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Artists and connoisseurs of tabletop gaming, this is a subreddit for freelance artists to connect with those wanting to commission art for private use or commercial enterprises. Examples would be commissioned portraits of RPG characters, or elements for board games or table top games such as maps, cards, tiles, etc.

2023.04.01 05:45 JDAmi123 Advice on ticket purchase

Advice on ticket purchase
Tickets for next Tuesday’s game again the Mets have gotten fairly cheap. I’ve never been to Am Fam, but typically prefer outfield seats at other stadiums when available.
Here’s my question— there’s a bunch of open seats in this general area of 101-104 and the small area in front. Do I need to look to be within the first 2-3 rows of the section to be able to see scoreboard/not be bothered by the overhang? Or is anywhere pretty much fine? Would LOVE some views from seats if anyone here has ever sat in that region of the stadium.
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2023.04.01 05:45 flinjager123 Does anyone have an extra copy of Issue 1B?

I've decided I want to collect all of the B covers for personal use because I like the rainbow color effect they all have so far. I have Issue 2B and 3B but 1B is sold out on the store.
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2023.04.01 05:44 InDenialEvie 2014 was the Last Time The Winner of the Overall Senate Popular Vote Won the Senate

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2023.04.01 05:44 Funy290 TyTyKiller's official tier list for 3.21

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2023.04.01 05:44 SleepyFinnishBear Can't wait to get into these SPICY builds! Thanks tyty!

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2023.04.01 05:43 jasmineqn Middle school romance book

Hi all!
I'm don't remember many details but I remember reading a book in 2013~2014 at my middle school library for "Accelerated Reader". I remember that the cover was a girl in chainmail armor (it looked kinda cheesy) and it was a fantasy love triangle. I don't remember any of the character names, but I think the MC was fated to be with another person but something went wrong and she ended up with a different person and had to choose between the two. I believe it ended on a cliffhanger. I appreciate any help!
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2023.04.01 05:43 Dryadversity The third color of gloam, how flower colors hint that Melina is St. Trina, and the color of St. Trina's third eye; (the colors of gloam pt. 2)

