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The official subreddit for NFL football cards and football card collectors!

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2023.03.29 08:58 TrueCryptographer982 Shannon Full Transcript Audition Tape. THIS is the best/worst yet.

Shannon Full Transcript Audition Tape. THIS is the best/worst yet.
You know when you think “Nah, can’t be bothered doing that last set” at the gym and you do it and you feel amazing afterwards.
That’s how I feel about this audition tape. It takes a bit of time to get through these and I figured “Ahhh MAFS is nearly over don’t bother” but I thought “hmmm maybe one more… SHANNON!”
It's the first time I have felt compelled to add in what my brain was thinking – if it irks you just ignore the italicised parts and accept my apologies...seriously - I know my humour is not everyone cup of tea :)
The video is as bad (or worse) than this transcript. If you can, watch it. Seriously, watch it.
This is not a joke - this is word for word what he said.
Shannon Adams, hello everybody how are? I’m 30! I turned 30 (fuck off you’re only 30?) in April, I’m fuckin old (pffft).
Part of me is thinking well I’m 30 years old now (considering your IQ I’d suggest that ALL of you is thinking that... and even that is wearing you out) I’m you’re honestly getting that disbelief that’s never going to happen and when you just get hurt all the time.
I’ll get vomited on right and I just let it happen (by yourself, after a big night?)
I went to court because of a girl once her ex boyfriend broke into my house, he wore moccasins too (slightly insane laugh) broke into me house with mockies on! (wait for it….)
I was just sleeping with his missus (yup ...), he actually found us in bed. I was butt naked…cause I thought she was single she was lying to me as well.
(Him wearing mockies was a more significant thing that Shannon sleeping with his wife in this story…you got that right?)
Apparently…I don’t see it, but they say I can be selfish. (SHUT UP!) Really when you start saying that usually it’s a projection of the other person as well, so … (I mean well yeah totally THEIR selfish fault)
I don’t really know myself in a relationship because I’m too noice. I’ve been too noice I’m a good hearted person I tell me mates and they say aww he’s a tight arse or you’re this or you’re that but there’s compromises to that.
Why was I being an arsehole, why was I being a dick why was I being this so obviously you were projecting *(uh huh…)*something that was triggering my some sort of insecurity in a way. (sorry I forgot, my fault again. Damn it I suck!)
These days you can’t even go into a street and approach a woman because it’ll just be like you go up and you’ll just be like oh who the hell do you think you are just coming up to approach me, you can at least talk to me on Tindr first. (translation “get the fuck away from me you psycho before I call the police, “)
I mean what the fuck, I’m a person sitting in front of you face to face right now right? (so you've now stalked me till I hid in a coffee shop and I'm still not safe) But you wanna rather talk to me and meet me on a social media platform first..(errr yeah you're a psycho!)
And that’s another thing that gets me about relationships too like, they’ll dump you over a text message(because they are too scared to do it in person in case you go mental at them) and stuff like that and that just goes look at the immaturity I want closure I want conversations to my face.(my big old over tanned, leathery 40 looking face)
My biggest insecurity? The feeling that I have to be perfect to be loved. (a perfect what exactly?) I constantly always have to be on show.
But I’m starting to like realising these things and that’s why I say I have been healing throughout time like relationships can be a bit like ecstasy, (hand up if you were waiting for a drug mention 🙋*)* that real spark can be fake.
I’m a man (hmmm ARE you though?) of consistency, (at this point he seems to get a bit rambly...ok ramblyER)
I’d rather you be a little bit lower and have lower expectations both of yourself and me (please, please, PLEASE have low expectations of me) and and just show me who you really are as a person than be this one time show that’s maximal effort.
And then you just come crashing down like Bitcoin. (Wait I thought we were being in an ecstasy relationship but now I find it it was Bitcoin relationship…no WONDER it wasn’t working doh!)
I want her fit, I want her with lots of money so I’m a stay-at-home Dad oh imagine that. (yes….yes…imagine that 😟)
(Shannon removes hat and fiddles with hair)
Oh look there you go oh oh you didn’t he plays with his hair he’s vain. (or strung out but OK lets say vain)
What if I did say though what if I had an eye connection (he may have said infection – but lets say its an eye connection) with a person that made an eye connection (again…may have been infection) with me and I could see a bit of chemistry (they have a meth lab in the basement kind of chemistry?)
I probably oh well it seems like it’s a bit of a mix for me but like but the universe you’ve just got to trust the process. (I…ummm…what?)
So you should, you’ve got to be loyal, it’s not Shan Adams show its not Shannon At First Sight, it’s Married At First Sight.
(I need a shower after that...or a really strong drink)
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2023.03.29 08:57 pushap23 What would you do?

