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2023.03.25 17:10 stratwonder Help - Sideload an OTA update?

I'll try to keep my backstory short - I bought a used Pixel Watch (BT/Wi-Fi model) from eBay that was a "store display unit" according to the seller. The other day I saw that the March update was rolling out and tried to download it but was not able to (I tried all the known tricks, disable bluetooth and only use Wi-Fi, tap the watch icon in the update screen, reboot, etc.). I reached out to Google and they don't really want to help because it was purchased from eBay, and they claim that because it was a store display unit it will never receive updates.... I'm waiting to hear back from them as to why this is the case.
Furthermore, from my research I think I've found that my watch is also on a pre-release SW version. It says "Android security update: June 1, 2022" (which would have been before the watch released to the public?). The build number is RWD9.220420.003.A5.
The good news is that the watch is still fully functional, so not having the latest updates isn't the end of the world, but not something I enjoy living with long-term.
I'm a long-time Android "power user" and am very familiar with ADB and Fastboot, so usually to get around these kinds of issues I would just sideload the latest update. Based on the recovery menu options (ex: "Apply update from ADB/SD"), I'm quite positive it could be done on the watch, but I need an OTA image, and I'm finding that neither OTA nor Factory Images for the Pixel Watch are being published like they are with regular Pixel phones.
Are there any community members out there familiar enough with ADB and etc. that they might be able to "save" their next OTA update before they install it, and then send it to me? It would be a huge help to get my watch into a "normal(?)" state. TIA!
P.S. From what I've seen while searching, the hacker community might start ramping up soon (I saw the post about hacking a USB cable to unlock the bootloader), so hopefully it'd just be a few months before someone cracks the factory image and posts something I could work with.
P.P.S. I'm already outside of my eBay return window so that's not an option. I contacted the seller again if they had any ideas, but I doubt that'll get me anywhere.
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2023.03.25 17:10 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/Techno roundup for the week of March 18 - March 24

Saturday, March 18 - Friday, March 24

Top Media

score comments title & link
273 14 comments [Mix] Enjoy
86 2 comments [Mix] Monument Festival 2022: Forest Drive West
80 9 comments [Discussion] K-Hand - On A Journey (1995)
76 4 comments [Mix] Boys Noize | HÖR - Mar 21 / 2023
44 8 comments [Track] Robert Hood - And Then We Planned Our Escape
38 1 comments [News/Article] Debut EP
31 5 comments [News/Article] New music review for Surgeon's newest LP – “Crash Recoil” off Tresor
25 0 comments [Mix] RAIDERS - Arlenys | HÖR - Mar 22 / 2023
21 0 comments [Shows/Events] Sat March 25: Juan Atkins & Evil Eddie Richards at Othersound 10 Years
20 4 comments [Track] The Advent - Mononix (Kombination Research 1998)

Top Remaining

score comments title & link
123 166 comments [Discussion] Suggest me unique techno artists on the bleeding edge of techno.
87 64 comments [Discussion] Suggest me classic 90's driving techno albums.
73 1 comments [News/Article] Belgium's top techno club Fuse is back with business as usual!
68 143 comments [Shows/Events] Richie Hawtin’s set in LA was not good.
64 82 comments [Discussion] Is there any movies that highlight rave culture?

Top 5 Most Commented

score comments title & link
30 76 comments [Discussion] What are some Techno clubs that are worth checking out around Europe?
43 59 comments [Discussion] Techno with melodies thats not "melodic" give me your best suggestions!
13 56 comments [Discussion] Send me some good techno mixes (preferably SoundCloud)
11 42 comments [Discussion] Just discovered raving, now trying to find how to express myself
25 41 comments [Discussion] techno and classical music
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2023.03.25 17:09 VelvetPhantom NPC Jail Breakout, and Other Servants Becoming Playable

Over the past year it seems like a good chunk of servants that were in NPC Jail have finally become playable: Roland, Xu Fu, Keisuke, Rasputin, Johanna, and Takasugi have all become playable in under a year. Even some servants are NPCs only very briefly, such as Constantine, Tametomo, and you could even argue the LB7 trio count since it took over a month for them to become playable. Even Bhima, who only recently showed up as an NPC, seems to be guaranteed to become playable eventually.
Furthermore, it seems that a good chunk of servants that had appeared elsewhere in Fate but not in FGO have also joined the roster since early 2022: Hephaestion, Bazett(as a psuedo), Daikokuten, Mary Anning, Riyo Rider and Assassin(as part of Super Bunyan), Charlemagne, Arcueid, and Proto Merlin. And even more seem to be on the way with the Arcade collab. Even the Ordeal Call trailer has caused speculation that there may be main story elements featuring Prototype servants and even the remaining Sakura 5.
Due to all of this, it seems that if there was a canon servant anywhere in the franchise that is not yet playable, now is the perfect time for them to finally show up as a playable servant, even without a specific collab event. Thus I ask: who do you think will appear soon? And who do you want to see finally make their playable debut?
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2023.03.25 17:09 esjwujolx Last Week On BANGBROS.COM: 06/11/2022 - 06/17/2022

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2023.03.25 17:07 Shaggygamer713 FT: Pics LF: Shiny Go Stamped Tornadus/Thundurus (any form)

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2023.03.25 17:06 RabidMiniBear Psycho on my Facebook. The great replacement!

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2023.03.25 17:06 Translatix Help getting model name/number

We’ve been increasingly uncomfortable on our very firm 20 year old IKEA king sized mattress. We have a bed with with slats, so no box spring. We’re overweight and are now senior citizens. I’ve been dealing with increasing shouldeneck pain and limbs that fall asleep as I sleep very soundly.
Note I also have a severe latex allergy, so we don’t want to go to a physical store where natural latex may be in the air. So we’ve been informally looking for a new mattress for a few months.
We travel a fair bit, and that’s given us the opportunity to try out some mattresses: - the Marriott heavenly bed is lovely, but a little too springy. When hubs rolls over, it shakes the bed and wakes us both. We put that down to the box spring. Impossible to find out what bed it is other than the overpriced hotel brand. - the Purple bed, and pretty much any foam mattress, is so soft that I spend the night fighting the tendency to roll into hub’s divot and vice-versa. - Hilton beds are ridiculous. So springy that it feels like an earthquake every time someone moves.
We recently stayed in an Airbnb and the mattress was perfect. Soft on top, but good support. Slept wonderfully, and woke with no shoulder pain! (Coming back to our bed has been a painful experience.) We asked the owners, and they said it was a “Sealy Response 11” Performance Carver Mattress, King, Firm, Item # 1486390”
The tag (we photographed it) reads: “Date of manufacture: 08/2022. Model: 527778 Prototype ID: LW04 101, 116 TO 124,509 TO 521, ER 527778 king 00132990 PGC# LV12 PC# DT OF MFG: 7158 ;8-9-2022 T2-414 WC P3 10/10 SEALY POSTUREPEDIC SN F0001337158”
It had a QR code that resolves to }C1250PD0001824681~21F0001337158~
We cannot find this model number anywhere to be able to buy it. We think it’s the same as the Sealy Carver available at Costco.
Help, please!
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2023.03.25 17:05 ThinkingOfTheOldDays Some water issues in a two story garage w/ a "basement"