The third color of gloam, how flower colors hint that Melina is St. Trina, and the color of St. Trina's third eye; (the colors of gloam pt. 2)
I'm going to be covering these topics out of order, with respect to their sequence in the title. Also, apologies in advance for retreading some of the ground from my previous submissions.
How flower colors support the theory that Melina is St. Trina
This is something I later added to my recent theory on gloam, but I also thought it was interesting enough to warrant its own post. In that submission, I posited that gloam is actually two colors, primarily: purple—or indigo, as I suggested and tried to explain in an appendment at the bottom—and faded or tarnished gold.
Something I noticed about these colors that they are prominently associated with, and almost equivalent to, the color schemes of Miquella and St. Trina: Miquella is associated with gold, and St. Trina with purple. Now, Miquella is actually primarily represented by unalloyed gold, which realistically does not fade or tarnish. However, Miquella's lilies are indeed described as faded, just like the dusky erdleaf flowers mentioned in that post.
The first line of the description for Miquella's lily reads: "A delicate water lily of unalloyed gold that has started to fade and wilt."
These lilies, I believe, are massively important visual hints as to the identity of Melina and St. Trina.
Miquella's lily (faded gold) and St. Trina's lily (purple)
Melina's faded gold eye, and purple-indigo eye
Note that Miquella's and Trina's lily are found directly adjacent to each other in the crafting materials menu, matching the positioning of Melina's eyes. However, I did change the order of the lilies in the picture shown; in the menu, Trina's lily is found on the left, and Miquella's on the right. That being said, there might be a way to resolve this minor discrepancy: Even though the flowers and eyes appear to be ordered differently, this is only true if we base our judgment on our own perspective; Melina's gloam eye is on our right, but it's really her left eye, which corresponds with Trina's lily being on the left. The same is true for Miquella's lily and Melina's golden eye.
It's also interesting to look at Miquella's lily alongside the golden sunflower, which by the way, are also placed right next to each other in the menu, in the same order shown below.
golden sunflower and St. Trina's lily
The sunflower resembles Melina's gold eye, as well as an eclipse. Plus, if you ask me, the spiraling petals of Trina's lily on the right have a slight resemblance to the crow's talons on Melina's indigo eye.
Another important piece of evidence is the description for the golden sunflower. It reads: "At the foot of the Erdtree, they retain their color, along with a powerful holy essence."
This is the same phrasing we hear from Melina when describing her origins: "The close. Only a little further till the foot of the Erdtree, and the accord is fulfilled. It takes me back. I was born at the foot of the Erdtree. Where mother gave me my purpose." You may recall that Melina also maintains certain attributes at the foot of the Erdtree: namely, her ability to "govern her own movement", and also, it seems, her memory (since memories are gold, and the Erdtree is made of them).
Below you can see how gold and purple flowers are clustered together in the item menu. I checked that this is the proper order, and that there are no missing crafting materials between the flowers in this row.
a full row of purple and golden flowers
Yet another pairing that makes sense is tha of the grave violet and tarnished golden sunflower. As I've said, Melina's golden eye is faded, or tarnished. (In case it's not clear why I consider faded and tarnished gold to be close enough, here's one reason: Godfrey's eyes, which are golden, faded at the moment he became Tarnished.) The grave violet of course relates to death, which Melina threatens us with after her sealed eye opens. Additionally, Melina has links to ghostflame through the crow's foot on her eye, since crows and deathbirds are shown to be connected in the description for the Ravenmount clothing set. Finally, Melina is also linked to spirit calling, since it appears she is Torrent's former master, and we know it was from this person that Ranni received the spirit calling bell.
I should also mention, as I already have in my dedicated post on Melina and St. Trina connections, that there is a second pair of colors important to Miquella and Melina, in addition to gold and purple. These colors are black and white. In this case however, the pairing is a complementary contrast, and shows how the two characters differ from each other.
Melina is strongly linked with the color black; she wears a black robe, and her hair turns black in the Frenzied Flame ending. There's also the fact that her indigo eye resembles a black hole, which I discussed a while back in my theories on gravity's connection to the Gloam-Eyed Queen. Miquella, by contrast, is color-coded white. His infant form is mostly white (along with gold), and his cocoon is white, as are his robes in the DLC image.
I would summarize the color schemes of Melina and Miquella like this: Miquella is purple and gold + white, and Melina is purple and gold + black.
I'd like to mention one other thing for this section, and that's the general floral connection between Melina and St. Trina, regardless of the flowers' colors. St. Trina's torch depicts a flower above her head, and Melina uses a skill called Miranda's Prayer, which references the miranda flowers in name and in the style of the attack. Furthermore, there is a relief in Elphael that I believe depicts St. Trina rising out of miranda flower. (I discuss this relief extensively in my recent post on Elphael.) So even if the flowers weren't the same colors, I still think the shared association with flowers hints at Melina being St. Trina.
The third color of gloam
The user The_Deep_Dark_Abyss pointed out to me in the comment section of my aforementioned gloam post that the Age of the Duskborn ending depicts the Lands Between without a sun. They interpreted this as stemming from the eclipse, which is integral to Godwyn's story, and has a non-trivial resemblance to the mending rune of the Death Prince (particularly the drained eclipse depiction). Their idea was that the Age of the Duskborn has a darkened sky because of the eclipse.
I don't think they agreed with my linking of the Duskborn ending to gloam; but to me the connections are well-evidenced, especially in light of their observations of the shading in this ending. To me, the word 'dusk' in Duskborn clearly suggests an association or equivalence with gloam, since 'gloam' and 'dusk' are regarded as synonymous by most dictionaries and thesauruses.
The conclusion I reached is that dusk might also be represented as grey. This is the color of the sky in the Duskborn ending. I think it would make sense for grey to be another form of gloam, because sunlight is often portrayed as white, and in opposition to the black of night. And black and white of course make grey.
The Erdtree and sky in the Age of the Duskborn ending
There is a potential connection as well to the color-drained eclipse, which is white and black; even though I think the colored, tarnished-gold eclipse makes a bit more sense for an age in which Godwyn (the Golden) has some kind of authority. Maybe this is in fact the case? Is the Erdtree itself providing the gold, making the overall scene one of tarnished gold?