So im about to turn 26 years and have no idea what I want to do with my life. I've been good with money and worked menial jobs this whole time. I invested in crypto at a young age and managed to take advantage of the boom in 2021, I now have nearly 80K just sitting around in the bank and a stupid dodge challenger I got out of impulse.
But 0 credit. No direction in life. And i promise I'm not a lazy person by nature but I've become complacent and feel like I'm just so stuck.
I got so many friends and people in my life who are on a path of some sort and seem so much happier than me even if they are madly in debt or living paycheque to paycheque. (I live in alberta and everyone's making bank in the oilfield) and I've tried that too. But always lose interest. I could go on so much more about reasons why I'm flabbergasted, but honestly. People say I can do so much with this money and I don't know where to even begin.
(If it isn't obvious already I suffer major anxiety and depression, & all that hoo hah. So making important choices gives me an anuerism) so a clear answer will never come to me on my own.
What would you do? I'm genuinely so curious.
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2023.03.29 08:57 litingkty7 I abused my dog when I had anger issues. Understandably she’s still afraid/nervous around me. How I do earn her trust again

I know it’s not an excuse, but I’d like to share my reason, I’ll keep it short. I was physically abused, still getting abused, since the age of 4. I’m 23 now. Due to me being an immigrant, I’m unable to get a job to get out of the house and my birth country just gives me severe anxiety. Only about 2 years ago did I start to open my mind and comfort zone and started learning/unlearning things. We got a maltipoo a year ago. I have intrusive OCD. Initially I agreed that these were just thoughts and was able to ignore them. But then whenever my dog (let’s call her P) didn’t understand me or ran around peeing, probably because she was afraid to pee in my sight, I’d yell at her and shake her. I’d then pull her by her ears. At the worst, I smacked her. The following is purely because of an accident thanks to my breaking bed, but I think made her feel that I did it intentionally. One time I was clipping her toenails and accidentally hit a nerve, she bit my pinky and I tried to push her off but she skidded and fell of the bed. Another time I was just playing with her, though carelessly, and my bed caved in and I fell through and couldn’t catch her, and she fell of the bed again and got a concussion. A month after that happened I started to lose patience with her again.
I understand that I’m a spineless asshole who doesn’t deserve the gift that is dogs. I got a soft diagnosis for anger issues and as mentioned earlier, OCD and dysthymia. I can’t afford therapy but I read a lot of articles and entries online, tried to match it with my symptoms and tried to follow their methods. It had been about 4 months since. I understand that I don’t deserve forgiveness, but I don’t want her to fear me, she doesn’t deserve that. She still bows her head in fear whenever I’m near her, walks in a crouched manner and when I try to train her (I’ve never hit/or shouted at her now) she immediately runs into my lap and whimpers. I’m not sure if I should just leave her alone because she still comes after me and jumps to carry her when I’m on a bed or sofa. I know it’s too much of an. ask, but is it possible to have a normal relationship with her ever again?
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2023.03.29 08:57 gyrojimmys Best Gyro Sandwich Near Me gyrojim

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2023.03.29 08:57 herequeerandgreat let's boycott the fourth of july this year.

pretty much what it says in the title.
america is in the worst state it has ever been. despite the fact that we have a liberal president, the republican party has been getting it's way now more then ever before. the overturning of roe v wade, the attempts to ban drag, and all the various ways america has been screwing over the LGBTQ community. america is a sucky place to live.
as you can imagine, i'm not exactly excited for the fourth of july this year. in fact, when i think of the idea of a whole day celebrating america, i very nearly lose my lunch. celebrate this country? don't make me laugh. independence day has gone from one of my favorite holidays to my absolute least favorite. a day i used to look forward to to a day that i'm utterly dreading.
i do not plan to celebrate the fourth this year. the closest i'm going to get is engaging in my yearly tradition of watching team america world police and maybe watching the music man on TCM. and i really don't think that any liberal minded person can, in good conscience, celebrate the fourth of july this year.
the time has come to boycott the fourth of july and let the republicans know that their medivel points of view have no place in our current society and will no longer be tolerated.
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2023.03.29 08:56 Aasura25 'Bengaluru' printed T shirts-Polo shirts

Hiya Bengaluru, i have been looking for a good quality T shirt with 'Bengaluru' printed on it. The design i am looking is same as our sub's Icon. I checked Benki store, etc for them but was not able to find.
Let me know if anyone knows a walk-in store or an online store from where i could purchase them. Even if they are printed on a hoodie, im fine with it.
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2023.03.29 08:55 ConstructionSolid536 Is it bad to be ok with being a bad person?

