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2023.03.29 08:22 gregman14 Update for the Distractible Musical Album list. Now including time stamps for the episode and the closing songs. Further bulletins as events warrant

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2023.03.29 08:22 kookykrazee Steam - Stuck loading 100%

Has anyone had this problem today? I have used MPQ on steam for years, never seen this, tried force closing multiple times, even uninstall/reinstall, but still stuck Loading 100%.

Anyone having this problem currently?
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2023.03.29 08:22 NorthElectrical4282 Adopted cat (maybe?)

A couple of days ago i posted about my neighbors cat that would always come to my backyard and was potentially abandoned. Well we took her to the vet and it’s actually a male and he seems healthy. The vet said he isn’t microchipped so if we cant find an owner for him on facebook or something within 2 weeks he will be legally our cat so now im wondering what to do exactly. How should we take care of him, should we keep him inside or let him continue to roam outside as he normally does, im allergic so I probably wont be able to keep him forever so we may be able to foster him and im looking for help on what we need to do as we really had no time to prepare for this unexpected situation.
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2023.03.29 08:22 trung2607 Light novels with female protagonists.... Who is nice.

Well, im digging for gemstones here,so i wont complain if this came up blank.
Wandering witch, im a spider are all series i already know so dont rec those. Tanya does not fall into the 'nice' category so nothing like that either ok.
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2023.03.29 08:22 PrueGretel RHONJ S13 E8

