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Sbubbies, but gibberish this time

2017.11.19 01:19 Xavienth Sbubbies, but gibberish this time

Sbubbies but gibberish, as they were intended.

2011.03.30 16:39 HotDinnerBatman Things you wish you could say to them.

A place to write a letter you don't intend to send.

2010.09.08 00:52 Ghostwriter... Word!

We don’t know where he came from. He just showed up one night. He’s not an alien. We think he might be a ghost. He wants to be friends with us. He can’t hear, and he can’t talk. He can read anything. He takes letters, and he writes with them. We’re the only ones who can see him. That means he wants you on the team. You have to promise never to tell anybody about Ghostwriter. We're the Ghostwriter Team. We check out clues and solve mysteries. He's a ghost and he writes to us... Ghostwriter.

2023.04.01 06:57 Conscious-Border-498 I'm giving up on trying to loose weight

I'm essentially giving up, I'm tired as fuck as being told and sold this promise bullshit of the surgerys and the methods that I am trying that it's pointless and effortless and regardless of who I am, genes or anything else, I'm going to be shackled by my wieght and I'm definently going to die, no if, no buts, nothing. I'm going to share my experiences and why I am comming to this decision.
I am and I am well, fully well aware of my situation, my chances and the risks, however, I do not like being fear mongled, lied to, discouraged and used as a fucking lab rat or a permanent source of money. I am 30m, 509 as of today. I suffer from PTSD, Depression, anxiety, S.A.D. I'm using a different acc from my original but I am gonna explain a bit of my story. My highest weight was 576. During that time, this was about 5 to 6 yrs ago, I started to develop my ptsd, Depression when I ran out of my meds and my doctors refused to refill, I hit a massive crisis moment. I've lost 6 months staying inside, gaining, my mind went everywhere, demons resurfaced and I was alone. Essentially my best friend (bro) was there and helped me regained some sense and eventually, my Dr decided to refill my meds and things started to get back on track for me. I started on my weightloss journey from there and made alot a process
On a better tl:Dr for my journey, changing my meds, watching shows and learning about nutrition, calories, vitimans and portions. Cut down on alot of foods, frozen, takeout, junk, and implemented a routine that got me down to 487.
I was hitting a pleateu and decided and accepted that further help would be needed, now here's where the bullshit
BMC (Boston Medical Center)
Me and my brother went to a appointment for possible gastric sleeve that I've heard about soo much from my 600 lb life. I was interested because from what I was told by the doctored, it takes out the majority of the stomach and the big part that releases the hunger hormone that makes some eat. Did a weigh in, sat down with the surgeon assistant and things went down hill from there. We was discussing the three surgeries, bypass, sleeve and band. The pros, the cons, risk, success rates, etc. I explain how I'd like the gastric sleeve. He looked at me and strongly advise the gastric bypass because
it's more successful, long term, permanent and in his words, actually work
I've explain my concern and my feelings against the bypass and not even finishing my words, he cut me off and said that I only wanted the sleeve so that I can still eat whatever I want and what's it. He went on to saying how some woman came with concerns of nolonger eating rice and ice cream. Told me the hernia, dumping syndrome, gallbladder issues and the throwing up with daily sickness is a small price to pay for a overall successful weightloss and happiness and living. I won't lie, I tuned him out because by that point, he's not listening to me so everything else I say is pointless. They gave me a folder of their program which takes place for 3 months to just start the program. Classes mandatory to learn about the life change, culinary classes, other stuff that though was a good idea, they put in my FUCKING MEDICAL NOTES FOR A MANDATORY BYPASS. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Mt Aubern in Boston
Scheduled a appointment, filled out online paperwork and joined a online call from the head and eldest and one of the founders of that location from decades ago. He guides me asking simple and understandable questions, like do I smoke weed cause it induces hunger. He also told me that his practice, he believes in genes playing a major role in wieght gain.(HEAVELY IMPORTANT FOR LATER) he sent me a link to watch which is mandatory, but educate me about the three options, a touch of the history, the pros, the cons, the percents of success, fails, etc. Moving on, I on the phone meet up with a social worker who God forgive me, was unbearable. In short, she's the type that covers her assess throw paper work and it's her way or the high way. She tells me, condencendently that I have no choice but to go to her, everyone goes through her. She explains that while everything is being process, I'd need to wait 2 months til then. I waited two months aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnd nothing. I've called them and God only knows why, their phone lines were disconnected. I've asked my pcp to reach out, nothing. 6 months later, I get a call from the social worker telling me in order to continue the program, I'd have to sign a waiver to have my social worker to share everything we talk about and it now has to be all about my wieght. She Never mentioned anything about that prior and it caught me off guard. I've asked what happened to the office and she claims she has No idea what I'm talking about. I've shared my feelings about the sudden process and she was saying " that's not my problem, I have it RIGHT HERE, I have it Right here you agreed to the waiver of your social worker and the discussions. We've talked about it and I have it right here that you've agreed to the steps" sounding snug, forcefully and uptight. All I hear from that is My Ass is Covered af and my rules my rule, and when something inevitably happens, MY ASS IS SAAAAAFFFEEEE, oh and too bad 🤷‍♂️
After speaking to my social worker about my concerns, I've called the sw back and told her I'm no longer interested. She said, " I'll pass the message" click*
MT Auburn in Waltham MA ( all in MA btw)