Look this might come off a little cringe so I apologize. But I’m just not a good person like I believe I’m a bit psychotic, I thought it was normal thing to manipulate girls for fun. I’m in high school, physiologist that I had did absolutely nothing and I can’t truly be honest with her. If I am I will be put in a ward or won’t be allowed near weapons. And I can’t have that but I thought I should talk about the stuff I do maybe that will help you a bit. Because I know you Reddit people know stuff i don’t really know. Anyway not only is manipulation my favourite I keep switching who I am to get not only who but what I want. Say it’s a girl for example she wants a nice guy or mean guy. I will just lie about all of my hobbies but it’s getting harder because I have so many girls that I’m “living a different life with”. It’s over snap but still and if I’m being truthful I have a massive superiority complex. And then when the good old American psycho became popular again. I gave it a watch for the first time and a lot of things he does I do. Obviously not the main things but I see myself in him and I am slowly breaking character near people and I think they’re starting to see me not that there is a real me but I like having a wall. Like a few fake personalities overlapping so no one knows which one is real anyway thanks for the advice
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2023.03.29 08:54 colt_x_lee BumBumz Collection

BumBumz Collection
I’m new and wanted to share my very small BumBumz collection! I hope to add more, especially some minis, when I can find them! I love aliens, so I was so excited when I found Matt! I couldn’t find minis at either of the two targets near me. Unfortunately, they’re both over an hour away. One is close to 2 hours away. The closest has a display for them, but it said it was for “petooties” on the tag, and then the Target that’s 2 hours away said they’ve never seen them come in before. I know the minis are on Amazon, but I prefer to test my luck, but if all else fails, I’ll settle for ordering them. I’m excited about the new garden bumz that are coming out too.
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2023.03.29 08:54 pebspi TIFU by trying to let my dad have a break from fixing things

So, I (M25) have/had a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta. It was fairly good, but it had a few issues: the wheel bearings were acting up and the breaks were getting very spongy. Frankly it was getting to a point where driving it made me anxious, my mechanic dad agreed, and we decided to fix the thing in May. Fortunately, we also own a grand prix which me and my mother share, while my dad (M53) owned a white truck. Neither of the latter two are in stellar shape, but they get us from point A to point B. We're a little poor but my dad has a lot of connections as a mechanic, so we cycle through very low quality vehicles.
My very kind older brother gifted his car to my dad so he had an easy way to get to and from work. It's a black 2015 nissan rogue
Now, I was going to get parts for the Jetta, but then an unintended expense (my mom stealing my credit card to pay the internet) came up and I could no longer comfortably afford them. It was over summer too and my job (online tutor) had slowed down waaaaay more than I had anticipated.
Now here's the thing: my dad had been repairing vehicles basically for a year straight, in addition to being a mechanic, so I wanted to cut my old man some slack and just let him drive his new, upgraded car without having to fuss over a terrible one, since I couldn't even get the parts comfortably anyways. I sincerely felt bad for him. It was work, work, work, work, work for the poor guy. He was grumpy/sad every day and honestly, I couldn't blame him.
Now, Dad gets laid off in the winter temporarily, so I figured "OK, I'll keep the Jetta running but not actually fix it until November when he's done with work, then I'll get on him about fixing it." He had earned some rest. I wanted him to drive his new, relatively nice car around without stressing out his poor back even more.
I tried running the Jetta and driving it around the yard here and there but eventually the battery died, and is dead. This was in October. This is fine, I thought- at most it'll sit for a month, and then dad will get on it.
And then? His relatively new Nissan Rogue died. Transmission went out.
So, I thought, OK, he'll focus on the Rogue, right? It's a good car, he'll get to it when he gets to it, and then we can fix my Jetta. It'll be relatively quick.
Nope. He just doesn't tend to it due to lack of money. His plan is apparently to sell some old stuff in the backyard to get the parts to fix the Rogue. Now, he's starting work back up in a week.
Dad seems genuinely happy and relaxed right now for the first time in forever, and he's going back to work- and I'm about to ruin it by telling him he has to fix yet another car in addition to his Rogue and going back to his job. AND the Jetta is going to be in especially terrible shape because it has barely gone anywhere for nearly a full year.
I feel like a shitstain idiot failure of a son. I tried to protect him from his stress and instead, I just made it worse. On top of that, I got this jetta from my other brother too, and it's like I'm shitting all over his gift. On top of that, I didn't actually communicate this to my dad. I just wanted to quietly give him some rest, so I didn't buy the parts, and now I gotta explain all that, which might mean explaining my own bad financial decisions and my mom stealing from me.
TL;DR: My car went out and I decided to not get the parts for my dad to fix it so I could give him a rest- but now, he just has to fix a bunch of cars at once, and one's in much worse shape than it used to be.
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2023.03.29 08:53 Kind-Satisfaction-93 I am so disappointed that it hurts my soul. Xbox console MOBA smite