Pizza Gate
A lot of arguing going on in this episode, let's get to it...
Before the show starts, we see after they leave the party last episode. Tre, Danielle and Jen A are with their husbands driving home from the party. Danielle says "The one person you don't want to have as an enemy, ME!! The "Me" sounded like a combination of a roaring lion and Al Pacino. It was something.
The next morning, we have breakfast at the Jen A with her guests. At the same time, we see Rachel and her guests eating breakfast together with her side. Of course, both sides are talking about the other side while having breakfast. Shocker! Later on, both groups will get together for lunch at Rachel's.
At Rachel's house one of the subjects is Danielle. They are very 'concerned' about why Danielle doesn't talk to her brother. Let me make this clear. The Marge doesn't speak to her kids and Jackie doesn't speak to a sister. Why do these busybodies care why she doesn't speak to her brother? Here's an idea, instead of focusing on Danielle, try fixing your own family, including you, Melissa. Damn! Now Melissa whines about her mom not being invited. The Marge asks her if she is happy Louie invited her mother to the wedding, Melissa wonders if it is a genuine invite, ffsakes get over yourself. Yes, Melissa. He meditated on it and deep down in his heart and soul he wants your mother there so bad. Is that good enough for you? Well Melissa your mother made several tweets that were not nice about Teresa years ago, so stop pretending there is a love fest here. It is not. Teresa forgave but why would she want someone who slammed her on social media at her wedding? Now let's get to Joey and pizza gate. Joey tells them Louie is nice but sometimes a dick. Producers ask if something happened between them. Joey tells them that yes something happened. There are two sides which we will get to.
Back at Jen's Teresa come clean with her friends and tells them that Louie lost 250k investing in a pizzeria for Joey called Nonno's that Joey wanted to do with Teresa. Joey put down zero percent. Louie's lawyer said to give Joey 5% and he flipped out, because it was his idea to call it Nonno's. Idea? Pay up or deal is done! Joey also said Teresa changed the name to Skinny Pizza. I doubt she changed the name, sounds fishy to me. Joey is annoyed. Louie is not. Joey lost no money. Louie lost 250k. Why is Joey mad about this? He lost nothing. Furthermore, a few seasons back, Joey opened a pizzeria, what happened to that restaurant? It just vanished? Of course, The Marge has to butt in to say this is so hurtful to Joey.
At Rachel's Lunch it starts off okay. Oh, Adult Jennifer arrives, she has a husband named Jeff. Word on the street is people in her town don't like her, which makes her a perfect fit for being The Marge's friend of the show.
Okay party is on. The Marge, Jackie, Dolores, Adult Jennifer and Melissa's are still talking about the mother not being invited. All of them. I can't. Stop with this storyline. She was invited, so what's the problem now? Teresa tells Joey all he had to do was come to her and ask her to invite his MIL and she would have, instead he and Melissa are whining to strangers (cast members) about this.
Now we have The Marge pull aside Danielle and scold her for spreading gossip about The Marge having an arsenal of information about the women. First of all, Danielle only discussed it with Rachel, but Rachel who was talking about it as well, being the snake that Rachel is, she ran back and told The Marge what BOTH Danielle and Rachel discussed, Rachel just conveniently left out the part that she participated in the discussion. Also, The Marge is the town's gossip that tells everyone's secrets. Hey, she is such a gossip she probably worked her way up to the Garden's State gossip by now. So why is she so mad? She knows she spreads secrets (Jen A and Bill) and tries to destroy relationships (Louie and Teresa). Rachel Joins The Marge and Danielle. Rachel twisted it to make it seem like it was Danielle gossiping about The Marge. Rachel is a pot stirrer and Danile is done with her. I knew these two wouldn't be friends. Oh, the irony -- The Marge tells Danielle to stop gossiping all over the place, coming from her, really?