This makes quite a bit of sense. However, there's something that deserves special attention in this scene: the leaves. I remember learning from someone that the phrase "The fallen leaves tell a story" is actually saying that the inhabitants of the Lands Between can understand their history and the current order by examining the fallen leaves of the Erdtree, which change color along with the Erdtree itself. Something interesting is that the fallen leaves of the Erdtree seen in Leyndell before the game's ending are already black and gold. This appears to remain the case in the Dung Eater's ending.
In the Duskborn ending, we can see both colors of leaves: golden leaves in the Erdtree (shown in the picture above), and black/grey leaves on the ground, seen below. However, the latter—i.e. the "fallen leaves" are exclusively black/grey.
Grey/black fallen leaves; I think grey is the better descriptor, since you can see what black looks like in Fia's deathbed dress on the right.
If it's the fallen leaves that tell a story, these might ultimately have more significance. The developers could have just left the fallen leaves black and gold. So, while there are valid counterarguments, I think there's still a case to be made that one color of gloam is grey, in addition to gold and purple.
(Actually, since I've been equating black/grey a few times... I had the [probably wrong] idea that the tarnished part of the gold could in some cases be grey, not black. If this were true, it would mean that one color of gloam, tarnished gold, would itself be composed of another color of gloam, grey. While I can't say I'm convinced of this myself, it would match even better with Melina's golden eye, which is more greyed than blackened.)
Now, I personally believe this third form of gloam being black + white has greater significance and ties into other notable color pairings in the game, which I'll do my best to explain now.
In the same comment section on post I mentioned, M00n_Slippers made the astounding observation that the color pairing of blue and red, which make purple (gloam), is perfectly mirrored by the combination of black and gold, which as I suggested in the post, also make gloam. This is because black and blue are suggested in some places in the game to be synonymous (e.g. the blue crest heater shield), in the same way that red and gold are described by the game as different manifestations of the same substance.
Trying to fill out the framework, I suggested that white might have a relationship to red that mirrors the relationship of black to blue, which I think is evidenced by the association of white and gold in Miquella's design, as well as in the red and white of the red crest heater shield. I speculated red and white might be linked through their associations with purity, since fire purifies; this is expressed in the incantation "Flame, Cleanse Me". In similar fashion, blood is used for cleansing in religious rituals. Finally, one could make comparisons between the Golden Order in Elden Ring and the Way of White in Dark Souls. (Some might object that the Golden Order opposes white because they persecute the Albinaurics, but I would say their issue is with silver, not white itself.)
So, in my view, there are three different manifestations of the color red, and three different manifestations of blue, which together create three different colors of gloam. In each of these dyads I'll list the red-associated color first, and then the blue-associated one. 1). The first pairing is red and blue which make purple or indigo; 2). the second is gold and black which make tarnished or faded gold, and 3.) the third is white and black (again), which mix to create grey. There is a bit of asymmetry here in that silver is not used once while black is used twice, but I still think this is the most complete framework so far.
St. Trina's three eyes
If Melina is St. Trina, then we already know one of her eyes is indigo, and another is faded gold. But if there are 3 colors of gloam, and St. Trina has 3 eyes in her torch depiction, one could infer that the third eye of St. Trina is the only color not yet seen in Melina's eyes: grey.
A reasonable counterargument is the middle eye of St. Trina on the torch is likely purple, because this eye appears purple when illuminated by the torch's purple flames. This was a major hint of a connection between St. Trina and the Gloam-Eyed Queen, that I think most people, including myself, didn't notice. (Well, I did notice the commonalities of stone and purple, but not the purple eye more specifically.)
St. Trina's middle eye, self-illuminated with purple firelight
Another thing we should take into account, is that the design of St. Trina on this torch is a mythological reference to Medusa, who turned her victims to stone (petrified them) by looking them in the eyes. In Elden Ring, purple is color-coded with the theme of fear; and since St. Trina only has one exposed eye on the torch, it would make more sense, functionally, if the middle eye was in fact purple; because she could use it (through purple's fearful attributes) to drive fear into her enemies.
So, I understand there's an argument to be made it's the middle eye that's supposed to be purple. On the other hand: it's been pointed out that the right eye on the torch (the figure's left eye) has a black marking under it, which highly resembles the crow's foot on Melina's eye. And we know that it's the crow's foot eye that's indigo. If this scarred eye is purple or indigo, and the other concealed eye is gold, then I think the third eye in the middle might be grey—which would make some intuitive sense, since the eye is in fact grey, due to the torch being made of stone.
St. Trina's torch depiction and middle eye, without the purple flames
Since the only visible eye seen on the torch is grey, I think this lends some credence—with considerable counterevidence, I'm aware—that the third eye of St. Trina is grey, and the third color of gloam.
Since this submission is something like a modification of my previous theory on gloam, I wanted to share another idea that I have also since appended to that post.
The idea I added was based on that same comment by The_Deep_Dark_Abyss, and a theory by miirshroom on a different post. The_Deep_Dark_Abyss mentioned there might be some link between the Japanese characters translated as gloam and the time between dusk and midnight, which reminded me that even the English word gloam is sometimes defined in this way. I related this to miishroom's theory, which is that gloam could be more like the spectrum of colors associated with dusk. My conclusion was that if gloam is technically or sometimes defined as between dusk and midnight, and gloam can have various levels of red and blue as miirshroom suggested, then it makes sense for Melina's eye to be more indigo than purple, because the Elden Ring clock represents night as blue, and dusk as purple. The time in between would be indigo.
I wrote more about this idea on that original post, if you'd like to read more about what I think this choice of color communicates. Here you can find the post, as well as some of the comments that influenced the developments in my perspective on this topic:
Here's an updated post on all the reasons I think Melina is St. Trina. I've added a lot to this since first posting it (at least 6 points); I'm now up to 20 points of evidence:
The Elphael post containing analysis of the woman and flower relief:
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2023.04.01 05:43 Famous-Nothing-7677 Would I be a good candidate for a septoplasty?