A game I have loved playing for years and years.. has unfortunately come to an end.
I know how stubborn Hi-Rez can be regarding changes and updates to their game. Even if all console players band together, they most likely won't listen. I, in fact, am talking about the MOBA game called SMITE.
In their recent update (March 28) they thought it was a "brilliant" idea to change the item shop to what they believed to be good. The item shop was fine before they absolutely destroyed it. Ease of access was a beautiful thing with the way they had it before, it didnt need to be touched. I refuse to keep playing this game and be forced to adapt to this "new" item navigating system garbage. It looks like they care more about PC players and re-hashed its item store to console. Let me tell you, IT DOESN'T WORK. At least give us the option to revert back to old settings. The idea just seems half baked, anyone with a controller (or brain) could see that it's terrible change. Like, did they not test it first on console before releasing it? How stupid can you possibly be to release such a dog water update?
Whether posts about this issue gets censored or not, there is no doubt the truth will arise eventually. The player base from console will plummet indefinitely. Smite, you have done wrong and need to admit failure. Answer to your mistake as soon as possible because I guarantee you'll notice players dropping your game one by one.
Hope it gets fixed soon, otherwise.. goodbye SMITE.
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2023.03.29 08:53 GrievingGrandson I love you Grandpa. You were my Grandpa, my Dad, and my Best Friend.

I never thought I would use Reddit for this, but here I am. I want to start out by saying how much I appreciate this community and the support everyone provides. I lost my Grandpa on 2/14/23, and reading posts on here helps me to see that other people handle their grief in different ways. The non-grieving world keeps turning and we are expected to put our loss behind us and function normally. Reading about how others have experienced sorrow, anger, guilt, and all of the other emotions lets me know that there is no certain way to grieve. I'm not sure why I wanted to post this now since it has been over a month since my Grandpa passed. I guess I just wanted to share our story to add to the community and if it helps me and someone else with a similar experience then I consider it being worth it.
I was brought into the home of my grandparents when I was 8 years old due to my dad falling into drug addiction after the passing of my mom from cancer. My Grandpa made a promise to my Mom before she passed that he would make sure I was taken care of. They raised me as their own son, got me through school and college, and have supported my adult profession as a police officer. My Grandpa was a retired firefighter and when he loved that I was a police officer. He even did a ride along with me, and was planning on doing another one. I'm 31 now, and my Grandpa was 85. Even up until the last few weeks of his life, he was always very active. He did exercises everyday and went on long walks. I've always seen him as the strongest man I know. One of our favorite things to do together was to go and shoot his guns that he bought and collected.
Several years ago my Grandpa was diagnosed with a skin cancer on the top of his head. Every time a new spot popped up, it usually just required some radiation treatments and then life would go back to normal. In 2022, it became more aggressive though, but the doctor made it seem that it was still treatable. This time he had to do a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. It was very hard on him for an 85 year old man, and he wasn't able to do much due to the sickness and fatigue. He eventually had to stop the chemotherapy and was able to finish the radiation treatments. Everything appeared to be going back to normal at the end of 2022, and we were able to enjoy Christmas together one last time. In January 2023 though, he had a seizure at home which we initially thought was a stroke. At the hospital, they found out that it was actually a seizure and his scans showed that there were cancerous lesions in his brain from the cancer spreading. When he got out of the hospital, we immediately made an appointment with his cancer physician. His doctor told us that he would try to treat it, but it would require 10 back to back radiation treatments every single day. He told us that since the cancer (angiosarcoma) had now spread to his brain, that the radiation treatments would have more of an effect on him since it was no longer just on the surface of his head. But everything seemed hopeful and we decided to go through with the treatments.
My grandparents got a hotel room in the city where the hospital was, since it was an hour and a half drive away. It happens to be the same city I live in. I was able to spend almost every day with him, besides when I had to be at work. We went to a pipe tobacco store, a gun store, several restaurants, and spent time together in the hotel room. I'll never take that time for granted. The treatments went well, until about halfway through he became very tired and had lost a lot of weight. But this was to be expected. On the last day of treatment, he was having a hard time walking, and needed to use a cane, which he never used. As my grandparents left to go back home, I just thought that once he got back to the comfort of his own home, he could rest and would eventually start eating more again once the radiation effects wore off.
The next morning, I got a phone call that he had collapsed and had to go to the hospital where they live. I felt terrible. I still feel terrible. I'm so mad at myself for not recognizing that he was so weak and sick, and I should have went home with them to help take care of him and to encourage him to eat and drink. Apparently he collapsed from dehydration, and he went from the emergency department to the ICU. When I arrived at the hospital and found out he was in the ICU, I was told it was because of the medications he was being administered to stabilize his blood pressure. We then found out that he had went into septic shock from a perforated colon caused by diverticulitis. I didn't even know that he had that. As he spent more days in the ICU, the nurses found out that he had bed sores when they took him for an MRI. And now as I am writing this I am starting to tear up because I knew how much he hated MRIs. And he had it done for nothing. The nurses even bumped his head when doing the scan which tore a part of his skin away since his head was so tender from the radiation. He didn't deserve that.
After a few days in the ICU, his vitals appeared to be better and they took him off of the medications, except for the antibiotics. They put him in a different unit, and that's when it all went downhill. He started getting really sick, saying that his stomach hurt, and he didn't want to eat or drink anything. I tried to encourage him to eat and drink, but he was in too much pain. As time went on, he started breathing really heavy, did not want to try and get out of bed, and stopped talking. I don't want to go into all of the details, because it's really difficult for me to relive them and I'm still processing them. After a few days in that unit, his vitals and labs were bad again, and we were told that he would either have to go back to ICU and be put on life support, or we could let them give him some medicine to ease the pain so that he could go restfully. We decided as a family that it would have been cruel to extend his suffering and we know he wouldn't want to have been put on life support. We had to watch him take his last breath, and as traumatizing as it was, I couldn't leave him and let him be alone. After everything he has done for me, that was the least I could do.
After his passing the next few days were a blur. I never imagined that I would have to plan my Grandpa's funeral. Finding pallbearers, picking out a casket, picking out music, putting together the photos for the slideshow, and writing the tribute. Now that the funeral has been over for over a month, and people try to go back to their normal lives, it hurts even more. My job as a police officer is especially hard for me to go back to. I have to try and put on a straight face for the public, so in between calls I'm usually about to burst into tears so I have to go find a solitary place. At least that's one good part about my job. I can just go drive to a secluded area like a park and get my tears out. I know that most of you on here probably don't have that luxury and I'm sorry that you may have to try and hold it in for a full work day. Everything I see around me at work reminds me of him. I drive by the hospital where he was receiving cancer treatments just about every shift I work. It just feels so unreal that he was there just not that long ago.
I know that he lived to be 85, and that's a long good life. It just still feels like it was so sudden. And maybe that is better than a slow, suffering death from the spread of cancer. But he was my everything. He was my Grandpa, my Dad, and my best friend. And now I have to live the rest of my life without him here. The days feel so dark now. I was having a lot of dreams about him the days after his passing, but they don't happen much anymore. I have cried every day since he passed, but the feeling is becoming more of a numb feeling of sadness with periods of anger. I get angry at the nurses and doctor that seemed to have neglected him in the hospital after he left the ICU. I trusted the people who were medically trained to take care of him, and didn't speak up enough for him while he was in the hospital. I feel guilty for not spending more time with him while I could, for not recognizing how negatively the radiation treatments were affecting him. I know that he wouldn't want me to feel this way, but I feel like I failed him and he could still be here with me today. But then I tell myself, it would only be a matter of time until something else happened or the cancer spread again. We can't live forever.
I always thought that my faith was strong and I was a spiritual person, until this happened. Your beliefs really are challenged when going through the loss of a loved one. It's went from a hopeful "I believe because an afterlife sounds nice and I hope I get there" to a desperate "I hope that my loved isn't non-existent now and that their soul is still alive and I can see them again". I just can't think of my Grandpa being nothing now. He was so much more than just a physical body. I have to believe that he's still out there somewhere.
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2023.03.29 08:52 SappyTwat00 My 2 year old niece sees my uncle who died from an overdose in 2012.