Now we have Louie trying to make peace between Teresa, Melissa and Joey. Give it up Louie, they even brought in therapists to repair their family. It's not going to happen. First Louie grabs Melissa to talk. He brings up her mother's invite and how wonderful Melissa's mother has been to him and her boys.
Meanwhile close by at the party, Jackie's talking about Teresa's non invite with Jen A and Dolores. Teresa's fed up by now, she wants to know why everyone is talking about this. So do I. Jackie tells her Melissa is her best friend and is very upset about this. Gag!! Tre tells her if she is so upset let her call her sisters and discuss HER guest list. Get her Tre! I can't help it, these women are being so catty towards Teresa. It's a guest list, get over it. And Melissa's mother is no saint. She said horrible things online about Teresa. Danielle chimes in to say stop gossiping about my brother. She said I blocked him on Instagram, and he lost his mind and that was it. The ladies say maybe it is the SIL (which it probably is) but mind your own business. Why do they care so much? I don't care why. Danielle tells them she is done and leaves the party. The Marge calls her a drama queen. No, she just doesn't like gossipy women talking about a sensitive subject. Danielle tells us in her confessional she is heartbroken about her brother and these women are making it worse. Danelle, you shouldn't have told them!!
Back to Louie, while he is professing his love for Melissa and her family, Teresa tries to join in with the conversation. Louie tells her to respect their space and she is not making any sense what she is saying. All she said is that she wanted to know what is going on with the wedding invite, and everyone is talking about it. She also said there's history with the family. Yeah, that bothered me. He is not a therapist, and he has no right to scold Teresa kick her out of the conversation. This is her side of the family's problem. He can't control how it all goes down. If Teresa wanted to be there and say her peace, she should be allowed to. Teresa walks away. Joey joins and Louie welcomes him. This is so weird. Okay Louie is forgiven for now ... He does say he feels bad about the invite and all the hurt between Tre, Melis and Joey, but Teresa is hurt as well, and he is marrying her in 4 weeks and wants peace. Maybe his intent is good stop with your 'therapy' speeches with Teresa on camera.
Back at the gossip table with the women. Teresa tells them her brother Joey needs therapy. Jackie tells her that is not nice. What? Therapy is not nice? Teresa goes off on her and tells her to get out of her fucking face. I would too. Jackie needs to go. I am sick of her and her nasty digs. She brings nothing but negativity and starts in with people. Teresa tells her she is getting involved with family and needs to keep out of it.
Now back to Louie and Joey, Melissa walked away to let them talk. Louie tells Joey he wears Nonno's pajamas to make his nieces feel safe. Joey's face is priceless, like wtf did he just say? It is kind of weird, but whatever. Now Teresa joins in, and they have a therapy session about the wedding. Enough! Invite, don't invite, attend, don't attend. Melissa joins in and more wedding talk. Ugh!! It gets heated and Teresa walks away. She tells Louie to fix it, she is done. So is America. Get another storyline. This time Melissa and Joey leave the party. The Marge walks up and Teresa tells her to make Melissa understand that last year.... suddenly all talk stops! Louie gets up and tells Teresa he is going to leave because he can't take it anymore. I feel you. But he scolds her in front of the group, telling her she doesn't listen. Should she sit there and let him do all the talking? He is on the fence again with me. Too controlling, but she doesn't see it, so they might be a good fit. She is mellow now. I just feel he should say these things off camera. He continues to lecture Teresa while Joey comes back and starts screaming, Louie calms him down and Joey leaves. Either Louie is the Teresa and Joey makeup whisperer, or he's controlling. I can't figure him out.
So there you have it. Pizza Gate started the demise of Louie and Joey's relationship. Teresa's father and sister never talked over $200 give or take. So I think the family is following in their footsteps.
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2023.03.29 08:22 SynchromysticGod Heyy does anyone know if theres any subs where kind ppl can donate some $$ for legal fees u cant afford??