I've made a appointment after not getting anywhere and started to gain, I've asked my Dr office and ask for a recommendation for a comfortable, pleasant experience, I was told this place is excellent and nice. They sent me to Mt Auburn in Waltham. Walked in, pleasant af receptionist, Godforbit you're ruining their lunch( I'll explain in a bit) weigh in, walked in office, explained bit of my story, she took notes and asked questions. She then told me that I should eat lentils, that her other clients complain about eating that and she really pushes them to eat that and lots of protien powder, this is one of the things I don't like being compared with others left and right. She also advised me that I stead of eating with a TV on, to eat while there's nothing on. Few more mins and that makes one appointment. My next appoint I was told, extragerated that I cannot be late, I HAVE TO BE HERE EARLY AND ON TIME. Got there with the seriousness and the demand of being on time, mf receptionist ARE AT LUNCH. I have nothing against them having their break, but don't fucking demand me come here early to an empty receptionist, empty waiting room and the same Dr who DEMANDED THAT I COME EARLY SAW ME FROM THE HALL WAY AND IGNORED ME AFTER MAKING EYE CONTACT. waited essentially 20 min after my appointment and got seen by her. She essentially told me that everything I've been doing is Wrong. I've told her I've been using chickpea pasta, she nodded her head and said "nice, you should try whole wheat pasta" I told her that I don't do well with wheat in general, she simply said that I need to eat wheat. She gave me an annaligy that destroyed me
The body is the bank and food is money
The more money the bank has, the happier the bank is. The bank loves to hav3 money in its account, however, when the bank starts loosing money ( body loosing weight) the bank starts to panic and is going to hold on to as much money (cal) as it can.
I've tried to tell her my methods and habits and I was told that it's all bad, seriously bad. She advise me to eat a tv dinner lean cuisine, and gave me a pamphlet of what I needed to do. To explain, some of the methods was
Chick pea pasta, eat it twice a month
A hand full of peanuts as a snack
Eating low fat foods
There was a rebuttle for Everything!!!
Cheakpea=Needs to be wheat
Hand ful of peanuts, once a day=TOO MUCH FAT
Low fat foods=Not consuming enough protien shakes
I was also shamed that my meds, the big one, Clonidine .4mg causes weight gain and try to con me into Not taking it. When I told my family and friends the story, they all get disgusted and angry for me. The place essentially shamed me by saying it's a cause as to no matter how much I try, it promotes weight gain. It scared me to the point of skipping and going through withdrawals
When we finished, she saw the sadness in my face and asked if I'm alright and after I said yes, she said remember, the bank
I've forgot to mentioned that the fear chats is saying I'm gonna have a heart attack
ALL my problems involve ny wieght, litterally nothing much. Hell, i had a phycologist demand that I don't drink soda, insinuate that all my issues are involve with my wieght, even though she had a soda right next to her. Btw I don't like soda or surgury drinks. My current PHY wants to check my vitals for a AH HAH type move, asking for cholesterol, blood sugar and thyroid. It's serverly harming me both physically and mentally. It's got me so defeated and loss, I've essentially said Fuck it. No Dr is gonna hear me, no one wants to deal with me unless they're getting a pay day from my insurance. I've been told also that I've for got to mentioned, the last clinic says that genes doesn't mean anything. HOW THE FUCK DOES SAME HOSPITALS, DIFFERENT CLINICS SAY AND DO DIFFERENT THINGS?????
I've been told basically that anything without weightloss is pointless, ppl that I know that got the gastric bypass, a "sister" who got it gets sickly monthly, hernia, gallbladder, literally, she goes the hospital every month for a serious issue. It happens so much, we've lost track on how much. On top of that, she gained all that back and more, aaaannd still going through alot physically because of it. Before that, she was abit big, yes, but she never had any health issues, it more was an image issue
Someone I was a neighbor had the bypass, died of a heart attack by the age of 36
Me personally, my bloodpressure is 125/90(was 141/100)
Blood glucose 5.7 (was 6.0)
Thyroids are normal
I know and we'll aware my weight is dangerously high, however idk Genetics is helping in ways, and the reason I say that because and sadly, my Godbrother who's 33, slim/fit, works out and whatnot has diabetes type 2. He wasn't born with it and was Never big, he prob weigh bout 170
Someone else I know who's less than half my weight has hbp that's in the 160s, even going for at times 170+, he moves around and eats accordingly.
Majority of Dr's saying that everything is temporary and im fucked once I get older, meanwhile I have family in their 50s, 80s and 90s that are heavy set and doing very well aside from just the scale.
I will say that None of us are immobile, moving around feels natural and aside from having asthma that can trigger from stress, everything else is great honestly. No knee pains, no joint pains, in ways, flexible, and no family health issues.
We do encourage each other from not eating junk food or eating out. We all talk about what's on the nutrition facts and try to stay away from high sat fat, carbs and sugar. It's helped us in many ways, however with what was told to me by the "professionals" I honest to God gave up.......I gave up, I'm sorry
I'm not giving up like I wanna eat like Its going out of style or eat all the wrong things, but weighing myself every 2 months, counting every cal in meals to the point I'm having panic attacks and high anxiety that shuts me down mentally and not feeling like I'm living for myself, it's draining and tiring some by alot. I'm tired of looking for medical help since I'm getting different answers, different experiences, but being told the same be slim, be happy. Sad thing is my current phycologist tried to sell me on that by saying, lying imho " I have a few patients that got the surgery and they feel more energized and happy*. The second I said that a few ppl that had that is 6 ft under he shut that shit down way quickly. Im not being heard, I'm not being listened to. Why fucking Bother???
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2023.04.01 06:56 Tsj_guy AITA for Breaking up with my Ex because of Their Anger Issues??(Tw S.H)

