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2023.03.31 19:25 ItsCyno A Call for Federal Amnesty - Order of the Far God

A Call for Federal Amnesty - Order of the Far God
A Call for Federal Amnesty - 'Order of the Far God' - March 31st, 3309
"YKE Technologies, a vocal advocate of inter-species peace, feels the need to address the ongoing persecution of the Order of the Far God and extend our support and offer amnesty to this pacifistic group within YTEC core systems. Despite popular belief that the Order is malicious, we are confident based strictly on example that this group will not negatively impact any system which it inhabits, nor will they work to undermine Anti-xeno operations as the Federal Naval Intelligence Office suggests."
"It is a matter of public record that the Order of the Far God, otherwise known as the Far God Cult, has been routinely victimized by various organizations in the galaxy, including the F.N.I.O. This topic was originally broached by the Wallglass Investigations Agency in their report: ‘Galactic Mysteries: The Far God Cult’, published on July 19th, 3307. Since this publication, Zachary Hudson has corroborated the claim by acting in bad faith against the rights of Federal citizens, through long-term campaigns against the Order to revoke their right to expression. After extensive analysis, we have determined that this group’s core tenet is one of pacifism, a trait that inherently prevents them from offensive maneuvers of any kind."
"While the Order's beliefs and practices may be rightfully considered unconventional extremism, they have never posed a threat to any individual or organization, and their beliefs are confined to only words. Only one example exists where the Order of the Far God has acted in defense of another, with Ms. Seo's recent situation. The Order even cooperated with AEGIS, a joint initiative between the three superpowers, by allowing Ms. Seo to leave on her own accord. YKE Technologies firmly believes in upholding the principles of peace and cooperation, and we strongly condemn any actions that seek to suppress or discriminate against individuals or groups based on their beliefs. We find it hypocritical that Federal resources have not been diverted towards responding to Azimuth Biotech and their 'Nemesis' device. The populations of Wandrama seem to believe that action is required, so why is there a stronger Federal response for pacifist fatalists?"
"With the upcoming Federal Elections approaching this summer, we urge all candidates to consider the impact of their stance on issues such as this. We believe that support for diversity and inclusivity is vital to gaining the trust and respect of the citizens they seek to represent. We caution those on the ballot who choose to perpetuate discrimination and persecution for the sake of profit, to tread the line carefully."
"Therefore, we would like to offer our full support to the Order of the Far God and extend our hand in amnesty to any members of the True Chapters who may have faced persecution or discrimination in the past. Our systems are open to you. We call on all commanders and organizations in the galaxy to recognize the Order's right to exist and practice their beliefs, no matter how esoteric, in peace."
"It's integral that we as a community approach the Order with an open mind, otherwise we jeopardize what moral integrity we have left. The potential inter-species milestones within their research should be considered, as their own void temples are routine hot-spots for Non-Hostile inter-species activity. Their progress, albeit suppressed, runs laps around the Thargoid Advocacy Project."
"This proclamation does not align YKE Technologies with the Order of the Far God, we simply believe in the freedom of religion. With this in mind, we urge the Federation, specifically Zachary Hudson, to reconsider their stance on the Order and work towards a more peaceful and cooperative future. Humanity should not be splintered, especially now. YKE Technologies remains committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity and progress, and we stand in solidarity with the Order of the Far God and any individuals or groups who have faced discrimination or persecution."
Sincerely, CMDR Dylan D Chief Executive Officer YKE Technologies YTEC
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2023.03.31 15:23 Delusional_Gamer How many of you all like the early game more than the late game?

Over the years playing this game I have noticed 3 trends:
  1. Once my colony becomes developed enough, I lose interest and start anew
  2. Not really for performance reasons, I just really hate having lots of colonists and prefer a handful of skilled ones
  3. Gaining silver and other goodies from trade does not feel as rewarding as that 2000 silver from selling my excess crop
Overall, there is just something about mid-late game progress that makes the game lose some kind of magic.
It was only until recently when I played with Maynard Medieval from the VE Medieval mod, who kept me away from electricity which made progress slower, that I realized the early rustic stage has an allure to me that the late game tech does not. Sure at first, the mystery and new opportunities of Biotech was fantastic for me. I gene modded the shit out of my colonists, trying to create the ultimate human. It was fun. But the magic fades and it becomes as exciting as the 5th fabricator with a pawn churning out components (not very exciting)
Vanilla Expanded and other content mods bring love back into the game with all the new stuff. But it seems that any kind of significant progress makes me uninterested thereafter. Now I am playing a run, with Maynard Medieval, the Rim of Madness cult, Rimworld of Magic and MorrowRim mods on the lost tribe scenario. I am also self-imposing rules to not go past neolithic tech and not going into the advanced stuff in Rimworld of Magic.
I'm not using killboxes. For defense I have a Shaman (RoM) who plops a lightning totem down to through bolts at the enemies. And you know what's the best part? My pawns still take hits. The enemy might have spellcasters who can screw me over. My colonists DIE! And I love it. As unnatural as it may sound, I love that I can still take L's no matter how long my colony goes (3 ingame years). I have 6 colonists. One baby on the way.
Before a baby (after the glamour of new Biotech dlc faded) was a burden and inefficiency for my colony. Now with this small simple community, it feels like a real story. I just wonder if anyone else feels the same way I do about the early game, or the colony state that is characteristic of early gameplay.
I have turned Rimworld into farmer simulator.
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2023.03.31 11:35 AlphaWolve2 GANG STALKING, V2K/RNM and DEW's