Cause I kinda need 4k ☠️☠️☠️☠️
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2023.03.29 08:22 Vanqxisher PC illiterate guy soon to build my first pc, how does this look? (Pcpartpicker)

Hey all. Just here hoping that some people with more pc experience could give their thoughts on this build. I've heard the peerless assassin 120 is fine for the 5800x3d despite its price and it seems less hassle than a liquid cooler, correct me if I'm wrong.
Also, can anyone advise me on how to avoid "daisy chaining" pcie cables? Does it just mean 3 separate cables for the 3 separate slots? Thanks :)
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2023.03.29 08:22 DelphiniumFever I broke up with him

I wish there had been ways to salvage our relationship, that there was a way for us to change but there wasn't. I'm still deeply in love with him. I think about him when I wake up and when I go to sleep, when I eat or work. He's everywhere.
He'd heal parts of me I didn't even know were broken. But months ago I realized that the "small mistakes/flaws" weren't just that, I made compromises were i shouldn't have and I put too much effort into us, to a point he wouldn't have to try anymore.
After three years he still hadn't made the effort to learn the pronunciation of my name. He had not payed for a single date/dinner. He could've asked for any present for our celebrations but chose expensive ones when he knew he couldn't afford me an equal present. He wouldn't even cook me dinner or give me something to eat when i visited his place.
He always talked so smooth and held me close and I thought that our relationship could stand on that love alone. But loving somebody is an effort and you have to choose to make that effort.
I think I completely blindside him with the breakup and I had to block him afterwards or I would never stay away from him. But I feel like what I did was unfair. I couldn't bring myself to tell him again, during the breakup what caused it. I can't help but blame myself for causing this dynamic. I offered to pay for everything since he never had stable income, I'll take the responsibility for that. But I told him I expected something back, that I want to see some effort. I told him he could pluck me flowers, write me a love letter, craft me something. But instead of doing anything he told me he forgot my name in the first few months of our relationship. He asked me so often to be his girlfriend and I said no because I knew we didn't know either well enough then, but he insisted we were right for eachother. I feel like I did so much and got so little.
I always thought that he was the one and it seemed so perfect, but now I can't talk to him. I grab my phone out of the sheer habbit of texting him. I'm curious what he's doing, how he's feeling and I want him to be well. But everything is still so fresh and I don't want to see him again because I know I'd want to feel his hugs again or get a kiss on my forehead.
I don't know what do to with myself. I feel like now that he's gone I have nobody to talk to. I see or do something and I get excited to tell him about it until I realize I can't and that it's over.
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2023.03.29 08:22 f1newsbot ‘We were built for racing, unlike Vegas’: COTA boss not concerned by new F1 rivals