Hi /Concrete,
in 2022, I purchased 1999 build, split level house that is located on a steeply pitched (to the north) lot. The house has an attached garage, with it's own walkout basement of sorts that accesses the backyard. So this is a two story garage, with two concrete floors.
some pictures of issues on the upper & lower floors, mostly the result of a driveway that is a little too sloped, collecting water at the single car entryway:
I understand that the water is the core problem here, so before tackling any repairs to the floors / walls, I will be installing two channel drains, one at the entrance to the "upper" garage, and one further up (to the south) the driveway, to collect and shunt accumulated water away from the entrance. I also plan to pitch the driveway to the east, which is where most of this water needs to head, into a planned rain garden.
Some questions:
For the upper garage floor, I generally understand that removing any loose surface material and reaching good condition concrete is the first step, then significant cleaning/dusting/priming, and that I can then patch / fill cracks to get to a level surface, such as with a self leveling e.g. *sakrete product. (As you can see from the pics, it looks like someone DIYed or had a poorly installed pro resurfacing done, but they didn't address the water intrusion.) I then plan to resurface for appearance, and perhaps stain the concrete.
Do you see anything that would indicate this upper floor isn't repairable, and that a new floor would need to be laid? Frankly, I don't understand how the upper garage concrete floor was laid in the first place, and I don't know if the floor is structurally sound, so I'm not entirely opposed to starting fresh after the water issue is dealt with.
With respect to the garage "basement", in addition to channeling water properly, and dehumidifying the space, I plan to scrape & shop vac the significant efflorescence on the south wall (pictured a few times).
Any further recommendations on improving the appearance of or covering that south wall in the lower garage? I understand that painting basement walls is inadvisable, due to entrapping water & weakening the cinder blocks. The garage basement floor is in good condition, surprisingly. I would think the water ends up there, but the floor feels dry to the touch. However, the room itself is very humid from the south wall, and has corroded the electrical outlets in the space. Nasty.
I appreciate your insight & time reviewing my concrete troubles.
(If anything is amiss with the post, please let me know, and I'll address it)
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2023.03.25 17:04 dippinainez Over air updates

I bought my lucid air touring in December 2022. The day it was expected to be delivered, the car apparently would not update properly and they had to fly someone in from another state to update the car. It eventually came to me and I’ve loved it since then, though there are some minor issues.
I recently had some connectivity issues with my app and my car, so I called customer service on 3/14/23 and they said that my car was not updated. They said they were going to force the update over air. I’m not sure if that worked but my car’s software version is now 2.0.45 and the connectivity is noticeably better.
However, since then, the CarPlay update was rolled out and I was very excited about this. But as expected my car will not update and does not recognize a need for an update. So I called customer service again and they said that since my phone call on 3/14, there have been 3 more updates that my car has not processed. I’ve been calling nearly daily to customer service this week and no answers have been given.
I was posting to see if any other lucid owners were having similar issues or if this is simply something that is messed up with my car alone.
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2023.03.25 17:02 RossT551 The level of real life rage this game can bring..

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2023.03.25 17:02 kerryfinchelhillary Player of the Day (3/25/23): Ronald Acuna Jr

Born: December 18, 1997 (the day before my brother)
Jersey Number: 13
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Position: OF
Drafted: 2014 by the Braves as an international free agent
MLB Debut: April 25, 2018
Teams: Braves (2014-present)
Twitter: @ronaldacunajr24
Instagram: @ronaldacunajr13
2022 STATS:
Games: 119
Batting Average: 0.266
OBP: 0.351
SLG: 0.413
OPS: 0.764
Runs: 71
Hits: 124
Doubles: 24
Home Runs: 15
RBIs: 50
Stolen Bases: 29
Games: 514
Batting Average: 0.277
OBP: 0.370
SLG: 0.517
OPS: 0.887
Runs: 394
Hits: 550
Doubles: 102
Triples: 7
Home Runs: 120
RBIs: 296
Stolen Bases: 107
2022 AWARDS:
All Star
Players Choice NL Comeback Player
Home Run Derby Participant
Play of the Week - Week of 8/7
All Star - 2019, 2021
NL Rookie of the Year - 2018
Silver Slugger - 2019, 2020
Home Run Derby Participant - 2019
Lou Brock Award - 2019
NL Player of the Month - April 2021
NL Player of the Week - 8/19/18, 4/14/19, 4/18/21
NL Rookie of the Month - August 2018
Play of the Week - 8/18/19
He led the NL in runs and stolen bases in 2019.
He has a son.
His brothers, father, uncle and several of his cousins have played in MLB.
He played on Team Venezuela in the recent WBC.
He was caught stealing more than any other NL player in 2022.
In 2019, he became the second youngest player to reach the 30/30 milestone.
A unique homer
His Play of the Week
He stole two bases in his first 2022 game
He had a four-hit game
Highlights from his ROTY season
Here's when he made it 30/30 in 2019
It's cool that he comes from such a baseball family and he's a great player, too!
11/14: Mike Trout 11/15: Jose Ramirez 11/16: Julio Rodriguez 11/17: Michael Harris II 11/18: Sandy Alcantara 11/19: Framber Valdez 11/20: Justin Verlander 11/21: Shane Bieber 11/22: Clayton Kershaw 11/23: Paul Goldschmidt 11/24-11/25: Break 11/26: Aaron Judge 11/27: Spencer Strider 11/28: Oscar Gonzalez 11/29: Lars Nootbaar 11/30: Brendan Rodgers 12/1: Daulton Varsho 12/2: Brandon Belt 12/3: Trent Grisham 12/4: Corey Seager 12/5: Myles Straw 12/6: Sean Murphy 12/7: Christian Yelich 12/8: Nico Hoerner 12/9: Joey Votto 12/10: Bryan Reynolds 12/11: Dylan Cease 12/12: Andres Gimenez 12/13: Luis Arraez 12/14: Bobby Witt Jr 12/15: Miguel Cabrera 12/16: Francisco Lindor 12/17: JT Realmuto 12/18: Victor Robles 12/19: Steven Kwan 12/20: Shane McClanahan 12/21: Alek Manoah 12/22: Adley Rutschman 12/23: Kiké Hernandez 12/24-12/26: Break 12/27: Mookie Betts 12/28: Jake Cronenworth 12/29: Brandon Crawford 12/30: Zac Gallen 12/31-1/1: Break 1/2: Cal Quantrill 1/3: Ryan McMahon 1/4: Cal Raleigh 1/5: Patrick Sandoval 1/6: Nathaniel Lowe 1/7: Cole Irvin 1/8: Corbin Burnes 1/9: Liam Hendriks 1/10: Josh Naylor 1/11: Ian Happ 1/12: Nick Lodolo 1/13: Oneil Cruz 1/14: Byron Buxton 1/15: Riley Greene 1/16: Triston McKenzie 1/17: Brady Singer 1/18: Carlos Carrasco 1/19: Aaron Nola 1/20: Jazz Chisholm 1/21: Keibert Ruiz 1/22: Anthony Rizzo 1/23: Amed Rosario 1/24: Tyler Glasnow 1/25: Matt Chapman 1/26: Cedric Mullins 1/27: Rafael Devers 1/28: Matt Olson 1/29: Rich Hill 1/30: Josh Bell 1/31: Jesse Chavez 2/1: Ty France 2/2: Alejandro Kirk 2/3: Jeff McNeil 2/4: Marcus Semien 2/5: Luke Jackson 2/6: Mike Zunino 2/7: Christian Walker 2/8: Walker Buehler 2/9: Jose Trevino 2/10: Nolan Arenado 2/11: Mitch Haniger 2/12: Yu Darvish 2/13: Logan Webb 2/14: Daniel Bard 2/15: Trey Mancini 2/16: Taylor Ward 2/17: Seth Brown 2/18: Willy Adames 2/19: Seiya Suzuki 2/20: Hunter Greene 2/21: Michael Kopech 2/22: Andrew McCutchen 2/23: Jhoan Duran 2/24: Eric Haase 2/25: Salvador Perez 2/26: Vladimir Guerrero Jr 2/27: Yandy Diaz 2/28: Ramon Urias 3/1: Trevor Story 3/2: Zack Wheeler 3/3: Jon Berti 3/4: Lane Thomas 3/5: Willson Contreras 3/6: Jose Abreu 3/7: Spencer Torkelson 3/8: Xander Bogaerts 3/9: Pablo Lopez 3/10: Cody Bellinger 3/11: Jacob deGrom 3/12: Adam Frazier 3/13: Max Muncy 3/14: Andrew Benintendi 3/15: Tyler Anderson 3/16: Christian Vazquez 3/17: Max Scherzer 3/18: Jesus Aguilar 3/19: Rhys Hoskins 3/20: Chris Bassitt 3/21: Zach Eflin 3/22: Trevor Williams 3/23: Chris Taylor 3/24: Giancarlo Stanton
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2023.03.25 17:02 weeks11 What is this thing called and how do I add bluetooth to it