So For a reminder this Happened in February 2022 So When We Got in October Everything is fine and Okay We would have some ups and downs But Sometimes They can get Angry Especially Towards me even though I didn’t do anything like this one time it was December at the time I was at their house and We were just having fun and talking and sitting in their room But then They were tired and It almost time for me to go home and They just got all mad and fed up and I was like “What’s wrong?” And They were like “My Dad texted me saying We have to take you home and I’m too tired to Get up!” And Their Dad Came upstairs and The Partner was arguing with him and I’m just standing there not saying a word and then They said “I hate you” then looking at me saying “I hate you all” and I was like “Why are you looking at me What I do?” Then They wanted me out so I got my shoes on and the rest of my things Trying not to cry Then I Teared up on the way home and Thinking about it Then I texted them saying “I’m sorry to annoy you but do you actually hate me...?” And They said “I just say that all the time I still love you I just also hate you but just a little bit like everyone else” I still felt a bit hurt and offended I couldn’t sleep,I couldn’t eat or drink and then the next day They were asking me a question and I didnt get it and they got all fed up and said “Oml Nvm I have other things to do Damn it!” And then Right before I was about to eat I started crying and didn’t want to eat anymore and I didn’t want to go to school and I would tell myself you’re the worst person to ever exist and My therapist and mom kept convincing me to Not talk to them anymore or take a break So I did then on New Year’s Eve we started talking again it was all good but something made me a bit insecure They described their dream partner and It mostly everything that I’m not and I just kept thinking about it all day and then when I told them I was a bit insecure about the dream partner thing and apologized that I’m not like their dream partner they said “Ik but You’re the greatest partner I have” They said they’re just not used to Healthy Relationships and They been through some Messed up Shit and I tried so much to make this relationship work and Be a Great partner to them and Comfort them but Then One night We were on FaceTime and my little brother was in my room and Everything was Good and Okay until My little brother thought it would be funny to Blast a inappropriate song out loud I tried to Stop him but he did it anyway and The partner hung up and I apologized about my Little Brother Then The Next Day This is When things went Horrible When I talk to them They were all like “I DON’T WANT TO SPEAK TO THAT LITTLE F*CKER!,I WILL KILL HIM” My little brother is like 9-11 He’s just a kid And I tried to Apologize my Little Brother tried to apologize then The partner wanted to Call me Without my brother So I went all the way to the 3rd floor while the phone was ringing then it stopped When I tried to Call them Back They Texted “Bitch bye” And I broke down and My Mom saw the Messages and Was mad at The partner and Said “You don’t let nobody call you Out of Your Name” I still had tears and It just ruined my Day and At Night I decided to (HOLD UP TRIGGER WARNING FOR THOSE WHO ARE TRIGGERED TO SELF HARM SO BE PREPARED FOR WHAT HAPPENED NEXT) So I Cutted myself On My Arm a Couple of Times and Went to my room My Mom found out And She doesn’t like The partner Then a Few days later I just started to lose feelings and I just know it’s to break up with The partner So I texted the Mom In Tears saying “I’m so sorry But I wanted to Break up with The Partner Can you tell them that?” She said “Yeah” And The mom is a great person and She said “You’re a Great Kid” and I started crying And The mom said that The Ex Understands I feel like a jerk and Sometimes I regretted Breaking up with Them and Sometimes I still miss Them to this day and Sometimes look at old messages,So AITA??
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2023.04.01 06:56 throwaway43205956 Disappointing But Expected Results for Early Graduating Junior (I would greatly appreciate advice)