Just this past weekend, the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas held one of its biggest events on its annual calendar: the NASCAR Cup Series.
After a decade of the US Grand Prix at COTA – interrupted only by Covid – Formula 1 appears to have finally found a solid footing in America. Rather than fizzle out like so many other attempts to establish a US race over the decades, attendance at COTA has grown over recent years to the point where it now boasts the largest crowd of the season in terms of total attendance over the race weekend.
F1’s arrival at COTA in 2012 ended its five-year absence from the USA. Now it is one of three American rounds on the 2023 F1 calendar. The introduction of the Miami Grand Prix last year and the much-hyped addition of the Las Vegas Grand Prix near the end of this season means there is effectively a race in the east, west and centre of world’s wealthiest nation.
But COTA chairman Bobby Epstein is confident the popularity of the Texan race will not be diminished by the recent emergence of two rivals in the same country, as F1’s popularity enjoys a boom period in America.
Epstein admits that when he first got involved with the sport over 10 years ago: “I can’t say I was an avid, diehard F1 fan.”
“Because it was very hard to follow the sport in the US until more recently,” he told the Black Book Motorsport Forum. “Austin was a fast-growing city and I had this piece of property – my only real estate investment actually – and the idea came up about the possibility of bringing Formula 1 to Austin.
“I really thought this was a great opportunity to do something for the communities where we live, as well as something that we could make a profit on and we’d have some fun with, and would make a big difference.”
“The more we talked about and thought about it, we really looked at this as an opportunity to build a world-class entertainment destination, and with F1 as the cornerstone gives us a wonderful brand to start with,” he says. “It brought crowds right away. Our goal for the campus is to make this a place where people want to come and have fun and build memories with friends and family. F1 is one part of that overall picture.”
The United States Grand Prix may have secured record attendances over the last two seasons, but Epstein is under no illusions that the sport is cresting a large ‘Drive to Survive’ wave, growing very popular with casual fans as well as hardcore motorsport fanatics. He says all major motorsport series – be it F1, IndyCar NASCAR or otherwise – need to find ways of trying to hold onto those more casual race-goers.
“In IndyCar, when we’re in Indianapolis, one week you have a quarter-of-a-million people,” he explains. “You take the exact same product, put it in a different but similar venue, but a different location, and you see that attendance is ten or 15% of what it might have been, or less, sometimes. That tells you that’s where the difference is between a ‘diehard fan’ and the ‘event fan’.
“It’s not that we don’t offer the best experience for the diehard motorsports fan. But as is the case in any sport, you’re going to have to appeal to what I call the ‘second tier’ below the diehard fan – it’s not their hobby, it’s not their passion.
“We’re absolutely living, breathing, diehard fans of motorsport. But those sports aren’t going to survive on our interest alone. It’s going to have to be a step down of interest to the casual fan, who is also a fan of an event, and want to be a part it.”
He believes COTA has certain features which particularly appeal to dedicated fans who know what makes a good motor racing venue to spectate at. “If you’re a diehard motorsports fan, you’ll notice if you come to COTA and you’ll hopefully go away and say ‘that was the best sight line, that was the best view, I saw some action’.
“Because of the hills, you can see five or six turns from a general admission seat, and you can see seven or eight or nine from the reserved seats. That’s unusual, and the diehard fan will recognise that as unusual. The casual fan will just accept it, but they will notice.”
However Epstein is firm in his conviction that motorsport promoters cannot ignore the casual end of the market. “We have to recognise that the percentage of people that are the diehard fans is not enough to sustain the sport alone.
“For any of the motorsport events, the sport itself might survive on TV, but we have to talk about what’s the future, not just in motorsport. What’s the future of motorsport venues, and the sports themselves? I hope we’ve done a good job of utilising that.”
When it comes to the addition of two other American races on the calendar, Epstein believes there is room for Miami and Las Vegas to coexist with COTA, as the US Grand Prix offers a different kind of race experience to the other two.
“Sometimes competition is good,” he says. “So as long as there’s enough fans, we can have a lot more.
“But I think our goal is to always be unique and stand out and give the focus on the fans and just do the best we can. I do think for the ticket-buying fan base, we have to be careful and make sure there’s enough fans in the US to buy tickets to sustain it as a venue.
“We have advantages over others, so I welcome the competition from that standpoint. I do think the fans that choose to be repeat visitors will choose to come to COTA because we have an advantage.
“We were built for racing. The strip in Vegas was not necessarily built for racing, but it’s a fun place. It’s an international world-class destination.
“It’s going to make great TV. I don’t know how long people go back and buy tickets for it.”
While Italy and Germany once regularly held two races per year, it’s rare to see as many as three in a single country. “They’re obviously competitors,” Epstein concedes, but “I think we have an advantage.”
“There’s a difference, all three events right now are so uniquely different that they [can] all survive.”
One striking difference between the new Las Vegas Grand Prix and the COTA round which will take place a month before it is on the undercard. While no support races will take place at Vegas, COTA featured Formula 4 and the W Series last year.
Epstein admits Las Vegas may prove an interesting case study of how much other racing fans actually want on a grand prix weekend. “You have to look at the type of support races sometimes,” he explains, “But the fans are going to answer that question.
He admits some races failed to draw the attention of fans last year. “We saw W Series really struggle as a support race. The fans didn’t go to the seats, and they didn’t really watch it enough.
“So maybe that tells me that they’re not as important. I think we’ll find out. I hope they’re important, because it’s one of the factors that differentiates us with Las Vegas not going for.
“We think the fans want a lot of value for their investment and I think they want more content. We’ve got 30 hours of ‘programming’. If we find out that all people needed was two hours, we waste a whole lot of effort and a whole lot of money.
“I like to think that they want more content. Whether it’s support races they want or they want a music concert, we got both. But I’m not sure.”
The world championship has a long history in the United States from the early days when the Indianapolis 500 was a points-paying round to dedicated road courses, the rise of street races and temporary return to Indianapolis before Austin arrived. But while the race has drifted between being on and off the calendar over the decades, it seems that the race has finally found a permanent home.
“I think it’s sustainable,” he insists.
“Let’s say we do believe the Netflix effect is real, and that it’s been tremendous, and say what are the components of that? One is the danger and excitement. That’s not going to change. I think Survivor has been on TV 20-plus years – that has that thrill effect to it. And then I think The Bachelor – that has sort of the heartthrob, romance sex-appeal. That’s what you got in F1. So the outlook from the Netflix effect standpoint should be really strong, and it’ll continue for a long time.
“Then I’d ask ‘what about the events?’. Not just the sport, but what’s the sustainability of the events and why do people go? Because that’s what we focus on. Are we going to be here five, ten, 15 years from now? One of the hardest things to buy – what you can’t buy – is tradition.
“You look at some sporting events and ask why are they still around? Indianapolis 500. Why does it draw so many people, or the Kentucky Derby? Or some of these events that were around before TV? People had to go to experience them, and it became a tradition. It becomes a family tradition. And once you have tradition, that’s it.”
Epstein says COTA’s race has already become a traditional fixture for many who attend. “One thing COTA had, because it had a head start on the other events that are taking place in the US, is we have found now that there’s a tradition to families coming back. We see it in our repeat visitors.
“So I think we’ll sustain because we’ve created an atmosphere that people want to come back to. And then for the sports themselves, I think what they offer, and with the Netflix-type connection, the future should be good.”
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2023.03.29 08:21 Anthrax3474 Custom Benchmade Bugout Mini scales