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2023.03.25 17:01 vra1974 json endpoint error connecting to deluge on appbox

json endpoint error connecting to deluge on appbox
Hi! I am on a Appbox. I Successfully connected Radarr, Sonarr and Emby with no problems. But can´t install Deluge. On my browser i only have to enter the URL of it (Lets say https://myusername.deluge.myappbox.com/) to get into it. I disabled the SSO on the appbox, and can login with no password of any kind even adding it as a webpage service under NZB works. But not as a Torrent Client. Turned ON logging and this is what is says:
How do I fix this?
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2023.03.25 17:01 Specific_Patience766 Self Drive Cars In Mohali - Get extreme comfort

Self Drive Cars In Mohali - Get extreme comfort

Rent our Toyota Fortuner for self drive cars in Mohali for your leisure or business trips and get extreme comfort. We make car rental easy for every customer because we value time. Call us on u/9815070133. https://www.odac24.com/self-drive-cars-in-mohali
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2023.03.25 17:01 Big-Research-2875 Activation of Egg Metabolism

Activation of Egg

Although fertilization is commonly considered solely the suggests that to mix 2 haploid nuclei, however it's AN equally necessary role in initiating the processes that begin development.


A series of morphological, physiological, and molecular changes that occur within the egg in response to fusion of the spermatozoon with the egg is named is named Activation.
Activation of Egg Metabolism

Mechanism of Egg Activation:

All the activation events happen within the protoplasm and occur while not the involvement of the nuclei. The mature egg may be a metabolically inactive cell that's activated by the spermatozoon.The spermatozoon act sort of a massive secretion, binding to receptors on the egg membrane in all probability via G macromolecule that activate Srckinas, that activate PLC, that via IP3 and DAG increase animate thing factor IV add increase hydrogen ion concentration (alkaline) severally that activate egg.This flux of Ca across the eggs starts a programmed set of metabolic events.

G Protein:

G macromolecule conjointly called G ester binding macromolecule, ar a family of macromolecule that acts as a molecular switches within cell and ar concerned in transmittal signal from a spread of stimuli outside the cell to its interior.

Srckinase Function;

It is non receptor macromolecule amino acid enzyme,that ar concerned within the management of a spread of cellular method like,Proliferation,Differentiation,Motility andAdhesion.

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2023.03.25 17:01 ImDickJustice RHCP on Howard Stern 2022 (VIDEO)

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2023.03.25 17:00 Harry0706 Next Card and CC Game Plan

Hi everyone, looking to decide on a long-term game plan on how I pick my new CCs in the future to be most efficient with rewards programs.
Current Cards:
DiscoverIT: $4,050, opened Aug 2018
Barclays View MC (used to be UberVISA, I hate this card): $750, opened July 2019
BoA Cash Rewards: $2,000, opened Aug 2020
Chase Freedom Flex: $2,100, opened Apr 2021
Apple Card by GS: $3,750, opened Aug 2021
Citi Simplicity (had some debt needed to BT, kinda regret getting this card, cant do anything about it now, side note I did buy some tickets on TicketMaster for my last statement period and just noticed I got 5% cash back on it as a "category spend bonus" and I literally don't know why because this card has no rewards): $2,000, opened May 2022
CapOne SavorOne: $3,000, opened Nov 2022
FICO Score: TU 690, EX 706
Oldest Account: 4 yrs 5 months
Cards Opened in 6mos/12mos/24mos: 1/2/4
Income: $65,000 (expect to break $100k in next 3-5 years)
Categories: ok with category cards and rotating categories
Avg Monthly Spend:
Dining/Bars: $400-500
Groceries: $200-250
Gas: $40-60 at Costco
Travel: $100 on Uber maybe
No plans to travel abroad right now but would love to in the future
Memberships: Costco, Amazon Prime, Verizon PostPaid (has Disney+ bundle and Apple Music), I bank w CapOne for depository accounts
Business Cards: I would rather not
Purpose: I just want nice rewards, but ideally would like to get into travel credit cards as I want to start traveling more soon. I have potential for a lot of work travel but everything is booked on company AMEX, although I can still earn airline/hotel points and have Plat Elite at Marriott right now. I don't have a preference on airlines/hotels, but have recently been flying American and staying Marriott for work if I do have travel happening.
Cards appealing to me: Would like to begin getting AMEX cards potentially, or maybe expand in Chase but I don't think any Chase cards are a good option to me (correct me if I am wrong). Citi Custom Cash is appealing and I kind of want to PC my Simplicity to get rid of that terrible card but can't decide if I PC that card or apply for Custom Cash for SUB. Any insight is appreciated!!!
Edit: I accidentally posted before I was done making the post haha
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2023.03.25 16:58 Hawkie74 Spring Tour 2023 Fantasy Guide: Week 3

TL;DR: Sort each table by the expectation (Exp.) column and pick accordingly.


Gold/Silver Card Bonuses

Please refer to this Google Sheet for what to look for for each individual player, or the table below for what to look for for each role in general.
**Table 1:* The percentage of fantasy points earned by each indicator for each role.*
Indicator Core Mid Support
Camps Stacked 5.76 4.03 8.14
Creep Score 7.44 5.82 1.63
Deaths 13.86 11.97 8.34
First Blood 3.37 2.19 2.92
GPM 8.70 7.21 4.55
Kills 13.48 14.71 6.45
Obs Wards 0.81 4.73 30.80
Roshan Kills 2.97 1.61 0.31
Runes Grabbed 5.95 16.43 7.69
Stuns 9.59 11.68 12.69
Teamfight 14.12 13.76 15.14
Tower Kills 13.95 5.86 1.33