So for questions, I sure have many. When I was nearly 12 years old my uncle Jim died of a heroin overdose when he was 25 or 26. He had been drinking and smoking weed from a very young age, maybe 12 or 13. My 2 year old niece saw a photo of my uncle holding my older sister when she was born. My niece looked at it and said “Jim”. I wasn’t there when this happened but my mother explained it to me. Since I was young my mom explained to me her paranormal experience, and I’ve tried my hardest to debunk it but the story is the same every time. Today on FaceTime with my mom, when I found out about this, she asked my niece to say and she did. “Jim”, clearly. My fathers name is also Jim, but she calls him pop pop so this is very strange. When my mom asked her where Jim was, she pointed at the closet. When I heard this my whole body tingled and I was teary eyed. After I was done with the conversation with my mother, the tingles kept coming and I weeped. I pleaded to see him. I was a child when he passed. I don’t know too much about the paranormal, but now I am beyond curious. I guess my question here is, has anyone else had a similar experience or maybe even a little different? Wether it was a child or yourself. I am very curious about this one. Thank you fellas.
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2023.03.29 08:52 Kind-Satisfaction-93 Very disappointed

A game I have loved playing for years and years.. has unfortunately come to an end.
I know how stubborn Hi-Rez can be regarding changes and updates to their game. Even if all console players band together, they most likely won't listen. I, in fact, am talking about the MOBA game called SMITE.
In their recent update (March 28) they thought it was a "brilliant" idea to change the item shop to what they believed to be good. The item shop was fine before they absolutely destroyed it. Ease of access was a beautiful thing with the way they had it before, it didnt need to be touched. I refuse to keep playing this game and be forced to adapt to this "new" item navigating system garbage. It looks like they care more about PC players and re-hashed its item store to console. Let me tell you, IT DOESN'T WORK. At least give us the option to revert back to old settings. The idea just seems half baked, anyone with a controller (or brain) could see that it's terrible change. Like, did they not test it first on console before releasing it? How stupid can you possibly be to release such a dog water update?
Whether posts about this issue gets censored or not, there is no doubt the truth will arise eventually. The player base from console will plummet indefinitely. Smite, you have done wrong and need to admit failure. Answer to your mistake as soon as possible because I guarantee you'll notice players dropping your game one by one.
Hope it gets fixed soon, otherwise.. goodbye SMITE.
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2023.03.29 08:51 snifferJ Can my HP04 be repaired or is it done for?