Intended Major(s): CS, applied data science second major for applicable schools
Note: I got one B in Precalculus, and that is my only B.
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. An internship where I wrote a program that would provide actual use to researchers in a cutting-edge stem field, interned for a total of two years (description that I wrote about in one of my essays: program that used algorithms to identify mutations that could potentially benefit people with genetic diseases). Elaborated on this one in particular during Stanford interview.
  2. Boy Scouts for 5 years
  3. Varsity starting tennis for 2-3 years
  4. Debate for three years
  5. 300 hours+ of community service
  6. Leadership in coding club (not president)
  7. Leadership in Physics club (not president)
  8. Founder of English Club at school
  9. I got other EC's to fill up remaining spots but they are pretty generic (think random club membership and stuff like that)
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. Eagle Scout
  2. Debate Runner-Up at State-Level Parley Tournament
  3. AP Scholar with Distinction
  4. Citizens service award
  5. 2 first place wins and 3 second place wins at local/regional open tennis tournaments
Letters of Recommendation
Counselor: likely very generally positive, I knew her decently and had many talks with her but there was no real personal connection. She did give me a perfect score when she rated my course rigor, however.
History Teacher: Really liked the guy, but again, likely generically positive. No real connection, and I only have him during my junior year.
C++ Professor: It was a self studied class over the summer. I was the first to finish his class so he offered to write me a letter. I accepted, but the trend continues. No real personal connection.
UPenn Interview: Went really well. Very nice older lady, she helped me get more enthusiasm for my ED school before promptly getting rejected.
Stanford Interview: Almost perfect interview. I managed to elaborate on my first EC greatly while also showing a high level of intellectual curiosity. Very comfortable interview.
UC Essays: These were decent but not my best work. Displayed some of my passions as well as my service hours/leadership.
UPenn Essays: Pretty bad. I'll leave it at that.
USC Essays: Slightly better than UPenn but still not great.
Stanford, Duke, Brown, Rice: My best works, simply as I had the most experience writing at this point. Stanford in particular was very good imo, I was able to express my intellectual curiosity. The important part of these essays is I was able to write (imo) strong Why Us essays.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
Alright, this little experiment of mine is complete. I know that a couple of people were interested in this course of action, so hopefully, this post will be enlightening to a few people in the future.
There are a couple of points to keep in mind when viewing these results. My early application essays were relatively mediocre. The USC and the UPenn ones in particular were very much lacking. When viewing my decisions from private schools, I think one factor that negatively impacted my application significantly was my recommendation letters. I honestly don't think that they provided an especially impressive view of me. Generically positive, sure. But I don't think they depicted me as a brilliant student or anything like that.
Overall, I'm pretty neutral about my results. UCSD and UCSB are great schools, for which I am happy that I got accepted, but I definitely greatly overrated my application when looking at how I got a clean set of rejections to basically every private school.
At this point, I have a couple of options to consider:
  1. I commit to UCSD, which is my current top choice, and pray to God for my waitlists. My issue with this option is that the school I got into within UCSD is not great for STEM subjects (ERC has a ton of humanities requirements). Also, I would ideally like to study CS.
  2. I can attend community college for one year, graduating a year early from high school, and transfer (local CC has an 80% acceptance rate to UCLA, yes I realize that this is not the same for CS). My hesitation is that I will miss out on a significant amount of connections and might have a harder time making friends.
  3. I can continue and take my senior year with a heavily restricted courseload (I'm burnt out as hell). During this year, I will spend the majority of my time grinding out college essays and improving the current essays I have written out. My concerns here are that I am not even close to guaranteed improved or even the same results as this year.
I really need advice on which course of action would be the best. One thing to consider is that I am set to travel overseas this summer to work in person at an internship for a couple of months, which might substantially help my application.
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2023.04.01 06:55 WhoopingCoughs help! ants in my terrarium!

I have a native terrarium and I inspected and washed everything I put in. For some reason, ants started appearing and are making a home in my 5 gal native terrarium. Does anyone know how to get rid of them with out hurting my spring tails, isopods and snails?
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2023.04.01 06:55 sadcloudydayz I've learned that you have to establish your authority within the first minute of subbing for an Elementary class or they will walk all over you.

You have to be firm and let them know as soon as class begins that you are the adult in the room, you will not tolerate students doing whatever they please, you have to explain what your expectations are, what punishments will happen if rules are not followed etc.
I subbed for a 4th grade class the other day. Teacher said in the sub plans that in the morning (after the bell rings), the students are to complete their warm up and practice spelling and writing in their ELA journals in silence during the first twenty five minutes of class. Kids start coming in, going "We have a sub!" and I can see from their grins that they think this about to be a day where they get to entertain themselves and turn the classroom into a funhouse. Two minutes later as soon as the morning bell rang, the students immediately went to their computer cart, switched seats to be near their friends and took it upon themselves to play games and talk at a lunchroom-voice volume.
Guess what? Without saying a word I went around, closed their Chromebooks, collected them and put them on the teacher desk. Then I projected the seating chart and said if you not are seated exactly how this chart says you should be within the next five seconds, you will be spending the remainder of the day in the office with the principal. Do not test me and do not play games with me." Kids scattered left and right to find their seats and sat quietly until I spoke again.
I told them in a very stern voice "this is not a free day for you to do whatever you feel like. You will not disrespect me, you will not treat me any differently than your teacher and you will not get on anything other than what I ask you to. Do I make myself clear?" They nodded. Then I said it again but louder "Do I make myself CLEAR?". They all got out their ELA journals and worked quietly.
My point in this is that children are manipulative. Some are good students but you have some that aren't and think that your presence as an adult is not something that should be taken seriously. You have to be firm and establish authority with them immediately or else they will walk all over you and turn the day into a circus. If you let them do as they please they will become feral and ruin your day. Let it be known immediately that you aren't having that and what happens if they try it. Don't try to be their best buddy or the most fun substitute ever, lay down the law and then get through the sub plans provided.
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2023.04.01 06:55 AutoModerator [Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery

[Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery
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[Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery
I started making YouTube videos in my final year of medical schoolat Cambridge University. It was Summer 2017 and I started off with 0 views, 0 subscribers and $0 in revenue.
18 months later, my YouTube channel was at 100,000 subscribersand was making as much money as my full-time job working as a doctor in the UK. And now, as of May 2022, my channel has over 3 million subscribersand I make over £100,000 ($130k) each monthfrom it (and over $350,000 per month from the business as a whole), with 5-10 hours of effort each week. I know — it’s bloody ridiculous.
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2023.04.01 06:55 Black_Rider_Official 🤩Looking to invest in crypto but not sure where to start?🤔

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2023.04.01 06:55 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Soundtrack: Who Could Be Featured?