Hello, I struggle immensely with my crooked nose and asymmetrical face.
As a teen, now 22, I got hit in the nose hard with a basketball and still blame this as the culprit for my nose, but who knows.
Regardless, I come to this subreddit for advice. I desperately want to straighten my nose, as it severely impacts my confidence/mental health and perhaps breathing (hard to say because I can’t remember what life used to be like), but would only be able to do so if it was covered by insurance.
Plastic surgeons of this thread, 1. How rare is it to be able to get a septoplasty covered by insurance 2. Do you think I have a chance of this happening for me?
Posting this photo takes a lot of courage bc I feel so ugly and uncomfortable having people look straight-on at my face, but all advice is welcome- harsh or not:)
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2023.04.01 05:43 Dry-North2674 Cat Peeing on bed. Help?

Hello all,
My 15 year old female cat will not stop peeing on my bed. I have done everything from cleaning the litter box, buying a new litter box and keeping it in my room so it's easier for her to access (she has 100% free roam of the house 24/7 but likes to spend 90% of her day in my room). She's not an outdoor cat and never has been. I took her to the vet because she usually does this when she has a UTI but she was clear. My vet ran other tests and even checked her kidneys (that recently started to fail) and even her kidneys were fine. I have gotten pheromone diffusers to help with her behavior. We haven't adopted any pets because we're waiting until after she passes to adopt again (which I do not want to happen any time soon I love her so much). I cleaned the litter boxes, put new litter in them, and have been keep an eye to see if my two other cats (both male, ages 9 and 3 respectively) have been harassing her but they haven't. I'm at a loss. I have quit putting my sheets on for the moment because she just keeps peeing on them and I'm tired of having to wash them daily. I mean, now she's peeing right onto my mattress and that upsets me because it's a new mattress but I'm just more concerned as to why she is doing this.
Any thoughts? Suggestions on how to make her stop? My bed is covered in puppy pads now and I can't sleep through the night because I'm paranoid about her peeing on my bed and me rolling into it in my sleep. Her absolute favorite spots to pee are on my pillows.
Please help.
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2023.04.01 05:43 1993Porsche964 [Nissan 400z] The new safety car for the Canadian Nissan Sentra Cup🔥

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2023.04.01 05:43 Elick320 master cheif converted

Respect The Chief

You're home now. We could finally make an officer of you. You'd have Admiral without much of an argument from anyone.
No offense, sir, but "The Admiral" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is the most important figure of the human race in the mid-26th century. Abducted at the age of six by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), he was conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program. The initiative was originally designed to crush human rebellion against the Unified Earth Government as the human Insurrection movement neared its tipping point. John endured harsh physical and mental training, survived the physical augmentations required by the program, and was later matched with state-of-the-art Mjolnir battle armor.
Throughout his training and early career, John emerged as a clear leader among the Spartans and was set to lead a successful UNSC campaign to stop a brewing human civil war. Though through circumstance, he became the sole savior of the human race several times over. First, in the face of an alien hegemony called the Covenant--an advanced alien empire bent on the complete destruction of humanity. Later, against an eldritch parasite known as the Flood which toppled both the Ancient Human and Forerunner empires of the past. Most recently, John defended humanity against the efforts of an ancient Forerunner general called the Didact, who returned to take his revenge against humanity for wars fought a hundred millennia in the past.
  • Feats are shown in chronological order in-universe
  • Feats showing relevant scaling or context will be indented
  • Hover over a feat to see the source.
Height: 6'10" // 7'2" (In armor)
Weight: 130 kg // 451.3 kg (In armor)