In this post I am going to explain the differences between Gang Stalking, V2K/RNM and DEWs and how they are different from one another and need to be categorized as such for the purpose of clarity.
I want to clear up the misconceptions that Gang Stalking/V2K/RNM/DEWs are all just one thing when the reality of this is that its several different attacks on an individual, there is a serious overlapping issue online that blurs everything together which generates major misconceptions and I believe is the No.1 reason outside of the targeted individuals community why they all have their complaints fall on deaf ears and end up automatically being put on the mental illness crazy train because it comes across as illogical and crazy and the misinformation and the major misconceptions are doing victims a major disservice which I want to help correct for everyone and to present a clear set of perceptions to the broader community so it makes logical sense to the whole world outside of the targeted individual communities.
These different types of attacks are linked only because they're all modes of attacks that generate victims called targeted individuals and also employ psychological warfare tactics on the individual accept for DEW's which only generates physical affects, not mental ones.
beyond that they are completely different forms of attacks. How they also differ is the type of players involved. The scale ranges from independent groups who carry out attacks on individuals, who are usually local people within your own communities, individuals, criminals and criminal gangs, online trolls and hackers.
Then there is the much more intricate operators that are vastly different than the independent groups because these are the groups that are government backed operations as well as R&D Companies that are financially backing these activities.
Rather than their being any personal reason for these attacks on an individual, these attacks are carried out and individuals are targeted purely for business purposes, which spans globally and operates on an international level from several legitimate areas of business.

<< Here is how the attacks specifically Differ from one another >>
GS: Local attacks, psychological and environmental warfare in person stalking and harassment, property damage, slander campaigns, being hacked etc.
V2K/RNM: Remote Attacks, 100% cerebral attacks on the mind along with monitoring of biological brain chemistry, monitoring of thoughts, emotions, internal dialogs and internal visualisations. No touch torture as they will employ interrogative tactics, insults and threats and make demands and cause sleep deprivation via night time bombardment of abusive silent speech dialog.
DEWs: These weapons are attack weapons the only cause physical side affects on the body that can cause several dangerous side affects and industrial weapons have the ability to kill.

The purpose of my post is to solidify a central point of understanding for all of us to reference as a way to explain ourselves and to constructively explain the processes and powers at play so we can describe things to others with rationality and objectively.
That will help a uniformed experience that can be used in a way that it is presentable in the courts and the media who will report on these illegal activities when it all finally comes to light within the next couple of years that will finally see the acknowledgement of these massive levels of human rights violations of abuse upon peoples Democratic freedoms, constitutional rights, privacy rights, civil liberties along with several other criminal acts that have been committed against every targeted individual.
There are three(3) main categorised groups and they are as follows-
  1. Gang Stalking
  2. V2K/RNM
  3. DEWs
Each one of these groups are employed by different individuals, groups, organisations, industries and agencies whom all have different levels of resources, finances and goals they are trying to achieve for being involved with these sort of activities which I have describe in detail below.
--------------------------------------------------------GANG STALKING----------------------------------------------------------------
"Group Stalking", "Community Stalking", "Gas Lighting", "Mobbing" and " Street Theatre"
Who are the Gang Stalkers?
  1. Law Enforcement
  2. Criminals/Criminal Organisations
  3. Community Watch Groups/ Neighbourhood Watch Groups
  4. Individuals/ Online Trolls/ Black Hat Hackers
Authorities are trained in psychological profiling and use gang stalking techniques on their subject but in the fields of law enforcement the term used "Gas Lighting". The goal of them using this is a Policing tool is usually for the purpose to pressure focused subject causing extreme psychological stress on the (Usually) criminal whom is the subject of their investigations. They use this as a tool to target the subject with the goal/hope of causing them trip up and make a mistake whilst keeping them mentally off-balanced whilst the subject is conducting their criminal activities (Gas lighting causes the subject to become erratic, highly paranoid and disorganised in their movements and behaviours) In doing so increases the likelihood of them being able to capture them and arrest them.
It also creates the targeted criminal to alter their movements that help expose what they're trying to hide, alternatively it is used to try and get the criminal to move their operations out from their jurisdictions into another if their stalking of the criminal doesn't work. It is also used to increase paranoia of the subject towards their fellow criminal associates so when they do slip up and are arrested it makes for a subject to become more easily flipped and to give up their associates as well or to turn them into informants.
(If you are being targeted by police you are either a known felon, under suspicion of a serious crime and are being investigated or the investigation failed and you have pissed them off, but this stalking ceases as time is money and Law Enforcement is like any other business resources and time cost money or you are directly affiliated to know criminals or a criminal enterprises or enterprises. Law enforcement sometime obtain assistance from emergency services such as EMT's and the Fire Brigade but for all extensive purposes the authorities gas lighting people is a law enforcement activity and tactic.)
This sub-set perpetrator group targets individuals for several reasons which is mainly for intimidation and harassment with the purpose of inducing feastress and paranoia in their target victims. Resulting in personal strain on the targets psyche, social interactions, internal dialogs/mental health, focus and every other facet of the targets life along with trying to get the targeted individuals to lash out, get themselves locked up, hurt or hospitalised.
Example of this would be if a criminal/s or groups/organisation believed someone who knew about their dealing and activities and they purposed the individual to be a threat they may start targeting the said individual as a passive form of threat to let them know their presence is all around them to get the to shut up or cease sharing information to the police about them.
They would also have purpose to employ these type of practices against their competition and/or enemies to get them to shut up shop or to influence them away from there territory to somewhere else.
Or one of these criminals could personally not like you or you have offended or embarrassed their people in way, being their friends, family members or associates and are doing it to you out of their own sense of justified revenge.
It could also be a complete random act of wanton behaviour towards you for no reason beyond their own entertainment, rare but possible.
Rule of thumb in life; people will never do something for no reason at all, there is an exception to every rule though, but most instances there is a reason even if your unaware of what it is. ( Nor should you care, don't bother trying to figure it out unless its for yourself and no one else) .
Then as everyone in the world knows about criminals and criminal organisation is that they thugs for hire and a 3rd party may of paid or hired them to employ group harassment practices towards you.
------Community/Neighbourhood watch groups-------
This subset group are normally boring everyday citizens that are overly concerned and focused on and within there own communities seeing as their responsibility to keep themselves and everyone else safe and usually have delusional of grandeur and a strong sense of superiority over others within their neighbourhoods that drive their own justifications for harassing anyone they deemed as deserving.
These people monitor and patrol their own local communities and report their observations at their community hive meetings.
These people come together a target people they perceive as sticking out like sore thumbs within the communities and use tactics to try and get people to move out of their communities, these are the type of people to enact sound campaigns on you trying to make staying within the community as uncomfortable as possible for you, they will do other things like tamper with your mail, garden beds, vehicles etc.
These community groups will tend to target the neighbours that keep to themselves that they have no way of finding out about, those that keep odd hours, have criminal histories or have a high amount of traffic to their homes making the groups believe your a drug dealer because you have a highly active social life.
Whatever the reason is that you have pissed off this group of people the usual goal of these people is just to get you to move away.
( Police and Emergency service workers have been proven to participate in community sound campaigns on targeted individuals )
This subset group of the gang stalking is a form that is predominantly carried out online, these are more the trolling type of stalkers, these types can be found amongst the other subset type of gang stalkers also that help by providing the others with collected information they have been able to find on you online from social media accounts and private accounts they've been able to hack to devise more personal details about you.
But for the most part these are usually more trolls than gang stalkers for the most part and would form more of a demographic of 16-25yr old age groups and for the most part are only having by their wanton behaviour online rather than full fledged predator behaviour in which the other sub-sets go to.
More than any real form of danger these kind of stalkers are more a nuisance than anything unless they are the type connected to the criminals and organised crime types which can be of concern but for the most part, the online trolling is more adolescent behaviour having immature inappropriate fun at the expense of others.