The GTA series has always been known for its excellent soundtracks, featuring a mix of popular songs and original music. While there's no official word yet on what the soundtrack for GTA 6 will feature, there are a few artists that fans have speculated could be included:
Drake: The Canadian rapper has a huge following and has been featured in several other video games, so it wouldn't be surprising to see him on the GTA 6 soundtrack.
Billie Eilish: With her unique sound and massive popularity, Billie Eilish could be a great addition to the GTA 6 soundtrack.
Kendrick Lamar: Lamar previously curated the soundtrack for GTA 5's single-player campaign, so it's possible that he could be involved with the soundtrack for GTA 6 as well.
Post Malone: With his genre-blending sound and chart-topping hits, Post Malone could be a great fit for the GTA 6 soundtrack.
DaBaby: With his high-energy beats and unique flow, DaBaby could also be a good choice for the soundtrack.
Of course, this is all speculation at this point and there's no telling who will actually be featured on the GTA 6 soundtrack. However, fans can rest assured that Rockstar Games will likely deliver a fantastic mix of music that perfectly complements the game's setting and story.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts http://Furymodz.com // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: http://patreon.com/furymodz 🎪
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2023.04.01 06:54 Skiie I just beat farcry 5 and i want to make a post

alright couple of questions. SPOILERS
  1. from the beginning you met all of the heads of the bad guys of their respective areas but you really don't talk to them. Suddenly when you go to the flower woman's area you begin to hallucinate about her. Is this shit ever explained because how could a ton of flowers growing out in the middle of no where make you hallucinate about some random lady? this shit is weird. Also what if i didn't speak English would he make me hallucinate in English or other language?
  2. is it just fucking me or would anyone else back out before even landing the fucking helicopter. Just look at these fucking pyschos. In most cases a cult like this would be infultrated by the FBI or CIA i imagine like i don't think they would send in a couple of deputies and one arresting officer.
  3. Half way through the campaign i realized that no matter what i do the game forces the story on you and you basically have to get "knocked out" and do some bullshit story mini game. did anyone else find this annoying?
  4. To add on to that if you were the bad guys and could stop me at any time by knocking me out why not just kill me? especially with the ending of the game jesus christ. What this guy can just slip out of anything and knock out everyone and convert anyone in seconds? Like what was I fucking working for the entire game?
  5. also does this guy have the power to summon the nuclear holocaust or does it just happen as you resist him once last time?
  6. let's also just say he was right as the game implies. He's 100 percent right. Even if you or i could start a cult would you have recruited the guy that thought that everything was about kulling the weak? Or even condone slaming giant crosses into people? like why or how would anyone want to join if you're out there murdering people in the worst ways? Take for example Scientology those guys are assassinating people and making it look like an accident.
  7. its just machine gun or bust right? this gun does the light work, heavy work and it even tears up airplanes and cars. like you do not not have that gun ever right?
  8. Is anyone else angry you don't get to kill the woman on the radio who backstabs you? If that was DLC i would pay for that shit.
anyways that was my ted talk.
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2023.04.01 06:54 colirado My 2013 Masters story (I’m the double-fisted red beard)

My 2013 Masters story (I’m the double-fisted red beard)
My friend spotted me on the broadcast and snapped this pic on his tv. In 2012 I was playing in the Golf Channel Am Tour and I qualified for the season ending championship event in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. The event consisted of 4 rounds at 4 different courses, one of which was TPC Sawgrass where I posted a 10 at #17 with 3 balls in the drink. So, as you can imagine I wasn’t charging up the leaderboard at this event. On day three I was paired with good guy with red hair like me and we got along well. On the final day he was in the group behind me and sometime late in the back 9 the beer cart girl rolled up and I thought “What the hell, time for a beer. There’s no trophy for me at the end of this, might as well enjoy the last couple holes.” So I buy 2 Miller Lights from the girl and tell her to give the other one to the redhead in the group behind us. After the round I’m sitting at the bar squinting at all the squares and double squares on my scorecard when that guy sits down and joins me. The first words out of his mouth: “Do you want to go to the Masters?” My jaw drops and he tells me he gets tickets to Sunday every year from a client. He also says he works in hospitality and has points out the ass so he can put me up a nice hotel in Atlanta where we will play 18 holes on Friday and 36 on Saturday at some local courses with 2 other guys from the tour. Then the 4 of us will head to Augusta early Sunday morning. I can’t agree to this plan fast enough. Fast forward to the big weekend, the golf was great and so was the Atlanta food and bar scene. Sunday finally arrives and I follow my buddy’s instructions. First thing we do is hit the shop and get Masters low back folding chairs. Then we charge over to Amen corner and put the chairs down (there’s a clear slot for a biz card on the back) in a good spot and are free to wander the course knowing we got seats waiting for us late in the day. They stop serving beer at 5pm so I doubled up and headed back to the seats right as Tiger was coming through. Our seats weren’t in front so I sat on the grass to watch Tiger hit on 12. That’s when my friend spotted me on tv and took this picture. Moral of the story, sometimes really good things happen when you buy a new friend a $5 beer.
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2023.04.01 06:54 chancemthrow California kid gets into (mostly) California schools

