we're imagining it correctly, when we're not)? Have any of you managed to slip into those circles and learn to embody that energy? Honestly I hate to be cynical, if you had done that you'd be out of here lol. But we shall see. Happy to hear your thoughts.
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2023.03.25 17:26 pussymama2929 28(F4M)seek for someone to jerk off to me long term JOI

Seek for someone to jerk off to me long term so I can help him cum everyday and now I promise to blow your load asap let’s sext and roleplay if you are willing to explore more in this submissive live upvote now Let me take full control of you and make you a good boy forever feel free to dm Kinks: Main ones I like that I’ve tried so far are orgasm control, sph (small pennis humiliation)edging, teasing, denial, and ruined orgasms. But I’m into almost anything within gentle femdom, so don’t be shy:) With kinks it’s more about the headspace for me, so I’m very curious and open- I definitely want to explore together. Hard Limits: scat, blood, vore, ageplay, abdl My sub: between the ages of 15-70 Me: 31. years old,brown eyes and brown hair, I think I’m pretty cute :) Also related to appearance, I’m very feminine and like pampering myself (skincare, nails, style, etc)../ I’m a powerful and strong mommy Domme seeking a newbie submissive male who is ready to learn the dynamics of BDSM (mommy /sub relationship) and explore his submissive / sexual sides with me for a long term and kinky relationship!..I accept both newbie and experienced submissive male do love to make my Slave cum daily ...I’m into so many kinks but my limits are scars,blood and extreme pains.. Am here and I promise to help you cum everyday and now give you daily joi just try and me and see you won’t regret it try and get kik or Telegram. Am an experienced mommy Domme been in this lifestyle for the past 14 years now Understood ✅💯[K l K.momlucy88]
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2023.03.25 17:26 sjaat530 Mallconomy on Metaverse project, Here you can open your shop, as well as join its bounty and win some kind of loot, here you can always get some kind of reward in Jackpot like NFT, Woot token, Cash Reward, Loot box or Arcade Ticket Mallpoints and More Rewards you Win. #mallconomy @Mallconomy #NFT

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2023.03.25 17:26 Fundshat Jerome Powell's 2 Freshman Courses In Economics Comes To Bite As Nation Faces Banking Crisis

Jerome Powell's 2 Freshman Courses In Economics Comes To Bite As Nation Faces Banking Crisis
Jerome Powell has only taken 2 freshman courses in economics. He is completely unqualified to be fed chair. This is in deep contrast to Alan Greenspan, who has a masters in economics.
Did you take Economics 101 in Princeton, and do you remember who taught it to you way back then?
Jerome Powell: (03:44) I did. Burton Malkiel taught it. I took a Micro and Macro as a matter of fact, my freshman year, those were the only Econ courses I took though.
Jerome Powell had made so many policy errors he is in the running for the worst fed chair of all time. The first was cutting rates to nearly zero at the start of the pandemic.
Federal Reserve cuts rates to zero and launches massive $700 billion quantitative easing program
After that, he raised rates the fastest in history causing a banking crisis, resulting in the collapse of SBV, Signature, Credit Suisse and more to come.
The policy errors continue as he claimed covid was over when it is at the root of many supply chain issues and inflation issues. Excess deaths continue to mount.
Jerome Powell bailed out SBV because of systematic risk, after claiming the bank posed no systematic risk when approved a merger.
NEWS: Documents reviewed by @LeverNews show Jerome Powell recently approved SBV’s merger by insisting the bank posed no big risk to the financial system.
On Sunday, he justified protecting SBV’s rich depositors by insisting the bank posed a systemic risk.
The corruption continues as Jerome Powell will now be the one that reviews his own errors.
“The events surrounding Silicon Valley Bank demand a thorough, transparent, and swift review by the Federal Reserve,” Fed Chair Jerome Powell has said.
We are not finding out Jerome powell lied to the American people and said the government would cover all uninsured deposits, slashing confidence in the fed leader even further.
We must act now to remove this clown from power. He has policy errored time and time again. He has little to no educational experience in economics. We are now paying for this shit show in real time as banks have 1.7 trillion in unrealized losses.
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