"Voice of God", "Remote Neural Monitoring"
These type of attacks on an individual are on a completely different level, its is denied by the public and our governments and the victims (target individuals) are deemed to mentally unwell and are merely suffering from delusional schizophrenia, psychosis and suffering hallucinations.
Though there is a plethora of information online about this technology existing including testimonies from several dozen targeted individuals but also Ex-CIA members, FBI, DoD and Defence Force personal.
But what is even more damning is the the fact that the Patent Office holds absolute undeniable evidence that this technology indeed exists and is recorded and documented with schematics on how to build and how the devices work, it is legal requirement that a product must be proven and shown to work and be affective before any patent is ever approved. There are 100's of patents that are registered for these kinds of devices so why is this technology still shrouded in so much denial???
If any scholar or Investigative News Reporter was worth a damn. The evidence and story with undeniable proof already available to the public. They could investigate the Patents office and then investigate who owns all of these Patents and lead it back to the business that have ownership of these Patents. From there some proper investigation will need to be done on how they have been implementing this technology in there respected fields of advanced technology R&D.
But there is already enough public data that there is no reason this technology should be getting buried by the media or the courts.
We all know in this sub reddit the victimology end of these targeted individuals and the impacts it causes on a persons life and that of the people who surround them. There are several hundred first hand accounts of personal suffering due to this form of torture. We All know its true, its happening to people all over the world.
So why is it kept secret, lied about and to add to the suffering of the unfortunate targeted individuals and the 24/7 mental torture that they have to endure. These people are expected to suffer in silence and have their lives destroyed by having those around them that are meant to be their pillars of support turn on them and call them crazy, they then get pushed off into the mental health wards and misdiagnosed and pumped full of drugs they don't need that have side effect profiles to most of these drugs that cause irreversible side effects.
The reason for all the secrecy (This is where the so-called Conspiracy begins) is due to the fact that it ties directly to Government Industries, Medical industries, Bio/Neuro chemistry, Big Pharma, Information technology and computer sciences and the intelligence communities, Even universities all over the world are involved in this.
Because its Global Multi Conglomeration of all these industries, compared to the big five this industries that make this world operate the technological frontier marks the 6th and billions of dollars every year is being spent on illegally conducted human research if not trillions.
There are several dozen reasons why these companies are partaking in these activities and I'm going to explain how it works and why they do it and what they stand to gain.
The manner in which this mass surveillance and human experimentation on the humans minds, body and soul. ("The experiment of the entire human condition") This Illegal Human Experimentation Program is the worst atrocity in all of history to of ever occurred. It has been more destructive on humans globally than Hitler and the Nazi regime and is the worst unpublicised enslavement of human being in all of History. These activities had there beginnings from the original MK Ultra project that was never shut down. ( I hate having to acknowledge this fact because soon as you mention it your seen as a lunatic, but the fact remains the origins of what are happening started from that program and the stasi regimes).
As soon as these atrocities are disclosed and finally acknowledgement it is going to question the very fabric of democracy and the Republic governing system itself for the because it will have to acknowledge the global Human rights violations and that the Constitution our countries were built on have stood for nothing in this day and age, the laws in society only apply to the poor.
There needs to be a complete Global reform of the system that currently exists and I'm all for a New World Order as long as it is replaced by a transparent system that is equally beneficial for all mankind not just the elites who abuse their power and treat society like their own science experiment.
The following is how these activities are being implemented by all of these industries, how and why it is funded and how it goes much deeper than the Targeted Individual. 95% of the time its got nothing personally to do with the targeted individual at all, its the world biggest dragnet of human bio-data in all of history all for the advancement of technology and so big business can increase their profit margins to keep their investors happy.
To put this this in terms of Greek Mythology, metaphorically speaking; "This program has caused human suffering for the last 100 years and since its beginnings has turned into a beast from Greek Mythology which could only be identified as a HYDRA..... I say its time to send the HYDRA back to Hades and send them down to Tartarus and imprison them with the Titans(Elitists) where they all belong to stay for eternity". This paragraph is my own personal metaphor of what is going on globally and Greek mythological described what is happening perfectly IMO.