Intended Major(s): Political science - sometimes also political economy or public policy, depending on schools' specific majors
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Involved with a YMCA civic engagement program (if you know, you know) which I devoted a lot of time to. Gained a leadership role in my local group and received some recognition statewide and attended an equivalent national conference. Most writing was about this
  2. Model UN through the school, various awards at various conferences
  3. Junior year, interned for local city council candidate who lost the primary
  4. Linguistics project with a teacher doing research about Indo-Europeans. Nothing published
  5. Running various small school clubs
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. National Latin Exam Summa Cum Laude 2 years in a row
  2. National Spanish Honors Society
  3. Honor Roll all of high school
  4. Various MUN awards
Letters of Recommendation
Letter #1 was a history teacher I had junior year who is known for being an oddball but writing great letters. I loved his APUSH class and he thought I was smart; we got along great, especially working with him to write the term paper, which he seemed to enjoy. Probably 8/10
Letter #2 was a physics teacher I had junior year also. He remarked in his report card comments very strongly on my intellectual curiosity and deep passion for learning even in subjects that weren't my primary interest (I'm not a science person). I would guess the letter was really good, maybe 8/10 or even 9/10 also
Additional letter was from the candidate I interned for. She said I really strongly contributed to the campaign and hit all the points you're supposed to in a letter like that despite not writing them regularly. Probably 8/10 also, maybe a little lower
Virtual Stanford REA interview was fine, virtual Georgetown interview was fine. In person Harvard interview was amazing; I really clicked with the guy and he had done the same YMCA program I do in another state, so we got along great. Yale interview was ok, probably the worst of them all; the interviewer was a too-cool Hollywood producer who pontificated a lot and didn't ask many questions.
Personal statement was a narrative about my whole life and why I want to do public service, touching on important events and tied together by references to a videogame. I thought it was solid, represented me well, and was pretty interesting, probably also an 8/10. Other essays I definitely agonized over and made sure they were in great shape after long editing sessions; I particularly enjoyed the UChicago supplemental.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
Overall, I am overjoyed at what happened! I am now choosing between Cal, Stanford, and Georgetown, which are incredible options.
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2023.04.01 06:53 CollectandRun Outlook for AAA, AA, A+, A

These are my notes on the farm system for the casual fan.
AAA - bats
Loftin, Gentry, Garcia are the three batters to watch out for. KC has a nice stable of Short Stops that have flexibility to play a few other positions. Big year for all three to find a way to get up to the majors for anything longer than to replace a player on the 10 day IR. Pratto and Fermin have already seen significant time in the majors. Pratto has to get his K% down and it feels like it's his last year to prove it before we figure out a way to move on for him. And I might be generous at that. Samad Taylor is another piece and would probably see the Majors faster if he wasn't behind Loftin / Garcia.
AAA - pitching There's names that you'll recognize Max Castillo, Josh Staumont, Jackson Kowar, Andres Nunez, Jonathan Heasley. All not making the 26 man lineup for a variety of reasons. Josh Taylor is coming back from Tommy John and might be slowly put back into the Royals 26 man lineup around June/July. Ryan Weiss had a ton of momentum in his final few Spring Training games. Finally there's Evan Sisk who we got from the MAT trade who is older but only 30 innings into playing in AAA.