I have two of these, one is actually an HP06 but they're the same for all practical purposes, i think. Both 2020. i think it's actually the 06 that has the problem. Night before last, i was laying in front of it on the couch and it stopped going and it had the gray triangle on the display. The only way i could turn it off was by unplugging it. I plugged it back in after a few minutes and it turned on and worked, but then died again to the gray triangle. i moved it to the other room and tried it on that outlet. No change.
It's been used a lot in the past 4 months due to losing access to my central heat and it being a cold winter. i use one in the bedroom all the time when i'm in there (at night) and the other in the family room where i am only at night. i depend on the two of them to keep me from suffering from being too cold. Now i only have one, bedroom, so i'm planning to get a new one, there's one on eBay, new in packaging, for not much over $400, seller had perfect reviews, too good to be true, i'm still researching that. i just want to ask if it sounds like the unit can be fixed.
other symptoms are that when i try leaving it on for 15 minutes or more, there are odors, one of which is a strong plastic odor, i guess it could be called burning or melting plastic. So i don't want to turn it on anymore.
I live less than a 15 minute drive from a Dyson store, but i need warmth, sooner than later.
I thought i would get a regular space heater like i used to get so i ordered one on Amazon. It gives off an irritating odor, i mean, it irritates my eyes. That's how i ended up buying a $750 space heater in the first place in 2020. I had always gotten regular $60 space heaters my whole life, worked great. Then, a Lasko Tower heater with remote that i'd used for 10 years died. I found the exact same heater, identical, same price, on Amazon where i had gotten it the first time so i got it and it off gassed nonstop. For days. it wasn't going away, i was running it outside to try to burn it off. My old one never had that. i tried some other similarly priced space heaters and they all off gassed. Something to do with quality control on Chinese imports that wasn't a problem 10 years before? Something changed. They were made in China before too but no problems.
In 2020, i needed a space heater and didn't know what to do. During that time i was in love with my dyson V10 Absolute vacuum cleaner, and so i wondered if Dyson made a heater. i couldn't find one on their website. i did see the HP04, and air purifier and heater, $750 ???????? so, eventually desperation caused me to call Dyson and ask if their heater did any off gassing. They said no so i bought it. it worked good, but back in those days, i had central heat too that worked good, and they worked together. i don't think my HP06 would have broken down if i could still use my central heat instead of depending on space heaters as my only heat source. i hope my other one doesn't break down. But now i'm facing buying another one and am looking at that ebay option.
i just want to ask if anyone has an idea of whether my HP06 is not an easy fix. It only stays on briefly, then gets the gray triangle and a bad smell of something internal. If i keep experimenting with turning it on, the smell gets worse. So it's unplugged.
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2023.03.29 08:51 AlternativePlastic47 [E6E] Endgame Questions

I am nearing the E6E Endgame (at least that is what I think). A lot of stuff is automated, got almost all the bees and a good amount of mobs in the drygmy farm for ressources (award for most annoying: Mastericore for giving me a boss bar in my base, elder guardian for giving me mining fatique in my base).
Now I hit kind of a brick wall with the mekanism fission reactor. It is needed for progression, though not for the power but for the nuclear waste. The parts are ridiculously expensive, but that is to be expected.
Now I am on crafting the machines needed for the fissile fuel. More and more nitro crystals from powah are needed, I have automated the orb, by now I also have an automated wither farm. But it is a lot of work to make the weak blood crystals.
First it seems like I only can craft them manually in the alchemy table, which isn't that creat in the first place. Is there an alternative?
Then: I need to automate the botanical brewery, but I got ideas for that. I even got ideas to automate the ritual for the afrit stuff (in my last playthrough, I had a buggy weapon from a boss that got the loot from the affrit before it died, allowing me to heal it and loot it again and again, so I never got around to automating the ritual).
But the camels? I can spawn them in on the birthing altar, which is tedious, I could breed them with dates, but I can't figure out how to get more dates beside finding them in atum loot chests.
TL; DR: How do I automate atum 2 dates and/or camels? Is it even worth it? I really want to finish the mod pack this time around, and I don't mind it being complex. But if it becomes too tedious I might abandon it anyways.
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2023.03.29 08:51 poopandpeeface I feel so shitty, I got my friend and myself addicted to gambling again.