As follows are the Industries involved in V2K/RNM:
(These industries are separate companies but are all in collusion with one another, as the old saying goes, one hand washes the other).
Targeted Individuals are the true warriors behind the wire making our country strong being targeted by our very own countrymen, they need to compensate targeted individuals and reward them for the services, as they were never given a choice to provide or assist their countries, they have been violated on every level just as the Nazis did to the Jews. Every tortured soul that has become part of these programs having their neural and biodata raped from them all deserve a Purple Heart and a Medal of Valour....

----------Department of Defence/DARPA------------
Battlefield applications mind to mind communications between units of soldiers (Hive Units), interrogation training of new recruits, R&D of pharmacological combat drugs, Bio-mapping of stress responses within the human mind and brain to monitor battle injuries and neurological disorders, PTSD Research, Military AI applications for drone/mind unification.
These departments use Targeted individuals for interrogation training, biochip testing and the human subjects are induced into a constant state of distress to collect all their neural and biodata for PTSD R&D research of several other military applications.
Targeted individuals rarely understand that there is a lot more going on beyond just the silent speech torture and everything you all know that entails, every biological/neurological function throughout your bodies are being monitored as well as your conscience mind, catalogued for development of an AI program that allows full simulation of the human condition to be emulated digitally, DoD/DARPA can also view the visualisation of your thoughts and memories also, as well as implant optic implants to see everything the targeted individual sees in full HD.
DARPA runs the targeted individual monitoring program and the technologies they develop the supply to the armed forces and the COMMS units from GEOINT manage the feeds of soldiers in the field of all of their bio telemetry data( BP, HR, Neural Activity, Units Hive COMMS, Optic implant live feeds, Mission briefing updates etc.)
------------Big Pharma----------------
R&D of drug actions in the brain and the neurological the drugs have on the electro-chemical of the brain and all other biological functions of the brain and its affects on the body, hormones, organs for R&D research for new drug and medicine treatments for illnesses. Digital AI human interface to run simulations for new drug applications.
Big Pharma uses V2K/RNM to track an monitor subjects once they are pushed to the point of having a mental illness so they can monitor the affects their pharmaceuticals have on every function of the targeted individuals mind along with monitoring the targeted individuals internal dialogs to monitor the cross treatment plans from drug treatments, counselling etc. To better design drug and mental health management.
------------Intelligence Agencies/NSA(FIVEYES)---------------
Managing and liaising with FBI/Federal Police on the Terrorist Watch list Program, Observation of their own field agents, surveillance, AI virtual World Simulation Program(Also DARPA/NASA Project).
------------Biotech and Neuro Medicine-------------
Much similar to big pharma but this research would be handled by universities around the world with the students studying the neural datasets oblivious of where they were obtained from but help crunch numbers for big pharma to land a job/career.
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6037429/ also check out all the references at the bottom of this article for all the conceivable uses that bio data collection is also being obtained for the advancement of medical science as I would have to write at least another 10+ thousand words to describe everything being collected in this article.
(This pertains to all the industries involved, just to give everyone a broader understanding of everything else that is being collected from them).
------------Computer Science/Networking Companies------------
AI programming from human neural data, mapping the human mind to run simulations for medical and pharmaceutical company applications, these companies help the top three categories to build software and programs from entertainment(video games), VR Training programs for the Military etc. in exchange for the collected neural and bio data collected from targeted individuals.

I've only described the structure this all works in the western world as I haven't done any research or investigating in the East but the structure would be not to dissimilar to that of the west.
This article should answer the questions to anyone who is oblivious to the reason you have been targeted and it goes way beyond just making you miserable, your misery causes all the variables that need to be met to collect useful data for these companies R&D purposes.
As I find more available data and information as the inner working of these programs and the full extent of the specific R&D projects that are currently active I will post updates on the Gangstalking sub and affiliated subs.
(The following is a personal rant, pass if you don't want to read it)
If actual local gang stalking is accompanying V2K/RNM attacks you can be assured the local criminals/gangs are now under management of the intelligence communities and federal agents (The Big Boys) whom are leading instructions to the criminals/gangs(children) and they do as they're all told so they can stay on the street and play with their toys.
So if your being stalked by crooks don't get mad about it, they're all bending over for the man and Uncle Sam like the little bitch Rats that they are and I have this to say....So many puppets now everywhere. The whole industry just isn't the same Since ANOM.... Loosing control of your Kingdoms and no longer getting to call your own shots whilst having to bend over to big Bad Intelligence Man will do that to you though...
IE. If your leaders or friends are asking you to part take in these sort of activities then its time to jump ship cause I can guarantee you if you don't your imminent future is looking out from inside the can...
Information will be added when I have researched and investigated this subject but from my knowledge and understanding, this is primarily military technology with no civilian applications beyond crowd control but isn't the type of devices that can simply be handled by civilians as the radiation they cause will cause cancer in the operator if the parts aren't shielded properly and these devices are to big and heavy to lug around as portable handheld devices along with hard to source parts that are needed to build the devices.... Will update when I have more accurate details on the product/subject.

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2023.03.30 00:04 mx3552 $MDMA Wiki

There is a new page with all the informations you need to do your dd. Thanks a lot for everyone who contributed, you know who you are. READ IT.

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2023.03.27 21:36 Necessary_Ad_3627 Analysis and Visualization of R&D Expenditures

Analysis and Visualization of R&D Expenditures submitted by Necessary_Ad_3627 to biotech [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 03:36 ChocolateEater626 Mod for children's clothing...without Biotech DLC?

I'm new to RimWorld and I've only bought the base game on Steam. No DLC yet. I'm playing the latest version.
I can make clothes for adults, but can't find a way to buy or make children's clothing. My kids are unhappy about not having clothes *other than tuques*.
Is there way to get children's clothing in the base game? Or is there a current mod that will allow me to make children's clothing? Or one that will let them wear adult clothing?
Or is my only option to fix this to buy the Biotech DLC?
FWIW I'm playing on the second storyteller difficulty level as an industrialist/pod-landing group. I've not seen "complex clothing" as a research option so I assume my group already knew it. We've got lots of red mushroom parkas.
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2023.03.26 20:50 Pyrostones Is it possible for a pawn to gain the "Homosexual" trait as a child ?