AAA Overall - I don't expect a ton of players to be promoted to AAA like last year and I don't expect that many players to be sent up (barring injury). Not that it's vital to anyone reading but the team itself will win games based on the fact that you have pitching that is veterans to AAA by now.
Similar to last year Dayton & JJ simply didn't put the Royals in position to have a young arm that is going to crack the rotation from AAA this year.
KC needs to figure out what the long term plan for Jackson Kowar and Jonathan Heasley is. To be frank, there's not one player on this roster that I feel like will be a starting 5 rotation guy. Even with Castillo, I think he's best if he comes back as a Long Relief guy. But could see him starting a couple of games if we need it next year.
AA Pitching - I rank what happens in AA pitching at the top of priorities for the Royals this year. MLB + Minor League. This is almost like a film that the studio decides to be split in two movies, because the truth is that 2023 will likely end with a Cliffhanger for all of these characters at best.
The aftermath of JJ/Dayton blowing up the core of Royals from last offseason involved a swift change to focus on Minor League Bullpen prospects that would mix in with prospects that we already had.
Andrew Hoffman, Steven Cruz (a closer we got from the MAT trade), Beck Way (technically still in A+ getting more SP chances but will likely be a RP once he gets to AA) , TJ Sikkema, Jacob Wallace, Christian Chamberlain, Will Klein, Chandler Champlain are names that you'll hear in AA this year. All of them have the same mission. Increase K% and lower BB%.
KC has Brian Sweeney who did amazing stuff with bullpen pitchers but this should definitely be seen as the first hour of cooking a brisket as many of these players haven't seen much time in AA AND with Q coming from Tampa , they really like to keep pitchers in the Minors until everything is there to come up. There's no speed rushing anyone up to the majors.
From a starting perspective we have Jonathan Bowlan coming back from injury for the first few months. And Alec Marsh, a fan favorite, but had inconsistent stats at times. Bowlan and Marsh are really the two guys I could see called up to AAA at the very least.
The bullpen arms I don't expect any movement up until mid 2024.
AA Bats - Luca Tresh is AAA ready but the Royals probably want him taking reps in AA + work with the pitchers. I could also see Hayden Dunhurst coming up quickly to be here as well. Robbie Glendinning performed really well last year and had a great show of RBIs.
I think there's going to be a ton of call ups to AA.
AA Overall - Andy LaRoche and Larry Carter are in AAA this year. LaRoche was the Quad Cities Hitting Coach and was pretty effective. Larry Carter was actually the bullpen coach in Kansas City last year under Cal Eldred. He's been with the organization for decades and the organization retaining to ship him down to AA shows how much he'll be working on converting prospects into Bullpen pitchers. My guess is that unless a player is somehow magical , everyone will start in Mid-Relief and slowly become a start in this system.
It might not be what he'd want to hear but Robbie Glendinning is a coach's son and a future coach - either in the US or in Australia. He'll be great when some of our 2022 draft picks rise up.
A+ Pitching - Beck Way starts in Quad Cities but I think he'll be moving to AA fairly soon.
Noah Cameron was by far the best stat performer in the Royals Minor League system last year. But we only saw him in A+. Big year incoming for him. Like Noah Cameron, William Fleming (who was the key part of the Carlos Santana trade) was also a player that we traded for that looks surprisingly nice. Low BB rate but could increase his K%. Anthony Simonelli had a solid K/BB rate and could be a sleeper as well.
A+ Batting - Peyton Wilson is a 2nd rounder from Alabama that performed well last year and is in that scrum. There's also River Town who had a great summer last year. Tyler Tolbert is a basestealing machine who can also play defense. I'm mostly curious if we try him out at center field a bit more despite being on the fringe of 6'0.
A+ Overall - I think the biggest part of A+ will some of the college arms we drafted being MOVED UP after 30 or so innings in A ball. Brooks Conrad is returning this season after an impressive season last year.
LOW A Pitching - I think Ben Kudrna, Frank Mozzicato, Shane Panzini stay in A for the year unless we see something wild happen. Jonatan Bernal is a name that should sort of be used in any LOW A conversation with those names. The 20 year old came in the Whit trade and had a very respectable K/BB rate. Should definitely be in that Top 30 MLB prospect conversation. Lucinder Avila is another International Prospect that most people have ahead of Bernal because of arm talent but will also need another year in A.
With the 2022 Draft picks...
Mason Barnett should have a short time in A before going to A+ and maybe even AA. Ben Sears, David Sandlin (strike machine), Chazz Martinez, Brandon Johnson, and Mack Anglin (also looked great) shouldn't spend that much time in A ball. No more than 30 innings each if not fewer.
A Batting - I expect Gavin Cross, Cayden Wallace, and Javier Vaz to be in AA within a very small amount of innings.
That being said it'll be interesting what happens with Top 30 prospects Lizandro Rodriguez and Daniel Vazquez. They'll stay in A for the year, but they are both getting. My guess is that Carter Jensen will stay in A, for no other reason than to improve his catching and worth with the pitchers.
Hayden Dunhurst will likely fly up to AA to stay with the developing bullpen there.
A Overall - I probably haven't done enough homework to tell you who we can bring up from Rookie Ball to fill in the voids for our 2022 draft college arms moving up. The main thing to watch is seeing how well the pitching does and if
Diego Hernandez , a top 20 Organizational Prospect, is likely to miss the entire season.
Asa Lacy isn't really mentioned in this because I have no idea where Asa Lacy is at. He played in AA last year but also seemed to be dealing with multiple injuries on top of the pitching issues. If anyone has an update on Brennon McNair , I'd love to see how close he is to Columbia. My guess is that he's next up as he just turned 20.
You never know, but I don't see bats that will breakout that aren't aren't fringe MLB players (Loftin , Garcia , Gentry). What you really want is to say "in 2024 we'll have two starting pitchers to fill in for Grienke / Lyles / Keller / Yarborough." But the truth is that there's no real flight path to getting anything above their current talent level. Even if Bowlan and Marsh look good, they'll be year 1 next year.
This overview is sort of healthy issue to fans wondering what happens if we aren't close to 500 at the deadline.
Obviously it'd be great if KC could somehow get young starting pitching from players that we trade away.
You should always take BPA, but if this is somewhat strategized.
AAA/AA/A+/A - Starting Pitching - This is every franchise in the MLB, but especially us. Our realistic clock on getting a starting rotation arm of high caliber is 2025+.
AAA - Bullpen. We have time before any of the prospects in AA develop into MLB caliber bullpen arms and the odds of all of them developing are still pretty small. We can get by for a year with what we have, but we'll probably need to figure out a way to fill in spots.
AAA/AA Outfield - We'll have Gavin Cross there. I think we probably need to find ourselves a defensive centerfielder in the vein of Kyle Isbel.
AA Catcher - Fermin will probably see some time in the Majors. You'd love to find a Logan Porter type of Catcher that can also play 1st base just so the pitchers have practice.
A/A+ - First Base / DH / Catcher. I think Catchers are valuable in the minors because they help the development of pitchers and can cover up for a ton of their mistakes in terms of winning games.
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2023.04.01 06:53 Novem_ My one hope for season 4 and a little for season 3