General Info (Augmentations / Mjolnir Armor)

Pre-Augmentation / Training
Spartans were heavily trained almost daily since they were kidnapped at the age of 6, leading them to become physically and mentally prime by the young age of 14 even before receiving their augmentations.
Dr. Halsey marveled at what a spectacular physical specimen he had grown into. Fourteen years old and he had the body of an eighteen-year-old Olympic athlete, and a mind the equal of any Naval Academy honors graduate.
Description of an unaugmented 14 year old John; The Fall of Reach Ch 6
Codenamed Project: ASTER, the Spartan candidates were augmented to drastically increase their physiology and physical capabilities. Their bones were laced with powerful material to make them 'virtually unbreakable', their muscle tissue density was increased and lactase recovery time was decreased, they were given hormones to boost skeletal and muscle growth, increased eyesight, and had their nerves altered to drastically increase reaction time.

MJOLNIR Armor / Stat boosts

The feats in this RT will sorted by which armor John is wearing, as each iteration of Mjolnir armor increases his abilities further.
Unarmored - These feats occur after John receives his augmentation, but without any Mjolnir armor. They also all happen to occur when he is 14 years old and still recovering from his augmentations.
MJOLNIR Mark IV - The Mk IV was the first iteration of armor given to John and the rest of Spartan II's at the age of 15.
Neural interface / Onboard Computer
Mjolnir armor is linked to Spartans with a neural interface, which means they simply have to think and the armor would perform an action. Combined with the onboard computer, it allows Spartans to do things such as place Waypoint markers, or targets on their HUDs with a thought.
MJOLNIR Mark V - Deployed almost two and a half decades after the previous iteration of MJOLNIR, the Mk V now possessed recharging energy shields but retained the same double strength multiplier as the Mk IV.
Cortana - Cortana is the AI that was paired with Master Chief for Operation: REDFLAG, she is present for the feats that occur while John is wearing MJOLNIR Mk V and most while wearing Mk VI.
MJOLNIR Mark VI - Due to the UNSCs rapid advances in technology, the Mk VI was deployed less than two months after the Mk V rendering it obsolete, containing major improvements in both shielding and stat multipliers.
MJOLNIR GEN 2 - The second generation of MJOLNIR armor developed after the Human-Covenant war ended. Every aspect of the armor has been improved upon and thrusters are now built into each set of armor, drastically increasing maneuverability.


Mk V


Mk V


Mk V


Mk V




Other Spartan Feats / Additional Scaling

Weapons / Equipment

Enemies / Additional Scaling

The four Spartans that composed Blue Team covered his back, standing absolutely silent and immobile in their MJOLNIR combat armor. Someone had once commented that they looked like Greek war gods in the armor … but his Spartans were far more effective and ruthless than Homer’s gods had ever been.
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2023.04.01 05:42 No-Chemistry-8570 I broke my promise to Allah. What do I do?

I feel really guilty. I have quit masturbation but still find it difficult to permanently stop edging. But still I have managed to completely resist from both for over 46 days but today I almost relapsed. I didn't edge like I used to do in the past like I just did it for a few seconds and threw my phone away coz of regret. But then I did it again for like 5 secs.
I had sworn to Allah (swt) that I won't edge or do any of that stuff ever again but I broke my promise. I believe for the sin to be forgiven I'll have to fast for 3 days. However, as we are in Ramadan, we fast anyways so will these fasts of mine cover up my sin or do I have to fast for 3 days separately after the month of Ramadan gets over?
Please help. I really want to get over this guilt and cover up my sin as soon as possible.
Thank you.
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2023.04.01 05:42 Bee-and-the-Slimes I'm at my wits end. Talked with my doctor about weight loss meds.