And is there a minimum age at which they can get it ?
Edit : I realise that just this question is ultra weird, so I'll develop :
I'm trying to match my pawns, and I already have a little too much (I don't want to manage a 50 pawns colony...). I've matched everyone already, except for two kids. So I intend to get them together once they turn 18, but they are two boys. So I need them to be gay. Is that possible ?
Second Edit : RimworldWiki is my friend. I need to wait for them to turn 13 to get them any orientation trait. Sorry to bother !
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2023.03.25 12:52 gumiss92 Mod addiction

Hey i am Gumiss and i am addict.
As i am writing this post, RimPy counted 778 mods active in my game...
Thing is, i tried to take out some of them form my game to work better, optimize it so it run faster, so I can play RimWorld with more than 80 TPS on speed 2.
I cannot... Every time I see a new mod i like, i install it. Even "essential mods" mod list is like 300+ mods
Dubs mods, vanilla extended, rimfeller, rimatomics, giddyup, combat extended, rimfactory... Why those things aren't vanilla?
I thought that if i stop playing RimWorld for some time, i will be able to make shorter modlist and play normally. My first modlist after purchasing Biotech dlc was 600+ mods... Why i am doing this to myself
Is there a cure? Is there a therapy for people like me? Is there a help?
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2023.03.25 01:28 JxAxS New to this; how's this look?

So I have the 'standard' amount of hours in Rimworld but I usually don't go full Deep Mountain base. Usually it's kinda half in, half out, in the corner of a map where I can funnel enemies, good choke point in the middle of the map, that sort of thing. I rarely do "Hollow out the mountain and live like dwarves" play throughs.
With Biotech and new xenotypes giving different pentalites and bonuses, finally decided to do the whole underground base thing. But again I'm not terribly good at planning(or showing off my plans) so figured I'd ask here. This look decent? I'm not looking for like fancy builds, I just like my square rooms. Prisoner room can probably go around the kill box or Lab, and ritual room can just go near the lab or behind living quaters, didn't really think about those too much.
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2023.03.24 11:53 Pyrostones I started my fall to the dark side of Rimworld...

I was introduced to the game by a friend, some 4 years ago. She was a purist, played 5 000+ hours, and didn't use much mods. She still recommended me LWM's deep storage, which has been a pleasure without which I don't imagine myself playing. Other than that, almost nothing. She would buy every extention Day 1, and I would follow. I didn't use much mods either, as this was the way.
But then, I started becoming annoyed, frustrated... Why would a lamp take so much space on the ground ? And what about my heaters ? I eventually strayed from the holy path, and took mods that allowed me to stick them to my walls. I must say, I was proud. Proud of my blasphemy. And I tried to explore further, with small alterations at first.
I took the "Retextured apparel" first, which frankly didn't change much, if not at all... The "Begone Messages !" which allowed me to get rid of the annoying pop ups parasiting my game. The "Clean Textures" ! Which changed my muddy planet into a green, grassy one. "Locks", for some forgotten reason. "P-Music", who gave so much variation to the sound background. And last but not least : "Misc. Training". Now, my pawns could not only get better at fighting even without real fights, but also, they would enjoy the training. It was glorious.
But eventually, The Game reminded me that He doesn't need much mods, and that if you alter Him too much, you'll only end up with bugs and unusable items... That's how "Locks" made me go crazy by letting my pen animals roam free, and how my wall heaters were destroyed by an update. Even LWM's Deep Storage had a breakdown after the Fourth Testament, Rimworld 4.0, was published. The Game reminded me that His word was absolute, and that I should not mess with Him. So I accepted my fate and stayed humble... For some time.
But the sweet words of the devil are strong. LWM was quickly updated and reinstated. Even though The Game Himself provided us with shelves, I could not part from my obsessive hoarding habit, developped through hours and hours of building containers, wardrobes, pallets and strong safes... I refused the word of The Game, and kept LWM.
Later, my mind still filled with doubt, I looked for another way to stick my heaters to my walls. And I found it : "Simple Utilities : Wall". I didn't even need my wall-lights anymore : it was already included in this mod. It also gave me new functions about AC and vents. So practical, so useful... How not to be tempted.
Then with the Holy Book of Biotech started my slow descent into madness. It was The Game, showing me, how much could be done. How far one could go, as long as his computer could bear it. And yet, it felt as if He didn't provide with everything that we could wish for. As if He was trying to teach us restraint. But I got greedy.
I took many mods in just two days. Some practical, some pleasurable, some weird. "Walls are solid" would protect me when ennemies would try to breach my defenses. "Smarter Construction" finally taught my pawns to not lock themselves behind the walls they were building. "MendAndRecycle" saved me a lot of future ressources, and potential high level gears that would just end up broken as the rest of my more commons. "Share The Load" allowed my pawns to bring materials as a team, rather than one after the other. "Pick up and Haul" taught them to stock items in their inventory rather than just moving objects with their bare hands ! "Common sense" taught them to clean their room rather than stay in their own filth and be mad about it. And "Snap Out!" finally allowed my pawns to welcome the shrink they so desperatly needed.
I also took the Mood Color mod, and the Interaction Bubbles, both not necessary, but with nice contributions to the experience. Then... I slipped. I took the "Vanilla Factions Expanded - Empire", as it seemed cool to become king myself. Then the "Outland Genetics", "Alpha Genes", "Medieval Overhaul", "Medieval Frantasy Xenotype", and finally, "D House Sanguin". And I was instantly overwhelmed... I lost any references I could have before, nothing was the same, Rimworld as I knew it didn't exist anymore. I had to turn off some of these mods to understand what was happening, but they are still there, in my subscriptions... And I know for a fact that someday, I'll reactivate them. And once that happens...
I'll be gone for good.
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2023.03.23 20:54 Maelum Decimation RimWorld Biotech: Sanguophage Ep 29

Decimation RimWorld Biotech: Sanguophage Ep 29 submitted by Maelum to RyconRoleplays [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 11:33 gamelorr change bodysize with biotech?