Custom Benchmade Bugout Mini scales
Does anyone have an idea where I can find these scales for the Benchmade Bugout Mini? I imagine the standoffs and thumb stud could be found in a kit
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2023.03.29 08:21 Various_Room3981 M22. i’m yet to be in a serious relationship and i’ve been working on myself and am about to hop in the game, how my odds looking people? also, my bad for taking pics so close to my face, the zoom on these is terrible ):

M22. i’m yet to be in a serious relationship and i’ve been working on myself and am about to hop in the game, how my odds looking people? also, my bad for taking pics so close to my face, the zoom on these is terrible ): submitted by Various_Room3981 to u/Various_Room3981 [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 08:21 StepwiseUndrape574 Finally, one of the biggest questions surrounding GTA 6

Finally, one of the biggest questions surrounding GTA 6 is when it will be released. Some rumors have suggested that it could come out as early as 2023, while others believe it won't be released until 2025 or later. With Rockstar Games' reputation for taking their time and creating polished games, it's likely that we won't see the game for a few years yet. But whenever it does come out, fans will be eagerly waiting to see what the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto series has in store.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.29 08:21 AdLow6010 Anyone do a acetone wash regularly?

I have a good source for some fire, it’s cheap but of course it’s cut. It doesn’t seem to have speed or levamisole in it which acetone washes won’t take out.
On dark place markets, you know the story. “Fresh of the brick” when in reality, it hasn’t been within 500 miles of a brick.
I did my first batch tonight and it’s at the 24 hour mark for drying, which is the recommended time before sampling. I started with 3.2g and weighed it now at 2.8g. I’ll weigh it again tomorrow at the 48 hour mark when it has dried more.
It gets better supposedly after drying for 48 hours. It looks more like glistening salt crystals now rather than powder.
I just tried some which is at the 24 hour mark. It is noticeably cleaner on the nose and potent. The cleaner part is very noticeable, there are no weird congestion issued that I usually get with ratchet blow.
I have access to a mass spectrometer, I’m going to test before and after samples to see what it actually does.
The acetone wash is actually very simple and all of the stuff I got from Amazon.
Are there any other simple processes to take cut out of the fire?
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2023.03.29 08:21 shortbusguy How much does a driver that uses store car make? My dominos is hiring no car required but it doesn’t have pay rate. Is it like the regular $5 an hour plus $1.50 per delivery for gas + tips?

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2023.03.29 08:21 Leviathan2137 Smokers flu after quitting. How long will it last?

I've quit smoking 7 days ago but started taking cytysine about 6 days ago. I never expected it to go down so bad. I've smoked for about 3 years- mostly e ciggarettes but also usual cigarettes and sometimes I took nicotine pouches. Just juggled a bit between those 3. Anyway on day 3 it got so bad.... I have diagnosed anxiety and I mostly lied in bed and was super nervous, couldn't sleep almost at all. Day 4 was also really really bad I spent entire day in bed from morning till next day just taking a 1 hour naps and then waking up and not sleeping for 4 hours and so on. On day 5 mentally it got better I was much less stressed but physically...damn. Coughing doesn't bother me that much but my muscles feel like rubber and I feel so tired and weak, also I had those weird mixed feelings-one moment I felt super hot and few minutes later super cold. I think it's getting better, I had to pick up my ass and go to unviersity to attend lessons yesterday but maybe its due to OTCs I've took that Im feeling somewhat less bad. Also my nose is like super clogged. Any idea when does it get better? I red a bit online about the flu symptom but when I saw people saying the symptoms should go away between 2 weeks and few months it's crazy for me. I mean 2 weeks is fine but I can't imagine myself dealing with this stuff for 2 months because I want to function normally, study for university, see my friends, work out at gym etc but now I feel like its terribly hard just to do normal every day stuff for me. Hopefully it goes away soon because I have been using nicotine for 3 years and not 20 and I can't imagine feeling like that for much more time.
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2023.03.29 08:21 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Gameplay Mechanics: What New Features Could Be Introduced?

With each new installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar Games has introduced new gameplay mechanics to keep the franchise fresh and exciting. Here are some possible new features that could be introduced in GTA 6:
Enhanced AI: One of the biggest criticisms of the previous games is that the AI is often too predictable. In GTA 6, we could see more advanced AI that reacts to the player's actions in a more realistic way.
More realistic physics: The physics engine in GTA 5 was already impressive, but there is always room for improvement. We could see more realistic physics in GTA 6 that affect both the player and the environment.
More dynamic weather: GTA 5 had some dynamic weather effects, but they were fairly limited. In GTA 6, we could see a more dynamic weather system that affects the gameplay in more meaningful ways.
Seamless transitions: In previous games, there was often a loading screen when transitioning from one area to another. In GTA 6, we could see more seamless transitions between different areas of the game world.
New minigames: GTA 5 had a variety of fun minigames, such as tennis and golf, but there is always room for more. We could see new minigames in GTA 6 that are even more varied and engaging.
Improved driving mechanics: While the driving mechanics in GTA 5 were already pretty solid, there is always room for improvement. In GTA 6, we could see more realistic driving physics and more customizable vehicles.
Better stealth mechanics: Stealth has never been a strong point of the GTA series, but that could change with GTA 6. We could see more advanced stealth mechanics that allow players to approach missions in different ways.
Dynamic NPC behavior: In previous games, NPCs often had set patterns of behavior that could be easily predicted. In GTA 6, we could see more dynamic NPC behavior that makes the game world feel more alive.
More varied missions: While GTA 5 had a wide variety of missions, some players felt that they were too similar to each other. In GTA 6, we could see even more varied missions that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.
VR support: With the increasing popularity of virtual reality, it's possible that GTA 6 could include support for VR headsets. This would allow players to fully immerse themselves in the game world and experience it in a whole new way.
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2023.03.29 08:21 DuramaxPVCPanels PVC panels are the modern upgradation and technologically advanced versions of outdated FRP panel