I'm tired of doctors laughing at me, telling me about "diet and exercise" and making "lifestyle changes", like I haven't been trying to lose weight my entire life and failing. What do you think I do at the gym three days a week? You think I'm covered in poison ivy because I enjoy hard labor digging up our backyard? I haven't eaten a damned sandwich in years. I eat green veggies, fish, and chicken like they're an endangered f--ing species.
Doing Keto for a year and a half only made me lose 15 pounds. After three months I didn't lose a damned thing on Noom. I found Fasting didn't do anything because I either starved to death to the point of fainting or already ate within guidelines.
I haven't been under 200 since I was 13.
I recently moved and got a new doctor. She actually took me seriously after I showed her my calorie tracker. Unfortunately I'm forced to do my own research on the matter and wondering if anyone's had any experience with Contrave, Plenity, Wegovy, or Sexenda?
I'm just... tired of everything at this point.
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2023.04.01 05:42 Dry-North2674 Cat Peeing on bed. Help?

Hello all,
My 15 year old female cat will not stop peeing on my bed. I have done everything from cleaning the litter box, buying a new litter box and keeping it in my room so it's easier for her to access (she has 100% free roam of the house 24/7 but likes to spend 90% of her day in my room). She's not an outdoor cat and never has been. I took her to the vet because she usually does this when she has a UTI but she was clear. My vet ran other tests and even checked her kidneys (that recently started to fail) and even her kidneys were fine. I have gotten pheromone diffusers to help with her behavior. We haven't adopted any pets because we're waiting until after she passes to adopt again (which I do not want to happen any time soon I love her so much). I cleaned the litter boxes, put new litter in them, and have been keep an eye to see if my two other cats (both male, ages 9 and 3 respectively) have been harassing her but they haven't. I'm at a loss. I have quit putting my sheets on for the moment because she just keeps peeing on them and I'm tired of having to wash them daily. I mean, now she's peeing right onto my mattress and that upsets me because it's a new mattress but I'm just more concerned as to why she is doing this.
Any thoughts? Suggestions on how to make her stop? My bed is covered in puppy pads now and I can't sleep through the night because I'm paranoid about her peeing on my bed and me rolling into it in my sleep. Her absolute favorite spots to pee are on my pillows.
Please help.
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2023.04.01 05:41 ARumpusOfWildThings I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but - can anyone give advice on how to move states when you don't drive/have a car?