**Table 2:* The schedule.*
Team 1 Team 2 Series Time
Shopify Rebellion Wildcard Bo3 2023-03-27 22:00 UTC
TSM nouns Bo3 2023-03-28 01:00 UTC
B8 5RATFORCESTAFF Bo3 2023-03-29 22:00 UTC
DogChamp Wildcard Bo3 2023-03-30 01:00 UTC
Shopify Rebellion nouns Bo3 2023-03-31 22:00 UTC
TSM felt Bo3 2023-04-01 01:00 UTC
Shopify Rebellion B8 Bo3 2023-04-01 19:00 UTC
TSM DogChamp Bo3 2023-04-01 22:00 UTC
felt nouns Bo3 2023-04-02 01:00 UTC
Wildcard 5RATFORCESTAFF Bo3 2023-04-03 01:00 UTC
**Table 3:* The potential choices for the Core role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
Timado TSM Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.24 6.02 38.29
天鸽 Shopify Rebellion Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.34 5.32 37.73
Yamsun nouns Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.95 5.48 36.84
HitinmunE felt Bo3 + Bo3 14.63 6.34 35.84
dnm 5RATFORCESTAFF Bo3 + Bo3 13.79 6.29 33.97
SaberLight Shopify Rebellion Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.42 5.23 33.79
StoneBank B8 Bo3 + Bo3 13.66 6.01 33.55
Lil_Nick Wildcard Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.82 5.18 30.59
YS Wildcard Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.05 4.94 30.49
ruustle DogChamp Bo3 + Bo3 11.61 5.89 29.17
Fayde felt Bo3 + Bo3 11.98 4.93 29.06
Sunlight DogChamp Bo3 + Bo3 11.81 4.75 28.44
Moo nouns Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.57 4.01 28.23
Speeed 5RATFORCESTAFF Bo3 + Bo3 11.39 4.91 27.77
Funn1k B8 Bo3 + Bo3 11.57 3.56 26.81
kasane TSM Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 10.77 3.14 25.62
**Table 4:* The potential choices for the Mid role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
Abed Shopify Rebellion Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 17.42 4.19 40.40
Gunnar nouns Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 16.77 4.86 39.69
Bryle TSM Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 16.74 4.08 38.78
red2 5RATFORCESTAFF Bo3 + Bo3 15.61 5.88 37.27
Alone < Wildcard Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.93 5.29 36.81
RCY DogChamp Bo3 + Bo3 14.90 4.84 34.75
Dendi B8 Bo3 + Bo3 13.82 5.60 33.31
솔지xx felt Bo3 + Bo3 11.85 4.51 28.38
**Table 5:* The potential choices for the Support role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
Kitzz felt Bo3 + Bo3 13.89 5.48 33.40
Ari TSM Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.16 3.46 30.82
Samson Wildcard Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.60 4.35 30.81
Husky nouns Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.38 3.16 30.77
Cr1t- Shopify Rebellion Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.55 2.74 30.74
CTOMAHEH1 B8 Bo3 + Bo3 13.05 4.36 30.58
Lelis nouns Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.02 3.44 30.43
Bloody Nine DogChamp Bo3 + Bo3 13.45 3.36 30.34
MoOz 5RATFORCESTAFF Bo3 + Bo3 13.13 3.41 29.69
FLee DogChamp Bo3 + Bo3 12.51 3.50 28.56
Whitemon TSM Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.75 3.77 28.40
Lodine B8 Bo3 + Bo3 11.84 3.88 27.67
albinozebra1 felt Bo3 + Bo3 11.25 4.50 27.16
Fly Shopify Rebellion Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.52 2.88 26.85
Giant 5RATFORCESTAFF Bo3 + Bo3 11.52 3.53 26.71
MSS Wildcard Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 10.71 3.79 26.32


**Table 6:* The schedule.*
Team 1 Team 2 Series Time
Evil Geniuses Vivo Keyd Stars Bo3 2023-03-26 17:00 UTC
Alliance.LATAM Qhali Bo3 2023-03-26 20:00 UTC
Alliance.LATAM Thunder Awaken Bo3 2023-03-28 17:00 UTC
Infamous R Qhali Bo3 2023-03-28 20:00 UTC
Vivo Keyd Stars Infinity Bo3 2023-03-28 23:00 UTC
beastcoast Infamous R Bo3 2023-03-30 17:00 UTC
Evil Geniuses Qhali Bo3 2023-03-30 20:00 UTC
Thunder Awaken Infinity Bo3 2023-03-30 23:00 UTC
Alliance.LATAM Vivo Keyd Stars Bo3 2023-04-01 20:00 UTC
beastcoast Evil Geniuses Bo3 2023-04-01 23:00 UTC
**Table 7:* The potential choices for the Core role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
Pakazs Evil Geniuses Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 17.50 4.92 41.40
Costabile Vivo Keyd Stars Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.53 6.52 39.80
Cucahook Qhali Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.27 6.59 39.39
Lumière Alliance.LATAM Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.39 5.59 38.17
mini Infamous R Bo3 + Bo3 15.74 5.97 37.66
Knight~ Thunder Awaken Bo3 + Bo3 15.99 5.01 37.17
K1 tqmD beastcoast Bo3 + Bo3 15.13 5.38 35.68
Adrian < Infinity Bo3 + Bo3 14.81 5.83 35.65
Wisper Evil Geniuses Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.37 4.43 32.48
ILICH- Thunder Awaken Bo3 + Bo3 12.53 4.03 29.23
Hermit Qhali Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.28 3.57 27.34
tavo Vivo Keyd Stars Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 10.74 3.68 26.42
hyko Infamous R Bo3 + Bo3 11.28 3.72 26.41
Vitaly 誇り Alliance.LATAM Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.05 3.12 26.19
Devil Infinity Bo3 + Bo3 10.80 3.80 25.52
Sacred beastcoast Bo3 + Bo3 10.64 2.89 24.22
**Table 8:* The potential choices for the Mid role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
Leostyle! Infinity Bo3 + Bo3 16.30 5.76 38.54
DarkMago♡ beastcoast Bo3 + Bo3 16.59 4.85 38.14
Robo-Z Qhali Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.12 4.73 36.58
C.smile < Evil Geniuses Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.74 3.61 36.16
4nalog <01 Alliance.LATAM Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.91 4.75 36.07
4dr <3 Déia Vivo Keyd Stars Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.61 4.69 35.53
Mr.Jeanssss Infamous R Bo3 + Bo3 14.86 4.17 34.04
SLATEM$ Thunder Awaken Bo3 + Bo3 14.01 4.26 32.43
**Table 9:* The potential choices for the Support role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
grpx1 <01 Infamous R Bo3 + Bo3 15.37 4.90 35.83
Kiri < Infinity Bo3 + Bo3 15.30 3.57 34.26
KJ Vivo Keyd Stars Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.41 3.85 34.00
Gardιck 鬼 Alliance.LATAM Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.24 3.89 33.59
Luis Qhali Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.50 4.07 32.46
stingeR beastcoast Bo3 + Bo3 13.57 3.83 31.05
Matthew Evil Geniuses Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.42 2.60 30.21
Panda Evil Geniuses Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.32 2.46 29.84
Scofield beastcoast Bo3 + Bo3 12.74 3.73 29.28
Michael~ Thunder Awaken Bo3 + Bo3 12.71 2.86 28.38
nuages Infamous R Bo3 + Bo3 11.99 3.54 27.64
Mjz Thunder Awaken Bo3 + Bo3 11.86 3.37 27.20
Kingrd Vivo Keyd Stars Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.11 3.22 26.56
Prada Infinity Bo3 + Bo3 11.51 3.22 26.34
MonHty Qhali Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 10.81 3.24 25.96
Elmisho Alliance.LATAM Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 10.41 3.25 25.01


**Table 10:* The schedule.*
Team 1 Team 2 Series Time
Gaimin Gladiators Entity Bo3 2023-03-27 13:00 UTC
Team Liquid Tundra Esports Bo3 2023-03-27 16:00 UTC
OG Nigma Galaxy Bo3 2023-03-27 19:00 UTC
Entity Ooredoo Thunders Bo3 2023-03-29 13:00 UTC
Tundra Esports Gaimin Gladiators Bo3 2023-03-29 16:00 UTC
Team Liquid Monaspa Bo3 2023-03-29 19:00 UTC
Nigma Galaxy Gaimin Gladiators Bo3 2023-03-31 13:00 UTC
Team Liquid Ooredoo Thunders Bo3 2023-03-31 16:00 UTC
Monaspa Tundra Esports Bo3 2023-03-31 19:00 UTC
OG Entity Bo3 2023-04-02 19:00 UTC
**Table 11:* The potential choices for the Core role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
医者watson` Entity Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 17.24 6.95 43.82
TA2000 Ooredoo Thunders Bo3 + Bo3 17.36 5.99 40.90
Nande Monaspa Bo3 + Bo3 17.17 5.71 40.25
skiter Tundra Esports Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.32 6.93 39.92
dyrachyo Gaimin Gladiators Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.98 5.76 39.21
m1CKe Team Liquid Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.06 5.06 36.63
yuragi OG Bo3 + Bo3 14.29 6.01 34.68
zai Team Liquid Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.94 5.02 32.33
33 Tundra Esports Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.35 3.86 31.88
Ace ♠ Gaimin Gladiators Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.87 3.81 30.54
mc Nigma Galaxy Bo3 + Bo3 12.01 4.42 28.59
AMMAR_THE_F Nigma Galaxy Bo3 + Bo3 11.58 4.31 27.62
Tobi Entity Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 10.47 4.36 26.81
Skylark Monaspa Bo3 + Bo3 11.01 3.59 25.74
Wuiter Ooredoo Thunders Bo3 + Bo3 11.02 3.27 25.42
DM OG Bo3 + Bo3 9.85 3.77 23.49
**Table 12:* The potential choices for the Mid role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
Suma1L- Nigma Galaxy Bo3 + Bo3 16.51 5.58 38.80
bzm OG Bo3 + Bo3 16.11 6.15 38.45
Stormstormer Entity Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.69 4.93 38.01
No!ob™ Ooredoo Thunders Bo3 + Bo3 16.63 4.27 37.68
Quinn Gaimin Gladiators Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.63 4.66 37.12
Nisha Team Liquid Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.52 4.67 37.05
W1sh- Monaspa Bo3 + Bo3 15.93 4.71 36.73
Nine Tundra Esports Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.50 5.22 35.99
**Table 13:* The potential choices for the Support role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
SsaSparTaN. Monaspa Bo3 + Bo3 15.97 4.18 36.25
Insania Team Liquid Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.32 3.63 33.31
Saksa Tundra Esports Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.00 3.82 33.13
Sneyking Tundra Esports Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.53 4.25 32.75
tOfu Gaimin Gladiators Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.02 3.35 32.26
Fishman Entity Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.42 3.74 31.87
Seleri Gaimin Gladiators Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.45 3.38 31.15
Kataomi` Entity Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.36 3.28 31.14
Taiga OG Bo3 + Bo3 13.47 4.06 31.05
kaori Ooredoo Thunders Bo3 + Bo3 13.22 3.60 30.15
KuroKy Nigma Galaxy Bo3 + Bo3 12.92 3.60 29.56
dEsire.n3ttlee ❤️ Monaspa Bo3 + Bo3 12.92 3.34 29.30
GH Nigma Galaxy Bo3 + Bo3 12.39 3.99 28.90
Boxi Team Liquid Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.62 2.27 27.98
OmaR Ooredoo Thunders Bo3 + Bo3 12.37 2.90 27.74
Chu OG Bo3 + Bo3 10.83 3.42 25.22