I know season 3 has just started we're not even half way into it but i have been thinking about what James Gunn (lead for DC content) said about that show that being he sees "1-2 more seasons for superman and Lois" the 1-2 could mean multiple things maybe he counts season 3 as one of the 2 seasons we don't know, but i see it as he would like the show off the air before his new superman movie comes out in 2025 so that there isn't 2 live action supermen projects at the same time. with this meaning we get a season 4 and maybe a season 5.
my hope is that the show lays the ground work for season 4 potentially being the end and going into the season with everyone where they are meant to be at weather that be Jon gets powers sometime near the end of season 3 have him and Jordan over the season 3-4 break train and we go into the season with them at their strongest, have the Sarah and Jordan in a relation ship or just friends and same goes for everyone else.
we can see the problems with the flash's final season introducing new characters not focusing on the right characters and how much that has hurt their final season which should be their best season. i love Superman and Lois it has been amazing so far and with DC / CW shows being cancelled so frequently i hope they set themselves up for success to give the show the final season it deserves
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2023.04.01 06:52 EuphoricWay131 Find Your Perfect Hairpiece: Best Wigs in the USA for Every Style wigs collections near me

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Best Wigs in USA:

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2023.04.01 06:51 CoonPiedie Buying NyC queens Co-op without W2 only employment letter DTI 25%

Will i get rejected by board with only employment letter from my company?My real estate agent says it should not be any discrimination just because i just started working this year. But i heard co-op so strict with this kind of stuff
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2023.04.01 06:51 2maka5u Best Parts of Each Soundtrack (3-5)

I recently got into the series, and it seems like everyone loves the music in the series. I’ve seen debate on what individual soundtracks are the best, but not necessarily what aspects each soundtrack does best. Just wanna rave about what parts of each soundtrack I like the most from 3-5, as those are the ones I’ve played so far. (Not done with p3p yet, but I’ve listened to the OST’s for all versions at least once. Also shout out to School Days from P1)
Opening: 4
Honestly all answers are correct here, I just love Shadow World to death.
Daily Life/Shops: 3
P4 has a lot of great daily life music, with Heartbeat Heartbreak and Snowflakes being a couple of my favorites. But When The Moon’s Reaching Out Stars and Iwatodai Dorm are both easily top 5 songs across the series for me. Side note So Happy World from P5 is super underrated.
Cutscenes/Social Links: 4
Like A Dream Come True, SMILE, I’ll Face Myself, and that one song that plays whenever something bad happens are all vibes, and super memorable compared to the other cutscene tracks.
Dungeons: 5
The Palace themes absolutely clear here, with Price, Freedom and Peace, Gentle Madman, and Sweatshop being bangers. I intentionally left Whims of Fate out of this list because Heaven is sooo much better. Also I wasn’t sure where to include Life Will Change and I Believe, but even if I didn’t include them here it’s still 5 by a landslide.
Normal Battle: 4
All the normal battle tracks are excellent, but I’ve been sick of Last Surprise before I even started 5, and the 2 main tracks in Golden are both bangers.
Mini-Boss: 5
Will Power and Keeper of Lust are both super fun, low stakes mini-boss themes. Not much more to say.
Boss Theme: 3
Another tough category, but imo Master of Shadow does the best job of stressing the intensity of the situation while still being a fun listen.
Special/Final Boss: 3/5
Leaving this as a tie because at the moment, Throw Your Mask Away is probably my favorite song in the series. BUT, Battle For Everyone’s Souls and Burn My Dread (Last Battle) are also amazing, but haven’t actually heard them in game yet.
Credits: 3
I haven’t even heard them in game yet, but with how they got called back in the FES intro, this is probably my favorite in context of the series, with the P4 credits close behind.
If I missed some category of music in the games, pls let me know! Overall 4 is probably my favorite soundtrack, but there’s more individual songs I like on 5 by virtue of there being more songs to pick from.
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2023.04.01 06:51 Bean_Paste888 Not to be that guy...

Is anyone else just bored and lazy? Lack of motivation to make friends perhaps? As a sophomore I know there's people unsatisfied with this campus life. Staying in dorms, few friends (really just aquaintances), playing games and watching videos to fill the void. Understandable that there are busy students and busy times, but where exactly is everyone during 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm? I don't see a lot of students hanging out. Honestly, I do envy friends just taking long walks at night. Talking about whatever pops in their mind and being open to one another.
I for one, am tired of playing video games with friends. Sure it's fun, but after a while I don't know my friend any better than a few months ago when we started gaming. I guess some people are just not open to sharing.
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2023.04.01 06:51 Leather-Mongoose-836 Mexican Restaurant

Took my 2nd .5 shot today. Down 16 lbs. Spending a few days with my son and daughter-in-law. Had my first drink since starting and ate a taco. I have been nervous after reading several people got very sick. I am happy to say I didn’t drink the whole drink and I ate most of my shrimp/chorizo taco without nausea. Fully controlled my eating. Enjoyed the company without being concerned with food. So thankful!
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Discord: PLIATSIK#0227
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