PVC panels are the modern upgradation and technologically advanced versions of outdated FRP panel
Most commercial facilities require a versatile paneling system that aligns well with the requirement. FRP was a popular construction choice until adaptable PVC panels emerged. Unfortunately, FRP does not meet the industry's expectations and is expensive. In addition, FRP has low moisture resistance that promotes mold and mildew growth which adds to the disadvantages.
Save considerably in the FRP cost by switching to PVC paneling for your business
While setting up a facility, one must recognize the important aspects of budget and performance. Since paneling helps create a functional and versatile space with controlled mechanisms, panels' materials play an important role. FRP may look cheaper, but it becomes a financial burden with additional costs. The requirement of backer boards, adhesive, panel-to-panel trimming, and a good number of laborers make it expensive. On the other hand, PVC panels eliminate the extra costs so that you can save up to 40% on material and 50% on labor changes.
PVC has higher water resistance and durability than FRP panels
FRP wall boards absorb moisture, so they rot and mold over time, making them dysfunctional. Besides, they are high maintenance, thus becoming a costly option. However, PVC can eliminate this problem as they are 100% water resistant. In addition, PVC panels come with an anti-bacterial coating that prevents the growth of mold, mildew, or fungus. As a result, PVC panels have helped maintain a hygienic environment in the facility's interiors for decades. Using 100% virgin PVC for making PVC panels makes their durability unmatched. Unlike FRP, they are robust, resistant to moisture and chemicals, and do not fade, rot, or mold.
The installation of FRP panels is messy and time-consuming, unlike PVC panels
FRP panels are heavy and difficult to transport and install. They require Oriented String Board backer panels and glue or adhesive to install them. It is a time-consuming process that can take up to days to complete. PVC can be the right choice as it is lightweight, fast, and easy to install. All thanks to the innovative tongue and groove interlocking panels, it takes only a few hours to install PVC panels. Moreover, the hidden fasteners and bright and seamless surface of PVC make them an ideal choice for interiors.
Unleash a competitive edge by upgrading the FRP panel to PVC
Investing in a functional and performative facility will give you an upper hand over your competitors. Value the improved performance of PVC panels and see the difference it brings over conventional FRP panels. FRP panels absorb moisture and are inconvenient for wet facilities. They will eventually rot and mold, making the space unhygienic and unhealthy for production or processing. However, with 100% water resistance, PVC panels eliminate the risk of fungal or mold growth and offer a productive environment.
Choose Duramax PVC panels overand reduce the unreasonable FRP cost. Duramax panels are changing the paneling industry with performance, quality, and impressive durability. Contact us for a free sample. Call: 323-238-6018
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2023.03.29 08:20 plentyofsunshine2day Does anyone have experience or guidance as it pertains to requesting "reasonable accommodations" (under the ADA) for orthostatic intolerance?

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2023.03.29 08:20 duckydaisyy The boy (23M) I really liked may have sent someone to follow me (19F) around our living space :/