**Table 14:* The schedule.*
Team 1 Team 2 Series Time
BetBoom Team HYDRA Bo3 2023-03-26 11:00 UTC
Team Spirit Darkside Bo3 2023-03-26 14:00 UTC
BetBoom Team Virtus.pro Bo3 2023-03-28 11:00 UTC
Natus Vincere One Move Bo3 2023-03-28 14:00 UTC
Natus Vincere HellRaisers Bo3 2023-03-30 11:00 UTC
Team Spirit Virtus.pro Bo3 2023-03-30 14:00 UTC
HYDRA Virtus.pro Bo3 2023-04-01 11:00 UTC
One Move Darkside Bo3 2023-04-01 14:00 UTC
Team Spirit HellRaisers Bo3 2023-04-01 17:00 UTC
Natus Vincere Virtus.pro Bo3 2023-04-02 14:00 UTC
BetBoom Team Darkside Bo3 2023-04-02 17:00 UTC
**Table 15:* The potential choices for the Core role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
Pure~ BetBoom Team Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 16.29 6.79 41.71
Yatoro雨 Team Spirit Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 16.74 5.49 40.69
Kiritych~ Virtus.pro Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.43 5.49 37.26
Kami HYDRA Bo3 + Bo3 15.62 5.11 36.32
Munkushi~太阳 One Move Bo3 + Bo3 14.36 6.59 35.52
shigetsu Natus Vincere Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.21 5.08 35.23
Collapse Team Spirit Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.82 3.97 32.86
RAMZES666 HellRaisers Bo3 + Bo3 13.81 5.01 32.79
Nightfall BetBoom Team Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.58 4.38 31.04
dizzying Darkside Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.32 4.47 29.96
Cloud HYDRA Bo3 + Bo3 12.67 4.55 29.83
Noticed Virtus.pro Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.04 4.12 28.44
Malik Natus Vincere Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.20 3.75 27.40
AfterLife One Move Bo3 + Bo3 11.20 4.15 26.67
MieRo` HellRaisers Bo3 + Bo3 11.11 4.15 26.35
Blizzy Darkside Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 9.84 3.31 23.57
**Table 16:* The potential choices for the Mid role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
gpk~ BetBoom Team Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 16.27 4.52 38.61
squad1x Virtus.pro Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.71 4.56 38.46
reibl Darkside Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.27 5.10 37.04
Larl Team Spirit Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.28 4.72 36.78
kiyotaka HellRaisers Bo3 + Bo3 15.88 4.49 36.23
Worick HYDRA Bo3 + Bo3 15.91 3.54 35.31
Ainkrad One Move Bo3 + Bo3 15.16 4.74 35.22
mellojul Natus Vincere Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.15 3.92 33.58
**Table 17:* The potential choices for the Support role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
Fng Virtus.pro Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.68 4.51 36.31
Miposhka Team Spirit Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.83 2.92 31.51
HappyDyurara HYDRA Bo3 + Bo3 13.69 3.66 30.99
RodjER Darkside Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.89 4.17 30.98
SoNNeikO Darkside Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.09 3.64 30.82
sayuw Virtus.pro Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.55 3.48 30.48
pantomem One Move Bo3 + Bo3 13.14 3.81 30.21
TORONTOTOKYO BetBoom Team Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.70 3.55 30.18
Mira Team Spirit Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.12 3.00 30.18
Save- BetBoom Team Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.54 3.30 29.51
Gilgir One Move Bo3 + Bo3 12.52 3.93 29.09
Solo HellRaisers Bo3 + Bo3 12.66 3.29 28.59
Antares HellRaisers Bo3 + Bo3 12.36 3.46 28.17
Danial Natus Vincere Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.89 3.06 27.88
Lefitan HYDRA Bo3 + Bo3 11.40 3.63 26.38
Malady Natus Vincere Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.58 2.33 26.22


**Table 18:* The schedule.*
Team 1 Team 2 Series Time
PSG.LGD Ybb Gaming Bo3 2023-03-26 10:00 UTC
PSG.LGD Outsiders From CN Bo3 2023-03-28 04:00 UTC
Team Aster Ybb Gaming Bo3 2023-03-28 07:00 UTC
Vici Gaming Aster.Aries Bo3 2023-03-30 04:00 UTC
Ybb Gaming Outsiders From CN Bo3 2023-03-30 07:00 UTC
Aster.Aries Ybb Gaming Bo3 2023-04-01 04:00 UTC
INVICTUS GAMING PSG.LGD Bo3 2023-04-01 07:00 UTC
Team Aster Xtreme Gaming Bo3 2023-04-01 10:00 UTC
INVICTUS GAMING Outsiders From CN Bo3 2023-04-02 04:00 UTC
Vici Gaming Xtreme Gaming Bo3 2023-04-02 07:00 UTC
PSG.LGD Team Aster Bo3 2023-04-02 10:00 UTC
**Table 19:* The potential choices for the Core role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
Lou Ybb Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.89 5.29 37.88
Monet Team Aster Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.50 4.83 37.34
shiro PSG.LGD Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.60 5.12 36.93
Ghost Xtreme Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 14.93 5.66 35.69
Erika Vici Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 14.67 4.23 33.61
Dust INVICTUS GAMING Bo3 + Bo3 13.90 3.79 31.63
Ulu Aster.Aries Bo3 + Bo3 13.00 4.56 30.58
zeal PSG.LGD Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.01 3.67 29.48
Beyond Ybb Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.36 4.12 29.07
Xxs Team Aster Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.04 3.22 28.31
项羽 INVICTUS GAMING Bo3 + Bo3 12.11 3.88 28.19
JT- Xtreme Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 12.38 3.20 28.04
niu Vici Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 11.03 3.38 25.48
生死 Aster.Aries Bo3 + Bo3 8.89 3.30 21.09
冷鸟 Outsiders From CN Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 6.77 2.65 16.16
Kry. Outsiders From CN Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 5.54 1.10 12.17
**Table 20:* The potential choices for the Mid role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
Xwy Team Aster Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.55 3.72 35.96
Emo INVICTUS GAMING Bo3 + Bo3 15.10 5.60 35.95
NothingToSay PSG.LGD Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.53 3.76 34.73
White_Album白学家 Aster.Aries Bo3 + Bo3 14.71 4.91 34.37
Paparazi灬 Xtreme Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 14.89 4.25 34.16
7e Ybb Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.10 3.52 33.54
Setsu Vici Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 14.76 3.95 33.48
chosen1 Outsiders From CN Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 8.40 1.80 18.59
**Table 21:* The potential choices for the Support role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
皮球 Team Aster Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.33 3.85 33.70
Pyw INVICTUS GAMING Bo3 + Bo3 14.36 4.42 33.30
Dy Xtreme Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 13.68 3.93 31.39
天命 Ybb Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.85 3.47 31.05
WhyouSm1Le PSG.LGD Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.50 3.56 30.37
planet PSG.LGD Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.70 2.80 29.63
BoBoKa Team Aster Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 12.04 3.81 29.07
Kaka Xtreme Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 12.60 3.73 29.06
fy Vici Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 12.97 2.96 28.91
qyqx INVICTUS GAMING Bo3 + Bo3 12.35 3.50 28.27
Redpanda Aster.Aries Bo3 + Bo3 12.08 3.21 27.39
Yang Vici Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 12.07 3.06 27.22
zzq Ybb Gaming Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.42 2.73 27.03
TK Aster.Aries Bo3 + Bo3 11.66 2.95 26.20
出省 Outsiders From CN Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 8.06 2.09 18.18
cxk Outsiders From CN Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 6.93 2.05 15.88