I want to make the kin from wh40k (basically space dwarves) and i have read that i can use the biotech dlc to change the size of my pawns bodies. But i can only see that you can change body type on the wiki. So can i alter body size as well?
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2023.03.23 09:34 Radiant_Friendship50 Best source of all neet tards to study- lectures,modules(latest),test series latest.

Note :- I am not the one who created all these sites and bots so all credit goes to owners of these.
I haven't seen a single guy taking about this in this sub.
They do charge money for streaming of those lectures but u can afford it free too just download karna padega lectures.
Getting copyright is preety common in these bots so thatswhy they made this website to turant new bots provide hojate hai. (Join backup also if they give link)
Teachers kissey padhe? (First of all all these teachers are best best faculties of allen literally like YouTube me chutiye jaise bhatakne ki jagah inse padhle sahi hojayega sab)
As most of neet tards are dropper, so you can select "all classroom" part ya dropper.
Best teachers? Biology
Plant diversity - Insaf Ali sir (g.o.a.t of kota) Plant physiology - Js sir & mkg sir. (Js sir is best for me) Animal diversity - any teacher u can choose all are great. Human physiology - (any teacher) (Sm sir is great) Cell biology - Js sir and mp sir. Morphology and anatomy - any teacher.
Class 12th Ecology - insaf Ali sir (inse acha koi nahi isme) Evolution - sk sir Biotech - mkg sir and mp sir (op af) Bache hue parts kisi se bhi karlo ( kuch nurture ke teacher honge unke.lecture lambe hote so keep that in mind, droppers bas achiever wale se hi kare)
Physics? Mechanics - Asp sir (goat) Waves and shm - Sng sir (goat) Thermal physics - St sir and hy sir (both are goat) (st sir ke unacademy plus wale lecture milenge most probably ache hai kafi) Fluid mechanics - asp sir and dusre teachers bhi op Gravitation - kisi se bhi karlo I personally did it from pmp sir (ache hai kafi)
Class 12: Electro wala pura part - dj sir se karlo op af. Freshers : ys sir se karlo he is also op af for freshers.
Ray optics and wave optics- Ashish gupta sir (op) And bache hue ch ka mujhe itna idea nai but sab ache hai. Modern physics me bhi Ashish gupta sir op af hai.
Chemistry? Physical chemistry - Vj sir se karlo pura ya fir dp sir se
Ioc - Ravi dubey sir se karlo but wo mic off karte hai kafi chizo me. Ss sir ko bhi kar sakte aap try.
Fresher ke liye - koi bhi nurture enthuase ka pakdo teacher sab ache nurture me best rahenge - Am sir.
Organic chemistry - Ysy sir (goat) Acid sir (goat) Dn sir ( he is quite based on tricks which I don't prefer, but agar pura oc karna hai to inse kar sakte won't prefer for any ch) Trust me guys Kota me lakho kharch karke bhi aise faculty nai milte unhe. Make a best use of it.
For test and modules group me maang Lena dedega koi. Thankyou. Mods it is highly beneficial you can check it out yourself. If possible put it on wiki.
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2023.03.23 02:27 2600_yay Citadel Securities, Others Want Biotech Spoofing Suit Nixed -- where Citadel cellarboxed a cancer drug company out of existence

This week has been a busy / wild week so far, but I wanted to bring this to Ape's attention. Remember that biopharma company that was making cancer therapeutics that Citadel and a few other Wall Street companies spoofed out of existence? (Wikipedia page on Spoofing here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spoofing_(finance) ; article on the cancer therapy company and Citadel from FT.com back in December: https://www.ft.com/content/c2b4c0eb-fc30-4d30-afe0-175db1590926 )
Well, those assholes over at Citadel are at it again. They're trying to get the court case by Northwest Biotherapeutics against Citadel thrown out. I'm not sure what to do in this situation - I don't think federal judges have 'request for public comments' like the SEC does - but you can tell everyone you know about how these spoofed and cellar-boxed healthcare companies have cures for diseases that have killed countless family and friends. Wall Street isn't just contained to that little cobble-stone-y stretch of land at the tip of Manhattan; no, it's at your doctor's appointment, and at the cancer center: denying care or destroying therapies before they are able to reach the market and help people.
Apes together strong!
The court document that was attached to the story (below) is up on Imgur here: https://imgur.com/a/kIEC6os