After almost a whole year without gambling, I nearly paid off all my debt I finally felt free. My old friend hit me up and suggested we should hang out. With not much to do, for some reason I thought a trip to the casino would be a fun night. I knew it was a bad idea and warned him of the dangers but we did it anyway. One week later, I wiped my checking account and now my friend can’t stop gambling. I wouldn’t wish this addiction on my worst enemy and now I’ve got my friend hooked. Luckily I didn’t dip i to my emergency fund but i’ve been tempted. I hate this stupid addiction.
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2023.03.29 08:51 D0MIN0S_ Appareil photo reflex pour un débutant.

Bonjour à toutes et à tous, Je suis nouveau sur ce sub et je souhaite débuter la photographie. J'ai une référence et modèle en tête mais je ne sais pas si c'est un bon choix. Voici le modèle en question,il s'agit d'un Canon EOS 2000D. Lien : J'aimerais avoir vos avis vis a vis de ce modèle. Et si jamais vous avez mieux à me proposer je prend ! J'ai un budget maximum de 1000€ (Objectifs,Carte mémoire...). J'ai cru comprendre qu'il y avait plusieurs formats de photo dont le RAW. Et je ne sais pas combien en stockage il faudrait pour être tranquille ! Par ailleurs si jamais vous avez des livres qui permet de mieux comprendre les réglages,prise de vue à recommander pour un débutant comme moi je suis preneur ! En vous remerciant ! Bonne journée !
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2023.03.29 08:50 Mr-Reanimator I'm looking at trading my current vehicle for another used vehicle, and I wanted to ask what some other people thought on the current two cars I'm looking at, as well as their price.

I drive a 2017 Chevrolet Cruze LT, and it's got just over 31,500 miles on it. Outside of some minor cosmetic things that would require a basic wipe down and vacuum in the interior, and washing a thin layer of mud off of it, the vehicle is in perfectly good shape.
Now, that said, there are two vehicles I'm currently looking at, as I'm trying to basically do a 1 to 1 trade.
The first vehicle is priced at $12,995, and is a 2017 VW Passat SE 6A. It's got an all leather interior, heated seats, pushbutton start, sunroof, (new) Cooper all season tires, brand new windshield, new brakes, and as far as I can tell, the vehicle has been kept in near pristine condition outside of those replacements. The vehicle also seems to have a clean record, with no accidents, no theft/illegal activity reported, and only one previous owner. The only catch is that it's currently sitting at around 145,000 miles driven.
The dealer has literally been trying to sell this specific vehicle for almost a year now. The earliest records I can find of it being for sale (other than from the factory, to the original owner) was April of 2022. It's kind of worrying, but for the life of me I can't find anything wrong with it yet other than the miles being as high as they are. This dealer's been pretty... inconsistent, when it comes to our arrangement, though. He approved of a 1 to 1 trade, but told me the we should both run some numbers and do some more research, and talk about it on Monday. Good thing he told me to, because I realized that my car was worth a ton of money in trade-in value, and the MSRP was (obviously) higher than that. Once I brought up that I saw how the price range was looking, he went from not remembering a thing about my vehicle to knowing that he needed to do a whole bunch to the car, and refused to accept me getting it checked out anywhere else, and was trying to deduct the cost of his 'repairs' from the lowest possible estimate on a spectrum that was shown on a site with the lowest estimate for trade-in value that I've seen, though even then, it wasn't fully accurate based on the actual condition of my car. In other words, it got shady.
Anyway, I'm here for cars lol.
So the next car is a 2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4L SE. It's.... pretty much just that. It's comfy, it's been well taken care of, new brakes, and... that's it. It's just a pretty standard, comfy, reliable looking car. The gas pedal could do with some adjusting imo, but that could just be a preference thing. This dealer wanted to compete with the other one I had mentioned (thank goodness), and offered me a $13k check for my car, or $14,000 in trade-in, which would line up nearly perfectly with the car I was looking at, since it was going for exactly that much, minus the obvious DMV fees and the like, which they'd ask that I cover if I take that deal.
Do either of these deals seem practical? Should I wait and hope prices drop? I know my car is worth more in trade-in value than dealerships I've visited (so far) are willing to give me, these two just happen to be less blatant in trying to lowball me. Also, as far as the Passat goes, I'm very curious about that one, since it's both cheaper and nicer, so any insight on that would certainly be appreciated.
Also, I just wanted to edit this so that people know that I understand the differences between pricing models, things like wholesale, trade-in, cash sale, MSRP, etc. and I know that obviously dealers aren't necessarily going to pay top dollar, but so far, there's been a pretty enormous gap lol. I know they have to make their money back, too, but I wanted to include this in case someone read through the post and got the impression that I was approaching this without having done research into how these things work and why.
Oh, edit number 2: for more context on my vehicle, it's also got bonus packages installed from when it was made in the factory, those being the convenience package and the RS package.
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2023.03.29 08:50 FeralRainDrops Caught my (26F) Boyfriend (27M) vaping a couple months ago