**Table 22:* The schedule.*
Team 1 Team 2 Series Time
Team SMG Army Geniuses Bo3 2023-03-27 05:00 UTC
BLEED Polaris Esports Bo3 2023-03-27 08:00 UTC
Execration Blacklist Rivalry Bo3 2023-03-27 11:00 UTC
Army Geniuses Talon Bo3 2023-03-29 05:00 UTC
Geek Slate Polaris Esports Bo3 2023-03-29 08:00 UTC
BLEED Team SMG Bo3 2023-03-29 11:00 UTC
Execration Army Geniuses Bo3 2023-03-31 05:00 UTC
Polaris Esports Blacklist Rivalry Bo3 2023-03-31 08:00 UTC
BLEED Talon Bo3 2023-03-31 11:00 UTC
Geek Slate Team SMG Bo3 2023-04-03 05:00 UTC
**Table 23:* The potential choices for the Core role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
在你的梦里丶 Army Geniuses Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 17.79 7.55 45.30
Akashi Polaris Esports Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.17 7.31 40.12
CDR Team SMG Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.90 6.20 39.97
JACKKY BLEED Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.44 5.85 36.57
Raven^ Blacklist Rivalry Bo3 + Bo3 15.09 5.90 36.22
Palos Execration Bo3 + Bo3 14.87 5.95 35.90
skem Geek Slate Bo3 + Bo3 14.67 6.15 35.41
23 Talon Bo3 + Bo3 15.06 5.35 35.30
Jabz Talon Bo3 + Bo3 14.94 5.32 35.03
MidOne Team SMG Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.19 5.81 34.02
db- Army Geniuses Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.18 4.82 32.56
Force Geek Slate Bo3 + Bo3 12.55 4.44 29.49
Bok Polaris Esports Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 10.82 4.96 28.28
Tino Execration Bo3 + Bo3 11.33 5.41 28.25
BossKu^ Blacklist Rivalry Bo3 + Bo3 11.27 4.59 27.25
iceiceice BLEED Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 10.71 3.98 26.75
**Table 24:* The potential choices for the Mid role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
Yowe Army Geniuses Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 17.32 5.55 41.79
Mikoto Talon Bo3 + Bo3 17.65 4.96 40.11
Mac Polaris Esports Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.82 5.25 38.67
Bob Execration Bo3 + Bo3 16.18 4.41 36.92
MooN Team SMG Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.34 4.49 36.58
Karl Blacklist Rivalry Bo3 + Bo3 15.55 4.43 35.62
Kordan BLEED Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.53 4.49 32.99
Kokz Geek Slate Bo3 + Bo3 14.05 4.56 32.60
**Table 25:* The potential choices for the Support role.*
Player Team Series Avg. Std. Exp.
Jaunuel Geek Slate Bo3 + Bo3 16.20 4.43 36.92
Varizh Army Geniuses Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 15.05 3.99 35.24
cml Polaris Esports Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.83 5.11 34.51
Carlo Execration Bo3 + Bo3 14.58 4.40 33.71
Oli~ Talon Bo3 + Bo3 14.77 3.83 33.24
- 米克 - Team SMG Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 14.16 3.51 32.94
TIMS Blacklist Rivalry Bo3 + Bo3 14.51 3.40 32.49
DJ BLEED Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.14 4.45 32.24
poloson Team SMG Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.24 4.03 31.88
DuBu BLEED Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.24 4.03 31.73
Jhocam Army Geniuses Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 13.08 3.84 31.14
eyyou Blacklist Rivalry Bo3 + Bo3 13.49 3.37 30.42
Q Talon Bo3 + Bo3 13.05 2.90 28.91
Boomy Polaris Esports Bo3 + Bo3 + Bo3 11.79 3.52 28.23
Shanks Execration Bo3 + Bo3 11.80 4.31 28.06
NARMAN Geek Slate Bo3 + Bo3 11.79 3.13 26.68



submitted by Hawkie74 to DotA2 [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 16:58 titanswrath12 [WTT] Box Elder Insingo Magna Small Sebenza

Timestamp and the money shot
Hey y’all,
Im here with my small 31 Sebenza sportin’ the magnacut insingo blade with box elder inlays. DOB is July 21st, 2022. Have carried but not a lot of use. Just tape and…. Tape. Yea, that about sums it up. Ive stropped it but no sharpening. Only flaws I see are on the clip which are shown in the video. I’m interested in doing a trade plus cash on your end. Might do a 2 to 1 trade if I like the offer. I have some interests, all microtechs but not set on them. Shoot your shot and let me know what you got.
Interests but not set on these:
-Dirac -Ram-lok stitch -Msi -Hera (dagger with one serrated edge) (No coated blades, unless SS Shadow)
TV: $525
submitted by titanswrath12 to Knife_Swap [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 16:57 Runningaroundnyc My (31M) girlfriend (33F) broke up with me out of the blue after 3.5 years. It makes no sense to me. I feel she needs a break because of life. While I can't make someone come back, does it seem like she is throwing away a good thing? (This will be super long, so prepare yourself)