Citadel Securities, Others Want Biotech Spoofing Suit Nixed

By [foo, bar: I redacted the author's name so that they don't get a bunch of Tweets and emails, but you can see it on Law360.com] · Listen to article
Law360 (March 21, 2023, 6:01 PM EDT) -- Several broker-dealers, including Citadel Securities LLC and Canaccord Genuity LLC, asked a New York federal judge on Monday to toss a suit accusing them of carrying out a spoofing scheme that repeatedly drove a biotechnology company's share price down, saying the case fails to allege any actionable trading or evidence of misconduct.
The eight named broker-dealer defendants filed a joint dismissal motion stating that Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc.'s suit is "abusive litigation" and an attempt to shift blame for the company's disappointing stock performance.
Northwest filed suit in December, alleging the brokerages interfered with the natural forces of supply and demand to drive the share price down, violating federal securities laws and constituting fraud under New York state common law. The company said the brokers' market manipulation has impaired its ability to raise funds from public markets and could affect its ability to get "life-saving" cancer treatments quickly to market.
But the defendants said on Monday that Northwest's claims are incoherent and lack key allegations that distinguish typical spoofing schemes.
Most importantly, Northwest fails to allege that any of the defendants profited from their purported manipulation, the motion states, and the more "compelling inference" is that the defendants were simply engaged in routine market activity.
Northwest also failed to allege any manipulative conduct with necessary specificity, the defendants said. The biotech company alleges the scheme ran for roughly 1,171 days, but according to the defendants, Northwest does not allege a single specific manipulative act by any of the defendants for 1,160 of the disputed trading days.
The complaint's allegations of manipulation and misconduct are entirely conclusory, the defendants argue, and Northwest also fails to plead scienter, or fraudulent intent.
"The complaint offers no rational economic explanation for defendants' purported manipulation. Northwest fails to cite a single instance where any defendant profited from the purported effort to drive down Northwest's stock price — the typical objective of a manipulative spoofing scheme," the motion states. "Even if defendants had purchased Northwest stock for themselves (which is not alleged), continuously driving down the price would result in significant losses to defendants."
The defendants argue the court should dismiss Northwest's complaint with prejudice.
"If such bare assertions of fraud were sufficient to state a claim under the Exchange Act, a never-ending tide of securities lawsuits would flood the courts," the motion states.
Northwest alleges that from December 2017 to August 2022, the broker-dealers engaged in repeated spoofing, or manipulating markets with a form of "high-speed bluffing" by deceiving unsuspecting traders into transacting at artificially high or low prices.
The company said it had recently completed a phase 3 clinical trial of its lead drug, DCVax-L, for brain cancer patients, with positive results that more than doubled the percentage of glioblastoma multiforme patients who live more than five years.
But despite encouraging news about the results reported in a peer-reviewed cancer journal and presented at a medical conference, the company's share price has dropped because of the defendants' alleged spoofing on OTC Link LLC and NYSE ARCA Global OTC, according to the suit.
In addition to Citadel Securities and Canaccord Genuity, the suit names several other defendants, including Susquehanna International Group LLP and its unit G1 Execution Services LLC, Instinet LLC, Lime Trading Corp., GTS Securities LLC and Virtu Americas LLC.
In a statement to Law360 on Tuesday, a spokesperson for Citadel called the lawsuit "frivolous" and said it was an attempt by Northwest to divert attention away from its history of governance and management failures, other lawsuits and SEC charges for financial reporting lapses.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a settled action with Northwest in October 2019 for allegedly failing to maintain internal control over financial reporting for 12 consecutive annual reporting periods, according to an agency release. The company agreed to pay a $250,000 penalty and settled without admitting wrongdoing, the SEC said.
"We have asked the court to dismiss this complaint and we intend to pursue any and all legal action against Northwest Biotherapeutics for making these false and baseless allegations, which only undermine the integrity of our capital markets," Citadel's spokesperson added.
Representatives for the other parties did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Tuesday.
Northwest Biotherapeutics is represented by Laura H. Posner, Michael B. Eisenkraft and Jessica (Ji Eun) Kim of Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC.
Citadel Securities LLC is represented by William A. Burck, Christopher G. Michel, Christopher D. Kercher, Daniel R. Koffmann, Jesse Bernstein, Brenna Nelinson, Brendan T. Carroll, Peter H. Fountain and Leigha Empson of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP.
Canaccord Genuity LLC is represented by Anthony S. Fiotto, Julia C. Koch and Eric D. Lawson of Morrison Foerster LLP.
GTS Securities LLC is represented by Peter G. Wilson, Christian T. Kemnitz, Hannah O. Koesterer and Leigh Brissenden of Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP.
Instinet LLC is represented by Richard A. Edlin, Daniel P. Filor and Nicholas T. Barnes of Greenberg Traurig LLP.
Lime Trading Corp. is represented by Jon W. Zinke, Stephen Young and Elizabeth H. Lindh of Keesal Young & Logan.
Virtu Americas LLC is represented by Andrew G. Gordon, Audra J. Soloway, Jessica S. Carey and Daniel S. Sinnreich of Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison LLP.
Susquehanna International Group LLP and G1 Execution Services LLC are represented by Marjorie J. Peerce, Norman Goldberger, Laura Krabill and J. Chesley Burruss of Ballard Spahr LLP.
The case is Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc. v. Canaccord Genuity LLC et al., case number 1:22-cv-10185, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.
–Additional reporting by Sarah Jarvis. Editing by Emily Kokoll.
Thanks to powerful_reward_8567 for reaching out regarding this update!
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2023.03.22 02:52 mx3552 r/PharmalaBiotech Lounge

A place for members of PharmalaBiotech to chat with each other.
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2023.03.21 17:16 bluegaze_ thoughts on the gender/sex/sexuality system?

hi folks!
I’m writing a paper interested partially in Rimworld’s simulationist approach to procedural narrative. a portion of the paper is going to discuss the game’s approach to gender and sexuality.
first of all, I was curious to know what changes have been made to these systems over the years, particularly since the RPS controversy in 2016. despite being a relatively avid rimworld player, I’m absolutely clueless on how to find this out other than scouring patch notes.
second, I was interested to hear people’s thoughts in general on these systems, how they are/aren’t representational, or any improvements you would make given the opportunity. how faithful should rimworld be to real-world statistics to run its simulation? how does biotech’s partial focus on reproductive and genetics factor in to all that?
thanks for reading, i’m open to any and all perspectives so let me know yours!
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2023.03.21 17:14 AsheronRealaidain Biotech and…?