So, as the title suggests, sounds whatever, right? Heres the story:
We have been together since January 2021. At the beginning stages of our relationship, he stated that he used to smoke cigarettes and vape but has not done so in a couple years. Smoking/vaping is a deal breaker for me due to the fact that my whole family smokes and lung cancer runs in the family + I don't want to be with someone who is addicted to anything. He has known this from the beginning, and has told me that that part of his life is over (he used to go clubbing a lot and vaping/smoking was his only vice - he has said he has never done any drugs or even smoked weed). Fast forward to a couple months ago, I caught him vaping - you know how vapes always smell sweet with a hint of nicotine? Yeah well I could smell it on his breath. This really broke my trust because Its not the fact that he was vaping, but the fact that he felt the need to hide it. I brought it up with him the same night because I felt empty and I started crying - It wasn't something that I was able to hide how I felt about. His story was that he went out with friends, bought a disposable vape, and said that he had no intention of buying another. He promised me that he would not vape, and IF he felt the need to, he would tell me before buying another. I know how addiction works, I know that he may not be able to quit cold turkey after that; I explained to him that as long as he is trying to not vape, and his goal would be to quit for good, I would be okay with it but would like communication regarding this. But he made a big show that he was done, and threw it in the garbage right in front of me.
Now, present day - the last couple weeks, he comes home from work, gives me a kiss and I can instantly smell that he was vaping again. He just got a new job in February, and has seeming to be working a lot. Now I don't think he is cheating, or anything, but I think there may be a bad influence at work who takes smoke breaks that he joins in with, or something. He has started to come home and not kiss me right away, or comes home with coffee or snacks every night - I assume he thinks that this will hide the smell of it when he exhales near me? Its gotten to the point that he thinks he has gotten away with it because he is VAPING IN THE HOUSE. I can smell it from any room he is in, just by walking into the room. This makes me feel disrespected among like my feelings don't matter, etc. Anyways. I have not brought it up this time that I know, instead I have been acting differently - more like a roommate would because at this point he has broken my trust and I feel disrespected. He has also stopped saying I love you during phone calls, or before bed etc. Should I bite the bullet here and break up with him, or give him an ultimatum, etc... Advice?
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2023.03.29 08:50 Financial_Most6036 Birthday Cakes Near Me

When people bring a cake to a party, one of the challenges they face is hiding it to keep it a surprise. And more often than not, the location of the cake is discovered by your loved one, and the surprise is lost. This negates all your planning and preparation for the ideal surprise. Instead, you can opt for midnight delivery when you shop online. In this case, the cake will be delivered to your home exactly at midnight. Shop from a reputed shop to buy Birthday Cake Near Me.
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2023.03.29 08:49 Brief_Scale BB3 Crash Etiquette?

So I have played around 10 or so BB3 games online and experienced no issues at all. But last night a couple of things came up that had me wondering. The game seemingly crashed on my turn 13, It was Dark Elves vs Chaos Renegades and my dark elves were winning 1-0. It was my turn having just dropped the ball the previous turn, which was around the hallway line and surrounded by both sets of players. I first noticed that although I could click on my players I could not do anything with them. Then I noticed that the turn clock was at 0 and not moving and neither was my extra time clock. To me it seemed clear that the game had crashed. As the player who was winning and had previously had possession of the ball, that was not in a dangerous position, I felt like it should have been the other player to conceded. However after around 10 mins of waiting, I just conceded as I wanted to go to bed. On the other hand I can see how as it was my turn the other player might not be fully aware that I was unable to do anything, although after 10 mins, it should be pretty clear. I'm not particularly bent out of shape by this, but just wondering for future instances. Is there a widely accepted Etiquette for who concedes a game during a crash?
The other issue was around my TD, on CR turn 6 the other player tried to go for it to score a TD and classically tripped on the goal line. On my turn I tried some elf BS, dodged, picked the ball up, double rushed and threw a pass with a lineman. I knew the pass would fail, but the recipient was near the sideline. The issue came about when the CR player had the chance to Intercept. Either because they could not press the buttons or were not aware that they needed to, but their play clock ran out and then their extra time clock ran out. Once this happened the play completed. However it was not clear at all what had happened, it was now the other players turn and the ball had seemingly vanished. It just so happened that on my previous turn I had moved a player up the pitch towards the opposite end zone just in case. Low and behold the ball was sat 2 squares away from that player. So it had obviously bounced out of bounds and been thrown in by the crowd. But there had been no animation or indication that had happened. Anyway I picked the ball up and scored but felt bad that the other player now had no extra time clock. Just wondering if this was a bug, or just player not realising what they needed to do?
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