There are several things to this, so I'll try to give all the backstory, and while this will likely come off one sided, I'll try to give her perspective, as well. This will be very, very long, so thank you for reading it all. I want to be thorough.
Backstory: We met about 4 years ago now initially. We then started seeing each other here and there Summer of 2019, and officially started dating at the end of 2019. We went out a lot, had a great sex life, etc. During Covid, we were each others' quarantine buddies and we hung out a lot. We got along very well.
We both are runners, and would do races together. She is more into trail running, so she got me to do some trail races and come along with her around the state. We would go on mini trips to breweries as we liked craft beer. We both like going out and about, but both aren't party animals or anything. We like to be social with our small groups of friends, but also hang out at home. We did a lot of things together. We shared interests. There are so many things I love about her. We genuinely enjoyed each others company. I got along with her friends where we met and I got along with them in other places.
We could hang out and talk for hours. We enjoyed each others' company. We both have advanced degrees and could nerd out about different things.
We lived in the same city and were dating for a year and a half from August 2019-March 2021. She got a job in NYC. We were long distance, but made it work. Before then, and especially during that timeframe, we would talk on the phone daily. We could easily talk for a half hour daily. I visited her a lot. I finally got a job in the city at the end of 2021, so we were in the same city starting in 2022. (So at that point now dating around 2.5 years)
*This is a tiny bit important later, but she then started a doctorate program and would be working and doing a part time doctorate roughly September of 2021 (I forget exact dates- it all blurs together)
When we got to being in the same city again, we were like before: Hung out a good amount, went places together. We had regular sex, etc. There wasn't any issue.
Her family is in NYC. I get along very well with her family. She is incredibly close with her sister and mom. I get along with both of them (She talks to her sister 3-4 days a week and if in the same city, it isn't abnormal for the sister to stay over probably a total of 5-6 nights per month). In her occupation, she also works directly with her mom, and they get along great, and would talk regularly. She would also talk to her dad regularly. I got along great with both of them, I felt at ease with them. The mom would welcome me to dinners or into the house. I valued them. No conflict, and the values of connecting with family there for both of us.
Her lease ends at the end of May 2022, so we decide to move in together in June of 2022. Things aren't perfect at first, as expected, but I thought we settled into good roles. I assume that I take care of the apartment and cooking. We share laundry duties, and she takes care of bills/ being the heavy like calling a company when needed. I move in my crazy, but loveable dog. He lives with us after about a month of us living together.
Since she was doing her doctorate and would basically spend 2-3 hours of free time every night doing work when she wasn't at work or running, I always made dinner. (She probably made dinner once every 2 weeks- not a point of contention as I like cooking). I would clean the floors, help with cleaning the kitchen, and only I cleaned the bathrooms. I would get groceries, too. After cooking, she would clean up the kitchen. It seemed like we had a balance and were figuring out roles.
In our relationship, we would tell each other we loved each other regularly, we cuddled a lot, had great affection towards each other. She always called me her "sweet man", she would fall asleep lying her head on my chest literally every night.
I will add as a note: All of her family and friends live here. I moved totally away from my only family- I only had a couple friends here. I basically moved down for her, and sacrificed a ton. (I had to quit my job and find a new one. Lots of things were a struggle for me to come down to be with her)
Also this could be important later: If someone does something to wrong her, she really holds grudges. If you piss her off enough, she could cut people off. This isn't to say she is ever aggressive with me. She has a chill personality, and is easy to talk to. She went to burning man. She isn't aggressive and I never found myself bracing or modifying interactions because of this point. She isn't vindictive.
TL;DR: We got along, had similar interests, similar sex drives, similar values on money, being with friends, education, being active, and we could talk to each other easily.
Beginning of the problems/ backstory for the problems up to now:
Around this time/ within the first month or two, it seems like we are having sex 1-2 times per week versus 3-4+. I don't mind as that is a regular enough amount, and I was thinking we were just used to each other coming up on 3 years and she was busy with her doctorate. Honestly, she probably had the higher sex drive. She would literally initiate just as often or more than me, and she genuinely said she liked having sex that often.
So while we live together, we don't fight at all. (This can be a good and bad thing). We talk regularly, and she calls me daily when coming home from work. I think we are settling into our roles.
Around the end of June or July, we talk about future (in just one conversation, though- not continual talks): We both want to eventually have 2 kids. She wants to stay in the city, but be fully established in her work. We are largely on the same page.
Around July 2022, I start poking around at engagement rings. Around the end of August, she mentions in a side comment to me that she doesn't want a diamond on an engagement ring for ethical reasons and she didn't like the look. I take this as a massive hint that she wants to get engaged, so I start seriously poking around.
During this time, we go on two international trips: Germany end of September, and her mom's home country of Argentina at the end of November.
Things shift during this time. She is in the heart of her doctorate, she is working full time as well. And she had to redo her focus and annotated bibliography/ table of evidence, because her research led her in a different way. (It means that she has to get rid of at least half of what she did over the prior 6 months and now do a lot of it over).
For her doctorate: I am incredibly supportive. I ask her about her classes all the time. She bounces ideas off of me. I had literally read multiple papers of hers to give input and talked through her project and her frustrations consistently. I made a strong point to help her, and she had said multiple times she couldn't have gotten through it without me.
We now barely go out at all. She works half of Saturdays, so Friday nights are about her doing work. Saturdays after work are her doing work. We go to a bar maybe once a month at this time as she is busy. I'm *fine* with it, because I know it is temporary. I know that at the end of summer 2023, she will have time again. Plus I like having chill nights at home, so it isn't this big stretch.
Starting right around December or so, we now are having sex like once every two weeks. So that really drops off.
Now, a series of events happen:
Beginning/middle of December, her sister is fired. So right around the second week of December, she starts staying in our guest room, and basically lives with us 5 days per week.
Then a week or so later, her dad has a fall. (He was 74). He was in the hospital for about a week. Then they took out the feeding tube literally on Christmas Eve, and he dies on the 27th.
During the time he is in the hospital, I ask about his prognosis and how things are looking, thinking she needs to process all of it. We had 1 deep conversation about how she felt, but just one.
So during this time, she and her sister are at the apartment and are very stressed out. I make it a point to be around, and make sure that they don't have to do anything. I cook for them, and I assume they need some space, so I try to just be in the background, but I'm there the entire time.
On Christmas Eve, I am flying to Austin TX to see my brother. She calls me in the airport about the feeding tube.
*I screw up a bit here* Please don't harp on this- this isn't fully what I'm asking about:
When I answer, she tells me that, and I say "Wow that really sucks." and listen to her, in my mind, I think she wants a distraction, and I then talk about mundane things. She calls me back and says that she was really pissed. She says to me that she basically told me her dad died, and that's all I said. (Totally valid). I then tell her I'm sorry she has to go through this, I know that he means a lot, she has been going through a lot, and I wish it didn't happen, etc.
Over the next 2 days, he's still alive without the feeding tube. We talk, I ask her about how she is doing, how the family is doing. I knew I screwed up a bit in my initial reaction, but I made sure to ask how she was feeling and doing in those next couple days. I really care about her, and wanted her to be supported.
After he died, I then changed my flight and flew back to be with her for the funeral and new year. I was there the entire time for calling hours, etc.
Her sister then kept living with us.
Mid-late January comes around. Her sister has been living with us full time for about 5 weeks. I'm getting stressed because it is stressful seeing someone you love grieve. It is stressful having basically a new roommate. (Plus there was an issue with my dog and the sitter over the time I was away/ came back, and some destuction, so he was contacting me for weeks about paying him a ton of money on top of the money I already spent for boarding) And my job isn't amazing.
Her sister's natural hours are sleeping from probably 1:00am-9:00am or so. I have to regularly go to bed around 10:30/11 and wake up around 6:15 am.
After several weeks of literally not knowing if the sister was here temporarily or not (I knew it was going to be ongoing, but I knew no specifics) And feeling like I had to stay up as a host (I feel like you can't go to sleep before a guest). I was stressed and tired from a poor sleep schedule, and I just snapped one single night saying "Could we please turn off the TV before 11 and go to bed?" Or something like that.
I apologize the next day saying I was just stressed out by the uncertainty of not knowing who was going to be in the house on a given day and it was hard to bring up that I'm stressed as what is my stress compared to losing a parent. I feel like we have a good conversation about that and all is well. I say and mean it that I don't mind her sister coming by- I just want warning, and I want to know how long it will be. Her sister stays several times after, I get notified. It seems totally resolved.
Around this time (mid January) My girlfriend tells me she feels bad that we aren't having as much sex. She says she knows I have needs, too. Etc. I tell her I totally understand. (From December 1st-February 1st, we probably have sex no more than 5-6 times versus like I said before 3-4 times per week)