(TW for suicidal ideation, emotional abuse, self harm, etc) also this is long

Hello, I actually posted something similar to this a few weeks ago, but now I'm even more desperate...
As the title suggests, I need advice on how to move states without a car, or knowing how to drive. I've lived in MI for the last 8 years, and have lived with my family (mom, stepfather, siblings) ever since. I moved here to live with them partly for insurance reasons (although I don't really go to any doctors or health professionals often anyway, since I don't really trust anybody except for like two people - more about that later-I don't drive and I don't feel ok about asking anyone to drive me) and partly to escape living with my stepmother, who was emotionally abusive to both my dad and I. I never should have moved in the first place; I see that now - my dad needed me too much. I helped him with his health issues as much as I could, and I was a sort of buffer between him and my stepmother. They both passed away in 2020-'21. I miss my dad with every fiber of my being, think about him every day, and even wish that I was also dead, just so I could be with him (I mean, I might as well be dead...)
Anyway, the only thing I think about every minute of every day even more than my late father is moving back to Kentucky (Louisville in particular), where I was born and raised for 23 years...I know things are kind of a shitshow over there currently, but it's home to me. I have an almost photographic memory of where everything is, all the different places where my dad and I used to go, and I have friends there (I mean, I don't really feel safe around people at all, but I still did have friends there). I've never fit in here in MI, and I never will...when I moved here, I thought my family would be understanding of how after all the sh!t I had to put up with from my stepmother (and also from being neurodivergent and dealing with people), I do not want to be around people AT ALL. It is detrimental to my psyche and overall wellbeing. I can tell them that over and over and over but they just don't listen or take me seriously. Because of them I'm forced to interact with people constantly (the job I have where I'm essentially my mom's employee requires it). I work at an afterschool program that she's in charge of, and it's really triggering for me to watch her interact with the kids in the same authoritarian way she did with me when I was young. Once I f-cked something up at work and started melting down and self-harming, and she literally screamed at me, "STOP IT, ARoWT! STOP IT! I CAN'T HANDLE THAT RIGHT NOW!"
Whether it's justified or not, I don't really feel appreciated for what I do at my house...I do chores (dishes, putting away leftovers, vacuuming, watering plants), I pay the utilities, I take care of my brother's pets that live here while he's at college, and he always seems to come back with more and hasn't really ever offered to reimburse me for what I spend on them...I've lost track of how much at this point), I've done my own laundry the whole time I've lived here (my siblings-both in their 20s- still have mom do it for them), and it feels like my siblings are the ones my parents have actual conversations with, while they really only talk to me about work-related things, or to ask me to do things. For several weeks, my mom had to go take care of a friend of hers who was very sick, and it pretty much fell to me to be The Woman of The House, basically...It was on me to do what she normally did at work (on my own, some nights), and even though I tried my hardest, I still didn't do a good enough job (which my stepdad kind of hinted at)....
I could go on about why I'm so unhappy here, and I feel horrible and ungrateful for doing so as it is (seeing as how my family really has done a lot for me and essentially rescued me from my stepmom) but...honestly...I just don't like it my house, or in MI in general. I keep having these weird, surreal dreams about me wandering around various areas of MI I've been driven thru...I'm all alone, everything is grey and desolate, and I'm just wandering around with no destination and nowhere to go. The weirdest, most distinct dream was one where I was in this abandoned mall, and in this room completely covered in dirty, moldy white tiles. There was water up to about my ankles and facing me was this completely waterlogged pile of various Lamb Chop plushies (I loved Lamb Chop when I was little, and had/still have a stuffed animal of her). Off in the corner was a group of people (mostly women) my age huddled close together, talking about something that they clearly didn't want me to overhear. I distinctly remember considering asking them for help with wringing out/rescuing the Lamb Chop plushies, but then deciding not to, cuz why would they want to help me with that?...and then the dream ended/became inscrutable.
The only two people I wholeheartedly trust and can actually talk to are my aunt and my therapist. They both agree that moving to Kentucky would be a good thing for me...although, my aunt texted me tonight saying that she's been thinking about my situation a lot, and mentioned a plan she's coming up with to help me achieve a "safe and supported independence." The "supported" part scares me a little tbh - if by that she means having to actually live in the same space as another human being, or just living on my own somewhere in MI (the thought of which terrifies me) then...I'm sorry, but just no. I feel so bad for my aunt because she's had to witness/hear me completely breaking down over how miserable I am over here and want to move back to KY several times over the last few years...I don't know how or why she puts up with me. I haven't even ever told my mom, stepdad and siblings about how I want to move back, even though it's been on my mind for years now. They'd probably all hate me for the rest of my life if they knew, or just make me stay here somehow for the entire rest of my misbegotten existence. No offense to anyone reading this who lives in MI and actually likes it, but...I've just never been able to fit in or feel safe here, and I don't know why.
All I want out of life is to just go home.
On a more positive note, I've been saving money for a potential move someday, and even though the health insurance I currently have has an income limit (what I'd really love to do for a living is medical billing and coding, after being properly certified - it plays right to my professional strengths, I'm told it pays well, and I want to become self-reliant and not be dependent for the rest of my life like I currently am), I've been selling things on Mercari as a side hustle of sorts. Over the years, I've amassed a ton of stuffed animals, toys and stuff (trying to pacify my inner child, I guess) in my Depression Cave (aka my room), and I've been listing a bunch of them on Mercari, and I'm quite surprised at how much people seem to be interested in it! So, I have that going for me, I guess...
If you've read thru this entire rambling mess and/or have any advice or words of comfort to give, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm also 31, if that makes a difference. Even though I asked a question in the title, I'm flairing this as a rent/vant.
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2023.04.01 05:41 Purple_Jellyfish_694 What could be causing this? Fear of sick?

So I (23F) used to have a fear of people being sick when I was younger and as I've gotten older it's subsided. I still don't like or feel comfortable around people being sick but I can handle it.
My boyfriend (25M) was out with work colleagues tonight and came back absolutely hammered and I knew he'd end up being sick.
For some reason my anxiety is through the roof and I'm wide awake, my heart is pounding and my hands are trembling. Every time I hear him get up to go to the bathroom to be sick I'm freaking out thinking he's going to burst into the room and I cover my ears. He's sleeping in the other room because he knows I don't like it.
What's causing this?? I've now been awake for nearly 24 hours and I cannot shut my brain off at all and every time I hear a sound from the other room he's in my heart jumps and my heart starts racing again!
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2023.04.01 05:41 ReapCreep65 Random thought

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2023.04.01 05:40 ThomasGregorich Mom Hijacks Fox News Airwaves to Call for Gun Safety: ‘Aren’t You Guys Tired of Covering This?’

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