Hi, I could use advice but also need a place to get this off my chest. I’m really struggling right now, mentally I don’t know what to do right now. I feel tremendously hurt.
To keep the intro brief, I was so into this guy starting in August, and he seemed to be too, until he ghosted for an entire month. He kept coming back once every few weeks or so, and then just leaving, and I couldn’t deal with it because he knew I liked him. I blocked him from Nov- Jan. He also would say some really…questionable things, sometimes disrespectful to me or my friends.
I unblocked in Jan, and we hungout a couple times. I ended up giving him back all his clothes because, while he told me he wasn’t really seeing other people, he was saying stuff such as that my friends would want him and my friends are not concerned that he is using me, that any of them would trade their spot for me, among other comments.
I got drunk another night and he saw me, and kissed me and felt up my body a lot so I was so excited wondering if he liked me, so he invited me to his dorm. This happened a few nights, (some I wasn’t drunk) the first being when I wasn’t really well to move around much. Well after this i heard he was seeing other girls this time so I sent him a message being like, ‘why didnt you tell me - i asked’, to which he never replied…ig he just doesnt care. I saw him w a girl and so while they were having sex, I put his boxers and clothes outside of his door for them and he didn’t like that very much. We haven’t spoken since.
Ever since it’s been so weird. I still catch him staring at me, he always seems like he wants to say something…yet he won’t apologize or text at all. When I pass him, if I look away he’s still staring. Today was very odd too.
Today one of his friends, one that teased me for flirting with him, was pacing around my room on my floor. He kept doing this while I was walking around there, and then went downstairs while I was in a music practice room and made weird comments about my body/clothes/asking for age, and also was pacing outside the guy’s room. He went to say what friend he was meeting that night and even stopped himself. Then I saw them smoking together I guess.
My friends wondered if the guy I like sent his friend to do that. I’m just so confused, this guy never replies when I say he hurts me, but he still acts like he cares sometimes. I feel so hurt though, why would he send his friend and why can’t he just apologize at 23 years old when that’s all i asked of him and would have forgiven . I feel like he never cared about me and thinks it’s funny to mess with me :(
It’s just I live in the same building and it feels that every time I go to move on, he does not want me to. It’s like he wants me as a puppy to follow him around, I can’t even believe he ever had feelings for me. I just feel like I’m a joke to him, mocking me by sending someone to follow me :(
I dont know what to do. Sometimes I’m so sad I don’t hangout with friends or leave my bed, because it hurts that the one I told my abuse to is still treating me like a human fleshlight. I don’t know how to get him to just ignore me and not be mean since I’m hurting so much, I don’t want to tell an RA or anything, I don’t know how to think about anything, especially since I still miss and have feelings for him…am just lost and would appreciate thoughts
Sorry if some details aren’t here, a lot happened before that he did but it’d make the post way too long.
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2023.03.29 08:20 Stuffedify Finally got a job but not sure how to manage other stuff at the same time?

(22f)I went two years on an off with and without an actual job, my main job was being an aupair and it wrecked me emotionally because of the way I was treated. So I felt stuck for a long time. I finally got a retail job at urban. It’s not too bad compared to other brands but I’m wondering how to juggle getting up early, doing chores, remembering to eat healthy doing my hobbies and also working out. I do Pilates 3/4 times a week and I’m wondering how to fit all this in alongside working full time without being exhausted? Does anyone have any advice please ?
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2023.03.29 08:20 superduperyahno I think I'm tone deaf - How to match pitch?

I know everyone says this, and I know it's medically rare. But I'm genuinely starting to think I'm tone deaf.
I sang a song and recorded it. I thought I sounded okay, not great but not bad either. I listened and it was absolutely horrendous. Seriously, the most horrific singing I've ever heard and that's saying something. There was not a single thing that sounded good. I couldn't even finish listening, it was that horrible. I should note that my mother has the exact same plight and we sound very similar, and she also thinks she sounds fantastic in her head. I can vouch that it's definitely not fantastic outside of her head. Can tone deafness be hereditary?
I looked up how to match pitch and watched several videos with people hitting notes on instruments - mainly the piano - and then "matching" it.
I don't know if I'm going crazy or what but I do NOT hear how they are matching it whatsoever. Both sounds are beautiful, but they are not even close to the same to my ears. They sound completely different. I've noticed the sung note usually sounds higher to me. For years I've honestly thought that people weren't actually matching the note to the instrument and that it was all for show. Because it just sounds completely different to me.
I downloaded a pitch monitoring app but it's not helping me, because I don't even know what pitch a lyric in a song even is to begin trying to match it. I have no musical experience. I don't own an instrument and neither does anyone I know. I live rural and there's no local music center. There's no singing coaches near me that I can access. How am I supposed to learn to match pitch this way? If anyone has any tips that don't involve me spending money (can't, I'm poor) please let me know.
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2023.03.29 08:20 rishikeshyogtemple How do I become thoughtless during meditation?

How do I become thoughtless during meditation?
If you want to become thoughtless during meditation, then you certainly need to think about every thought one by one. While closing your eyes, take your consciousness to thoughts coming into your mind. Visualize them and then slowly eliminates them.
Do this for every thought distracting you during meditation. Once you do this, thoughts start to eliminate from your mind, and at the ultimate point, you become thoughtless during meditation.
want to know more about meditation click here
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