More time goes by, I have my birthday in mid February.
She seems to be getting back to normal. The uncertainty with the doctorate is over- she has gotten through all of the work she had to redo. She has gotten through the mess of dealing with lawyers after the death. She has started clearing out his place. She booked a session with a therapist.
I had purchased an engagement ring before her Dad died/ at the beginning of December. It came around the beginning of January. I had been holding on to it. She said earlier she didn't want a big display, she didn't want anything huge for a proposal.
End of February, since things seem better, I propose. I tie the ring around the next of a stuffed fox animal (which was the same kind of others I had gotten her before/ she loved. She loves foxes. I did it very low key in the apartment. She doesn't react negatively but not positively. But I tell her if she needs more time, I can wait. I'm fine.
The next day she tells me "I can't believe you thought so little of me to do something so casual". I put thought into it, and I thought it would be cute. But swing and a miss, I guess. (I specifically picked this time because I knew her doctorate would only keep ramping up- but I didn't want to wait until October) But: it was 2 months after her dad died. I realized that no time would quite ever be good. But yeah, probably too soon.
A week later: She has been thinking for a week, and she tells me she can't see herself with me in the future, and wants to break up.
Talking about the breakup:
This is totally out of left field for me. We hadn't been fighting. We had been talking and getting along. She initially says to me that she didn't trust me to react in the right way when it mattered most. (I understand, and I disagree, but if those are her feelings, I understand)
She said I freaked out on her sister for no reason and she didn't like that. It wasn't the best in the moment, but I apologized the next day, and it seems understandable to be tense about having someone living with you for an uncertain amount of time for over a month.
We talk a lot after this- really deep conversations. I ask her if she ever felt I wasn't there for her. She said no (as in she did believe I was there for her). She knew I was there for her.
But point 2: She said she realized that there were little things that were bugging her since June or July. Her response was she felt like she was telling me how to go through life. I sometimes get worked up when things aren't going great. I hate incompetence, so dealing with someone else screwing up isn't my best skill. I definitely get mad on those little things. And going back to before: In a relationship, someone usually is the person who lays down the lays down the law. In reflection, I probably asked her to fight some battles for me, and I got comfortable deferring to her in some instances, but she never complained about this to me.
Initially, I thought she was really upset with just how things were going the last month. But she told me she realized she was feeling this for a while, and how I reacted with her dad dying: She felt she had to tell me how to react. And she felt she had to tell me the proposal sucked. Those were the culminating events, but from talking with her, likely this may have happened anyway.
But like I said, she said she had been having issues before then. In talking more- it was those issues she felt she couldn't get past more than just the last events of the last month. The main reason was this: She didn't see herself with me in the future.
In talking, I realized we never really talked. But after that, we had probably 5 deep, 2 hour conversations. We talked about so many things. They were civil.
She had a list of things that bugged her:
  1. We got a dresser back in JULY. I took my time to build it- probably 3-4 days. And she got really upset that she got home from working on a Saturday, when I wasn't working and it wasn't done. I finished it. Yes- not ideal, I screwed up and should have been faster, but I didn't really know how annoyed she was with it. (But in dumping me, she mentioned something from this long ago)
  2. Like I said before: She felt she had to fight my battles. I should work on doing things on my own
  3. She was annoyed that I didn't call back the trainer for my dog sooner. She mentioned it a couple times, but I didn't immediately. Yes, I should have sooner (I was dealing with being annoyed to be forced to train him, but she wouldn't also attend the training)
  4. She said since I didn't have a connection with people here, and I should work on talking with more friends and maybe getting therapy myself
  5. She was concerned about my job and me making enough.
So immediately: I called the dog trainer. In a subsequent time we had to build something, I did it in just 3-4 hours because I knew she was upset. I contacted several friends to talk to and hung out with them, and I booked therapy. As well: I was very level headed about exploring options with this bomb dropped on me. I didn't freak out on her or anything. I immediately worked on fixing things and proved I would work and fight for her. I applied to several jobs/ had been before she broke up with me. I had several interviews and I was already at this point trying to find a better job.
After all of this: I realized that:
  1. We didn't communicate as well as we thought. I told her I would be willing to talk almost daily for an hour if needed. I proved that immediately as we had good conversations
  2. We didn't establish good boundaries for each other
I told her that our issues were easy fixes. If you (the reader) made it to this point, you can tell we had a good amount in common. We didn't have any red flags on different religion, neither cheated, we didn't lie, we didn't fight, we had similar family building views, we had the same political views, we both valued family, we had similar hobbies, and we could talk together for hours. So many values and interests of ours line up.
Even after she broke up with me, we still lived together for 3 weeks while we talked about all of this. We still got along. We were still civil. It's crazy that we could break up and still live together and talk and get along. That's how well we got along. She let me figure out where I was living next (I'm moving out in a week) since this was sudden. I am gracious for that. She didn't immediately kick me out, and I didn't freak out.
What I am confused about/ I think she is throwing it away:
  1. We have no issues on values
  2. We enjoy each other
  3. The issues of communication and boundaries can be talked through and worked on with therapy
  4. We had a good thing going and we were good partners for each other.
I told her I wanted to fight for her. I immediately worked on changing, and I told her I could work on those things. I apologized for realizing at times I wasn't fully thinking of her needs, but hopefully you can see that my intentions were to care for her- it just wasn't me providing exactly what she needed. I just didn't specifically ask her about what she literally wanted in that moment. I apologized for accidentally putting extra pressure on her with an engagement- it wasn't my intention.
She is emotionally burnt out now. I get it. I can see it. Dealing with working, doing a doctorate, grieving, etc. That's a ton to deal with. So I don't think she had the emotional capacity for me at this moment.
I mentioned the idea of a break, but she said a hard no. I asked if she would be willing to do therapy (she isn't averse since she went for her dad) She said we shouldn't need therapy after 3.5 years. I say that this is a totally normal amount of time to be going to therapy. This isn't early or a red flag. It is normal.
We were dating and all going well, without me knowing anything about something being wrong to her breaking up. I had no chance to try to improve. If living with me had issues and we tried to work it out for 2-3 months and it didn't work: fine. It happens. But we never had any time to work it out. She ended it and doesn't want to work on it.
I feel like in her grief and everything, she is ending this. Sometimes people just push away people when grieving. Sometimes people will get divorced or whatever.
I can wait and do the full break thing: Not talk to her for a couple months as she heals, but she has decided that after this, we're only going to be friends.
We had a good thing going. This was literally our one and only rough patch in 3.5 years. It feels like she is giving up without trying when things got tough. Both the timing, the suddenness of it and the unwillingness to try to work through it are mind-boggling to me. If little things were bothering her, why didn't I know?
Yes: Communication is a 2 way street. I could have been asking her more often how she felt about things. That is on me. But she didn't tell me how she felt about deep things like that. She said to me that she shouldn't have to tell me these things. But my response is the classic guy response of "I can't know what is bugging you if you don't tell me". There is truth on both sides.
She implied how she wanted a hyper independent partner. I assumed we both were sharing life and we both do things for each other, but she expects each other to have all of their things all together and not necessarily rely on the other.
In self reflection: While I tried to cater to her needs, she also ignored my needs of having some attention given to just me on occasion. I felt like I was pushed away at times. When she was too busy to go out, I never got undivided time with her. But she made time here and there to see her mom and sister.
From reading this, I hope that you can realize that I care about her, and while I may have fumbled the delivery at times, I was always there for her, and I showed her my support and affection consistently.
So: My main question:
After reading ALL of that. I hope you see how we had a good connection. We care about each other. We had great things going for years, but just hit one rough patch. I can see myself with her.
I think she doesn't have the brain power and emotional energy to deal with this now. But she was so definitive.
We lived through a pandemic, we went through so many things and got along so well, and it is ending in an instant.
I am not some stubborn guy who says they are always right and refuses to change. I can, will, and have been changing.
It feels like she is just throwing all of this away. I will let her have her break as we discussed. But we are good for each other. It's a shame this is ending like this. We don't have major red flags for each other plus at one point I know she did see herself marrying me. To add: Beyond the comment about a ring, we had many conversations of hypotheticals in 3-5 years or kids, etc. We talked about that regularly enough, and they were positive. She didn't change the subject. She definitely saw herself with me for the long haul.
To reiterate: She said she can't see herself with me.
What the heck do I do now?
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