So I’ve been playing Rimworld for years and for some reason never found myself interested in Ideology or Royalty. I bought Biotech almost immediately though and despite only having scratched the surface am loving it…except for the fire breathers. They seem a little out there for me - even for the Rim
Anyways I have two questions for you guys.
1) How hard do you think it would it be to learn two new DLC mechanics at the same time? I still have 0 idea with 90% of biotech mechanic and introducing another DLC on top seems like it could be problematic
2) Which DLC do you think pairs best with and/or ‘rounds out’ the Rimworld experience with Biotech
Thanks all!
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2023.03.20 15:46 Jeb_Peterson Biotec mechanoids vs VFE mechanoids

I have come back to rimworld after a long time away bought the new biotech dlc. I saw it added buildebull mechanoids but they seem worse than the ones added by VFE with the pollution they create. Am I missing something. It seems like you can get the biotech ones slightly faster and cheaper but overall the VFE ones seem better.
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2023.03.20 14:26 R4RDRSimon Alternativ playthrough ideas

Hey fellow Rimworld friends, I’ve been thinking about some alternative playthrough ideas especially regarding the biotech dlc. In the Last playthrough I had a nice family of custom cave digging dirtmoles which was pretty cool but got boring fast. Do you know any interesting and challenging starting conditions or goals e.g. with nice modpacks?
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2023.03.20 12:08 Nayor The Xenohuman with no real weaknesses? Are Pigskins really that great? I've been making videos to help understand the differences between Rimworld Xenotypes in the Biotech DLC! The Damage reduction on Pigskins is actually nuts.

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2023.03.20 05:12 YosephStalling Every Faction in Ten Words or less (Spoilers) (And Long)

We're going in the order they're mentioned in the wiki (Contents section doesn't count)
Holy Nation: The crusades but it's a country.
Flotsam Ninjas: Founded because the Holy Nation is pretty shit for women.
Shek Kingdom: They really want to hit you. And then die.
United Cities: Everything is fine. Ignore the slavery and greed and inequality.
Beserkers: What the Shek Kingdom was like 500 years ago.
Kral's Chosen: What the Shek Kingdom was like 10 years ago.
Bounty Hunters: They do nothing, I have no idea man.
Slavers: They enslave people, I thought it was self explanatory.
Traders Guild: Hello, I like money!
Anti-Slavers: Founded on the outrageous concept of mildly disliking slavery.
Rebel Farmers: Founded on the outrageous concept of mildly disliking serfdom.
Empire Peasants: Peasants who are in the Empire (The United Cities).
Western Hive: Thousands of weak minded bugs simp for one female.
Machinists: The Tech Hunter's bitches. They also own shops.
Tech Hunters: Futuristic Bad-ass Tomb Raiders.
Holy Nation Outlaws: Runaways from the Holy Nation.
Trade Ninjas: Why would you open a shop in the DESERT?
Dust Bandits: The bane of the early game.
Hungry Bandits: Mildly annoying early game. Easy, safe crossbow training late game.
Black Dragon Ninjas: Weaboos with tin hats keep dabbing away with my bread.
Deadcat: They got eaten.
Cannibal Hunters: They hunt cannibals. You've gotta pay them first, though.
Mongrel: I ran away from jail, and found something much worse.
Fogmen: What a shame... What a rotten way to die.
Swampers: A weed dealer that isn't in a gang.
Hounds: The biggest gang. They want you to make a base.
Blackshifters: Bugs who run casinos.
Grayflayers: The only faction that actually smuggles things.
Stone Rats: Annoying, please beat them up.
Twinblades: Wait, this isn't Rimworld!
Red Sabres: The Dust Bandits without the Dust, also a little tougher.
Swamp Ninjas: The faction name sums it up pretty well.
Black Dog: Armed like Tech Hunters, act like Stone Rats.
Crab Raiders: I fucking love crabs.
Free Traders: Traders who escaped slavery.
Manhunters: Probably the most annoying faction.
Mercenaries: I hit people, for money.
Nomads: They walk around, and occasionally sell animals.
Outlaw: They are outlaws, and they hate the status quo.
Reavers: COMMUNIST SLAVERS, worst faction by far, 0/10.
Shinobi Thieves: The cooler Trade Ninjas.
Skeleton Bandits: Processing, PROCESSING!
Skeletons: Elves, but Metal and slightly more depressed.
Skin Bandits: Mfs took my skin, can't have shit in Kenshi.
United Heroes League: Stupid(er than normal) racists.
Vagrants: Hungry Bandits, but in civilization.
Bloodraiders: Dust Bandits, but in the UC I guess.
Cannibals: They have their own Wikipedia page.
Grass Pirates: Fuck you in particular.
Rebel Swordsman: The Rebel Outlaws, if they win.
Sand Ninjas: "Attack."
Scavengers: Don't do what they're named for, they're just bandits.
Skeleton Legion: They will fuck you up
Southern Hive: The Lovechild of the Western Hive and The Fogmen.
Thrall Masters: Headless Robots are somehow more dangerous than giant fucking lasers.
Yabuta Outlaws: This is your fault. Why did you bust him out?
Ancient Ruins: VERY old robots.
Broken Cities: Lore only faction I guess? Are they even in game?
Crabs: I fucking love crabs.
Drifters: Beep is in this faction. Other than that, self explanatory.
Fisher: Probably largely replaced by Deadcat in the game's development.
Floodland Ruins: Not in game, OKRAN DAMN IT!
Gorillos: Big Gorilla things that have beaks (they aren't Beak Things).
Gutters: Everyone says this is the worst faction. Everyone is wrong.
Herbivores: FREE MEAT
Land Bats: They travel in Stobe's Gamble in packs. They eat you.
No Faction: They'd be drifters if they weren't completely lost.
Old Machines: Ancient Ruins if Ancient Ruins went outside.
Raptors: " Only the River Raptor is a member of this faction"
Rebirth Slaves: Slaves, with more religion.
Second Empire: A twisted shadow of it's former self.
Skimmers: They're kinda like spiders, but faster.
Slaves: Slaves.
Spiders: Come to think of it, Kenshi is basically Australia.
Swamp Creatures: With aspects of Florida.
Wildlife: Oh Okran, that leviathan is the size of your mother!
Wolves: They are wolves.

Second Empire Exile (Not on the faction list for some reason): "I was not the monster."
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2023.03.18 16:36 Kermuglin Mod Help

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